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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  March 30, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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live where you live. this is abc7 news. >> now at 11:00, a man accused of being a fake nurse arrested. the district attorney says he was posing as a trained medical professional inside this clinic. i'm ama daetz. >> chad litz appeared in court today. on left a photo from his linked in page where he boefed of advanced degrees in medicine. >> on the right his booking photo in florida where he was arrested. katie marzullo has the new details. he has an extensive rap sheet. >> chad litz was sentenced to four years in prison for identity theft in 2011 and released and then in 2015, the california board of registered nursing cited him for being an
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imposter. today he pleaded not guilty to the crimes. chad litz is not a licensed flurs an practitioner but working at a nurse on joents street in san francisco. >> some of the abilities of a nurse practitioner would be to prescribe medicine or door basic procedures. >> reporter: litz had been with the clinic for months and treated at least 28 patients and prescribed controlled substances to two of them. he's facing five felony counts, four for practicing medicine without a license, one for identity theft. litz was arrested getting off a cruise ship in florida march 10th. this is his mugshot. >> we put a lot of trust in the medical profession and allegations shake the confidence and trust we put in the medical profession? >> he claimed to work at opera dentistry. he claimed to have two masters degrees. he lives in daily city.
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william mitchell has been his neighbor for about a year. >> would never gis saying hi, stuff like that in snin anyone who may have been treated by litz should call authorities. happening now, it's a windy night across the bay area. a live look outside from the abc 67 roof camera. you see flags flapping in the breeze. parts of the bay area are under a wind advisory tonight. >> meteorologist sandhya ta tell is tracking the wind gusts. >> those winds are clearing out our skies. we don't have clouds or fog to speak of. no rain but the winds still strong gusting to 30 over mount tam. these winds will continue. that's why a wind advisory is up till noon on friday for higher he will vagus. gusts up to 50 miles an hour means the potential for downed trees and power lines. at the lower elevations, the winds have dialed back and
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that's why the advisory has been dropped for those areas. i'll show you what the decrease in the wind means for your temperatures as we head into the weekend. dan? >> sandhya, thanks a lot. now the large demonstration today outside an east bay high school. students protested at albany high school following the emergence of a racist instagram account targeting minority students. news reporter lisa is live in albany with the backlashfation the kids involved here. >> reporter: dan, a lot of parents got this e-mail a short time ago from the district superintendent promising to look into every single allegation. and also at the possibility of considering new policies at the april 1th school board meeting. anger surrounded a group of students as they tried to leave an on campus meeting in this car. believe they followed and liked this hate-filled instagram page which targeted mostly minority
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students. >> there is a picture of me compared to a gorilla. >> reporter: the page no longer exists but it was up for two months before school officials found out about it. those who made comments opt page were suspended and today they were confronted by the students they made fun of. >> it was really like chaotic and crazy. there was a lot of screaming and i don't know, it was really overwhelming. >> reporter: outside, hundreds of students gathered for a sit-in and rally to say enough is enough. >> i've steen instances of transphobia and homophobia and anti-semiism. >> reporter: this woman's daughter was targeted on site. she wants all of those involved expelled. >> do we need to find one of these children hanging from the trees to take this seriously? has not a joke. >> reporter: a district superintendent promises to take all this seriously. the black student union will hold a rally tomorrow and parents of the targeted students
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will meet officials on campus on saturday. abc 67 news. new at 11:00, in the north bay tonight, the falloutout from the football team hazing scandal copies. fwhor varsity players were suspend for their involve thement. we spoke with one player's family. we're live with the details. corne cornell. >> reporter: the family of johnny taurus upset by the board's decision to suspend their son and another player after an investigation that is still going on. >> i move for expulsion of students a and c. >> reporter: the napa valley unified school board voted unanimously to expel two more jv players in the wake of a hazingnent last fall. the family of 16-year-old quarterback johnny torres got word through their attorney their son was expelled. >> we don't agree with the
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outcome. we still feel our son didn't do anything wrong and we will -- we're going to appeal it. >> reporter: five students have now been expelled for the incident which took place in the locker room last halloween. flora torres says her son played no part in the hazing. > he's been out of school for three months. for nothing. so what they're doing is wrong. >> reporter: the scandal led to the resignation of the coaching staff earlier this month. many players say the investigation has gone too far. >> thank you for taking a brotherhood and turning it into betrayal. >> reporter: we tried talking to the board president jose had your ta doe about the expulsion. >> i'm in closed session. >> reporter: any comments about the hech pullses? >> it's confidential. reporter. the d.a.'s office is doing its own investigation about the hazing, possible criminal charges could be announced next month. in napa, cornell bernard, abc7
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news. a valet yeoman charged with murder and attempted murdering in a shooting san francisco. police detained 24-year-old jonathon santos about 20 minutes after the wednesday morning shooting at plymouth avenue and broad seat. of 5-year-old woman was killed. two men were treat ford gunshot wounds. a spokesperson for oakland's mayor claims a candidate counsel caused a fire that started inside a large apartment on sab pablo avenue early monday morning. >> a man suspected of setting a fire that destroyed five greenhouses in half moon bay has been arrested. 38-year-old gilbert flores set the fire at the mountain mushroom farm. no one was hurt. a crash involving a tesla and cable car cause add traffic delays in san francisco tonight. this picture shows the
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collision. no one was hurt. bus shuttle replace add the cable cars while the crash was lehred. abc7 news was in mora ga where a ribbon cutting ceremony was held to celebrate the opening of a major thoroughfare. the ground was collapsing and filmed in a $2.6 million construction project. one of the busiest freeways in the nation collapses during the height of the evening rush hour. the massive flames and urgent plea public officials are making to drivers before tomorrow's commute. and former national security adviser michael flinn offers to testify before congress. but tonight he wants something in return. baseball is back in the bay tonight. the
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>> i-85 has collapsed here. >> one of atlanta's major highways is closed after a massive fire burned right through a bridge causing it to collapse. the governor of georgia declared a state of emergency and people are urged to consolidate trips or stay home. the fire started in pvc piping beneath the bridge and burned for more than an hour. cell phone video gives a closer look at the size of the flames. look at all that you thick black smoke. firefighters had to use foam to put it out. there's no official cause yet. no one was hurt. you may remember a similar incident that happened in april of 2007, a tanker truckloaded with gas flipped over on the connector ramp from 80 west to interstate 880 south. a fire broke out which weakened the structure of the road causing it to collapse. caltrans hired a firm that rebuilt the section of the
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macarthur maize in 26 days. the driver of the truck was burned but did survive. michael flynn is in talks to get immunity in exchange for testifying in the investigation into the trump's ties to russia. >> flinn says no reasonable borne answer questions without assurances of unfair prosecution. he resigned last month after it was revealed he misled white house officials about conversations with the russian ambassador. >> members of the senate intelligence committee say russia int election and will do it again. lana zak is in washington. >> the russians employed thousands of paid internet trolls and botnets to push out disinformation and fake news. >> reporter: republicans and democrats on the committee agreed that russia did try to interfere in the election by planting fake news stories that hurt hillary clinton but the russian president is denying any involvement paraphrasing a former american president saying read my lips.
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>> no. reporter. the claim disputed by senator marco rubio who says it's not true that russian hackers targeted his staff in the last 24 hours. white house won't say how chair devon nunes received secret information or if it was at the direction of president trump. >> the president direct anyone in this white house or in his national security team to try to find information or intelligence to back up his assertion about wiretapping? >> i don't -- i'm not aware of anything directly. i'd have to look into that. >> reporter: "the new york times" is report two white house officials gave nunes information that president trump later said somewhat vindicated his claims of illegal wiretapping a claim widely disputed by intelligence officials. the white house did promise to share information with adam schiff, the ranking democrat on the intelligence committee but -- >> there is a cloud over the investigation as a result of the way the materials were provided.
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>> reporter: two things remain unclear. are these documents that the white house is now providing the same documents that chairman nunes received and who cleared him into the white house. lana zak, abc news, washington. moving on, baseball is officially back in the bay area. abc7 news was at at&t park tonight before the giants and a's played game one of the bay bridge series. >> fans we talk to say they're look forwards to a new season. >> i love baseball. and i'm very excited it's back. and i love the distraction from everything else that's going on in the world. >> the giants beat the a's tonight, 3-0. we'll have the highlights coming up in sports. >> abc7 was also at the coliseum today where the a's showed off new food offerings like tater tots loaded with cheese and a variety of sandwiches including one with chicken and waffles. westside club renamed chide
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park. the a's open the season monday hoefth angels. all good food on both sides of the bay this season. >> a nice day. probably chilly at at&t because of the wind. >> sandhya patel is tack tracking the forecast. >> it's t does get windy and at the game it was windy tonight. that's going to change. this is also the time of year when we get the snow pack survey from the department of water resources. today the survey was conducted. i want to show you what the results look like here in a moment here if we can get to the graphic. if not we'll go to live doppler 7 and check out what it looks like from that perspective. we definitely have had clear skies today because the wind has just swept any clouds away. so tonight, sierra is tracking snow. the survey showed the snowpack is at 183% of normal compared to last year, it was 86% of
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average. so definitely a difference between last year and this year. it is encouraging but of course, with the spring snow melt, that could be problematic. we'll have to keep an eye on flood potential. temperatures right now in the 40s, 50s. it is getting cool in spots where winds have dropped off. not as windy as it was earlier at lower elevations but still gusting to 22 in half moon bay. look at this view from our east bay hills camera. a stunning sunset tonight as we look towards mount tam. there's the sun going down at 7:31. you'll continue so see beautiful sunsets like this because the trend is plenty of sun. it is a gusty view right now and it is going to remain gusty in the hills. winds relax and it warms up tomorrow. low 80s showing up inland this coming weekend. morning commute planner looks bad if you take the ferry across the bay. gale warnings, bumpy ride along the coastline. driving is gusty in spots. do allow yourself a little extra
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time. if you are walking, it will be fair, breezy cool conditions expected. forecast showing you the winds tomorrow morning, breezy to gusty. 30 miles an hour at times. winds remain in the 25 to 30-mile-an-hour range for the and they decrease to pick up in the afternoon along the coast. but for the rest of you, it is going to be nicer especially with the winds not coming off the cold ocean water. as the winds drop off though, temperatures come down. low 40s to low 50s tomorrow morning. dress in layers. there be a chill in the air. for the afternoon, get rid of a couple of layers. short sleeve weather for you. mid 60s to mid-70s. a warmer day, a sunny day for your friday and check out what's going to happen at at&t park. not as windy as tonight. giants and a's in game two of the bay bridge series. 60 degrees. tomorrow night dropping down to 57. we're tracking the warping trend
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to continue on saturday, 5 to 10 degrees above average. low 80s for our warmer spots and on sunday, slightly cooler. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. you can always keep traffic temperatures and the changes by downloading the abc ap. low 80s saturday inland mid 60s coast. temperatures trending higher. sunday a minor dip that continues on monday. those temperatures do recover back into the low 80s inland midweek. thursday increasing clouds. one mod did he is still hinting at possible showers, dan and ama. >> thanks. >> spacex is making history again. >> the landmark launch when we come back. stay with us.
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spacex passed a big test today. the california company successfully launched a reused rocket into space. the company hopes to bring down the wildly expensive costs of going to space by recycling rockets. video provided by the company shows the landing, the rocket returned to earth in one piece. founder elon musk tweeted the next goal for spacex is to attempt back-to-back launches in just 24 hours. that's a quick turnaround. >> certainly. all right, big night tonight. baseball. >> how fun. rick quan is in.
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>> nobody was launching any rockets at at&t tonight. it was all pitching. the giants and a's square off in game one of the
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abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> the giants and a's, pitching and defense dominated game one of the bay bridge series. let's go out to at&t park. this ball dude is already in mid-season form. sean manaea got the start for oakland and looked sharp throwing four perfect innings and struck out two. johnny cueto went five for the giants. he gave up six hits but no runs. cueto got help in the fifth inning.
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jeff dekker loops this ball to left field but chris marrero robs him with a shoestring catch. that's worth one more look. san francisco finally broke through with three runs in the serveth. brandon crawford sings brandon belt. mark melanson gets marcus semien to end the contest. 3-0 was the final. moo niia felt good about his performance. >> right where i wanted to be. today was everything came together. so i feel like i'm in a good place right now and have to take it to the end of the season. >> working every day and they did a great job of keeping their concentration. at the same time, it's always good to get home and have an upper deck and bright lights and your fans and you know, just i think brought a lot of life to them. >> the slumping sharks opened a critical road trip tonight in edmonton. san jose tied with the oilers
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for second place. it didn't take along for san jose to get on the board. it was 1-pop but the oilers answer with three straight goals. conner mcdavid with the puck flips it past martin jones for a shorthanded goal. the sharks cut the lead to one late in the third. pavelsky scores off the shot from the vas sick. pavelsky bounced this in for his 29th of the year but san jose loses 3-2. the third place sharks have dropped seven of their last eight. >> rank cho mirage, california, michelle wie shot a 4 under par 68. she was tied for second when play was stopped because of high winds. holding her own was lucy lee. she shot a 1 under par, 71. and this abc 67 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. so the giants take game one of
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the series. game two tomorrow. >> baseball is back. >> thanks, ricking. > abc7 news does continue online, on twitter facebook are our


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