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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  June 13, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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major breaking newews. fire has destroyed a 27 story building in west london tonight. this is a live picture from the scene. building known as grenfeld tower
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evacuated. >> say maybe people still inside but not confirmed. 200 firefighters trying to tackle the flames. >> horrifying live picture. police say people treated for range of injuries. debris spilled below, covering people with ash. firefighters hope to save the bottom floors but could collapse and cause more damage and spread the fire. >> building burning for hours. >> i could see from my garden. just left-hand side piece there. couple of floors. over the hours it just -- >> spread. >> and gone around the left of the building as well. and i can't believe the way it's gone up so quick. >> right now people in the neighborhood, they're helping out, bringing water to evak ues. in forced from home without
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anything including clothe. >> if you want to follow now, streaming on our website, and facebook page. horrible scene. thanks for joining us. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. other news. >> uber ceo travis kalanick is taking indefinite leave of absence as company takes steps to improve its culture and "new york times" says a board member resigned. obtained a leaked memo between members. >> there's a lot of data that shows when there is one woman on the board it's much more likely will be a second woman on the board. >> actually shows it's much likely to be more talking. >> come on david. don't worry. david will have a lot of talking to do as well. >> apologized earlier for what
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he called disrespectful comment but "new york times" says he has resigned from the board. all happened same day former u.s. attorney general eric holder released report on the company's culture. tiffany wilson with the story. >> reporter: after months of investigating uber's culture former u.s. attorney general eric holder released the report. travis kalanick was not in the meeting. >> let us address the elephant in the room. where is the travis? >> reporter: sent company e-mail saying taking indefinite leave of absence to grieve his mother and become a better leader. leaked this. >> uber is his life. taken full responsibility for what the company has gone through in last few months and he wants to be part of us starting a new page and together
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building next chapter in uber's history. >> reporter: went on to discuss the report's recommendations that went from reducing kalanick's responsibility to overhaul of the personnel department and changing cultural values. >> lot of them are absurd. toe stepping. always be hustling. >> reporter: abc7 news. bay area is getting ready to celebrate. oakland expects a million people to show up for warriors celebration. >> word of advice for anybody wanting to be part of it mayor libby schaaf says logistically impossible to watch the parade and rally. >> starting at broadway and 11th and going up to kaiser convention center. >> same amount of traffic. streets packed with people. >> police department will
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provide extra patrols and support from neighboring agencies. kate larson on parade preparations. >> definitely be here in warriors gear on thursday. >> reporter: no time for hangovers after last night's celebration. gearing up for warriors parade and rally on thursday, including businesses on the parade route. extra pizzas at broadway location. >> extra staff, expecting a lot of pizza and sales. >> planning to call in sick -- just kidding. >> reporter: joking would have played hooky to see the parade but office franklin dental care closed on thursday and spent the day canceling appointments because logistics for patients too complicated thursday. >> streets will be closed and no way of them getting here. really busy. >> more prepared than two years ago because we have that experience now. >> reporter: oakland mayor libby
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schaaf sporting the champion ring reminds people to move cars along the parade route because they will be towed. also. >> we encourage people to pick one or other. logistically impossible to be on the parade route and at rally. >> going to keep you safe. mindful and prepared for worst and expecting best. >> reporter: police chief ann kirkpatrick says all hands will be on deck with extra patrols and support from neighboring law enforcement agencies. in oakland, abc7 news. warriors fans are excited to celebrate the big win but less thrilled about the crowd and chaos on transit. especially b.a.r.t. system. will be very busy. leslie brinkley. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. on thursday will certainly break record ridership set in the last
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warrior's parade and san francisco giants 2012 world series win. >> crowd estimate was that million people came to oakland to witness the parade and rally. this year the projections are higher than that. heard numbers as high as 1.5 to 2 million people. >> reporter: all b.a.r.t. morning commuters fore warned. leave by 7:00 a.m. or get caught up in the crush of fans. b.a.r.t. is removing nine trains from bay line to handle oakland. and half the trains from fremont warm springs to san francisco will be diverted to mcarthur station and not cross the bay. b.a.r.t. guarantees that lines at ticket machines-like insanely long. buy in advance and exit at higher capacity stations at 12th and 19th street in downtown oakland. b.a.r.t. may selectively close
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the lake merritt station even though closer to the rally. inconveniences start at wednesday at 2:00 for ac transit riders. six lines rerouted. by parade day 19 lines rerouted around downtown oakland. >> truly asking riders to build more time into your day so that you get to where you need to be on time. >> reporter: by thursday afternoon commute b.a.r.t. expects trains to be back to normal. abc7 news. >> it's going to be a crush of people down there. parking will be tight anywhere near it. b.a.r.t. is advising that parking at b.a.r.t. stations will be packed as well. oracle will be open. quick walk. some trains may not stop at lake merritt if there's crowding and trains may not be on time.
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wayne has been back and forth with the team and back at it today. >> reporter: chat news van to car. >> warriors! >> following a season on the brink reached proverbial morning after. >> warriors! >> reporter: night club in san francisco, a morning after like no other, where the warriors celebrated last night. rumor is $150,000 worth of moay and shandoen. >> draymond green got on top of the dj booth and starting spraying champagne. >> reporter: for the rest of us? >> jumped out of my bed. >> screaming my head off with two-year-old. >> jumping off my couch. >> landed yet? >> nope. >> reporter: soft landing would have been here. line stretched around the building and into the warrior's
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store. >> little bit of everything today. hat shirts, jerseys. just ran out of socks. >> reporter: for sentimental value snuck inside for a final look. wait where is the floor? baskets are put away like props. nets gone too. floor in pieces. there's a rock concert here tonight with the band poison. back on the streets your party is hardly over. >> when are you going to take the flags off your car? >> i'm not. >> ever? >> ever. >> warriors. >> reporter: abc7 news. warriors are setting record straight about a rumor that stirred questions on social media. earlier there war reports that team unanimously decided not to visit the white house for traditional victory celebration. released a statement. today is about celebrating championship, have not received
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an invitation to white house, will make the decision when and if necessary. you can watch them on abc7. victory celebration. live coverage. starts at 10:00 a.m. nanny arrested after suspected dui crash near elementary school while child was in the car. not first run-in with the law. a stolen ferrari. sandhya patel with the forecast. >> look at weekend temperatures coming up. coming up. late afternoon
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yeah. chase. so you can. new details tonight about an incredibly close call at belmont elementary school yesterday. >> da says a nanny charged with dui after crashing car through fence. >> reporter: arrested for child endangerment after drove into a fence outside elementary school on monday. yellow sign says drive safely
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and slowly is reminder to parents that could have been even worse. >> could have hit anybody on the sidewalk. i walk past here, me, any one of the kids. >> reporter: police say had infant in her car and on the way to pick up another child. infant not hurt but 11-year-old outside was hurt. >> he was coming up the stairs and heard the crash and looked and saw the car going down into the grass area. he was frightened. >> reporter: principal sent a message to parents saying 11-year-old has minor injuries and recovering at home. nanny is now out of jail. attorney steve wagstaff. >> dealt with her on prior occasion for the same offense, misdemeanor drunk driving.
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>> reporter: pleaded no contest and three years probation and two days in jail. d.a.'s office says arraignment in early july. man in custody stealing ferrari from a marin county dealership. 2016 488-gtb. pouring gasoline on it on san francisco boulevard east. claimed the vehicle was his but according to detectives had been stolen from local dealership. >> don't burn the ferrari. alameda county sheriff's deputies are looking into possible bird mill. deputies say parrots and macaws
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in there. now agencies trying to see if any laws have been broken. deputies say the birds will likely stay there for the time being as they figure it all out. highway 140 entrance into yosemite is blocked by rock slide happened about noon. anybody trying to get into the park take highway 31 through oak hurt. ty oeg ga road is closed due to snow. grass fires. one in vallejo burned close to homes and golf course. scorched nearly ten acres. cal fire and two nearby fire departments helped fight the flames. and here a grass fire burned
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close to power lines. had to use bolt cutters to get close to the flames. charred about an acre. >> it's that time of year. and going to heat up midweek. >> how hot is it going to get? >> 90s and 100s. napa's average high is 81 degrees, next couple of days just above average but work week into the weekend. low to mid-90s in napa. and triple digit mark. going to get hot. live doppler 7 providing sign of what is out there. absolutely clear skies, no fog to speak of. indication of where the weather is headed. sutra tower camera, beautiful view over san francisco.
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oakland, san jose, mountain view, 70 decreases. you can see for miles. 70 in concord. it's mild out there. from abc7 exploratorium camera, beautiful view of the bay bridge here. warming trend continues. summer-like heat for end of the week with triple digits inland saturday and sunday. outdoor activities, keep this in mind, take it easy i in the heat. upper 40s to mid-50s tomorrow morning. patch of fog but not likely. warming that started today will continue, mid-60s coast side to upper 80s inland. not too hot. for the warriors parade, not going to be very hot. good thing it's falling on thursday. 66 degrees under sunny skies and 2:00 p.m. 73 degrees.
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mild conditions. not going to last. excessive heat through sunday. really what this is, we haven't had this heat in a while. not used to it and unusually hot for this time of year, do want to avoid overexposure to the sun and stay hydrated. upper 90s to low 100s inland including father's day. download the accuweather app and you can keep track of the temperatures that will be soaring as we hit the weekend. here's a look at forecast. low 60s to upper 80s tomorrow. warming into thursday. downright hot friday through the weekend but always a place to go. 60s and 70s coast side if you don't like heat and father's day make sure dad gets ac or pool or head to the beach. early next week heat backs off.
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summer starts tuesday night at 9:24 p.m. and temperatures will reflect it. old ship wreck recovered 100 years after disappeared off the california coast. people love the smell of flowers, maybe not this one but not stop thousands from not stop thousands from experiencing the odor have to travel from its source to the bottle? a hundred miles? a thousand miles? how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser always bottled at the mountain source.
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how fafrom its sourcelpine spring to the bottle?travel ♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. all eyes and noses are on san francisco's conservatory of flowers as rare plant is about to ploom. called corpse flower because released a pungent odor when blooms to attract beetles lured by smell of rotting flesh. staff is excited and
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apprehensive about the stink it creates. >> i've smelled relatives in bloom mirrhere and they don't disappoint and much smaller in size. excited to see if it lives up to its name. >> lots of people are curious. conservatory expects thousands of visitors. staying open late. there's a link at wreck of the coast guard cutter kwm mcculloch found off the coast. sank in 1917 after colliding with a passenger steam ship. two crew members died. video shows the helm or steering station. found during a routine survey. noah and coast guard released this. ship and crew aided relief after the 1906 quake and conducted
9:26 pm
rescue and salvage following a number of shipwrecks. coast guard says it has no plans to move it. update on the massive apartment fire in london. >> and tense moments on capitol hill today. >> i believe the american people have had it with stonewalling. >> tough questions for attorney general jeff sessions. and american student held for more than a year is back home tonight. home tonight. new technology called a
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massive apartment fire burning right now in london tonight. police are evacuating people from the 27 story building. >> it's 5:30 a.m. in london. building is still burning in the picture. all the smoke pouring upward. eerie and horrifying scene. ambulances are responding. >> at least two people treated for smoke inhalation. have breaking updates on abc7 but we have fire livestreaming on website, and facebook page. in other news major day on capitol hill as attorney general jeff sessions answered questions on the russia investigation and firing of fbi director james comey. >> also testifying rod rosenstein. >> and the suggestion that i participated in any collusion is an appalling and detestable lie. >> reporter: the times the
9:31 pm
testimony of attorney general jeff sessions was heated. >> mr. comey said there was m matters with respect to the recusal that were problematic and couldn't talk about them. what are they? >> why don't you tell me? there are no senator wyden. can tell you with absolute certainty. >> reporter: accusing him of stonewalling. saying wanted answers for the american people. >> we are charged with oversight and officials can't say not going to answer because they don't feel like it. >> reporter: among the tough topics questions about russia including session's own meeting with the russian ambassador. >> i recused myself frommed investigation but not defending
9:32 pm
my honor against false accusations. >> reporter: while at white house refused to -- firing of robert mueller. but one person who could fire mueller testified that the white house is not going to make that call. >> wouldn't matter to me what anybody else said. >> reporter: asked if the president had tapes on his conversations with comey. it was month ago that president tweeted out there may be tapes and white house has yet to confirm if they exist. reporting from capitol hill. abc news. met today to discuss the health care bill. president said the bill that passed in the house was mean and senate bill should be generous. a senator at meeting said the president was open to suggestions and didn't want to
9:33 pm
rush a bill through congress. american student released from captivity by north korea. said he's been in a coma for more than a year. otto warmbier arrived in home town an hour for medical care. sentenced to hard labor for crimes against the north korean state. chief foreign correspondent terry moran. >> reporter: meddy vk plane touched down. nightmare in north korea is finally over. talks in oslo between officials and revelation he was in a coma. began with this incident. warmbier allegedly tried to
9:34 pm
steal propaganda poster. he was arrested and considered a serious crime. brought to court tearfully pleaded for mercy. >> please i've made the worst mistake of my life but please act to save me. >> but north koreans showed no mercy. sentenced in march 2016 after trial that lasted an hour. 15 years of hard labor. >> please save my life. please think of my family. >> reporter: his parents after a year of keeping a low profile on the advice of u.s. officials went on fox and friends last month. >> otto we love you, you're an amazing guy. hang in there tiger boy, you're coming home. >> reporter: today secretary of state rex 'til tillerson announ the release. >> we have secured the release
9:35 pm
of otto warmbier from north korea, en route home to meet with family. >> reporter: all as dennis rodman got to korea. >> just wanted to open a door. >> reporter: some suggested he was playing a role but state department flatly denied it. terry moran. abc news. no i.d., no boarding pass, no problem. soon get on a plane with touch of a finger. >> through this high tech guy and wave of hand -- >> walking speed. boom. >> through airport security in no time flat. this system uses biometrics to verify passenger identities. eliminates the need for boarding pass and even i.d. fingerprints take care of everything. >> put your hand in a certain
9:36 pm
place and we've got a system that will effectively give us fbi quality fingerprints. >> advanced optical systems, lead programmer. system is tested at dya and atlanta's airport. >> use that fingerprint stuff coming back overseas. >> frequent fliers like dan stuart see it as game changer in air travel. >> speedier and easier and saver at the same time? it's great. >> using it it's breeze. wave your hand like swinging a tennis racket. just being tested but could be a reality at airports nationwide if it proves successful. >> it's a lot faster. >> denver. meyer resigned as ceo of yahoo.
9:37 pm
together we have rebuilt and strengthened and modified our business products. yahoo's 21 year history as publicly traded company. walking away with $23 million package. president's youngest son barron kept a low profile since father's inauguration but quickly turned into a trend setter. got off the plane in washington wearing a t-shirt reading "the expert" and now has sold out on the j. crew website. barron and mother melania officially moved into the white house on monday after spending months in new york to finish out school year. real life comic book heroine. >> what she thinks of the
9:38 pm
blockbuster film in theaters now.
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cannot stand by while innocent lives are lost. >> be careful diana. >> who is this woman? >> she's my secretary, sir.
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>> as the new "wonder woman" movie continues to rope in theater goers with her lasso of truth, one of the artists that shaped her character is getting award. >> trina trrobbins not the firs to draw "wonder woman" but first woman. >> as soon as i could hold a crayon, i was drawing. >> loose liked to read comic books. >> wanted to be as brave and strong and beautiful as girl heroes whose comics i read. >> wasn't long until mastered this character. >> love this style. what i'm known for is drawing in his style. >> drew underground comics with strong women as heroes. >> every comic i drew was
9:43 pm
feminist. couldn't help it. >> but d.c. cs called to ask her to draw "wonder woman." >> i didn't know i was blazing a trail. until years later. >> wanted to bring back to feminist roots. >> never gave her breasts bigger than her head like the guys did. >> appealed to girls growing up in world of men. >> island was no boys allowed. when i was a kid, i lived in a world in which no girls were allowed. >> now everyone is talking about "wonder woman" again. how does she describe it? >> wonderful. looking at gal godot is looking
9:44 pm
at wonder woman in the flesh. >> inducted into comics. >> only second woman inducted into it. >> what i do is not up to you. >> san francisco, abc7 news. >> people are raving about the movie. meteorologist sandhya patel will be back with update. >> rediscovery of the eighth natural remember our special night? abdominal pain... ...and diarrhea. but it's my anniversary. aw. sorry. we've got other plans. your recurring, unpredictable abdominal pain and diarrhea... ...may be irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea, or ibs-d. you've tried over-the-counter treatments and lifestyle changes, but ibs-d can be really frustrating.
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researchers in new zealand believe they have rediscovered the eighth natural wonder of the world. pink and white terraces on the north island were lost but
9:48 pm
researchers think they're pinpointed the area. think maybe in reasonable condition and could be restored once excavated but digging through 30 feet of ash and mud to get to it to find out. were the most popular tourist attraction in the southern hemisphere. >> what a rediscovery. update the weather. >> sandhya patel with the latest. >> live doppler 7, skies are clear. heading into tomorrow, expecting the trend to continue. clear conditions and warmer weather like today. it's graduation time and forecast for the graduates ot mt. eden tomorrow evening. mild. temperatures mid to upper 60s and dropping down. not mild inland this week. start getting hot friday through sunday. see upper 90s to low 100s early
9:49 pm
next temperatures begin to drop as summer starts but still hot. take advantage of tomorrow while it's still comfortable. rest of the work week and into the weekend get uncomfortable. father's day, you'll have to be creative to take dad where it's not too hot. >> big glass of lemonade. mvp and mom celebrating the warriors' victory. >> kevin durant's message to her, we did it. >> warriors celebrating but kevin durant had his eye out for someone else, his mother. >> look at me. we did it. >> right there with mother wanda. his night was about to get even sweeter. >> your finals mvp, kevin durant. >> talk about your mom and
9:50 pm
influence. >> we did it. told you when i was eight years old. >> single mom raising two sons and working several jobs to make ends meet. when made mvp. >> you made us believe, kept us off the streets, clothes on your backs, food on the table. when you didn't eat you made sure we ate. went to sleep hungry. sacrificed for us. you the real mvp. >> something we'll be talking about rest of our lives. >> so sweet. >> how powerful. all things warriors. >> what is crazy still people ripping him for coming here. >> come on. >> can't let go of it. i can't even. >> he's a great athlete and clearly a great guy. >> celebrate for him. why can't you be happy? >> haters. >> we have to hate -- i don't get it.
9:51 pm
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good evening everybody. warriors win the championship and players are spraying champagne all over the place and drinking back in the locker room. kevin durant had stopped drinking months ago when he hurt his knee because he wanted his body to be purified and best shape possible for the playoffs so they're all drinking and it's hitting him hard right? because he hasn't had alcohol for a long time. feeling no pain came out for interviews. k.d. left the cavs in a world of hurt. this is exactly why the warriors wanted him and why he wanted them back. to shine on the biggest stage
9:55 pm
with whole world watching and nobody was shining brighter when it mattered the most than kevin durant. >> i always believed he was the best. always believed that and tonight he was the best among the best. that's what award proved to me. >> unbelievable. he continued to do that from the beginning to the end. there he is. finals mvp. we're world champ, amazing thing. >> got to call kevin durant a champ now. he's put the time in. proud of him to realize this goal. >> so happy for him. he's had amazing career and he just took himself to the next level. [ cheers and applause ] >> this was a great scene as durant left oracle arena with
9:56 pm
adoring fans waiting for him. got out to share the moment. holding the mvp trophy. giants had the day off. bunch went to oracle to watch the game. actual shark seen in mccovey cove tonight. jeff samardzija not pitching. ty blach was. alcides escobar hits wall and stops. two runs score. 4-1 royals. blach's night is done. just eluded hunter pence. how the season is going for giants. tomlinson there. right now 8-1 royals in the ninth. a's and mrarlins, volleybal
9:57 pm
going on in stadium. should be mandatory. marcell ozuna goes up up and away. tied at 1-1 and giancarlo stanton is just a beast. muscles on top of muscles. and home run sculpture there is just bizarre. but jose oogoes innings. ward won by controversial decision. many thought covola should have won. says wants to silence all doubters. >> asked for rematch and got what he asked for. after this don't want to hear excuses or anything. shut the doornd take the doubt and questions off the table.
9:58 pm
>> not only plan to return to oakland as champion but join the golden state warriors from the same area as well right? >> absolutely. >> going to be a good fight. abc7 sports brought to you by toyota. coming up at abc7 news at 11:00, staying on top of breaking news. fire in apartment building in london. up to the minute information. investigating a possible bird mill. join us on channel 7. finally a unique opportunity. how would you like to pet a porcupine? you can do it. >> kids showed no fear petting penelope the porcupine. >> helping kick off the museum's
9:59 pm
summer program. only place in the bay area to do this. >> touch it just right it's okay. covered in guard hair. feels like wiry dog or terrier. see for yourself. >> seems sweet. friends also welcoming visitors. open wednesdays through sundays in the summer. >> it's a lot of fun. that's our report. appreciate your time. i am dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz, for sandhya and larry and all of us, thanks for watching. >> see you again on big 7 at 11:00.
10:00 pm
narrator: today, a bloody rampage at an arizona shopping center. man: (on recording) uh, 911, there is a shooting at safeway. it looked like the guy had a semi-automatic pistol. he went in, he just started firing.


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