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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 17, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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making every strand stronger. so tangles don't stand a chance. because strong is beautiful. live, where you live. this is abc 7 news. san jose police shoot a man after they say he went on a naked rampage. good evening. thanks for joining us, i'm dan ashley. ama daetz has the night off. it started in campbell when a woman arrived home and the naked man started chasing her kids. four calls went into 911. officers spotted the nude man acting erratically in campbell.
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police say i ghe got into a tru and rammed a police car as he sped away. he led police to a safe way and that area was cut off to traffic as officers confronted the guy to get him to come out of the truck. moments later, officers fired. >> our officers attempted to make the car stop and take the suspect into custody. during that encounter, multiple officers fired at the suspect. he was struck at least once. the suspect was taken into custody and transported to a local hospital. >> witnesses say they heard about 12 gunshots. a witness posted this video to snapchat. officers have not said if the man was armed, if there was some sort of weapon in that truck, and it's unclear why he was acting so strangely. his jainjuries are considered le threatening. in the mean team, there's a crime happening with alarming frequency and on the increase on
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bay area freeways. this year alone there have been 19 freeway shootings. >> people need to feel safe as they drive down the freeways of the bay area. >> reporter: the chp chief for all nine bay area counties says it's become one of their top priorities, cushirb g the numbef shootings. >> it's not random, it's either they're shooting at someone they know, or they mistakenly shoot at somebody thinking it's someone they know. >> reporter: there were 37 shootings in 2015, in 2016, 556789 alrea55, this year already 19. some deadly, others involve bullet holes or shell casings left behind, but investigators are taking all of them seriously. >> our cause to action is tha
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we need drivers to be good witnesses should they see an incident happening. >> reporter: elliott johnson was arraigned for murder of doss. one of the sheens wteens was th shooter. >> victim in this case was absolute innocent victim. >> reporter: next week, local sheriffs are meeting with cal trans officials to discuss installing cameras along troublesome areas of freeway. abc 7 news. in palo alto, police have found andrrested a total of five people accused in a hit-and-run. just before5:00 tonight, police say they were trying to pull over a car when they say the driver immediately took off around a corner and hit a bicyclist. it happened on homer avenue. the cyclist went to the hospital with major injuries but is expected to survive. police arrested two people at
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the scene but had to search for others who were hiding in a shed mott far away. all of interstate 80 will be shut down for signs. all lanes should reopen by 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. it's part of a big project to improve the interchange of i-80, 680 and highway 12. sandia patel is here. >> the seasons will be changing as early as monday, but until then we're going to see our weather change dramatically. we are seeing the cloud cover. up to the north we are tracking real light rain. and that's rain that we're watching. so your hour by hour forecast, tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m. as you start off your weekend by
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the coastline you will see light showers. really this continues through 9:00 a.m. doesn't go very far south. at 10:00 a.m. it's still in the same vicinity. but this same storm system as you take a wider perspective does have the potential to bring a few sprinkles or drizzle to other parts of the bay area. i will have an hour by hour look at that, plus a look at the actual storms that are coming, storms, plural, this is a weak system. dan, we're just getting started. for the first time, a top russian official in the bay area is talking about abc 7 news about cybercrime allegations as tensions escalate internationally. the latest revelation that two russian operatives were behind the yahoo cyber attack are increasing the level of distrust between the two countries. we spoke with the consul general of the russian federation in san francisco. >> they're innocent until
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they're proven guilty in the court of law. >> reporter: that's consul general responding to the fact that criminal charges were filed against two russian hackers. they stole private information from millions of americans after hacking into 500,000 yahoo accounts. >> let's not talk about them like criminals. i mean -- >> reporter: the consul general would go no further, not even to say whether russia would hand over the two intelligence agents if found guilty. he was adamant, though, that roesh had no influence in the november u.s. elections. >> as far as i know, my government approached the u.s. government, requesting this evidence and we never received anything. >> reporter: he is cautiously optimistic that under president trump the relationship between the two countries will improve. he insists that under president obama things deteriorated. towards the end of his administration, mr. obama ordered the expulsion of some
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russian diplomats in the united states, including a few from the san francisco office. >> i wouldn't use the word offended. i would use a word disappointed. >> reporter: there's a large russian-speak being community in san francisco, concerned about what's happening between the two countries. >> a lot of people profess in america, they don't know what's their future. >> reporter: some fear there will be some animosity towards them. in san francisco, leanyanne melendez, abc 7 news. notice to authorities. they've been posted to the entrance of dozens of san francisco buildings. they were put there by mission housing development corporation after immigration agents went looking for a person in one of their buildings last january. the notice tells officers they must get clearance from the corporate office before entering the prourt even if they have a search warrant. >> it's not our intention to restrict or withhold any, you
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know, access to our buildings. it is merely our intention to protect our tenants to the maximum of our capacity. >> mission housing would verify each warrant with a lawyer. the agency runs 35 affordable housing buildings in the city. a san francisco jury handed a whistle-blower a victory with a multi-million dollar verdict in a lawsuit. it announced, a 12-person juror jury awarded joann heper. she was fired in retaliation for exposing a sewer scam that cost $10 million to ptaxpayers. she has fought for five years to clear her name. san francisco city attorney dennis herrera issued a
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statement saying he is disappointed in the verdict, takes his responsibility seriously and is exploring all options. that's him walking away from you on the right. a state lawmaker introduced a bill making california one of the first states to ban anyone under the age of 18 from getting married. right now minors can marry if one parent and a legal guardian approve the union. he believes it would protect women's rights. california has the sixth highest teen marriage rate in the united states. the bill needs to pass several hurdles before it becomes law. well, stay here. jc penney is closing its doors at hilltop mall. it's a loss for richmond but an opportunity for the city and members of the community, what they want to see put in its place. plus, the house that could be yours for a dollar. there is a catch. the creatures that weave through the streets of dublin
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that cause constipation. the most common side effects of viberzi include constipation, nausea, and abdominal pain. inclstay ahead of ibs-d...ea, with viberzi. the richmond j.c. penney at the hilltop mall is one of the 138 stores the company announced today will close in the next few months. what's not clear is what's going to replace it at this point. melanie woodrow has the story
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from richmond. >> reporter: this jc penney in richmond might not have much longer. we met customers today intent on shopping the store's sales before it's too late. the retailer has announced it's closing 138 of its stores nationwide, including this one. >> the department store model is dead. >> reporter: john is the ceo of a commercial brokerage firm. he calls internet shopping the final nail in the coffin of department stores. >> there needs to be a reason to go to that place that can't easily be replicated on the internet. >> reporter: jc penney's ceo says it will allow the company to adjust its business to compete against the growing threat of online retailers. >> i'd like to see something around some kind of family oriented, maybe some kind of recreation for the younger kids, the teenagers. >> lots of different ethnic food styles that people would dig to have in the mall. >> reporter: other flagship stores like macy's own the
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property they're on. the mall itself is up for sale. by phone, the richmond city manager said he'd like to see something mixed use with more residential properties. he says that's definitely the way to go. >> to create neighborhoods, pedestrian traffic. >> this used to and drive-in. >> that would be nice to go to some kind of drive-in. >> reporter: whatever happens at hilltop, shoppers here say there's always other places to go as well. >> we shop all over the area. >> reporter: in richmond, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. well, this is just the latest sign of the struggles plaguing businesses trying to compete these days with online shopping. this month, moody's listed 19 retailers, including sears and j crew. neiman marcus put itself up for sale. staples says it's closing 70 more stores, and the limited
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says it's close having all of its retail locations. changing time for pri changing for brick and mortar. a section of the east beach parking lot is blocked off with a fence. the national park service will resurpass the trail over the spring and summer to prevent puddles and potholes. the work will happen in stages to avoid too much disruption for folks. now could be your chance to outsmart the brutal bay area housing district. two homes could be yours for a dollar each. one has three bedrooms, the other has four. there's a catch. you got that. you need to move them, actually move the houses, before they're torn down. they're being cleared to make way for a 127-unit building. the builder has to make an effort to have them moved. the homes are on the brookstreet, on brookstreet,
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north of lake merit, and you have until april 30 to buy one or both of these homes and move them. by both, $2. tracking real rain? >> yeah, we are. and it's going to be a week of real rain as several storms come through here next week. a weak system over the weekend. let me show you live done luppl. i hear you. people say we need more vitamin d. i hope you enjoyed their nice day that we had. low 60s to low 80s, plenty of 777 70s here. over the next seven days we have small chances of rain and then we ramp things up. it's going to be a wet pattern next week for the workweek.
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but a beautiful view now. all lit up in green for st. patrick's day. 60 degrees in san francisco and gilroy. half moon bay is cooling down, 52 degrees. 58 rosa, 64 in livermore. fog is not an issue as we look toward the bay bridge. cloudier and cooler this weekend. we do have a series of rainy days for the first week of spring. so yes, i know. the seasons are changing, but march and april can be wet months. be prepared. we have the heaviest cloud cover in the north bay, wispy clouds fort rest of you. upper 40s to low 50s. if your kids have games tomorrow morning, don't have to worry about the fields being so wet. mid-60s to the low 70s. so still a pleasant day, just
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not as warm as it was today, and you will still see temperatures on the mild side, but it is going to be heavier cloud cover for all of you, with the potential for showers in the north bay on saturday, maybe a few sprinkles or drizzle elsewhere. so hour by hour forecast, 7:00 a.m. saturday. light stuff, going into noontime, in the same vicinity. starts to slip a little bit towards san francisco, and the pattern continues into the evening hours. as we head into sunday, we'll be tracking the potential for a few more scattered, spotty, whatever you want to call it, loight showers. the storm impact comes in next week. light to moderate rain at times and a chance of thunder. are yo your hour by hour forecast, you're looking at a wet pattern. we go into tuesday, and it's pretty much widespread rain for the entire area.
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then we shift to shower mode. rainfall totals will look like this. by sunday, where it does rain, which is not going to be much, less than .500 of an inch. storm impact scale for friday will feature a 2, a moderate-strength storm, moderate to heavy rain, one to two inches for most of you. and by this point, with the ground getting saturated from the monday through thursday wet period, friday, we could see some flooding problems. so just keep that in mind. accuweather forecast, isolated showers tomorrow, best chance, north bay. still a lingering chance on sunday, and then we go into the start of spring, and our pattern switches. ones on the storm impact scale all the way through thursday with a two on friday. so stronger storm is approaching on friday, but notice those temperatures. big drop. 50s, 60s. when you go from 80 degrees, you feel the change, and download the abc 7 news app.
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abo wrik br brick bri soft, leaders of the san francisco-based tech company rang the opening bell. the ipo price was $17 per share. it closed at $24.75, a roughly 46% increase. mule soft was a unicorn, a company worth more than $1 billion before it went public. analysts say it will be a good
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barometer. it's a little more traditional than companies focussed on say, apps and social media usage. a new low-cost airline is headed to oakland. and if you're willing to be flexible, you can get round-trip tickets to spain for under $300. round trip. beginning june 2nd, it will fly to barcelona. we looked online and were able to find that fare. if you return on june 20th, your flight will cost $299 there and back. as with many low-cost airlines, you do have to pay extra for checked luggage and to choose your seat. millions of americans who take drugs for high cholesterol have a new option now. it is going to cost. the injectable drug can ward off heart attacks or stroke, but some question whether it's worth
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at least $14,000 a year. some cardiologists say the drug should be reserved for patients at the most risk for heart disease. british scientists have been given a green light to give a treatment so that babies can be created from two women and a man. it will be used only to prevent children from dying from a genetic disease. my toe condral diseases are often deadly in early infancy. the technique involves replacing the damaged dna in the mother with the healthy dna of a donor. newcastle university says it expects to offer it to 25 women per year. the first child to be born from three-parent technique like this could be as soon as 2018. all right, stay with us. president trump meets germany's leader for the first time face-to-face. we're going to show you their slightly awkward moment in the
9:26 pm
oval office after photographers urged them to shake hands. >> also. >> let me be very clear, the policy of strategic patience has ended. >> the united states issued a stark warning to north korea about a possible military strike. and. this is ridiculous. thousands of people benefit. >> it's not just for seniors, and it's not just about food. meet the people who prove
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private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. 5555555512 live, where you live. this is abc 7 news. we'll begin this half hour with president trump and his meeting with german chancellor, angela merkel. it was her first visit to the
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trump white house. the two leaders stood before the cameras and were asked about their differences, and the president was asked about his bombshell claim that president obama wiretapped him. here's jonathan karl. >> reporter: the president welcomed the german chancellor to the oval office, but -- he did without the usual handshake. the awkwardness isn't all that surprising, as a candidate trump attacked angela merkel over again. slamming her policy on welcoming syrian refugees to germany. >> the german people are going to end up overthrowing this woman. i don't know what the hell she's thinking. >> reporter: and when merkel was named time mag season's person of the year, trump tweeted, i told you time magazine would never pick me as person of the year dough spite being the big favorite. they picked the person who is ruining germany. today, a step towards better
9:31 pm
relations. >> chancellor merkel is a great honor to welcome you to the people's house. the white house. >> translator: it's much better to talk to one another, she said and not about one another. >> reporter: when it came time for questions, the toughest came from two german reporters who asked about the president's no-evidence claim that president obama tapped his phones. trump dodged the second and then alluded to the revelations a few years ago from wikileaks that they had monitored merkel's cell phone. >> i guess by wiretapping, this past administration, at least we have something in champiommon, perhaps. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the german reporter brought up what press secretary sean spicer said yesterday when he quoted a conservative
9:32 pm
commentator who on fox news alleged that british intelligence spied on trump for president obama. >> he didn't use the nsa, he didn't use the cia. >> he didn't use the fbi, and he didn't use the department of justice. he used gchq. >> it's the initials for the british intelligence agency. >> reporter: it outraged the british who called it utterly ridiculous. but trump didn't back down. >> all we did was quota certain, very talented, legal mind who was the one responsible for saying that on television. i didn't make an opinion on it. that was a statement made by a very talented lawyer on fox. and so you shouldn't be talking to me. you should be talking to fox. >> reporter: a short while later, this from fox news anchor, shepard smith. >> fox news knows of no evidence of any kind that the now president of the united states
9:33 pm
was surveilled at anytime in any way, full stop. >> strong words meantime overseas directed at north korea from secretary of state rex tillerson. >> the options are on the able. if north korea takes actions that threatens the south korean forces or our own forces, then that will be met with an appropriate response. >> at a news conference in south korea, tillerson ruled out any negotiation with north korea to freeze its missile programs, this was the first time the trump administration acknowledged it might be forced to take preemptive action against the nation. north korea say it would soon be able to launch an intercontinental ballistic missile that could reach the united states. this is certain to be a topic of conversation tomorrow in beijing. now to the secret service and the white house. we have learned that a white house intruder was on the grounds for 15 minutes, long
9:34 pm
after alarms were set off. here's abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas. >> reporter: tonight sources telling abc news the fence jumper was on the white house grounds for more than a stunning 15 minutes before the secret service even knew he was there. >> it was a total, complete failure from top to bottom. >> reporter: a letter today from congress at investigators offers a damning list, suggesting the fence jumper may have triggered alarms the secret service ignored. that he not only moved around the white house grounds undetected but attempted entry into the building before being caught with two cans of mace. >> this one really scares me. this is perhaps the worst one i've seen, given the amount of time that he spent on the white house grounds undetected. >> reporter: the suspec, jonathan tran, jumped a fence at approximately 11:15 last friday. proceeding along the fence line across east executive avenue and then vaulted another fence around the white house, moved right up to the mansion, even
9:35 pm
hiding behind a pillar before being arrested at the south portico. >> he got to the white house literally jiggling the door. >> reporter: chaffetz is worried the secret service was less than forthcoming, the president praising the secret service's action. >> it was a troubled person. per se. >> reporter: and tonight, more embarrassing news. word that a laptop was stolen from a secret service agent in brooklyn with information about the trump tower floor layout, evacuation plans and other sensitive documents, though none of it classified. pierre thomas, washington. it's more than a meal. 3,000 san francisco citizens are worried with the loss of federal funds means for their future. president trump's budget proposal would cut money from this program's budget. exactly how much is not known. kate larsen introduces you to some people who count on the service for much more than food. >> hellolo there. it's meals on wheels.
9:36 pm
>> reporter: monday through friday, jim fleming delivers two meals a day to rosa in forest hill. she 89 years old, survived the holocaust in paris and now lives alone since her husband passed. she's been relying on meals on wheels san francisco. >> i can't get to the store. i don't drive. >> reporter: meals on wheels agencies across the u.s. including here in the bay area are worried about losing much of their funding. donald trump's proposed budget which includes a $15 billion cut to department of human services partially funds programs like meals on wheels. yesterday they said this about the cut. >> we can't cut spend money on programs just because they sound good. >> it's unbelievable. and anybody who makes a statement to the contrary doesn't know what they're talking about. he can sit down with a glass of
9:37 pm
wine and go over the details of it. he obviously doesn't know what he's talking about. >> pill bottles, change light bulbs. >> reporter: jim explains that meals on wheels is much more than free food delivery. he provides a welfare check, daily visit and friendship. >> it allows most of my clients to stay in the home they love, the home most of them raised their family in. >> reporter: he says it makes sense. the cost of for a senior per year is $3600, is about the same for one day in a hospital, which the daily nutrition and visits help prevent. kate larsen, abc 7 news. part of harry potter's magical world has come to life in the bay area. next, find out where quidditch is a sport taken quite seriously.
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a sport played with magic in the world of harry potter is casting its spell over the bay area in a very big way. tomorrow morning, kids can learn to play quidditch at balboa park. and as jonathan blume explains, it's a sport they'll be able to play all the way through college. >> reporter: it looks a little different when it's played here on the ground. but this is the wizarding sport of quidditch straight from the pages of harry potter. >> in the books, you're on a flying broom, which we can't do that. which is unfortunate. >> reporter: there are brooms. >> you have to be mounted at all
9:42 pm
times. >> reporter: he coaches kids in san francisco. >> that's nice. can you grip it. >> reporter: it's combination of rugby and dodge ball. if you were going to score, how would you stop him? >> oh, and just -- >> reporter: and it's a workout. >> you have kids come no with wands, and they think oh, it's a harry potter club. >> reporter: it is hardly childs play. it's become a serious sport, played by a serious team here at uc berkley. the college version is full contact and coed. and cal quidditch just learned they made it into the national tournament. cal has a growing culture of new and non-traditional sports. >> uc berkley has done it! they are your winners! >> reporter: these sports are becoming a huge deal. >> people are body painting themselves with their favorite team names, and confetti is
9:43 pm
everywhere. >> reporter: now they've been recognized by the university as a club sport. >> it is so satisfying to do. >> reporter: administrators say they're fraud they're proud to be offering new sports. meanwhile, they're offering new traditions. abc 7 news. all right, stay with us. rain is on the way. meteorologist sandia patel has the forecast. and usefulness w
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call today. comcast business. built for business. more auto makers are adding hybrid models to their lineup of suvs. we introduce you to the top choices and explain what sets them apart. >> reporter: suvs, buyers can't get enough of them.
9:47 pm
particularly the compacts, and now say hello to the newest flavor, ones with hybrid power. nissan now has a hybrid version of its rogue. the vokeehicle's been a hot sel for years, combined with a four cylinder gasoline engine for better mileage. the hybrid battery has to go somewhere. and it steals some cargo space. toyota has a direct competitor, the rav4 hybrid. it's been around for 20 years, and toyota's been making hybrids for nearly 20, but they decided to add it to their baby suv. it has less cargo space for the regular rav, also for a higher sticker price, but don't try to compare the kia hybrid to the non-hybrid one, because there is no non-hybrid.
9:48 pm
it's on the wagon-y end, and it's not available with all-wheel drive. while hybrids may seem very popular, on a national level, they're still a small percentage of vehicle sales, but a lot of people want suvs now. so it makes sense for auto makers to offer hybrid versions of them. government standards are tougher to meet as more trucks and suvs get into the mix. so hybrid power to the rescue. it gets a combined mpg of 25 while the hybrid gets 32. for the rogue, bumped up at 33. and the nero is rated at a impressive 49 mpg overall. three new choices in hybrids, think of them as the practicality of a suv with a guilt-free amount of fuel
9:49 pm
consumption. dave koonce, abcen 7 news. we're going to ease you into the rainy pattern. you saw a lot of sun today for st. patrick's day and high clouds as well. the temperatures were well above average for this time of year, but you know as the clouds increase, the temperatures will be decreasing as we head into tomorrow. live doppler 7 is showing you the extra clouds moving into the north bay. we are tracking the system that is going to bring the shower chance tomorrow. it's not a lot of rain. most of the energy is going into the pacific northwest. but we'll get the tail end of this front which will produce the showers. there is a lake wind advisory for tahoe. gusty winds, scattered shower expected tomorrow in the afternoon, but it is really going to be high snow levels, about 9,000 feet. it's mostly in the form of rain. highs for tomorrow will be coming down noticeably so.
9:50 pm
mid-60s to low 70s. and a look at the accuweather forecast, few showers, saturday, sunday, keep the umbrella handy. spring arrives on monday and we change up the pattern dramatically. a storm impact scale monday through thursday of a one, and two on friday. there's three storms between monday and friday, dan, and that friday rainy pattern is going to carry over into saturday and part of sunday. next weekend. >> all right. >> not this weekend. >> thanks, very much. there are many st. patrick's day celebrations around the world, but it's hard to imagine the one in dublin, ireland. hundreds of thousands lined the street to watch the parade. it is the biggest and possibly the most colorful. look at the floats. performers dress up as colorful creatures from myth and legend. there was a contingent of firefighters from berkley. it marks the start of ireland's tourist season. happy st. patrick's day to
9:51 pm
everyone. hope you enjoyed your green. >> the tie's teal or whatever. >> well, it is teal. it's not real green. >> it's blue. [ laughter ] >> if you're not perfect, you know. >> are you going by danny boy today? >> i think it's kind of cool. >> we're all irish today. [ laughter ] >> from the ncaa tournament, including a scare for ucla's lonzo ball. can you imagine m
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abc 7 sports brought to you by your local toyota dealer. good evening. march madness continues with more first-round games. all four pac-12 teams moving on. they opened up a big cushion and
9:55 pm
had a fight on their hands. and a scary moment. lonzo ball crushes down on his hip, was hurt but stayed in the game. off the turnover, nice passing. golden flash cut it down to four. jalen walker with a triple finish. but ucla rolls 97-80. 11 seed trailed by as many as 12. but they came back. elijah stuart, three ball, corner pocket. trojans up by one, 66-65. after both teams miss free throws, shake milton with a chance to shake it for the win! no! 66-65, sc. trojans with the upset will play three-side thre
9:56 pm
three-seed, baylor. these teams, they know each other. they scrimmaged against each other in 2015. so the gaels know exactly what to expect. >> their offensive system. so that definitely helps rather than prepares two days for a team you're completely blind to. >> both teams are competitive. it wasn't too far down, but it was competitive. and should be a good one tomorrow. >> to the nba, the warriors finally look like the fast, fun, high-scoring team that we've come to expect. last night they hammer the magic, beat them by 30, and the warriors will host milwaukee. they are already getting questions about the next meeting with san antonio. the warriors, you'll recall, rested steph last weekend. the warriors are coming off an eight games in eight cities
9:57 pm
double cross country trek, covering over 11,000 miles. warriors and spurs meet up again march 29th in san antonio. what is your game plan that day, steve kerr? >> i'm going to rest all 13 guys. we'll forfeit. we'll see where we are. back to back, i anticipate we'll be playing everybody. but who knows. >> as kevin durant rehabs his ailing knee, he received a get-well potato. somebody's been sending customized potatoes to nba stars. have like the guys' faces on the potatoes. you know you have arrived in this world when your potato arrives. seems like a marriage that's got to be made. marshawn lynch coming out of retirement to play for the oakland raiders. and this might happen. the raiders need a running back. considering coming out of retirement to play for his hometown team.
9:58 pm
he didn't play last season, still under contract to seattle. supposedly asked hthem to releae him. imagine they would do very well if he joined the raiders. adrian peterson. that would be something if that happened. you can only have 25 mayeplayer the roster, get your green beer here. in scottsdale. gave cain up and down. steven car due low scores the first run of the game. but cain did finish with five strikeouts. cain overall gave up nine hits. will smith made his spring debut after some elbow issues. then got a tailor made ball
9:59 pm
here. and giants lose 5-1, and the a's lost to arizona, 3-2. i still have not done enough to receive a customized potato. >> i know. >> we'll send you one. >> i want an authentic. >> emmies, oscars, but a potato. >> i don't want a sympathy. >> you want it earned. coming up, an update to the top story we've talked about. a naked rampage. an erratic man in the nude leads police in a chase ending in gunfire. police are still at the scene. and it's an unheard of price in the red hot real estate market. homes for sale for a dollar? we'll take a look at that time at 11:00. that is our report. as always, we appreciate your time, for sandia patel, larry beil, we'll see you in one hour.
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announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today, the twisted tale of a mother's murder. when twin daughters report finding their mother murdered in her home, police wonder if it was robbery or something much


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