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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 19, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. thank you so much for joining us i'm mat keller. tonight, one of the 49ers dwight clark announced he's been diagnosed with als. also known as lou gehrig's disease. in 1982 it helped the 49ers get to the team's first super bowl. he became a pro-bowler and has his jersey retired. he started sferng symptoms of
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als in his left hand back in 2015. and spread to his right hand, back, legs and elsewhere. after months of testing, doctors gave him the diagnosis. it's a neuromuscular disorder that affects nerves a muscles. the als association says there are people who live five years or or. clark said i can run, play, picking up 35 pounds is a chore. it seems to be progressing more slowly. while i'm trying to wrap my head around the challenge, i will face this diagnose over the coming years. i'm going to fight like hell and live every day for it fullest. his teammate mike shumann join us now. >> i think a lot of us were shocked, but not surprised. i saw him last year at pebble beach. he didn't say anything about it to tell you the truth. when you win a world championship like we did
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together. in your 30s you talk about your glory days, 40s, your injuries, and into your 60s, these kind of things are going to happen. he's a fighter, so i think he's going to put up a big fight. >> nfl players like you and dwight clark have a lawsuit against the nfl this has that has been settled and there's a determination for cte that came from concussions. you guys are being tested for other ones. what is the process? >> it's like dwight. he went to six als specialists before they determined he had alzheimer's. going through this treatment and you had to see a neurologist and neuroskroois, get mris to determine if you're on your way to cte or have one of these.
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i don't want a death sentence, but there are things you don't want to hear. so it's a shock to the system, and eventually it'll go away. to find out how it's going to happen for you a little earlier in your life is tough to digest. talking with a lot of teammates now, we're talking about all the things we're dealing with as a result of -- all the concussions we had. i played eight years in the nfl, so that's a lot of head banging and it's cumulative the damage it's done. >> you've talked with dwiechlgt how doouchk he's going to fight als? >> well, he's one of the most determined fighters that i know. and he revealed it's a slow-moving process.
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he's trying to do everything he can to help him get into stem cell research practice. he's got all the support in the world. he's very determined. i'll say this als is in for the did a little of its life. dwight is that kind of guy. he wants people to respect his prophesy. he and his wife kelly don't want news vans parking front of his house. >> he released a statement. we have that statement on thank you for giving us some insight. we watched him play over the years and after his career. obviously some sad news today. thank you. thousands of students and families in the van are waiting to find out which schools they'll attend next fall. the district says the delay has
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parents upset. >> san francisco unfortunately is just overpopulated. >> she's raising five kids in san francisco waiting for school assignments in the mail. >> you have parents who live right across the street from the school and that would be the school of their choice, but you may not get. >> we're waiting. >> nick let can't think of anything else but where her five-year-old daughter will go in the fall. she was hoping to hear by now, but first round assignments have been delayed by the san francisco unified school district. >> touring all the schools, heart wrenching, a lot of time put into it. we just need to know. >> it makes our family very nervous and a little concerned. >> jessica told us via face time her son luke wants to play baseball at lowell high, but he's been accepted by two private high schools and dad
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deadlines are looming. parents can choose from 130 schools in the district. this year there are 14,000 applications. we're told that number is average. but staffing emergency rooms have delayed the process. this notice was posted on the district's website null, assignments would be late. >> our computer system is working fine. it's just taking a little bit longer to go through all the checks to make sure everything is accurate. >> there's no guarantee families will get their school of choice. she is hopeful. >> do you have any other options? >> private school or moving out of the city. >> the waiting continues. turning to weather. showers are headed back to the bay area. a live look from your golden gate bridge camera shows overcast skies. you have lights out there. soon it'll be dark there, clouds
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coming in. >> we're tracking the return of the wet weather pattern. we're seeing returns on live doppler 7 app this hour. a little bit of green on the screen in the north bay. this yet to reach the ground around santa rosa. it's really in the upper parts of the atmosphere where we are seeing the rain reach the grounds around fort bragg. we'll keep a chance along the coast and the north bay, light showers and breezy conditions. look what happens the next seven days. our rain chances go up dramatically monday and tuesday. and then again on friday our best bets of seeing showers working through the region. we'll talk about what to expect as you head back to work and school tomorrow. matt. >> thank you. tourists hoping to ache take a cable car in san francisco today were delayed after a cable
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car hit a pedestrian. the person was walking between mason and fill bert when it happened. a man was climbing a crane at hayes and polk street. police didn't say if they'll pursue charges. happening tomorrow, governor brown is heading to washington, d.c. it's his first trip to the nation's capital as i mentioned president trump was elected. the governor will be there until thursday for a series of private meetings with government leaders. the only one made public is his first meeting with a nuclear threat initiative, a nonprofit group. he joined that group in january. spacex wrapped up its tenth space mission today. its capsule land back on
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space x is dragon capsule is back to earth. soon it'll go right back up there. the capsule separated from the international space station this morning, carrying 56 tons of cargo down to earth. also the effect of gravity on regrowing human limbs. scientists will now prepare the reusable capsule to return to the space station. a san francisco based uberer is putting more testing miles on its new cars. internal company documents obtained by showed the cars drove more than 120,000 miles in pennsylvania and arizona. up 5,000 miles in january. the records also show humans had to step in at every single mile to keep the cars driving
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smoothly and avoiding a possible crash. uberer's second in command is stepping down from the company. jeff jones resigned as president today. he made the decision because of the charges of sexism and sexual harassment at uberer. an employee sa. right now many vineyards are starting to budge. the growing season in unhapnapa valley has begun. expecting rainfall to make a great season. more than just a little off the top. why they feel so good after getting all their hair shaved off. and the rain is back this week. drew tuma is up next with your accuweather forecast. a couple more bracket
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busters today in the ncaa tournaments. it's beautiful.
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crews in monterey county. this weekend they demolished the canyon bridge near big sur. the wrecking ball didn't enough force. they used a chisel to take a middle portion of the section down. the south portion will begin tomorrow. it's been a month since the bilge was closed due to a landslide damage. single span steel bridge will replace this one and will be built in six months. the princess project is putting prom dresses on hundreds of bay area teens who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford one.
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martinez has raised $150,000 in the past five years.
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chilly. a lot of cloud cover overhead, we've at 63 in antioch at the hour. 55 in san francisco holding at 60 san jose. 59 hayward. overnight tonight will hold on to a lot of cloud cover in the coast and in the north bay. drizzle developing overnight tonight, but most areas you see holding in the mid to low 50s. numbers not falling too far from where we are right now. storm impact, bring it back for monday and tuesday. it's a light system working our way into the next 48 hours. light showers, the though winds pick up a bit. fwets chance any wet whether likely in the north bay and right along the coast.
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it's into the afternoon that the chance increases for showers widespread by 2:00 monday afternoon, future weather showing you rain developing around santa rosa. as far south as san jose and the pattern stays unsettled for much of monday evening as well. tuesday morning, another wave of moisture will move on shore as well. that's the chance of a thundershowers developing. tuesday afternoon may squeak out a decent afternoon. a lot of sunshine rushing returning. the next 48 hours is not a washout but the showers are brought back expect the highest rainfall in the next 48 hours in the north bay. one to two inches this. oakland, concord, oakland, san mateo, half an inch to an inch. san jose, palo alto, fremont, morgan hill, half an inch taiwan
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inch. along with the rain we're tracking. above 6,500 feet, one to two feet of pretty sure powder will be falling, expect traveling delays in the area. accuweather seven-day forecast, going to show you the pattern turns active tomorrow. scattered showers, thundershowers on tuesday possibly. keep the chance of a listeningering shower on wednesday. thursday is dry. friday, that's where we see widespread rain, a strong storm and winds certainly pick up along the coast. >> it's been that kind of year. why should we expect it to stop now? ncaa tournament suffered a couple bracket busters today. duke upset by south carolina tonight. earlier today louisville, the
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second seated in the midwest region upset by michigan. cardinals looking for a sweet trip to the sweet 16. lots of turnover here, dang, michigan's wagner, a career high 26 to lead in the second half. 73-69 victory will take on oregon and wagner on the upset. >> i just let the game come to me. don't force anything. and see what happens. today i got a couple easy ones early and therefore my confidence level was high. >> unless you win it all, it's always going to be that disappointment. we had a difficult time focusing on what to do defensively. it cost us the game tonight. >> could wichita shock kentucky? fox slams it home for a four-point wildcat lead.
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shockers cut it to one with 55 seconds to go. sha may had a chance to tie at the buzzer, but wildcats win. warriors seem to have gotten their mojo back after losing durant to injury. steph curry led the way with 20 points. the team has made the invest jaurmts without durant who will with be traveling with the team for the first time since his injury. >> we talked about it a lot that this was going to be a big week for us to just get back to who we are. >> our turnover ratio is great and it's going to continue on
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the road. arnold palmer invitational. mcelroy made eagle -- just slides by. three put on 18. open the door for mark leashman. eagle put, nothing but net and takes the lead. but he struggles "u" struggled home for the three footer on 18. with the victory a trip to the masters. fed won the first set and won 42 straight games durgtsds tournament. you can't break a breaker. roger comes right back. watch this forehand down the line. he's good. now we have a match point for fed. he's got him on the run, and a little bit fore hand hand volley is going to do it. record time, fifth indian wells
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final. his 90th career championship. highlights tonight on abc 7. threats of boycott dogged the new beauty and the beast move. some didn't want an openly gay character.
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gas ton. tonight at 11:00 we have more on dwight clark's als diagnosis. what a prominent doctor has to say about the crippling disease. an eight-year-old girl shot
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dead by her father in a mall parking lot in santa cruz. "beauty and the beast" made $145 million in its entire first run. this weekend the new live action version already surpassed that number. emma watson lead the cast. disney added its first openly gay character. it still made $170 million this weekend, that's the best ever for a pg rated movie. also for any movie released in march. it's the seventh biggest opening in box office history. congress, low began, getout, and the shack round out in the top five. >> we know who the beast is i'll >> we know who the beast is i'll let you two fight other who's
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- [narrator] it's the michelle meow show, your a to z covering the lgbt, lmnop and everyone in between. (upbeat music) here's michelle meow. - welcome to the michelle meow show, your a through z covering the lgbt, lmnop and everyone in between show. i'm so excited for tonight's show and that's because i'm back! i know, it feels really really great to have a brand new show for you. tonight we have two interviews that will focus on transgender lives here in america during the trump administration. it is not lie and it is not joke that the transgender community is being directly targeted by this administration. so we'll here from activist and author, raquel willis, as well as mia satya tu mutch, who is san francisco pride's former grand marshal from last year.


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