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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 31, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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live, where you live. this is abc7 news. president trump says he is about to announce a major decision of it's been that's being watched closely on capitol hill and across the world. even the pope is waiting to see what the president will do. good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama dates. president trump says he will announce tomorrow if the u.s. will remain part of the paris climate agreement fighting climate change. >> he sent out this between saying he will announce his decision on the paris accord thursday at 3:00 in the white house rose garden. >> that's noon our time.
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abc's white house correspondent has more. >> reporter: president trump today said he is close to making that much-anticipated decision. >> on the paris climate accord. >> very close. very soon. >> any reports now. >> you are going to find out very soon. >> reporter: behind the scenes sources tell abc news the president is likely to pull out of the land mark deal. inside the white house, feverish last-minute negotiations on both sides. chief strategist steve bannon pushing for withdrawal alone with 22 republican senators. daughter ivanka pushing to stay in the deal. big name's like apple's tim cook and tesla's elon musk lobbying too, musk threatening to resign from white house advisory councils if he backs out of the deal. >> a lot of sit a hoax. >> reporter: that was the president during his campaign. aides say his views are evolving. if the united states withdraws
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from the accord it would draw with the likes of nicaragua and syr syria. tonightr tonight the presidency seems poised to dismiss the advice of even the pope to make good on that campaign promise. >> we are going to cancel the paris climate agreement. >> reporter: cecilia vega abc news washington. an east bay freeway connector is expected to remain closed into the night after a big rig crash and acid spill. it overturned between 880 and 238 in san leandro just before 11:30 this morning. alameda fire says 500 gallons of acid spilled on the road. the driver suffered minor injuries. traffic on 880 had been delayed all day long. two western response on the bay bridge were blocked for several hours after a distraught man climbed up on an anchorage. >> we gave him a little bit of room. we talked to him.
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eventually he did give us a cell phone number and we were table to call him and begin the process of talking him back down. >> the man was taken tour psych evaluation and could face charges. traffic on the bay bridge toll plaza has cleared considerably. you see cars just flowing throw. developing news in antioch, police are investigating a deadly shooting at highway 4 at lemon tree way near sycamore about 4:45 this afternoon. the victim continued driving and got into an accident at l street and contra loma a short time later. he died shortly after. two people are being questioned in the shooting. the oakland city council approved a settle men of near a a million dollars after a sex scandal involving several officers and a teenager who identify herself as an prostitute. she asked that we refer to her as jasmine.
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we have more. >> i feel happy that i can close this chapter and move on with my life. >> reporter: now 19, jasmine was just 17 when she claims she was having sex with more than a dozen police officers from six different agencies. now, one city, oakland, has settled with jasmine for $989,000. about a third of that will go to attorney's fees. >> the message is pretty clear. police officers should be held to the standard of obeying the law and that they are not above the law and that you cannot engage in illegal conduct or immoral conduct. >> it was in the best interest of the city to settle this matter quickly and fairly. we need to focus our attention on rebuilding the public trust that was so damaged by this incident. >> reporter: five of the oakland officers allegedly involved with jasmine are facing criminal charges. the original claim against the city of oakland filed by a prior attorney was $66 million.
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>> i never came up with those numbers, those large numbers. i never came up with these. >> she obviously has been at the center of a attention for a while. it's not the kinds of thing that she likes and want to occur. and hopefully, this is a page in a personal history that will be turned. >> reporter: jasmine says she has had great support from her family, plans to return to school and hopes to pursue a career working with animals. in oakland, laura anthony, abc7 news. new developments tonight in the story of those goats that escaped a grassfire in mill paid as last week. sadly one baby goat that was badly burned as died. sky 7 captures moving images of the small heard of goats that cot trapped between the flames and a fence last thursday. look at them as they try to fig you out what the do. most managed to escape with minor wounds.
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one's injuries were more severe. she died last night. one other goat remains in critical condition and all the others are doing well. the original owner sun remember denned them. if you want to show your support you can find link for donations on our website, webb webb. as barrage prepared for game one of the nba finals against the warriors he became the target of a hate crime. today, in oakland, he spoke about race in america. here's abc news reporter lindsey davis. >> reporter: on the each eve of game one of the nba finals cleveland cavaliers star barrage is speaking out about vandalism at his l.a. home. >> my family is safe. at the end of the day they are safe. >> reporter: the front gate spray painted with the n word. >> racism will always be a part of the world, a part of make. you know, hate, you know, in america, especially if you are african-american, is living every day. >> reporter: the graffiti on
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lebron's $20 million brentwood estate has been covered up. >> no matter how many people admire being black in america is tough, and we've got a long way to go, you know, for us as a society and for us as african-americans until we feel equal in america. >> reporter: curry, draymond, and kevin durant were just some of the players who spoke to the throng of media today at oracle. >> it was a circle. the day has become a spectacle. wayne freedman was one of the many reporters in attendance. >> reporter: the ticking clock is counting down the seconds to score not a hoop but a journalistic scoop. >> what do you think in the locker room has the best taste in music? >> in music. man. >> reporter: does miles brown look familiar? he is an actor on blackic now turned espn analyst.
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>> i want to be an nba player just like these guys. >> reporter: clearly we've entered a world where anything goes. and who you want anything you want as the clock is ticking. warriors versus cavaliers act three. here's another former security guard turned tv personality, guillermo rodriguez from the jimmy kimmel show. other players threw soft balls at the players and coaches. >> are you nervous? >> i think anyone is nervous. i think everyone is anxious. >> reporter: gee a&m air mow throwing curves. >> what what was your last dream. >> i don't remember. >> you have got to get some sleep. >> sports journalism, where the fit learn to adapt and survive. >> how do you think that went? >> good, good.
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it went great. >> reporter: he is a busy man who must hurry now because the clock clickette downward. [ buzzer ] and there is no overtime at oracle arena. wane freedman abc7 news. espn coverage of game one of the nba final starts tomorrow at 5:30. right before game one join larry beil and mike shumann for the dubs on 7 pregame show brought to you by jeep. larry and mike will be live at oracle tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. as the three-peat finals again over on channel 7 tomorrow. more on abc7 news tonight's. we will take you along with the highly trained unit of the san francisco police department whose priority is dealing with the city's homeless crisis. also florida police released dash cam video of tiger woods as he is being arrested for dui. drew tuma is here with the forecast. >> sunny skies today. clouds filling back in tonight.
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we have got a roller coaster ride in the temperatures the next couple of days. still ahead check this thing out. one of the most
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florida police released video tonight of tiger woods's
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traffic stop from the officer who found him passed out at the wheel. the dash cam footage was recorded monday at 2:00 a.m. and shows the golfing legend swaying and stumbling as he attempts to walk a straight line n. another test woods has trouble following a red light with his eyes. a test showed no alcohol in his system but he was arrested for dui. the divorced father of two said the action was a reaction to precipitation drugs. a highly trained yup dedicated to homeless units has been dispatched. the number of people sleeping on our streets is second only to new york. now the police chief has a new plan on how to handle and help that. vic lee has a story. >> you have a place to do laundry and get showers. >> reporter: officer jerad harris is responding to a complaint that a homeless catch was blocking the sidewalk on fulsome and and 18th street. he and his partner convinced
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them to clear the sidewalk. then they offered the at the present time dwellers help in getting city services. >> get your shower and laundry services, okay. >> reporter: this new ten-officer unit's sole purpose is to concentrate on issues involving the homeless, to use more outreach than enenforcement. commander david lazaar heads it. >> get them help. get them into housing get them treatment. that is way more successful than enforcement. it's till a tool but not the priority. >> reporter: the unit will work collaboratively with city agencies foremost the department of homelessness which welcomes their partnership. >> they have all been trained in responding to critical incidents in working with people who are suffering from perhaps mental illness or other challenges. >> reporter: at this encamp men the officers talk to desiree. she has been on the streets for a month. they will get social workers to visit her tomorrow. she's appreciative. >> i thought it was very good.
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you know. they came and approached me politely. you know, very, very good. >> reporter: a small but significant victory for the unit, a victory they can build on. vic lee, abc7 news. the heavy snowfall this winter may put a hold on summer mountain sports. mammoth mountain ski resort said it got so much snow it will be open until august. that makes this ski season one of the longest in history. the good news for skiers has a downside for mountain bikers. the bike path will have limited operation in summer because of all the snow. >> i'm planning by august ski vacation. let's talk about the forecast warming up here. >> drew tuma has the latest. >> incredible these resorts that will stay open rather laid into then season. on the what we are seeing once again, the fog making its push back in. live doppler seven and satellite showing you the cloud cover moving back into region.
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moving in tighter, there the agree on your convenient from san francisco south into san mateo, happen hopping over into hayward that's the cloud cover. the wind is active. that's going the repeat on thursday as well. not as breezy tomorrow as it was today. today we had winds gusting over 30 miles per hour. over the next 24 hours, not too bad, but still rather active. a southwest win turning west. by tomorrow even 19 to 20 miles per hour. the winds will finally relax come friday. show you a picture outside. life look from the explore for yum camera atop pier 15. hard to see the tops. skyline. the fog culting the skyline in half right now. once again, we will wake up to gray skies tomorrow morning. current whipped gusts right now breezy, napa currently 21 miles per hour. 16 at fairfield. 12 at sfo. that had an impact on the temperatures today. below normal for this time of the year. out there right now 50s and 60s. 65 in concord.
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63 in san jose. 671 in oakland. 56 in san francisco and santa rosa checking in at 61 degrees. here's the call. overnight tonight, a lot of the cloud cover looks to set up shop south of the golden gate and south of the bay bridge. cloud cover in the east bay and south bay. mainly clear skies in santa rosa and napa. in the 50s. that's going to be your wake up temperatures tomorrow morning. a lot of spots holding in the mid 50s overnight. hour by hour on shurs. morning fog on thursday. a similar set up to how the day played out today. by noon, cloud cover breaking down. breezy along the coast. low 80s inland. low 70s around the bay. along the coast with the cloud cover clinging only in the 50s. highs on thursday, 77 in livermore. 76 in san jose. 65 in san francisco. 70 in oakland. about 79 in napa. and fa and warm at 80 degrees.
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if you are headed to oracle tomorrow, game one of the nba times. you can see it open on abc7. our coverage starts at 5:00 p.m. temperatures in the mid 60s by 5:00 as you are headed towards oracle. out of the game at 9:00, temperatures cooling off to about 60 degrees. three-day forecast as we get you into the weekend what you will notice we are mild into friday and then temperatures are going to go down saturday into sunday. sunday actually will turn partly cloudy and cool temps for june. don't worry, they are rebound next week. accuseven-day forecast, next seven days. tomorrow breezy in the afternoon, sunshine away from the coast. similar on friday. then for the weekend turning cooler. by non-and tuesday the numbers rebound rapidly. calling it summer warmth each into wednesday itself. >> nice. thanks drew. nestled among the high-rises is sfrap's only black smith. now the fires are being snuffed so others can light up.
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the scripps national spelling bee is now underway. one contest an already captured most of our attention. >> tapas.
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t-a-p-a-s, tapas. >> correct. >> that was 6 yearly edith fuller from tulsa, oklahoma the youngest contestant ever in the national spelling bee. she spelled both her words correctly today but fails to move on because her scores in the preliminary rounds prepare high enough. two contestants from the bay area did move on, 13-year-old trinity gopaul spelled suret correctly in the third round, and another 13-year-old of san jose got per emer to right. you can watch the national spelling bee on the live espn app. >> they are all terrific. students at two richland elementary schools will be eating health very soon. the conscious kitchen program is on the way. the program aims to do away with a standard school lunch and make everything served from scratch.
9:24 pm
the chicken and al sad was a real hit today as was one idea alice waters is pushing. >> we want a free school lunch for every kid in this country. let's begin in california. [ applause ] >> of course, everything is fresh and organic. madera elementary will also be part of this program. a bay area family may turn to an unlikely ally to save an old part of san francisco that's under threat from developers. it is a small building that sits under the shadow of new towers near the financial district. it housers clockers blacksmith. amazingly is shop is still in operation more than 100 hours after it opened. tony rose leany still turns on the fire pit with matches and newspaper. he worked her 50 years still forging tools. business is dying down. the owners want to preserve the shop but are under pressure to sell. >> we get weekly calls on this building, people trying to turn it into an office or a condo or a parking garage.
9:25 pm
and we are trying to hold out and find a route to save this place. >> modernizing it won't be cheap. the shop still has dirt floors and an open roof. a cannabis club may come to the rescue. the owners just want to make sure the business preserves the machinery and the historic feel of the blacksmith shop. >> 100 years, amazing. >> reporter: james comey is about to go public. he is expected to testify before congress as soon as next week. what he is willing to talk about involving president trump. also the emergency on board a commercial flight. heavily armed police take down a passenger accused of rushing the cockpit and claiming to have explosives. and across crossing the
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. live where you live, this is
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abc7 news. good evening once again. we'll begin this half hour with former fbi director james comey who is set to testify on whil as soon as next week. >> comey will appear before the senate intelligence committee, they are eager to hear about his encounters with president trump and the content of the memos he wrote after those meetings. >> abc news pierre thomas has more. >> reporter: abc news has learned one of the most dramatic congressional hearings in recent times could come as early as next week. when former fbi director james comey breaking his silence, testifying in open session before the american people about president trump. and those memos comey kept after his meetings with the president. those sources telling abc news that so far, special counsel robert mueller has not objected to comey testifying. provided that he does not discuss evidence in the investigation into russian meddling. what comey is likely to talk about is president trump. according to sources familiar with his thinking, comey wants
9:30 pm
to be transparent and will respond to questions about his relationship with the president. and more importantly, those private meetings, the din, he t -- the dinner, the phone calls. the president once joking about comey, he's become more famous than me. they want to know if the president asked for loyalty to the president early on. comey supporters have been fuming, angry at the president after heallily called comey a nut job to russian officials visiting the oval office. soon comey is expected to have his say. the congressional investigations continue to expand. the house intelligence committee issuing seven subpoenas, including to two men with close ties to president trump. former national security adviser michael flynn forced out after just 24 days on the job. and molkal cohn, trump's friend and personal attorney. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> let's gooverr overseas now.
9:31 pm
a suicide truck bombing in afghanistan killed at least 90 people. the blast was so big it left a crater and shattered windows a mile away. the truck bomb ripped through what is supposed to be one of the most secure parts of kabul. hundreds of people were injured, including 11 americans. it happened in the early morning hours. the moment was captured from inside an office building. watch now. no one claimed responsibility. but the afghan government strongly suspects the taliban despite the group's denials it had anything to do with it. >> now to an incident on board a passenger plane just after takeoff from melbourne, australia, a man rushed the cockpit claiming to have a bomb. the crew managed to subdue him before the plane returned to the airport. heerd david kerley. >> reporter: australian airport security quickly carrying the hog tied passenger off the jetliner. a dramatic end to a short flight just after takeoff from melbourne. the malaysian airlines crew tells the captain a passenger is
9:32 pm
trying to breach the cockpit door. as the pilot recounted to cntrollers. >> trying to enter the cockpit has been overpowered bypass injuries. we will land. >> a device a power pack. an hour later the plane is take headed back to melbourne. police suggest the suspect has a history of mental illness. david kerley, abc news, washington. comedian kathy griffin was fired from cnn late today after she was photographed with the bloody replica of president trump's severed head. the image is too gruesome to show to you without blurring. tonightis sparking outrage across the political spectrum. >> my name is kathy griffin. >> reporter: tonight comedian kathy griffin is out of a job because of this disturbing image
9:33 pm
depicting the president decapitated. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: the president tweeting, my children, especially my 11-year-old son, barren, are having a hard time with this. sick. and first lady melania trump as a mother arc wife and a human pbeing that photo is very disturbing. griffin ultimately apologized. >> i sincerely apologize. i'm comic. i crossed the line. i moved the line. then i crossed it. i went way too far. >> reporter: this apology apparently not enough for cnn. the cable news new york terminating her duties to host new year's. and today chelsea clinton commenting. >> never funny to joke about violence toward anyone. >> reporter: another group not happy about this photo. the united states secret service. they put out a statement writing each alleged or perceived threat
9:34 pm
has to be investigated thoroughly which taxes resources that could be used elsewhere. >> grich is on tour right now. her scheduled appearance in grass valley next month has been canceled. her appearance in napa is still on the schedule and tickets are still for sale. a new survey offers a more optimistic picture of how california could afford a single payer health care system. last week it was estimated it would cost $400 billion annually more than the entire state budget. a new report put the price at $330 billion. the costs varies widely when it comes to how much tax revenue would be needed to pay for it. >> when the legislature passes california, the healthy kfl contact we will spend less than we do on health care. >> but the fundamental issue we have to concern ourselves with, what will be the quality of health care for californians, and what will be the cost? >> the bill is up for a vote in the senate this week.
9:35 pm
>> a teacher in san mateo who is in need of a kidney transplant is learning an unexpected lesson in faith and perseverance from her own students. >> you are prototyping. >> reporter: at nuevas school in san mateo. >> loving, passionate, exciting. >> reporter: there are many words to describe this engineer turned educator. >> mother, believer, advocate. >> reporter: kim zacks has been teaching her 26 years. students will tell you she has had a profound impact on their lives. >> kim has made school the place i want to be. makes me excited to walk in. >> reporter: last week she had tough news of her own to share. >> that letter actually was the hardest thing i ever had to do in my life. >> reporter: in a message to the community she opened up about her battle with enstage recently failure. she has been told she needs a kidney transplant to survive.
9:36 pm
in fact her function is only at 10%. >> after the shock and the sadness, the thought was how do i help her in a time when she needs me. >> reporter: the outpouri support has been encouraging. so far dozen of people stepped up to see if their kidneys to be a match. >> i felt an obligation, an obligation simply to do something that was really not that difficult for me. and yet utterly critical for kim. >> reporter: many of them doing their best to spread the word. >> there are people around you struggling every day with major disease. you might not see it, it might not be visible and they might not publicize it until the en. >> reporter: a teacher learning a lesson about love from those around her. >> it made me realize there are so many great people in the world. >> thank you for all you have taught me. >> you are so welcome. >> reporter: providing strength and kmptd when she needs it most. >> hope is a beautiful thing. >> reporter: on the peninsula, chris nguyen, abc7 news. we have our first look at one of the most monstrous planes
9:37 pm
ever built. it rolled out of a hanger today for the first time. he' called stratdo launch, a space project by microsoft cofounder paul allen. it's designed to carry a rocket up to 35,000 feet. the rocket then separates and boosts satellites into orbit. the rocket is powered by six boeing 7 # 47 engines. its first flight is months away. critics say it's not whether stratolaunch will prove to be cost-effective. >> can't be cheap, wow. the new robocalls that prevent you from hanging
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9:39 pm
9:40 pm
when most of us get a robocall we just hang up. a growing trend could make that
9:41 pm
impossible. it is a new strategy that prevents you from hanging up on recorded messages or monitoring your caller id. in fact, you don't even know you are getting a call because your phone never rings. >> they change their phone numbers every time and they are not real numbers anyway. >> reporter: theresa can't stand telemarketing calls of any kind. >> i hang up almost immediatemyly. >> reporter: she called me after discovering a missed call that did not show up on her land line phone display. >> i looked and it said two calls but when i picked up and went into my voice mail there were three. >> reporter: two of the three voice messages were from people she knew. the third -- what did the message say? >> do you want to hear it. >> reporter: was a prerecorded message. >> first message. >> reporter: that theresa says went straight to her answering system. >> if you want robocalls and telemarketers to stop kalg you. >> reporter: they went right to your voice mail?
9:42 pm
>> yeah, and i'm really unhappy about that. >> reporter: theresa's phone never rang. she is not sure who is behind the call but says she doesn't like the fact that someone she doesn't know can get to her voice mail system without the phone even ringing. >> that would be fine for regular people but if you are on the do not call list and you are not supposed to be getting these kinds of calls they shun be doing that either. >> connie thompson reporting. up next, the drama students who are about to embark on the tune of their young lives. >> two households, two households. >> and it's all thanks to the golden state warriors. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood...
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nasa wants to send a spacecraft where one has never gone before, right into the sun's outer atmosphere. the space agency says it will launch a probe next year to help understand the sun in greater detail. the parker solar probe is name for astrophysicist eugene parker whose theory of solar whipped revolutionized our understanding of the sun. this is by the way the first time nasa has name a spacecraft for living person. some young octoberors from oakland could get a chance to spread their message against bullying. it was a far off dream that
9:47 pm
might come true with a little help from the goalen state warriors. >> reporter: from new takes on classic shakespeare, to tough scenes about the present day. >> what are you saying? >> i'm saying it's freaking killing me. >> reporter: skyline's high school drama class helps students find a piece of themselves. >> i like i get to be somebody else. i like being myself but i get to step out and feel other's struggles. >> reporter: struggles sometimes suffered in silence. >> what is happening and what they are going through. >> reporter: that's the theme of prospect high, a play written by teens. >> i'm sitting down right here. >> reporter: it's inspired by the dark parts of teenage life by willing bullied a topic this class has tackled before: last year they entered the goalen state warriors program to fight bullying. >> not in our school, not in our town and most definitely not on our ground. >> reporter: they witness to grand prize and since performed prospect high all over the bay
9:48 pm
area. now a new opportunity. >> we got invited to perform in scotland. >> mind blowing. i was like wow we are going to scotland. >> reporter: there was only one prap prab. money, the students had to raise enough for an expensive trip. >> we need to raise $28,000 by june 12th. >> reporter: it seemed an impossible goal but then came a call from old friends. >> the warriors wanted to support our effort and that they wanted to offer some items for auction. >> reporter: items like tickets to the nba finals, and a basketball signedby the team. >> i was over the moon. this is such a phenomenal thing they are doing. it's not only helping their community and helping their hometown but helping the arts, too. >> reporter: and helping some of these students take their first trip outside the united states to spread their message. >> warriors, inspiration, the chance for myself to be a change in the nation. >> reporter: to the nation, and the world. in oakland, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. hayward police rushed to look for a boy who was reported missing on tuesday.
9:49 pm
>> to their surprise they found him rather quickly. they had run away from home because he gave him a haircut that didn't go as planned. >> and he didn't want to face his family. police posted this picture on facebook of the officer stepping in to give the boy a clean new cut. all in a day's work. i need to find that officer i need a trim. one last look at our forecast. drew tuma. >> cloud cover returning on the. sunshine on the way in full force tomorrow. live doppler radar and sat light showing clouds making their presence around the bay. tomorrow morning gray skies. 68 in brentwood. 73 in san jose. 56 in san francisco. oakland, 61. and 62 in napa. overnight numbers dropping five to ten degrees where they are right now. pest chance of cloud cover south of the bay original. 57 san mateo, 58 59 sloez. fog pulls back to the coast.
9:50 pm
on thursday you see a lot of sunshine away from theest could. and similar temperatures tomorrow to where we were today. 65 san francisco, 70 oakland and 76 for san jose. the accuweather seven-day forecast, a carbon copy forecast tomorrow. temperatures take a knows dive over the weekend but rebound nicely next week. >> drew, thanks so much. >> sure mys thatta astronaut jack fisher took a break from his astronaut duties this week to show us what it is like to eat pudding in micrographity. placed the spoon on his desk and squeezed pudding out of the bag. he began to eat it. it starts to get away. >> houston -- >> he opens his mouth. takes a bite mid air. fisher posted it on twitter with the hashtags floaty foods. he described the experiment as the leaning tower of yemen osity.
9:51 pm
>> seems like it would take practice. >> probably does. >> do they sell puding in a bag? where can i get some of that? onhow that's going to work. >> let's talk hoops. less than 24 hours away from game one of the nba finals. who wants a win in this series more than draymon
9:52 pm
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abc7 sports, brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> good evening. really feelslike we have been waiting a year for the warriors and cavs to finally meet. imagine how long it should have been for draymond green, suspended in game five in finals last year. flailed at lebron and the nba made him pay the price. green, the emotional engine of the warriors, needs to run hot but also stay cool. >> i carried the lessons that i learned with me. but the actual incident, it's -- i mean, i put that behind me a long time ago. the things that it taught me,
9:55 pm
you know, has put me in the position where i am today. feel better than i have ever felt emotionally. you know, all things that happen bad aren't that bad. you know, when you take a step back and look at them. it's something that, you he no, i learned from, and will stick with me for the rest of my life. >> the warriors, they wanted kevin durant for exactly this type of series and whether k.d. likes it or not anything short of a title going to be perceived as failure of this season. a lot is going to be focused on his his match up with lebron james. they figure to be guarding each other for much of the series. how much pressure is durant feeling? >> i'm trying to go the best me i can be. that's the only pressure i worry about. if i don't play up to my standards then that's when i get upset. i have bad games. but it's just a matter of me approaching basketball like i always have, which is with love and care and hard work.
9:56 pm
and you know we'll see what happens. you know, it's a team game i can't go out there and do everything on my own. >> warriors and cavs tip off tomorrow 6:00 over on abc7. after the game we will have all the highlights, post game and interviews live from oracle arena. baseball, flashback to the 2012 world series, the tonight cain versus scherzer and the nationals in the series final finale. 13 pitches in. here it comes, there it goes. ryan zimmerman takes cain deep for his 15th of the year. cain settled down and didn't give up another run in seven innings of work. husband and wife play. no communication. eduardo nunes scores from first. giants down 3-1. i thought you said you got it. what? other than that, it was all
9:57 pm
scherzer. struck out brandon crawford three times. nine ks threw seven innings. right now they are in the nineth and the nationals are leading 3-1. a's in cleveland, the q, the cavs rein right next door. top of the first, pinder has some pop. solo homer. a's first first-inning run in a week. jumps on a hanging curveball in the fifth. first ever two home run game. manaea gave up one run in seven innings. outside corner. called strike. fanned nine. after striking out 19 times on tuesday the a's only struck out themselves 11 times in this game. they won 3-1 and snap a four game slide. game two of the stanley cup finals. penguins and predators. 1-1 start of the third period. penguins get the puck. rust takes the shot.
9:58 pm
guentzel one times the rebound to beat rinnee right there. 2-1, pens. off a defenseman's skate and into the net. own goal. seconds later, malkin, wrister, top shelf. 4-1 the final, penguins win it and take a 2-0 series lead. >> abc7 sports brought to you by toyota. can't wait for tomorrow. >> you are going to be at the arena? >> yes. so exciting. it's tricky the warriors have been off for a while. >> had nine pull days off. that's like me not doing a newscast for a year. you know what this would look like? it wouldn't be pretty. my concern is that they start slowly and fall way behind. the cavs have had almost a week off themselves of maybe it balances out. >> should be. this should live up to the hype. it should be a great series. >> epic. a classic. >> thank you, larry. coming up tonight on abc7 news at 11:00, 500 gallons of
9:59 pm
highly corrosive and toxiiic acid spills on to the roads. tonight it's creating a traffic nightmare still. plus emotional outpouring of support after two young lives were also lost in a roll over accident. join us for abc7 news at 11 over on cham 7. first, a mother duck is happy to be reunited with her ducklings. officers got trapped ducklings out of a storm drain. the nervous mom watched on. >> a little while later they posted this photo of a the happy mom leading her ducklings around. last week, ducklings were pulled from another storm drain. the birds are now safe and sound. >> it's that time of year. thank you for joining us. i'm ama dates. i'm ama dates. >>
10:00 pm
(narrator reading) narrator: today, the winding mystery behind a string of brutal, bloody murders, connected by a railway line. he's been murdering people and dumping their bodies near the tracks. narrator: and now, detective are digging deep


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