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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  June 10, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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good evening. i'm eric thomas. thanks for joining us. warriors and cavs now in the bay area, resting for a big game five on monday. cavs arrived to st. regis in san francisco. fans circled around but players didn't sign autographs, headed into the hotel, many with headphones on. lebron james last off the bus.
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fans cheered but others booed. lot of trash talk on the court. >> good to get it at home. okay with that. >> doubt they might win it but do what they did last night, could win game five. >> dubs arrived back earlier in the day. get on the court for practice tomorrow. espn and abc's coverage starts monday at 5:30 on abc7 and before the game join larry beil and mike shumann for the pregame show. live monday at 5:00 p.m. antishariah law demonstrators marched through streets but outnumbered by counterprotesters. shariah law is to guide the behavior of observant muslims. some activists claimed leads to abuse of women.
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police arrested at least one. reporter at santa clara, more tame. >> reporter: these activists organized by act for america stood their ground on busy street corner. >> you either support the constitution or support shariah, can't have two conflicting rules of law. >> do you feel as though there's a movement afoot to impose shariah law in california? >> absolutely. >> i lost my son on 9/11. every other issue i'm liberal but imposition of shariah law on american soil, very much against it. >> reporter: across the honking traffic many interpreted the message from different angle. >> clear what they're saying is based on lack of knowledge about islam and shariah. >> reporter: 120 groups
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organized counterprotest from 11:00 to 3:00 from san francisco to santa cruz. >> amazing to see people come up in name of unity. >> reporter: activists periodically walked across the street to infiltrate the other side for a while but police kept them out of the traffic. >> been peaceful here. >> reporter: others felt harassed. >> like i have a target on my back. >> ideological showdown ended peacefully. santa clara, abc7 news. officer involved shooting is under investigation in brentwood. one man shot by officer, second suspect hurt but not by gun fire. according to the chronicle happened after car men were in went across a lawn and struck a home. both suspects suspected to
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survive. new video, a woman rescued from captor, serial killer. some of the images might by disturbing for people. >> reporter: what awaits inside a metal storage container is thing of nightmares, video is disturbing. finally popping open the doors law enforcement try to reassure everyone inside rescue is here. >> are you okay? >> just the girl. >> how are you honey in. >> young woman chained to the wall. >> getting you out of there okay? i need handcuff key. >> reporter: they don't have one. >> getting bolt cutters. >> reporter: officers talk to brown and document her surroundings. conditions deplorable, mattress, juice bottles, paperback novels and tupperware. brown and her boyfriend had been
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missing for three months. one of the first questions she has to answer. >> do you know where your buddy is? >> charlie, he shot him. three times in the chest. wrapped him in blue tarp. put him in bucket of the tractor. locked me down here. never seen him again. he says there's several bodies dead and buried out here. >> reporter: pleaded guilty to the murder along with six other killings. sentenced to live life behind bars. big step on the road to justice for brown. it's been 16 years since a 21-year-old woman celebrating birthday was shot and killed in front of palo alto bar. in front of the now closed q cafe. single shot fired and murder weapon never found.
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reward offered for information leading to arrest and conviction of the killer. >> it's highly unlikely that no one saw anything that night. i'm sure someone saw something. >> police have rereleased this video from two years ago, asking people to share on social media. find on our website, president's embattled attorney general has agreed to testify next week to the russian connection to the white house and firing of the fbi director. following the fallout of the explosive testimony. >> reporter: with the president and former fbi director locked in he said, he said -- >> those were lies plain and simple. >> some of the things he said just weren't true. >> reporter: the spotlight of the russia investigation is bringing new scrutiny to attorney general jeff sessions. >> we need to make america great
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again. >> reporter: sessions was the first senator to endorse candidate trump. in march citing those campaign ties recused himself from overseeing the investigation. >> should not be involved. >> but james comey hinted there was more to it. >> aware of facts i can't discuss in open setting that would make his continued engagement in russia related investigation problematic. >> new wrinkle, comy's suggestion there was untold stories why sessions recused himself. >> reporter: trump's first major foreign policy address at d.c. hotel last year. >> time to shake the rust off america's foreign policy. >> reporter: that's the russian ambassador shown to the front row. there's jeff sessions. investors want to know if the two had any interaction at this
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event. sessions admitted he and kiss -- >> secret and then concealed. >> reporter: abc news washington. adam west, batman in the 1960s tv series has died. >> should i steal your voice or your life? >> played the caped crusader. first tv batman for many. made voiceover roles on simpsons and family guy. short battle with leukemia, he was 88. bay area project is keeping low income households ahead of the low energy curve.
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details ahead. rising star from the bay area giving back to the community who raised him. drew tuma, bright start to the weekend but tomorrow chance the weekend but tomorrow chance of showers more people are choosing nissan. ♪ ♪ it's america's best sales event at nissan the fastest-growing auto brand in the u.s.a. take on every day get 0% for up to 72 months on 13 models. ♪
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a first round nfl draft pick returned home to richmond and began charitable efforts. mckinley just signed a four-year $10.2 million deal with the atlanta falcons. went to kennedy high school and ucla. wants to sponsor trips for ke kennedy students to attend college football games. >> i made it. now can i help the next kid make
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it as well? >> nonprofit announced an annual scholarship in the name of mckinley's grandmother before she passed away promised would make it to nfl. installed nine solar rooftops at no cost. $30,000 in electricity savings in the lifetime of the system and prevent 65 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. many low income homes are left behind in the renewable energy era. this will help them catch up. abc7 news in san francisco, world oceans day celebrated. beach cleanup. volunta volunteers cleaned up trash and plastic. four beach cleanups are sponsored a year. could a trip to the beach be in your future?
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may see a blast of heat this weekend. i'm not going to tell you that, drew tuma will, because that's what we pay him for. everybody loves draymond right? not in cleveland and after game
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it was a perfect day for a parade and one helped kick off opening day at san mateo fair. 80th year. sma smashmouth will perform, headliner for the event. fairgrounds in san mateo. accuweather forecast. >> quick moving system to the
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north trying to spark a shower mainly in the north bay on sunday afternoon. live doppler 7, along with satellite, mainly clear skies today and tons of sunshine and mainly clear and plenty of stars this evening. wind was issue. gusting over 20 miles an hour. wind is not diminishing that much. west-northwesternly through tomorrow afternoon near or over 25 miles an hour. breezily end to the weekend. pier 15 is showing clear skies above the embarcadero in san francisco. quiet evening and temperatures comfortably cool. lot of 50s to low 60s. 60 in oakland. 56 in san francisco under clear skies. 60 in san jose, 65 in napa and brentwood is mild at 61 degrees.
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overnight, a little bit of cloud cover south bay. partly cloudy. temperatures falling into low and mid-50s, fif to ten degrees from now. corner of your screen, 9:00 in the morning, quiet start. by 4:00, chance for a line of showers to develop in northern half of the viewing area. santa rosa to mill town, napa to vallejo, to antioch could have showers. orange and yellow, could have isolated thunderstorm develop. for that fact storm prediction center that monitors entire nation for chance of thunderstorm has put eastern half of the viewing area in threat for a thundershower to
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pop up. if one does, biggest threats some hail and chance for lightning. we'll be tracking next 24 hours. highs tomorrow san francisco 60, 67 in san jose. 70 in napa. antioch a high of 71. fremont, 66 degrees. same system bringing snow into the sierras. winter weather advisory for the areas in purple. western slope. two to four inches so travel a little bit slick as the storm moves through. accuweather seven-day forecast, isolated shower on sunday. cool monday. temperatures do a 180. warm up and by friday, even into saturday, 80s and 90s. very common away from the coast. >> i'm looking at that money
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flying out of my wallet for air conditioning. thanks drew. sports. warriors. >> cavs and warriors getting a day or two to recharge batteries from monday's game five. many say you can't have rivalry in the nba unless both teams hate each other. after tempers flared in game four, we can all say they have a rivalry. monday at 6:00 p.m. on abc7. draymond green was the enemy drawing boos and chants from the home crowd. doesn't want to go back to cleveland at game six. especially after comment after the game about the fans. >> i don't pay much attention to anybody in cleveland honestly. don't seem to be the sharpest people around. whatever. >> just loving draymond in cleveland right now. forget about lunch or dinner
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plans for the a's in tampa, spent entire day in the barque. rare doubler header. sonny gray got the start. pitched six innings, striking out ten. gray gets no decision. oakland trailed 5-4 in the ninth. rajai davis from second. 5-5. extra innings. bottom ten. evan longoria with a base hit off hendricks for eighth walk-off hit. 6-5 is the final. game two. matt andress left with injury. chih-wei hu gives up a single blast to headley. third of the season. jaycob brugman with first hit in game one, first rowenta in game two. bunt that stops on the line.
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oakland tacks on three more runs in the seventh when heelly and pinder both go long. pinder with eighth of the year. a's win 7-2, splitting double-header. at home giants hosting twins. great day to chill on the water. brandon belt at dish, belts it out of the yard. 73rd splash houme run in giants history. 1-0 lead. jeff samardzija on the mound. vargas on a power trip. 1-1. fifth inning, onen for brandon dozier. samardzija allowed three runs in six innings. twins win 3-2. >> we played a good game. shark threw fine. sure a couple mistakes but three
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runs in six innings. we only got two today. talked about need for four runs. >> takes one guy to get going for everybody to follow in line and becomes contagious. just need to keep going at it and keep bettering ourself. we can win 2-1 and get it that way also. ponies. 149th belmont stakes didn't feature potential triple crown winner but plenty of drama. came down to two horses in the end. >> tapwrit has taken the lead. tapwrit and irish war cry come down together. tapwrit and jose ortiz have it. >> jockey and tapwrit finished in 2:30. shocking upset in the french open women's final.
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third sooed defeated by unseeded oft pinko. turned 20 just two days ago. first ever grand slam championship. becomes first unseeded women's champion at this tournament since 1933. today a travel day for the warriors and cavaliers. meet in game five of the nba finals monday night at oracle. >> don't panic. >> nobody can shoot like that two games in a row. >> absolutely not. man versus shark? this is intentional.
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an east bay high school is doing about face tonight. ahead on abc7 news at 11:00 what
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district is saying now after refusing to allow a senior to walk in army i uniform to graduation. and now these, apple sneakers and one pair available. showing drone video. young great white sharks placidly squ placidly swimming around him. about 20 birthed last six months. many pups stick around because adults leave and they feel safe. 23 species of shark in the monterey bay. why so popular with the shark researchers. any chance trying to make you feel good to reel you in? feel good to reel you in? just
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- welcome to your guide to pride. san francisco pride is coming up june 24th and 25th, and the theme this year is a celebration of diversity. while pride has evolved to become a celebration of our diverse community, pride did start as a protest to liberate our community. it's been 47 years, and in the year 2017, we've seen a regression, if you will, or a potential attack on the progress we have made to our equal rights fight. so what will pride look like this year? what does it mean to the leaders of the lgbtq community in san francisco? we'll take a look and hear from some of the major lgbtq organizations and leaders.


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