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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  June 5, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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oo. now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> only abc 7 news was inside the courtroom when the founder of the ghostship faced charges that he's responsible for the deaths of dozens of people. >> he's just been booked in dublin. take a look at his mug shot released minutes ago by the sheriff's office. >> and i'm dan ashley. he was arrested this morning and
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appeard before a judge. we were there after getting tipped early this morning from neighbors who saw it go down. >> this is exclusive video from the courtroom. the judge ruled to send him back immediately. >> max harris. here's his picture was also taken into custody. he's being held in los angeles on a million dollars bail. >> the ghost ship warehouse was hosting a dance party. 36 people died, all from smoke inhalation. they range in age from 17 to 61. laura anthony. >> reporter: they allowed floor to ceiling storage of high quantities of highly flammable materials. >> reporter: alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley said the two men created a fire trap, one any reasonable person
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should have known was potentially deadly. >> they were faced with a nearly impossible labyrinth of the defendant's making to get out of that building. their as were reckless and they created the high risk of death. >> reporter: almanna's defense attorney quote we believe that these charges represent no less than a miscarriage of justice and we're confident that this attempt will fail. it alleges they not only packed the warehouse with flammable materials, they rewired the electrical system and deliberately blocked one of the exits. "i applaud the charges filed today because they send a clear message. you won't get away with making a profit by crammingpeople in to
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dangerous spaces or failing to maintain safe living conditions. attorney mary alexander represents loved ones who lost people in the ghost ship. >> they're very pleased there have been criminal charges filed against two of the people whool have contributed and the cause of the fire. >> if convicted on all charges, they face up to 39 years in prison. laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> the firm representing almanna "quote we are confident this attempt to make a scapegoat out of our client will fail." meantime friends of those who die say they're one step closer to justice.
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>> reporter: six months after? ghost ship warehouse fire, his memories of 36 brilliant lives lost are still fresh. >> it still hurts a lot. >> reporter: in one night he lost four of his close friends. >> chelsea, mandy, and travis were all love and inspiration. >> reporter: he says he's glad the alameda county d.a.'s office is charging derek almana with 36 counts of manslaughter. his associate, max harris is also facing charges. he says he's been in the underground scene for a while and even underground party promoters have an unwritten rule they follow. >> just you know safety first. that's always safety first. >> reporter: it's a rule he says was not followed at the ghost ship warehouse. >> that was the worst example of warehouse living for artists. really bad example. >> reporter: he believes the
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building's owner should also face charges. >> to have 20 trailers parked in the basement, electricity all throughout the building, the electricity wires in one room, he had to know this. he had to know this. >> reporter: he says he's even more inspired by them now to continue making music and taking pictures in their honor. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. now as the story developed, you learn the latest as it happens by downloading the abc 7 news app and enabling push alerts. a san jose jury today decided that life of the man convicted of murdering morgan hill teenager morgan lamar should be spared. he received life in prison without the possibility of parole, not the death penalty. >> i would be lie figure i didn't say i was disappointed in
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the verdict. this family will greave for the rest of our lives. >> i feel at peace he will not be on the streets and harm another child but the angest will be in our lives forever. >> garcia torres's lawyers argued he was abused as a child and exposed to pesticides. a judge will decide whether to adopt today's recommendation. we want it give you a heads up for rain this week. >> drew. >> it sounds kind ofitu odd to e rain in june. very light amounts of rain are expected through the month of june. while we see the most rain and that's the reason that likely has the best chance of seeing those drops. live doppler 7 along with
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satelli satellite. a cold front driving right in front of it. this is going to push in on thursday and try and bring us a couple of drops. it's a light system moving through and a chance of light showers. the north bay has the best chance. but there is still a chance outside of the north bay. we'll take a much closer look at the timing. >> drew, thank you. we now know the identity of a tourist. matthew bait was murdered while returning to his hotel on venice avenue. >> reporter: the murder of 33-year-old australian tourist matthew baet shocked many in russian hill neighborhood. >> feel very, very bad for the young man. >> reporter: they charged maria from california with murder. they were returning to their rooms that davinci villa hotel
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after celebrating the warriors' win around 2:00 friday morning and he got into an argument. as he walked away, his family believes he was sucker punched and he fell and died. "he had a lot of friends who will miss him dearly." police searched the hotel and detained several suspects. >> at least four hispanic men were thrown to the ground. >> reporter: just one of thez men were thrown to the ground. he played cricket in ocean grove australia. the local cricket club will hold a memorial. it said he will be missed by all. speculation is swirling in australia that he may have died from a so-called coward punch. >> now they call it a coward
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punch and it's something they're really trying to stamp out. >> reporter: it's such an issue in australia there are campaigns to stop it. police won't say how the fight that killed matthew baet began. san francisco wants uber and lyft to be more transparent. they issued subpoenas demanding the two ride share companies hand over data on their business practices. here what the city is looking for. >> reporter: while ride share has become a part of city living, some find both uber and lyft a nuisance. >> that's my biggest complaint is definitely the double parking in the bike lanes. >> reporter: today the city attorney is demanding that both lyft and uber answer questions on disability access and public safety. in a statement that office made clear the city attorney 5i78s to
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make sure that the vehicles comply with local and state laws. supervisor jane kim welcomed the investigation. >> we don't know if the drivers are following the law and if they're following the law to pick up individuals with d disabilities and these are things we expect of any company. >> they're proposing an additional per ride fee that would go towards road improvement. uber said it was happy to work with the city. lyft said we have a track record of working with policy makers who regulate us. and the city attorney is worried about those who commute from san francisco and even los angeles to provide service here. these fatigued drivers are not only a threat to themselves but to pedestrians, bicycleists and drivers.
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they're requesting hours and miles logged by drivers. abc 7 news. the warriors are tough to cleveland getting ready for game three. how you can watch it and the unusual controversy coming out of last night's game. we're proposing increased route sufficiency and far fewer delays. >> the president says he's taking air travel into the future. coming up next you'll see how it will change what we're currently used to. and it's great to be back in san jose. jose. >> the apple developers' your eyes work as hard as you do. but do they need help making more of their own tears? jose. >> the apple developers' if you have chronic dry eye caused by reduced tear production due to inflammation, restasis multidose™ can help... with continued use twice a day,
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and we're back with a live look at san francisco international airport. that is the air traffic control tower you see rising in the middle. today the president announced plans to prives it air traffic control. >> abc 7 news reporter kate larson explains. >> reporter: today president trump proposing to take the job of air traffic control away from the faa and hand over to a private business. >> americans can look forward to cheaper, faster and safer travel. >> reporter: he argued it will
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quickly modernize the system. >> at a time when every passenger has gps technology in their pockets, our airlines still run on air traffic control. >> reporter: but john nance believes the president's plan is a corporate money grab. >> a republican effort to throw an awful lot of money in the private sector but we would get no more efficiency than if we continue would the present system. >> i think it's a very risky idea. >> reporter: congressman worries regional airports will take a backseat to large airports. >> they've said rural communities are not going to be the priority. so a lot of in america ought to be very concerned,
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especially ones tha s that rely smaller airports. >> reporter: a member of the pil pilot's union supports the idea. >> for the airlines it will save them money. for the passengers, they'll get there faster. >> reporter: privateizing air traffic control has been proposed before and huffman says there's opposition to the plan on both sides of the aisle. on the subject of planes, the warriors left the bay area hoping to return with the nba finals trophy. there's kevin durant, who was nothing but superb. bound for cleveland. and abc 7 news was in san francisco as lebron jam sdwes a the cavaliers left the st. regis hotel. and head off to the airport. espn and abc's coverage of the
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nba finals starts at 5:30 on channel 7 and join sports director for the dubs on 7 pregame show brought to you by jeep. larry will be in the studio. now tip off is at 6:00. you can watch all of the finals games only on channel 7. a quick moment caught on camera has tpeople in a frenzy. peopleal accuse the warriors star of being disrespectful. this one called the mvp's conduct into question. the truth is he took a knee to the thigh and was limping afterward. he went to the sideline to receive treatment and was not napping. be hard to nap with your head off the ground as you're moving. >> we know he wasn't being rude. he was in pain. let's talk about the
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weather. pretty nice out there. >> coming off a nice day. tons of sunshine and those numbers will gradually drop to cooler, more seasonable levels. >> along with satellite. what you see, they've got a little bit of cloud cover around us but the majority of the region is clear and devoid of cloud cover. however, it week ahead will feature cloud cover. there it is on thursday. but behind this system, cooler air is going to move in. so a bit of a chill to finish off the week. a live look at our roof top cameras. pointed at the skyline. we do have mainly clear skies under this vantage point and rather light winds. even a handful of 70s. we're at 71 right now in
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livermore but you move back the coast and it's 50s. 55 that current number in san francisco. oakland, currently 60 degrees. patchy in nature. not widespread and overnight, upper 40s to mid-50s will be our lows. about 54 in san jose. one of the cooler spots checking in at 49 degrees. a little bit of coastal fog will not be widespread. tons of sunshine and temperature as few degrees cooler than we were. mid-70s along the bay and along the coast will be in the 60s. so highs across the region on your tuesday. afternoon sunshine. we'll have 82, about 79 in san jose. a little bit of fog at 60. 70 in oakland and napa up to 80 degrees. then we'll focus on a couple of
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drops on thursday. it's a light system coming on thursday. a chance of light showers. really the north bay has the best chances. not a lot. but still something we don't always see this time of the year. likely less than 1/10 of an inch of rain. this is thursday morning. this is 11:00 thursday morning. the system starting to move on shore. really light showers and what you will notice, it kind of gets hung up in the north bay.y. still the chances outside the north bay, watch as the system falls apart towards thursday night and you can always track it with the accuweather app. let's plan the next seven days for you. it's still mild in the afternoon tomorrow. so please enjoy. wednesday partly cloudy. those numbers will continue to drop thursday.
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by friday we're below average with limited sunshine. and early next week if you like the warmer temperatures they'll be back by monday of next week. >> thanks, drew. up next a load of star wars memorabilia has been stolen. >> and the man who owns it thinks.
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a georgia man is facing felony grand theft charges after he was accused of stealing more than $100,000 rth of star war rr vintage action figures. roughly 400,000 pieces of memorabilia are stored and shown
9:25 pm
to visitor who come through. he says 100 pieces were stolen by a friend who stayed at the compound. in march they charged edward cunningham with felony grand theft. thaey've found a jupiter-lie comet with a long tail. it's three times the size of jupiter and orbets a blue star nearly twice as hot as our own sun and the planet orbets around it once every one 1/2 earth days. on one side about 7800 degrees fahrenheit. >> is that all? >> that's it. >> some of google's street view cars have shown how it can vary at different places across the city, even across the block.
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the areas of orange, yellow and red indicate the most pollution. being near free wways and factories can drive pollution up. and street view cars collected this data during 14,000 miles of driving over a year's time. new details are coming out of london tonight. police have released the names of two suspects in a deadly terror attack. also new details on the attempt to hack the 2016 election. a new document that shows it was far more serious than people thought. >> how that driver got out.
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this is abc 7 news. and we begin this half hour with the deadly terror attack in london. >> three attackers using a van and then knives killed seven people. the victims are still being identified tonight. >> in london. two of the men who went on a murderous ram page in the heart of london now identified as butt -- butt, appeared in a british documentary about jihadists. security video from that night showing harrowing moments as a restaurant manager tried to sask people, hurrying them inside as the knife wielding terrorist tried to get in. >> i'm trying to keep myself safe. >> reporter: eight officers
9:31 pm
fired 50 rounds, gunning down the suspects. the terrorists killing seven and wounding nearly 50. 30-year-old canadian, christy arch bald who died after being struck by the white van driven into the crowd on the london bridge by the attackers. her family urging people to done tiet homeless shelters saying christy sent you. >> as a patriotic british muslim, i say this you do not commit these disgusting acts in my name. >> reporter: the london attack coming just days before the british election. aerial, abc news, london. and president trump is sparking controversy with his
9:32 pm
twitter storm after the london attack. abc chief white house correspondent asks why did the president pick a fight with him right after a terrorist attack? >> reporter: the white house defendsing the president's tweets. >> why is the president attacking the mayor of london? >> i don't see that he's picking a fight with the mayor of london at all. >> reporter: "at least seven dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and the mayor of london says there's no reason to be alarmed" and this morning the president aurved the mayor of a quote pathetic excuse for his words. he took him out of context. here is what he actually said. >> londoners will see an increased police presence today. no need to be alarmed.
9:33 pm
>> reporter: the mayor warned the threat level remained severe. >> severe means across the country, a threat is highly likely. >> reporter: the president directly misrepresented what the mayor of london said. >> i think the media wants to spin it that way. i think that the point is that there is a reason to be alarmed. >> reporter: and today this from the mayor. >> i've really not got time to respond from tweets from donald trump. we're not going to allow anybody whether donald trump or anybody teels divide our communities. >> reporter: the president is also using the attack to reignite his travel ban. tweeting this morning "the justice department should have stayed with the original travel ban not the watered down politically correct version they submitted to the supreme court." but he's criticizing his own justice department and a
9:34 pm
so-called watered down travel ban that he himself signed. >> president trump will not invoke executive privilege to block thursday's planned testimony from the man he fired. the white house said they hope to speed up the senate's investigation that led to his dismissal. comey's expected to testify thursday. >> white house would have looked really bad if they looked like they were trying to silence comey. they cannot appear to be afraid of him, obviously. so they had to let him testify. the white house is unpredictable as you know. >> abc news and abc 7 will provide live coverage tuesday morning. it's expected to start 7:00 a.m. our time. the justice department announced charges today against a contractor after she allegedly leaked classified information to
9:35 pm
an online media out ltd. they show russian media intelligence tried to cyber attack a soft ware supplier leading up to last year's presidential election. this is the first report of its kind that raises serious question about whether russian hackers attempted to breach the voting system. washington d.c.'s mayor is reafirming the district's commitment to the paris climate agreement. merial bouzer signed saying it's in the country's best interest to take climate change seriously. she's one of 200 mayors that have committed to uphold the climate deal after the u.s. announced the u.s. would withdraw from it. thrjs a the acting u.s. ambassador to china, david rank says it was a personal decision.
9:36 pm
he had worked for the state department for 27 years. he resigned. a suv was crushed by a dump track from gravel. surveillance shows almost colliding with the truck at a gas station. the truck's moment 78 took overx crushing right there the suv as well as dumping mounds of gravel. they quickly pulled the suv driver out. he didn't have any significant injuries. >> which is remarkable when you see that video. they're calling an illinois man a hero after he jumped through the open window of a moving car to save a driver. he spotted a car driving in the wrong direction heading right at him. watch. he jumped from his truck and through the passenger window of this slowly moving car.
9:37 pm
he put two fingers into the convlsing driver's mouth to keep him from swallowing his tongue. they praised thompkins as a hero for coming to the aid of a complete stranger. still ahead apple's new product announcements. and the defiant celebration. ariana grande returns to manchester with a powerful message.
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a defiant celebration. ariana grande returneto the stage in manchester england, joined by some of the biggest stars. the simplest images delivering a powerful message. >> ♪ >> reporter: stronger than i've been before. ariana grande returning to manchester. 50,000 fans watching around the world. ♪ >> reporter: less than 24 hours before she took the stage, yet another terrorist attack. it did not stop her. she met some of the families, including olivia campbell's father who tearfully begged for
9:42 pm
her father. >> she said i should stop crying because olivia wouldn't have wanted me to cry and olivia would have wanted to hear the hits. >> reporter: a manchester high school choir joining ariana grande. ♪ >> reporter: the concert now raising nearly 3 $1/2 million in less than two hours. and one final song. ♪ ♪ somewhere over the rainbow >> reporter: bringing the performer to tears too but she would finish. ♪ why oh why can't i
9:43 pm
all right. well, big developments at apple's world wide conference. >> great to be back in san jose. >> reporter: from sighting to sound to
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apple made a lot of big announcements today in san jose. it unveiled new hardware consumers can use in their home. here with more. ♪ >> reporter: it's absolutely beautiful and we call it --
9:47 pm
>> reporter: with pulseating music, apple showed off a new smart speaker. >> just like i pod reinvented music in our pockets, home pod is going to reinvent music in our homes. >> reporter: it's a voice activated speaker that use siri. apple was late introducing a speaker to consumers. home pod is different. >> focusing on music, putting apple music at the center of this and siri become as musicologist. >> let's stop it right there. >> reporter: apple wowed developers showing a demo of its virtual reality capabilities using a new tool was also unveiled for augmented reality. a cool new platform is called a.r. kit. it allows developers to use augmented reality, add items and have them build their own world. innovation was all around.
9:48 pm
this 10-year-old developer has already invented five apps and shown them to apple ceo tim cook. >> it was amazing. and when i showed him my apps, he was astonished. >> reporter: wwdc continues tomorrow with a special guest, former first lady, michelle obama will have a fire side chat with developers. apple also announced a new safety feature for ios 11. it will include a do not disturb while driving mode you can turn on. once on, the phone can tell if you're driving and automatically mute your messages and notifications. they'll autoreplay with a text that you can't reply. mickey drexler, the ceo of j crew is stepping down amid rumors of bankruptcy. they shaped the image to its catalogue and brick and morder stores as well. but the company has hit the hard time with preppy look and high
9:49 pm
prices falling out of fashion. j. crew is carrying a massive $2 billion in debt. home of the home furnishing brand will precede drexler. they say work on the damaged spillway goes on all day and night but they're grateful it's happening. that's some good video there. that's ground level view of blasts last wednesday on the lower shoot of the spill wae. the blasts are expected to take place towards a november 1st deadline. they plan to start pouring the concrete in mid-june. your social feeds may be blowing up with a picture we're
9:50 pm
slowing you. a eman in alberta, canada, seemingly unaware of the massive tornado behind him. his wife posted this on her facebook page. it turns out the man was well aware of the tornado. he says it was much farther away than it appeared and moving away from him. >> i mean he had a lawn to mow. >> impaexactly right. well, our weather not quite as eventful as that. >> that's a great shot, isn't it true? >> that wasas so cool. we're talking about cooler temperatures in the next couple of days. tomorrow still comfortable but back then more seasonable levels. just really patchy fog out there and that's what we expect overnight tonight. not widespread cloud cover mainly confined to the coast. upper 40s to mid-50s be the name of the game. 50 san francisco, 54 san jose
9:51 pm
and 49 santa rosa. it's going to be a mild day, a couple of degrees cooler inland. 82 concord. very comfortable in san jose. spot on for this time of the year, 81 in santa rosa. so the accuweather 7-day forecast, we're dropping. but by thursday we'll track a chance of a few showers, mainly in the north bay. but widespread cooler numbers before we rebound into early next week on monday. all right. on to sports. some basketball we want to focus on. >> now they get to be road warriors. coming up we'll hear from coach steve kerr as the warriors head to cleveland for game three of the nba
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abc 7 sports brought to you by your local toyota dealer. it's not been a good year for the giants.
9:55 pm
but the shark turned in one of his best outings of the season. let's go to milwaukee, home of the famous sausage race. san francisco tied the contest in the fifth as eduardo nunes connects. and struck out 10 over 7 and 2/3 innings. he did not walk a batter. aaron hill comes through a with pitch. buster posey and brandon crawford both score but the throw is in time to nail joe panik. they tacked on three more runs in the ninth. brandon belt with the rbi single. sumarges record is now 2-7. the a's open a three-game series with toronto. josh donaldson put the j's on top in the first. and scores all the way from first base.
9:56 pm
sean allowing just two runs oervg six innings. he struck out seven. ryan healy has provided the oakland offense tonight. a three-run shot. then in the fourth. healy goes deep again. this time with a two-run homer. now in the bottom of the 8th, they lead the jarks's 5-3. and carry underwood on hand to support her husband, predators captain mike fisher. he beats him with the back hand. nashville regained the lead in the second and at first it looked like matt murray stopped the puck but it just crossed the line.10 minutes later the preda would strike again. victor arbetsen on the break away this time. nashville wins 4-1 and evethens stanley cup final at two game as
9:57 pm
piece. now to cleveland for game three of the nba finals. warriors won by double digits in oracle arena. keep in mind the cavaliers also trailed 2-0 last year and came back to win the series in seven. still kyrie irving knows that was then and this is now. >> as much as the comparison can be drawn from last year to this year, there is no comparison. it's a different series. so going back home. still stay the course. >> your own bed, your own facilties and things of that nature and for me, it doesn't change. i'm the same way on the road or at home. i have this mentality when it comes to playing ball. we're looking forward to it, our fans are looking forward to it, we know that. so we got to give them something to look forward to.
9:58 pm
>> steve kerr was out with a back injury. he was not happy about the team's 20 turnovers, eight by steph curry. >> out of our 20 turnovers, at least half were just -- i call them plays of insanity. we got to bring sanity back for game three. >> reporter: you decided you were not going to come back unless you could go the duration? >> no, i'm done. that's it. >> you know it's all good. i'm glad steve's feeling better. he's done a fast tastic job the entire year. >> substitute teacher of the year. >> i like it. >> and of course you can watch game three right here on abc 7. pregame coverage begins at 5:30. this report has been brought to you by toyota. in pretty good shape as long as they stay healthy and i'm not saying they're going to sweep
9:59 pm
them. >> they're playing wonderful basketball. it's really fun to see. >> of course kevin durant, having him compared to last year. >> coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, we have exclusive video as the founder of the ghostship faces a court room for the first time and neighbors say they're concerned for their safety. and justice for sierra lamar's family as her killer faces life without parole. join us over on channel 7. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news at 9:00 and we appreciate your time. >> for drew, rick, all of us here, thanks for joining us. see you at 11:00 over on channel 7.
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narrator: today, his big acting break in the harry potter film series (groans) cut tragically short. narrator: the disturbing events that lead to a vicious knife attack.


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