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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 4, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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richmond police are looking for the person who shot and killed this person in her car this morning in front of her two children. good evening. thank you for joining us. >> police say she is the victim of a domestic dispute. this is the suspect police are looking for tonight. >> mel knee has the story. >> reporter: richmond police say surveillance video shows the
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43-year-old man driving off moments after shooting the 29-year-old woman who was at a stop sign with her two small children in the backseat. >> witnessing your own mother being killed, i just -- my heart breaks for these kids. >> reporter: he shot the woman one time in her upper body. they received a call for a domestic dispute minutes before the shooting. >> it's unfortunate, but i'm going to pray for the family because it's tragic. >> reporter: one neighbor says another neighbor took the children into a home before the police arrived. >> they cry. they was very sad. >> reporter: another neighbor shared this cell phone video of mcbride driving away in a mer say dez benz.
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>> mr. mcbride hopefully will have the good sense to at least wherever he may be surrender himself to the local police department so we can work through the justice process. >> reporter: the police were called for past domestic violence situations involving the couple and mcbride is not the father of the children in the back of the car who witnessed the shooting. abc 7 news right now police investigation continues in napa after officers shot and killed a gunman who fired at them from his car. it started this afternoon when the officers p called out to investigate shots fired. the gunman sped out of the garage and opened fire on the officers. they shot back and killed him. >> the suspect is still moving in the vehicle and that's when we seen they opened fire. he seemed like he was injured and he was up moving around and
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at that time they said go so we kept going and that's when we heard the gunfire. >> west park elementary school was put on lockdown. that has been lifted. the white house is condemning the syrian government in the strongest terms after a particularly grim attack on a rebel held province. war planes dropped what appears to be a gas. the white house is blaming president obama for weakness in the area. >> reporter: tonight outrage over these scenes of horror and suffering in syria. an apparent war crime, a suspected gas attack by the government killing dozens and sickening many more. young children among the victims. rescue workers worked to wash
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the chemical from the victims, children clinging to life struggling to breathe. >> the gas attacks are continuing every day and no one is doing anything to stop this gas attack. >> reporter: this attack following two chlorine gas attacks over the past week while this local activist reported from a hospital it was hit with another airstrike. the white house called the attack reprehensible and said it cannot be ignored by the civil isis world. these acts are a consequence of the past administration's weakness and ir resolution. that's a reference to president obama's failure to punish syria for crossing the so-called red line when it used chemical weapons in 2013. president obama boosted he had worked outeement with russia and syria to get rid of assad's chemical weapons.
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>> assad gave up his chemical weapons. that's not speculation. >> reporter: that was not true. at least some of the weapons remained. the big question right now is whether president trump will hold assad accountable for using chemical weapons. he didn't talk about it today, but he did say this on a speech on the economy. >> i'm not and i don't want to be the president of the world. i'm the president of the united states and from now on it's going to be america first. >> reporter: secretary of state rex tillerson ignored questions on the attack. >> mr. secretary -- >> reporter: but just last week tillerson signalled a significant change in long time u.s. policy that bashar al assad must go. >> i think the status in the longer term status of president assad will be decided by the syrian people.
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>> reporter: tonight these syrian people aren't determining the status of assad, they're trying to survive his brutality. >> we have developing news from asia. north korea has fired a medium range ballistic missile into the sea of japan within the past few hours. the missile traveled about 40 miles. the firing comes as south korea and u.s. military troops conduct military drills. a statement from secretary of state rex tillerson says the united states has spoken enough about north korea. we have no further comment. back here a woman is posting nearly $70 million to make bail in connection with a high-profile murder case. last april this man disappeared and a month later his body was found. his girlfriend is one of three people arrested in connection with his murder. her bail of $35 million is among
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the highest in memory and she's posting twice that amount as required by law. we have the developments in a story you'll see only on abc 7 news. >> the rich do get to buy their way out in this circumstance and that's bothersome. >> reporter: tiffany lee charged with killing lee. since she's making bail by posting property instead of cash by law the equity in the property has to be $70 million double the bail. her attorney says the property's come from her supporters and that he says should tell you something about lee. >> friends, distant relatives, business associates who are willing to risk their houses for this woman. >> reporter: a source who knows the family tells abc 7 news lee's family is rich and powerful in china. that her mother has extensive real estate holdings in california including this mansion where lee lived. this is where investigators
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believe green was killed. lee, her current boyfriend and a friend are in custody charged with the murder. the d.a. had asked for no bail because he believes she's a high flight risk. >> i think definitely. i think very much. she's facing the rest of her life in prison if connected. >> very disappointing today to hear about the bail. >> reporter: angela dunn long time friend of keith green cannot believe lee will bail out. >> when you have many many many hundreds of millions of dollars, you wonder if that plays into it. >> reporter: the hearing resumes thursday. both the d.a. and the defense have agreed that lee will be on private electronic monitoring 24/7. the county counsel has reviewed the equity in lee's properties and everything seems to check out so she's expected to
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milwaukee after that hearing free on bail to await trial. $35 million bail. abc 7 news. new developments in this deadly fire in oakland. a third victim has been identified today as a 41-year-old man. a total of four people have died. it started by a burning candle. a tenant was using the candle after fire inspectors had ordered a dangerous extension cord removed. the building was used as a transitional housing facility for the homeless and getting out of the prison and with mental health health. new numbers say more than 100 people survived the fire and now they don't is a place to live. tomorrow they will lose their shelter that they've stayed in for the past eight days. abc 7 has a look at where they go tomorrow. >> we're mourning and we're hurt and we're lost and confused. >> reporter: with a temporary
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shelter about to close, these victims of the apartment fire worry where they'll be sleeping next. >> tomorrow they're supposed to close. >> that's what i'm saying. what are we going to do. >> people are upset. they feel like they're not getting the services they want or deserve. >> it's natural to feel that the process is lengthy. it's chaotic. it's difficult to navigate at times. >> reporter: the red cross and the city of oakland have combined efforts opening this local assistance center near center hall. the center is offering assistance, but for some it's not enough. >> they don't give me nothing. >> reporter: what do they need to do? >> they need to help us and get us places. get our stuff we lost, our apartments back. everything. >> we've been doing the best job we can. >> reporter: the administrator told us finding house for the 115 people displaced by the fire
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has been a challenge not only because of a chronic shortage, but also because the victims have diverse needs. >> people with challenges, seniors, families with children, singles, mothers with child we have been taking that into account in terms of priority. >> reporter: the assistance center will be open through the end of the week. some church leaders want san francisco mayor to declare a state of emergency to keep black residents from being pushed out of the city. the african-american population of the city is now below 6%. they say housing is a big factor. the group cites a traditional black senior housing facility that's less than 15% african-american. >> if were just a matter of economics, other groups would not be able to make it here. but it's only black people who are being pushed out. >> the faith leaders also want the mayor to ramp up its gang
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task force in the bay view areas and address the high rate of black students suspended from school. some believe it's propaganda on public buses. the transit agency may be changing course. the gray whale trapped in debris. officials are hoping someone will spot it so they can send he help. we're tracking a storm system bringing rain and storm winds. the new i this weekend at bass pro shops earn double rewards points on select gear from the best brands. like redhead men's gray's creek henleys. for under $13. save 20% on a bass pro aluminum fish fryer. merrell men's trailwik waterproof hikers for under $90
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you might notice a change in ads you see on buses. a new set of rules prohibiting certain types of advertising. >> reporter: this will be the last time you see controversial ads on muni buses like this one that fans the fire of hatred towards muslims. those messages will no longer be accepted in the wake of what the mayor says has been growing concern over hate speech. >> i think they can be very hurtful to lots of people and i've seen some of the graphics and i shake my head.
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>> reporter: the directors approved a revised policy that prohibits all political ads, including campaign messages and others that are intended to be insulting, degrading and offensive. the most controversial are the work of the american freedom defense initiative which considers this a first amendment issue. >> it is shocking to me that san francisco, which is the left wing mecca of radical liberalism is moving towards shutting down free speech. >> reporter: she accuses muni of targeting her after her organization submitted this ad for the buses last week, but the change has been years in the making. >> we've worked with the communities to make -- to listen to their concerns and feedback and make those included into the proposal we have today. >> reporter: the new policy takes effect tomorrow. there's the threat of a lawsuit, but other large transit agencies
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have been able to withstand those legal challenges. in san francisco, abc 7 news. marine rescuers are trying to figure out how to free a whale that's trapped in a large fishing frame. it was spotted yesterday off the coast of santa barbara. a dolphin and whale safari provided this picture. rescuers are coming up with a plan to remove the trip. the whale was spotted on saturday. it is it the third mammal to be spotted in the last go weeks. it's going to cost a lot of money to repair the damage done by storms. a section of highway 35 slid downhill in february. the bay area has more than $82 million in damage. total damage statewide is at
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$866 million. our weather has been gorgeous and it's going to continue for a little longer, but then it's changing. >> storms are returning. we have one more day and then both thursday and friday we have a high chance of rain. not only rain, it's going to include winds and some lingering showers into the weekend, but the weekend does look to be mainly dry. out there right now it's a really quiet picture. enjoy the evening ahead. no rain tonight or tomorrow. that rain will enter the picture on thursday. out there right now really comfortable numbers. look at this. we're at 64 in concord. 61 in san jose and 64 in san francisco. your wednesday planner.
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we'll start out in the 40s. it's a comfortable, but a bit cool to start out the day. lots of sunshine out there. we'll have dry skies throughout the day and likely clouds. it's nearing 80 inland and 70s around the bay and everything is going to change on thursday. it's really thursday night when the rain and wind returns. on the storm impact scale it's a two. rain heavy at times and the winds could gust near 50 miles an hour. the threat for downed trees and storm and creek flooding is possible. look at oakland for example. much of the day is going to be fine on thursday. it's probably not until after midnight early friday morning. watch as that rain ramps up while we're sleeping. you're going to hear heavy rain early friday morning as the storm system moves through. watch the time stamp. 8:00 thursday. first drops moving through. it's not until close to midnight. here comes that pop of yellow.
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that's the heavy rain and that's the strong wind late thursday night into early friday morning. friday morning by 4:00 some of the heaviest of the rain is moving out. however we're still stuck with lingering light showers out there. future tracker rainfall amount, this is a healthy storm in the season. some spots over an inch. i think much of the region is probably close to a half to an inch of rain. it's the wind that's going to be an issue on thursday. thursday evening the winds start to pick up along the coast gusting over 40 and watch as the winds start to get gusty. 2:00 in the morning they're gusting near 40 miles an hour. here we'll see rain and wind and the see yeah will have more
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pressure powder. your fine tomorrow. sunshine and mild and bright. thursday night the rain and wind returns. friday is just a wet gray day. isolated showers shower, but sunday is the pick of the week. we're dry and sunny, but cooler out there back into the 60s. coming up next, the teenager who got into stanford in a unique way. >> it was partl why are you deleting these photos? because my teeth are yellow. why don't you use a whitening toothpaste? i'm afraid it's bad for my teeth. try crest 3d white. crest 3d white diamond strong toothpaste and rinse... ...gently whiten... ...and fortify weak spots. use together for 2 times stronger enamel. crest 3d white. new pantene doesn't just wash i wiyour hair, it fuels it.gain. making every strand stronger.
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an increasing number of job seekers are looking else. 44% of job workers are looking outside of the metro area for jobs. older job seekers are more likely to want to leave. they are looking outside the bay
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area. cost of living could be one of the reasons behind these trends. a high school senior who wrote #blacklivesmatter to answer a stanford application has been accepted into stanford. the question was what matters to you and why. the teen has founded a social justice organization and calls himself an activist who was accepted to princeton and yale and is still deciding which college to attend. for most of us it's a matter of time before your iphone slips from your hand and hits the phone. the warranty does not cover that, but apple received a patent for phone bumpers which pop out when your device goes into free fall. the cushions could prevent breakage and possibly allow the phone to float. as many as 19% of smartphone
9:26 pm
users have dropped their devices in the toilet. like air bags for your iphone. up next, president trump and his claim that president obama wired tapped trump tower before the election. >> did president obama's national security advisor play a role in this? what she's saying tonight. the new attempt to pass health care reform, when in the new proposal. more tro
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there is a major push to revive health care reform tonight. >> president trump is hoping for a vote by the end of the week after a new poll found 55% of americans support the affordable care act. >> 40% want to keep it and make changes, 30% want it repealed
9:30 pm
and 26% want to keep it the way it is. we are on the story. >> reporter: on capitol hill today vice president mike pence stepping in to bring health care reform back from the the white house is now trying to strike a deal with the freedom caucus, those ultraconservative members who killed the first bill and president trump attacking them and now eager for a win the white house seems to be putting on the table something the president vowed not to touch. when you replace it, are you going to make sure that people with preconditions are still covered. >> yes, because it happens to be one of the strongest assets. >> reporter: today the white house is considering doing away with that provision. people with preexisting conditions could see their health care costs sky rocket and on the chopping block the requirement that insurance companies cover essential benefits like wellness visits, mental health treatment, ambulances.
9:31 pm
individual states could opt out. is health care reform back on. >> yes. >> reporter: republicans know the clock is ticking with members about to head home for two weeks. >> if you yell one more time like that, i'm going to ask you. >> reporter: still tonight no agreement. >> it's premature to say where we are. >> reporter: abc news, washington. democratic senator from oregon is filibustering the president's supreme court nominee judge neil gorsuch. this is happening right now. the senator took to the senate floor at 3:00 pacific time. that's more than six hours ago. he's still at it. this is a live picture from the senate floor. republicans are expected to change senate voting rules by eliminating the filla busting. instead of needing 60 votes judge gorsuch could be confirmed with a majority of 51 votes. >> this judge will be on the
9:32 pm
supreme court sometime friday night. >> every time in the history of this country that a supreme court nominee has failed to earn the necessary votes to pass the senate, the answer has been to change the nominee, not the rules. >> in 2013 democrats used that nuclear option for lower court judges and executive nominees. one month after president trump claimed president obama ordered surveillance on trump tower the white house is still struggling to prove it. they're pointing to former president obama's national security advisor susan rice who asked for the names of americans caught up in foreign surveillance. >> reporter: it was one month ago that president trump accused president obama of wire tapping him in trump tower and tonight allies say obama's former national security advisor susan rice revealed the identities. from rice today a firm denial. >> this is not anything
9:33 pm
political has been alleged. the allegation is that somehow obama administration officials utilized intelligence for political purposes. that's false. >> reporter: sources tell abc news as the intelligence community investigated russian's election meddling, in come cases trump officials were picked up in surveillance. today rice said she did ask to know names a request known as unmasking done in cases where u.s. security is at risk. american identities that would otherwise anonymous are revealed to those with security clearance. >> in order to understand the report, it was necessary to find out or request the information as to who that u.s. official was. >> reporter: rice wouldn't say whether any of those names were trump associates and she denied she leaked any names.
9:34 pm
>> i leaked nothing to nobody and never have and never would. >> reporter: says it was a key part of her job. >> we can't be passive consumers of this information and do our jobs effective to protect the american people. imagine if we saw something of grave significance that involved russia or china or anybody else interfering in our priolitical process and we needed to understand the significance of that. >> reporter: republicans not buying it. senator rand paul tweeting smoking gun found. >> now we know that someone in the obama administration was eavesdropping and specifically searching a data bank looking for the trump people. >> reporter: rice maintains there was nothing illegal, no smoking gun and no wire tapping. >> there was no surveillance on trump tower or individuals. it's important to understand by
9:35 pm
that i mean directed by the white house or targeted at trump individua individuals. the deadline for beds to construct president trump's boarder wall has come and gone. companies had until today to submit plans. today the head of homeland security revealed the number of people cause crossing the boarder last month was the lowest in almost 20 years. secretary kelly credits the president's tough talk on immigration. new trouble for fox news tonight. three women are filing lawsuits claiming harassment. it comes as a growing number of advertisers are fleeing bill o'reilly's show amid allegations of sexual harassment.
9:36 pm
>> reporter: a burjing boycott of fox news as more than 15 companies plan to pull ads from the o'reilly factor among the advertisers mer sees dez bens who says the o'reilly factor is not a good environment. the radio host says she was sexually harassed. >> he told me i was beautiful and asked me to go to his hotel room and became hostile when i said no and i was discontinued from his show. >> reporter: she says she's not asking for money, but money is what o'reilly says is what makes him a target. he says he has to put to rest any controversies to spare his children. 50 years ago dr. martin
9:37 pm
luther king jr. delivered a speech that some say sealed his fate. one year later he was
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9:40 pm
it was 50 years ago that dr. king delivered his speech. some say his words sealed his fate. he was assassinated one year later. we look across the country many are remembering the speech as the beginning of the end. >> reporter: it was inside the riverside church in new york city that martin luther king jr. shocked the country by declaring his opposition to the war in vietnam. it was april 4th, 1967. he delivered a bold speech called beyond vietnam, a time to
9:41 pm
break silence. dr. clarence jones was his writer. told he told people that he had come up with a more palatable version which was rejected. dr. king went on to attack the country and president johnson who had been a defender of the civil rights movement. >> his interests as a civil rights leader were to go beyond the confines of his country and that he was called to look at things globally. >> reporter: he poipnted to the nation's ideas at the expense of the poor. within 48 hours of delivering that speech two senators wanted him indicted and the press and other civil rights leaders turned on him. after that speech jones knew king's days were numbered. he was assassinated one year later.
9:42 pm
>> i got word of it and my first reaction was they finally got him. i wasn't surprised. my first reaction was they finely got him. >> reporter: next year will mark the 50th anniversary of dr. king's death. abc 7 news. >> 50 years. meteorologist droou tumma is next with the i no longer live with the uncertainties of hep c. wondering, what if? i let go of all those feelings.
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we want to show you some drone footage of mount etna the mountain eruptd. it injured ten people. the drone footage shows the river of lava flowing from the
9:46 pm
volca volcano. y you won't need help to spot two bald eagles that have taken up residence near a school. >> it's gorgeous. you can stay here for hours looking at him. >> reporter: watching a bald eagle chase crows is a spiritual experience. >> it's beautiful how god created such a creature. >> reporter: a rare glimpse of the wild that's not in the wild. it's outside the school. >> i dropped my kid off at school and i take time to admire the birds. >> reporter: stan is a sports photographer. >> everything is so fast action. shooting nature slows you down a bit. >> reporter: with patience he's captured breath taking pictures of the pair as they hunt, build and defend the nest. then there was this perfectly timed flyover. >> you can't make that up.
9:47 pm
>> i don't think hollywood could write that one up. >> reporter: catching a shot like that may be good luck, but it's more than luck that brought the eagles here. they call this the result of a decades long effort to restore the population of these birds and give them places to live. >> we have a rich habitat here. we've paid attention to what good development is and what bad development is. >> reporter: leaving trees for the birds is just the latest step that's brought nearly a dozen nesting pair of eagles to an area that had none a decade ago. >> we came close to losing them. >> reporter: the population was decimated by hunting and pesticides. >> so we've witnessed an negligible recovery. >> reporter: glenn stewart credits the endangered species act of 1973. >> everybody agreed it was the right thing to do. >> reporter: now another generation will get to enjoy the bald eagle with our own eyes. >> that's nature. you don't get that on tv.
9:48 pm
you get to see it in real life and it's amazing. >> reporter: abc 7 news. >> how cool is that. >> that is so neat. tomorrow we're going to have a nice mild day. high clouds throughout the day, but it will be dry. everything changes on thursday. live doppler 7, here is our next storm system with rain and wind with this one. on the storm impact scale it's moderate. thursday night into friday rain heavy at times and gusty winds could bring power lines down. there's a threat of stream and creek flooding. you can see the bulk of the rain is it going to fall after midnight between 12:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. that's when the heavy rain moves through. many of us are sleeping, but it will cause issues for the friday morning commute. so rainfall amounts shows it's a
9:49 pm
healthy storm. probably over an inch in the north bay, san jose, fairfield. much of the region outside of the north bay a half inch to inch of rain will be likely thursday night through friday. you're fine tomorrow. warm and thursday night into friday that's when the weather goes downhill. saturday a shower and sunday we're dry and monday and tuesday we warm up again. >> thank you. we now know who will take the stage at the music festival this summer. metall metallica, the who and gorillas. quest and lord and queens of the stone age. it's august 11th through the 13th. tickets go on sale thursday morning for $375. single day tickets will go on sale later. find the lineup up at abc 7
9:50 pm and the app. pretty good. >> yeah. we have sports to handle tonight. >> we do. >> i'm boycotting until your band push gets on the roster. >> thank you. >> the warriors will be getting durant back soon but
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kevin durant has to be feeling a little left out while he's been on the injury list. minnesota in town hoping to round out the dozen victories. relationships work better when you like the same player. first quarter the alley-oop. the bench missed one shot in the first half. thompson at 23 in the first half. the doves are up 68-60 at the
9:54 pm
break. steph, great steal. the dunk and then barns and nice pass from clay. he had 12. clay with a three. he had seven on the night and 36 points in the quarter there. doves up 22. he finishes with the reverse layup. complete highlights at 11. russell notches his 41st triple double with 12 points, 13 board and 13 assists. he ties the nba record from with seventh straight triple double by the third quarter. he can set a new standard tomorrow against memphis. stanley cup playoffs start in
9:55 pm
eight days and there's concern around the sharks. they've lost eight of ten and lost their lead in the pacific as a result and two players out with injuries. how they fair. first period just 15 seconds into the game the sharks top line on the ice wins the draw and spins and fires a pass. 1-5. san jose second line strikes. 2-0. jones 20 saves through two periods putting 14 in the second period. the sharks are up 3-1. giants down in arizona for the second of a four game set against the d backs. on the hill he helped his cause at the plate with an rbi. a cute alert here. top of the second, bases loaded for hernandez. nunez comes across to score and
9:56 pm
it's 2-0. four runs in six innings. struck out five and gave up two home runs. he goes deep. the giants get it back. belt has your home run right here. his first jack of the season. he got luck in the fifth. off the glove of ownings. giants in the ninth inning. the angels in the field. dead center and first home run of the season. martin bases loaded single. two runs. two on l.a. four runs in five innings. the bottom second. lowry goes deep, his first of the year and now they lead 6-4 in the seventh. the master's begin thursday with
9:57 pm
danny our defending champion and the meltdown of all time last year at this event. then this disastrous boogie. jordan should be looking for a repeat, but he's happy to exercise some demons. >> my favorite tournament. i've the the luxury of having that every time i've been here and that's not going to happen over the course of decades. i recognize that. don't tell me that during the week because i believe it can happen every time. we'll step out and try to get a chance to win on sunday. >> sport report brought to you by toyota. one of the best times of the year in sports. >> this is a major time of year
9:58 pm
and something about the masters. >> looking forward to. we're coming up at 11:00 family members say this is the woman shot and killed in front of her children today. the message the victim's mother has to the gunman. free and discount cars. the city set to give away these wheels and who can qualify today. join us on channel 7. a san francisco man went to extreme length to see propose to his girlfriend who is a fan of full house. >> he turned to stamos. >> if i was a woman and i'm not saying i'm not, i would say yes to young doug. i guess this is me asking you to marry him and i hope you do. >> how is she going to refuse. of course, she said. >> you can see the entire video of the proposal on our website. an interview on channel 7.
9:59 pm
>> that's cute. that is our report. we appreciate your time. for all of us here, thank you for joining us tonight. >> we will see you again in one hour on channel 7.
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(narrator reading) narrator: today, a pair of mysterious gunmen open fire outside of moscow's soccer arena. when the shooting stops, a top government official lies injured and bleeding in the parking lot and his driver is seriously wounded.


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