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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  April 5, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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breaking news is from the east bay. a u.p.s. truck plunged 40 feet off a bay area road. minutes ago a brand new development. greening and thank you for joining us. i'm deese dietz. >> i'm dan ashley. he went off the road in lafayette after 5:00 this evening. >> 34-year-old dennis salazar. lilian is live with the details. >> this was a six-hour search with a happy evening. lafayette police say they found u.p.s. driver, 34-year-old dennis salazar at his friend's house in concord. this ordeal began at 5:00 p.m.
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when a u.p.s. truck veered off and down a hillside about 40 feet. the driver called 911 himself to trial court accident and that he had been injured. but when police arrived he was nowhere to be found. they launched that included dozen of rescue nel personnel and drones. >> it's open space and hilly, so very steep. they got ropes down there and night vision. the main thing is it's really hard to see. >> just minutes ing a authorities got confirmation that they located salazar at his friend's house in concord. >> lilian, thanks. sky 7 was turnover bay. check tout skyline and barjds n
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bay bridge. sandhya patel is tracking weather tonight. >> get ready to bring out all your rain gear and hang onto them for a couple days. live doppler 7 showing a lot of green but none of this is reaching the ground. it's just moisture up in the higher levels of the atmosphere. there is a lot of moisture to deal with. deep moisture plume heading right towards the bay area. that's the first storm that is going to hit us. it's a category 2 moderate strength storm. gusty winds and a chance of thunder. here are some things you need to worry about. possibility of trees falling and power outages. moderate risk of flooding in the north bay. we've had a lot of time to dry out in the south bay. debris flows looking unlikely. hour-by-hour look at when you
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can expect the worst of this storm and the second storm that is coming, straight ahead. >> continuing coverage on abc7 mornings. alexis smith will have the up to the-minute forecast beginning at 4:30 a.m. the man accused of shooting and quickly a bay area mother say police have the wrong man. richmond police arrested mcbride in sacramento this afternoon. we're live with new details of a call for help days before the killing. katie? >> he maintains his innocence, but police have a fair amount of evidence in this investigation. video of the crime, plus there was a domestic violence incident on sunday. mcbride still maintains his innocence. hear what h had to say. >> i did nothing. >> what do you have to say for
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yourself. >> they got the wrong man. >> richmond police say 43-year-old lawyer mcbride is the man who shot and killed his estranged girlfriend rashanda franklin. her children witnessed it. >> doing it front of the woman's children. >> she was taking her children to school school. she knew mcbride was following her and tried to escape. >> we take the babies out, the neighbors. >> gorge's surveillance camera daurptd attack. you see a mercedes suv trapped. >> there were cars behind her. she couldn't go anywhere. she was trapped in the car. she had her children with her. so she's not going to leave her children. >> community outrage with a flurry of tips pointing police to sacramento. they arrested mcbride this
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afternoon with the suspect vehicle. >> i'm so happy when they catch him. >> two days before the killing police received a domestic violence call with him. sky 7 caught two people robbing a cvs pharmacy in oakland. about 15 minutes after the man was taken into custody, he was putting on a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance. away he goechltz the search continues tonight for the bay area father accused of kipping his baby daughter. michael raw land is on the run after police say he took baby madeleine. what happened in mountain view was drop her off and reunite with her mother in livermore.
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>> 18 hours after a father allegedly kidnapped her four-month-old madeleine, she is safe. the baby's ordeal began last night at the residence inn. the father drove off with the infant in his lap. he dropped the baby off with his mother in patterson who drove the child to loifrm. the step power didn't want his face shown. >> she was backing out the driveway with the baby, and i said where are you going? she said i'm taking the baby to meet the mom at walmart in livermore. >> the grandmother and baby's mother were going to meet in their town. >> we received a tip into our dispatch center that the grandmother of the infant that had child and was en route.
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>> did he drop her off last night. >> no, this morning we made everything happen. >> her father is still at large and the next phase is locating him and finding out what happened. >> when they find him, police say he faces charges ranging from child endangerment to kidnapping. an owner of the west oakland building where four people died in a fire hired big guns to represent him. seen here in 1995, this man retained lawye and public relations representatives. >> local college students getting ready to graduate are about to face their first real life lesson. >> that's finding a job. the event tonight bringing them
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together with those hiring and the big challenge facing these new grads. >> what set off this customer nasdaq convenience store. >> kendall jenner's ad falls flat. >> he's what's coming up on jimmy kimmel live. >> the following is a paid advertisement for me. >> i want you to lift that cloth and pull out what's underneath that cloth. >> banana c c
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the economy may be booming in silicon valley but with graduation quickly approaching, college students in the brards
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fairly anxious. >> how long will it take the right job and will it pay enough to live here? we're at santa clara university. >> how do you pronounce your name? >> a lot of introductions and nervousness at santa clara university tonight. many of these students about to receive their gloem. >> i feel the pressure of grauks coming. >> hundreds of students came to job hunt where all the recruiters are startups. >> students especially are more and more interested in the early stage startups. the payout could be a lot larger. >> a recent study by the bay area council showed 46% of millennials are thinking of moving away from the bay area
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because the cost of living. >> that's absolutely a factor. definitely around the interview stage you have to talk about the salary. >> we opened nofsz seattle so we're doing some hiring for that office if people are willing to move up to seattle. that's actually been with your life that's a bit of a competitive advantage. >> most students we spoke to were not as concerned about salary than making sure they land the right job especially with graduation months away. good reminder tonight about making sure to look buffer take a self-y. a sacramento woman is in the hospital after she feel about 60 feet while trying to take a picture between the forest hill bridge in auburn. authorities say walking along the girders is a violation of state law. the woman is lucky to have survived. she is expect to recover. new details tonight on that whale trapped in a metal fray.
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we've learned it could be in monterey baby friday. it was seen off san luis obispo county today. the whale was first spotted in new port on saturday. rescue crews are trying to catch up with the mammal. they are not sure what the frame is saying it could be debris. in colorado today crews raced to rescue a woman trapped under a 250 pound boulder at the top of a mountain. it's not clear how she ended under it. took crews a while to transport the correct equipment to move boulder off her. her vital were fairly good. an angry customer is a wanted man after a fit of rage at a convenience store. surveillance video today shows it all. he got angry off his crad was
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declined. he slapped the 7 eleven clerk. >> pepsi pulled a controversial ad and issued an apology. kendall jenner is showed running from her modeling gig to join a protest. she then hands an officer a pepsi. it's time to turn our attention to the weather and the storm coming our way. >> sandhya patel is tracking them for us on live doppler 7. >> live doppler 7 showing you signs of change already. quite a bit of green on the screen. that's not moisture, but
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evaporating before it hits the ground. the first storm is not only going to bring us rain but will bring us gusty winds. check out san francisco sbrarchlt winds will be gusting close to 40 miles an hour tomorrow evening and could be even stronger. do be prepared for some very powerful winds. let's check out live doppler 7 and take a look at both of those storms and basically what we're expecting. as i mentioned earlier in the broadcast, there's quite a bit of moisture to work with. this first storm surgeries you can see the moisture tap. back-to-back storms, not much of a break in between. temperatures in the 50s right now, mild air outside. east bay hills camera, it is starting to bounce around a little bit. it is breezy as we look towards sut sutro tower. heavy rain and wind tomorrow night and it is going to get wet and gusty again friday night.
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friday night's storm doesn't look at intense as tomorrow night. tomorrow we do have a level 2 moderate strength storm that will bring drenching rains, strong winds and even a chance of thunder. for the evening commute it's going to be a stormy drive. there will be some ponding on the road ways. if you can tell commute tomorrow, that's a good idea. hour-by-hour forecast, the rain intensity going up in the north bay tomorrow night. we will show you the hour-by-hour look. tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. we see a few light showers developing, continuing in the north bay between 5:00 and 8:00 a.m. mike nicco will be tracking the weather and alexis smith will be tracking the traffic. ucla want to tune in 4:30 to
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7:00 a.m. tomorrow. main storm moves on shore. we're going to be seeing intense rainfall even at 1067b8g9 those downpours could likely lead to urban and small stream flooding. be prepared for that. at midnight it's still going, a soaking rain. 4:00 a.m. friday starts to ease up. santa cruz mountains by 5:00 a.m. scattered showers on friday. we head into friday night. this is when that round 1940 that second storm comes in. it'll bring up the wind and the downpours will be smaller pockets. rainfall totals for between 3/4-inch to almost 2 inches. winds will be howling. 40-mile-an-hour winds along the coast, close to 50. at times they could be topping
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60 miles an hour. watch out, there's potential for downed trees and power lines in the sierra turns to snow. two to three above 6,000 feet. gusty winds will make for treacherous driving conditions. be prepared for winter. tomorrow morning 40s, 50s. cloudy. few showers in fact north bay in the early afternoon. highs will come down tomorrow, upper 50s to low 70s. lighter system saturday morning. and then dry for the second half of your weekend through tuesday. tuesday night into wednesday we have-foot another weak system with 1. download the abc news app and you can track them. the san francisco giants are stepping up to the plate to help
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here's more proof of the power of twitter. detainer who works at ign sent out this tweet of him and his friend dennis. dennis is homeless and needs size 14 or 15 shoes. his feet aren't that big, so he asked for help. hunter pence's wife alexis quickly noticed and said his feet aren't that big, but maybe brandon belt's are.
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a short term after that belt responded by saying he's pretty sure he can help with this. >> power of social media used for good. the power of steph curry was used for good as well. his value was very clear tonight in phoenix for golden
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good evening. the warriors got a gift from air old buddy luke walton tonight. all the warriors had to do was beat phoenix to clinch the west. nothing had to give. andre and draymond both had the night off but still made the trip to the valley of the sun. all steph, was on fire early of those step back on tyler. at the end of the day quarter, loose ball, steps on the floor because he's doing everything. gives it to livingston. sounds fight their way back derrick jones junior with
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authority. a 23-point lead slice today 6 at the break. steph saves the day. 120-111. >> we have bigger goals obviously, but it's something to be proud of. >> a hell of a run. hopefully we can just finish the regular season well and healthy and get rolling in the playoffs. >> the warriors and giants were both in phoenix tonight. the stayed in the same hotel and autograph seeker's dream. this little guy just wants his ice cream. belt, his first homer of the year. made it a 4-1 giant lead. jack lamb rips it to belt who said, hey, routine play, should have made it.
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two runs score. make it 4-3 bottom of the sixth, pinch-hitting jeremy hazel baker to right field. d backs go on to win 8-6. two-run single of cotton. 5-0 angels in the sixth. 5-0. that'd have to cut him to work oa


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