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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  April 26, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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new at 11:00. ann coulter responds. conservative commentator is firing back tonight after announced she will not be taking the stage at cal tomorrow. >> all of the people who should have been standing up for first amendment here ran away with tails between they arelers. >> thanks for joining us. >> police gear up for potential violence. >> katie utehs is live with details. >> reporter: we've seen this park turn in a battleground before and from what is posted
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online may happen again. coulter supporters calling this rally for free speech and say speak regardless of threats and people will be here to defend them. >> ann has sent her speech to us and her words will be spoken in the bay area tomorrow whether people like it or not. >> a self-described right-wing political commentator and author says berkeley is a political battleground. started when violence at milo yap opulus appearance. >> all the people who should have been standing up for first amendment ran away with tails between their legs. >> received numerous threats. >> don't want to show it's a winning tactic. that's why doing this anyway. >> rally earlier this month turned violent.
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unclear how many will show up for new rally. >> whether show up. we'll be prepared if it comes. >> campus police told reporters earlier today. >> around campus tomorrow you will see a highly visible presence of law enforcement. >> reporter: won't say how many officers will be on hand but surrounding departments have beeniced. abc7 news. >> stay on top of developments with the abc7 news app. download for free and enable push alerts for updates. new allegations against wells forggo. some employees say were pressured to target undocumented immigrants. lillian? >> we heard stories of employees doing things to meet sales
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quotas. this is the first time heard measures targeted undocumented immigrants. op documents had details about pressured to corral undocumented day workers. once they got them inside the bank, persuade them to open new accounts. >> if you think about it, undocumented workers almost the perfect customers. >> representing shareholders in a class action lawsuit. alleges top officers in the board should have known egregious policies were taking place. including targeting the most vulnerable. >> if things went south and charged fees they didn't realize, relievers less likely complain. >> fired back saying would be a violation of policies we have in
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place to gasafeguard against abuses but kevin says none of the allegations surprise him. >> easiest targets. immigrants that didn't speak accomplish, elderly that were hard of hearing. >> at board meeting, every director won re-election. new at 11:00, a second cable car employee faces charges of stealing fares. charges of embellishment. ongoing investigation that began two months ago. another employee arrested. tonight b.a.r.t. is seeking arrest warrants to help capture teenagers involved in a mob attack. identified a number of people responsible for a rash of robries at coliseum b.a.r.t.
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station in sooakland. up to 60 teens swarmed the team robbing and beating passengers. a san francisco surgion has had his medical license pulled. christopher owens suffers from mental or physical illness impairing his competency. judge revoked his license. was accused of illegally prescribing opioids but released due to lack of evidence. president is pledging to renegotiate nafta. told leaders of mexico and canada today not end the north american free trade agreement but renegotiate it. terminating requires six months notice. during the campaign the president called it worst trade deal ever signed.
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also bay area experts are responding to plans to slash taxes. katie. >> this is it. one page with bullet points. professor i spoke with said simplifying the tax code is good but this document is a little too simple. >> i think it has good and bad. >> professor of accounting and taxation at san jose state university and ohio a lhas a lo questions about the proposal. cut tax rates for number of individuals and brackets from seven to three. deductions for charity but others eliminated. >> no longer get deductions but loss made up by rate change for them? >> eliminate estate taxes and double the standard deduction and corporate tax rate drop from
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35% to 15%. >> objective is make u.s. businesses most competitive in the world. >> president of the silicon valy i group agrees that lower taxes would help. especially in california with state tax adding. >> if oel proprietors are also enjoying the tax relief, going to potentially see the blossoming of even more small businesses. >> still he says the devil in the unknown details and unclear how to pay for tax cuts without ballooning the deficit. could cost $3 to $7 trillion over ten years. abc7 news. elementary school in the east bay is on shaky ground and could close by next year.
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the elementary school is vulnerable to liquefaction. meeting will be held this friday to discuss the issue. preparation began to rotate the sunken b.a.r.t. barge near the bay bridge. will take several weeks. until then the coast guard will monitor to make sure not posting a threat to tube or leaking fuel. once upright, tow it away. capsized in heavy winds april 7th. stay with us. coming up. >> story that disturb any dog lover. 12 dog's bodies by the side of the road in garbage bags. nobody knows who they got here. another plane problem. bathroom break that landed customer in trouble. >> toddler that
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all right. news that will hurt the hearts of anyone who loves and cares about dogs.
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>> someone discovered 12 dead dogs on the blue rock springs trail on columbus parkway. new details from wayne freedman. >> reporter: on columbus parkway in vallejo, cars and people passing by for months but -- we blurred the images. >> found three garbage bags full of all types of breeds and colors and sizes of dogs that were dead. >> reporter: next to them what appeared to be the tools that someone used to kill them. >> cutting edge of the metal still had remnants of dried blood and fur. >> reporter: they run the center for animal rescue in solano county and got involved after reading social media warnings from local dog owners. after made the find and called
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police. >> police came out. it's not murder, nothing they can do. >> reporter: what do you think of that? >> i think it is murder and should be something to do. >> reporter: nothing to identify the dogs. no collars or microchips but groomed and well fed. yorkie, lab, poodle. clearly pets. >> something is wrong with any soul that could do this. >> reporter: putting it mildly. >> lots of dogs missing in the area. oh, the coyotes took them? i think something else is going on. >> reporter: police didn't return our calls tonight. man says he was kicked off delta plane after got up to go to bathroom after the plane was on the tarmac. >> help me understand why? >> discuss it outside. >> delayed on the runway so
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long, couldn't hold it any longer. after conversations with two agents decided to leave the plane and greeted with fbi agents at gate. >> said came to arrest me but after our conversation realized that that wasn't -- some of the language that was used, associated with my name wasn't accurate. >> all other passengers had to briefly exit as well. delta refunded part of his fare. statement said it's imperative that passengers comply with crew instructions. united is making changes after incident of passenger dragged from flight. including compensating volunteers who give up seats up to $10,000. law enforcement not brought in unless it's matter of safety or security and money for permanently lost bags.
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a toddler cheated death not once but twice on a busy street. on video. 2-year-old darted into traffic in southwest china. hit by two suvs. police say neither driver saw the girl. people nearby rushing to help her. amazingly suffered only minor scratches. wow. she's fine. giant landslide caught on camera in mendocino county. started with a few rocks, then the whole hill goes. >> run. run. oh, my god. holy cow. oh, my god! are you kidding me? whoa! back up. >> whoa is right. no one has hurt but area can't catch a break. closed for a week after a
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different landslide, just open 24 hours when this happened. halfway between u kieia and eureka. it's part of the line between the counties. closed right now. we're approaching the end of our rainy trend i think. >> we are. really feeling like spring and almost close to summertime weather. sandhya patel has the forecast. >> now that you gave it away. >> i didn't. don't say that. >> spring-like to summer-like conditions soon. live doppler 7, notice the curvature of the clouds. going in arc here because of high pressure building in to switch up the pattern. check out temperatures ahead, average high for livermore, 72 degrees, right at average.
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but week progresses and weekend and early next week, low to mid-80s showing up. really warm around here. closer view of live doppler 7, drizzle we had and light showers earlier today, long gone. just dealing with a few leftover clouds. temperatures in the 50s, oakland at 60 degrees. sutro tower, low clouds. warming trend starts tomorrow. gusty at coast and over the hills next two days. warmer weather over the weekend. patchy clouds tomorrow. start out upper 40s to low 50s, noontime, nothing but sunshine and keep that way through afternoon and evening hours. breezy along the coastline. when you get going tomorrow, sweater or jacket. cool side.
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for the afternoon wind picks up along the coast but temperatures also come up. low 60s to the mid-70s and see the sun. heading to the giants game, need the sunscreen. taking on the dodgers again, day game, come up to 64. comfortable for baseball. nice looking for you. winds gusting tomorrow afternoon along the coast. tomorrow evening winds topping 40 miles an hour here near point rays and subside to pick up saturday afternoon and evening and usher in a major change in time for the weekend. seven-day forecast, breezy and blue tomorrow. gusty. low 60s to mid-70s. minor warm-up. weekend is 10 to 15 degrees
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warmer than today. low 80s midland. beach weather heading in. downloading the abc7 news app is a handy tool to have. i think i can say dan and ama,
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one of the most well-known members of the raider nation is taking a one-man stand against the move to las vegas. tom hanks says going on a nfl moratorium for two years if they leave. spoke out against leaving. can't put them in air conditioned dome in the desert and make them play on artificial turf and call them the raiders. tom hanks, you know it's serious when he does that.
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>> mort davis would disagree. >> he did. >> he has. what a night for the giants. michael morse rejoins the team. instant impact, one of the heros from the 2014 championship squad delivers in the clutch again. sports is next.
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good evening. desperate for offense the giants called up a hero from the 2014 championship team. michael morse and he would make his presence felt in a big way against the dodgers. kevin mitchell made this famous barehanded catch and tonight some dude in the stands at at&t park did it. you're the man. no scores in the sixth. seeger deep solo homer. dodgers 3-0 lead. rookie christian arroyo called up jumps on a slider from ex-giant sergio romo. the family loving it. welcome back mr. morse. off pedro baez pinch hit cloud
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ties the game at 3-3. bases loaded. sac fly scores gorkys hernandez, good night rgs game over. giants win in dramatic fashion. a's and angels. rolling out gum and stephen rolling out this hit. loads the bases for yonder alonso who delivers a base hit scoring -- and chris davis. angels tie at two. and manea win by 8-5. raiders and marshawn lynch
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make it official. deal worth reported $9 million. new silver and black helmet and smile told the story today. retired after injury-plagued season in 2014. raiders hope he still has skittles left in his tank. warriors got a few days off after sweeping the trail blazers. steve kerr not at practice. looking for help for debilitating headaches. >> healthy for the rest of his life is main concern. not just so he coaches in the playoffs. want him healthy for living everyday life. looking forward to him getting better. positive and optimistic. and looking forward to his return as well. great story on morse. at


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