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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  April 6, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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live, where you live, this is abc7 news. >> don't get used to this view. it's going to stick around the next few hours and be back again tomorrow. good evening. thanks for joining us.
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>> today's storm is about to peak and it spread across the whole bay area. >> what it's like for drivers on the east bay and north bay. it comes with gusty winds which makes crossing these bridges more challenging. >> "abc news" as the scatter of raindrops started. and it started coming down on the campus of uc berkeley and more is coming. spencer christian points where and when it will hit. spencer. >> we have more than light raindrops now. a wave of moderate downpours. san most aateo and san francisc
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this storm ranks 2 on the storm impact scale, we will see rain gusting to 60 miles an hour. 7:00 this evening, notice at 9:00 tonight, the same picture, widespread downpours, beginning to taper off after midnight. the wind will be very strong, a high wind warning 8:00 tonight to 5:00 tomorrow morning. high wind elevations and i will tell you what we can expect after the morning rush tomorrow. >> thanks. >> now for a story you will hear only on abc7 news. a shootout. dwyane returned to the scene today and heard the harrowing story from neighbors that feel fortunate they survived. >> good evening, dan.
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two days ago this was a neighborhood and then crime scene and they're trying to get back to normal. the man in that red truck found out last weekend he had been evi evicted. neighbors say he'd always been a difficult person but never turned violent before. on a quiet suburban street in napa patching bullet holes wasn't what steve ever imagined. >> he was standing right there in front of that tree. the last time i looked back running out of the porch, i could see smoke coming out of his gun and it was going off. >> we are getting multiple calls of a male yelling "get down gts and possible shots fired. >> reporter: he tried to escape napa police in his car and got into a shootout with them and crashed into the tree. this neighbor said he watched as officers had guns drawn. >> they pointed their weapons at him and 15 seconds later, boom
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boom boom boom. probably at least 100 rounds. >> reporter: based on what those who knew him say he could be a nice guy who sold wood chips to local stores or tormented man prone to disputes with neighbors and they often heard him screaming in his yard. >> gibberish, sounded like you, it was hard to make out, like you hear at an insane asylum. >> reporter: police had already been to the house once to settle a dispute between mr. ferry and the people that lived in this house. they had an ongoing argument apparently. after the police left, ferry attacked a woman in the street and pushed her to the ground and kicked her. neighbors took to the streets and then ferry came out with a gun. >> the door, that's where all the shots were. right there. >> reporter: you say he wasn't trying to scare you? >> no. he was trying to kill us. >> reporter: fortunately the
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bullets missed him. and steve's unusual patching project today. >> reporter: how do you get over this? >> i don't know. it's easier when you don't get shot. >> police just released new photos of the person they say shot and killed a nasa scientist as he was walking home. one month ago this month ryan defendant king fish in oakland when this man shot and killed him. police released two pictures they're looking for. a honda accord with a sunroof and the other a chevy malibu. a san bruno man has been arrested on suspicion of homicide after plays found a dismembered body inside a home earlier today. police called on a house at 11:30 this morning and found the remains while searching the home. the authorities placed 50-year-old daibl stubblefield
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for the crime. the victim's name has not been released. >> the 1998 cold case abduction and killing of kristina williams. authorities say they will file murder charges against an imprisoned sex offender in connection with her death. 51-year-old charles hollyfield was the primary suspect but prosecutors were unable to link him to the crime until recently. >> taking everything done by other agencies, examing the evidence that we have a dna hit. >> christina vanished while walking her dog on former army base and her remains found seven months later. leaving florida to stand trial, she agreed to stop res t resisting extra digs this week.
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she's been held at the jail in santa rosa and she will face charges aiding her husband in planning last year's pulse nightclub massacre that left 49 people dead. mateen was killed by police. posting an unprecedented $35 million bail today. people and press were waiting as she got out of jail and drove off. she was charged with killing her boyfriend and his body was found months later. melanie. >> reporter: her attorney had to turn over her passport and all of her travel documents before she could be released today. her attorney says her next stop is a modest one. did you have anything to do with keith's murder? >> with an escort by her side,
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accused murder suspect tiffany lee got into this black escalade. earlier, she posted $35 million bail, a portion in cast and the rest more than $60 million in property. >> we kind of knew it was coming. nothing seems right about it at all. >> reporter: li is one of three suspects in killing the father of her two children, two gunshots to his neck and his body dumped. his family is anticipating the trial in late september. >> we will hear the truth then. teresa is very powerful. >> reporter: this district attorney is concerned li, who has deep connections in china is a flight risk. he had asked for no bail. as a part of li's release conditions she will wear a tougher electronic monitoring device with 24/7 observation. the attorney said 15 to 20 members of her family put up
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property and money for her bail. >> that means they hope she returns and is not guilty. >> reporter: she will not return to her home and said she is receiving death threats and instead she will be in a modest condo at an undisclosed location. abc7 news. after three years of work, san francisco's tallest building is now finished. this timed video shows it asc d ascending to its final height standing 61 stories 1,070 feet high. today was the topping off ceremony, the final beam hoisted from the top. from the 60th floor you can see stunning views around the bay and look down on the tra transamerica building which used to be the stallest. sal salesforce will be the anchor of the building. the ceo says that means jobs.
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>> we have 10,000 employees at this tower campus. >> the developer says this tower won't settle or lean like the nearby millennium building because it's built into solid bedroom. thanks for sharing this new hi h high-rise building and you can see it at the #abc7now. >> next, see how technology could help get the word out faster. >> new ideas and new gadgets all vying for attention and investors. what's hot at the launch festival. abc7 news. a woman gets a house pai painting deal on groupon but the painter never shows up. coming up
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doppler 7 shows you where the strongest storms are. they're in red and orange. you can access this any time. we have live doppler 7 app any time for you. >> triggering alerts on the south bay already vulnerable to mudslides. they're actively seeking more residents to sign up to save lives. live at the county's emergency operations center, this system could have been activated during the coyote creek flooding, david. >> reporter: that's right. the cistcity did not take that . it is quite versatile and can
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send messages to targeted neighborhoods but everybody did not sign up. there is an alert system. residents who signed up for the emergency aleather are shown here. or part of the 911 system. david shows us how he can draw a circle around a specific neighborhood and alerts go out to the residents. rock springs hard hit by the coyote creek flood it only has 322 contacts. to overcome that obstacle they have credentialed for a federal system to send text messages to anyone. >> we can find anyone opted in or not about life safety issues and send notifications out using that credential and anyone in a given area will receive it if they have their cell phone turned on. >> it works best when they are
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signed up and targets a large net and they have a population of 1.8 million. you can provide cell numbers and e-mail address for alerts. it was activated this morning for residents for the area of fire and wind and it is vulnerable to slides and runoff. >> as soon as it was sent out we got notification have people receiving those notifications. we're really happy with that. >> reporter: in san jose, david louie, super bowabc7 news. >> pg&e says it has been prep e preparing for seven weeks. it was at the technology event and said they will be watching areas hit the hardest and mows concerned for downed winds and
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power outsidagoutsidages. >> we sometimes get these in april but this one is expected to be pretty impactful, more than we've seen in quite a while. >> while they said the storm is stronger than most they didn't see the need to bring in crews outside to help. access has been cut off after a broken. i was cut off leading to the water. it has been a battle because access is partly private. it had to be torn down because of damage from storm erosion and they sat there at the edge of that cliff so long. leslie is there with the story. >> reporter: a broken pipe combined with erosion to take this access trail. we're really getting hammered by the rain and wind here. that broken pipe and erosion
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blocked that access trail behind me. residents are upset and really mad saying they want something done about it. >> my dogs are beach bums and so am i. we love to walk the beaches and is there no access and we're upset about it. >> reporter: pack ca residents want their beach access restored. this is the view from switchback cliffside trail that leads to stairs at the beach from essplan aid avenue and pacifica. where apartment buildings were torn down because of problems with erosion. in december parts of it collapsed. they have been asking when it will be re-opened and gotten what some describe as a run around. early on cement truck s shored p some of the path to prevent erosion. they say they're concerned. >> it is april and the path is still closed and this is a great
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concern to the commission and pacifica as well. >> if they're spending money for the property renovation, why isn't this codone? >> reporter: tyler smith said some residents moved out in february when beach access wasn't restored. i called trinity property consulta consultants. their executive vice president said the trail will be rebuilt similar to what it was. we are working with the coastal commission to get approval. the california coastal commission said they've only gotten preliminary drawings so far and say re-opening pacifica's beach access is a priority and trying to reach the owner. the property owner says it would only take a few weeks. our much talked about storm has arrived. you can see we have.
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>> caller: we have downpours spreading across much of the area and red and yellow with the haven't downpours from vallejo, south to danville, san francisco southwest and over across the bay and spreading more widely. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s and winds picking up. 30 miles an hour. 29 miles an hour gusts at this hour at oakland and then winds go stronger as well as we go to the later evening hours. check out the raindrops in our camera winds. it will be rainy and windy through tomorrow morning and we get another break tomorrow and wet and gusty weather tomorrow night and showers continue saturday morning. this is a 2 on the storm impact scale and produces gusts up to 60 miles an hour and we expect heavy rain that's happening now
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and it will continue and we expect gusty winds. we will see widespread gusts between 40 and 50 miles an hour. after midnight, winds begin to ease up a bit as we get to the early morning hours 5:00 tomorrow morning as haveneavies rain s ease up so will the strongest winds. here's the annimation and late night overnight hours we see pockets of heavy rain and aff t affecting the commute. >> spencer, we have to interrupt you, i'm sorry. we have a special report of an urgent nature. i apologize. let's go to it now. >> secretary mattis, centcom commander in 2013 when president obama decided not to take action against syria, this is something he was frustrated by in 2013. he's now the secretary of defense. they had plans in place and they've gone ahead with cruz
7:21 pm
missiles from navy ships in the med titerranean mediterranean. >> this appears to be tomahawk missiles against air fields. what does that say to you? >> it says the president wanted to not risk any u.s. lives and publish a quickly as possible. we think they were launched by two u.s. ships in the eastern mediterranean. they would have flown likely over lebanon low altitude and come in back door and hit targets in syria in assad held terrain. >> john, the president down in mar-a-lago, you're there as well for that summit with president chi, the president surrounded by his entire brain trust. >> he sure is. i'm told we will hear from him shortly confirming these were tomahawk cruz missiles.
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quite a turn around who as a candidate repeatedly said he was an america fist candidarst cand syria was not his problem but yesterday after seeing the chemical attack, he said in the rose garden that changed his views on syria and now ordered military action. >> i want to go to terry. you were embedded with the troops fighting isis. one of the factors that complicates the mission here and we know the united states were warning in the security council. >> that's right. this action by president trump puts his administration squarely at odds with vladamir putin in russia. they changed the war and saved bashar al assad's regime in
7:23 pm
syria. they are fighting not just isis but long time area that projects power from their influence in syria. they aren't really committed to bashar al assad, the president of syria. they want to do a deal but this will make it harder. >> thank you very much. we're waiting to hear from president trump now. no word yet from the russians or syri syrians. president trump has ordered and completed a military strike against syria. he didn't waste any time. stay tuned for an update tonight on news with david muir. i'm george stephanopoulos in new york. >> an update. >> dozens of missiles fired into syria by president trump. after only 2 1/2 months
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two women and several ani l animals were rescued from an apartment fire in san francisco this morning. the blaze started in the top unit of this home on randall street. the women could not get back down the back stairs and had to be rescued by firefighters. they recovered two birds and several cats. one cat was overcome by fumes. >> one cat was not breathing and they delivered oxygen to the cat. >> i saw them bring five or six
7:27 pm
out, all puffy, covered with soot, crying. >> no one was seriously injured. the two women are in stable condition. animal control experts check out the animals at a neighbor's home. >> we have an accident involving a u.p.s. truck. the driver was found at a friend's house in concord after a six hour search. dennis salazar called 911 to say he was injured at a crash in lates lafayette. they couldn't find him. the company said they were grateful the driver is safe and lit damage to the packages inside the truck. getting where you want to go could be more expensive but more enjoyable. the state gas tax increase is up for a vote tonight. it's something that is expected to be a potential flash point. >> it is a flash point that boiled over and it could have long lasting effects.
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a lot of grey out there. the graft interrupted a few minutes ago with that special report about
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live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> you go outside, the view from our emoryville camera has gotten worse since the start of the newscast since a moderate storm moves through the bay area. look at the view from the richmond bridge. hard to see through all those raindrops. >> the view 0 on the san mateo bridge, hard to see it with the winds dropping. spencer christian and where the storm will go next. >> downpours widespread right w and heavy at walnut creek where the heaviest rain is at this minute. this storm ranks two on the storm impact scale and strong gusty winds at 60 miles an hour. heavy downpours at times. it will continue through midnight and start to ease up a bit just before the start of the morning commute.
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>> spencer, thanks very much. >> developments from syria tonight, the u.s. military launched air strikes against bashar al assad's regime following the chemical attacks that left dozens dead. tomahawk missiles have been launched near the eastern side of the country believed to be the same air base where tuesday's chemical weapons attack originated. >> the tomahawk mill silssiles launch and was ordered by president trump. the number of children has climbed to 30 children and 20 women. earlier today, secretary of state rex tillerson condemned assad for the deaths and suggested the syrian leader could be removed and potentially by force. >> we're waiting for president trump to address the american people on the air strikes. and what's called the
7:33 pm
nuclear option, that's what the republicans did changing the rules for the filibuster as a tool. >> this means the path is clear for president trump's pick. >> historically it used to be the case to stop a filibuster you needed 60 votes. now, the nominations for the supreme court cannot be filibust filibustered. >> reporter: a professor of politics at st. mary's college says the nuclear option implemented by the senate could affect the makeup of the supreme courts for decades to come. >> future picks will be easier for any president to get conf m confirmed because they don't need to avoid the filibuster which requires them to pick someone more moderate. >> i think they felt they had a take a stand for their constituents really angry about the treatment of merrick garland, obama's nominee. >> reporter: saying democrats had no choice but the filibuster
7:34 pm
gorsuch after republicans refused even a hearing last year for president obama's nominee, merrick garland. now, it will be harder to block future nominations and could the nuclear option spread in the senate. >> the big question is whether it will spread to legislation. i think the pressure will be there the next time there's a major showdown over a big piece of legislation when the minority is blocking it, there will be a lot of pressure to go nuclear on that. >> reporter: as it stands now gorsuch is expected to be easily confirmed with a simple majority as the next u.s. supreme court justice friday evening. abc7 news. california congressman devin nunes has recused himself under investigation under enormous pressure in the 2017 investigation in the election. >> did you discover classified information? >> i issued a statement. you guys have it.
7:35 pm
>> investigating allegations nunes may have made disclosures of classified information. he said he's looking forward to a fresh start kay according to the democrat member. >> we need to get fully back on track. it is worth noting the investigation never went into hiatus. >> republican congressman michael conway of texas will take the lead in the investigation. >> was it a social blunder or misunderstanding between the mayor of jerusalem and san francisco state? in any case the mayor cancelled a speech that was supposed to be delivered after accusing the university of trying to silence him. explaining changes have now been made at the university. >> reporter: april 6, 2016, pro
7:36 pm
plin protesters interrupted a speech being given by the mayor of jerusalem at san francisco state. the university acknowledged the students violated campus policy. >> you cannot interrupt an event in progress. what we saw last year was a violation of that policy. >> reporter: and an independent review found the university was palso at fault for not properly handling the protest. still, he said he felt a moral obligation to return to san francisco state except he claims this time the university offered a limited event with little publicity. he wrote, by failing to provide the necessary public forum and properly publicize my lecture, the university has contributed to the continuing marg ginization and demontization of the jewish state. >> this is not how they're doing it anywhere from any other country around the world. under those circumstances, they refused to be sipublicize it he
7:37 pm
decided not go to the university. >> reporter: san francisco state said they needed more time to prepare for this visit and instead the university says it was given only five working days to honor this request. >> we felt like we were ready for the event. what didn't happen was the lead time to do a lot of publicity about the event. >> reporter: since the 2016 incident, they have implemented new policies to manage crowds in addition to more security. both sides say they are now open to a third possible visit by the mayor. in san francisco, abc7 news. stay with us. the future is here and on display in san francisco. from apartments to legos to glasses you can make with your smartphones. see what's new next. helping out a woman who sa s s she didn't get
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. entrepreneurs from all over have come to san francisco for what's called the launch festival. as jonathan bloom found out, some have been working in secret for years and revealing their products for the first time.
7:41 pm
>> reporter: it's a festival drones fly alongside balloons and many are venture capitali capitalists. instead of a mosh pit there is a demo pit. >> reporter: will this teach me how to play a guitar? >> yes. >> reporter: how quickly? >> you learn the real chords. once i'm playing sold-out stadiums you might want a pair of these. >> custom eyewear designed to fit you. >> reporter: let's you design your own glasses. you use a selfie video and we craft every unique frame in san francisco. >> reporter: you can use them to watch movies on the wall with your kids. cinemood is child friendly and nearly indestructible. it expands every year and turns into the next industry. the business of cannabis has investors attention. the high-tech grow box is desi n
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designed for your home which might look like this. >> they can be stacked or added to over a period of time. >> reporter: it's one block at a time. >> it has the same problems overand over again. >> reporter: it can checkup on you. >> cardiovascular devices and heart grafts we can monitor you for problems. >> reporter: sometimes you just need an app. >> a thermometer for concussi concussions. >> reporter: to tell if an athlete had a concussion on the side lines. >> balance and long term memory and coordination. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> state lawmakers are set to vote on the $52 billion transportation package that
7:43 pm
would raise the price of gas my 12 cents per gallon. it needs a two -thirds majority to pass. if it passes it goes to two assembly committees. democrats have been offering republicans opposed sweeteners for infrastructure in their district for a yes vote. right now, it's not clear if they have enough votes. >> we're looking live at the tree ♪
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a popular way to get deals these days is on social media si sites. >> but one woman needed help from michael finney. >> she liked a bargain. almost half off her paint job. it turned out she could not get the service she paid for and was told to buy something else. all she wanted to do was get her tiny bathroom painted which is why she purchased a painting deal from >> a certain amount of painting for a certain amount of money. >> reporter: the painter came back and said he couldn't do that kind of job. so groupon swapped that for this
7:47 pm
one. >> i showed him what i wanted to do, told him it was a group jon. >>thy painter inspected her bathroom and to her surprise never came back or returned her calls. she contacted groupon. >> the painter appeared to have vanished and the deal was act to expire. gro groupon had her money. >> i hwanted to get my bathroom painted but it was stuck with gro groupon. >> they said she could use it for other items on the site. >> this is crazy. i don't want 3$330 worth of balloon rides and paint ballg e ballgames. i want my bathroom painted. that's what i bought and what i think i ought to get. >> she said she has used groupon for some fun things like tours and dining but not 3$358 worth. she contacted 7 on your side, we
7:48 pm
contacted groupon. it agreed to refund her money in cash after all, saying we were not confident in this merchant's ability to deliver the kind of experience our customers have come to expect from us. >> i'm very grateful for 7 on your side for making the world right for me. in this instance i really appreciate it a lot. >> here's groupon's explanation. the company gives refunds in the original form of payment. since she had swapped one paint deal for another technically she bought the second one with gr p groupon bucks, however, neither painter did the job so the company gave her the money back. i want to hear from you monday through friday, 10:00 to 2:00. you can also reach me through facebook and >> thank you. >> you can barely see san francisco through the crowds.
7:49 pm
>> spencer has an update on the forecast. >> the bay area is getting pounded and drenched right now by strong gusty winds and occasionally heavy downpours. downpours are widespread. the storm ranks two on the storm impact scale. will continue tomorrow morning gusting at times to 60 miles an hour. here's a forecast animation starting at 7:00 this evening. downpours will continue widespread to midnight. going into the early morning hours you will see it tapering off giving way to scattered showers through the day tomorrow but a second one comes tomorrow night. and from the bay area hills until 5:00 tomorrow morning we have an advisory effect to the lower elevations. blowing debris and difficult driving conditions are likely. we have a beach hazard advisor,
7:50 pm
6:00 in the morning saturday. and we have concern about rip currents. and it may be snowing. we expect 6-12 inches of new snow 4,000 feet and 2-4 feet of snow above 4,000 feet, winds gusting at 70 miles an hour. a snow ranking 2 on the impact scale tomorrow morning and another storm tomorrow nightc b saturday morning and snow over the bay area peeks and we start drying out on sunday and we get three mainls ay sunny and dry d. >> thanks. >> the wind causing crazy problems. >> windy here and windy there. gusting conditions made the p y playable masters course. it was impanel for everybody except for one guy who has a
7:51 pm
nice lead after round one. it wasn't spi
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abc7 sports with larry beil. >> good evening.
7:54 pm
masters dustin johnson walked out to the first tee and thought about it a while and walked back and was forced to withdraw. he had a freak back injury wednesday and could only swing with about 70% of his force. he will be able to play in a few days but he's a spectator. >> wait, my hat with winds gu gusting! >> bad luck for this one, rolls away from the hole. overshot the hole and finished with a quadruple bogey and finished 41st. phil mickell got the shots on 13 and par 3 16th. lance's tee shot on the green, a little help from the wind and slope, 1 under, 71 for lefty, for fourth. still 6 back of charley hoffman who had birdies on 5 of 7 holes.
7:55 pm
a long one on 15. in 67 career rounds in a major hoffman has never led until today at august firing a 7 under 65. he has a four shot lead over william mcgirt. westwood alone and two other players are tied for fourth place at 1 under par. >> everything was going the right way and i had good looks at it in the right spots and i made some birdies. i step on this property and it's special and gets my eye on the green. obviously going in with some confidence. a little bit of both. seeing the ball go in the hole is something special. >> the as wrapped up their season opening. four game series with the angels today needing a win to salvage a split. we need a quick and easy way to put on a poncho, angels fans maybe not the quick and easy way to put on a poncho. i'm being strangled by this
7:56 pm
plastic. the mvp right there, mike trout, ball gets by him. adam rosales scores from first and tied at 1. a sac fly and ryan healey, a big man with big power. his second home run of the year. in the ninth, sean do little would strike out the side. as split the series with a 5-1 win. they play angels tomorrow and giants and d'backs just under way. looks like all systems go with the return of kevin durant. durant has not played since injuring his knee february 28th against washington. since then, it's been step-by-step, rehab, conditi conditioning work day-by-day. durant has been cleared to return to full practices with the warriors and has six regular season games. warriors have won 13 straight games and last night locked up
7:57 pm
the one seed in the west. the likely first round playoff preview will begin next week. joe thornton missing his second straight game after a knee injury. while it looked bad initially, he is on the ice skating and he said he had no doubts. >> a couple days before play i rest the body, probably not a bad thing. pretty optimistic. i never thought it would be too too bad. the training staff didn't think so either. they said put a band-aid on it and get out there and play. >> i don't know how joe's knee is but his playoff beard is quite full. >> certainly. thank you so much, larry. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv here on "abc news" at 11:00. we will continue the news on the air strikes in retaliation for the chemical weapons attack that killed more than 80 civilians.
7:58 pm
we're expecting to hear from the president tonight and latest developments at 11:00. >> abc7 at 8:00, "grey's anatomy," scandal and the catch and "abc news" at 11. >> "jimmy kimmel live" has adam sandler and actress -- >> that will do it. thanks for joining us tonight. we appreciate your time. we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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