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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  January 24, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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technology can look through walls to find your phone. turns out police have been using it for years without anyone knowing. it's essential that we stand up. >> how california fights back against the actions by president trump to revive pipeline projects. these animals were rescued once. now they need to be rescued again. how you can help them out of their flooded home. >> announcer: now from abc 7, live breaking news. and that breaking news is in san francisco bay near the dunbarton dredbridge where ther a search for a kayaker. >> the coast guard tells abc 7 news a kayaker was paddling with another person on a white raft. when the kayak capsized, the
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person on the raft called for help. rescue teams recovered the kayak and a life jacket, but no sign of the kayaker. >> the coast guard and several fire agencies are still taking part in the search. we'll bring you updates through this newscast and the abc 7 news app. tonight in oakland city councilmembers are being asked to take the first step toward a policy that would regulate surveillance technology that can intercept your cellphone signal. it's been used under the radar for years. >> that's right, police see it as a crime fighting tool. carol? >> reporter: you're right, this technology has been around for years, used by law enforcement agencies all over the country. tonight, oakland's public commission, its public safety commission is trying to get a handle on this and put in restrictions and private protections, because now it's required by state law.
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the device, commonly called a stingray, mimics a cell tower, sending out the strongest signal, capturing and identifying all nearby cellphones, even penetrating walls. >> with the right software, these tools can also intercept content. they can listen to my phone, they can see the pictures that i have. >> reporter: he's a member of oakland's privacy commission. he says since 2006 the department has had a stingray, that city gotten wasn't even aware of. in 2013, after an undercover officer was shot and wounded, the suspects attorneys filed suit, arguing their clients were illegally tracked down with the stingray. now a new state law says any agency in california that wants to use cellphone tracking must have a public hearing and develop a privacy policy.
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>> i believe it's going to be the gold standard in the u.s. or anywhere on the planet. >> reporter: under the proposal, police must obtain a warrant and tell the court what they're looking for. they can only use the stingray to locate a phone not for content interception. the equipment can only be used to search for suspects, fugitives, missing persons, and those in imminent danger. an annual report must document every case. still, that isn't likely to be enough to quiet critics who feel they're being spied on during demonstrations and other first amendment activities. >> certainly our civil liberties are the most important. but i have right now the confidence through the administration, through the police, that this is an action that will be monitored. >> reporter: and councilman noel gallo will be voting tonight. carolyn tyler, abc 7 news.
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confirmation of what the interim police chief will be doing now. tony chaplain will be the assistant chief in operations, second in command and in charge of many of the overall functions of the department. the new police chief, bill scott, was sworn in yesterday. we're learning more about a crash that injured seven people outside a high school in contra costa county hours ago, near freedom high in oakley. sky 7 flew over the scene around 3:30 this afternoon, just after school let out. oakley police believe a parent left a parking lot and didn't see a car coming toward them. that second car, carrying four high school students, t-boned the other car. on to the weather and recovery from all the storms. all lanes are open again along southbound highway 13 in the oakland hills. you can see crews finishing up emergency repairs from earlier this afternoon. workers filled up a hole that measured 20x30 feet.
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highway patrol officers nicknamed the hole "steve" after it appeared on highway 13 near highway 24 yesterday. caltrans blames this on the recent rain and a ruptured underground pipe for causing the sinkhole. spirited sanctuary takes care of farm animals that no one else wanted. now the ranch, located nearby ron highway, is struggling to recover. abc 7's laura anthony is live in brentwood with the story. >> reporter: hi, dan. this is one of the many pens that is flooded here at this ranch. it's rescue ranch for farm animals. the goats here are trying to find higher ground or just a dry patch of dirt, after the weekend rains left this place in a shambles. pigs don't really like slop. or at least a sloppy mess. that is the mess left behind by the weekend storms at the
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spirited sanctuary, a ranch for abused and abandoned farm animals in brentwood. >> it was horrible. the winds were 50-plus miles an hour, rain coming out sideways. >> reporter: as if the lives of these horses, pigs, and chickens haven't been hard enough, their new home was nearly destroyed by a deluge of water and downed trees overt weeke the weekend. >> see the little green house? the tree came down, there was not one spot in this pen that didn't have ueucalyptus tree. >> we need to it the standing with regard to pumped out and develop a ran to either raise the ground level or build new fencing to relocate the horses somewhere else on the property. >> reporter: now that the water has gone down, volunteers have moved in to help the nonprofit repair and rebuild.
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former oakland raiders player jared cooper among them. >> every animal here gets saved from some kind of situation. how can you not help that? >> reporter: the sanctuary still has a long road to recovery. and is accepting donations of time, services, and money to make sure these once-unwanted animals still have a safe place to call home. in brentwood, laura anthony, abc 7 news. it is clear and calm tonight in this live view from our tower camera, finally done with the rain for the time being. spencer christian is here with some impressive storm totals, spencer. >> impressive they are, dan. now that the rain has ended, we can comfortably and casually look back at rain totals. a few clouds are lingering. seven-day rainfall totals are
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impressive. nearly eight inches in sandra fell, four inches in the seven-day period in san francisco, 2 1/2 in santa fe. santa rosa and livermore are just under 200% of the average amount for this time of the season. even san jose, which had been lagging behind, is at 136% of normal. and snowpack is impressive as well. statewide, our snowpack is at 197% of normal. so either without snow falling over the next several days, it's not likely that snowpack levels will suffer significantly. i'll have a look at our accuweather seven-day forecast in just a few minutes, alma. >> thank you, spencer. california's first latino attorney general was sworn into office. javier beccera told californians he would work to block trump
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administration actions to dismantle civil rights and the environment. he said today he's eager to get down to business. >> we're a team. and i'll run, catch, block. you let me know what you need me to do. as long as i'm on the team, we'll get it done. >> the l.a. area democrat was the highest ranking latino in congress before he resigned the post. the former attorney general, kamala harris, is now in the u.s. senate. governor brown delivered the state of the state in sacramento. nbc news's kristen sze is here with a look at the highlights. >> alma, governor brown vowed to battle the trump administration if it tries to take away immigrant rights, health care funding, or roll back progress on climate change. >> and when we defend california, we defend america.
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>> the governor says california will speak out if the administration promotes falsehoods. >> the seats in this chamber are filled and the sun is shining, we must say so, not construct some alternative universe of nonfacts. >> governor brown got much applause from democrats but republican lawmakers were not as ispired. >> californians, especially middle class -- >> she said what was missing from his speech was budget details, especially for the middle class. governor brown did say he wants to find ways to work with the federal government, and that republicans in california also deserve to be heard. alma and dan? >> kristen, thanks so much. peninsula congresswoman jackie spear is inviting her constituents to a town haltom afternoon from 4 to 5:00 p.m. at the little brown church in pacifica to discuss the trump administration. she says she's been inundated from calls and e-mails from
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nervous voters in her district about the trump administration. this group didn't need an invitation to senator feinstein's office. about 200 demonstrators held up signs urging senator feinstein to vote against several of president trump's cabinet nominees. feinstein's deputy staff director talked with the crowd and urged them to keep protesting. >> this is wonderful. this is great. but it doesn't stop today. you need to keep doing this. >> in just the past 24 hours, feinstein's aide says he has received more than 12,000 e-mails from people concerned about trump's presidency. the drought is over and more than a third of california. but governor brown just signed an emergency declaration because of flooding. see the contrast, next. also ahead -- >> valerie was a rising star research scientist, i would say. >> friends share new information about a berkeley couple who
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mysteriously died yesterday along with their two cats. and at 6:30, athlete activists continue to push for social change even as they se for millions of baby boomers
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these are the faces of a couple found dead inside a berkeley apartment yesterday along with their two cats. police have activated the building along deakin street because they were not sure what caused the couple to die. abc 7 reporter vic lee is live from berkeley with new information. vic? >> reporter: dan, berkeley police tell us they don't know how that couple died in that apartment behind me.
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the autopsies may tell. but we're told that may drag on until next week. we do know this: professors who knew rogers and valerie morash well say they went out to dinner saturday night in san francisco with friends who say they were upbeat about their future. valerie morash and her husband roger were found dead in their apartment here on deakin street last night by a friend who went to check on them. police also found their two cats dead. fire and pg&e crews were called. carbon monoxide and radiation poisoning came back negative. police say there was no forced entry or signs of violence. >> everyone knew val to be a very generous and kind person, and very intelligent. >> reporter: to say the least. valerie morash graduated from mit, got her masters in statistics and doctorate at uc berkeley. professor marty banks was her graduate adviser. >> she was the go-to person in
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the lab on any statistical problem. >> reporter: as for the possibility of the couple taking their own lives, this professor says morash was a rising star as a research scientist. >> val was on a role. i mean, she was hiring people. she was mentoring graduate students over here. >> reporter: banks tells us they were a happy couple. roger morash also had a promising future. >> he was a very good programmer, mit-educated like val is. and was working on videogames. >> reporter: valerie was working in san francisco here at the smith kettlewell research institute doing pioneering work in research science. >> she had all these important questions about how to effectively communicate with hands. >> reporter: to help the blind? >> to help the blind, that was her primary focus. >> reporter: police hope an
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autopsy on the two bodies will help determine cause of death. vic lee, abc 7 news. a search for a missing woman on saturday did not go as planned. recovery crews found her car in alameda creek. but there was no sign of the driver. 18-year-old jayda jenkins was not inside. the alameda county sheriff's office says the driver's side seatbelt was unfastened and the car's windows were broken out. jenkins' family says tonight they're hopeful she'll be found alive. >> we hope we'll find her. maybe she's in a hospital. i'm not sure. but i'm holding out that we may find her. >> the search for jenkins will continue, involving family members and law enforcement. the creek flows into san francisco bay. abc 7 news was in pacifica today as crews continued to clean up from the stormy weather. giant waves brought lots of sand on to beach boulevard. crews used shovel loaders to put
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the sand back on the beach. the beach remained closed because of a high surf warning. officially in california, the majority of the state is in a drought. however we're also in a state of emergency because of flooding. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman is live now with a closer look. >> reporter: take a look over my shoulder. we lit it up with a 1,000-watt lamp. according to an agency official here in sonoma county, the groundwater drought is over, they're no longer concerned about that. here's why. this is a sight we thought our drought-dried eyes may never see again. lake sonoma 23 feet higher than usual. so high that boat owners pulled their boats out of the marina. the person who runs it may be the only person not smiling. >> it's hard on the pocketbook.
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>> reporter: nothing to sell there now. >> not even the fish can sold. >> reporter: but in california right now, with all this water, the concept of drought is hard to sell. maybe that's why governor brown never used the word "drought" in his state of the state speech. >> this is the way it goes. and our understanding is with climate change, these extremes are going to get more extreme. >> reporter: that is pam jean of the sonoma county water agency, a land of liquid riches based on what we saw on the russian river. what we're seeing today hardly looks like a drought emergency anymore at all. now try reconciling that with a second state of emergency, for flooding and damage to roadways. this is highway 37 in novato, six feet deep in places, and closed for days. the pumps still running. in short, we're having a spectacular winter. back at lake sonoma, here is the most sensational proof. a roaring, pouring wall of water
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ten feet high and 30 feet across. part of the flood control release that will continue for several days. yes, it's a tourist attraction, and a thrilling one. are you worried or happy? >> happy. >> reporter: when would you get worried? >> when my pumps stop working. >> reporter: in sonoma county, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. let's take a look now at a rain-free live doppler 7 radar image. no green areas on the screen today, after so many days of rainfall. things are pretty quiet and calm weather-wise right now. skies are going to remain generally clear for a while. this is a view from our rooftop camera looking along the embarcadero, out on the bay, under partly cloudy skies. 50 degrees in san francisco right now. 50 in gill row. upper 40s in oakland, mountain view, san jose and half moon bay. this is a tranquil view from emeryville, the bay bridge. 50 degrees in santa rosa and novato.
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we've got mid- to upper 40s at napa and fear field and livermore. 51 at one more live view at then gate bridge were skies are mainly clear as well. it will be quite chilly overnight especially in inland valleys. we'll see some areas of morning fog as well. mainly sunny days lie ahead, and dry, i might add, into early next week. we'll have a brief warm-up on sunday and monday. this is a look at our forecast animation, starting at 11:00 today. at that point there will be lots of fog, much of it dense over the central valley. we'll see little patches of fog here in the bay area overnight as well. then the fog will clear away tomorrow, giving us mainly sunny skies. the big feature overnight will be the chilldown, as low temperatures drop down to around the freezing level in most of our inland valley locations. we expect a low of 31 at santa rosa, 33 at napa, fairfield 36. low 40s near the coast, around the bay. tomorrow's highs under mostly
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sunny skies. low to mid-50s. not a mild day but a pleasant one. this weekend the lunar new year begins on saturday. it will be the year of the rooster. our three-day forecast for san francisco, friday, saturday, and sunday. we expect sunny skies in the city. edging up to 56 degrees on sunday. it looks like lots of bright sunshine for the entire seven days ahead. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. we have no storms on the horizon, although you'll notice on thursday we're posting a slight chance of a morning shower or two. it doesn't look like it's going to amount to much. it turns a little bit milder going into the weekend, and milder still on sunday and monday. in fact monday will be the mildest day in the forecast period with high temperatures in the mid-60s inland and around the bay, 60 degrees on the coast. temperature starts to taper off a bit on tuesday. it looks like a lovely seven days ahead. >> mid-60s, that's nice. >> half the year of the rooster. we're less than $50 away
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from free college in california. really? >> the finer points of this new plan, next. per roll more "doing chores for dad" per roll more "earning something you love" per roll bounty is more absorbent,
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going live is going bigger. that leads to tonight's bay area business watch. instagram announced today it's expanding its live option to users around the world. the rollout happens over the course of this week. live video debuted on instagram
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in november. twitter started live video a month later. facebook, which owns instagram, has let users go live since april. yahoo! is moving ahead with plans to merge with verizon. the announcement comes as the tech giant is being investigated by the securities and exchange commission because of multiple data breaches. yahoo! did not publicly disclose the 2013 and 2014 breaches until last year. and today yahoo!'s stock moved up slightly. the dow gained more than 100 points, closing above 19,900, inching closer to 20,000. the s&p 500 closed at a record high of 2280. a new plan to provide tuition-free college to all california students was unveiled today. the report's authors claim most students and their families don't believe free college at state schools is even possible. but the coalition of faculty
7:27 pm
students and unions say it is possible. they call their plan the $48 fix. >> half of california's families would pay $48 a year or less to restore free public higher education of high quality to everyone who wanted to go. >> but the plan means high earners would pay much more than $48. the report will be presented to the regents tomorrow. the group believes it could be funded through tax measures or reforms. lessons learned in college don't always come from professors. tonight, you'll hear from athlete activists at san jose state. we in the city of oakland oppose the dakota pipeline. >> an oakland city leader vows to fight president trump's pipeline actions. also -- for two of the nominees announced today, the road to the oscars began when they were students here in the bay area.
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i'm jonathan bloom with their stories, ahead. with the xfinity tv app,
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and we continue to keep an
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eye on that water rescue taking place in san francisco bay near the dunbarton bridge. crews have not given us any new information since we last checked at the top of the newscast. a todkayaker capsized without a life jacket and crews have not been able to find that person. we'll bring you updates through this newscast and the abc 7 news app as well. today with the stroke of a pen, president trump reignited the controversy over two highly protested pipeline upon thproje. >> his executive orders clear the way for government approval of those plans. abc 7 reporter lyanne melendez has more. >> reporter: president trump took action to revive the pipeline projects, a step towards dismantling president obama's environmental legacy. this could have an immediate impact on the north dakota access pipeline. the project had been halted by the army corps of engineers after the standing rock sioux tribe demanded the pipe not go
7:32 pm
under a section of the missouri river, a source of drinking water for the tribe. >> we're really disappointed to see this from president trump. but we also believe that this is the best way for us to -- we're going to see a lot more people join the resistance because of this announcement today. people are mad. >> reporter: oakland councilmember rebecca kaplan spent a week in north dakota protesting. following president trump's actions today, she wrote a letter to the california public employees retirement system, demanding that it stop investing in companies associated with the dakota access pipeline. >> calpers is the money of californians and it should not be used to support something that goes against our values. >> reporter: former president obama had rejected the keystone xl pipeline project after being convinced that the method of turning tar sands into oil contributed to more greenhouse gases. glenn stevik is with berkeley
7:33 pm
engineering and research. he says pipelines are still the safest way to transport crude oil. >> that kind of risk is far higher than with a pipeline. >> reporter: he says the materials used to make and maintain pipelines have also improved significantly. lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. meanwhile president trump is expected to sign executive orders tomorrow to limit immigration from islamic refugees. president trump also ordered the epa to stop awarding new contracts or grants. and he issued a media ban on all epa social media posts, news releases, or blog updates. while meeting with auto industry executives today, the president says his actions will be good for jobs. >> we're reducing unnecessary regulations. we want regulations but we want real regulations that mean
7:34 pm
something. i am to a large extent an environmentalist. i believe in it. but it's out of control. >> donald trump also said today he would name his pick for the supreme court next week. democrats have promised to fight it. world news tonight anchor david muir will do the first one on one interview with president trump. you'll see excerpts from that interview all day tomorrow on abc 7 including a one-hour prime time special at 10:00 p.m. athletes who have taken controversial stands to address issues plaguing african-american communities gathered in san jose today to explore how to advance their causes during donald trump's presidency. abc 7 news reporter david louie has more at all-star panel. >> reporter: athletes have a unique opportunity in sports. they can take a stand, or hey knee as colin kaepernick did, or arise a power fist on the medal
7:35 pm
stand at the olympics. however, times have changed, as reflected in the presidential election. >> nobody listens to each other no more. it's, this is what i want and it needs to go this way, forget how you feel or what you think. but in order for any progress to be made i mean, there has to be communication between both parties. >> reporter: the future of sports activism was the focus at this town hall meeting hosted by san jose state's institute for the study of sports, society, and social change. a who's who of outspoken athletes weighed in. five-time nba all star chris webber is concerned teams may become less supportive. >> i think there will be a point when the league has to step back or maybe not say as much. but hopefully that's when we players, the younger players, will continue to take on the causes that the older generations have taught us to fight for. >> i'm here to help our players. whether that's in the community, financially, speaking, making the right connections. because i think we have a place
7:36 pm
in society to make our communities a better place. >> reporter: athletes' words and actions may be diminished as social media fractionalizes audiences. >> the more media we get, the more silo'd people become, because they don't want to listen to what they don't want to hear. athletes tend to be treated the same way. >> reporter: in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. today the last man to walk on the moon was laid to rest in texas. astronaut gene cernan died at the age of 82. he was part of apollo 17 and was the last american to walk on the moon. today google announced the five teams still in the running for the lunar x-prize challenge. each of these five finalists comes from different countries and one of them will launch off the coast of california. wow. that is video from the team named synergy moon, an internal
7:37 pm
group with headquarters in san francisco, doing a test flight of a rocket in the mohave desert. the winning team will be the first one to launch to the moon, maneuver across the lunar surface, and transmit high definition video back to earth. >> that's impressive. >> it is. a couple bay artists have a chance for an invaluable prize. >> they're going for oscar gold. how they got from here to there, next. plus -- we live in the high tech capital of the world. but some neighborhoods still at activia, it starts inside
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of reach for far too long:s have health insurance.that's been out how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st. visit today. the nominees for cinematography are -- arival. la la land. moonlight. and silence. >> that was one of 14 nominations for "la la land." "la la land" tied the record for most nominations. this year tied a record for the number of minority actors nominated. seven actors received their
7:41 pm
first ever oscar nomination today. the award ceremony is just over a month away now. the academy recognized some local talent. he's nominated for his role in "moonlight," and a documentary maker was nominated as well. >> this is my first film. and it was initially my thesis film for uc berkeley's graduate school of journalism. >> reporter: but the short documentary "4.1 miles" became much more than that. >> she was screaming, she said, you're nominated, you did it. >> reporter: she woke up to a phone call from her sister in barcelona, now nominated for an oscar. >> the refugee crisis is the most important story of the year. >> reporter: and this is the story of a greek coast guard captain tasked with rescuing those syrian refugees who are stranded at sea.
7:42 pm
she had seen the news coverage. >> oh, my god, what i found was completely different than anything i had read or seen before. >> reporter: she wanted to convey that shock to the audience. so she used only footage from her first day on the water. >> you can really feel how i felt when i was on board sheeti shooting the preliminary. >> reporter: the bay area has another oscar nominee whose story starts on a college campus, this one at st. mary's. >> so produced of him. >> reporter: nominated for best supporting actor, he was in her freshman writing class. >> he was very expressive with words. >> reporter: he played basketball in those days. then was cast in a play. >> i would run over to rehearsal and do my little bit. >> reporter: last year at commencement, he told his graduates how he found his calling. >> i felt alive with a sense of purpose i hadn't experienced to this point. >> reporter: in "moonlight" he plays a crack dealer whose life becomes entangled with a young boy's. >> at some point you've got to decide for yourself.
7:43 pm
>> reporter: for ali, that point was here at st. mary's. >> he wrote a lot about his feelings about being a young man. he wrote about being a man of color. >> reporter: and she had him pegged as a bestselling author. but she can't argue with oscar nominee. >> i hope he wins. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> watch the oscars live only on abc 7 sunday, february 26th. jimmy kimmel is hosting the oscars for the first time. check out the abc 7 news app for a complete list of nominee.
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in the heart of silicon valley there are still neighborhoods without high speed internet. >> that's kind of hard to imagine, actually. abc 7's michael finney helped a frustrated couple. >> i'm glad we were able to help them, but i couldn't believe it. here we are, internet providers are still working on installing fiberoptic cable for everyone who wants it. now a small company is offering to fill the gap. this couple had a hard time getting in on the deal. >> reporter: richard and sherry could spend hours viewing historic photos online. and sometimes it took that long.
7:47 pm
>> we have lived with a very slow speed internet. >> so slow that some applications would time out. >> reporter: the couple lives in san francisco's outer sunset where the internet connection was outdated. but now they could have high speed internet, phone, and tv for $120 a month. >> it sounded like a good idea and was cheaper. >> so we went with it. >> reporter: weeks passed and no one came to install it. they called sonic and found out why. >> they had us in their system as an apartment building, so they didn't want to deal with us. >> reporter: they tried to explain they live in a single family home and they own it. >> i said, there's no apartment buildings for a mile radius, and we are a house. they said, i'm sorry, you're still an apament building. >> reporter: sonic kept saying it couldn't reach their landlord
7:48 pm
to it permission to wire their building. >> it was pretty frustrating. i was a little bit miffed. >> reporter: finally they contacted 7 on your side. we contacted sonic. a supervisor corrected the mistake and got them their service. >> i'm living in the 21st century now, thank you. out in the outer sunset. >> reporter: sonic tells us overwhelming demand caused a backlog and the apartment building problem, someone got two orders mixed up. a company spokesman telling us, we'll take the experience here and work to streamline and accelerate our processes for new customer installations. the couple is delighted by their fast internet. >> a fairy tale, a happy ever after ending. thank you to mr. finney and to channel 7. >> sonic tells us it's more than doubling its staff to meet demand. i want to hear from you. the 7 on your side hotline is open weekdays from 10:00 until 2:00.
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just call the number or reach me through facebook or on our web page at >> excellent. >> thank you, michael. the bay area is a beautiful place. abc 7 news viewers prove that every day. >> joseph captured this dramatic shot, a stormy zeppelin drifts across the sky over the sea of san francisco. this picture has the hasht hashtag #abc7now. i can't take credit for that. >> the weather is getting more beautiful by the day. live doppler 7 shows it's dry here. and skies are mainly clear. we have a few clouds around. low temperatures tonight are going to be down in the freezing range in some of our inland valleys, around santa rosa look for a low of 31. morgan hill will bottom out at 33. it's pretty chilly. tomorrow we'll see temperatures climb back into the low to mid-50s under mostly sunny skies. look at the high temperature trend for the week ahead in san jose. we're going to see quite a
7:50 pm
warm-up beginning over the weekend and peaking on monday with high temperatures in the mid-60s, which we don't often see in late january. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. we have dry days ahead through the entire seven-day period. saturday marks the beginning of the lunar new year. it's the year of the rooster, cook agocockadoodle do. >> thanks, spencer. on to sports. >> larry beil, what have you got for us? >> steph curry went back to the school where he was the little man on campus years ago.
7:51 pm
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7:53 pm
good evening. the warriors play in charlotte tomorrow. that's where steph curry grew up while his dad was playing for the hornets. today steph returned to his old high school and had his journey retired. absolutely nobody could have guessed that curry was going to go on to become a two-time nba mvp and one of the most popular players on the planet. back then he did not wear a
7:54 pm
number 30. >> i've seen pictures. i kind of forgot, i've worn 30 since, you know, 2006. so to say the red white and blue back in the day with number 20 was a pretty cool memory to have. i wanted to wear 30 but the jersey was too big. in high school it goes by your size, the number goes by the size. i couldn't fit into that 30. >> he's grown into it. fills it out now. in fact so do a lot of other people. curry's 30 is the highest selling jersey in the nba, the most popular, edging out lebron james and teammate kevin durant. the sharks traded tommy wengels to ottawa. he had been with the sharks for seven seasons. he saw his playing time diminish recently with the emergence of younger players. the sharks in winnipeg.
7:55 pm
he goes backhand on aaron dell, we're tied at one. second period, logan streaking in from the left hand side. redirecting for a 2-1 lead. but it is now a 2-2 game and they're in the third period. staying in the south bay, the 2017 san jose earthquakes are going back to work trying to snap a four-year playoff drought. nbc 7's mike shumann was at their first practice of the season, of the year today. he reports this team has some local flavor. >> reporter: as the san jose earthquakes begin their 2017 training camp, there's two players on this roster that didn't have to travel too far. >> san jose earthquakes. >> countries tan tierian from the university of california berkeley. >> reporter: they're living a dream. kristen was drafted by the quakes. >> growing up, it was always my dream to be a professional
7:56 pm
soccer player. i thank the earthquakes for giving me this opportunity. i worked hard to this point and look forward to going out there day in and day out. >> reporter: nick came from the earthquakes academy, which is soccer's farm system. he automatically gets a shot on the roster without being drafted. >> i was lucky enough to have the opportunity to play with the first team a little and travel to england. i could i have got acclimated at a young age. when the opportunity came this year, i had it in the back of my mind, kind of a beforehand experience to get me ready. >> reporter: the head coach likes both their chances of making this steam. >> nick's grown up in the area. obviously played for the academy as a younger kid. i think if you had been in the draft this year you probably would have been a first-round pick. i think we got a good one in that. christian was a good pick for us in the late round, a guy who we know his strengths and weaknesses. we look forward to having both guys in camp and getting better with us.
7:57 pm
>> reporter: the earthquakes look forward to the 2017 season. in san jose, mike shumann, abc 7 sports. remember the mannequin challenge, it was a big deal a few months ago. the basketball league bringing it back in style. total commitment. no, don't move your eyes! they did the challenge during their all-star game on sunday. the video was posted by june lee. it has over 5,000 -- then they go back to live action. everybody in the stands probably retweeted it. it would have been perfect if they could have gotten the ball to freeze. that would have been the next level. >> that's a little tricky. >> yeah. >> than join us tonight at 9:00 on cable channel 13. coming up, early to bed, early to rise, might make you healthy, wealthy, and wise, but what happens when you stash money in your mattress? and "hidden figures" is up for best picture at the oscars. how the hit film is inspiring young girls in the bay area.
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and coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, it's "the middle" followed by "american housewife," "fresh off the boat," and "the real o'neills." we'll be back with you at abc 7 news at 11:00. >> thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time i was wondering if an electric toothbrush really cleans... ...better than a manual, and my hygienist says it does. but... ...they're not all the same. turns out, they're really... ...different. who knew? i had no idea. so, she said look for... that's shaped like a dental tool with a round...
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