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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 7, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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if you've got a life, you gotta swiffer live where you live, this is abc 7 news. round two is under way, you can see the rain falling right now on live doppler 7 and here's what it looks like from the abc 7 news camera on pier 15. let's begin with clouds moving
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on shore. tracking lightning with this one. >> that's right the national service sent out spervel marine warning, you can see multiple lightning strikes showing up off the coast. since then they've died down but the intensity of the rain has picked up in the north bay, watch out, there might actually be heavy down pours at least briefly ooze i show you rain fall at this hour. about 0.87 an hour. over an inch an hour near citizensstinson beach. there's hail associated with some of that purple area. on the storm impact tonight is a one tonight and tomorrow with
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chance of thunder and hail. gusts up to 50 miles an hour in the hills. winds won't be anywhere near the strength of last night and will be brief. so far gusting from 20 to 30 miami dolphi miles an hour. if you hear thunder or see lightning stay inside. hour by hour coming up, taking you into the weekend. up to three feet of snow could fall in the higher elevations of the sierra by tomorrow. here's live view from heavenly mount resort right now no chains required going to lake tahoe. look at these pictures of mud slide take coming down the hill. these pictures as the water an mud beginning to stream into the house on banning drive. she's left with a supery mess and the slide is still oozing
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into that house and into the backyard in oakland hills, the mud is up to the eves of one of her neighborhoods homes. >> it's been stopped in my dining room by a sliding glass door, it looks to be about two feet of mud. >> the origin of that slide is above banning drive on aiken drive that is now closed and three homes have been red tagged. in east oakland gusty winds brought down trees and brought down power poles. pg & e spent all day cleaning up this mess. track the rain any time downlow the abc 7 news app and enable push alert to get weather alerts as they happen. now to the swift action by president trump ordering air strike on syria, russian prime
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minister condemns the strike saying it puts washington and moscow on the verge of a clash. >> president trump's strategy in syria, congress asking what's next. 59 tomahawk cruise missiles striking a syrian air base, the new president and his national security team giving the green light after syrian president bashar al assad's deadly chemical weapons attack. >> assad took the lives of men, women and children, a slow and brutal death. >> syria and it's ally russia calling the strike an act of aggression saying it only helped isis fighters. they warned of attack of the u.s. forces. there's question whether russia had involvement in the chemical attack. >> the united states took a very
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mesh urd step and are prepared to do more. >> congress agreed action needed to be taking but lawmakers asking for strategy, top republican defending president trump. >> i think the strike was simply about don't use chemical weapons again. >> some criticized the president for taking action without approval. >> you got to bring it to congress with a plan that tells congress what's involved. >> vice president pence will likely be the point person to brief congress on the strategy with syria. abc 7 news. >> russian tv calling the strikes a clear act of aggression and distributed this fe footage of what it called a failed u.s. attack and there were five jet fighters seemingly untouched. the runway seemed undamaged.
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two jets took off less than two hours after the attack. back here, police have one arrest in connection to a body found on pacific heights boulevard. police arrested 50-year-old david stubblefield and charged him with murder and several other crimes. >> san bruno police made a gruesome discover behind this house. >> detectives appeared to be a dismembered human corpse in the yard. >> they arrested 50-year-old david stubblefield facing a long list of charges. >> murder, robbery, burglary, unlawful possession and useful tear gas, and being a felon in possession of the firearm. >> the police chief says a portion of the body was outside
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and a portion in a structure. they were at his home as part of a missing persons investigation someone reported yesterday. the missing man is approximately 70-year-old and lives on the same street as stubblefield. >> it's really sad to hear he is still missing. they don't know if that's him that they found up the hill. >> coroner has not identified the dismembered body bound at his home. >> the missing person case originally filed with our department is still an open investigation and not closed due to yesterday's developments. >> to hear life is taken on your street is disheartening and sickening at the same time. >> by phone stublfield had mental history but have not said
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what. abc 7 news. protesting with pizza, no it's not a joke. >> these people are serious and technically they're committing a crime. we'll explain. also. >> somewhere under the waters of the bay lies a sunken barge named vengeance and the story not about what is raising it up but what it's the little things in lilife that me me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out.
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a shark caused quite a respect spectacle after it washed up on cruise, experts think it might be sick from bacteria infection. these are some of the photos we found on instagram. we'll have more on this story at 11:00 on channel 79. under the water in san francisco lies vengeance a barge that sunk overnight. there's a risk decent ill decent i
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fuel. >> a sunken barge named vengeance resting at the bottom. >> at this time it's not effecting any operations. >> the barge was hired to by bart to do maintenance on tube. >> the barge has crane and extra cabling that the divers use to dive down and replace metal pieces that attract corrosion. >> the barge sank after being over run by wind and waves it was leaking small diesel fuel hence the people from california fish and wild life could the leak be a problem. >> it's possible but with the action going on right now the birds are staying away and from
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what i heard it's a very light sheen and that's not a huge cause for concern. >> not huge, no. but when a barge is 112 feet long in 50 feet of water not small either. a salvage company has been hired but the barge will remain submerged at least through tonight. abc 7 news. the 49ers released a veteran corner back who was released on suspicion of domestic violence, tramaine brock posted bail today. police were called to his home, woman had injuries, she didn't require treatment this is what he said leaving squljail. >> what happened last night. >> i don't got too much to say about is it. >> brock had been with the niners since his rookie year in
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2010 started all but one game in last two season. six imac computers and a laptop taken overnight, police have been notified, an investigation is under way, it's called a huge loss in terms of money and time lost. sitting at a bus stop and eating pizza two perfectly legal things, unless you do it at the same time. this story is of an unusual ticket given to a homeless man and a protest that followd. >> in san francisco un plaza police interact with the homeless all the time but this was a little different. >> when we read what the citation was for it caught our attention. >> the coalition on homelessness had to do research. >> we don't see tickets for eeds of eating pizza at a bus stop. >> i didn't know i was breaking
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the law. >> city law says eating piazza is illegal at bus stop. >> there's a party where all of us that work around here ate pizza at the bus stop in question. >> with #legalizepizza the protest spread across the city one activist wrote across town eating a slice at every bus stop she went. the left overs who doesn't love pizza. >> it's a random act of kindness to pay it forward thank you very much. >> besides having a tasty lunch the folks are trying to prove a point the ticket is under a law that isn't even enforced. >> all of us are privileged because we won't get cited as a homeless person eating at this stop. >> if they are eating pizza peacefully they have the right to do that. >> in the case of the homeless man they say pizza wasn't the
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problem. >> there were other details i can't get into. the entire incident wasn't solely on the fact this person was eating pizza. >> police and protesters agree it's not about the pizza. >> it's just a tool to get people to move. >> the problem is where are people supposed to go. >> in san francisco abc 7 news. governor brown has declared california's drought emergency over. the governor lifted the emergency for all county except fresno, kings, tulare and tualame but said they must remain a way of life going forward. he declared drought in2013 organized mandatory cut back in history. this year we really got soaked. >> and we're getting more. >> that's right tracking it
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again for us. >> yeah let's check out live doppler 7. i just got a report on twitter that it's pouring in san raphael i do want to take you into street level radar. the thunder storm off the coach that prompted a national marine warning, has been dropped so threat of thunder storm is over. you will notice san raphael, lincoln avenue it is coming down, pouring in the san raphael area, little too wait to snap a picture. here's a look at american canyon seers point, we're seeing moderate to heavy pockets of rain. this batch of moisture is moving northeast ward, expect it heading into cordelia area and great down pours around
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elcerrito, kensington. i'm concerned about the moisture stream coming in here, cold unstable air. that's the rest of this storm, meaning potential for thunder with hail. rain fall totals with the last storm almost three inches in san raphael. in liver more 0.7 of an inch. heavy rain. winds out of the southwest. 28 in napa. not as windy as it was what the last storm where gusts reached up to 83 miles an hour. temperatures in the 50s. it's slippery. showing the wet and windy possibility of thunder. cold showers saturday. dry and sunday sunny. the weekend is not a complete wash out. waves come up to 16 feet large
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breakers especially for north west facing beaches, rip current risk and sneaker waves be careful. tonight through tomorrow rain fall less than half an inch, potential for hail, thunder, gusts up to 50 in the hills later tonight. 11:00 p.m. tonight pockets of moderate rain and scattered showers and intensity around 7 a.m. so you will see brief down pours, snow in the hills above lake county. 8 a.m. bringing the snow level down, don't be surprised to see white around that area in the morning. scatter showers going from 10 to the afternoon hours. hang on to the umbrella. showers wind down potential around clear lake. rain fall totals most of you less than half inch could see up to an inch in santa rosa.
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in terms of the winds will increase heading into 11:00 p.m. and die back down again heading towards tomorrow morning so not as intense of a wind storm as what we saw flieft. last night. download our new app will help you keep track of the rain with live doppler 7. tomorrow afternoon it's a cooler day. going to feel like winter. mid 50s. low 60s. mix of sun and showers could see snow over the hills which is why it's on the accu weather seven day. chilly, cold morning on sunday with frost advisory issued for the north bay valleys and mountains. light rain tuesday. giants home opener will be dry. wednesday and thursday we'll track another system around here. winter's not over. seeing more storms beyond this
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bart is doing repair work this weekend, means there will be a bus bridge that riders can expect 20 minutes delays. google is denying a charge it systematically discriminates against women when it comes to pay. the charge is part of an ongoing labor investigation which includes that accusation that pay discrepancies are spread across googles entire workforce
9:25 pm
this afternoon google said, quote, other than making an unfounded statement which we heard for the first time in court, the dol hasn't provided any data on it's methodology. new research from mit suggests our brain make two copies of each memory when formed one for the here and now the other for lifetime. this after 50 years of accepted neuro science experts say they are surprise bud convinced by the discovery. >> we make two copies, interesting. utility crews may not be able to fully recover from the damage from last night's storm. also deadly terror attack in sweden a man in a truck runs down
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about a quarter million pg & e customers lost power overnight in the storm. we'll show why this is more than an inconvenience. >> gusty winds caused significant damage in this area, power poles coming down toppling trees landing on our power lines. all hands on deck as crews work to restore power. >> today in east oakland there was still tangled power lines. kevin heard them come down last night. >> i didn't realize it was so bad i saw the telephone pole
9:30 pm
down i immediately got in the house you didn't want to get elect cuted. >> evidence of the raging wind was evidence at every turn at this office park where at this doctor's office patients were navigated by flashlights and seeing with light from cellphones. pg&e said over 237,000 northern california customers experienced power outages in this wind storm and by noon 26,000 still had no electricity over 18,000 in the east bay. whole shopping centers were dark all morning in walnut creek including this safeway store. >> we're not open but banroft and tight an is open. >> power is out for 15 hours. as it came on at 1:30 employees scrambled to replace all of the
9:31 pm
refrigerated food. 250 crews are out on the streets to get the liegghts back on everywhere. abc 7 news. more than a dozen open churches are taking on a new mission to come together to help those displaced by last week's fire, four people died and the survivors lost everything they had. pastor and reverend are leading the effort to help them. >> what happens after the immediate part of the emergency is that everyone's concerned about where are they going to stay and eat tonight but down the line all of those urgencies fade away. >> this won't end in 30 days, they're going to have other needs that need to be met. >> the pastors have a facebook page that will tell you more about their mission and how you can donate or otherwise help. we have a link at abc 7 news.
9:32 pm
over seas an attack in sweden with all of the hall marks of terrorism the attacker used a vehicle as a weapon this time stolen truck speeding down a mall and slammed into a department store. tonight there's an arrest. >> tonight's shockers in disbelief and then panic as this trust barrels through busy shopping district. police skouring videos searching for clues showing the truck crashing into this department store thick, black smoke billoing out. four dead, a dozen injured, nine critically. at this hour nationwide man hunt is under way for those responsible for the attack. police reported one arrest 20 miles away from the crime scene. a man who matches these photos on an escelator wearing a hoodie and black pants.
9:33 pm
sweden's prime minister saying sweden has been attacked everything skate indicates this is a tourist a dak. tourist attack. from an office window so many could be seen fleeing for their lives. on the ground armed officers some wearing gas masks were trying to control the chaos. >> this is not a safe place. >> at the grim scene the tire marks could be seen in the blood in the immediate aftermath of the attack as shoppers tend to the injured. >> firefighters dueced the flames in the back of the truck allowing police toenter. witness describe the panic and terror. >> i could see bodies on the street and the police covering body with an orange blanket. >> abc 7 news. back here the u.s. supreme
9:34 pm
court is back at it's full compliment of nine justices after the senate confirmation of neil gorsich. they revoked the nuclear option. one senator said it was politics that led to disdiscussion. >> the nomination of neil gorsuch of colorado to be supreme court justice of the united states is confirmed. >> gorsuch will be sworn in as 113th justice on monday filling the following the death of
9:35 pm
antonin scalia. > . twitter says it's dropping it's lawsuit against the trump administration just yesterday after learning the government with drew a request after identity of a person under president trump with more than 40e,000 followers the 40,000 followers the account's users are protected under the first amendment. it's been four days since application for h 14 v the cap has already been reached, the cap is 65,000 for fiscal year
9:36 pm
2018 the fifth year it's been met within five days, these visas are awarded through a lottery system. last year 236,000 foreigners applied, the california with the highest number of applicants and the trump administration warning about abuse about the program. a warning over pepsi featured sfpd logo, appearing behind the scenes footage in pepsi now controversial ad with kendall jenner. >> this is the logo in question never shown in the actual ad only appears in the behind the scenes version still sfpd wants to know if pepsi was given approval to use it. >> we're investigation r. investigating the controversial as trivializing the black lives matter movement.
9:37 pm
and now the city attorney office sl threatening to take legal action in a statement, there's nothing san franciscoan about pepsi attempt to fatten it's own bottom line. >> at first the police in the ad are seen as advserial and their attitude changes after the protester played by kendall jenner gives him ad of pepsi. he was inspired by a 1967 photo of woman holding a flower in front of the national guard. she was protesting the vietnam war. we face timed her from her home in south carolina. >> people are just realizing that words are important. actions are important. all of it is important. it means something. people shouldn't get away with such insensitivit. >> former police chief wasn't offended by the ad. >> i personally don't think it's
9:38 pm
a big thing. again we're talking about soda pop here. >> pepsi didn't return our call but said it was trying to send a message of unity, peace, and understanding but clearly missed the mark. in san francisco, abc 7 news. astronomers say for the first time they've detected a planet with an atmosphere and say it's a significant step towards detection outside of our solar system. england university detected the atmosphere while measuring the decrease in light while passing the sun. it's 30,000 light years
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a break through by researchers at ucfs is providing hope for children with a devastating condition. >> the unsung heroes don't work at the lab they just swim there. >> you might never guess she suffers from a condition that racks her body a severe form of epilep epilepsy. a storm of electricity across her brain. >> she launches into intensive shaking. >> an experiment drug is showing promise and the tail how they discovered it a high tail fish story. >> they're small and fast so the hardest part is catching them. >> research assist is floating a special drug screening machine with tiny zebea fish.
9:43 pm
larvae are bread to have these type seizures. >> no lab was using these fish to study epilepsy so we had to get the machines our selves. >> it allows them to place different test drugs into tiny wells into the fish and cameras with tracking software project them on to the screen and help alert if and produced several thoi hits one of the drugs managed to reduce the frequency of seizures in a pool of half dozen patients. these drugs are already out there. they've been approved for other disorders. >> for piper's just the promise of a new derogatorug is
9:44 pm
life-changing. >> it's inspirational and gives me hope. >> part of the credit may go to a bay area innovation that puts a humble fish on the cutting edge of research. >> pretty wild isn't it. now the drug being tested was originally approved for weight lost and main side effect is loss of appetite. we're going to check in with our meteorologist next for live doppler 7. plus a rare this weekend at bass pro shops
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the 50th anniversary of the summer of love is just around the corner but you can take a look back right now, just one of the fun things you can do this weekend. we have details and options from our partners at hood line. >> turn on, tune in, and drop out.
9:48 pm
this week hood line takes us back to golden gate part where hippy culture is now fine art the summer of love experience is meant to immerse you into the psych deltic world san francisco circa 19677. the fashion of the day is the examine of the over arching theme of the exhibit disruption. >> what do you think the summer of love generation will think when they see their stuff is now in a museum. >> it is very special for us because here you have something that is on the one hand already history to be maybe rewriting history on the other hand a lot of the prop opponents are still alive. they will go through it and see it and probably have their own interpretation. we'll have about a thousand different curators for the show.
9:49 pm
>> the summer of love now 50 years old and also san francisco japan welcomes 50th year of cherry blossom festival going for two weekends with the parade next sunday. we end on the 40th of the original tv series "roots" will host stars of the original show this weekend to see about tickets to that and other weekend happenings go to abc 7 and we'll hook you up with hood line. have a great weekend. now weather phenomenon, snow-nado. check it out. see that snow swirling around. it lasted about 30 seconds and then just disappeared. >> that's pretty cool. >> it is. >> not quite like a shark knato. >> you don't want to go into one of those. let's update the forecast.
9:50 pm
>> yeah the snowna drk arksnown intensity as a sand storm, keep that in mind. s lightning is showing up off the coast line. down pours in the east bay. from themmoryville peed mont. one other stop here street level radar is coming down. this is the second system we were waiting for. china town seeing moderate pockets of rain. chains on most roads leading up to tahoe. winter storm warning until 6:00 tomorrow. storm expected above 6,000 feet. current storm is a 1 even though we have thunder and hail possibility. gusts up to 50 in the hills.
9:51 pm
most areas lowell innovation looking at 20 to 30 miles an hour. tomorrow morning. pockets of rain continuing until 9 a.m. tomorrow afternoon 50s, 60s, cool and breezy. do watch out sunday morning, frosty cold, accu weather seven-day forecast we get a break sunday into toys and another system mid week. >> all right thanks. >> a little baseball to talk about. >> yes little baseball. unfortunately for the giants can't catch a break. branldon belt had a brandon belt had a
9:52 pm
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good evening, the giants owe matt cain $20 million would love for him to be at least decent.
9:55 pm
first man he faced did this. gone! that's manuel margot who homered on the fourth pitch of the game and his next at-bat and padres jumped out to 4-run league. giants came back in the sixth. brandon belt's first grand slam in the big. but in the 7th george kontos on in relief before yangervis solarte doubles in a pair, 7-6 padres final. giants drop to 1-4. angels and rangers check this out. this is a massive burger. where's the beef. was right there. i got your beef right near courtesy of mazaro gives up a grand run gave up eight runs in two innings. matt joyce a moon shot.
9:56 pm
if it's fair it's gone, it is and it is. three-run homer chris davis added a solo blast but a's lose in their home opener. kevin warner, undere valuation he felt normal the warriors will happily take normal durant will return tomorrow night on the court, durant hurt his knee over five weeks ago, looked like championship dreams were crushed when he hobbled off, since then been on rehab, warriors went on 13-game win streak without him k.d. will come back and start tomorrow at oracle against new orleans. >> i'm going to go out and be me, can't think about how i feel, because i don't want to hold out, i want to go out full throttle, my favorite thing is to play basketball. i look at the big picture and
9:57 pm
figure at some point i will get better. that day is here and i'm thankful. >> i think he could fall out of bed and get 20 points after a long nap. he's so talented. i think the main thing with kevin is just to find the rhythm of the game. i'm not even worried about what his jump looks like. probably just conditioning and timing. >> while durant is coming back the other mvp may be out, steph curry doubtful with left knee contusion but not expected to be serious. russell westbrook going for 42nd triple-double, averaged this season, across court pass there to oladipo, suns did their best to stop him. hacked adams to prevent westbrook with another sift he is two assists shy of
9:58 pm
triple-double 42 and suns snap 13-game skid 120-99. charlie hoffman with largest lead in 62 years in augusta but masters has a way to bring everyone back to but n as the 40 miles an hour gusts of yesterday. ricky fowler holding out from the sand, on 2 for eagle here. look at hoffman that's a dan ashley stroke there, sorry. you haven't even played golf in a while you're too busy singing and dancing, whatever else you're doing three over for hoffman today but still tied for the lead. jordan spieth shot a 75 yesterday, 69 today, birdie on 18 leaves him 4 back at even par
9:59 pm
with mphil mickelson. fowler tied at the top with minus four. eleven players within four shots or less including freddie couples and rory mcilroy. coming up tonight live doppler 7 will track heavy rain and lightning right now we'll have your updated accu weather forecast. and bizarre sight on local beaches shark stung on the sand. join us tonight at 11:00 on channel 7. >> see you then.
10:00 pm
(narrator reading) narrator: today, it's a quiet sunday morning in baton rouge, louisiana. (recorder playing) when an all too familiar urban nightmare unfolds. a brazen killer steps out of his car,


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