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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 15, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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- save upto 50 - 80% during our wine sale. developing tensions with north korea, just moments after vice president mike pence took off from alaska on his way to south korea. good evening, i'm eric thomas. thanks for joining us. the vice president is expected in asia sometime overnight. the ballistic missile blew up almost immediately. it comes at a time when threats between the u.s. and north korea
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are being taken seriously. >> reporter: north korea's dictator presided over a grandpa raid, devoted to showing off his military might. the holiday was marked by the launch of a missile, which exploded immediately after liftoff. that makes it hard for experts to figure out what kind of missile it was. >> was it an old missile they were testing for show or the new missile that could influence or target the united states. >> it's a huge embarrassment for the pyongyang regime. >> north korea is a problem. the problem will be taken care of. for the first time up close, submarine launched missiles. the north koreans are trying to develop missiles that have reached the u.s. and already have weapons that could threaten japan and south korea.
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>> their missiles continue to get bigger, longer range and eventually they're going to build something that can reach the continental 48. >> a battle group is now steaming toward the region, american troops are conducting military exercises at the south korean border at the north. some say donald trump is creating a war situation and north korea is prepared for an all out car, including a nuclear attack. what started off as a pro donald trump rally at berkeley this morning. >> the clash started at martin luther king civic center park tonight things have calmed down. berkeley police say 21 people were arrested. 11 were injured, abc 7 news reporter lonnie rivera covered the chaos today. >> chaos, tension, fighting, a
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rally planned by supporters of president trump disintegrated into something resembling a war zone in berkeley. they faced off with critics of the president. berkeley police increased presence. >> some say free speech, and there is some free speech issues, on the other hand, most of them are antagonistic. they believe they shouldn't be atta attacked. >> passionate words escalated to physical fights. this supporter of trump walked into a crowd of protesters. >> we're really against what trump is doing to our country. part of what he's doing to the country is what you're seeing right here, he's polarizing it. >> banning pepper spray, rocks,
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sticks, m-80 explosives those rules clearly ignored. police responded to a stabbing at chaddock avenue. >> i do not have any details. >> we should have the right to defend ourselves if they try to attack us. >> reporter: a small group offering space for both sides. >> this is our stand for piece, and for helping people to have a chance to feel heard. >> both sides say they want safety and for someone to listen, apparently not willing to listen to each other. >> berkeley police tweeted these pictures showing some of those banned items they removed from the park today. the protest forced bart to close down. for most of the afternoon.
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it reopened around 4:30. there was another major rally that stayed peaceful in san francisco. this one focused on one thing, people across the country say they want president trump to keep one of his campaign promis promises. >> i will release my tax returns against my lawyers wishes. >> so far that has not happened. the message protesters wanted to get across. >> there was an array of clever protest signs and no shortage of signs. >> i want to make it right again. >> when they assembled on market street, this crowd stretched for about five city blocks. many openly mocked the president. >> the chicken mask is because donald trump is afraid to show his taxes. he's being a chicken. >> chicken trump, show us your taxes, you chicken.
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>> this rally is in part to pressure president trump to release his taxes. or to force congress to force him to do it. >> do you think he's going to release them? >> it's not a question of him, it's how long congress will protect him. they're the ones that can vote to make it happen. >> an event that included a massive inflatable chicken and copper hair. jane kim didn't pull any punches when criticizing the president. >> i'm not afraid to call trump an enemy of this state. >> this was the first political protest many attended. insan francisco, abc 7 news. >> what do we want? >> trump's taxes. >> when do we want them? >> last year.
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>> peace activists spoke out against the president's plan on spending. >> he's proposing to cut all the other departments, the ones that do good things for people top to propose spending $54 billion additional on useless wars around the country is an outrage. protesters called on apple and other tech companies to pull financial support to republican leaders as well. we were in walnut creek, where about 100 people gathered for a national tax day rally there they held signs asking president trump to release his tax returns the rally demonstrates that a suburban community can tell the president they want him to release his
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returns. other news now, new video tonight shows how quickly a fire can spread molly mcdowell tweeted this video showing flames pooring out of a house in los altos this afternoon. it spread throughout the home in two minutes. you can see the fire gutted the home, no one was hurt. >> around 2:30 a u-haul burst sue mitchell shared this video with us the driver got out safely. >> all the rain we've seen the last few weeks is rauzing problems on the roads. the road is blocked westbound between ridge and vicente roads
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caltrans doesn't have a time line on when it will be fixed. >> at least part of our sunday -- live doppler 7 showing you what we have. right now, those clouds are not releasing any drops just yet. we'll show you the storm that will bring you sunday showers. it is headed in our direction. where does it rank on the storm impact scale? it's a one. you can see most areas are going to end up with less than a quarter of an inch of rain we'll go hour by hour coming up in the full accuweather forecast. a bay area man leaves a legacy that affects people
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around the world. a coachella catastrophe, the problems on the music festivals opening night. >> after waiting months, the baby is here. what's next for april the giraffe and her newborn?
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a bay area man instrumental in creating the internet has died. in the '60s, he helped create a pentagon program, that evolved into the internet.
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the popular desert music festival coachella got off to a glitchy start, radiohead headlined last night's opening and walked off the stage twice because of audio issues. the sound cut out multiple times, not only for the tens of thousands in attendance, but the millions watching live on youtube's free stream. lady gaga is expected to perform on the main stage tonight. we're keeping track of a storm rolling eastern. what is this going to mean for your outdoor plans? an arena covered in gold. see what awaits warriors fans first playoff game. king james got his start on the dubs. his
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the warriors have a new motto as they begin their quest to reach the nba finals for the third year in a row. abc 7 news was inside oracle arena when they placed gold t-shirts at every seat. more than 19,000 people will wear the shirts. you're looking now at time lapse video shared by the warriors, showing oracle, more than workers spent about three hours putting them out. the warriors request for a championship begins tomorrow on abc 7. if you don't have tickets to the game, abc 7 is it the only place to watch portland. stay with us for after the game, followed by abc 7 news at 5:00.
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>> not a bad idea to stay inside. showers moving through and i think the best chance for showers will be the second half of our sunday. we're not tracking rain over head just yet, the rain that's arriving will be light and scattered in nature on your sunday. current numbers out there right now, thanks to cloud cover upstairs. the numbers have been slow to fall. a lot of spots in the upper 60s to low 60s. 59 in concord, 60 in antioch, movado checking in at 59 degrees. we're going to hang on to the cloud cover, we will remain dry in the overnight hours. resting on either side of 59 degrees. 49 san francisco. 51 san jose, and 47 the overnight low in napa. showers come back on our sunday. the storm impact scale going to be one. it's a light system sunday. scattered in nature, most spots, mostly a quarter inch of rain.
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future whether, we get you into sunday morning. this is 9:00 sunday morning, first off, the best chance for showers in the morning will be in the north bay. very light and scattered in nature. by midday and into the early afternoon on sunday, that's when the rain becomes more widespread. right along the coast as well. really not a long duration either by 6:00 we're starting to see the tail end of this system move through. by 10:00 at night, it's all backing up. very limited moisture by sunday evening. a quarter inch around santa rosa. outside of the north bay, those numbers drop off big time. you get to 4/100 of an inch of rain, that means very light in nature. so your easter planner, have an egg hunt, get it in early. a lot of cloud cover, though. it's really by noon, the showers start to arrive by the north bay, sinking to the south. by 4:00, we have the best chance of having light showers in the
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region. it's going to be a cloudy day. accuweather 7-day forecast. let's plan the next 7 days for you. light showers on your way for you. best bet in the second half of the day. monday there could be an isolated shower, but it's just a really cloudy day. tuesday another storm moves in, it's light as well. one on the storm impact scale with scattered showers, a slight chance on wednesday. the bigger story, we see more sunshine on thursday, friday it's nothing but sunshine. we're going to go back to the 80s inland, it will be a nice start. >> we have a day for the greens and fairways to dry out. >> very popular. >> nba playoffs skiked off today. four games on tap, including the defending champion cavaliers. warriors tip their postseason tomorrow, hosting portland. the dubs are at full strength with kevin durant backgrounding into form. after missing five weeks with a
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knee injury. this is definitely the team to beat in the postseason. portland's back court averaged more than steph and klay per game. blazers are going to be a challenge. >> we don't look at paper, we don't look at who's underdog. all that stuff. we know that you could be beat any night. these guys are nba players. they get -- it's hard to be an nba player. hard to be a playoff team. one through eight. it's hard. we don't underestimate no players, because their nba players. >> cavs and pacers. looking for back to back titles. 32 points, 13 assists for the king. late 4th, cavs down two. kyrie irving, 23. the cavs take a two point lead, five seconds left.
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pacers trailing by 1. c.j. miles for the win. why isn't paul george taking that shot. cavs take game one. >> talked to c.j. about it, situations like that. i got to get the last shot. them being on their floor. i thought they walked wherever they wanted to, they ran wherever they wanted to, that hasn't -- nothing about that has playoff written over it. and that's where we have to get better at it, we'll be saying it all year. >> we had a couple potential no hitters involving our local nines today. we'll start off with the coliseum on the hill. against the astros, jackie robinson day, everyone wearing his number 42. a's are up 3-0, trevor plouffe his second. chris davis with his sixth. this game seems to be over. >> you would be wrong. manai walked the bases loaded
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sixth. line drive off the glove of adam rosales. josh redick scores on the do little wild pitch. george springer completes the four-run eighth. a's fall 10-6 after a 5-0 lead and flirting with a no hitter. matt moore facing tyler chatwood. moore lasted 5 2/3. nolan arenado started things off with a stolen shot. three more runs in the fourth, charlie black man, a two out single. rockies go up 4-0. d.j. lemahieu looking for more. watch jared parker running down. he pays for it. right shoulder breaks his collarbone. he would end up with a complete game shutout instead. first of his career.
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hunter pence grounds out to end the game. giants fall 5-0. south carolina, golf has birdies, eagles and gators. doesn't see the gator, finally notices his caddie able to chase it away, but yikes. he's in fifth place. three back of the leader, jason dufner shot a sieve under 65. nothing but net, he's 13 under. one shot lead over graham. we'll hit the ice at 11:00 p.m. on abc 7. hope to see you after the 10 commandments at 11:45. >> you'll see me all right. next at 9:00. congratulations are in order, the wait
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tonight at 11:00, we're staying on top of the tensions rising on the korean peninsula tonight. as mike pence is on his way to south korea. hear his response to the latest failed missile launch from the north. and a special fly over at the golden gate bridge. what a french air force team is doing zooming over san francisco. it's a boy for april the giraffe who finally delivered a baby calf. she gave birth just before 7:00 this morning. he's already walking. april has been live streamed 24 hours a day for nearly two months. more than a million people watched the delivery, and a contest will be held to name the baby. you can go to our abc 7 news to submit your ideas. don't go with may. i tried that earlier it didn't work. work.
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