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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  April 17, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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live doppler 7 is all lit up in green and it's about to get even more colorful as the peak of tonight's storm arrives. tonight we're tallying the damage by dualing protests over the weekend. that wall, that f-wall. >> he's the former president of mexico and he's not mincing words, even to an audience of bay area high school students. >> all right, we're on storm watch right now, because the strongest part of today's storm looking live. and now checking on the bay
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area's microconditions, as we look live across the golden gate. bay and san mateo bridges. >> rain will arrive in an hour and may continue overnight. a gray start to the day in the financial district. >> the rain drops cover the lens of sky 7, has the rain moved up the peninsula. >> spencer christian tells us what to expect in the coming days. >> the storm has picked up some steam and now it's surging. you can see the big blanket of green there, representing mostly light rainfall, but there's little pockets of yellows there, indicating heavier or steadier rain. it is just north of highway 4, north of concord andcollinsvill all over the bay area. but you can see the pattern this morning, you can see the mass of
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moisture pushing northeastward and there will be more to follow in the evening hours, this storm ranks 1 on the storm impact scale, a storm of light intensity. but there will be moderate showers, it will be accompanied by light breezes, so it will continue perhaps overnight into the early morning rush, or morning commute. i'll give you a closer look at that and what's coming our way in the next few days. happening now, the last of three neighborhood meetings to discuss how to prevent flooding in san jose. it's been about two months since coyote creek flooded. the city estimates as many as 300 to 500 cars were destroyed. and they're working with charities to replace those cars. damage to facilities will mostly be paid with fema funds as well as state and local money. san jose suffered $25 million in
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property damage and emergency response costs, low interest disaster loans and grants are available for people who need money to help rebuild. nearly $7 million has been donated to the flood relief fund. a san mateo county family says a mountain lion went into their home and snatched their dog off the bed early this morning. the family had left the door partly open so the dog could go in and out. abc7 news reporter is live with the evidence that points to a mountain lion. >> reporter: this happened around 3:00 this morning, and the owner of that dog says she didn't see the attack by that mountain lion, she actually happened to be asleep just as it was happening, but she did see the mountain lion leave, and unfortunately, they haven't found her dog yet. this is video of lenore,
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according to san mateo sheriff's deputies, the cat snatched the dog off the bed. >> lenore did hear attack barking, you know, very vicious attack sound that she does when she's not liking something. and then she instantly was silent. >> vickie faust says her 15-pound dog lenore was sleep in this doggie bed, vickie and her husband were also asleep when the mountain lion slipped into the door. >> we had the door open six or eight inches, just for some fresh air. >> reporter: vickie said at first they thought the mountain lion was their bigger dog leo. >> we knew it wasn't leo because it wasn't her normal bark. she plays with leo a lot and it
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didn't sound normal. >> reporter: mountain lions are very familiar in these parts, they usually keep their distance from homes. but one year ago, faust says one did attack her horse. >> we need a lock on the door or something. >> so the door only opens a little bit. >> reporter: game wardens are trying to find the cat, and if they can trap it they'll relocate it elsewhere. we're follow -- valley and roger morerash were found dead with levels of carbon monoxide in their blood. susan hanna says the land lord violated regulations by not installing a carbon monoxide detector in the unit. both supporters and critics
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of president trump faced off in berkeley park. leslie? >> reporter: dan, only a few of the people who were arrested in that protest, actually came from berkeley, we understand. officials are saying today that generally the police did a good job of handling things here on saturday, they say the protesters did not have permits and that the city imposed for the first time a rule allowing them to seize potential weapons. and they say doing that helped prevent more problems from developing. >> you know, there wasn't a whole lot of damage with businesses like we saw, the milo event, there were some injuries. but they were really people that were fighting each other. there weren't innocent people narp put in harm's way. >> reporter: but there were at least 20 people that were arrested for felonies, including assaults and there were 11 that were injured in the clash between trump supporters and opponents. eventually it spilled into the
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streets and closed the downtown b.a.r.t. station on saturday, this bank had one window broken. this man couldn't get to his apartment. >> well, there was a lot of people in each other's face and cursing at each other, which is kind of unnecessary, to express yourself. and, you know, you just kind of wonder when somebody's going to throw a punch. i think these people came here to create a brawl. >> the weapons that we confiscated included a stun gun, bear spray, mace, these are all things that people brought to this event, each of them is an injury that we potentially avoided. >> a farmer's market and some businesses closed just in case. >> i just care about the damage or something, so we decided to close early. >> reporter: some say it was better handled than a similar protest on march 4. >> i saw, believe it or not, a lot les violent, a lot more
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debate. there was space where people were having real debates got reel issues. >> reporter: more than 150 photos and videos uploaded to their website this morning, there could be more arrests. >> this weekend, there is a nationwide rally called the march for science, it's set for saturday, that's earth day, organizers say standing up for science and research in all fields that affect our health and our safety. the main march is in washington, d.c., and there are more than 500 so-called satellite marches in berkeley, hayward, pacifica, san jose, santa rosa and walnut creek. the former president of mexico vicente fox came to california to speak to high school students. here's the story, lee anne? >> reporter: this was a very candid vicente fox talking about
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issues which he likes to do. he was invited to palo alto high school to talk to journalism students reminding them that they must make it a greater world not just a great country, referring to the united states. now right off the bat, the former mexican president praised the trade agreement the united states has with mexico and canada. nafta saying it has worked despite what president trump says. >> we're much more competitive by uniting our resources, by uniting our competitiveness and by working together. >> reporter: and mr. fox has challenged president trump on a number of issues on twitter, today he continues to say that the president is on the wrong track by not accepting refugees from syria, by trying to break trade agreements, by bombing another country, and by trying to deport undocumented immigrants and build a wall at the border.
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>> that wall, that f-wall, that we are not going to pay for, we mexicans. that is going to cost you, you u.s. citizens $35 billion. $35 billion u.s. dollars. with $35 billion u.s. dollars, you can create immediately 10 million new jobs. >> reporter: and on the topic of jobs, mr. fox told these students that there are fewer and fewer manufacturing jobs in mexico and in the united states and advised them to seek jobs in sectors like information technology. he also talked about north korea, and having more dialogue with that country and how he thinks legalizing drugs will not only help reduce crime in his country, but also here in the united states. now from here, mr. fox will go
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to stanford and then uc berkeley later this week, i'm live in palo alto. well, seeing firsthand the effects of the syrian conflict, california senator visits the middle east and the message she now has for president trump. brooklanders certainly know how i respond in crisis. >> hear what oakland mayor lib by shaft would do and what she would change in a second term. these are high school students who are still hopeful their graduation ceremony will go on as
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new at 6:00, authorities have arrested a teacher for -- being in possession of marijuana on the school campus. officers say lane also sent the student the keys to her car. he was charged with petty theft. it might feel like election day is far away, but oakland's mayor is already looking ahead. today she declared plans to run for re-election. laura anthony got reaction. >> reporter: there are some who thought that libby shaft would not run for higher office. but she says she's in it as mayor of oakland for the long-term. >> mayor for the city of
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oakland. congratulations. >> reporter: it's been more than two years since mayor libby schaf took office. >> i'm excited about having another four years to continue the incredible momentum we have seen in oakland, around better safety, better education outcomes for our kids. >> reporter: schaf has presided over education reforms and an economic boom. but her term in office hasn't always been a smooth ride. there was a police texting and sex scandal involving an under aged prostitute, and the ghost ship fire that claimed 36 lives in a warehouse that hadn't been properly permitted or inspected by the city. >> i think oaklanders certainly know how i respond under pressure and in crisis.
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and they also know that i have been very open and honest about the improvements that need to be made in city services. >> i think the cooperation from the council to the mayor to the staffing level needs to greetly improve. >> reporter: ken houston ran for mayor against schaf in 2014. >> if you have a healthy fear and respect, people wouldn't do all this illegal dumping, do all this illegal graffiti and what about the people from oakland that built this community that come here and loves, they can't even afford to stay here now. in oakland, laura anthony, abc7 news. senator dianne feinstein faced a jeering crowd in san francisco during her first town hall in the city since presik o. abc7 news was at the scottish rite center where about 200 feel gathered for the town hall.
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some booed and heckled the center, most were there to ask questions and listen to the answers, they want more dialogue with feinstein. >> democracy is messy, and we should do this more often. >> i will commit to doing one a weekend during the summer, that's for sure. >> there were also a few dozen protesters outside who said they want feinstein to speak out more forcefully against trump. harris has spent the last week in the middle east visiting service members and other people in iraq and jordan. while there harris visited a refugee camp visiting family who is escaped president al assad's regime. >> our syria policy also has to be articulated in a way that is a little bit more concise and precise than a tweet at 3:00 in
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the morning. >> harris also met with service members from california, some of whom were from the bay area. >> today the trump family held te administration's first white house easter egg roll, this high profile social event was seen as a big test in many ways for first lady melania trump. >> the 139th white house easter egg roll went off smoothly, a relief for the trump administration. skeptics worried the event spearheaded by the first lady may suffer because melania trump is seen as being removed from the white house. but today traditions were upheld. kids rolled 18,000 eggs, decorated cookies and wrote cards and letters to service members as well. and melania trump read a story as well. >> it shows that we are all different, but we are all the same. >> melania, thank you very much and barron, thank you very much
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for being here. >> social media is buzzing about some faux pas, mr. donald trump did not have his hand over his heart until the first lady nudged him. and when someone asked mr. trump to sign his hat, it's coming up here, he threw the hat into the air. one big difference this year from the obama easter egg rolls, military bands replaced a-list celebrities. mrs. trump says she wanted a rum return to tradition. we want to get back to our weather and all the rain coming. >> more coming up. but things are going to even out here a little bit later on. spencer christian is here with the forecast. >> ready for an evening out. this evening, we have rain across the bay area, and most locations will see about a 10th inch of rain from this system.
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san mateo will have just ov over .11 inch rain. it's raining now, and it's not as quite widespread as it was earlier. it's moving out into the east bay and out toward the central valley. heaviest rain right now, when i set this up a minute ago, it was right here near lafayette, now it's much farther to the east. right now we have temperature readings, mainly in the mid to upper 50s, 55 in san francisco, 59 in oakland. and 61 in the east bay and antioch. you see lots of clouds here, a little bit of a break of brightness in the sky. we'll have scattered showers through the overnight hours and into tomorrow. showers will return late wednesday into early thursday for a brief period of rainfall. and we'll have sunny and warmer
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weather toward the end of the week. our current storm ranks 1 on the storm impact scale, that will produce less than a quarter inch of rain, and a storm that will be with us tomorrow ranks number one on the storm impact scale as well. and one even lighter than we have tonight. scattered showers will fall for parts of the day. not a washout, but there will be wet spots on the pavement. at 7:00 this evening, notice another wave of rain will be coming in over the evening, some with periods of moderate rainfall and moderate showers. the morning commute will get under way without any steady rainfall. but there could be wet spots on the pavement. so bear that in mind if you are commuter. and then we'll see the rainfall just ending, flashes of sunshine coming through the clouds and by late afternoon, it will be a fairly bright afternoon across the bay area, overnight look for showers continuing, low temperatures mainly in the low
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to mid 50s, tomorrow we'll see high temperatures rising up to about 70 in the warmest inland locations and skipping farther ahead to the forecast future. friday we'll see another light rain coming in, it will probably fizzle out by the end of the morning commute on thursday. giving us a dry day on thursday. a mostly dry day on thursday. for the next three days, we have some periods of rain developing and each of those days the storm ranks 1 on the storm impact scale, storms of light intensity. but beginning friday, we have a string of sunny and dry and warm days, with high temperatures getting up to around 80 degrees in the warmest inland locations. >> not for now. all right, well, netflix is good, but apparently it's not good enough.
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monday was kind to the market. stocks gained today significantly, the dow added it is 83 points, closing at 20,636. the nasdaq saw a 51 point boost, the s&p gained 120. netflix stock rose during the day, then the company released its quarterly earnings report and it's stock changed course.
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netflix is about to exceed 100,000 subscribers and thinks it will reach the milestone this weekend. the company not only streams video contempt, it also now creates it. united also release quarterly earnings report and beat expectations. the now infamous incident where dr. david dao was forcibly removed from a united flight. any long-term impact will not be realized until the second earnings report because it happened after the first quarter already ended. oscar munos says this will prove to be a water shut moment for our country. the first private bus company to unionize in the city.
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the union representative says the wages just aren't enough to survive in the bay area. uber drivers could soon get tips, but only in new york. that city's taxi commission would mandate car services whose only payment method is a credit card to allow passengers to tip drivers on the card. if passengers want to tip now, they have to do so in cash. the ride sharing app does give customers the opportunity to tip using their cards. the money that would have funded the his high school graduation night event is gone. san francisco supervise waps more boxes like this to dispose of needless in city parks. i'm jonathan bloom with those who say it works and thosesese
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a celebration for high school seniors may have been
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stolen by a treasure you arer who is supposed to safeguard the funds. more than $50,000 is missing. >> today the treasure you arer went to sonoma county court to face a charge of embezzlement. wayne freedman was there, along with an upset and confused community. >> reporter: it has all the elements of a suburban tragedy, a 37-year-old mother of two whose attorney will portray her as a victim of depression. today mary catherine david pleaded not guilty in sonoma county community court admitting that she embezzled money from project grad, that helps seniors from five high schools stay out of trouble. >> her first statement was that she had a shopping addiction and needed some assistance in paying her bills. >> reporter: her attorney offered up a $10,000 check to
7:32 pm
begin restitution, instead, the judge imposed $100,000 in bail. based on a previous conviction 17 years old. >> this $17,000 that's made payable to project graduation is going to go to the bail bonds mon at this point, it's not going to project grad. >> do you trust her? >> yes. >> do you like her? >> i still consider her a friend. >> reporter: for new the police department plans a breakfast on may 17 as a gofundme page. >> i got to take her at her word, doesn't mean i forgive her. >> reporter: one of the graduating seniors that plans to be graduating this year ask mary catherine david's own daughter. soon to return to class today, one week after a fatal shooting at their elementary
7:33 pm
school in san bernardino, encouraging messages greeted the kids and a lot of hugs. one week ago today, a gunman opened fire in their classroom killing their teacher and another student. a newly installed visiting monitor will screen who can buzz in. no one but staff and fingerprinted volunteers will be allowed on school grounds during school hours. >> i'm glad they're putting their foot down and saying absolutely no one in during school hours. >> we have to support our school and our children, and we can't let something like this happen and stop our daily lives. >> another student, a 9-year-old boy was injured in the shooting. he's since been released from the hospital. the search is on for a man who killed an innocent man
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yesterday and posted it on facebook. >> steve, you need to call someone, whether it's a friend or a pastor or family member, give them a call because they're waiting for you to call. >> the victim was robert godwin sr. and it appears he was targeted at random. it took hours for the facebook video to be taken down. it started to get reports after stephens had gone live to confess to the murder, within two hours, facebook had disabled the suspect's account. former 49ers ray mcdonald will not face rape charges also. the county prosecutor dropped all charges after mcdonald's accuser refused to testify. the alleged incident happened in
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2014 after a pool party at mcdonald's home. yahoo just released a new poll on pot and it shows americans don't fear the drug as much as other substances. those surveyed see regular tobacco use and regular alcohol use as much bigger health risks than regular use of marijuana. adults are more concerned about children trying cigarettes than marijuana, alcohol or sex. nationally it's an even split, 49% to 47% on whether to legalize recreational marijuana. as of november, california is one of eight states that have legalized recreational marijuana use. facebook has moved it's annual developers conference from san francisco to san jose because it's become too big. david lui found out they're not the only ones who are moving from the south bay. >> it will provide a big boost
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to downtown san francisco's economy. the f-8 conference is getting set up for 4,000 developers. the annual convention outgrew san jose's convention center. >> we have over 30% more international attendees this year, which is very exciting for us. people from brazil, from japan, from india, we also have a life stream for folks to watch online, we have over a million people watching online as well. >> reporter: downtown san jose has just over 2,500 hotel rooms so other hotels across the valley are likely to see increased occupancy as well. an even larger event will move to san jose in june, apple's worldwide developer conference with 5,000 attendees, later this month, silicon valley's comic con. >> facebook, apple, and many of
7:37 pm
the great conventions that are happening here are demonstrating that san jose -- >> so things from artificial intelligence, to virtual reality, to augmented reality and we're trying to show all the tools and realities to get these tools in their hands to create amazing experiences for people. >> san jose will be buzzing with 10,000 extra people. i-85 has collapsed here. >> this fire made a mess here in atlanta and drivers are now experiencing another problem. >> we have live doppler 7 on the app for you and you can enable
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b.a.r.t. broke down on a new project to make an east bay station cleaner, safer and more convenient. look at these renderings of what
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the new concord statement will look like, it features raised crosswalks and better lighting. some people don't think it's needed. >> i don't think it's needed at all. it takes up more parking and it makes it, i don't know, it doesn't need to be done in my opinion. >> this focus on concord's plaza, comes as b.a.r.t. is once again dealing with delays from equipment problems, remember last friday, track problems in conference snarled the evening commute. authorities in atlanta are dealing with yet another devastating infrastructure problem, a portion of westbound i-20 was shot down after it suddenly buckled, leaving this huge bump in the roadway. authorities blame the problem on an under ground gas leak, it's unclear when the road will reopen. the incident comes two weeks after a fire caused a section of i-85 to collapse.
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>> bombs killed three people near the finish line of the boston marathon. >> you heart it. the kenyan police officer ran her first boston marathon today. on the men's side, another kenyan, jeffrey keyrui picked up his first win. well, you better bring a hoodie if you're running outside in the bay area this evening. we're looking live at the view from our camera on mt. tam. spencer christian will be back with the forecast in just a few minutes.
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for millions of baby boomers there's a serious virus out there that's been almost forgotten. it's hepatitis c. one in 30 boomers has hep c, yet most don't even know it. because it can hide in your body for years without symptoms, and it's not tested for in routine blood work. the cdc recommends all baby boomers get tested. if you have hep c, it can be cured. for us it's time to get tested. ask your healthcare provider for the simple blood test. it's the only way to know for sure. as abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom found out, the city says the containers help get thousands of dangerous drug
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needless off the street, but some neighbors are not convinced it's a good idea. >> about five years ago, i was walking through the play ground, and i seen five needless. >> reporter: that was the day catrell warren made a decision to clean up this park. >> i wake up just to do this, man, we go through the park and we make sure there's no needless in the park. >> reporter: city leaders know it's a constant battle. >> the school actually stopped using the park during the school day because they're worried about the students safety. >> this box has gotten a
7:47 pm
lukewarm reception from neighbors. while they're focused on cleaning up the park, boxes like this might have the opposite effect. >> i think the needle box is encouraging to get drug people to come in and use it. >> 50 needle boxes been back here, now i'm starting to find needles in the box again. >> most needles aren't being put in the park by people who are using them. >> reporter: which is why some people believe the boxes only work if the city or designated neighbor is there keeping watch. >> someone using a needle is not going to take it and stick it in the box, just not going to happen. visit fors to the san diego zoo are stopping by to pay their
7:48 pm
condolences to the polar bear. at 36 years old, she was the oldest polar bear in america. she will contribute something profound to her species and to all of us. >> uli will contribute far beyond her passing, her remains were donated to university of california berkeley so that polar bears can be studied. >> reporter: ulu called the san francisco zoo for 33 years. she was removed from canada after being labelled a nuisance and was supposed to be put down. in case you missed it, april the giraffe gave birth finally over the weekend. this morning the baby boy got a clean bill of health. the big question now is what's his name? there is a naming contest in which you could take part. you have to pay $1 per suggestion. all proceeds go to our charity. the bay area as we know is a
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beautiful place to live and our viewers prove it every day. >> brian captured this sun rise shot at santa cruz. >> here's a live look at santa cruz tonight. spencer is bra er is back with on the forecast. >> we have got a nice little blanket of light rain moving through the bay area right now, the bulk of the first wave of rain is passed over to our east already. there's more on the way, this storm ranks 1 on the storm impact scale, it will produce light rainfall with -- overnight low temperatures will be mainly in the low 50s. high temperatures will range from low to mid 60s near the coast to near 70 inland. and here's the accu-weather seven day forecast, for the next three days, we'll have some
7:50 pm
periods of light rainfall, the storm will rank 1 on the storm impact scale, showers of light intensity and next week we'll feel like spring, sunny and warm with high temperatures up near 80 degrees. >> the spring we hope for. all right, interesting news in sports tonight. >> bill has it all. >> we talked to the raiders and derick carr may have ruffled the feathers of die hard
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good evening. for the first time since the team's month to las vegas was approved, the players discussed the weird situation they find themselves in, because they're likely going to still play in oakland for a few more years. the theme is not just win this year, it's win now, baby. the coach is trying to be
7:54 pm
diplomatic about the situation. some die hard fans are questioning the loyalty -- >> there's been a lot of hard times before, and now we're starting to have some good times. and this is just another thing we're going to deal with together. we're not going to split up like you have seen other cities have. for the ones that do, i don't believe they're true raider fans. i feel they're hurt, i'm with you, i hurt too. but at the same time, we're all in this together and we're just going to do it together. >> you might want to walk that one back a little bit. warriors beat the blazers in game one of their playoff series, draymon green was just a amazing yesterday. mccollum scored 41 points, was
7:55 pm
tremendous in his own rite. green would have the last word, rejecting damian willard at the rim, with the warriors posting a 102 to 109 victory on saturday. >> i missed the dunk, he's telling me i need to do calf raises and it's good back and forth. >> if you're going to talk trash to me, i'm going to talk trash back to you. we're not talking about nobody's mamaings or nothing like that. >> he was saying so much out there that i had a whole lot to say last night. they depend on him to be the dog out there. for me it's just going to make me raise my level of my became because i take it as a changes, as long as he's approaching, it's going to be coming right back. >> sharks really picked the wrong time for a power outage, after winning game one of their series with edmon toton in
7:56 pm
overtime. 1 for 14 with a man advantage. san jose gave up two short-handed goals in game three, now trailing two games to one in the series, the sharks have got to find some offense or in series is going to be over in a hurry. >> if we can get an extra look or two and we can get one early, you know, i don't know why we can't get to them. >> you got to work for those balances and stay confident and, yeah, pray to the hockey god, i guess. >> buster posy, eligible to come off the disabled list tomorrow. there's been no reported set backs to take that fall on the head. buster would most probably be the designated hitter. be the way the giants are going, any designated hitter would be good right now. as for the a's, playing the raiders tonight. kendall graven placed on the disabled list with a strained
7:57 pm
shoulder, graven got the opening night start, which would have gone to sonny gray but he's hurt also. and the a's, without marcus simeon, surgery tomorrow, out indefinitely, it isn't clear when simeon got hurt, but his wrist has been bothering him since spring training. just circling back on the david carr thing, we all know raider fans who have been fans for longer than derek has been alive. to now suggest that because they're upset by the move they're not really fans at all. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on kofi tv 20. chemical spill in nevada. and a new lawsuit is creating controversy between snapchat and the indian community.
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here's tonight's primetime lineup on abc7, at 8:00, it's "dancing with the stars," followed by quantico, and stay with us for abc7 "news at 6:0ne.
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