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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  March 2, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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[ applause ] staineding room only crowd in north bay as angry parents demand answers from the school board. they say hazing investigation is leaving they are children under a cloud of suspicion. >> our kids are stressed, our families are stressed. >> i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. abc7 news first told you about this investigation in november. >> happening at napa high school and involves members of the jv football team. live. >> reporter: many parents left the meeting with few answers. still in limbo waiting for
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conclusion to the hazing investigation. >> you shouldn't be tormented by adults for months over one mistake. >> anger and frustration inside the napa school board meeting over a hazing incident involving members of the napa high jv football team. incident in which players inappropriately grabbed took place last november. >> please us a definition what hazing is, what is assault, what is not. >> reporter: ongoing investigation left 11 members of the team disciplined, some suspended from school. this parent said son wrongly accused. >> ap and honor student now fallen behind due to the guilty until proven innocent approach that the district has decided to take. >> i know for a fact that some of my teammates did not do what they were accused of doing.
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you're ruining their lives. >> reporter: many parents say the investigation gone on too long and left most of the team and coaches under cloufd suspicion. >> trying to be held responsible for something not their fault and done by couple of bad apples. >> still under investigation. >> reporter: board members offered no details while police investigation continues. abc7 news. a child porn arrest involves a south bay youth center that works to prevent homelessness among children and young families. david lang. police are asking for public's health. katie marzullo with the story. >> reporter: the bill wilson center provides services to more than 5,000 young people. david lang administrator who didn't work dirtlec with kids
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but tonight the police are looking for possible victims. charged with possession of child pornography, arrested after search warrant at his home but where he works has them worried. >> this person we feel is in an area where he overlaps with children. >> reporter: lang is the chief financial officer at bill wilson center that specialized in helping at-risk children and young families. did not work directly with kids. >> all employees regardless of position go through fingerprint clearance, nothing came up on that. >> reporter: lang has been cfo for five years and associated with the center since 2004 and volunteered as assistant scout master for a sunnyvail troop in the '70s, asking anybody who knows anything to come forward.
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>> disturbing case and desire to take this public immediately was to protect the public and solicit information that anyone may have. >> reporter: the bill wilson center is fully cooperating with the investigation. >> we do whatever we can to protect our young people. >> reporter: lang suspended without bay. santa clara. abc7 news. arrested two suspects for mail theft after finding hundreds of envelopes in pillow cases. pictures tweeted by police today. not released details where it was stolen from or found, detectives still investigating the case. tonight it president trump is coming to defense of embattled attorney general jeff sessions. president went on tweet storm calling him honest man, he did nothing wrong and democrats overplaying their hand. he's recusing himself from
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investigations involving the trump campaign and russia. he met with the russian ambassador twice. he said under oath no such meeting took place. tried to clarify today. >> let me be clear. i never had meetings with russian operatives or intermediaries about the trump campaign. >> sessions says he doesn't believe he discussed politial matters with the russian ambassador. revealed that vice president mike pence used private e-mail while governor of indiana. used account to communicate with top advisers, sometimes discussing sensitive matters. during the presidential campaign pence frequently criticized hillary clinton's use of profile e-mail server. rescue operation on the embarcadero. >> captured on cell phone video.
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two strangers jumped into the freezing bay to save a man who went into the water. >> caught up with the heroes. live from pier 23. >> reporter: witnesses tell me the man sitting right about here when he suddenly stood up, started taking clothes off, stripped to shorts and jumped into the water. >> come back. >> this is cell phone video taken moments after man jumped into the bay. two others with him are strangers who can't ignore what was happening in the water. >> started calling for his dad, delirious, and started going underneath and water going into his mouth. he really looked like he was going to go under and not come up. >> all of a sudden his head dropped below the water and i knew it was time to hop in. >> reporter: foreman lifeguard
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and a guy having lunch on a sunny day. >> one big push from you okay? >> reporter: once reached drowning man, restaurant staff put ladder in the water and victim climbed to safety. medics rushed him to the hospital where he's recovering. two men whose paths never crossed before today share heroic experience and new friendship. san francisco, abc7 news. first raised parking protected bike lane that was causing confusion seems to be working as it should tonight but not always the case. er in st. luke's hospital, new signs explaining how it works. cars have been parking in the bike lane next to the curb. drivers and bicyclists complaining markings are
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confusing. terrifying situation, home invasion/robbery. quick thinking that saved children from dangerous intruder. cost of costco, buying in bulk about to get more expensive. sandhya patel. it felt like spring. reality check coming in weekend. i'll explain straight ahead. future of the lgbt movement, hopes and dreams of the next generation in the bay area. all ahead but here's what is on "jimmy kimmel live." >> thanks dan and mam. it's important to see this. >> i love humor. best is make fun of yourself. >> tell that to the president.
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a scary situation in southern california. teenager caught up in home invasion. savannah jones babysitting 4-year-old niece when heard someone knocking. looked through peep hole and didn't recognize the man. door knob started jiggling, grabbed niece and ran into the bathroom. man broke into the home. >> when i think about it, get
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emotional thinking what could have happened and he as in the same room with us. >> while hiding texted mother who called police. the suspect ransacked a couple of rooms and still looking for him. >> smart young woman. cost of membership at costco going up. annual fees cost $60 as of june first. increase of $5. executive is $120 up from $110. comes as costco reported second quarter earnings and revenue that fell short of wall street expectations. mini series airing on abc7, "while we rise." >> and lgbt community changed a lot in seven decades. new passions and dreams. cornell barnard.
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>> it's monday. just left class so jazzed. >> checking in from san francisco state where he's going to nursing school. grew up in rural illinois and came out when he was 16. boldly took boyfriend to the high school homecoming dance. after visiting bay area five years ago, never looked back. >> i looked around that neighbor has a rainbow flag, that one does, i can wear a tight shirt with v neck, want to be here. >> engaged to boyfriend and now fast tracking a wedding. fear the new administration could affect marriage equality. >> when you have something and could be taken away, reminded how precious it is. >> for single gay men, advent of new hiv drug created new sexual revolution and dating apps the new normal. >> we're comparing grindr
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profiles. >> oldest news ever. >> using bad lez ban websites to meet other women. >> frustrated and launched her, dating app for lesbian and bisexual women. more than 2 million uses worldwide. millennials especially. >> you download and go and explore. >> castro where the fight for gay rights all began has changed a lot in 40 years. subtle tributes to the man who led the fight, including harvey milk's bull hrn in the lgbt museum. but fears it's ancient history. >> i try to talk to young people about that era and their eyes go blank i know they can't comprehend it. >> the way the community comes
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together. >> but she gets it. queer artist honoring those who fought and died in the crisis. photo exhibit in the castro. >> looking gack how people were organizing around the epidemic. >> for some activism replaced for new struggles for transgender rights and equality for all. >> i do see moments of hope and resistance and greatness. >> from a community that's always known how to organize and change the world. abc7 news. >> and abc mini series event "when we rise" wraps up tomorrow at 9:00 on abc7. i hope you got a chance to get outside and enjoy the warm weather today. if you didn't, check this out. stunning sunset from the emeryville camera. wispy clouds adding color.
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in tense. keep the sunset and hang on to the memory. tomorrow it will be exactly that. memory. live doppler 7 tracking changes. clouds increasing and trend carry to tomorrow. mild today. two to seven degrees above average. 70s around santa cruz, gilroy oouk aia. but mid to upper 60s, mild around san francisco. dropped off. 40s and 50s. not as cold as previous. look at this view, you can see all across the bay. don't have fog right now. mild tomorrow with increasing clouds. cooler weekend with rain and scattered showers for monday. tomorrow morning, this will be a good reminder it's winter, chilly outside. mid to upper 30s and definitely need a jacket or coat get going around the coast and bay. for the afternoon comfortable
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but not as warm as today. upper 50s to the mid-60s for you. cloud cover is thicker. average high is 66 for san jose. going to slide a good ten degrees below normal by sunday. that's a cold storm going to take the temperatures down. but not for long. bouncing back again. storm impact for the weekend, one, light system. saturday, sunday, rainfall, tenth of inch to inch. breezy it gusty. snow on the highest peaks. 2500 feet. hour by hour forecast. 5:00 a.m. saturday, spotty showers, rain in the north bay around 7:00 a.m. and steady but 2:00 p.m. slide into the east bay, san francisco, moderate between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. late
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night appearance of snow over the mountains. wee hours of sunday morning widespread rain and 7:00 a.m. still going. sunday is looking wert and wetter than in previous runs. keep in mind. 3:00 still look at showers. continuing into nighttime. winter storm watch saturday afternoon until monday. good idea to head off tomorrow if you're going. carry chains. snow level to 3,000. four to eight inches there. travel impacted. download the abc7 news app. keep track of the storms. feature one more dry day before the storm arrives. cold one. wet. snowflakes over the hills and temperatures taking a nose dive.
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low to mid-50s. monday scattered showers. dry and mierld tuesday, trending higher wednesday, thursday, spring in the picture but mixture of spring and winter. age is just a number. great granny who proves you're never too old to shake on the dance floor.
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well, welcome back. with kevin durant, i guess we're going to go straight to sports with kevin durant out for at least a month, warriors struggle in chicago. losing back-to-back regular season games for the first time in nearly two years. go back in a moment. but first let you do your job and tell us about a wonderful woman from california. >> dancing granny. >> getting ahead of ourselves. check this out. we think. >> wanted to see if i was paying attention. >> it's worth it, trust us. >> it is. >> what's funny -- ♪ >> all right this california granny has the moves. videos posted on the facebook
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and instagram by her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, watched nearly a million times. from elizabeth's 100th birthday party last weekend. 100 years old and can get down. >> loves her bruno mars. >> why
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kevin durant out for at least a month, warriors struggle to find their shooting touch in chicago. losing back-to-back regular season games for first time in nearly two years. matt barnes is back. had a bucket.
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klay thompson off the miss. right to steph curry. knows what to do. game high 23. tied at 65. jimmy butler creates space. floater. steph kerr broke another clipboard. curry blocked by lopez, throws up and in, wild shochlt bulls keep the lead. dwyane wade. 2 for 11 over distance. fall 94-87, losing back-to-back games for first time since early april of 2015. >> reason i take them is i feel i can make them. been that way whole career. won't change based on three games. >> without k.d., a little bit betten up. tough time but we'll bounce back. pac-12 women's hoops.
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cal taking on usc. christine akneeing we with a hung game. cal wins, take on oregon state in the quarter final. men's hoops. cal having trouble in the mountain air. van dyke to bear field. steal and kyle throw it's down. bears trail by 20. lose 74-44. major hit to the ncaa hopes. sharks in vancouver. cutest kid ever. sharks trailing 1-0, bod kir over the shoulder for eighth goal. t ties at 1-1.


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