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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  April 7, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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on the radar, rain, but it's what you can't see that poses the biggest weather threat tonight. this mud has made oakland homes uninhabitable and it may be a long time before people can move back in. somewhere under the waters of the bay lies a sunk barge named "vengeance." we went from clouds to showers that you can see in this live view from mt. tan and it is
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spreading across the bay area. one like look at the conditions makings it clear if you're not already in the sierra, better not drive. >> this is the second of two days of storms and the good news is it won't last much long ever. abc7 news weather anchor spencer christian is tracking the worst of it now. >> we have a surge of stormy weather moving onshore right now. we have got scattered downmores moving across the bay to oakland and hayward and san leandro, so we have got our next storm and the winds are beginning to get a little gusty as well. we have got gusts across much of the bay area right now. this one ranks one on the storm impact scale. rainfall amounts will be less than half an inch for most of the bay area, gusts could reach 50 miles an hour in the hills.
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here's the forecast animation, starting at 7:00 this evening, notice that we'll continue to see waves and some heavy downpours at times, again, mainly in the north bay, and down into the golden gate into san francisco. looks like the bulk of the rain will be confined to the north bay. i'll show you what's coming our way tomorrow in just a minute. up to three feet of snow could fall on the higher elevations of the sierra by tomorrow. here's a live look from heavenly mountain resort in lake tahoe. chains are also required on state road 88. a sea of mud and debris
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started to flow. >> reporter: house that was most seriously damaged. this is the back bedroom. that is the back wall of the bathroom, it's been punched through by the mud. as we go over this area, we're showing you the patio, this is two to three feet of mud that has swept across this patio, that's actually a barbecue that's up on its side. as we go down the hall, we wade through the mud, we get to the side door, it's a glass door, if you look at the bottom, the mud's coming through here too. the red tags went up on three front doors in the oakland hills, already damaged or right in the path of a large mud slide that's still moving. this is not what you want coming down the hallway of your home, but a sea of mud and water is what diane henderson has to contend with. >> came down and i guess came through the back bedroom and bathroom and down through the hallway and then all through the
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patio. >> it burst through and s.t.a.r.t. started coming down our road bad. >> reporter: she was met at her home by a firefighter. >> he said you have to evacuate immediately. >> reporter: the slide started behind the home, just below akin drive, a road seriously undermined. >> we had a strange noise, it was like a pile of bricks coming down the road. >> reporter: daniel murphy heard the road give way, he looks down on his neighbor's house which now has mud and debris slammed against it all the way on to the roof. >> i have seen enough of this rain, we all wanted rain at the beginning of the winter, but this is too much. >> we're just a little apprehensive about what the future will bring with additional rain. >> reporter: at this point, the
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residents of the three home also have to stay out as lon as this hillside is on the move. with all this rain, the timing was right today for governor brown to declare an official end of california's historic drought for most of the state. while this puts an end to emergency conservation efforts, you're still being asked to conserve water. >> first let's take a look at what a difference a year makes, this is california today, just a few counties in the central valley here, still in yellow, meaning abnormally dry. now this is how the state looked exactly a year ago, almost the entire state in orange-red, with dark red meaning exceptional drought. let's take a look one more time, today, a year ago, just a dramatic difference. with in tweet today, governor brown announced the drought emergency is over. but he cautions the next drought could be around the corner. so conservation must be a way of
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life. so what this means is that wasteful practices will still be banned so no watering your lawn or hosing off sidewalks either during or after rainfall. some people say they made permanent changes. >> plants, mostly i've changed the plants around the house to drought tolerant types that can stand the heat. >> governor brown today also asked urban water suppliers to come up with water shortage contingencie contingencies. the central message, don't get too comfortable. the family of a missing sutter county woman is hopeful that she will be found alive. they stood with law enforcement in yuba city late this afternoon. alicia yoman was last seen there leaving her house on march 30. investigators ended their search of the home, they also searched an oech space where her truck and cell phone were found with
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no sign of her. the police chief read a statement for the family. >> we firmly believe in our hearts that ali is alive and needs our help. ali, if you're hearing this, we have come together from all across the country, we love you. and are desperately doing everything we can to get you home safe again. >> the fbi is offering $5,000 to help find alicia yoman. police have made one arrest and two crime scenes in connection with a dismembered body. the remains were found yesterday at a home on pacific heights boulevard. police have arrested 50-year-old dade stubblefield and charged him with murder as well as several other homes. >> reporter: police say the men were acquaintances. tonight on the phone i smoke with david stubblefield's family member who described him as
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being sort of off. he also said that he worked in it and that within the last year, he had told family members he had pancreatic cancer and didn't have long to live. >> police found a dismembered human corpse in the yard. >> reporter: they arrested 50-year-old david stubblefield in the home. he is now facing a long list of charges. >> burglary, robbery, unlawful possession of a firearm. >> reporter: police say a portion of the body was outdoors, a portion of it inside a structure. the police investigated stubb stubblefield as part of a missing persons report. the man is 70 years old and is a neighbor of stubblefield. >> it's just really sad to hear
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that he's still missing and we don't know if that's him that they found up the hill. >> reporter: san bruno police say the man and stubblefield were acquaintances. police have not identified the body found at stubblefield's home. >> to be clear, the missing person's case filed with our police department has not been closed. >> to hear a life has been taken on your street is disheartening and sickening statement. >> reporter: san bruno police say stubblefield had a criminal history but they have not said what. in san bruno, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. a corner back was arrested on suspicious of domestic violence. police say when they were called to his santa clara home last night. a woman brock was dating had visible injuries, she didn't
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require medical treatment. brock didn't say much as he left jail today. >> reporter: what happened last night? >> i don't got nothing to say about it. >> reporter: anything at all? >> don't have nothing to say about it. >> reporter: brock has started all but one game over the past two seasons. since 2012, the niners are the nfl team with the most player arrests at 15. the raiders only had five player arrests during that same period, which is below the league average of 7.4 arrests, we posted a timeline of the niners trouble with the law on our website abc7 underneath the water of san francisco bay lies "vengeance" that's the name of a barge that capsized during the storm. b.a.r.t. says the tube buzz not damaged by the sinking ship. but there is a risk that diesel fuel from the barge could leek into the bay.
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wayne freedman is live with the story tonight. >> reporter: there may be good news, as we stood here an hour ago, there were still buoy to contain some of that diesel oil that had leaked out in the bay. there were divers out there an hour ago, looking at the wreckage, they have left. the coast guard says they're going to have an update on what they have found. we're still waiting for that word. >> it is a small and uncertain drama that has played out all day just south of bay bridge commuters and maybe only a few feet from b.a.r.t. riders passing through the bay tube. a sunken barge "vengeance" resting on the bottom. the barge belongs to vortex marine construction of antioch which b.a.r.t. hired to do maintenance on the tube. vortex did not comment on the barge today. >> the barge has a crane and some extra cabling and it's just
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what the divers use as their base and they dive down to replace these metal pieces that attract corrosion so that the tube doesn't get corroded. pnight after being overrun by wind and waves. it has been leaking a small amount of diesel fuel. could the leak be a problem? >> it's possible, but at this point right now with the amount of action that's going on out there, the birds are staying away, right now from what i have heard, it's a very light sheen and that's not a huge cause for concern. >> reporter: not huge, no, but when a barge is 112 feet long in 50 feet of water, not small either. vortex has hired a salvage company, but this barge will remain submerged at least through tonight. the utility crews have still not been able to fully repair
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the damage done by last night's storm. next we're live in walnut creek where they're feeling some of the worst effects of a power outage that has lasted all day. new at 6:00, how local researchers used fish to help stop seizures in children. issued a ticket for eating pizza? im jonathan bloom with a creative protest against a why are you deleting these photos? because my teeth are yellow. why don't you use a whitening toothpaste? i'm afraid it's bad for my teeth. try crest 3d white. crest 3d white diamond strong toothpaste and rinse... ...gently whiten... ...and fortify weak spots.
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use together for 2 times stronger enamel. crest 3d white. new pantene doesn't just wash i wiyour hair, it fuels it.gain. making every strand stronger. so tangles don't stand a chance. because strong is beautiful.
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- grocery outlet - grocery outlet is the home of 'wow' savings. wow means you save 50% or more. there are three stages of wow. denial... - is this price right? - acceptance... and boooyah! wait for it. boooyah has three o's. ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ - right now get a bone-in spiral half ham for just $1.49 a pound. in the last hour, the first bay area protest got under way over president trump's decision to launch a missile strike on a
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syrian air base. about 100 protesters stood with anti-war signs. last night 59 tomahawk cruise missiles launched from two american warships in the mediterranean sea. the strike was in retaliation in a deadly chemical attack launched from that air base. >> what we're getting is a propoganda campaign to prepare the people of the united states for yet another we're. >> bay area members of congress say they agree with the response, but not the way the trump administration went about it. they say congress needs to be involved in any decision that could lead to war. syrian americans in the bay area say the strikes are an important first step to removing syrian president al assad from power. >> the syrian people have been left alone for seven years, i'm hoping the trump administration will do something finally about it. >> syria and russia are calling the air strikes an act of
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aggression. a high profile san francisco political consultant who wants advised mayor ed lee was sentenced today over hundreds of child pornography charges. pierce will serve five years probation and must register as a sex offender for life. >> i think it's very light. because this is not a victimless crime. and this goes on in perpetuity, these children are victims into adult hood, no restitution can be made for that. >> the 42-year-old consultant advised lee and a number of other politicians. he was arrested in 2015 after authorities discovered the images some depicting sexual abuse of infants. some pg and e customers lost
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power in the storm. they're about three kwee-quarte the customrs currently without power. why this is more than just an inconvenience. >> reporter: that's right, pg & eric told me for all these folks without power, they're expecting to restore the power by the end of today, the electricity did go brack on here in much of wnut creek, we have got a split tree behind me here, but pg&e say the places they have not restored power are mainly concentrated along the bay from richmond down to oakland. >> gusty winds caused significant damage in these areas, we have seen other cases where power poles are coming down because of saturated soil, toppling trees and landing on our power lines. >> reporter: today on 10th avenue in east oakland, there was still a tangle of deactivated power lines.
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>> i didn't realize it was so bad, because when i saw the telephone pole and the power lines down like that, i just immediately got back in the house. i didn't want to be involved. because i didn't want to get electrocu electrocu electrocuted. >> reporter: evidence of the raging wind was noticeable at every turn in this office park in walnut creek where there was no electricity all morning long. in this doctor's office, patients were guided around by staff. pg&e says more than 237,000 customers experienced power outages overnight in this april windstorm. by noon today over 26,000 still had no electricity. over 18,000 of them were in the east bay. shopping centers were dark today, including this safe way store. >> we're not open. >> reporter: power was out for
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15 hours, even as it finally came on at 1:30, employees turned away customers as they scrambled to replace all of the spoiled food. pg&e has crews out all over the streets to get the power back on everywhere. rain is spreading rather rapidly across the bay area right now. this is live doppler 7, where we had a surge of downpours just a new minutes ago, now we have light to moderate rain, but it's widespread as you can see from the north bay down to the peninsula across the bay to the east bay. i'll give you a closer look at some of the wetter areas in the east bay, lafayette, concord and walnut creek, but it's spread over much of the bay area today. it will continue to expand as we get into the late evening house. as we look at wet conditions over the bay,9 degrees in san francisco right now, 60 in oakland and 63 in mountain view
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and 65 at half moon bay. this was the view, not much of a view now, attempting to look westward, there's a lot of rain there right now and obviously lots of clouds. 57 degrees in santa rosa and novato, 60 in napa and a fairfield, and we see the golden gate where a wave of rain just swept through, it will be wet and windy with possible thunderstorms, cold tomorrow morning, clearing by late afternoon and will be dry and sunny an sunday. we have rough surf and it will remain rough overnight. wave heights are 15 feet or higher. there's a possibility of sneaker waves and rip currents. this storm will be 1 on the storm impact scale. light chance of some thunder with this storm and gustings
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could reach 50 miles an hour up in the hills. we'll see periods of rain and occasionally we'll see a heavy downpour sweeping through, but the bulk of the rain will be in the north bay. we'll see a couple more waves of scattered showers or periods of rain coming through, but by late afternoon tomorrow, we'll be clearing out, but we won't be warming up much, it's going to be a chilly day tomorrow and a chilly night tomorrow night. look for lows mainly in the mid to upper 40s. it will be a little chillier. daytime highs tomorrow, will be in the upper 50s to low 60s. on we go to the cold night tomorrow night, from midnight tomorrow night to 8:00 a.m. sunday, a foster advisory is in effect for the north bays and the mountains, and low temperatures will drop into the mid p30s and there's a
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possibility of freezing temperatures that will affect pets, and pipes. monday and tuesday, it will get a little bit milder, and then next monday we'll expect more scattered showers. i was with a group of fifth ade students today and we were talking about weather. and i'm the tall kid there in the middle. >> was that you? i wasn't sure. >> it was a delightful visit and they were wonderful hosts and i really enjoyed it. >> good for you for doing that, spencer. all right, well costs and benefits. >> next find out what we'll get by givin
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in a move to fight the going presence of ride sharing acts, california based fly wheel uses technology to connect riders with its 800 participating taxi drivers. two years ago, the company unveiled it's cab connect. cab connect has 60,000 drivers but no mobile app until now. this weekend marks the first of five weekend closures from b.a.r.t. in parts of oakland. the lake merit station will close completely all day tomorrow and sunday. busses will be available to get passengers between the stations.
7:27 pm
b.a.r.t. says it could add 30 to 40 minutes to travel times. state lawmakers passed a $52 million transportation bill that raises the gas tax. it will also raise vehicle registration fees, the money is to be split between state and local governments. the money will go towards fixing potholes and bridges and bike trails. >> i'm here to help all californiians, if we can give a helping break to those who are the least among us, great. >> every member is going to have to answer for their vote. the answer will be what is the long-term impact on the people that they represent? >> the governor is expected to sign the bill in the next few weeks. stay here with us, protesting with pizza, and no, it's not a joke. >> these people are serious and technically they're committing a crime.
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look a little closer at this pepsi ad and you'll see something that looks familiar. there it is. at least it does to the san francisco police department. and they'rt happy about it. live-stream your favorite sport at the airport. binge dvr'd shows while painting your toes. on demand laughs during long bubble baths. tv everywhere is awesome. the all-new xfinity stream app. xfinity. the future of awesome.
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there's a warning going out tonight from the san francisco attorney's office and it's to pepsi and it's about images that represent the san francisco police department. >> the logo appears in behind the scenes footage from pepsi's now controversial ad with kendall jenner. >> reporter: this the logo in question, never shown in the actual ad, it only appears in the behind the scenes version. still sfpd wants to know if pepsi was given approval to use it. >> after understanding that this occurred, we're investigating the matter. >> reporter: the controversial ad has offended many people who saw it as trivializing the black lives matter movement. now pepsi is also dealing with the city attorney's office, which is threatening to take legal action, in a statement
7:32 pm
dennis herrera said there's nothing san franciscoian about pepsi's ham-handed attempt to fatten it's own bottom line. >> it's not 100% identical, but it appears to be our patch. >> reporter: at first the police in the ad are seen as adversarial, their attitude changes after the protester played with kendall jenner gives the officer a can of pepsi. the creator of the ad says he was inspired by the 1965 photo of jan rose kasmir holding a flower during the vietnam war. >> people are just realizing that words are important, actions are important, all of it is important and means something and that people shouldn't get away with such insensitivity. >> reporter: but former police chief tony rivera says he wasn't offended by the ad. >> i don't think it's a big thing, again, we're talking
7:33 pm
about soda pop here. >> reporter: pepsi didn't return our calls but says he was trying to send a message of unity and understanding, but clearly it missed the mark. it's official, the senate has confirmed supreme court nominee neil gorsuch after a unique change in senate rules. >> on this vote, the ayes are 54, the nays are 45. >> most democrats are bitterly angry that republicans changed the rules. the swearing in ceremony for gorsuch will take place next week in washington. the swedish prime minister says his country is in shock. police say a man hijacked a --
7:34 pm
this video shows shoppers run agz that truck passed by. they believe they have arrested the driver. the prime minister laid flowers at the site today and then addressed his nation. >> if this is a terrorist attack, terrorists want us to be afraid. want us to change our behavior, want us to not live our lives normally. but that is what we're going to do. so terrorists can never defeat sweden, never. >> although there's been only one arrest, swedish officials say several people are under surveillance. a protest march was held today in san francisco's mission district to mark one year since the fatal police shooting of luis angora. police say they shot him after he lunged at them with a knife. security cameras captured the incident. over a dozen oakland churches are taking on a new mission tonight. they have come together to help those displaced by last week's
7:35 pm
fatal fire in west oakland. and survivors who were living in the three story apartment building at the time just lost everything they had. the pastor and the reverend are leading the effort to help them. >> what happens after the immediate part of the emergency is that everyone's concerned about where are they going to stay tonight, and where are they going to eat tonight, but down the line all of those urgents fadeaway. >> this won't end in 30 days, they're going to have other needs that need to be met. >> reporte >> the pastors have a facebook page that will tell you more about their mission and how you can help in other ways as well. we have a link at two people sitting at a bus stop eating pizza, all legal, unless you do them at the same time. the unusual ticket given to a
7:36 pm
homeless man. >> reporter: this was a limb different. >> when we read what the citation was for, we saw- >> we don't know that it was illegal to eat pizza at a bus stop. >> reporter: but city law says eating anywhere in the public transit system is illegal. and a bus stop is part of the transit system. >> activist shawn osborne had this to say. >> all of us around here ate pizza at the bus so much in question. >> from the techbder loin to city hall, one activist actually rode across town eating a slice at every bus stop as we went. and the leftovers? who doesn't like pete sachlt. >> it's a random act of kindness. >> reporter: the folks here are trying to prove a point, that their fellow pizza love was
7:37 pm
ticketed under a law that it's not enforced. >> we won't get cited as a poor person or homeless person eating at this spot. >> i they're eating pizza peacefully, they have the right to do that. >> reporter: in the case of is homeless man, they say pizza wasn't the problem. >> there are other details that i can't get into. the entire incident is not solely on the fact that this person was eating pete sach ini. >> reporter: protesters agree on one thing, it's not about meet a. >> it's just a tool to get people to move. the problem is, where are people supposed to go? >> jonathan bloom, abc7 news. the latest treatment for debilitating childhood disease wasn't created. >> it was discovered by doctors at ucsf and they found it by using fish. the move you're making with the move you're making with your
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if you've got a life, you gotta swiffer
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a break through is bro h
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providing hope for children devastated with -- >> playing with her family, you might never guess that she sufferings from a condition that racks her body. it's a severe form of childhood epilep epilepsy. this is what happens when a storm of electricity sweeps across the patient's brain. >> she launches into a full body convulsive state. >> reporter: but now researchers have found a drug, and it's manag something of a high-tech fish story. >> ki la is floweding a special drug screening machine, no chemicals, but tiny zebra fish, the fish are genetically altered
7:42 pm
to relieve seizures. >> the machine's design came from trial and error in the u ucsf, once they're loading in, cameras with tracking software are loaded on to the screen and helps researchers know if they're interrupting the seizures. >> we have screened about 3,000 drugs in a little over three years. >> reporter: in a small clinical trial, one of the drugs managed to reduce the frequency of seizures in a pool of nearly half a dozen patients. >> these are drugs that are already out there, we know something about them, they have been approved for other types of disorders. >> for piper's family, just the promise of a new drug is inspirational. >> it gives you hope. >> reporter: and part of it might go to a bay area to
7:43 pm
fountain. >> the drug was originally approved for weight loss and it's main side effect so far is loss of appetite. we're taking a view outside in santa cruz now, look at the waves there. spencer will tell us when the beach weather will return.
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we worry about hackers hacking into your phone, but what about when you leave your phone somewhere? >> i have come really close. if you haven't been security aware when you lose that phone, you could lose much more than just the hardware. you know how attached we are to our phones, we talk into them, look at them, point and touch them. and when we're not actively involved, we're holding them, keeping them at the ready. and that's when they can be a concern. >> do not save your user id or
7:47 pm
password. don't do that. >> why? >> because if someone were to get their hands on your smart device, your mobile device, and they're to get in, you already have the app, you have it ready to go, all someone needs to do is click. >> on this phone, the uber app opens without a user name or password. someone could call for a long, expensive ride. while this fidelity investment app is password protected, making it much harder to break into, if the phone falls into the wrong hands. >> janice has considered that. >> with social media, i keep them on, but for secure things like bank accounts and all of those, i keep those not signed in. >> reporter: oh, you're very smart. even if your phone is password protected many of the phones aren't that
7:48 pm
>> 12345 is not a good password. >> i'm demanding more security, but i won't even use a secure password? >> that's very true. so companies do have to provide a safe environment for your data, but you also have a part to play in using good pass words. >> or ditching password all together. like this guy, his apps are open, but his phone itself is more secure. >> reporter: are you concerned that if someone got a hold of your phone? oh, you know what i'm talking about. >> not generally, the security is pretty safe, thumbprint, you're good to go. >> security experts say the thumbprint does make his apps much more protected, but still, it would be better to leave them unprotected. what a near night we had last night, spencer is back with an update.
7:49 pm
>> it won't be quite so turbulent tonight, but it's going to be wet. it's wet in many locations right now as you can see. mainly light or light to moderate rain, across much of the north bay right now, moving over to the east bay, antioch and bridge vis tachlt and there's a large amount of areas continuing to downpour pushing on to the peninsula coastline, so the wet weather continues to move in our direction, meanwhile in the sierra, snow continues to fall, winter storm warning is in effect until 6:00 to 12:00 tonight night. 2 to 4 feet of snow above 6,000 feet w winds gusting to 60 miles an hour. that's unbelievable. here's the accuweather seven day forecast. a chilly night going into sunday morning, but a couple of dry days before rain comes in the mid of next week. we have a olt h a lot of
7:50 pm
sports here tonight. >> warriors, we're only a day away from a long-awaited return of kevin durant. k.d. on his why are you deleting these photos? because my teeth are yellow. why don't you use a whitening toothpaste? i'm afraid it's bad for my teeth. try crest 3d white. crest 3d white diamond strong toothpaste and rinse... ...gently whiten... ...and fortify weak spots. use together for 2 times stronger enamel. crest 3d white.
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new pantene doesn't just wash i wiyour hair, it fuels it.gain. making every strand stronger. so tangles don't stand a chance. because strong is beautiful.
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good evening, kevin durant practiced with the bar yours today, and with the best most undervalued -- normal, his normal is kind of like superstar great. durant returns tomorrow night. he injured his knee just over five weeks ago, looked like championship dreams were crushed immediately, when he hobbled off on february 28. but he returns with two games left in the season. somehow, some way the warriors went on a winning streak without him. >> i'm just going to go out there and be me. i can't think about how i'll feel, because i'll end up holding back, so i want to go out there full throttle and see what happens. to be away is different, it's tough, but i look at the big picture, i figured that at some point i'll get better.
7:54 pm
so that day is here. >> it's like playing after a long nap, he's so talented. i think the main thing with kevin is just to find the rhythm of the game. so i'm not even worried about what his jumper looks like, it's more just conditioning and timing. >> while durant is back, the other mvp may be out. steph curry officially listed as doubtful today, with a left knee contusi contusion, otherwise known as a bruise, not believed to be serious. at taugusta national has a way of bringing everybody back to earth and it happened to mr. hoffman today, the wind brisk again, ricky fowler making a charge, holding out on the sand on two for eagle. nice way to start your day. hoffman definitely looking
7:55 pm
human, my, a 3 over today, but still tied for the lead. sergio garcia, never won an open, but hoping. he's at minus 4 as well. jordan spieth even par with phil mickelson, but it was fowler on 18, and you can't get much closer than that. 11 players are within four shots or less, including fred couples and rory mcilroy. they would love for him to be at least decent, cane making his season debut, giants 1-0 before cane even took the mound. gave it right back to the padres lead hitter. homers on the fourth pitch of the game.
7:56 pm
margo also homered in his next at-bat. cane could not 345ik it through five. allowed four runs. giants got it all back and more. one swing from brandon belt, a grand slam, maupadres will jump front again. but belt, his second homer of the became. and that turned out to be the final score as the giants drop to 1-4, 7-6 the final. two innings, including this grand salami, but the a's coming back in this game and right now trailing 8-4 in the fifth. we will have complete highlights at 9:00 and 11:00. join us tonight at 9:00 on kofi tv 20. coming up, a planet far, far away that's a lot like earth, what's been spotted that's never
7:57 pm
been seen outside this solar system. and a whale is believed to be approaching bay area waters. the distress call now going out to area boaters. inally tonight, thoughts about what really matters. as we reported here tonight, the senate voted to appoint judge neil gorsuch to the supreme court. these comments are not about the judge's records or qualmifications, they are how he ascended to that-nuclear option, changing the rules in the middle of the process. reducing the threshold required to approve his nomination from 60 votes to a simple majority of 51 is a major short-term victory for republicans. but it's also a political
7:58 pm
decision with long-term consequences for the country. changing the rules will further divide the senate and fundamentally change the slower moving deliberative nature the founding fathers believed was crucial for the senate, or as washington supposedly described it to jefferson, the senatorial saucer in which to cool the tea. now the court is fully staffed with nine justices, but what really matters is at what cost. i always love to hear from you. . > that's going to do it for this edition of abc7 news.
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- i'll have an egg white omelette with spinach and tomatoes. - and i will have a regular omelette with ham and cheese. and can you take the yolks that you don't use in hers and then put them in mine? - when your heart explodes, try not to fall into my breakfast. - egg whites and veggies?


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