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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  April 22, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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. they marched across the u.s., europe, even antarctica. and here in the bay area thousands rallies for science and called out those who denounce or deny it. good evening. i'm eric thomas. thank you so much for joining us. san francisco had the biggest march in the bay area but it wasn't the only one. abc 7 news reporter cornel barnard is live at cal where
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demonstrators just finished the rally and marched away. >> reporter: these marchers just left sprow plaza, heading for civic center park all in the name of the earth and science. a celebration of earth day at uc berkeley. these marchers support science and say climate change and global warming is real. >> we only have one planet and it's really important to fight for it and protect it. ♪ in san francisco market street was packed wall to wall with thousands of marchers for science. becky fullup brought her daughter from oakland. >> i believe that science is not something we should even have to be marching for. and yet with the current administration it's something that's threatened. ♪ blinded me with science >> reporter: many believe president trump has shown little respect for the importance of science. >> basic things are under attack, which i don't support. i also am here because i believe that science itself and technology regardless of who the president is should be more
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inclusive. >> reporter: the march from the foot of market street made its way toward civic center. some students came with their science classes. >> why are you here today? >> because i want to save this earth. >> our planet under attack. >> fight back. >> reporter: before the march san francisco supervisor jeff sheehy, who is hiv positive, told the crowd science saved his life. >> we're demanding continued funding to further the knowledge of our planet, the universe, and develop therapies that will save countless lives. >> reporter: mythbusters host adam savage says science is no myth. >> we all really want the same thing, which is we want to leave a better world for our kids and our families and our loved ones and our community. and if we can agree upon that then we can have a reasoned discussion on how to move forward. >> reporter: in an earth day statement president trump said my administration is committed to advancing scientific research that leads to a better understanding of our environment and of environmental risks. cornel barnard, abc 7 news. the city of hayward
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estimates more than 1,000 people marched to the shoreline today. they held signs saying "science not silence" and ice has no agenda it just melts. the shoreline could be devastated by climate change with destructive funding and erosion. abc 7 news was also in san jose when people from all walks of life gathered at city hall to march for science. two marchers shared some insight on what motivated them to join today's event. >> well, we're here to march for science. we support making decisions based on fact and evidence and not on ideology sxig norns. >> celebrating the amazing things that science does for us. there's folks who have had organ transplants, medical procedures, cures for diseases. >> organizers also told us they'd like to see politicians of all parties support science education and scientific projects across the country. there were more than 600 science and earth day events worldwide today. reporter andrew spencer has more. >> reporter: from new york to los angeles, crowds gathered and
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marched all over the united states, pressing back against legislators and policy makers that they say are ignoring facts and research. organizers billed the marchers as political but non-partisan, an effort to support science and evidence-based research. but for many demonstrators it's also a protest against the policies of president donald trump. >> we have an american president disparaging the facts denigrating science and we're here to tell him that science matters. >> reporter: speaking to a crowd in washington, science advocate bill nye said science must shape policy, not just in the united states but around the world. >> our lawmakers must know and accept that science serves every one of us. every citizen of every nation and society. >> reporter: the marches have been worldwide with demonstrators taking to the streets of australia to geneva, switzerland. and from the arctic to the ant actic research scientists added their support to the cause. at newmeyer station in
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antarctica they summed up the movement with a quote from marie curie. "nothing in life is to be feared. it is only to be understood. now is the time to understand more so that we may fear less." andrew spencer, abc 7 news. in the east bay volunteers used this earth day to battle illegal dumping. abc 7 news was in oakland as leaders with the st. louis bertrand church picked up trash and swept up the litter left behind on international boulevard. about 50 people turned out this morning. they do this on the third saturday of every month because they care about keeping the city clean. >> the we organize with the community because we're tired of all this illegal dumping that's going on here. so today being earth day is the perfect day to get people out here. >> the group has cleaned up about 13 tons of trash in just the past four months or so. in fresno dozens of pg&e employees came together to honor one of their employees who was gunned down in a shooting spree this week. they planted trees and held a moment of silence for zach randalls. the newly hired utility worker
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was one of three men police say corey muhammad shot and killed on tuesday. today's tree planting was already planned for earth day but because of what just happened fellow workers decided to turn it into a memorial. >> we do everything we can so that we can make sure our employees come home at the end of the day because we recognize that both gas and electric work can be dangerous and we do the training, we give them all the equipment. it's a big philosophy of watching out for each other. this is just a circumstance where none of that would have made a difference, and that's i think hard for people to accept. >> there was also a funeral today for a security guard killed in the same shooting spree. police say the killings were motivated by muhammad's hatred of white people. he's in jail and has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. police in san jose are on the lookout for a gunman who killed one man and injured two others at a motel 6. police arrived at the motel on the alameda around 3:00 this morning to find three men shot. one was already dead. the other two were taken to the hospital. our media partner the "mercury
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news" reports this was the city's eighth homicide of the year. at this point last year the city had 14 homicides. check out this video from vallejo showing flames shooting out from an underground electrical vault. this happened this morning this front of a home on berkdale court. firefighters doused the flames using a dry chemical. the fire knocked out power to the home but no one was hurt. a crying mother removed from a san francisco flight. >> you do that to me and i'll knock you flat. >> hear from the angry passengers who stood up for the mother, plus find out how the airline responded. and -- >> channel 7, the force is with you. always. >> i hope so. what a day for selfies in the south bay. what you missed at silicon valley comic-con today and what you could see tomorrow. and you know what we missed? the sunshine today. those high clouds we talked about yesterday, they came in and they dropped our temperature. here's a clear look from our exploratorium camera.
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a flight attendant who confronted a mother on a san francisco flight yesterday is on paid leave. witnesses say he crossed the line while dealing with the passenger. abc news reporter adrienne bankert has the video. >> reporter: millions of views online. it's yet another case of an on-board confrontation involving
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passengers, now going viral. this time the antagonism is on an american airlines flight in california. >> just give me my stroller, please. >> reporter: at issue they say the mother tried to bring her double wide stroller down the plane and down a single aisle. a flight attendant told her she needed to gate check it. when she did not, he took it away. >> very upset. and grabbed it and just pulled it and yanked it off. violently yanked it. >> a baby almost got hurt. that's what fired me up. >> reporter: other passengers like tony fiero say the employee was violent with the stroller, nearly hitting the woman and her child. minutes later, when the man gets back on board, fiero gets up again. >> hey, bud. you do that to me and i'll knock you flat. >> you stay out of this. >> reporter: american airlines quickly issuing an apology, saying "we are deeply sorry for the pain we have caused this passenger and her family. the actions of our team member
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captured here do not appear to reflect patience or empathy, two values necessary for customer care." most air carriers including american airlines do not allow strollers in the cabin. this new outrage comes just two weeks after united airlines had to publicly apologize after video surfaced of a passenger being dragged off a flight. the woman in this case, who was traveling from argentina, took another flight, and the airline upgraded her and her family to first class. the staffer now grounded, on paid leave during an investigation. adrienne bankert, abc news, new yok. well, they're a little young to be mechanics but we found these kids tinkering with a car today. why they were to take it apart. plus we're look at a mild week with big changes next week. meteorologist mike nicco is next with the forecast. and i'm mike shumann live in
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portland. steve kerr's out tonight. he's under the weathe
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selfie. >> a selfie? it is a chat snap? what are those things? >> he could produce the light saibar for things like that. if you want a selfie with darth
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vader the south bay is the place to be this weekend. abc 7 news was in san jose for the second day of silicon valley comic-con. we saw jedis, storm troopers, batman aficionados and comic book fans of all sorts, plus the 30th anniversary celebration of "star trek: the next generation." the annual convention is a wonderland of for people of all ages who love fantasy, science fiction, movies and technology. >> you get to play like you're a little kid again. >> i'm a illustrator. if it wasn't for comics i wouldn't know how to read. >> my favorite characters. and a lot of these characters are very cool because i have most of the movies. >> comic-con continues tomorrow. youcan see apple co-founder steve wozniak along with actors pam greer and jon cusack. they're not old enough to drive but a group of bay area kids took apart a car today. abc 7 news was at the chabot space and science dprercenter i oakland for the tinker fest.
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more than 1,000 kids in the bay area picked up tools and picked apart cars and electronics all in the name of science. >> tinkerfest is a celebration of hands-on exploration, playful engaging with materials and tools, taking things apart, putting them together, allowing kids to basically decide what interests them, what ideas they have, and explore them in a fun and playful way. >> he hopes to make tinkerfest an annual event. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. dan would have loved that. lookt this. doesn't that look gorgeous from our east bay hills camera? we're starting to see some of those clouds break up just a little bit. we're going to see sunshine right before the sun sets. but there's more on the way for tomorrow as another cooldown is on the way. so brighter, slightly cooler tomorrow. chances of rain early next week. and our next weekend, already looking ahead to next weekend. sme 80s possible. i'll show you in just a minute. let's take a look at current temperatures. if you're stepping out right now dress for upper 50s in half moon
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bay, san mateo and also san francisco 58. the rest of us in the low to mid 60s. 64 san jose. oakland 62. san rafael 63. same in concord, 65. antioch's one of the warm spots at about 68. look at this. we'reeeing some returns on live doppler 7. to the east. it's heading into the central valley. but it's bone dry from about 5,000 to 15,000 feet. none of this is reaching the ground. it's just a last push of this cold front. you can see the cooler dryer sinking air behind it. and that's why we're going to have some clearing, see some stars and be a little bit cooler tonight than we were this morning. so there we go. some sunny pockets as we head through the 6:00 hour. now as we get toward 8:00 most of us in the mid to upper 50s. a little cooler as we get to 10:00. mid 50s there. and if you're going to be out and about at midnight, temperatures running from about 51 to 55. let's take a look at where we bottom out tomorrow. some mid to upper 40s in places like palo alto, morgan hill, livermore, fairfield, santa rosa and cloverdale. the rest of us 50 to 53 degrees. not too bad a start four sunday.
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now, we'll try to rebound into the mid and upper 60s in the south bay. you see that 70 in gilroy. that's the exception. santa cruz 68. santa cruz and los gatos. 67 in palo alto to san mateo at about 64. a little cooler at the coast. a little breezy. also with some low 60s there. we'll be 63 in downtown. south san francisco 65. walking across the golden gate not going to be quite as comfortable as it was the last couple of days. a little breezy at about 64 in sausalito. we'll try to touch 70 in santa rosa and napa for the warm spots in the north bay. 67 in castro valley. oakland 64. richmond -- i should say 65. richmond 64. 67 to 70 driegz our spread in our east bay neighborhoods. wrapping up the four-game set with the mariners tomorrow at the coliseum. you'll need the sunscreen. 1:05 first pitch, 62, about 63 by the end of the game. here's a look at what's going to happen sunday. you can see a few showers up around mendocino county in the morning. and then we'll have partly cloudy conditions in the afternoon hours. heading toward monday morning,
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increasing clouds. maybe a little fog in the north bay. then you can see some rain trying to move in during the noon hour, lunch hour in the north bay. and a few other showers for the rest of us. not a big deal. you notice there wasn't a lot of green on the map. in fact, it takes until about 1:00 in the afternoon for 1/100 to show up in santa rosa and the rest of us will stay around a couple hundredths of an inch of rain. we'll have some clowe clouds tomorrow morning. those will quickly fade and the high clouds will come in. it will be just a couple of degrees cooler. then we've got on the storm impact scale ones. that means they're going to be light, they won't affect all of us in the south bay. a few sprinkles wednesday morning and look at the warming trend for thursday, friday, and saturday. even the warmth reaches the coast. look at that. could be 70 at the coast next saturday. mid 70s to 80 for the rest of us. >> can't get over the fact we're in april and still talking about rain. >> i know. this has been a crazy, crazy couple months. >> all right, buddy, thanks a lot. >> you bet. sports action.
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rick kwon is in for mike shumann who's on the road. >> warriors head coach is not feeling well and will miss tonight's playoff game against the blazers. our mike shumann is courtside in portland. mike, coach kerr is out. how about kevin durant? is he ready to return? >> well, rick, we've got three players that are going to be out tonight besides coach kerr. k.d., shaun livingston and matt barnes will not play tonight. bad news for the warriors. and also for portland their center yusuf nurkic will play tonight. let's show you earlier today at the shootaround. a lot of the players we just talked about didn't have a whole lot to do. and i think they knew from the get-go they weren't going to play. this is a marathon, not a sprint. so you want to make sure you've got these key players down the stretch. the dubs are 0-4 in game 3s last season and 2 for 6 in the last two years. so they like to change that tune tonight. draymond green told us today at the shootaround that he'd love
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to quiet this raucous portland crowd. >> as a competitor you live for these road games. just you against the world. everybody's going against you. there's no better feeling than going into an opposing arena and quieting the crowd, seeing the looks on their faces when you're walking out. that's something as an athlete you look forward to. >> every game you're going to get a team's best shot. it's just a matter of impacting the game more. over 48 minutes. yeah, they're going to have a lot of energy and they're going to play with a lot of adrenaline coming into tonight. it's natural being in front of their home fans. but we can still, you know, implement our game plan and do what we do. >> and steph curry hoping to light it up here tonight in portland as you see him warming up here tonight. should be a good contest. portland needs to win this game, or otherwise it's going to be tough for them to come back from a 3-0 deficit. reporting live in portland, i'm mike shumann. it will be a good one. abc 7 sports.
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>> okay. thanks a lot, mike. the clippers will not have blake griffin for the rest of their postseason. the five-time all-star injured his right big toe when he landed awkwardly on this play last night. he did not return. l.a. leads utah in their series two games to one. game 4 is tomorrow night in salt lake city. after a tough overtime loss to edmonton on thursday, the sharks are facing a must-win situation tonight. the men of teal will be on home ice, where they hope to repeat their 7-0 victory in game 4. history, though, is not on san jose's side. it's just 1-10 all-time when trailing a series 3-2. the sharks know they have to play with a sense of urgency. >> we've been here before. we know how to handle it. and i think we're confident we're going to show up with a real good game here tonight. >> it's two good teams. they're a very good hockey team. we're a very good hockey team. i think everyone expected this series to be tight from the get-go, and it has been. >> we had guys in the line-up that have been here and been through the ringer the year before to come out and play
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loose the game we had to play, we just watch those guys and follow. now to baseball. the a's took on seattle this afternoon. ater starting their homestand with three straight losses oakland was going for its fifth straight win. rickey henderson holds the major league record with 81 lead-off home runs. in the first adam rosales does just that with this shot over the rickey henderson field sign. rosales with his trademark sprint around the bases. after a jed lowry single ryan healy takes ariel miranda deep for his third home run of the season. that made it 3-1 a's. down by one in the ninth, seattle had the tying run on second, but ryan madsen strikes out kevin hanniger to end the contest. a's win 4-3. they'll go for the sweep tomorrow afternoon. things keep getting worse for the banged up giants. hunter pence is sitting out today's game with a knee injury. colorado jumped on top with a three-run first. two of those coming on this home run by mark reynolds. it came off matt moore. the rockies were looking for
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more off moore in the second. charlie blackmon with the deep fly ball. denard spann races back and makes a catch, but hurts himself running into the wall. he had to leave the contest, now in the fourth. colorado leads 4-0. and once again, the warriors will be without kevin durant and coach steve kerr tonight. and it looks like portland will have their big center back for the first time. >> all right. should be a great game. >> should be. >> rick, thanks a lot. next, we get up close with penguins. the message behind th
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tonight on abc 7 news at 9:00 over on kofy tv 20, an act of kindness by local dentists that's giving people a reason to smile. and at 11:00 here on abc 7, parisians here in the bay area talk about their vote in a critical french election, and some wait for ours. the monterey bay aquarium got into the spirit of earth day with a special march of its own. today the aquarium hosted the march of the penguins. staff guided these american penguins on an enrichment walk through the kelp forest gallery. visitors and volunteers cheered them on. the march is an opportunity to raise awareness of the penguin. over the last century its
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population has been decimated, falling 97%. these guys in monterey are closely monitored as part of a plan to protect them from extinction. and their tuxedos are perfect. >> well manicured. >> they always look good, don't they? the shoes. they need some help with the sthu shoes, though. that's it for abc 7 news at 6:00. we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. for mike nicco, i know it's weird to see us together anymore, but we're here. mike shumann's in portland. we'll all see you later on this evening. have a good one.
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