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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  April 21, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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guns drawn and canines out. it's an all-out hunt in berkeley to find an armed suspected. >> we've had drilled for this. we're very well prepared. the hospital was ready but a lot of other people weren't to be without power all day long in san francisco. tonight we're live inside silicon valley. breaking news in berkeley where police are concealed with guns drawn and canines are searching a four block area going house by house to try to find a man with a gun. >> someone saw the gunman around 4:30 near mckinley street and austin way. the four blocks here highlighted
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on this map. >> reporter: we're at this perimeter at mckinley avenue. i want to take you over head to sky 7 live right now. police officers have been going home to home. they've been searching backyards as well. they have canine units with them. they are looking for this gunman who was reported to be walking around this neighborhood at some point this afternoon. you did mention those shelter in place orders. those are for four blocks. they're the 2200 block of mckinley. the 1800 blocks of austin and grant. a lot of people are just now getting home from work. rather than being able to shelter in place, they're sort of standing around waiting to see if they'll be able to go into their homes. one of them is katie. you're outside but your family
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is in one of these homes right now. tell me about the conversations you've been having with them. >> i'm telling them get away from the windows, get upstairs. make sure the doors are dead bolted and that they're safe. my mother-in-law, my husband and my 17-year-old are in there. they're not allowed to come out. i can't go in. it's concerning to see police outside with their guns drawn, right? i mean, we all want to be safe. but this is a little nerve-racki nerve-racking. >> reporter: the police station is very close by. this is berkeley. you see a lot of protest and police officers often, but nothing quite like this. >> it's pretty intense when it's your block. i came home and saw the police tape up. they're telling me i can't go home and my family is inside. i'm talking on the phone with my family and hoping that nobody's running around with a gun in my
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back yard. we're berkeley. we support the protests. we're the center of free speech but i want my family to be okay. >> reporter: again, a shelter in place. as i look around we can see a number of young people that are just sort of walking back on this sunny afternoon and also people just wrapping up today, finishing up their day from work and trying to get home. but police are going home to home searching for this gunman. from sky 7 you can see they are going into backyards, they have canines with them. we will keep you posted on the latest here. good evening and thank you for joining us tonight. >> now to developing news. in san jose today police shot a man who was holding a knife. >> it happened tlrhis afternoont lewis road and center road.
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>> reporter: we moved here because we heard the police chief is going to brief the media some time later this evening. here's a look at the scene from earlier this afternoon. about 12:30 today police responded to a call about a man with a knife at senter and lewis. when they arrived on scene, there was some sort of confrontation with a police officer. one of the officers fired a shot at that man. the man was struck, he was taken to the hospital, but we don't know his condition at this time. homicide unit, san jose police as well as the d.a. is investigating everything. the last we heard from police is that the chief of police is going to brief the media about everything that happened earlier today some time tonight. that is the very latest. hayward police were also involved in an officer-involved shooting that wounded one person
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inside a home on rockaway lane near russell way this afternoon. the person who was shot has non-life threatening injuries and has been taken to a hospital. now to the news that's dominated today's headlines. perhaps you were affected. close to 90,000 pse&g customers in san francisco were without power for almost the entire day. >> the outage started around 9:00 and the lights came back on for everyone about an hour ago. >> reporter: we got that word that 100% of the customers had been restored just seconds before our 5:00 newscast began. 8 8,000 customers lost power because of a fire at the lark larkin substation because of a faulty part. what should have been a 9:00 to 5:00 workday became a day in the dark in san francisco with
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88,000 customers knocked out because a circuit breaker failed in this substation. >> when the circuit break, it created a fire around the breaker. the insulation around the breaker burned. >> reporter: firefighters were there in minutes but it tookics t -- extra effort to put the flames out. >> we did notice some flare-ups. then we applied co 2 to the fire. >> reporter: if the breaker was working properly, there should have been no fire. pse&g blamed the age of that substation and says an upgrade is planned. >> the facility upgrade is a $100 million project that will be completed in the second quarter of 2018. >> reporter: at its peak, a quarter of the city's traffic signals were out as were the montgomery street bart and muni station. >> we are focusing our efforts around the ridbridges to facilie
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traffic as much as we can. >> we checked our trauma centers, all the hospitals, all the clinics and it's good news that there have been no major injuries reported in. >> reporter: unless of course you're talking about the bottom lines of some of those businesses that were dark for nearly eight hours. >> pse&g has a map online that shows current paower outages. you can see markers all over san francisco and a large red swath. those markers gradually decreased. this is what the map looks like now. >> the outage caused street lights to go out and that created traffic jams all over the city. it also forced some businesses to close early. one eat ery estimated it lost more than $10,000 today. firefighters got several calls of people getting stuck in elevators including at this
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building in union square. >> i was making sure that he was okay. calling him name out. i'd say you all right? yeah, i'm okay. >> i'm stuck in an elevator. >> this woman tweeted out video of herself in total darkness while she was stuck in another elevator. firefighters say nobody was hurt from being stuck in an elevator. >> try navigating in an underground bart station in the dark. this is what it looked like inside the montgomery station during the outage. bart closed the station until power was restored. today's power outage affected a huge portion of san francisco. that included the financial district where it was threatening to do serious damage to the evening commute. >> jonathan, how's it looking out there? >> reporter: this neighborhood just narrowly missed becoming a commute nightmare. about a minute before 3:00 the
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traffic lights over here came on and traffic started flowing normally. what we're looking at now is pretty much an ordinary friday evening commute. anybody that works in this neighborhood will tell you the commute tonight is about the only thing all day that could possibly qualify as ordinary. >> i have a pasta salad. >> reporter: it was supposed to be for potluck. >> no power. yep. >> reporter: in a part of town that's typically all business. >> you know there's just so many people outside and they're all talking to each other. it's kind of awesome. >> reporter: with meetings cancelled and the sunshi shinin passing the time but not helping the bottom line. >> we lost a lot of business today. it's a big day for us, friday. >> reporter: ziggy's burgers lost something else. >> all this got to go. >> reporter: a fridge and freezer full of food, none of it cold enough to keep. >> unfortunately the only thing we can offer is ice water. >> reporter: it's a bummer for the few still at work.
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>> no coffee, no lunch. >> reporter: just back to work? >> back to the grind. >> reporter: but the liquor store is open. they'll even take credit cards. if only the whole rest of the block weren't closed. how has business been? >> terrible. >> reporter: the outage snarled traffic around market street. >> i would say the pedestrians and the drivers are being really consid considerate, for the most part. >> reporter: there are things that can't wait. >> we had drills for this and we're very well prepared. when it happened, we knew just what to do. >> reporter: st. francis hospital cancelled non-urgent procedures and doctors appointments. emergency surgeries continued on the generator power. >> we have enough fuel to power the generators for several days. many people raised concerns that this outage was maybe connected to one in new york city that jammed up the subway
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and last night's outage in long beach that temporarily crippd business at the port. san francisco police tweeted it understands concerns regarding outages in other cities. pse&g identified that the power outage is due to equipment failure. as widespread as today's outage was, it was not as bad as the one that happened three days before christmas in 2003. that outage was also caused by a fire at a pse&g substation. retailers lost millions of dollars because they had to shut down during the busy holiday shopping season. after more than 20 years in business a walnut creek consignment store abruptly closed this week. >> we tracked down customers who say they're owed money, in some cases thousands of dollars. what could stop those free trials from turning into automatic charges when they expire. get ready for a little weekend cooldown.
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the accuweather forecast coming up. by the time you get to work, you're ready. >> it works for her. when you hear the evidence barking up a bicycling commute, you might make the switch too. you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before.
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you got xt? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next.
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happening now, silicon valley comicon. an estimated 85,000 people are expected to jam the convention center in san jose new through sunday. david? >> reporter: this is steve
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wosniak has been here signing autographs. now to the city where william shatner is on the stage right now. it's tough to decide which is the bigger draw, the fans who show up dressed in cosplay or steve wozniak. he's charging $100 to a,000 f td dollars for charity to fund a dog park. >> we could always dream huge. but we'll be happy with whatever comes our way. >> reporter: there are other comicons but what woz as others have started here has a wider focus. >> the people that come and dress up in kcosplay are the sae
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people designing the -- you know, doing the engineering at nasa. it's the same group. these two passions really overlap. >> reporter: the latest in personal robotics here also. >> also good to speak with a fellow scientist. we're going to do some great work together. trust me, i'm a genius. >> reporter: fans are also serious about collectibles. >> i wouldn't be surprised for someone to find something that's caught their eye. >> it's easy to be normal. it takes a lot of effort to be different and weird and have people in blue hair and stuff. but people notice you and it's more fun to be weird. >> reporter: in san jose. getting rid of free trial offers before they expire and start charging you money could soon get easier. a bill to do just that passed the state senate yesterday. if it becomes law, companies would have to notify customers
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that that the free trial is about to end and that charges are imminent. if you signed up online, they would have to give you the option to cancel online. attorneys are drafting a lawsuit against uc berkeley right now after the university said it doesn't have a secured venue for ann coulter. >> this is about berkeley's persistent refusal to honor the constitution when it comes to conservative speech on campus. the sa >> the same hassles, unconstitutional requirements. >> reporter: in a letter the university's legal counsel says after initially cancelling
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coulter's visit the university proposed a may 2nd alternative, a date she says she is not available. >> berkeley permits limited use of its space for certain viewpoints, it is required under the constitution to provide equal access to other groups. >> reporter: a third group that initially invited coulter, does not. >> to take this to court when they're trying, at least making some efforts is not the right solution. >> reporter: in its letter the university says its actions have been wholly consistent with its obligations under the constitution to protect free speech rights and the safety and security of the university community. former breitbart news editor milo yiannopoulos was scheduled
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to speak at the university in february but the school cancelled the event because of protests. he said the free speech week will feature activists, writers, politicians and social media stars from all political affiliations. now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> we had an almost summer-like wave of warmth today. here's a look at live doppler 7. you can see maybe a thin haze of clouds beginning to push through, but it's still bright and sunny across most of the bay area. as we widen out the image, you can see a few clouds out to sea that are moving in toour direction. first, let's look back on some of today's highs. a high of 78 at lakeport. 79 at antioch. redwood city, 72 was the high. pretty warm day. let's take a look at santa cruz
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beach. it's currently 69 degrees here in san francisco. 71 in oakland. mid 70s at mountain view, san jose. 61 at half moon bay. check out the bright western sky. it is 74 at santa rosa, 73 at napa. a live view from sutro tower looking out over mostly sunny skies. we'll see partly cloudy and slightly cooler conditions this weekend. isolated sprinkles may hit the north bay coastline over the weekend. but we don't expect any measurable rain until tuesday of next week. a few high clouds may pass through the bay area sky overnight. near the bay and near the coast, we'll see lows down around 50 degrees. tomorrow as the high clouds move by, we'll have filtered
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sunshine, still a mild day with highs ranging from low to mid 70s at the coast to upper 60s around the bay. tomorrow morning we might see a little bit of moisture dotting the north bay coastline there. we expect dry conditions even as the clouds move by through most of the day tomorrow and into sunday. sunday morning we might see a couple little sprinkles dot the north bay coastline. it's going to be a dry weekend generally speaking across the entire bay area. here's the accuweather seven day forecast. a bit cooler on sunday even though skies will be brighter on sunday. then on monday we get increasing clouds. and on tuesday slight chance of some light rain with a system of a relatively weak storm ranking one on the storm impact scale. next week we get sunny and mild
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conditions all over again. chips, candy and contraception. you can find each of them at a vending machine. and uc campus is
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a popular consignment store in walnut creek has shut its doors. >> consignment plus is just north of downtown. customers are concerned they won't be paid the money they're owed totaling hundreds or even thousands of dlafrs. >> reporter: alicia fenster is angry and upset. she dropped off several pieces of waterford crystal for consignment. some sold. the rest now locked inside. she's due a check for $476. >> about a week ago they gave me a call and they had some funds for me. they asked me if i wanted to either come in and pick up or what have you. but never indicated that they were going to be closing. >> the doors are chained and it says permanently. >> reporter: she's been shopping
7:26 pm
here for years. she just came to look this time, but that's not going to happen. >> this has always been a very interesting and wonderful place to come to. >> it's closed. it's disappointing because i really like this store. it's unfortunate. >> consignment plus home furnishings is permanently closed. >> reporter: the message on the phone line gives customers little guidance except to wait for a call or letter with further instructions. so far no one we talked with has received that information. is this anyway to do business? >> absolutely not. i'mo disappointed. >> reporter: we reached out to the owner patti evans, but so far no response. 7 on your side has information for the hundreds of people who have goods locked inside the store or money owed to them. the chapter 7 bankruptcy means
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all assets go to a trustee for distribution. the store owner's attorney tells us the trustee may allow people to go in and retrieve unsold items they left there on consignment. however, there probably aren't enough funds to pay everyone whose i don't wants did sel whose items did sell. is your commute a killer? >> depending on how you get to work, it could really be taking time off your life. >> some methods can extend your life. we have the research to back it up. it's a learning period. >> president trump will reach the 100 day mark n
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for millions of baby boomers there's a serious virus out there that's been almost forgotten. it's hepatitis c. one in 30 boomers has hep c, yet most don't even know it. because it can hide in your body for years without symptoms, and it's not tested for in routine blood work. the cdc recommends all baby boomers get tested. if you have hep c, it can be cured. for us it's time to get tested. ask your healthcare provider for the simple blood test. it's the only way to know for sure.
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updating you now on that breaking news out of berkeley. there's still a very heavy police presence in a neighborhood just west of uc berkeley as officers search door to door for a man with a gun. this is video of the search from sky 7. someone saw the gunman around 4:30 this afternoon. police issued a shelter in place for a four-block stretch, which
7:31 pm
is keeping residents on edge. >> this kind of police is unusual. you know, we're berkeley so we see a lot of protests and we support that. but it's a whole different thing when you have a gunman in your neighborhood running around. >> streets are still blocked in the area and police are still urging residents to shelter in place. we'll post updates on this breaking story on abc 7's mobile apps. make sure to enable push alerts to receive those breaking updates. president trump is making ambitious promises for the next week as he closed in on the first 100 days of being in office. >> the president is pushing for action on the new health care deal and promising to unveil a massive tax cut package. there have been accomplishes, slashed regulations and a supremcourt justice confirmed, but this president hadn't managed to get congress to pass any major bills yet. >> no particular rush, but we'll see what happens.
7:32 pm
health care is coming along well. government is coming along really well. lot of good things are happening. >> republican congressional leaders face a much more urgent deadline on april 29th when much of the federal government will run out of money. they'll need to reach an agreement next friday to keep government open past midnight. in a tweet this morning president trump said the media will never acknowledge the accomplishments of his first 100 days. >> it's really only been 91 days. some uc berkeley scholars are keeping track of what president trump has and has not accomplished so far. >> reporter: when it comes to his health care plan, president trump has a different tone than the one he had during his campaign. >> repeal and replace obamacare act. we have a good chance of getting it soon. i'd like to say next week, but i believe we will get it. >> reporter: today at this uc
7:33 pm
berkeley symposium, some believe mr. trump acted too quickly in trying to get rid of the affordable care act. for example, only five days into his presidency bill clinton tried to do away with a ban on gays in the military but ended up with the don't ask don't tell policy, a watered down version. a president's success is measured by the number of laws passed through congress. in the first 100 days president. george w. bush, seven and mr. obama 11. president trump? >> he's passed 29 bills which is more than obama passed in his first 100 days. >> reporter: but they haven't been significant legislative achievements except for wone. >> he has gotten a person on the supreme court zblrge. >>reporter: the president has relied on executive orders to keep some of his promises.
7:34 pm
some are being held up in court. >> he says that improvising is how he makes his deals. it appears very much that improvising is also how he runs his presidency. >> reporter: some hearsay what the administration has done so far opens up a conversation about what president trump's 1,000 days might look like. college stieudents can now y emergency contraception as easily as a can of soda. it offers tampons, advil, pregnancy tests, condoms and plan b, often referred to as the morning after pill. it's the result of two years of hard work by former uc davis student senator singh. under the obama administration in 2013 plan b became available
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to women of all ages without a prescription. davis is one of four campuses nationwide to have this kind of access to emergency cntraception. amazon booking has announced plans to open a new store in year at santana in san jose. it will be the second bay area location. in february amazon announced it would open a bookstore in walnut creek. we don't have the date yet but that's part of its plan to open up to 400 bookstores across the country. today a u.s. federal judge ordered volkswagon to pay nearly $3 billion for cheating on emisons tests. vw admits that nearly 600,000 diesel cars in the u.s were programmed to turn on pollution controls during testing only. separately, vw is paying more than a billion dollars in a civil case brought by the government and spending 11 billion to buy back cars and offer other compensation.
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your commute can take time off your life or can add to it. a new study finds biking may be the healthier way to commute. >> reporter: more people are biking to work in the bay area than ever before. tennis instructor gabby is one of them. researchers at the university of glasgow are out with a new study that shows biking to work can cut your risk of cancer or heart disease by half. the five-year study involved more than 260,000 british commute commuters. those who took public transportation to work were more likely to suffer from heart attacks or be diagnosed with cancer during the study. the dead time taken up by a work commute can actually benefit your health. bike east bay is an organization
7:37 pm
that aims to make biking fun, safe and accessible. >> we know that biking in traffic is frequently people's number one concerns. that's why we're advocating for new bike lanes and upgrading our streets. >> reporter: in san francisco alone the u.s. census bureau says nearly 15,000 people bike to work on a daily basis. those numbers are expected to go up. >> you don't have to sit there feeling road rage in traffic. you just get to feel the wind in your hr and being on your way. >> reporter: an opportunity to improve your health one pedal at a time. happening tonight, stage four of a major highway over pass project gets under way on the peninsula. burlingame from 8:00 p.m. tonight to 10:00 a.m. tomorrow cal tran will close the broadway over pass over highway 101 and the bayshore on ramp to northbound 101 so crews can build new detours. when complete, the new over pass will make it easier for hotel
7:38 pm
guests near the san francisco airport to get to downtown burlingame. coming up next, the evidence that shows the most expensive and complex search in the history of aviation for missing malaysia airlines flight 370 may have been looking in the wrong place. gorgeous today. we're also looking at a beautiful weekend. in this live picture from our camera,
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new developments in france. 50,000 police will be deployed this weekend to ensure sunday's presidential election isn't disrupted. bullet holes on the champs-élysees mark where a man opened fire killing an officer and wounded two others. isis has claimed responsibility. the attacker a 39-year-old who lived in a suburb of paris spent years in paris for attempting to kill two police officers and was brought in for questioning earlier this year but there wasn't enough to hold him. the paris prosecutor says they know the attacker's identity. the wreckage of missing malaysia airlines flight 370 is most likely located north of the now abandoned search zone. the plane vanished with 239 people aboard on march 8th 2014 on route from koacal kwal la lu
7:42 pm
beijing. scientists used real airliner parts to recreate how that wing would have drifted and can now say the plane would have gone down in part of the ocean farther north from where the searchers looked. the search was officially called off in january. no new search is planned. don't be fooled by fakes. next, how to spot coins
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sky 7 was above a tense situation in san francisco just hours ago. late this afternoon a man slipped down a cliff at china beach leaving him clinging to the rock face. a rescuer dropped in from the chopper and harnessed him in and flew him to safety. firefighters say the man is safe and refused treatment for his minor injuries. fake gold and silver bullion have always been for sale, but a flood of fake silver dollars has
7:46 pm
hit the market. >> reporter: carter collins is the owner of collectible coins and jewelry in mill valley. >> fake, yeah. >> reporter: these are all fake. he's showing me the difference between real and fake silver dollars. do people bring in fake coins and not know they are fake? >> these were all brought in one at a time. none of the people knew they had them. they'd come back from a trip to china or vietnam. >> reporter: online i found plenty of coins and metal bu bullion for sale that were listed as fake, plated, commemorative and antique imitation. many could be passed off as the real thing to the untrained. >> we've had people that kind of suspected that it might be fake but it's like too tempting for them to not buy it. it's rlly all over the map. most of the time people have
7:47 pm
been fooled. >> reporter: so how do you keep from being fooled? there are books that show what to look for when buying coins. buying from a known local source like san francisco gold buyer or collectible coins and jewelry is a good idea. they know the real from the fake. >> 1929 peace dollar had a very high rim on it. it had a very high relief rim. the rim on this one is low. and then the features of miss liberty there are just kind of mushy and soft. >> reporter: he could go on and on. carter collins had me try the sound test. fake? real. it's even easier hearing it one coin at a time. first fake, then real. it isn't just silver dollars either. there are reports of fake dimes and plenty of fake gold and silver bullion being sold online
7:48 pm
and off. if you plan to collect or invest, you must start by educating yourself before you start buying. happening now, the san francisco spca is celebrating its 149th birthday. the animal shelter is having cake and ice cream right now and offering free adoption on rabbits and adult cats for the rest of the evening. it's open until 9:00 tonight. on a related note, a reminder that an animal shelter still needs your help. the nine lives foundation is closing down at the end of the month because it's moving to a new building. 80 cats have to be adopted or fostered. they need $80,000 to renovate their new building. the bay area is a beautiful place and abc 7 news viewers
7:49 pm
prove it. >> every day. craig captured this stunning shot. showcasing the beauty of marin county. now spencer is back with an update on the forecast. >> it was such a lovely day. here's a look at live doppler 7. still a lovely evening around the bay area with mostly sunny skies. tomorrow we'll see a few high clouds in the sky. just lovely and dry, highs ranging from 60s at the coast to 70s inland. sunday is going to be an even brighter day, although a little bit cooler. sunday marks the day of hiller aviation runway run. it will be nice and bright and ideal running weather. nice and cool. here's the accuweather seven day
7:50 pm
forecast after a nice pleasant and dry weekend, we'll see clouds thickening on monday and a chance of showers on tuesday with a storm ranking one on the storm impact scale. then it will be sunny and drier toward the end of the week. giants fans really shaking their heads. how could this happen? >> well, the frustrating part is how it happened. i mean, the giants lose their best picture madison baumgartner. they lose them on an off
7:51 pm
you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next.
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good evening. the giants are in last place. the last thing they needed was another injury. this one is huge. madison baumgartner could be out six to eight weeks after a dirt bike accident on the giants off day yesterday in denver. the star pitcher hit a slippery spot and went down, suffered bruised ribs and a sprained left shoulder. dangous activities are
7:54 pm
normally prohibited in player contracts. you remember jeff kent fabricating a tail about falling off his pickup when he got hurt actually on a motorcycle back in 2002. the pitcher is very remorseful but he is out for perhaps two months. there's a fear, we're told, that it may even be longer than that. speaking of injured stars, kevin durant hopeful to play tomorrow night in game three of the warriors blazers playoff series. duff he's extremely frustrated over the calf strain. durant says all the criticism he took when he first signed with the warriors made him actually change his perspective on basketball. that new outlook is actually helping keeping him calm. >> it's not life or death, you know? i'm not on my death bed.
7:55 pm
still get to palay. i got on the court today. it's not the end of the world. just being a part of the group, that's actually been cool. i want to be out there but it's not life or death. it's not career threatening. it's just a calf sprain. >> still officially listed as questionable. the blazers are hoping their beg man will make a run in game three. nurkic missed games because of a nondisplaced fracture in his right leg. if the raiders are going to sign marshawn lynch they'd like to get it done before next week. the raiders and marshawn do not have a deal in place. in fact the raiders don't even have an agreement to acquire his rights. what they do have is a glaring hole in their back field. they'd like to know if they need to fill that void in next week's
7:56 pm
draft. >> people like to know we're not shutting the door until that time pretty much. >> every indication i got is he was excited to play for the oakland raiders. just part of the process in doing our due diligence, seeing where he is and talking about expectations here and how they match up and things like that. >> just a question of money at this point. to the ice, the sharks blue a 3-1 lead in the third period and lost to edmonton in over time last night. the sharks know they just did not step up when they had to in over time. >> never won a faceoff. never got going engh to turn it. just takes one shot. guys were aware of that.
7:57 pm
we had a chance or two. >> we've got to just get ready for the next one. our back's against the wall now, so we've got to play with some urgency and win a home game. >> it is must win tomorrow night in the tank for the sharks. join us tonight at 9:00 on cable 13. new video takes us inside the terror attack in paris. what police are revealing about the suspect as they mourn the loss of a fellow officer. we'll stay on top of that developing situation in berkeley. a neighborhood is locked down as police try to find a man with a gun. at 8:00 it's the toy box, at 9:00, shark tank. at 10 it's 20/20 featuring an exclusive interview with caitlyn jenner by diane sawyer. >> at 11:35 it's jimmy kimmel live. >> that's going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news.
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>> thank you so much for joining us. we'll see you a little bit later tonight. bye-bye.
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