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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  April 10, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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these pampt parents are. local newspaper staff received one of the most prestigious honors. too many sunny days can put us more at risk and we have had some close calls. very, very quickly upon entering the class room started shooting. >> families lives have been impacted irretrievably today. >> mourning and praying tonight in san bernardino after an attack that killed three people
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including a child. >> san bernardino police are revealing a troubled marriage was involved in the murder-suicide of a high school teacher and her estranged husband. >> police say 53-year-old cedri estranged wife's class room today and shot her to death before turning the gun on himself. karen smith was 11/a 5th grade teacher. >> they have been separated for a month or a month and a half, but nobody we have interviewed said they saw this coming or knew this was going to happen. >> investigators reveal he had a
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criminal past including weapons charges and domestic violence. 8-year-old jonathan martinez has died. a 9-year-old boy remains hospitalized in stable condition. it all happened just after 10:30 this morning. >> i'm looking for my grandson, so they're not answering phones. >> i got to hug her. i hope she's okay. >> worried parents flooded the school only to find their children had been evacuated to cal state san bernardino and then later to a local high school. take a look at this emotional scene of parents reuniting with their kids. anderson's facebook page shows
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this picture in happier times and i found this prophetic post, cedric anderson saying, my wife, karen smith-anderson is an angel. new details emerging tonight in a shooting last night that ended in a man's death. it's the department's third death this year. what led up to the gunshot? >> reporter: this is actually an incident that started with a different police agency doing a traffic stop, but it ended with a shoot-out between a suspect and two freemont police officers. freemont called in a helicopter and three squad cars. >> a victim oicer was fired upon and they had to return fire. >> reporter: neighbors describe an intense scene that lasted more than an hour. >> we heard four gun shots.
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>> i heard a lot of police calling the people coming out because i don't know how many people, but he said that you come out and everything will be okay. >> reporter: according to freemont police, east buy police department called for back up after the man ran to a 7-levin. one of them spotted a man standing on a u-haul truck in the back lot. his client says the man first raised his hand as in surrendering but then pointed a gun. >> one officer clearly saw an object in his hand, but what all three officers saw was a muzzle flash. >> reporter: two officers returned fire but the incident didn't end for some time. they called for the fire department to bring a drone to see if the suspect was on the
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roof of the building nearby. residents told us they were worried about the gun fire. >> we were just too close to that place and we were concerned that people would jump into our backyard. get used to that sound, we'll be stuck with clearing away fallen trees for several months as well as the danger that comes with them. spring storms have left a real mess and we have more in the forecast tomorrow in fact. >> but even after the storm, we're not in the clear from all the falling frees. spencer christian is tracking our latest round of rain. >> reporter: this old oak behind me dropped a major limb right on top of this house over the weekend during the high winds and heavy rains, but the experts say we may see a whole new round
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of falling trees during the warm, sunny days of summer. the calendar may say it's spring, but the weather says otherwise, at least when it comes to the rain and wind that cause trees to fall. in the oakland hills saturday, several tall eucalyptus trees fell and one hit a house, nearly missing the people inside including an infant. and in berkeley, another big tree toppled over, knocking out two pg&e power poles near uc memorial stadium. in concord, the tree trcrews spt the morning cutting apart a large tree that fell on this house. >> the tree didn't fall over, but a big main broke off this old oak. >> reporter: the high winds and the rain were the culprit this
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time. >> in the summertime when it's # 90 degrees or hotter, all the water is flowing through the branches to the top of the tree, makes it very heavy, there can be no wind at all and the branches will break. best advice for homeowners, don't wait to have trees like in trimmed up long before the hot days of summer. in concord, laura anthony, abc7 news. it looks calm and cloudy on mt. tam. >> right now we're looking at dry conditions, but as you pointed out, clouds are getting more widespread, the approaching storm ranks 1 on the storm impact scale, a storm of light intensity, only about.001%. showers will become more
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widespread in the morning hours and i'll show you what's to follow that and more storms coming later in the morning. 2017 is obviously an odd numbered year, but the giants and their fans are optimistic that they'll see even year success. >> today the team got a much needed taste of that success, at the home opener, always an exciting day in san francisco. >> let's start with abc news reporter wayne freedman. >> reporter: i don't think the word team coverage has every been important more. we were covering the san francisco giants and every major league team gets 162 games a year, and only one of those is a home opener, that made this day a holiday. you got a 24-hour bug, you called in sick, we know what's up. come on, confess the real reason. >> it's opening day. >> reporter: now that the truth
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has come out, share the rest about another pilgrimage over the bridge, about how giants fans come in all shapes and sizes and how this is a holiday for hardcore baseball fans. that's right, you made plans to meet at willie mays, you brought your ball, your glove, you hope not to bean anybody. maybe you went for a pre-game burger at java house which predates the ballpark and the owner moved on to that big ballpark in the sky. >> he would be hoping for a win and for everyone to have a great time and enjoy the giants. ♪ oh, say can you see >> reporter: cast members from "hamilton" sang the national
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anthem. the red, white and blue confetti rained down from above. and after a giants win, all is well in the local baseball universe. >> hope springs eternal? >> i hope so. >> reporter: which makes it official. at at&t park, wayne friedman, san francisco, abc7 news. mike schuman joins us from the at&t park. >> reporter: what a day it was, you got to win your home opener, and the giants did just that with a 4-1 victory over the d-backs, but a scare went throughout the ballpark. buster posy at the plate with two out, and you could hear taiwan walker's pitch hit him in the head four blocks down the road. he sat down, did not move. the trainer came out. bruce bow chi came out and they decided to take him out of the game. we talked with bruce bocci to
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see what was wrong with buster. >> he was hit in the head and he's a catcher, so now he's even more at risk and if he's catching and takes a foul tip, that puts him even at more risk, so we didn't want to risk that so that's why he came out. >> talking to him after, he was like, i feel fine, right after, checked on him a couple of times throughout the game and he said it was staying the same. so it's definitely, a, you know, nice to know that he's doing well so far. >> reporter: buster was walk out about an hour ago, he went through the protocol but they're going to re-evaluate him to see if he can play. we'll have all your highlights coming up in this newscast. >> boy, that was scary. and as you mentioned, garry behl is going to join us later, he's going to have a look at how the giants have had a rough
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start to the season. michael finney explains what your rights are and how to handle yourself if an airline tries to move you off a flight. >> apparently some kids discovered that there were some vacant homes. that's how it started, this is what happened next, but it's not the end of the story. and next we're live with newly released details on a grizzly murder case, find out what started the arg
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killing and dismembering his victim. today we learned who that victim was. melanie woodruff joins us from that house in sacramento with what may have sparked that deadly confrontation. >> reporter: all of this was over a space heater. david stubblefield is being held on $10 million bail. the victim, his elderly neighbor. investigators say david stubblefield killed his elderly neighbor and then tried to get rid of his body. stubblefield appeared in court for the first time on murder and destruction of evidence charges. the victim, 77-year-old benjamin royble lived here next door to stubblefield. >> there was a dispute about a space heater. and during that dispute,
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stubblefield used pepper spray and during that confrontation killed him. >> there was an odor that was readily apparent, that's what got them started on that path. >> reporter: officers found the body in the backyard. neighbors say they knew the man who lived here as benny. >> he was a very nice old man. >> reporter: stubblefield was also charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm. the da says he was previously convicted on drug charges. >> i'm so glad that that guy's all locked up and that he never sees daylight again. >> in san bruno, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. police have reviewed the victim's identity. roga valencia was shot to death on saturday. surveillance footage has helped
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them identify possible suspects in the shooting. this is the first homicide in newark this year. doors kicked in, windows smashed, just some of the damage a flash mob did over the weekend. they stuck in the alumrock area. >> reporter: vacant homes can be really attractive to anyone trying to pull off a flash mob party. that's where people go on social media and invite people to have a party someplace where nobody is living. it happened on this street in three houses and three more houses around the corner where a lot of damage was done. crews have worked fast to repair the damage, but there's no hiding it, windows were smashed, appliances gouged, muddily footprint leigh a clue how vandals broke down backdoors to hold a flash mob party. >> they do something over social
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media, they send a message saying meet at this place at this time and they just show up and they just, i'm guessing they just party. >> reporter: all this damage was done in about 20 minutes according to neighbors who heard the noise, but the vandals had knocked out street lights so no one could see or identify them. this man has lived in this neighborhood for that years, he doesn't understand why people do this. >> there's no respect to property, they just don't care. >> reporter: heather was helding an open house at one of her properties. >> we should be aware, and if you have homes in your neighborhood, if you see cars coming in and out, if it looks suspicious, call the police, reach out, call the listing agent. >> he has called for a flash mob when there was a party at another vacant house. >> this is the only time that
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any new building has been done here in quite a long time. >> reporter: and you're hoping this is the last time you see this kind of event? >> of course. today the city of san jose shut down a temporary flood shelter about five people were still staying at the seven tr trees -- hotels and motels for poh day 30 days at a time. now your accuweather forecast with spencer >> looks like we have another wet weekend coming our way. we have dry conditions with increasingly cloudy skies. here's the view from our tower camera looking out over the bay, 59 degrees in san francisco, 63 in oakland, mountain view 61, 71
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mild degrees in gill roy, 55 in half moon bay. a few low clouds and high clouds as well. mid 60s at napa, fairfield, concord and liver more. and from our east bay hills camera, just a stunning view, looks almost like a painting. we'll have a showery pattern for the next three days, a brief break, dry weather on friday and saturday, but another storm comes in on easter sunday. as we get into the overnight hours, we'll see cloudier skies with low temperatures in the morning ranging from upper 40s to low 50s generally. our storm ranks a 1 on the storm impact scale. we'll see gusts 25 to 35 miles an hour, but rainfall totals only about .05 inch.
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there won't be any widespread wet weather to greet morning commuters, may happen in the evening, we'll see the showers become more widespread about 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. much of the day area will be getting some shower activity. we go midnight tomorrow night into wednesday morning, that's when our next storm will come in early on wednesday. it will produce rainfall totals of .2 to .5. 15 to 30 miles an hour, and on we go with that forecast animation, starting at 9:00 wednesday morning, by 6:00 wednesday evening, we'll see the next wave of steady rain sweeping into the north bay. it will hit by 8:00 wednesday evening, most of the bay area will be getting wet weather. then around 11:00, we'll see rain tapering off in the north bay and the golden gate, but it will still be around san
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francisco bay. by late thursday into thursday night, we'll see totals ranging from .75 inch in the north bay to only about .25 in the south bay. this will not be a drenching storm, but it will be a week of wet weather until friday. so for tuesday, wednesday and thursday, look for light storms ranking 1 on the storm impact scale. a brief warmup on saturday, highs getting up to about 70 degrees, but showers arrive late in the day on easter sunday. it will be wet and breezy again next monday. so two days out of five, it will be sunny and dry. coming up next, some cal students want it, others don't. >> the p
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7:26 pm
fund seven spaces and centers that support and help minority student groups on campus. >> they're running under capacity since they started. >> reporter: the referendum is asking students to pay $28 per semester and $58 a year to expand their services. >> it's always a difficult things when you're being asked to pay more tuition. >> reporter: so far it appears the referendum may have the support it needs to pass. >> to me i support c because as swu someone who comes from a marginalized background, i know how important it is for us to uplift those who are marginalized in our community. >> reporter: one in four students at cal said they experienced exclusion. these spaces offer her a place
7:27 pm
to gain confidence. >> when we come to campus, it's not just about academic retention, but it's also about creating bonds with other students. frustrated and now misled, victims of mail theft turn to abc7 news for help. a bay area newspaper wins the most well known award in their industry. it's a video that has us all talking. i'm michael fi
7:28 pm
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busted his lip. >> oh, my god, look at what you did to him! >> they watched a fellow passenger get pulled off the plane. united says they needed to send a four-person crew from chicago to louisville last night and asked passengers to give up their seats.
7:31 pm
>> no one volunteered so employees selected four passengers at random. three walked off the plane, the fourth was dragged off. >> what other passengers recorded may be upsetting to watch. [ screaming ] >> no! >> hey, hey, hey, just come on. >> come on. >> the passenger who recorded this video says police were just trying to control things on the plane and blames united personnel for that situation. >> the officers are with the chicago department of aviation, one of them has been placed on leave for not following standard procedure, united is conducting it's own investigation. oscar munoz tweeted today we are also reaching out to this passenger to resolve this situation.
7:32 pm
>> a former travel agent and practicing attorney questions whether that contract was enforce mable in this case. >> well under 1% of all ticketed passengers are denied boarding each year, even less are denied boarding involuntarily. if it happens to you, those types of numbers really don't matter. randy warren worked for two decades as a travel agent now a practicing attorney watched this video with interest. >> they trampled this person's rights. >> it was horrifying. >> reporter: both agree what happened was not acceptable. the man removed from the flight was a doctor who said he needed to get on the flight to see patients. united said it needed the seat for its own crew trying to get to their assignment. >> they put their business
7:33 pm
interest ahead of the traveling public. the fact is it wasn't because the doctor was taken off because the grand mother needed the seat, the doctor was taken off the seat because united needed the seat. >> reporter: he's predicting a drawn out lawsuit. >> if they want to inconvenience someone, it has to be someone who's not already on the flight. >> reporter: united offere eed 0 for anyone who would vol darely leave the flight. fair class, status in the frequent flyer program and when the passenger boarded. >> maybe it's time to revisit the whole concept of involuntarily bumping. maybe the airlines should be called to often compensation that is commensurate with the
7:34 pm
inconvenience. >> now i want to hear from you, the 7 on your side hot line is open monday through friday 10:00 to 2:00, my number 415-954-9151. the latest annual airline quality rating report is just out, along with the rankings. alaska jumped up to first place this year followed by delta, virgin america which was recently bought by alaska is in third place. southwest ranks sixth, united comes in eighth. the report finds that overall airlines improved this year, they're also getting better at sticking to schedules, losing fewer bags and customers seem to be complaining less often. today the fcc's chair recommended the agency not relax rules about cell phones on
7:35 pm
planes, that means cell phones will continue to be banned while in flight. for months abc7 news viewers have been telling us about a growing problem across the area, mail theft. residents are dealing with incomplete mailboxes and incorrect information about how to fix the problem. >> reporter: homeowners in this livermore neighborhood haven't had mail delivery in four months. after threes broke their mailbox, julie hurd called the local post office. >> they referred me back to the hub. who told me no, it's not their responsibility to fix the post office boxs. >> reporter: so julie and their neighbors did as they were told and ordered this $1,300 cluster box and installed it at the end of february. but now six weeks later, the
7:36 pm
postal service still hasn't inge stalled their locks on the mailbox to make it functional. >> reporter: angelina mcgraph lives in a different part of livermore but has the same problem. >> we went ahead and ordered the mailbox. but now we're waiting for the locks that are apparently back ordersed because there's been so many break ins. >> we have a directive that we are taking full responsibility for all the replacements and repairs. >> reporter: u.s. postal service spokesman is a livermore postmaster is now trying to find out which supervisor told customers s ts to purchase the mailboxes. >> the neighbors we spoke to here in livermore did everything correctly, but if your mailbox is vandalized, go ahead and
7:37 pm
report it to your police department and the postmaster. inial liver more, kate larsen, 7 news. we have now learned the time of the fourth person killed in the blaze. about 100 people survived the fire. you can help out by going to abc7, just search the word fire. solano county deputies found $100,000 worth of stolen stuff during a traffic stop. they pulled the car over because it didn't have a license plate. in the back seat, they found all theyou're now seeing. two men now face several charges. the supreme court is back to
7:38 pm
full strength with nine justices. >> you'll see how the new justice, neil gorsuch changes the view of the court. and
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. this is a live look inside the church near the shooting scene. over 100 people have shown up for the vigil. you can see them there in the pews. the white supremacists who killed nine people in a historically black church in south carolina pleaded guilty today to state charges. >> how does your client wish to plea? i believe you said he wished to plead guilty, is that correct? >> yes, your honor. >> reporter: he entered a guilty plea to nine murder charges, he
7:42 pm
th the judge then sentenced him to the death penalty. egypt's president 2340u78 a three-month state of emergency designed to help authorities root out isis which took credit for the bombings. the palm sunday attack killed there's 23 people and wounded 25 others. the supreme court now has nine justices for the first time in a year. neil gorsuch was sworn in this morning as the newest justice. >> i am humbled by the trust placed to me today. i will never forget, to whom much is given, much will be expected. >> today ended a bitter partisan fight in which the republicans used the nuclear option which
7:43 pm
changed senate rules to a simple majority. now the court returns to it's balance with a swing vote. the ninth seat has been empty since antonin scalia died last february. the newsroom celebration by some bay area
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happening now, contra costa county is testing out its warning system. the county is rolling the tests through different areas, people in rodeo are getting alerts right now. the testing should be wrapped up by 8 p.m. as abc7 reporter jonathan bloom explains, a bittersweet victory, a triumph for their coverage of atragedy. >> congratulations, man. >> reporter: the hugs and champagne followed this moment of disbelieve as east bay times reporters heard they just won the pulitzer prize for breaking news. >> it's the one thing in journalism that everyone knows
7:47 pm
is something good. >> this is an award that if you go back and look historically at anyone who's won it it was based on a tragedy. >> either you knew someone who died in the fire or you knew someone who knew someone. >> they first called me and said there was a fire that was going to be pretty bad. >> reporter: as the flames raged, reporters talked to a fire chief in a nearby parking lot. >> december's ghost ship warehouse fire would become the deadliest fire in oak lapped's hit, claiming 76 lives. >> it was a terrible thing that happened and i think we all felt really compelled to get to the bottom of what happened. >> reporter: the report quickly turned from what happened to why. the prize comes to a newsroom that's just seen it's fair share
7:48 pm
of changes, two newspapers merged into one with a smaller staff and a new name. >> we're just a schad zero of our former selves due to budget cut backs, it's harder to do the work with les people. >> we care about oakland and the coverage of this hopefully will lead to change. >> reporter: and put the east bay times on the map. >> i'm not going to regret this tattoo anymore, i'll tell you that. a stanford neurosurgeon has been recognized posthumously for writing a book about his battle with terminal lung cancer, shortly before passing away at 37, sheryl jennings had an opportunity to speak with him shortly before his death. his wife finished his death. the book became a "new york times" best seller and now a
7:49 pm
pulitzer finalist. now at sun down, passover gins, it's a time for jews to remember their freedom from slavery in egypt. >> spencer is back with an update on the forecast. >> we have increasingly cloudy skies, but it's still pretty bright outside at the moment. the approaching storm, ranks 1 on the storm impact scale. it will produce scattered rain throughout the day tomorrow. anywhere from about .005, to .25. as we get into the morning commute, there won't be much rainfall at that point, but just a couple of isolated showers, widespread showers hitting all parts of bay area. the evening commute may be complicated by rainfall. and evening tomorrow night it will be wet. three days in a row, tuesday,
7:50 pm
wednesday and thursday, we have storms ranking one on the storm impact scale. each will produce light rainfall. but the heaviest rainfall will be wednesday night before we have two dry days friday and saturday and then rain begins on easter sunday. opening day baseball. >> yeah, bill's here with the latest. >> giants didn't deliver a ton of offense in their home opener this afternoon, but the diamondbacks helped them out
7:51 pm
7:52 pm
after a rough start on the road, the giants returned to the bay area. they took advantage of a little league mistake by arizona to win
7:53 pm
the game. but concern tonight about buster posey. this guy's absolutely amazing, i don't know how he does this, but he crafted an image of willie mays in just minutes. first inning and look out. taiwan walker's 94-mile-per-hour pitch hits buster posy right in the head and the giants catcher, they waited no time, sent him immediately to the clubhouse, so he was done for the day. fourth inning, pitcher matt moore, a slow roller here to walker who. it's your t-ball spshl right there. 3-0 giants. moore shut the giants down, allowed one run on three, struck out five and the giants take the home opener with a score of 4-1. reaction from mike shuman and the latest on posy. >> reporter: that was one of the
7:54 pm
most interesting three rbi hits that matt moore has ever had and actually bruce bocci calls it an rti, runs thrown in. >> reporter: what about that 3-rbi bunt hit there? >> once i ran through the bag, i kind of went into panic mode because i wasn't sure how far the ball needed to be for me to get there. but after the second or third m misthrow, it was probably back and forth. >> we call them rtis, runs thrown in and we had three of them. it was a crazy inning. mattie just got enough of it, he hit it in a good spot and they were all rush throws and fortunately we took advantage of it. >> all right, tomorrow the
7:55 pm
giants look for their second win here at home in at&t park. >> they say posey is fine, but you never know with a concussion, so we'll have to see. a's pitcher jerome cotton was lights out today in kansas city where the royals had not been blanked in their home opener since 1971. chris davis did not hit a single homer during the spring, well, one week into the actual season, now he's got four. a little help from the carrying it out. 2-0, a's, that's all the run support cotton needed because he was dealing. then sean doolittle, what would doo do in the ninth? he would strike out his old buddy moss. in the ultimate hypocrisy,
7:56 pm
the nfl is finding players who took part in an arm wrestling event that took place over the weekend because it was held in a casino. hello, nfl, you just authorized moving the raiders to a city that is defined by casinos and gambling and you think no players will ever be invited to a casino for an event. this is unbelievable. and you will gladly accept 7$75 million in public financing from the city of los angeles, from the county, and guess who's going to pay for all those luxury suites, all the players in the hotel. the nfl is -- never mind. never mind. i can't even. >> there's gambling in las vegas? >> there's some other stuff going on in vegas too, wait until they hear about that.
7:57 pm
>> they're going to be mad. join us tonight at 9:00 on kofi-tv channel 23. a man had just gotten out of a pickup when this happened. what happened when the shock wore off. that's at 9:00. and this man is being held on $46 million bail. the child molestation charges he's now facing and the job that put him in close contact with one kids. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news.
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