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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 5, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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. live where you live, this is abc 7 news. you might call it weather whiplash we're about to see a sudden change from sunshine to significant rain. good evening and thanks for joining us. >> as nice as weather was today it is about to make a sharp u turn. >> yes let's look now towards san francisco from east bay hills camera. still mild outside but it's changing. meteorologist is here with live doppler 7. >> this time tomorrow we'll be in the thick of our next storm. live doppler 7 showing we have
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returns at 15 nowitz,000 feet i atmosphere going to soak the region 24 hours from now. here's that stream of moisture working it's way i to northern california and the storm enhancing over the pacific ocean working east ward so this will be a 2 on the storm impact scale. tracking rain and strong gusty winds and there is a chance to see little bit of lightning on friday. heaviest of the rain might be coming thursday from 6:00 p.m. in the evening lasting through friday early in the morning around 2:00 in the morning. that's also the time of our first round of strongest winds thursday evening into friday morning and another round of winds will come in late friday night to round out the work week. so for that fact a high wind watch will go into effect for our hills starting tomorrow
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night last thing through friday morning winds gusting as high as 60 miles an hour, threat on towned trees and power lines. we'll be with you hour after hour tracking that storm. >> and you can download the app to get weather advisors on your phone or tablet. fire departments is searching for ups driver that went off the truck, fell about 40 feet and hit a tree just after 5:00 this evening. you can still see there's a lot of trees and brush in that area. the man initially called police to say he was hurt but they were unable to find him before his phone died. search teams with dogs are now sk skouring the area near the truck. amazing they haven't found him yet. we will keep you updated on the
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story here and on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. police captured the suspect in yesterday's deadly shooting of a richmond woman killed in front of her young children. authorities tracked down the 43-year-old man. in sacramento. he was brought back for questioning and sent to the jail. witnessed say mcbride cut off her while dropping her children off at scale and he left the scene in the same car found in sacramento. >> was tracked to a fast food restaurant in the city of sacramento. and our detective and marshall services officers went in and apprehend him without any fight. >> both her children witnessed her being killed.
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they are both under the age of ten. he had a history of domestic violence. now in liver more almost a day after baby is taken from her home in mountain view is back with her family. michael wall in still on the run. after she was zroped off in patter sonoma and reunited with her mother in liver more. we have the story. >> 18 hours after a father allege kidnapped 4 month old mad lynn was in her mother's arm safe headed back home. police say an argument prompted michael to drive off with the infant in his lap. this morning his step father told us he dropped the baby off with his mother in patt eterpato drove the child to liver more. >> all i know she was backing
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out with the baby and i said where you going she said i'm taking the base on balby to mee at walmart in liver more. >> police received information the baby and grandmother were going to meet in their town. >> around 10:15 we received a tip in the dispatch center that the grandmother of the infant had the child and was in route. >> did he drop her off last night. >> no this morning we made everything happen. >> unfortunately mad lynn's father is still at large, and the next phase of the investigation is locating hum and finding out what happened. >> you're fine, hurricann. >> he faces charges ranging from child endangerment to kidnapping. abc 7 news. now to that chemical a at thatting in syria. more than 80 people were kill the. president trump called it
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affront to humanity and world leaders are looking for an end to that six-year war. >> president trump said it is these horrific images that changed his mind in the past saying u.s. should keep out of syria. >> that attack on children yesterday had a big impact on me my attitude towards syria and assad has changed very much these heinous actions cannot be tolerated. >> going further, un security council holding up pictures of children affected by the attack. >> when the united nations collectively fails in its duty to act collectively there are
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times we are compelled to take our own action. >> president trump give nothing indication what that action might be. >> militarily i don't like to say where i'm going and what i'm doing. not saying i'm doing anything one way or the other but i'm certainly not going to tell you. >> assad and russian backers claimed the attack of terrorist groups lies isis but rex tillerson pointing responsibility directly to assad and calling out the russians too. >> russians need to think about their continued support of the assad regime. >> president trump inherited the mess saying it is now my responsibility. >> we are learn being a man who fired and killed officer in north bay. today neighbors identified him as steve ferry. records confirm he was licensed civil engineer who owned a brand development company and arranged wine tours.
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napa police say he shot at them while driving away from officers yesterday. this is the second fatal shooting in less than a month behind napa police. on march 13th officers shot a man who they say was wielding a knife. protesters who blocked caltrans when president trump was inaugust rating are finding out about the legal charges faced. we were in court today. >> outside of the hall of justice j 20 protesters standing. was january 20th many of them were sitting linked together across caltrans track at 16th and 17th day of president trump's inauguration. after ignoring orders to disperse they were lifted by law enforcement from the ground and are facing misdemeanor charges for trespassing and unwilling to leave. >> the district attorney can drop in the interest of justice
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which we implore him to do because in this moment san francisco is the city of resistance and are resisting trump's agenda. >> the district attorney spokesperson says the office is open to reviewing the motion but also says -- >> -- it's a balancing act we find the first a n memendment t sacred and protect it at all cost but when there's vandalism or critical structure is impacted we have obligation to do things in a different way. >> she doesn't believe they pose a public safety danger and says it sends a strong message. >> i think it says san francisco is not resisting the donald trump administration by being sank sanctuary city. ha shores are doing to keep the smart train project on
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has crazy low prices. do you know how we do it? - how? - bargainomics! say, if california has a bumper crop and produces too many oranges. or a winemaker in sonoma suddenly has 1000 bottles too many. we've got name-brand, top-quality groceries priced 40-70% off every day. bargainomics. that's our business model. and our business model is... delicious. ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ the approaching storms could mean another rain delay for crews working on another smart bay project in the north bay,
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could cause travel problems along the 101. >> crews have moved quickly to secure the hillsides while covering them with a special mesh. last janay slide in san rafael send mud down the hill damaging a home and covering part of the tunnel used by the you rail transit. rns out may have been a blessing. >> we were glad to find it this year before we were in revenue service when we have opportunity to really address it. >> the cost and added $500,000 according to the transit agency should be the responsibility of the contractor. the town side is the smart trains have stopped being tested. this resident understands unforeseen events happen. >> it's nothing abnormal not their fault, they'll deal with it. >> the testing will resume next week but the smart project has
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seen delays and escelated costs. >> it's something on delay, all of these promises not coming to fruition i think there's a lot of frustration around that. >> the first part of the project is still expected to be rolling by late spring. >> the alternative to bring fair amount of bikes on the train to get the last mile or two provides a nice option. >> the second option will bring people to the ferry terminal expected to be online in 2018. abc 7 news. a placer county sheriff's deputy say a girl is extremely lucky to survive a fall from the forest hill bridge in auburn. she and her friends were walking under t--
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on the bridge when she fell 60 feet below. she was taken to the local medical center where she's expected to make a full recovery. zep ut deputies say walking under the bridge is a crime and any trespassers will be sited. >> that is a tall bridge. well in kwcolorado crews ra to rescue a woman under a 1500 pound boulder on top of the mountain it took crews a while to transport the correct equipment to help move the boulder off her. when she was airlifted off the mountain was unconscious but vitals were fairly good. let's go back and talk about this change in the weather we began the broadcast with. >> this rain is hitting us again. >> much of the morning tomorrow is going to be fine. it's really the evening the rain will return and at times it will be heavy.
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it is showing green on the screen. this is verga live doppler 7 can go down and slice through what you're seeing on radar. i want to show you the rain is starting right around 20,000 feet once it reaches 10,000 feet it evaporates so none of this is reaching the ground but it will over the next 24 hours will come down heavy at times. no issues on the embarcadero tonight but tomorrow night a different story. 66 at this hour in antioch. 57 in san francisco. santa rosa 56 degrees. overnight going to have south wind keeping us mild. going to be a muggy start to your thursday. lots of 50s on the board. light jacket needed. take the umbrella, you will need it in the evening.
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going to be a 2 storm scale. fracking the rain down pours at times with strong, gusty winds with potential for lightning on friday. hour by hour we go. future weather time stamp, 8:00 in the morning. mostly waking up to dry conditions and lots of crowd cover by thursday. knocking on the doorstep. a lot of spots. watch how it fills in quickly. 6:00 thursday evening that rain really a riffs and these yellows scattered throughout the region are the down pours and they will be on and off through much of the evening on thursday. same story by 10:00 on thursday
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by the evening more rain works into the picture by friday night. going to see a healthy storm next 48 hours. total rain fall you can see a lot of spots close to an inch if not more than an inch of rain. the only caveat in the south bay you got the rain working against you, closer to half inch to inch around san jose, nonetheless we'll all feel the winds with this system. showing you a one-two punch. thursday night you get round one of the winds by 11:00. heavy rains coming down. winds gusting near 40 miles an hour and will calm down sharply on thursday, friday morning, excuse me, ten miles an hour, then going to go right back up friday night. going to need that sturdy umbrella if you're out late.
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we're tracking rain tomorrow night. it does turn wundy around here. friday it is just a great day. it's damp. gusty winds pick up again at night. saturday morning showeri, rain will return next wednesday. >> let's get more rain before the season ends. >> absolutely. >> for sure. up next, the raiders have a huge unpaid bill at the coliseum. >> they sure do but is it enough to send them packing ahead
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. the raiders may own as much as $800,000 for parking fees they checked. the board was briefed toetd and found the team may owe the city and county $25,000 a game for
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parking money fans paid over the past four seasons. the financial review is continuing and board members want to tell the team to hit the road now if they don't pay up. the raiders have not returned our calls for comment. would you allow your employer to implant a chip to get in and out of a building, that's what a swedish company is doing on a voluntary basis. we'll explain how it works. >> reporter: it's about the size of a grain of rice implanting it between the thumb and forefinger and acts like your key card. can open doors. use the copier. even buy food at the company cafeteria. >> there are some privacy concerns, some fearing employers may try to track them outside of work developers say that's not likely and really employers may
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learn more about your personal life by looking through your browser history on your computer or company cellphone bill. researchers at uc berkeley say lack of sleep can elevate memory loss along with physical and mental disorders in the elderly. researchers say as people get older their brains have trouble generating slow brain waves that promote deep sleep and say it is just as important as getting sufficient quantity of sleep. you now have another way to watch tv. youtube tv $35 month service first announced in february was released today's. abc is among the 40 channels being offered and plan to add more channels soon. bids are out to build southern border wall, one bid
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involving nuclear waste. also top strategicistic removed from
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live where you live this is abc 7 news. a monorail, nuclear waste, those are among the proposals submitted for a border wall. >> hearings took center stage in congress today. we have more on the bids and why bay area companies shied away from the project. >> building a wall along the southern border, companies are waiting to learn if they will be moving on to the next phase of the bidding process. >> there's a lightniot of passi both sides of this. >> proposals were due yesterday,
9:29 pm
bumgarner hoping not to face backlash for his idea of a concrete wall with artwork on both sides. >> i would hope they understand we're builders and that's what we do, we're not politicians. >> in order to be considered proposals had to meet the cite yearia to be 30 feet tall and impossible to climb over and impabl to dig under six feet. not many detail when testifying on capital hill how much it will cost is still up for debate. >> what it will look like. how tall, how thick, what color it will be is all yet to be determined. >> this comes as new numbers show illegal border crossings have gone down 33,000 in march 2016 compared to 12,000 this year equally a 63% drop. >> all we know physical barriers do work if put in the right places. >> some question the need for the wall saying it will do more harm than good. >> there's so much uncertainty
9:30 pm
to bid an uncertain project where you have very certain public anger in many areas has mard a lot of company made a lightning of companies smie away shy away. >> a combination of wall, fencing and surveillance will likely make the final design. final contracts could be awarded early as june 1st abc 7 news. house speaker paul ryan subjected it will take months not days to come up with a plan to repeal and replace the affordable care act. saying republicans are still used to being governing party but so far no deal, not enough votes to pass a repeal replace bill two weeks. donald trump removed chief bannonfrom the council saying it sl inappropriate for the political visor to play a role on national security matters.
9:31 pm
we have more details. >> reporter: at the white house today a staff shake up president trump reversing his controversial decision to put his chief strategist steve ban doll non his right wing views on nationalism and islam no secret. >> it's dark here and there's something much darker that's islam. >> the president was accused of security national today's restructuring largely due to the growing influence of general hr mcmaster who took on the job after michael flynn was fired after just 24 days. the military and intelligence leaders initially excluded now restored to their permanent
9:32 pm
seats on the council mike pence saying it this is natural evolution to best serve the president in resolving and making difficult decisions. white officials say mcmaster and bannon share the same philosophy and vision second haand there w longer a need for bannon, on the council. as this news was breaking the president was talking about one of the big stories of our time, involving president obama's national security advisor susan rice and her acknowledgment she asked to know the i'd appellede prospect known as unmasking, in some cases were names of trump campaign and transition officials caught up in surveillance during the russian meddlin meddling, rice leaked know names. >> i never had, never would.
9:33 pm
>> rice said she needed to know the names to know the significance of the reports she was reading. >> we can't be passive consumers of this information and do our jobs effectively to protect the american people. >> but today asked by the new york times if rice committed a crime president trump said quote do i think, yes, i think. so far no evidence of a crime and zdemocrats say it is collusion that team trump colorado you with the russians. >> when said and done people will end up in jail. . police responded from a call from a hoetal manager who was suspicion in one of the rooms,
9:34 pm
was not a sting, the agent was arrested. charged with solsitation. europe safety aviation not happy with the trump administration to ban laptops and other portable electronic devices be stowed in the cargo hold but european aviation officials are concerned about the threat from lithium ion batteries if they are in the cabin could quickly deal with any fires that might resolve. president trump is defending outspoken host bill o'reilly who is fighting off allegations of sexual harassment but the president calling him, quote, a good person. >> caution you're about to enter the no-spin zone. >> as the embattled star of fox news faces fire storm over alleged sexual harassment the president is coming to his
9:35 pm
defense in an interview with the new york times president trump said i think he's a person i know well, he's a good person. fox news is facing growing calls to fire reilo'reilly nearly 50 advertizers fled after $50 million was paid out to women for sexual harassment for inappropriate behavior. president saying i think he shouldn't have settled i don't think he did anything wrong. last summer when former ceo roger ales faced multiple sexual harassment allegations president trump defended his froend friend. >> to say these horrible things is sad because he's a very good person. >> but just a month earlier trump talked about groping women. >> when you're a star they let you do it they let you do
9:36 pm
anything. >> i'm not going to play crude guy talk. >> and then gave o'reilly the first tape. >> locker room talk most people heard it before. >> then dozens came forward sexual advances and groping allegations he has denied. o'reilly's fame has made him a target and has to put to rest controversies to spare his children. facebook is taking tougher approach in fight against reven revenge porn once picture is removed image recognition will p prevent that same image on facebook and instagram this following secret facebook group of nude photos of female marines without their permission. stay with us, richard
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simmons may getting ready to
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the fitness mogul richard simmons might be returning to life to take on licensing and endorsements, he signed in part because of the popular broadcast miss richard simmons to explain his abrupt disappearance in 2014. he will emerge to promote his products. just a few years after launching e-payment platforms like apple pay they are struggling to get users to buy in that comes as some merchants are doubling down by completely getting rid of cash.
9:41 pm
we'll explain why. >> reporter: at a restaurant in oakland the owner decided to stop taking cash after being burglarized new year's eve. for less work and faster transactions they are promoting electronic mobile payments. >> apple pay is the biggest thing. a lot of people have used it here already. that's kind of a reason we're changing it this way too. you scan it and go. >> e commerce analysts report one-third businesses offer apple pay but only 13 percent iphone users have been willing to give it a try, an extremely low adoption rate among apple's loyal users. >> some stores are unsure to guide consumers through electronic payments and shoppers are concerned about potential security breaches. experts say par the of the blame lies with apple. >> there have to be incentives in place. apple is good at marketing.
9:42 pm
it really surprises me they haven't been more aggressive about this. >> consumers have all kinds of excuses why they haven't tried mobile payments. >> i have been prompted to make a switch but would be open it to it. >> i don't have a cellphone, believe it or not. >> i tried using google pay and didn't work immediately so i sfoped try stopped trying it. >> but that's no going change. >> as far as convenience and security goes the future is in e-wallets and mobile electronic payments. >> once 20% of us are swiping our phones it will be considered toe to have gone main stream. >> going that way isn't it. >> yeah. two years after its launch apple pay and others like google and android aren't as main stream as projected.
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now to the ad trying to sell sodas using themes of policing and race, tonight that ad has been pulled after unleashing outrage across the country including martin luther king jr.'s daughter. >> new web features reality star jenner. sugary beverage. the similaritiy trivializing black lives matter. the daughter tweeted if only daddy would have known about the
9:47 pm
power of pepsi. this afternoon pepsi pulled the add and apologized to bernice king. pepsi struggled before, ultimately pulled this mt. dew ad in a police lineup with black men. today caught up with kendall jenner in paris. >> you have any regrets. >> pepsi does have regrets saying it was trying to project global message of unity, peace and understanding adding, clearly we missed the mark. >> that's david wright reporting. there are new tornado threats from indiana to florida. spring storms and neighborhoods across the region sirens are
9:48 pm
peculi blairing ef 2 hit missouri and for apart a wall and was on the ground 20 minutes chewing things up. no one was seriously hurt north of atlanta several homes hit by lightning and set on fire. that part of the country storms can be very violent. >> the biggest threat we will see is likely going to be strong winds and heavy down pour. we do have green on the screen. it's evaporating before reaching the ground but it's adding moisture to our atmosphere, adding cloud cover and will prep us for system bringing down pour for tomorrow. moderate system tomorrow with that rain. heavy at times with strong, gusty winds. there's a chance of a little bit of lightning friday. future weather, tomorrow morning out of door, a lot of cloud
9:49 pm
cover, much of the day it's gray until 4:00 that's when rain knocks on the doorstep and quickly intensifies by 6:00 in pops of yellow and orange, the down pours working through the region. by 8:00 heavy rain through much of the region and continues by 10:00 through midnight will likely track those down pours early friday morning the system will wind down and will left over the cloud and isolate the shower. along with rain a little bit of snow as well. above 6,000 feet is where our passes are. two to three feet of fresh powder going there with wind gusts of 60 miles an hour. accu weather forecast stormy weather tomorrow and gusty friday. more proof the power of twitter. >> san francisco based igm sent out this tweet of him and his
9:50 pm
friend dennis who is homeless and needs size 14 or 15 shoes. >> his feet aren't that big so asked for help. hunter pence's wife noticed and said his feet aren't the that big but maybe his belts are. >> short time later he said he ask help with this and will give the shoes to hunter when returns to the bay area. >> darren plans to give dennis l of the shoes that are donated next week. >> very cool. absolutely. lar larry beale. don't want to be complaining all the time. >> you complain in person. >> i am much more in your face. >> disagreeable in your face. don't care much about the electronic stuff. warriors with a chance to lock up the west tonight. and first in phoenix for this weekend at bass pro shops
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the all-new xfinity stream app. xfinity. the future of awesome.
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good evening, the warriors got a gift from their old coach luke walton tonight luke's lakers knocked off the spurs meaning all warriors had to do is beat phoenix to clench the west. warriors came in 12 game win streak suns losers of 12 in a row figured would be easy not so fast. first quarter all is steph curry. the steal, the lay up. thought he shoild have had and one but they whacked him on the way to the hoop. tyler early on, step with 23 in the first quarter. end of the quarter ball is loose on the floor. steph's got it, tosses to shaun livingston who is going for the alley-oop here instead banks in his first three of the year, 41-18, warriors after one. suns fight back. derek jones jr. like he's coming off a trampoline and in the second quarter with authority,
9:55 pm
flying over the top of everybody. 23-point lead gets cut to 6 at the half. third quarter the rookie, you remember draymond resting. iguodala is out. lead back up to is a but in the fourth the suns wouldn't fold. back to down to a three-point game. curry saves the day goes for 42, warriors clench the one seed in the west 121-111 their 13th consecutive victory. the warriors and giants were both in phoenix tonight. they stayed in the same hotel last night autograph seeker dream scenario imagine that. some guy preferring ice courtroom to autogra over autographs. top of the fifth giants out to 4-1 lead. bottom of the fifth. jake lamb kills the giants, rocket and gets through belt,
9:56 pm
two run score to make it 4-3. another two out knock ties it at four apiece. bottom six, pinch hitter rips one to right field wall and 5-4 d-backs and right now arizona leading in the ninth 8- 6. a's and angels at the coliseum. like that hair. 3-0 angels in the second inning. it was 5-0 angels in the sixth. a's with two on two out after vogt's first double of the year, trevor plouffe swing-and-a-miss and still 5-0 angels and their in the eighth inning at the coliseum. catch of the night, of the year, deep center field. kevin pillar gets a face full of wall and somehow holds on for the out.
9:57 pm
that ball was going out over the wall great grab. o's beat the jay's by score 3-1. >> marshawn lynch topic of conversation, beast mode coming out of retirement to play for his hometown team in oakland. seattle still owns lynch's rights. could release him. seahawks schneider was asked about if. >> marshawn lynch is trying to figure things out. raiders are trying to figure things out. if he would want to come back and play would be for the raiders that would be it. >> and you guys would let him do that. >> sorry, you weren't coming through there. [ laughter ] >> can't hear you. can't hear you. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. game is final giants fall by score 8-6. >> thank you larry. coming up tonight on abc 7
9:58 pm
news at 11:00, a ups truck plunges 40 feet off a bay area road. tonight search and rescue crews have recovered the truck but driver is stul nowhere to be driver is still nowhere to be found. >> man accused of killing a woman in front of her children say police have the wrong man zblx finally tonight you may hold your breath a little bit while watching a dare devil at work without a net. >> record setting slack line walker lucas tackling his latest challenge, he just completed a walk between rock formations and cliffs along the tasmanian coast in australia. >> he's gained fame for going to most picaresque and tight rope walking around the world. slack rope walking is harder because it wobbles a lot more.
9:59 pm
>> that is just -- insane is the word that comes to mind. >> you don't have to be crazy to do that but it does help. if you're a little nuts. >> all right well that's going to do it for tonight. thank you for joining us. >> we appreciate your time. . have a great rest of your evening. >> see you at 11:00 on channel 7. (narrator reading)
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narrator: today, an urban assassin, unleashes a maelstrom of violence on a peaceful march for justice in the heart of dallas, texas. he expressed killing white people. he expressed killing white officers.


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