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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  April 24, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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secoconds.s. whwhwhere a are the s secececur andd were they wororkikiking? >> l lessososons learned at w w? we'r're a addddinininggg u up t frfridididay's masassive san fr powewer r outatage. > and new at 6:6:6:00, f for evevididence proves a mououount snuck into a bay areaa home and stole a dog w whoho h has not b seenen sinincecece.
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> t t theyy b b b basicicica bates and ran upstairs and the moment the train opened, they jumped on board. >> a mob of dozens took just seconds to storm a b.a.r.t. train stealing bags and phones and even punching people. >> this terrifying encounter took place saturday night, officers arrived within five minutes, but that was already too late. >> kate larson joins us live. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. actually tells me they have a problem of people stealing from passengers on train, right now they're working with oakland pd, the housing authority and oak land school police to try to identify this group who attacked and robbed people over the weekend. on saturday night at 9:30, 40 to
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60 juveniles allegedly rushed on to the train to rob passengers. >> we had five cell phones and two purses. >> reporter: the group hopped the fair gates and after the attack left the station before b.a.r.t. police officers arrived five minutes later. >> we did have increased police presence saturday nigh at oak land stations, we have been authorizing overtime for key stations. >> reporter: but b.a.r.t. says their officers were not at the college station at the time of the attack. zb zbri. >> i have never really seen any -- >> reporter: this man rides b.a.r.t. every week and believes more security would cut down on crimes on the trains and at stations. >> they should step it up, more law enforcement and more
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security, but i don't feel like they're doing enough to resolve these issues. >> it's very upsetting, we don't want our panes to go through something like this. >> i have seen all kinds of things go on. it's never a dull moment on b.a.r.t., ever, ever, so i'm not too surprised. >> reporter: of the nine cars on saturday night's train in question, only six had working surveillance cameras. right now investigators are t trying to figure out how many cars the suspects boarded many of those on trains were actually fake -- on all of their trains by july 1st of this year, and they said they were on track to meet that deadline, live in oakland, abc7 news. dna tests playo s proof tha mountain lion got in a house and stole a dog from a bed where
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they were sleeping. they found a mix of dog and mountain lion blood. a week ago the family left the door open for fresh air while they slept. they heard the dog barking, then she was silent. the fish and wildlife department says mountain lion behavior like this is very rare. >> reporter: conservative commentator ann coulter says she will be on uc campus this weekend, since the university says they do not have a secure venue for coul rights violations. >> i never thought i would be on the same side of an issue as bernie sanders, bill maher.
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>> reporter: a high profile speaker's policy that limits conditions about where and when they can speak on campus. >> it's not in writing, it's not been publicized, but it has been used to shut down two speakers that the berkeley college republicans have brought to cal. >> reporter: the university responded to the lawsuit writing that uc berkeley has been working to accommodate a mutually agreeable time for ms. coulter's visit. and they assure that all members of the berkeley and largeser community, including ms. coulter herself. >> unless somebody's about to be killed, that's their standard for intervening, if somebody's merely being beaten up, people are merely being punched in the head, that's not sufficient for
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the university police to intervene. >> by today, they have reviewed the response to the milo incident. and we just received this statement from the mayor of berkeley, quote, while we cherish the freedoms of speech and peaceful assembly, there is no freedom to commit violence. 28-year-old kahn tron is listed in critical condition at a lom hospital. the first officer arrived and confronted tran. police say he ignored commands and then charged towards the officer with a knife, the officer opened fire, hitting tran at least once, he's been charged with attempted murder.
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a san bruno man will remain in jail after pleading not guilty to charges of murdering his neighbor and trying to cover up the crime. san mateo county -- stubblefield faces accusations of using pepper spray to subdue benjamin roybell and then dismembering the victim's body. stubblefield returns to court next month. highway 160 is back open after a wreck between two big rigs. the road was shut down for almost 7 hours. one driver was air lifted to the hospital with severe burns, the other driver suffered minor injuries. new documents obtained by our media partners at bay area news group show the building
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manager planned illegal use of the warehouse from the very start back in 2013. an artist collective was not shown. the landlord was told that he was secretly making alterations to the building that went beyond the term of the lease, still no action was taken, three years later the ghost ship burned down killing 36 people back in december. a new tool to fight mail theft, it's called informed delivery. it's a free service from the u.s. post office. those who sign up can get a picture preview of today's mail. police say the tool can help residents monitor mail and see if anything is missing. businesses were trying to assess their losses while the mayor was asked for a complete investigation. abc7 news reporter explains it
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is a reminder of what could happen when a major earthquake hits. >> reporter: beanie's kitchen on market street lost more than $2,000 in business last friday, without power, their lunch crowd was gone. >> we had to dispose of all the food and we shut it down at 10:30 and everybody went home. >> a stationary store nearby was able to hang for a while. >> so you didn't close right away? >> no, we didn't close until 2:30 in the afternoon. >> reporter: it will take some time before we know the cost of this outage. >> we'll kbguide the public to w to make a claim with pg&e. >> reporter: an initial investigation suggests a circus breaker failed, which then
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caused a fire at the substation on larkin and eddie streets, it was in the process of undergoing extensive upgrades, because water could not be used, it took a long time to reduce the temperature inside the substation, that's why it took so long to restore power. friday's event showed how people are likely to react following a significant earthquake. >> i'm always getting ready for the big one, and i always say go to sf and see what else can be done. >> reporter: for now she and her employees are eager to put the event behind us. and just in to our newsroom, our first look at a major earth quake that struck chile about three hours ago. you can see violent shaking in this cell phone video taken in a
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home on the country's central coast. there are no reports of any injuries or damage, but there were some minor land slides, it was centered just to the west of valparaiso. the u srsgs has reported at lea four aftershocks. planes delayed or cancelled. hear from frustrated flyers because it's both the airport and the airlines that share the blame. i'm spencer christian, it's cool and cloudy now, but not so
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sky 7 is live over breaking news in east oakland, two people were shot about a half hour ago. one was shot at e street and the second one was shot at 162nd avenue and macarthur. remember, you can always get breaking news alerts any time through the abc7 news app. now looking live at san francisco international airport where more than 1,000 flights were delayed or cancelled over the week and nearly 300 more experienced the same fate today. the proroblblem wasas not t the as is s so oftften the case att it was construction, ththe maia run way u usedd for arriving flights was c closed for rerepa and this wassot thehe f first
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weekekenenddd of work either, s of this is whyy such a problem, leslie? >> repeporteteter: whatt a a a dan,n, for travevevellerss over weekekend,d, if you looooookk a travelelel wewebsites, you'l'll thatat t theyy say sunday afaft, monday morornininininingss are busiest m morninings for air tr but t sfo closesedd one of itst mamain arrival run waways, thth going to repeaeaeat itself for several m m moree w weeeeks to the workk has too get donene,,, travelers aren't happy. >> thehey said oh, there's a y in sananan f f francncisco, it seven hours. > eririca is f fuming becaua didn't f finddd out aboutut the construcuctiononon delelay at s
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she c chehehecked in a at cinin rport. >> there was nothing you could do, t thehe plane w was s s sit at t the g gate t t the whole t frfrustratated. >> reporter: this weekend, moro than 1,1,0000 flightsts hadad delalayedd or c canancecelleded repaved thehe run wayay and installed new led lights dowown the center.. >> our goal is to provide t the informrmation to airirlines and them decidee w whether or not t want to reduce their flight schedudulele i in advance or ca theieir flfligighthts.s. >> reporter: v v virgin a ameri rerereleleased a statement, it partrtrticulululululularlyly ch weekekekend,d,d, wee c c certai frustration expxpreressssed by tralzers, and southwest airlines said southwest knew this was coming and we were prepped for
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it. travel bloggers said there had to have been a disconnect between the airports and the airlines. >> we never really got a clear picture of why the flight was cancelled other than air traffic control problem. >> reporter: the problem is going forward, there will be six more weekends like this coming up at sfo between now and mid-june, more construction, more delays and cancellations, flyers are advised to check airline websites for information and to pack their patience. new at 6:00, a new senior housing development is now under way. today was the ground breaking ceremony. it's located on san pablo avenue by manilla avenue. a group of local and federal
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leaders are urging the trump administration to release millions of dollars to modern size the aging cal transstation. they are urging the white house tonight to stop delaying the project which would electrify the line and replace the agency's fleet of 1980s locomotives and rail cars. >> this is bad, bad politics. it's shameful that anything like this would happen. the american people deserve better, certainly the people of our region deserve better. >> in february, the trump administration with held $640 million in funds to modernize the aging transportation system. tonight the warriors could close out their playoff run against the portland trailed blazers, mike shuman join us
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live from oregon with a look at the warriors chances. >> well, guys, i got a lot to report, kevin durant will start tonight. as you mentioned, they can close out this series as they lead 3-0 with a victory. earlier today a light shoot-around and steve kerr was available and he was watching his team practice and the coach was feeling a lot better, but not 100%. his players miss him a lot, but it hasn't been that much different without him. >> it's really not different at all to tell you the truth. i feel like coach brown is the assistant coach that helps steve. so i feel like it was easy for him to just transition over there. >> we try to do our best to --
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>> he doesn't want to be a distraction, that's the kind of guy he is, to step away, to let the assistant coaches still go through our routine, don't want too much to change and not too much attention drawn to the fact that he can't be with us right now. >> reporter: all right, you look at steph curry warm up tonight. he is in the building, he's going to watch the game in the locker room. reporting live, in portland, mike shuman, abc7 news. and we have added this post to our abc7 news facebook page. you can leave your get well wishes for coach kerr. like us on facebook at abc7 news for the latest update on coach kerr's condition. it looked like it was going to pour all day long, but it didn't quite look like that.
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>> i like the way you put that, interesting day. are you ready for a warmup or need i ask? here's a look at your high temperature trend at the end. notice next couple of days, high temperatures in concord will be below average, notice midweek, we start to warm up above average, by the weekend, high temperatures will be up in the low to mid 80s, and this is a trend most locations around the bay area expect as we approach the weekend. let's approach live doppler 7 and we still have those stubborn clouds hanging around, and they'll be around for the next week, this is not likely to produce any significant rainfall, but some drizzle around the bay area on thursday. right now we're looking at more clouds over the bare from our rooftop camera here at abc7. low 60s at oakland, mountain view and san jose, and there's
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another view of those clouds, with a little bit of the soon to be setting sun burning through the sky there as we look at the western sky from emeryville. it's 61 at santa rosa and napa, 59 at novato and livermore. showers are possible, light showers up in the north bay on wednesday, then we'll get windy and warmer weather across the bay area later in week. overnight, with a few lingering clouds, we'll see low temperatures ranging from upper 40s to lowanimation, taking us into wednesday morning. we'll see areas of light rain or showers scattered across the north bay, not very widespread and the rain is not likely to be heavy, but there will be some wet spots, but it will go away quickly, giving way to warmer weather, it will be a state wide warm area that will bring a nice warming trend to the bay area that will last several days, and it's going to be windy along
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with that warmup. here's our wind gust animation, taking us into friday, notice we'll see gusts at 25-mile-per-hour. so it will be warm and windy. but at least it will be warm. here's the accuweather seven day forecast, slight chance of some showers mainly in the north bay on wednesday, brighter skies will prevail on thursday and then we'll have completely sunny skies and mild to warm weather into the weekend and into early next week, with high temperatures reaching mid 80s by sunday in our inland areas. sunday in our inland areas. coming up next, the
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well, as you may know firsthand, getting kids to school in the morning can be pretty stressful for parents who need to get to work on sometime. the school bus isn't an option for every family and has an idea for linking parents up after they drop their kids off at school. this is the team that has just made it to the times of a toyota and net impact mobility challenge. >> it's called the hub, and it matches parents based on the time they need to leave and their final destinations for the
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work. >> they could use your help winning the challenge, there's a link on our site if you would like to vote for them. you still have to take stressful exams even if you're smart enough to write that app. it's getting close to exam time and they tell us blowing bubbles is a good way to beat the stress before the test. >> this was my idea, and we're trying to support student health and happiness. >> and that's michelle kearny, the students were also enjoying, as you might guess, some bubble tea. imagine a plane that can transform into a spa, lounge, maybe even a cafeteria. >> it's a reality that you can test out at mineta san jose. >> i think for most people it wouldn't be the typical experience. coach kerr is missing the playoffs because of complications from back surgery,
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doctors explain what is unique about his case. college students no longer
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we want to update the breaking news in oakland where two people were shot got an hour ago. one was shot at 106th avenue and e street. and we counted at least 10 bullet holes on the window in the door panel. the other victim was found at 106th avenue and macarthur, the police are still on the scene investigating. we're also following breaking news out of san francisco. a suspicious device has stopped traffic and rerouted muni busses. the device was found near the intersection of wisconsin and 22nd street. union riders and drivers in the area can expect delays. you can always get breaking news alerts through the abc7 news app. download it for free and enable push alerts. steve kerr was in so much
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pain the last time he attended a warriors game, he took off his jacket and that violates the coach's dress code. he has not coached a game since. >> he's dealing with complications from two pack surgeries. >> this past week, for whatever reas reason -- >> our apologies, we'll try to get back to the report on steve kerr's back. but let's move on for the moment while we get that sorted out. about 200 feel gathered in sample today for the sixth annual muslim day at the capitol. they zeroed in on president trump's anti-muslim campaign. by making them vulnerable to hate and unfair treatment. >> from my perspective, if donald trump is saying he's going after the muslim
7:33 pm
community, it is our responsibility as legislators to say, mr. trump, you're going to have to come through us. >> we want to make sure that we're two steps ahead and that we're really putting california on the map to say, targeting muslim communities, immigrant communities or any other communities runs contrary to our values in this state. no one likes sitting for hours on a long flight, but the possibility of an in flight workout and even a cocktail lounge could give passengers reason to get out of their seats. david lui shows us a new concept that's creating buzz at san ncisco international airport. >> reporter: airlines soon could have more options for customers. like this flying workout room. it's one of several concepts
7:34 pm
being tested by airbus. >> we're currently looking at longer haul flights because the longer the flight, the more interested you are in trying out different activities. >> sponsors have tested the mats and resistance bands and stationary bikes might be feasible features, and studies are also being done for self-service food, creating work spaces and areas to socialize. the modular design allow airlines -- need back from passengers will be factored in. janet is hooked on the idea of working out on a long flight. #. >> i love having the yoga mat so you can stretch out and for a long flight is really important. >> the idea of having a pool on a plane always seems to come up and that seems like really interesting, like what would it take to be able to do that?
7:35 pm
>> these modules could be available as soon as a couple of years from now. this might be the ultimate location to do this kind of field research, because people that are coming to the airport are already thinking about their flight experience. well, a nasa astronaut who grew up in napa joined president trump in the white house, the group spoke with astronauts on board the international space station and congratulated astronaut peggie whitson on breaking the record of 540 days in space. >> it's a huge honor to break a record like this, but it's an honor to me to basically be
7:36 pm
representing all the folks at nasa. >> the president also asked rubens about her experience, she spent 115 days at the iss last year and was the first to sequence dna in space. >> it's not just the technology demonstration, but we can do things like detect microbes on the space station, and looking ats a toe naut health. >> i'm i've been dealing with politicians so much, i'm so much more impressed with these people. >> president trump joked it would happen during his second term. all right, let's get back to the story we started to bring you a few minutes ago about warriors coach steve kerr and complications from back surgeries. >> this past week for whatever reason, things got worse. >> reporter: warriors head coach steve kerr says don't do it, back surgery, that is, given his own experience, including
7:37 pm
intense pain that is apparently back with a vengeance. >> rehab, rehab, rehab. don't let anybody get in there. >> reporter: dr. steven leigh is a spine surgeon. kerr's first surgery was for a ruptured disk which lee says could put pressure on nerves. >> when people don't get in sharn shape, changing their lifestyles, end up having to do surgery. >> kerr's complication was leaking spinal fluid that can cause nausea and other symptoms. >> it's unfortunate, i would say less than 10% have symptoms like he's suffering from. >> i see this situation very commonly in practice, where too much time goes on. >> jeremy johnson is a chiropractor. >> we always start out with
7:38 pm
helping people first and foremost identify what their injury is. what stretches can they do, what exercises should they be doing to restore normal physiology, how can they eat, the importance of sleep. >> at this point it's unclear when or even what kerr will be able to return as head coach of the warriors. >> that's tough. honoring unsung heroes, today these who fight for the environment received awards. >> they did, next meet the california man honored with the world's most prestigious awards for environmental activism. >> what's been going while i was gone. >> he's back, but only briefly, find out what put former preseses
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ask your healthcare provider for the simple blood test. it's the only way to know for sure. happening now a discuss in san francisco of emanuel macron and marine le pen will face-off in an election runoff on may 7.
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le pen has floated the idea of france leaving the european union. barack obama held his first public event since leading office. he held a imagine discussion on civic engagement. >> people just aren't involved, they get cynical, and they give up. and as a consequence, we have some of the lowest voting rates in any advanced democracy and low participation rates then translate into a further gap between who's governing us and what we believe. >> he says it's up to the younger generations to help bridge that gap. a family didn't get what a family didn't get what they paid for until
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five months after they bought a car from hurz rental car, the family was still waiting for a vehicle registration and a license plate. >> they were asked to be
7:46 pm
patient, okay? >> that's patient. >> that is patient. but that patience ran out when they could no longer get answers. juli rupert get into the car she feared could spell trouble for her son mike, the family bought him this 2014 nissan sen from last year in anticipation of him going away for college this fall. they purchased a car at hertz car sales in sample and paid for the vehicle registration and all the taxes and fees. >> we hadn't received any paper work at all from the dmv or from hertz. >> reporter: they also hadn't received the license plate for the car. >> no plates. the car actually had been registered out of state. so it had no plates. >> reporter: she called hertz every ten days and says no one would give her information about the delay. the new year rolled around and said her son mike was forced to drive the c witho
7:47 pm
registration and no plates. >> reporter: the manager at hertz explained in january that a computer outage at the dmv was causing the delay. julie said she reached the dmv, she says their response made her even more nervous. julie went on the internet and found a report of 7 on your side that helped a viewer with a similar problem. which reached o the dmv told he average delayed the registration of 30,000 including julie's. >> very soon after that i got a call from hertz. >> julie quickly received this temporary registration and the new permanent registration came shortly after that.
7:48 pm
>> my phone calls weren't getting me anywhere, thank you. >> julie's registration was the last one we cleared up after the dmv outage. sick months after that outage, the dmv says the backlog from that outage is revolved. happening now, environmental activists across the globe are being honored in s tonight. six people received the goldman environmental prize, the most prestigious award for vifrltal advocates. one of them is a california resident, mark lopez organized his east los angeles community and battled the state to clean up a recycling plant that led to contamination of lead in nearby
7:49 pm
homes. >> it's like here, this is what is happening, you need to move this forward. it was everyday folks in our neighborhood, one neighbor talking to their neighbor, those neighbors talking to the rest of the neighbors on that block. >> last year governor brown approved $160 million to clean up affected homes. let's focus on our weather forecast. >> we'll start with live doppler 7, showing a few stubborn clouds hanging around the bay area. they're not producing any actual rainfall. overnight we'll see low temperatures ranging from upper 40s to low 50s under mostly cloudy skies, and then tomorrow, we'll see some flashes of sunlight, but lots of clouds as well. high 60s at the coast, but upper 60s near the bay and inland. and this is our forecast animation, taking us into wednesday when we may see a sprinkle or two and widespread showers up into the north bay.
7:50 pm
clouds start to thin out a bit on thursday, then on monday we'll have much warmer temperatures. reaching the mid to upper 80s inland and the bay. big night for the warriors and a tough one without coach steve kerr as we talked about tonight. >> no sve kerr, would you settle for kevin durant? wide report from mike shuman in portland coming up as the warriors go for the sweep with mr. durant. madison bumgarner s out for the
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7:53 pm
the warriors going for a sweep tonight in portland without coach steve kerr. abc7's mike shuman live at court side at the motor center. shu? >> well, larry, that's kbuz, kevin durant is back, he's looked good in the shoot-arounds, but they erred on the side of caution. let's roll out some highlights,
7:54 pm
it's been so long since we have seen k.d. shoot. and it will be interesting, but this is a desperate team, they're down 0-3 facing elimination, portland has a lot of pride and i asked mike brown how desperate is a team like this? >> we know they're going to come out and just let it fly, they have nothing to lose, they're just going to let it go and see what happens keep doing what they do. >> looking forward to? closing them out. >> especially on the home court, i have a lot of intensity, so we got to miake sure we're disciplined and take care of offense. >> steve kerr is going to watch the game from the locker room tonight, i told him it would be hard for him not to walk out there, but he said it's easier
7:55 pm
to text from here. >> enjoy the game. well wishers around the game are hoping that coach kerr returns to the postseason, including a guy the dubs are very -- >> my thoughts go out to steve krr and i'm not quite sure the illness that's going on, but anything that's going on, it can't be the best, so i hope the man above will continue to put his blessings on top of you and your family and you pull through and get back to the sidelines and get back to just be you on a day-to-day basis. on to baseball, last place giants host the dodgers starting a four-game series tonight at att park. the giants have called up their hot prospect christian arroyo. but madison bumgarner talking
7:56 pm
about his dirt bike accident. >> i wish i could tell you it was some kind of crazy wreck, but it wasn't anything spectacular. >> he was pretty beat up the first stay i saw him, but he's walking around, and his spirits are better and i think he feels a lot better about his situation now, i realize that's death not the most responsible decision i made. and, you know, it sucks not being able to be out here with my bguys and try to help us win some games. >> if you want proof that hockey players are by far the toughest athletes a around, 37-year-old joe thornton played with a torn acl and a torn mcl. football players can be out a year with injuries like that. everybody kwekted with the sharks admit that they weres a stouch astounded that he was able to
7:57 pm
play at all. >> it's unfortunate, just the time of the year, it had to happen three games before the end of the season and thenhe playoffs, to have to deal with something like that. but hockey players are a different breed. but it is what it is, and go get it checked out today and go from there. >> go get it checked out and go from there? are you kidding me? >> it's not as if he was lumbering around the ice, he was extremely effect ty. i don't know what the rehab is going to be, but he's a free eight, potentially putting his career on the line or what's left of it to go out and win a game. a prom proposal takes flight, how a young man with a big heart showed his friend's kid sister a night she'll never forget. igine seeing this flying over the freeway, a look at how a silicon valley company plans to elevate our commute.
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here's tonight's primetime lineup on abc7 at 8:00. >> and that will do it for this edition of abc7 news. thank you for joining us.
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