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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  June 2, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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racest graffiti found twice in two days. >> everybody is a suspect, i think. >> an investigation is under way in one of the safest neighborhoods. >> rihanna versus kevin durant. the viral storyline from the warriors game that put a silicon valley tech giant on the seat. plus the 80-year-old history of today's national doughnut day. today marks six months since the devastating fire in oakland. >> when i hear there were 17-year-olds, 18-year-olds that lost their lives. >> for days families waited for
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word about those who were missing. >> please just call us. we're all looking for you, your mom, your dad, everybody. >> claimed 36 lives, the gho ghostship, the deadliest fire in more than a decade. good evening and thank you for joining us tonight. >> both criminal and civil cases are under way as a result of this fire. and today marks an important deadline for those who lost loved ones. >> new at 6:00 dan noyes joins us with the story. >> they have until today to make a claim against the city of oakland for failing to catch the serious problems at the warehouse that led to this tragedy. it is moving forward on several fronts. i found a restoration crew hired by insurers at the ghost ship this week. they say they can't wait to take the building down, that it would be better for everyone else and that could take months, maybe years. the director of stanford's
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criminal justice center. >> so many people contributed to this, o'malley, the district attorney, will have to make decisions about how many people to charge. >> you're say iing it's not a question of if charges are coming but how many people are going to be charged. >> that's my supposition. >> reporter: he believes charges are a certainty because of the conditions he at the ghost ship that led to the fire. the haphazard electrical wiring that often sparked, the rvs parked inside the building, the fuel load from artwork and ch t collected junk. and weisberg believes charges are coming because of many complaints made to the building's owners and to the man who leased the warehouse and built ghost ship about the dangers there. >> manslaughter charges and probably convictions seem extremely likely here. this is as egregious a case of homicide liability for a fire as i've seen. >> reporter: the almeida district attorney's office would not give me a date or a charging decision but has a seem with
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multiple attorneys and victim add v advocates all dedicated to this matter and we're conducting a careful and thorough criminal investigation. authorities declined to comment today. renowned defense attorney tony serra and his team release this had report from an unnamed electrical expert claiming the fire actually started in the building next door and said the reasonable doubt here is overwhelming and that should reasonably foreclose any criminal negligence charges against mr. almena, recall that the atf could not conclude where the fire originated. >> the fire did not start in the building next door. it started in the ghost ship. >> reporter: mary alexander is the lead plaintiff's attorney. she has filed this complaint naming the building's owner, the man who ran ghost ship, pg&e and many others. alexander has the families of 11 victims as clients, is working with lawyers for other victims, and is urging additional plaintiffs to come forward.
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government claims can be mailed today and they're valid. a person can do it themselves. they don't have to have a lawyer. >> reporter: i reached derrick al almena and his wife through facebook several weeks ago. they would not comment directly on the case or what happened that might. said thank you for reaching out. prayers and blessings are the best medicine for us right now. derrick almena wrote the story of my criminal worthless neness killing me no matter how sorry i am. the lies and hate keep stabbing my eyes out. it's madness and i must endure. almena also asked for help paying his bills saying none of the money raised for the victims and their families has reached him, his wife or their three children. i'm posting their entire message at more to come.
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a tribute to the fire victims remains outside the burned warehouse on 31st avenue just off international boulevard. the tragedy focused attention on people living under the radar and the lack of inspections for housing violations. the city is working to change that. >> a whole new data system that allows us to have a single platform where different city departments can see information from one another and really understand what is going on in a building. >> oakland is hiring more fire marshals and has requested a fema grant to help report code violations to building inspe inspecto inspectors. the ghost ship fire claimed 36 lives. we have stories about each and every person on our website. new at 6:00, a water company is urging people in one part of south san francisco to only drink and cook with the bottled water following a security breach at a storage tank. you can see on this map where people are being told to avoid ingesting tap water in sunshine gardens neighborhood.
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california water service is providing free bottled water at its south san francisco office. the utility is testing the water and we'll let customers know when it's safe to drink again. we've post ed a link to this ma on our website, abc 7 news and on our abc 7 news app. a murder investigation is unfolding in one of san francisco's safest neighborho s neighborhoods, an australian tourist was killed overnight near a hotel off russian hill. new details on this case. corne cornell? >> reporter: dale, we've learned the tourist identified as 33-year-old matthew bade from australia. police say it all began with a fight near this hotel on van necessary avenue, a hotel frequented by tourists. >> we came down and there were cops everywhere. >> reporter: this tourist spent her first night in san francisco watching a crime scene unfold in front of her hotel. police say an australian tourist was killed outside early friday.
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at first she wasn't allowed to leave. >> how do we get out of the hotel? the police are like, why do you want to go out? because everybody is like a suspect, i think. >> it's scary. >> reporter: this family vis visiting from france woke some time to 2:00 a.m. to the sound of police banging on the door of their room in the da vinci hotel. >> to check for crippminals. >> reporter: police say matthew bade from australia was killed after an argument outside the hotel. >> the altercation turned physical. at some point during that altercation the victim sustained some injuries and was later transported to the hospital. at the hospital the victim was pronounced deceased from his injuries. >> reporter: after a search police detained two suspects for questioning. >> when we got around the hotel we could see the police was in one of the rooms and they were standing eight or ten guys in
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this one room in the hotel. >> reporter: the australian cons late in san francisco told us they are providing assistance to the family of the man who was killed. hotel management had no comment about the crime. in san francisco, abc 7 news. the family of a man shot and killed by vallejo police is demanding to see his autopsy report. his family and friends of ramos held up signs demanding the sheriff rehe lease the report. they believe police could have resolved a fight back in january without killing him. police say ramos was standing over a teenager holding a knife and that's when they opened fire. >> my son wasn't a monster. they were saying he has a knife -- no, no, no, that wasn't the case. >> the sheriff's office says it can't release the report until the shooting investigation is over. ramos' family has filed a wrongful death claim against the city. they may go to court to force
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the county to release the autopsy results. livermore police put out a warning about car thefts because they're on track to nearly double last year's number. the department released this map. each of those red icons indicate where a car has been stolen since january. 165 in all. that's 33 each month since the year began. last year a total of 292 vehicles were stolen in livermore which averages about 24 a month. well, today small business advocates are voicing concern over california's proposal to establish a single payer health care plan. the senate approved the overhaul yesterday. it does not include a way to fund it, however. a recent study found businesses would actually save money because they wouldn't need to pay for health care. critics, though, were skeptical. >> between minimum wage, between the gas tax, all of the additional mandates that the legislature keeps heaping on small businesses, they certainly have not proven that they're looking out for small businesses or working families. >> if the assembly does add
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taxes to the plan it will require a two-thirds vote in the assembly and the senate for it to pass. >> two days in a row high school students in the east bay have found offensive, racist graffiti on their campus. now entering finals week, just days before the summer break. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is live with a story you'll see only on abc 7 news. laura? >> reporter: this is not the first bay area school to see this problem. we have seen it in san francisco, san ramone and almeida. here in castro valley it's gotten worse in recent months. we won't show the entire message but these people taken by students show the second incident of racist graffiti at castro valley high school in two days. in this case scrawled on a bathroom mirror. >> i was disgusted. it was hard to be walking down the hall and see hate towards e me.
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>> reporter: on thursday this girl was the first to see the same phrase written on a locker and across some polls. >> it said [ bleep ]. >> reporter: a classmate was walking with him. >> we were walking down the hall and she noticed there was lettering on the posting by the snack board. >> i felt since our president has been elected it's given people more of an opportunity to say hurtful things. >> reporter: the superintendent says the district has sent a letter home to parents and won't shy away from the issue. >> it isn't something isolated to one school, one student, one classroom. i think it's something that we need to address all the time. >> and brings up a whole lot of history that they're uneducated about. >> reporter: a lunch time public form and messaging of their own. >> this needs to be talked about.
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>> reporter: school officials are yet to identify who is involved in the incidents. laura and ththony, abc 7 news. >> game two is sunday. up next, see what an nba-style upgrade looks like for one observing middle school. plus -- >> a great job. i'm in a great location but i cannot afford to live in a condo down here. >> she's not alone and now some people aren't even trying to cope with the cost of the bay area. our warmest spots today in the 80s and the 90s. find out where temperatures are heading for your weekend plans coming up. are a victory lap for two local families whose pool projects were abandoned by a contract or. i'm michael finney. the end result of a nine-month long 7 on your side investigation is ahead.
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sound garden front man had drugs in his system but they did not contribute to his death according to an autopsy report released today. it confirms the 52-year-old singer killed himself. a resistance exercise band was found arp haround his mek. a mixture of drugs, caffeine and a decongestant were in his system. brandi norwood has been released from the hospital. the former moesha star lost consciousness. paramedics treated her on a plane. her publicist says she is home
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resting, the schedule including concerts and personal appearances had exhausted her. the warriors' explosive game victory last night is not the only reason to keep cheering them on. they helped with the nba cares program. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman shows you the big changes at westlake middle school in oakland. >> reporter: there are ribbon cuttings, school assemblies, but at oakland's westlake middle school students and faculty have never seen a day like this. >> this school needed a boost. >> reporter: and after 18 years of teaching music rapndy porter saw it today. this is what happens when your local team goes to the finals and your school is a legacy with all the perks. >> everybody is on a high. this is the most excited i've seen students. >> the nba says it's helped hundreds of schools around the
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world. mirrors and blinds in the dance studio, a separate room in the library for learning and playing and not far away a parent's room complete with all the comforts of home. >> the washing machine or dryer broke. >> reporter: the music teacher randy porter still had one burning question. >> how come lebron gets away with all those fouls, commissioner? we want to know the answer to that. >> reporter: we asked. >> he's called the same way all the other players are. >> reporter: you're standing on that? >> absolutely. >> reporter: so play on. in oakland, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. last night's game not the only renewed a feud between the warriors and cavs, it's spawned a new viral storyline behind kevin durant and rehihanna. rihanna fans are now lashing out at apple music. abc 7 news anchor is here with the bizarre twist. kristen, so now it's kd versus rihanna versus apple.
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>> yes, ama. he once joked he wanted to marry rihanna so what does she do to earn this look? the queen of r&b was courtside bowing to king james while taunting kd and in the third quarter this happened. >> one shout of brick as kd was shooting a free throw. it was actually likely her assistant like to her not obvious at the time and then in the fourth quarterhis happened after draining a three kd turns around and stares down rihanna. durant was asked about that moment after the game. >> do you remember that? >> i don't even remember. i'm cool. have fun with that. >> so how did apple get dragged into this? eddie was caught on camera apparently telling rihanna to sit down. cue tweeted today nothing but
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love for rihanna and kd, too rihanna fans aren't having it. oakland tech ceo is one of many tweeting they're canceling their apple music subscription. rihanna may get the last laugh. she's a stakeholder in a competing online music service launched by rapper jay-z. >> game two this sunday here on abc 7. espn's coverage, 4:30 tipoff is at 5:. join us at 4:00 for the dubs on 7. after the game stay tuned for the toyota after the game show. >> gorgeous outside. >> and here's another look from russian hill. you can see the golden gate bridge and head lands in the distance. >> meteorologist sandy patell is
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here with a look at what to expect as you take in the amenities. a lot going on. >> we're going to be seeing some mo modifications. tomorrow it's windsor high school at 5:00 p.m. and really the weather is going to be quite nice. not as warm as today. temperatures peaking in the upper 70s. it will start out but then dropping down to the low 70s. pretty nice looking weather for the graduation. showing you the absence of fog but as we widen out the picture fog is off the coast line and there are some high clouds as well. both will be head iing to the b area while many of you are sleeping. a live look and we do have a little bit of a breeze. hazy skies as we look across the bay. in walnut creek a warm day
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today. lots of sunshine. temperatures inland up to the 90s today. one other live peck tour from our exploratory camera, a good day to go out sailing. fog will return overnight tonight. a warm-up will start off a new workweek. by 10:00 p.m. you see a few patches beginning to form near the coast. by midnight that fog starts to expand near the coastline and then we add in some high clouds as we head into tomorrow morning. this is fog here. the high clouds will be filtering the sun right around the time the sun comes up. most of you will be enjoying the sun. if you have early plans, not terribly cold. tomorrow afternoon a warm one.
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you will need the sunscreen. fog will linger near the coast keeping your temperatures in the upper 50s. you'll be seeing plenty of 70s. nice day in the east bay. not too hot, not too cold. we'll be up into the low to mid-80s range. still nice. 81 degrees in concord. the accuweather seven-day forecast will feature a cooldown over the weekend. upper 50s beaches. low to mid-80s inland. a breeze will be stronger as we head into the weekend and then m monday we warm it right back up again. low 60s coast side so we'll have our summer spread and then it goes away around the middle of the workweek. the temperatures begin to drop and we may see a few drops but that's not until wednesday night
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into thursday. we're keeping it off the forecast. >> we're in the middle of the graduation season and a new report card says california has to pick it
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catching the best views of san francisco bay could be as easy as taking a trip to the zoo. take a look. this spectacular video of the
7:26 pm
bay was taken aboard a brand-new gondola at the oakland zoo. it can carry up to eight passengers from the grounds of the zoo to the hilltop restaurant and overlook that's 650 feet above sea level. >> for the next year it's going to be an attraction because it will be a way to get up to have lunch at the restaurant which has a seven county view. the next year it's the way people will get to the site so they can walk around and see wildlife in the park. >> a newc california trip -- th new california trail opens next year. it will double the size of the zoo and include nativec california animals like gray wolves, grizzly bears, bald eagles and jaguars. >> the views are fan as fantast. the grades are in and it's not good in higher education. the state gets a b-minus for college preparation, a c for college affordability and fs for both college access and completion. the grades are from an
7:27 pm
educational nonprofit. today fewer than half of the adults have a college degree and within the next decade those had will need one to meet the demands of california employers. well, there aren't enough grads already here. maybe others will just move here. a new survey finds the bay area isn't as desirable as it once was and you can probably get the reason why. also ahead -- >> more what we lose before politicians understand. california should be a sanctuary for californians. >> the personal is political. hear the father explain his story and why he's proud to be part of this campaign against sanctuary
7:28 pm
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i had some clients from louisiana, texas, idaho that have come over here for job opportunities and there was that first initial shock of, oh, my gosh, you have to pay this much for this little. >> for some the cost of bay area outweighs its value. a new report shows workers are moving to the bay area.
7:31 pm
>> instead they're choosing cities it's cheaper to live. >> reporter: at times trying to financially survive in the bay area can be tough. >> i have a great job. i'm in a great location but i cannot afford to live in a condo down here. i couldn't. >> reporter: it's no secret more people are getting tired of it. >> i've already had friends that have left the bay area and had to go into the central valley. >> reporter: some aren't even bothering with settling down. >> the traffic, the commute, i think you can go other places and live easier. >> reporter: a new report by linkedin shows fewer work eers e moving to the bay area. the net number of workers moving here has dropped 17% since february. although the region still gains more workers than it loses the study shows that many are now choosing cities like seattle, portland, and denver since they're cheaper to live in. >> a big array of markets are becoming more attractive as something in the near term is not going to change.
7:32 pm
the bay area will will have to hustle. >> reporter: buying a home can be a struggle for many. >> those looking to get into the market, most of the homes are taken in limited supply which in most cases is creating a bidding war frenzy and some homes to go above list. >> reporter: more people are staying in their homes for longer meaning the overall inventory isn't as full as it needs to be for buyers. just another thing for potential residents to worry about. >> it's a heavy hit. i think even at the grocery stores, just the basic stuff for the cost of living is more expensive. >> reporter: leaving many wondering if or when they would catch a break. in san hjose, chris nguyen, abc7 news. >> the u.s. gained fewer jobs than economists expected. in california the most recent data for april and the unemployment rate was 4.5%.
7:33 pm
world lead remembers pledging to boost efforts to curb global warming a day after president trump withdrew the u.s. from the paris climate accord. here at home abc 7 news was in berkeley as the local doctor announced a new effort to get president trump removed from office in reaction to his decision yesterday dr. kenneth matsamura says he wants to allow voters to recall presidents instead of waiting for possible impeachment hearings involving congress. >> it is my hope by adding the recall amendment that we can give the power back to the people. >> 2009 he was behind a failed effort to recall california governor arnold schwarzenegger. tonight a southern california man is asking president trump to withhold federal funding for sanctuary cities. he's doing it through an ad paid for by an outfit called californians for population stabilization. and the ad features a name that
7:34 pm
many people here in the bay area will certainly recognize. abc 7 news reporter melendez spoke with the man behind the ad. >> reporter: first it was his wife scolding lawmakers in sacramento for supporting a bill that would stop police from impounding the cars of unlicensed drivers. then in 2015 don rosenbeerrupti hearing on sanctuary cities on capitol hill. >> i'm don rosenberg. >> reporter: now rosenberg is speaking out again. >> imagine if kate had been your daughter, jameel or drew your son. >> reporter: his son, drew, was killed in 2010 in san francisco by roberto galo who was here illegally and driving without a license. rosenberg wants to stop senate bill 54 from passing in the state assembly. it would help prevent deportations in california. we spoke to him from los angeles. >> they want to protect these people. my question to brown and lee if my son had been your son would you still feel the same way? >> reporter: san francisco mayor ed lee has stood behind sanctuary city policies.
7:35 pm
>> we stand yunite that had a safer city is a city that doesn't allow its residents to live in fear. >> reporter: galo was deported. the woman shot dead by sanchez, an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times. rosenberg and the nonprofit californians for population stabilization are also pushing president trump to cut funding to all sank we're cities in the state. >> then maybe politicians will put our safety first. >> reporter: in san francisco lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. now today the supreme court gave challengers to president trump's travel ban. a little over a week to respond to the government's request to let the order take effect. the court's announcement comes a day after the administration asks for the immediate reinstatement of its ban on travelers from six mostly muslim countries and refugees from anywhere in the world.
7:36 pm
the administration says the u.s. -- if the policy is put into place. >> today comedian kathy griffin spoke publicly for the first time since apologizing for the controversial president trump photos. she says the first family is trying to ruin her life. >> the president of the united states and his grown children and the first lady are personally, i feel, personally trying to ruin my life. >> in addition to being fired from cnn and dropped as spokeswoman, the two-time emmy winning comedian has had six gigs canceled and that includes a june show at the uptown theater in napa. the busiest aiort in california, there is a plane on the runway every single minute of the day, and one photographer managed to capture them all in one picture. you'll hear how he did it. >> and looking live at sun and blue skies above san francisco international airport.
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today's google doodle is created by gilbert baker. today would have been his 66th birthday. baker died earlier this year. his ashes were scattered in the bay. welcome to a new dimension. before we know it augmented reality will change the way we live our lives. abc 7 news was in santa clara where the emerging technology was on display today. these special goggles and head sets allow you to feel and touch virtual objects, even sensing hot or cold through your fingers. it could revolutionize online shopping. >> i'm buying a dress where i can actually feel the leather or silk or cotton feeling will be very interesting. >> in the future augmented
7:41 pm
reality may not even need goggles or special glasses. >> check this out behind me, pretty spectacular. the next time you're flying into or out of sfo leave some time to check out a fascinating new art exhibiti exhibition. these amazing fphotos are on display there. kelly has traveled across the world to shoot hundreds upon hundreds of airplanes and each photo collage is a labor of love. >> one photo can take as long as two weeks, all the right aircraft. it's quite an endeavor. >> from cows grazing outside zurich airport in switzerland to horses just feet below planes taking off on london's heathrow, as of right now he hasn't taken one at sfo but the exhibit with his pictures is on display there until the end of august. so check it out. >> 7 on your side investigation that started last winter is getting resolved just before the
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7:44 pm
well, you know what they say about cops and doughnuts. the sheriff's office tweet this had picture of officers enjoying national doughnut day. great shot. national doughnut day was started by the salvation army,
7:45 pm
actually, in 1938. it remembers the doughnut lassies who supported american soldiers during world war i handing out clothes and later doughnuts. abc 7 news was in san francisco as volunteers handed out doughnuts and coffee for free in front of the veterans affairs downtown clinic. the clinic offers showers and other services to veterans. the long ordeal for two families in gilroy is finally over. >> michael finney reports summer will be a lot more fun now that their pool and spas are completed to their satisfaction. >> i'm a happy guy right now. we began looking into these cases nine months ago. 7 on your side is often the last stop for families desperate for help. it's a stop two gilroy families are happy they made. >> i'm really excited. >> reporter: this construction project has come a long way since we visited in september. a contractor left the santos
7:46 pm
family pool like this. when we returned in february their pool had filled with rainwater. this is what it looks like today. water falls cascading down into a luxurious pool with a spa right above. the daughter is thrilled. >> it made me happy because it's done in time for summer so i can have friends over. >> reporter: a few miles down the road 3-year-old cameron is done, too. >> we can play ball. >> reporter: the family can enjoy their spa now that leaks that plagued the pool for two years are fixed. >> there's a tremendous weight off my shoulders. >> reporter: brian bruce says the sam contractor who left the santos' pool unfinished left his pool with leaks. donald boucher, chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in september. boucher operated as a franchisee of premier pools and spas. we tried to get a comment from him for this report but he has not returned three calls.
7:47 pm
prior to his bankruptcy last year the state revoked his l license accusing him of abandoning numerous projects. another contractor with long ties to premier and who asked to remain anonymous stepped in to complete the work at both homes for just the cost of materials. >> if not for your follow-up i don't think they would have really helped us out. >> michael finney, 7 on your side had my back. we have yours. thank you. >> reporter: not all of bouch boucher's customers are as fortunate this san jose resident has given up and says he'll hire another contractor to do the work. as for cameron, he's most looking forward to jumping into this plastic pool. >> i'm ready to go in my pool. >> you're ready to go in your pool. >> yeah, my little pool. >> your little pool. your $6.99 walmart pool. >> reporter: prior to hiring a contractor it's always recommended you check for any violations and confirm the contractor has a valid license. boucher was licensed and had no
7:48 pm
violations when our two gilroy families hired him. now i have links on our website to check out any contractor you're thinking about hiring. i also want to hear from you. the 7 on your side hotline is open week days 10:00 to 2:00. my number 415-954-8151. you can reach me on my facebook page. >> great. thanks, michael. well, the weather has been starting to feel a little pool like. will it continue? >> that's the question, what's the weekend going to be like. sand y patell is here with the forecast. i think you can still hit the pool if you're inland this weekend but it will be cooler overall. live doppler 7 will not look like this. overnight we're going to see high clouds move in and some fog and tomorrow afternoon most of you seeing skies clear, but the temperatures will be running lower. upper 50s to the mid-80s for your saturday. and if you're getting away going to tahoe partly cloudy tomorrow. 75 degrees. gusty. though it's sunny on sunday, 69
7:49 pm
degrees, a lake wind advisory has been posted and as you check out the accuweather seven-day forecast it's cooler saturday, sunday, still mild inland. cool coast and then we bump up the temperatures monday. i think you'll want to hit the pool. low 60s pool side. >> your pool will be ready, rig right? >> tomorrow. >> thanks. >> it's been so long since i've been here. i keep up with you through your husband and i haven't seen you anywhere. we'll catch up after the show. >> i'm sorry. the cavaliers are in for a battle. kd, kevin durant, his way with cleveland's defense. they need who are these people?
7:50 pm
the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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the warriors held serve this game one against the cavs at oracle with a 21-point victory. remember last year the ws won and lost the series in seven. let's not get ahead of ourselves. it was a dunk-a-thon by kd, seven against the cavaliers defense. he had more dunks than the warriors had turnovers.
7:53 pm
a record tying four turnovers in the entire game which is amazing for the ws. >> it's deflatinging for anyone getting tomahawk dunks like t t that. they just wanted to come in and get one. a must win. yesterday's great game almost means nothing if we lose on sunday and take care of business. we have to take away the easy baskets. we did a poor job limiting their baskets. we will correct them going into game two. >> although there were rumors, that's all they were at this point. i personally don't think he'll be back for the finals. involved in game planning, practice and adjustments at halftime.
7:54 pm
one of those rare ones where the coach listens. >> it's all the same. i'm going to coach until they tell me it's different. i haven't heard anything from him. i'm going to continue to coach until either he or bob myers tells me that it would be different. >> game two set for sunday here on abc 7. 5:00 p.m. tipoff and stay tuned after the game with our nba posse as we break down game two. giants scored just four runs getting swept by the nationals looking for any offense that called up austin slater from aaa. he was an eighth round pick in 2014 and made his major league debut. starting in right field and batting eighth, three walks in a game since 1969. he scored two of the three times. nunez singles him in.
7:55 pm
the first rbi to make it 6-0. the team that's lost 21 of 26, now 9-0. round two of jack's event at muirfield. the tournament record with a 7 under 65. 14 under going into the weekend started on the back nine. his second shot on the par 4 18. 6 iron on line. nothing but net. he's five ahead of summerhays. serena williams watching sister venus in the third-round of the french open. venus in the far court. she'll turn 37 in two weeks. she's won seven majors but never the french. now double match point.
7:56 pm
trying to stay alive after a short rally. takes the match and wins in straight sets. djokovic and rafael nadal. a long way to go but a great start. dan, ama, back to you. join us tonight at 9:00 on channel 13. coming up the old bay bridge vanishing before our eyes. imploding lee of the last remaining piers at 9:00. >> the search to find this woman last seen in the east bay and why police are in a rush to find her. ba back-to-back episodes of shark tank followed by 20/20 and jimmy kimmel live's guests include the band u2. >> final youly tonight a few thoughts about what matters.
7:57 pm
the main thing is to make sure you keep the main thing the main thing. what's making national news is anything but. the flak between president trump and kathy griffin. griffin clearly crossing the line holding up a fake bloodied trump head. cnn fired her immediately from her new year's eve gig and some of her stand-up shows are being canceled. president trump and his family joined the chorus of criticism. flanked by an attorney griffin came out swinging calling the trumps bullies, trying to ruin her career vowing to make even more fun of the president now. it's a shrewd pivot for her and clever move for him both casting themselves as victims of vicious attacks and both benefiting from the media distraction. president trump gets a break from damaging headlines. it's all a distraction from important issues.
7:58 pm
what really matters is the main thing. i always love to hear from you. let me know what you think on twitter and facebook at dan ashley, abc 7. >> well, that is going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news. as always be sure to look for breaking news on twitter, abc 7 news bay area and on our abc 7 news app as well. thank you for joining us. >> for the entire team here we appreciate your time and hope to see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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