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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  April 1, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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there's nothing you could possibly say to us, and that's a slap in the face. >> tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00 parents upset when asked questions about a racist social media scandal is cancelled with little notice. >> he still thinks of us as the enemy. >> inside into russia and ambassador and connection to top congresswoman. abc 7 news live at 6:00 starts now. finally feels like summer just days into the spring. before you head to the beach
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there's some warnings you need to know about. good evening thanks for joining us. san francisco fire warn the everyone dangerous rip currents could pull you into the ocean. more about the beautiful but dangerous beach day. >> absolutely right that goes into effect 11:00 tonight but i want to give you a glimpse of the highs today they were spectacular 62 half moon bay. 75 in san francisco. that beach hazard statement from 11:00 tonight into monday morning from sonoma down to santa cruz. we could see definitely large breakers, sneaker waves, tomorrow boy is it going to be enticing with more sunshine. half moon bay 64 degrees with dangerous waves. ocean beach 66, mid 70s in santa cruz. we have changes for the look
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ahead involving cooler weather and gusty winds coming into play we'll talk about that later in the forecast. this coming week possible ties between donald trump's presidential campaign and russia, this is separate from the house investigation in which devin nunes has been critic used for receiving secret materials from the white house. both investigations want to necessity if the campaign worked with russia to influence the elections. jackie speier today hosted a forum with former ambassador with russia to talk about current state of relations and what's at stake. sergio is there live from san mateo. >> this town hall meeting was like a college course on russia and vladimir putin's world view. for more than an hour former ambassador mike presented his view on russia on
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issues like state-sponsored hackers and ties to vladimir putin and then part of donald trump's campaign. mcfall also a member of national security council under president barack obama and held high top secret clearances, he talked about the controversy with devin nunes according to the times and post nunes was provided top secret information by members of the national security council. mcfall says that's very unusual. >> i was there threeiers i don't think he -- there's no way he can actually chair this investigation. >> congresswoman jackie speier sits on the house intelligence committee with nunes and says their role is to be a watchdog on the administration not be collaborators. this controversy that devin
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nunes is tied to stems from donald trump's claim that the obama administration tapped trump tower during the 2016 election. it is a claim that's been debunked by the director of the fbi now congressman devin nunes was met but a rowdy crowd of protesters yesterday at an event in fresno. this event here in san mateo with congresswoman jackie speier was much more quiet event. >> sergio, thank you very much. there's anger and disappointment after parents at albany high school learned about a meeting about a racially-fueled instagram meeting was cancelled. was supposed to be for parents offensive pictures. >> it's definitely a slap in the face. >> theseisappointed parents came in hopes of starting a healing process, their kids
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targets of racial social media posts. >> at this point there's no resolution, that's why we came today. >> a scheduled meeting never happened to talk with parents whose kids were responsible who targeted minority students. the page was removed after being up two months. >> it takes courage to make amends and start healing. today was a day to do that. >> parents got a e-mail from the principal last night, the meeting was cancelled but many showed up hoping it would still happen. >> they posted a picture of her with a noose around her neck. she should be worried about her prom dress not this. >> i've been coaching here over ten years, to have this happen
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to the ladies is just unforgivable. >> students responsible for the instagram account were suspended. >> they should all be expeled. >> i've never been more disappointed in a human being ever. >> a union was organized by the black union but these parents still want to hear from those responsible. >> to heal the wounds we have to talk. >> the meeting with parents could be rescheduled at a later date but no response from school officials so far. in albany abc 7 news. police in san francisco looking for a driver in a hit-and-run that sent a woman to the hospital. happened last night two cars involved. one took off. the woman driving the sub are u
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was taken away with a neck brace. police are looking for anyone with damage. driver in a mini fire slammed knee a fire truck, three firefighters suffered minor injuries this is the second time in recent month a driver hit crews while facing emergency. a man facing arson charges after fire collapsed one of the meft congested roadways and could be months before it reopens. >> even as investigators work to determine the exact cause of this fire which burned hot enough to take down major section of i-85 in atlanta prosecute yrs have charged this man of arson. he appear in court on saturday. judge presiding over the case talked about the astronomical
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cost of fixing the intersection. >> even at a dollar a person would amount to several million homeless, that he set the fire intentionally, haven't said why or how. the judge set bond of $200,000. if he is convicted of first degree arson he would face up to 20 years in prison. crews have already started the long process of clearing all of the degree. transportation officials stress this is a very big job and will not be finished quickly. >> this will take at least several months to get this rebuilt. again that's over 700 feet of bridge to be removed and totally rebuilt. >> andrew spencer abc 7 news. two girls reportedly abducted last night are safe and
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police officers across california are not making as many arrests from 2013 to 2015 taking the fewest number into custody in nearly 50 years. some are saying because of staffing shortages and officers losing motivation for the job. following protests against police brutality. prop 47 made some drugs and property crimes on longer
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felonies. bay area council poll just released to the public found that just 31% of people think the economy is doing better than it was 6 months ago. in 2014, 53% of people thought the economy was improving. the fight ire outlook this year isn't great 24% say the economy will be better 6 months today. eck noomic pessiminism is lynched to housing concerns, traffic and cost of living. executive order from the president reduces regulation in our nation's marine habitat what's it mean for the wild life. find out coming up. is thererain in the forecast? we have the answer up next. another giants win over the a's today, we call that a sweep nick hundley d
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rjs a space craft sirgling mars is giving us new insight what happened to its atmosphere. previously showed scientists the atmosphere was lost to space, the likely reason, the early son
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was volatile and emitted solar radiation that stripped its atmosphere believing billions of years ago it could have sustained life but the loss of atmosphere turned it rigid. this could determine which distant plans could call home. the bay has measures in place to pre technostructural to protect it's unique habit from mining and other harmful activities and the president removed the protections but he does not have the right to change those protections only congress does and they will be ready for a fight. warmer than we've seen all year, taking us back to october,
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temperatures in the 80s, 60s at the coast. wind gusts up to 25 miles an hour. cloud cover off shore everything we're picking up on. high pressure means fair weather. tahoe so pretty. 61 in blue canyon. 67 in truckee. 54 at the tahoe valley airport. believe there's more by the end of noext week. 66 in the city. 68 in oakland. 77 san jose still holding the warmth. half moon bay, west wind keeping you in the upper 50s. see the wind blowing, such a nice day. 72 in napa. 75 in nevado, fairfield and concord 78 degrees. checking out the bay, a lot of
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boats out there, patchy coastal fog along the san mateo coast. tomorrow slightly cooler coast and bays. high pressure begins to slide toe the east a little bit. rain and wind by the end of the week. yes it's not an april fool's joke, looks like it is coming back in full force, at least a day and half. we'll get to the good news first highs tomorrow upper 70s in san jose. san francisco about 70s tomorrow. 80s from sonoma to santa rosa. 74 in freemont. head inland there's still 80s. this time the opener for the a's 65 degrees at 6:30, game starts at 7:05 and we'll drop into the 50s.
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friday rain could start as l. early as thursday night. it's a 2 that means rain fall will be anywhere from half inch to inch and half. gusty winds. snow levels lower. starting thursday at 5:00 you see light showers in the north bay and then in your friday morning commute we're looking at rain but by the afternoon it pulls apart. will still have showers into your saturday. this forecast model looks aggressive. it's a week out. by 7:00 in the morning picking up inch in san francisco and three quarter inch in oakland and hayward by friday. cooler monday, tuesday, wednesday, and storm impact scale, see how correct i am. >> not april fools either. >> no. >> all right thank you.
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now sports with mike shumann. >> the bay bridge series is over means we're a day away from the regular season, also has bragging rights with our local nines. with the giants win in oakland sweep of the a's. matt joyce doubles to right brings in systemand lonzo. grand slam, giants take a 4-2 lead. bottom 6. just misses tieing it up. bounces off the top for double. giants put it a i in the seventh. deep fla. two run homer. 6-3, giants is how it ends here's bruce bochy afterwards
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talking about his depth. >> we're as stable as we have been last three or four years. granted we've had some success, i look at our bench right now, going to give guys days off. >> really it's about getting my own time, repetitions, i feel i've got a lot of work this spring going to really help moving forward. >> never know who he will run into. our own tyler talked to kevin durant after golden state's win and tweeted grant said he hopes to return next sunday in time for the regular season. practice was closed to reporters when asked about it steve kerr made a wizard of oz sty attention to the men joke.
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>> k.d. is such a smart player, understanding his skill level and talent, the things we've been doing well will take us to another level hopefully. shouldn't be much of a transition back for him. just getting his legs underneath him. >> bottom four under way. top ranked gonzaga holds off south carolina 77-73. and highlights of the games tonight. before the masters, phil mickelson two under well back. ricky fowler birdied five of the first nine including three straight and three straight on the back nine share of 17 under. he fell 3 back of sung ha who
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was up and down today. he's minus 17, three up going into sunday's final round. monday's women's final. winner of stanford last summer takes the first set. second set, looking for the break. forehand hits the net. falls in, kicks the ball away. couldn'ta gets the break. now match point. conta lobs it past wozniacki but it was originally ruled utout b replay shows the ball is out. roger federer tomorrow and rafael nadal. san jose 1-0 quakes. minutes later. harrison with a shot. gets his hands on it. across for the tieing goal and
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quakes go on to lose 2- 1 that final. we'll have highlights later tonight. see you then. millions were
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tonight on abc 7 news at 9, rough sailing, terrifying moment on the water in southern california. case of two-year-old girl who went missing a year ago and the family hoping someone has answers. star trek and social media star george decay got the ball rolling early told his 12 million followers that he was running for house taking on devin nunes in the 2018 election his followers were elated happy to see him take on the russian encouple bent that, then later
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said i'm not running. he later told fans his prank was to draw attention to flipping congress in 2018. >> who was about to good where no star trek actor had gone before. >> that's it for abc 7 news at 6:00. see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. have a great evening.
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