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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  February 24, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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tonight, a family dog shot after mauling a 10-month-old. and we're live in san jose tonight. michael finney is connecting flood victims with resources to help them recover. we're also live in hollywood for the oscars and the change this year that has people cheering. now from abc 7, live, breaking news. >> we begin in concord. police shot and killed a dog that attacked a 10-month-old baby boy. >> you can see four evidence
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markers just outside the door. police tell us the dog was the family's own dog. police said the baby boy is doing well, and was crying and alert when transported to the hospital. >> this happened just after 4:00 this average on fremont street. we have a crew on their way and will provide you with a live update as soon as they arrive. good evening. >> in san jose, tonight marks the end of really indescribable week for people's homes flooded. >> parts of rock springs, the south bend mobile parks opened back up to evacuated residents this afternoon. north bound center road is also back open tonight. >> the evacuation area includes 3,000 people, and 765 homes, down from 1100 yesterday. >> the process we're going through to get them back in, a lot has to do with ensuring the building is safe, and ensuring
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we can have power and water service. >> he says city workers have not come across any homes considered uninhabitable yet. a new shelter will open tonight as both high school shelters close. we have live team coverage tonight. michael finney is working with a team of experts to provide help to flood victims. wayne freedman is showing us just how much people have lost. >> let's begin with david louie and the story of this week's heroes. >> reporter: this is a story about heroes. firefighters are known to save lives every day of the week, but water rescues are unique. san jose fire didn't have the equipment what it had to do here on tuesday. and because of the success of that event, san jose might need more rescue boats. it was a sight on a scale no one ever expected to see in san jose. 17-foot white boats picking up
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stranded residents taking them to dry land in rock springs. it was nobody >> there wasn't a whole lot. it was kind of surprising. >> reporter: the challenge was keeping people taking things with them. >> you have to take people that's worth more than anything right now. >> reporter: the boats carried a lot of pets and resident was special needs. >> most of the people taken from wheelchairs into these boats. we had the physically disabled, the learning disabled, and cats and dogs and birds and entire households jammed into these boats. >> reporter: they pushed the
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limited on the capacity of the boats with six passengers but packed with three times that number. >> we had upwards of 20 people in these boats. that's why i talked about this will be helpful, and hopefully we can get more to be prepared. >> the more we did to get these things helped the neighborhood and the city. kind of made it -- made me feel a little better about it. >> reporter: this is a story more than about boats, of course. 50 personnel staff qualified for water ruescues. in rock springs, they worked 48 hours straight. and there were no casualties. david louie, "abc7 news." >> david, thank you. "abc7 news" was in the flooded neighborhoods before dawn as city workers towed out cars that were abandoned. the city announced that the resident also not be charged for any vehicles towed out.
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the impact of this week's floods on people's lives is really staggering. it's hard to understand if you're not dealing with it personally, of course. wayne freedman continues our live team kompcoverage with an interesting perspective. >> reporter: for san jose, this has to be one of the longest weeks in memory. we too went to rock springs today as residents moved back in -- or went back to see what they could pull out of their wrecked apartments. what they found was staggering. behind the cones, the closures, and the police on this storm watch, rock springs in san jose is a wastelan now. the neighborhood with white picket fences on muddies streets filled with mud caked cars with sunshine that came a few days too late. this is a vacuum truck sucking up water and muck and residents moving around wearing garbage
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bags instead of a pair of rubber boots. if we added up the pressing issues in calvin's life right now, muddy feet would not register. in the automobile business, calvin had yet to make his first monthly payment. now what? what has your insurance company told you? >> i'm still waiting for them. >> reporter: kind of like our residents say they waited for a call before this neighborhood became a temporary part of coyote creek. >> this is our house why we used to live. >> reporter: carlos hernandez showed us remains of his apartment. there was no warning, he told us. did you think this would happen if >> no. >> reporter: did you know you were living in a flood zone? >> no. >> reporter: aside from the content of the garbage bags, next to nothing is all he has left. he's starting a new life he told us, at age 32. wayne freedman, "abc7 news."
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>> it's really hard to believe, this all started a few days ago. tuesday morning, we watched firefighters rescue people standed in their homes in rock springs. the water just kept rising. on wednesday morning, the mandatory evacuation area expanded to include 14,000 people. by the end oh of the day, those evacuation areas shrank. water levels of coyote creek receded yesterday and the number of evacuees shrank to 4,000 people. then the attention turned to cleaning out the mud and damage. michael finney is live in san jose right now with a team of experts to help people recover from the flood. michael? >> reporter: yeah, we've been talking about rebuilding and insurance, and something we haven't talked much about today, all of the misplaced animals. i posted some video on my
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facebook page a day or two ago and 80,000 people checked out the video. that got us thinking what does the red cross do with all of our four-legged friends here? what do you do when people show up with their pets? >> well, the they accept them and they don't ask any questions, they assist and support the animals. and we also try to accommodate the animals to the extent we can. but part of what preparedness is to work with the others for the community. right now, we have contacted the san jose city, but they have location for us that we can call them. and if that can be accommodating, we try to make
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accommodations. so the assistant for animals is one category that is right. the support animal, we try to see if they can get help from our partners. >> reporter: thank you so much. so the animals are not left out on their own. they have partners, you can bring down your pet here. this is the starting point. that's every single disaster the red cross is involved with. we're going to be here until 7:00 tonight, so we've got all the 7 on your side experts here. so please come down here in james lick high school in san jose. him -- i'm michael finney reporting live. >> you can still ask questions on social media. volunteers are needed tomorrow to help clean up.
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if you can shovel mud, meet at roosevelt park between 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. really could make a hands on difference. more than $500,000 has been donated to a relief fund for victims. the sharks have chipped in $20,000. if you would like to donate, you can find a link to the fund's web page at look at this beautiful sunset. this is a live look at san francisco from our east bay hills camera. look at all the colors there. rain, though, is back in the picture for this weekend. spencer christian has the details. >> we have a few cold showers on the radar. clouds are increasing a bit right now, although the sky is bright. northwestern corner of the state is getting a mix of precipitation, rain and snow right now. you can see the counterclockwise swirl up there, indicating the
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approaching storm. the storm ranks one on the storm impact scale, it will move in tonight and continue through the bay area on monday -- or i should say continue moving through the bay area through monday, producing spotty light showers. less than 0.2 inches expected of rainfall. tonight, a few spotty showers near the coastline, continuing tomorrow morning and afternoon, accompanied with cold air. dan and ama? >> thank you, spencer. come california constituents have a question for their senator. senator feinstein is here in san francisco today, and we're following up on what these protesters really want from her. and next, find -- >> you can play at home or take it with you. oil jonathan bloom here.
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back now to our breaking news out of concord. a baby boy is in the hospital after he was attacke family dog, which was then shot by police. laura anthony joins us live from the scene on fremont street near concord avenue with the latest. >> reporter: let's show you the house behind us where this happened about 4:20 this afternoon. it's that pink house with the white window in the front there.
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it's a unit behind that house. let's take a look from sky 7 as this happened just about 4:30, 4:20 this afternoon. we understand it was a mother who was home with her two young children. they were inside the home and we're told by animal control that the mother was in another room. the two young children were in a room with this dog described as a shepherd mix. a year and a half old dog. apparently that dog named charlie attacked the 10-month-old. the child sustained injuries to his head. 911 was called. police arrived. joining me back here now at the scene is sergeant chris baker with concord police. chris, if you could tell me more about the situation. when the officers arrived, it was a tense situation. >> it was a very scary scene getting this call. when we get here, the dog is still running freely throughout the yard, and one of our biggest challenges was betting to that child, getting that child out safely without having one of our
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officers get charmed by t echar. we were able to do that. unfortunately, the dog was you neutralized by an officer. >> reporter: when the dog was running around, one of the officers was able to get the child and hand it to the paramedics? >> yeah, the hardest thing was coming out and mom was afraid the dog would attack again. so one officer sprinted to the door to grab the child to bring the child out. very alarming. this is a family dog that was a pup. they never had any issues with no signs of aggression. >> reporter: sergeant, thank you very much. we understand the child is doing well. the mother and child at children's hospital in oakland. but again, the dog, year and a half old shepherd mix named charlie, 80 pounds we're told, shot and killed by a concord police officer. laura anthony, "abc7 news." >> laura, thanks a lot. tonight, new reaction from raids in santa cruz and daily city
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that may have led to immigration detentions. homeland security is now responding to scathing words from the santa cruz police chief. melanie woodrow has both sides. >> reporter: the locations, including daily city and santa cruz, led to ten criminal arrests of suspected gang members. now i.c.e. admits ten immigrants were detained. >> this is violating the trust of our community and we can't tell you how disappointed we are in the department of homeland security. >> reporter: i.c.e. is writing -- >> reporter: santa cruz's police chief responded to the response, writing, the detentions of those suspected of being undocumented immigrants by homeland security
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occurred after my staff left the scene of the location where is they were detained, which begs the question, as to where these detentions did not occur while my staff was present. it's unclear how many, if any immigrants were detained at the daily city location. the mayor says she'll introduce a resolution monday that supports immigrants. >> daily city is a safe haven. >> reporter: though the resolution stopped short of calling the city a sanctuary city. >> some of the cities are losing federal funds. >> reporter: police department's chief turned down our request for a comment. melanie woodrow, "abc7 news." new at 6:00, the list of california's safest cities is out. imperial in southern california is ranked number one. the city of 17,000 had just five violent crimes in 2016.
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foster city at number eight. the survey by the national council of home safety and security is based on 2016 fbi crime statistics. happening now, michael finney is live in san jose at james lake hospital with a team of experts answering questions about flood damage. he's going to be there until 7:00 p.m. if you can't make it in person, you can ask questions for yourself or on behalf of a friend on social media with the #askfinney. live doppler 7 hd, looking at a few clouds gathering, ahead of some cold showers headed our way. those showers are a little north of us right now, up in the northwest corner. you can see that they're cold showers because the rain is mixed in with snow in the higher elevations and that's what is coming our way. a winter weather advisory in
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effect from 10:00 to 4 a.m. monday. looking out over the bay under partly cloudy skies, 50 degrees right now just about everywhere. so san francisco, oakland, san jose, that's what we call uniform. a little cooler at half moon bay with a reading of 48 degrees right now. check out the northwest sky from the tower. 50 at napa. upper 40s at livermore. these are our forecast features. a few cold showers this weekend. snow level drops down to around 2500 feet, which means that the bay area peaks may see a little light snow. sunny and much milder next tuesday through friday. until then, we have to deal with the cold. overnight, it will be cold again
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in our inland valleys. low temperatures will drop into the low to mid 30s. near the bay, upper thirties to low 40s. now let's talk about the approaching storm. a storm of light intensity ranking one. it will move in tonight producing cold showers, scattered through monday. so spotty, light showers, cold air, less than 0.2 of an inch of rain in most locations and here's the forecast animation. starting at 11:00 tonight, we'll see a few spotty showers along the coastline and pushing northward and inland. that continues tomorrow morning. showers back off a bit but return sunday afternoon. so each day the next three days we'll get some shower activity. by monday morning, rainfall totals generally less than 0.1 of an inch in most locations.
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tomorrow, it will be chilly with highs in the mid 50s and of course, the spotty showers. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. storm activity each day for the next three days and each day it will rank one on the storm impact scale but chilly and winter-like and mixed precipitation in the higher elevations through monday morning. bright, sunny skies on tuesday. and the warmup begins midweek thursday, friday, highs climbing into the upper 60s. it is absolutely going to feel like spring next week. >> i'm ready. >> thanks. all right. well, this leads to some fame and a big money f
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on tuesday, nintendo will release a game console that looks like nothing you have ever seen before. jonathan plume hasbloom has a h look. >> reporter: two guys locked in a serious battle on a tiny screen. that's mario cart on nintendo's big idea. you can take this with you and play anywhere and everywhere. so in a giant room, they're showing it off in settings from living rooms to restaurants wco.
7:26 pm
you can keep playing on the go. as for the little controllers -- >> you can combine them, you can give one to your friend. >> reporter: nintendo says a pro controller for bigger hands. but this is nintendo's flagship device. >> this is our future for the next several years. this is going to be our console women. >> reporte i don't think this can go toe-to-toe with your xbox 1s. but the real key to the success may be in the way it rolls out the red carpet for a parade of legendary video game characters. >> people are going to play zelda, and mario comes out soon after. >> reporter: nintendo knows it has a wider audience to please. >> we have kids, families.
7:27 pm
nintendo switch has a little something for everybody. >> reporter: it's already a sold out hit for japan, where gamers are moving to portable consoles, and in the u.s. at $300, preorders are strong. >> you can't get this right now. it's sold out. >> reporter: in san francisco, jonath jonathan bloom, "abc7 news." uc berkeley has 22 nobel prize winners and a championship video game team. the team just one a tournament playing entertainment overwatch game. they took ohome $42,000 in prizes. blizzard entertainment expects a college video game tournament to rival college athletics in popularity in just a few years. californians are not talking about the iphone feature. >> they want to see and talk to their senator. tonight, you'll hear from dianne
7:28 pm
feinstein and see how she responds. and tonight, find out how to spot the differences coming to the port of oakland. >> i'm kristen sze in hollywood. what this year's oscar nominations represent. that's next. only 30 minutes remain to get your questions answered live by michael finney. we'll check in live
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live where you live, this is "abc7 news." live protests greeted senator feinstein. >> they're demanding answers in town hall meetings both from republicans and democrats. >> kate larson has the story. >> reporter: today, protesters in san francisco demand facetime with dianne feinstein. >> our first demand is that feinstein organize weekly town halls here in san francisco and that he vote against all of trump's ajeblgenagenda. >> reporter: meanwhile, the
7:32 pm
senator was inside speaking at an event. >> these weeks have put this great country in a very divided stance, with so much fear from people. >> reporter: her policy discussion ran the gamete from russia and nuclear weapons to reproductive choice and the president's attacks on the press. >> what trump is doing will not work. the free press is a standard of our democracy. and we must keep it. >> reporter: about 250 guests signed up in advance for free tickets to the event, including several dozen activists from the group indivisible who asked the senator if she would meet. >> will you commit to townall where is you devote your time -- >> i will try to do it based on my schedule. >> reporter: these protesters asked the senator to attend a community meeting they set up in
7:33 pm
oakland on sunday. but she said today she cannot attend because she's flying back to washington, d.c. on sunday because the senate is back in session monday. in san francisco, kate larson, "abc7 news." >> president trump went after the media and the fbi today, at the conservative action conference. he called an end to anonymous news sources and he said, leaks within the fbi make our country weak. these attacks come after a cnn report last week, citing multiple anonymous u.s. officials. he said the white house asked the fbi to publicly renounce an va article revealing contacts between russia and officials. >> i'm against people that make up sources and stories. they shouldn't be allowed to use sources unless they use somebody's name. let their name be put out there. >> in an unprecedented move today, the white house prohibited several news sources from a press secretary briefing.
7:34 pm
during the briefing, sean spicer complained about leaks and the russian news story. after the blackout, congresswoman barbara lee tweeted, this is chilling. our bill of rights isn't up for debate. president trump's rival is out with a new video message, ptweeted today by the democrati party. >> nearly 66 million votes are fueling activism and everywhere, people are marching, protesting, tweeting, speaking out, and working for an america that's hopeful, inclusive, and big hearted. >> the full video will be shown during tomorrow's dnc convention. > -- polihis wife spoke to th
7:35 pm
media. >> i was always concerned if i was doing the right thing by staying in the united states of america. they assured me that very good things happen to good people. >> the third man who was a bystander who stepped in to help when he heard racial slurs is expected in court monday. the marine rescue team in san francisco pulled a man from the bay today about noon and near the ferry building. the man went into the bay to retrieve some of his belongings. he was transported to the hospital but no word on his condition. it does not appear he suffered life threatening injuries. the core of the tech world is located in the heart of california, but statewide support appears to be sliding.
7:36 pm
just 63% of californians trust the tech industry. that's down 3% from last year. also 56% of californians believe tech is underregulated and 55% said tech leaders "don't speak for me." but the tech industry is still ranked as the most trusted among all key industries. a record streak leads tonight's bay area business watch. the dow gained today, setting a new record high for the 11th straight day. today, it closed at 20,821. the nasdaq gained almost 10. the s&p moved up by three. some cranes at the port of oakland will become taller to make it easier to load and unload giant cargo ships. the plan is to raise six feet by 27 feet. they're currently 366 feet tall, so less than a 10% increase in height. the cost will be about $20
7:37 pm
million. work starts in april. today is steve jobs' birthday. apple's founder would have turned 62 today. he passed away in 2011 from complications of pancreatic cancer. today, his successor tim cook tweeted remembering steve, whose words and ideals will always inspire us. there's no reason not to follow your heart. rain is returning to the bay area. but there are also sunny days in the forecast. >> spencer has what you can expect in ten minutes. i'm michael finney here in san jose. we're going to introduce you t
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a lot of people need help after all of that flooding in san jose. >> michael finney is in san jose with a team of experts. michael, what kinds of questions are people asking you tonight? >> reporter: i've got to tell you a lot about rebuilding, a lot from tenants asking about what their obligations are, what is the obligation of a land lord. a lot of repairs. and i've got to tell you, tomorrow is when the scams are really going to start happening.
7:41 pm
we have rebecca huntsman here from the bbb. >> target areas that have been hit by natural disasters, they try to take advantage of people that have been affected. >> reporter: the name is storm -- >> storm chasers. >> reporter: so they show up when there suspect enouisn't en to do the work. >> yes. we're going to start to see them. so definitely something to look out for. >> reporter: so they'll say i can do the repairs but they're not licensed. >> so be wary of anyone that just shows up. never feel pressured to make a decision or sign a contract or hire a contractor. so do your research, make sure they're licensed for the specific work that they're doing. >> reporter: very good. rebecca, thanks a lot. great advice. storm chasers, so be careful for that. we'll be here until 7:00, so if you have any issues tied to any
7:42 pm
of this flooding, please come down and bring any paper cork that will come with your issue. reporting live, i'm michael finney. is >> great job, michael. >> if you can't make it to the high school, just use the #askfinney. coming up next, kristen sze and w
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the oscars are this sunday. you can watch the awards ceremony on abc 7. >> after last year's controversy over the lack of diversity, among the acting nominees this year is expected to be very different. >> kristen sze joins us live from hollywood with a closer look. >> reporter: yes, ama and dan, how is it going? i'm here on hollywood boulevard. very exciting, hollywood walk of fame. a diverse group of people
7:46 pm
checking out the action, that same word can be used to describe the nominees this year, and that's a dramatic plot twist from the controversy of the last couple of years. the red carpet rolled out in hollywood for what organizers say is a more diverse and inclusive academy awards. frying ing >> it just so happened that this year, we had an abundance of films that represented inclusion. >> reporter: after two years in a row of all 20 nominees in the acting categories being white. leading to protests and mockery. >> i'm here at the academy awards. otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> reporter: this year, seven of the 20 acting nominees represent racial diversity, from voila davis and other categories. joy mcmillen is the first
7:47 pm
african-american woman nominated for editing for her work on "moonlight." and in the best documentary category, four of the five nominated movies were made by black filmmakers. >> i think that we did a wonderful job, there's some great films this year and a lot of diversity. >> reporter: and now, the writer who started the oscar so white hash tag says while there is still more work to do, this year's nominations are a step in the right direction. and one best supporting actor nominee already feels like a big winner. we're talking about he and his wife that welcomed a new baby girl, the first child they announced on instagram. so could he be an even bigger winner? we'll have to find out on sunday at the academy awards. dan and ama? >> it will be a great night. watch the oscars live.
7:48 pm
jimmy kimmel will host for the first time, as you probably know. live coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. and the awards themselves start at 5:30. so tune in and join us. >> so if it rains, who cares? >> spencer is is here with the updated forecast. >> right now, live doppler showing a few clouds gathering and the bay area. we have dry conditions now. a couple of days, maybe even more of cold showers. let's talk about the cold first. overnight lows dropping down into the low to mid fi30s. the approaching storm for the next couple of days ranks one on the storm impact scale, it will push in late tonight, producing spotty, light showers. less than 0.2 of an inch of rain. maybe some snow in the higher peaks. monday afternoon, 1:00, we'll see a few scattered showers pushing into the bay. monday evening, that pattern
7:49 pm
continues into monday morning. at the start of the rush morning commute monday, we're likely to have wet spots. so exercise some caution. showers taper off late in the day on monday. here's the seven day forecast. next three days, a storm ranking one on the storm impact scale. the sun comes out on tuesday and we warm up to thursday and friday to upper 60s around the bay and inland. >> a it willittle taste of spri. >> we have some basketball to talk about. >> we have a twitter war. it's shaq and mcgee with kevin durant jumping into the fray. plus, the giants playing their first game of the spring. how would m
7:50 pm
7:51 pm
7:52 pm
good evening. giants played their first game in spring training today. hunter pence didn't have to play, but he wanted to, a sign he plans to play every single game this season. the giants opening with the reds in scottsdale. madison bumgarner got the start. not sharp, gave up a two-run single, scoring former giant
7:53 pm
adam duvall. hunter pence would drive in the giants' first run of the season with a double to left that scores joe panik. giants come through in a 6-4 victory. mad bum just happy to be back on the mound. >> you would like to have good results every time you step out on the mound, but it's just about getting ready for the regular season. as long as the pitches are ready by the end of this month, that's all you can ask for. >> terrific to see the newly married hunter pence healthy oce again. we're joined once again. >> reporter: hunter pence is the spark plug and every starter got in the game today except buster posey. but hunter dealt with a lot of injuries last year. he came to camp with a rib cage issue. had to talk his way into the game with bruce bochy. but he told us he's so happy cactus league has begun.
7:54 pm
>> it's exciting to have a real game going. the atmosphere was fun. we're excited to have baseball back. >> my first rbi of the spring. >> once again, pretty good looking team here. left field the only open position. so you have to feel good going into the season. >> absolutely. a tremendous group here, a lot of good arms, a lot of good defense with some good gloves. so yeah, we've got to have a good, healthy spring, get working on the fundamentals. you're not taking any of those little things for granted. >> reporter: a healthy spring, the key thing for the giants. and of course, the world champion cubs come to town tomorrow, so you know the giants will be jacked up.
7:55 pm
mike shumann, abc 7 sports. we really should be talking about the warriors' 50-point quarter last night, or draymond green trash talking paul pierce. but all of that was overshadowed by the twitter war between shaquille o'neal and warriors center mcgee. shaq does a feature called on tnt and he's been making fun of juvale for years. last night he ran a segment picking on mcgee. what ensued was a twitter fight with mcgee tweeting why he was so obsessed with him. kevin durant coming to mcgee's defense. >> shaq wants to makes a joke about it, but if it was him in that position, he wouldn't feel the same way. he would call him a bum and all this, just because you're such a great player obviously.
7:56 pm
he's still a great player, but you had your flews too as a player. >> so what ensued today was warrior bosses calling shaq's bosses at tnt saying "knock it off." so i imagine that's the end of this, at least we hope it is. >> all right. thank you so much, larry. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on channel 13. obamacare replacement is in the works. a draft of the republican plan leaked tonight. then on "abc7 news" at 11:00, two big breakthroughs by bay area researchers could stop devices from exploding. michael finney gets an exclusive look and finds out when we could sew the new batteries in our devices. coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00. "last man standing." then "shark tank," and "abc7 news" at 11:00. 11:35, it's jimmy kimmel live
7:57 pm
featuring matt damon and ben affleck. and jimmy kimmel will host the oscars for the first time this sunday. you can watch it live object nl abc 7. finally tonight, a few thoughts about what really matters. in a word, truth. president trump today again railing against the news media, continuing his attack on journalism, referring to the so-called fake news as the enemy of the people. he's clever at coining phrases that stick in the public consciousness. crooked hillary, lying ted, now fake news. the problem, much of what he deems fake is often just contradictory to what he or his surrogates are claiming. when the white house says something that is inaccurate or completely untrue, what are we supposed to do, just let it pass? please understand these comments are in no way anti-trump, but pro-truth. i would say the exact same thing, no matter who was in office. william mccraven, the retired admiral that planned the raid that killed osama bin laden,
7:58 pm
says mr. trump's attacks on the media may be the greatest threat to democracy in his lifetime. there are no alternative facts, only the actual kind. and here's one of those. a free press is the surest protection there is for this democracy. that's certainly what our founding fathers believed was what matters when they made it the first amendment to our constitution. i always love hearing from you. let me know what you think. follow me on twitter and facebook. >> all right. that's it for this edition of "abc7 news." thanks for joining us. >> we'll see you later.
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