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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  May 31, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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oh, jack! you crave it, we serve it. my new sweet or spicy barbeque bacon cheeseburger and chicken sandwich. crave van! 500 gallons of a highly corrosive and toxic acid spilled on the east bay road, forcing cleanup crews to put on hazmat suits and creating traffic nightmare. thanks for joining us, ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. tonight a connecter is still closed 12 hours after the big
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rig turned. >> happened just after 11:00 in san lorenzo. get to katie marzullo, live at seen. >> reporter: still closed. i'm going to step out of the way so you can get a look at work happening right now. cleanup efforts, fire and law enforcement officials tell us it can't be rushed, it's just too dangerous. hazmat crews continued cleanup effort well into the night. until finished, connecter stays closed. >> holding this off until complete. could be 11:30, going into early morning. >> reporter: overturned on the transation to 238, carrying 18 totes of acetic acid. >> also known as vinegar. >> but nothing like the vinegar
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from the store. >> in this concentration it's flammable, that's unique risk. it's corrosive and toxic. >> reporter: resident was worried. >> had baseball practice with the boys off the interstate, concerned about whether it was safe for them to be outside of a hazmat area. >> reporter: officials say the public was not in danger. >> all contained in this dirt. acetic acid was heavy, wasn't floating away. >> reporter: and didn't get into waterways either. no silver lining for drivers, closure created backup in the evening commute. cause of the accident is under investigation. driver in the hospital with back pain. abc7 news. >> breaking news in martinez, police responding to reports of a shooting. all we know is at least one person is hurt. witnesses in the area report
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hearing a lot of shots. download the abc7 news app and enable push alerts for latest developments. developing news out of antioch, investigating a deadly shooting near highway 4. about 5:45 this afternoon. victim continued driving and got into accident on "l" street a short time later. victim died at nearby hospital. antioch police are questioning two people in connection with the incident. new at 11:00 emotional show of support in east bay after a rollover crash left two dead. killed on monday, both 17. reporter lilian kim is live in alameda tonight. >> reporter: friends and family gathered at this corner to remember the two teenagers and expressed their anger at the person driving that today.
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two families joined together in tragedy. grief for briana and simon. both went to school in union city. >> thought it was just a dream but it's the truth, really happening. >> reporter: alameda police say the driver was behind -- investigators will determine whether he'll face criminal charges. several people in the full-sized pick-up it's aflipped several times. going 50 to 60 miles an hour, clipped another car and went airborne. sisters who lost other to car crash say should be held accountable. >> one of the people who survived mentioned they told the driver to slow down and he continued to do as he pleased. >> where do you have to go in such a rush and drive like that and speed and cause this type of accident and take somebody's
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life. it's not fair. >> reporter: say the hardest part is coming to terms not seeing them again. childhood friend. >> wish i could call her, hey can i go over to your house again and just laugh together. >> reporter: others in the truck, some remain in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. abc7 news. fremont police looking for missing teenage girl. 15-year-old reported missing may 21st, located later that day and transported to assessment center. voluntarily ran away and don't believe it's suspicious but family and friends concerned for her well-being. decided not to press charges against a woman said she was abducted and forced to drive to
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oregon. deputies found her in koos county. recounted her story. unclear. after receiving nearly $1 million settlement today, underage prostitute going on today. spoke to the media after the social media did the settlement. five facing criminal charges. >> feel happy i can close this chapter and move on with my life. jasmine says she's had gr support from family. plans to return to school and hopes to pursue a career working with animals. new at 11:00, we'll know tomorrow whether president trump will pull out of the paris accord. announced it will be thursday 3:00 p.m. eastern time.
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move to pull out would honor promise made in the campaign but could strain global alliances, 125 countries adopted the agreement in 2013. ready for basketball? game one between the cavs and dubs on abc7. >> met with the media and mix of funny and very serious. >> sports director larry beil is here. something is overshadowing it tonight. >> situation with lebron for sure. media day, fun moments but lebron james not in laughing mood. you can understand. somebody painted racial slur on the front gate of his home earlier this morning. >> no matter how famous you are, how many people admire you, being black in america is -- it's tough. and we got a long way to go.
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>> lebron says this is proof that african-americans do as he just said have a long way to go until they feel equal. l.a. police confirmed treating this as hate crime. house is not his primary residence and nobody was home at the time. as for the warriors, peppered with wes. reporters flew in from all over the world. blew a lead last year. >> i don't know if 3-1 been mentioned in locker room one time this year. just not something you -- when you're chasing greatness, that's the expectation. don't need something to motivate you to reach it. >> going to do everything in my power to attack every game with that perspective. >> coverage of game one of the finals starts tomorrow. local pregame show at 5:00, then abc at 5:30 and right before
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game one as i'm saying, join me and mike shumann, hopefully smiling for the threepeat. continuing new stories. fires and thick smoke shooting into the sky. explosive scene on busy freeway. >> confused and disoriented, first look at dash cam video showing tiger woods arrest. plus a record number of college-bound students honored tonight in the east bay and how they're overcoming the odds. i'm sandhya patel, dense fog for morning drive. find out if it will clear out tonight. look at "jimmy kimmel live."
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>> here's what is happening. let it wash over you. he gave you chocolate, you said didn't like it, he said would throw it in the fire. strong move, i believe you're currently
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take a look at this, freeway looks like a war zone after a massive fuel tanker fire. interstate 25 near denver remain closed until tomorrow morning's commute. road repairs continue now. fire started when the truck hit the median, heat from the fire melted nearby light rail tracks. injured driver jumped from the truck and expected to survive. tiger woods seen struggling for balance in video released from dui arrest. >> x, y, n, z. >> you can hear the speech. police arrested woods monday after say found him passed out behind the wheel of damaged car. breathalyzer test shows no alcohol in system. woods blames reaction to prescription drugs. 4:00 a.m. last call is close
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to coming to bar near you. senate passed bill to extend alcohol service in california. bars say help business, critics concerned would risk public safety. heads to assembly for a vote. also approved a bill to add a third gender i.d. on state i.d.s could become the first state to allow people who don't identify as male or female to have nonbinary option and for children to apply with permission from parent or guardian. persistent, tenacious. high school students. >> record number of students were honored. >> reporter: you're looking at pure potential as oakland scottish rights center struggled
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to holds hundreds of college scholarship recipients. many have overcome adversity. i'm not standing on this stage because my dad is in prison but what i decided to do about the situation. >> reporter: turned to theater and -- as way to deal with father's prison sentence. >> never chose to be activist, just decided not to be a victim. >> reporter: tip of the iceberg. record number of students receiving scholarships. more than $3 million given this year. >> i don't think would be able to go to the school i'm going to without their support. >> reporter: sending students to college with scholarship money is not enough. goal is graduation, connect every student with mentor to make that happen. >> picked me perfect. >> reporter: paired with sharon,
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retired teacher who shares love of theater. >> willing to drive up to oregon and hang out and see shows with me. >> reporter: program 80% graduation rate, four times the national average for students from low income backgrounds. >> phenomenal statistics, beat every other program around. >> congratulations one and all. fantastic. time to turn to weather. seemed to be more pleasant today. >> sandhya? >> we did brighten it up with exception of fog. and fauft for dubs on 7 tomorrow night, nice weather. waiting outside oracle arena, 65 degrees and then down to low 60s but weather looking nice for the game. catch it on abc7 news. time lapse from abc7 news exploratorium camera, the view a
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short time ago, fog rolling in, hard to see the transamerica pyramid there. this is what you'll have to deal with during the commute. be prepared with the fog. live doppler 7 showing you that fog. pushed across the bay, and visibility fluctuating, half moon bay down to a mile right now. be careful in the morning. temperatures in the 50s, some 60s in the inland valleys, mild outside with the exception of the coast. emeryville camera, how murky it is. fog and misty conditions, want extra time for the morning commute. dense fog and spotty drizzle. sunny and mild next two days and getting cooler in the weekend. live picture as we look towards embarcadero center. murky view, gray skies. that's the morning commute.
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foggy and drizzly. driving, use caution. murky ride for ferry and walking be nice, good, gray and cool. temperatures first thing, starting out in the 50s entire bay area. fog is one thing you'll deal with across many parts of the region, hour by hour forecast into the morning commute, 5:00 a.m., notice how overcast it is down the peninsula, into the east and parts of the north bay, take a while before the fog pulls back towards coast. sit there and keep the temperatures like today in 60s. inland areas, mild and sunshine, temperatures in low 80s like day. download the accuweather app to keep track of the temperature changes and you'll see upper 50s to low 80s. foggy start. repeat for friday and cooldown over the weekend.
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clouds increase, temperatures in 70s inland, mid-50s coast sd, then warmer into the week. summer preview, low 60s side. >> thanks. check this out. pudding goes where no pudding has gone before. also -- >> may go to grocery store and pick up stuff and not run into anybody to talk about basketball, something like that. can't do it. >> no chance. big star steph curry took time out to talk exclusively
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nasa after the ro naut jack fisher took a break to show you
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what it's like to eat pudding in microgravity. set up a spoon on desk and squeezed pudding out of a bag. creating a large spoonful and began to eat it, at which point it began to drift away but before it got too far, took another bite midair. posted with #floatyfood. interesting. there's a basketball game happening. >> there is? i wasn't aware. >> waiting forever for this. kevin durant took all kinds of heat joining the
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good evening. kevin durant left okc for golden state for opportunities just like this. game one tipping off tomorrow at oracle center. k.d. have superteam around him with lebron james and his team the cavaliers. puts enough pressure on himself to perform without anything we say. and james says whatever pressure k.d. feels, everybody feels. >> if i don't play up to my standards, that's when i get upset. >> all in the same boat, fighting for the same trophy and goal. no more pressure on k.d. than me, klay, we got to be ready. >> may have mentioned this a few
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times. tip off, and we have pregame and postgame show with highlights from oracle aarena. world series. cane versus scherzer and nationals in the series finale. 13 pitches in, here it comes, there it goes. 3-0 nationals. kaine settled down. buster posey. husband and wife play. no communication. eduardo nunez scores from first. i thought you said you got it? other than that scherzer struck out brandon crawford three times. 3-1 nat. giants swept. a's in lebron's town. stadium next. chad pinder was entire a's
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offense today. two bombs. sean manaea looking good, third straight victory. gave up one run in seven innings, struck out nine. snapping four-game slide. tied 1-1. starting third period, penguins get the puck. brian rush takes shot and jake genzle beats. pens score twice in 15 seconds. snapshot by yevgeny malkin. 2-0 series lead now. brought to you by river rock casino. there are reports that steve kerr is still contemplating returning to coaching. could be a game time


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