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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  June 14, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> shootings on both coasts tonight, in virginia a gunman shoots a congressman and five others during a gop baseball practice. and in san francisco, a gunman opens fire at the u.p.s. facility. >> a whole bunch of people with their hands up, police drawing
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towards them with the guns drawn. >> the suspect shooter is an employee. >> victim was shot in the face. >> located the suspect still armed. i think we saved lives today. >> when it was all over, four people were dead including the shooter himself. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm alma daetz. here's where this happened. the u.p.s. facility is at san bruno and 17th street where workers gathered for a weekly meeting. >> as i said, four people are dead. two others are injured. >> he had filed a grievance complaining that he was working excessive ertime. >> police recovered two firearms near the shooting and tonight in san francisco friends of victim mike lefiti gather out side a safe way in diamond heights which was part of his rutd. >> and we'll have more about him in just a moment. first let's begin our team coverage with abc7 news reporter vic lee. >> reporter: san francisco police responded to 911 dispatch
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calls at 8:55 this morning. people shot at u.p.s. building. 17th and san bruno. the gunman parked his bmw at 16 skpgt vermont near the building. he entered the massive complex where hundreds of people work. he then went on a shooting spree. behind him, a trail of victims. >> as you guys have probably seen from aerial footage, there were a couple outside, and some were inside. >> reporter: people fanned outlooking for him as they evacuated workers. >> one contact team located the suspect who was still armed with an assault pistol. the suspect put the gun to his head and discharged the weapon. >> reporter: but not before he shot five people. >> the suspect is deceased as are three shooting vixx timz. >> reporter: teams of officers continued searching the building for possibly more victims and perhaps accomplices. they found none. >> the building has beenecured at this point. we believe the incident involves only one suspect. >> reporter: this afternoon mayor ed lee visited the crime
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scene, saying the city will provide health and trauma counseling. >> we want to make sure that u.p.s., the management, the employees know that the city is behind helping them recover from this incident. >> reporter: and this request by the president of northern california u.p.s. >> if i could at this time just ask all of you to please keep u.p.s.-ers in your prayers. >> reporter: we now know the gunman went inside this building just as drivers were gathering for their routine morning meeting and that he began shooting just as they were about to make their runs. vic lee, abc7 news. >> abc7 news viewer kevin wood sent us this picture. he says it shows u.p.s. employees being rescued by police with guns drawn. you can see them through the window on the roof with their hands up. it was an emotional scene. sky 7 was overhead as employees were hugging and crying outside the facility. in a statement, u.p.s. said the
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company is saddened and deeply concerned about affected employees, family members and the community we share. our thoughts and prayers were with all those touched by this incident. >> the injured were taken to s.f. general. abc7 news reporter kate larson was there for most of the day. >> here she is with more and what we are learning about the victims. >> i heard gunshots. >> reporter: matt said he heard shots around 9:00 this morning at the u.p.s. facility on potrero hill. he was there to pickup his cousin mike lefiti from work. >> i walked up towards the gate and i looked over and i saw my cousin sprawled out in the concrete. >> reporter: toya satz ys he rao his cousin who he believes was shot in the stomach and said, i love you, and watched as police tried to resuscitate him. >> you see other families going through it and then actually your family member that is close to you go down like that and to see that visual is pretty hard.
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it's the worst. everybody lost a great man. >> mike, i used to call him my gentle giant. >> reporter: a former ups coworker who did not want to be identified told us he and lefiti had nearby routes and he was always helpful. ael we used to have many serious talks about religion, how life treats us and there is always something good that comes out of what we learn in everyday life. >> reporter: lefit, was 46 years old, a father of five. and just celebrated his seventh wedding anniversary yesterday. his cousin who was also his roommate says they come from a very tight knit san francisco family. most of whom are here at san francisco general grieving today. >> it just wasn't -- i want him back. i want him back. > reporter: dozens of mike's family members were here at the hospital today grieving and of course our hearts go out to all of them. we also know that two other
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people were shot this morning and survived. hospital sources say that they were treated here at san francisco general and then released. reporting at san francisco general, kate larson, abc7 news. >> senator diane feinstein issued a statement saying she was heartbroken to learn that yet another senseless act of gun violence has marred our wonderful city. my heart goes out to the victims and their families and to everyone affected by this despicable act. i can't help but recall the 101 california street shooting in 1983 when eight people lost their lives. violence is never the swr, but the continuing scourge of gun violence is particularly disheartening. >> a terrible story happening on the east coast today. developing news, this morning's horrifying ambush of republican congress members, five wound the including steve scalise. president trump and melania
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trump went to the hospital to visit those injured. here is abc news reporter lana zach with the latest on the suspected gun men. >> reporter: good evening. we continue to monitor the health of those victims one in critical condition, one of the most powerful republicans in congress, congressman scalise. he was visited by president trump not too long ago and tonight investigators want to know if he and the other republican members of congress had assembled on this ball field were targeted by the shooter. >> we are learning more about the suspected gunman james t. hodge kinz and his life was apparently started to unravel. >> we believe the shooter has -- >> reporter: his wife tells us he left forealexandria, virginia two months ago without work. investigators said he had on social media a cartoon critical of steve scalise who was one of the four shooting victims. just before the shooting began, one congressman was approached by a stranger believed to be
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hodge kin son. >> i had an interaction with someone in the parking lot who asked if the team practicing was democrat or republican. i said they were republicans. okay, thanks. >> reporter: moments later gunshots pierced the air. a shooter at third base, congressman scalise hit on second. rand paul ducking behind a tree. >> we had no arms, scurrying to the dugout. >> reporter: they returned fire. >> it was a combat situation. >> reporter: representative joe biden's 10-year-old son jack was on the field. >> he had 25 dad's. everybody out there was looking after him, not just me. >> reporter: partisan ship cast aside in sheer disbelief. > we are united in our shock. we are united in our anguish. an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. [ applause ] >> reporter: and in a show of determination, that congressional baseball game
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being played for charity will continue tomorrow undeterred, with one notable change. republicans and democrats will all be wearing the same jersey, lsu in honor of congressman scalise. reporting from the section of alexandria, virginia, lana zach, abc news. back to you. >> congressman huff man was practicing with the democrat team when he learned about the shootings. huff man says he was in shock when he heard what happened. we spoke to him by phone. >> there was some immediate concern we might need to take shelter, we might be in danger. we pretty quickly determined that was not the case. but our thoughts were with our colleagues. and, so, we huddled in our dugout. the capital police were there giving us reports and making sure we were secure. but everybody huddled in prayer for our colleagues on the republican side. >> as you heard, the baseball game lawmakers were getting ready for will still go on
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tomorrow. >> more to come, felony charges are filed against the contra costa district attorney. he won't keep his job, but he will stay out of jail. we'll have the latest on the case. also. >> one of the rangers was threatened with assault. >> and just for doing his job, in san jose rangers are at risk. fires are increasing and a solution appears to be a long way off. >> i'm spencer christian. we have a pretty serious heat wave coming our way here in the bay area. i'll have all the details and how high the temperatures will rise in just a moment. >> thanks, spencer. and they are making headway at the oroville dam. abc7 news at 9:00 continues.
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the contra costa county d.a. accused of using campaign funds has pleaded no contest to perjury. we have learned he resigned from office. he won't go to jail. he'll have three years probation but can't run for office during that time. his resignation from office this morning, however his no contest plea could have forced him to resign anyway. peterson will have to serve 250 hours of community service. county supervisors will have to find a replacement and assign an active district attorney. they say he illegally spent $66,000 of campaign donations on personal items then lied about it on documents filed with the
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state. >> new safety concerns are being raised about homeless camps along coyote creek in san jose. the new problems are centered north of the old jungle homeless campus it was called between interstate 280 and highway 101. abc7 news reporter jeannine de la vega has the story. >> reporter: bags of garbage are being hauled out from coyote creek. this is just one of hundreds of homeless encampments in the city transients in the area clashed and it became violent. >> they were involved in trying to pickup litter was threatened by someone with a knife. another incident a couple days prior, i believe, that one of the rangers was threatened with assault by someone who was in an unlawful encampment. >> reporter: it prompted the ranger to halt her team from entering coyote meadows unless an escort is present. they are constantly assessing for safety. >> it is a challenge because you're talking three miles of creek bottom in san jose and
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you're never going to have enough resources and power, manpower to deal with eliminating all risk. >> reporter: fire fighters who work the region say they are getting called to put out fires in what is called the jungle three to five times a day. have video shows fires in encampments in the last five months. this is day and night. so far there has been one person arrested for arson. >> this is very concerning because arson is a dangerous crime. not just a fire, but fires can spread and hurt people and damage property. so, we take it very seriously. >> reporter: the city says there is an open investigation into the fire reports. they are trying to figure out if one or two people are responsible, or if the fires are part of a larger systemic problem. in san jose, jeannine de la vega, abc7 news. >> a san pap low man accused of multiple accounts of child molestatio
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molestation. they say he first met his alleged victim when she was five years old. investigators say he assaulted her at motels in west contra costa county when she was between 11 and 16. he owns the n.y. learning center which provides therapy for developmentally disabled children. bail has been set at $11 million. >> construction crews are ahead of schedule repairing and improving the primary spillway at oroville dam. back in february heavy storms created a massive crater as you may remember, causing the emergency spillway to fail. that prompted the unprecedented evacuation of nearly 200,000 people along the feather river. there are so many workers on-site, that officials may use dorms at chico state to house all of them. >> it's time to turn to our weather which is starting to feel like summer. >> yeah, really going to get hotter in the next couple days. spencer christian is here with the forecast. >> assuming you wish for it to feel like winter, believe me, here's a live doppler 7 on this
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clear mild night across the bay area. we had a nice warm day today. the warming will continue tomorrow the by the weekend it is going to be down right hot. let's take a live view from our rooftop camera here at abc7 looking out on the embarcadero. 61 across the bay. in oakland we have mid 60s at mountain view, in san jose. 72 degrees in gilroy, a cool 55 at half moon bay. this is the view from emeryville looking westward across the bay, under clearer skies, hashedly a cloud to be found anywhere. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s in santa rosa. napa novato, 77 at fairfield, 76 at concorrespond, 67 at livermore. live view in downtown san francisco looking along the bay bridge, these are our forecast featuree featureers. warming continues tomorrow, excessive heat by the weekend, triple digit temperatures saturday through wednesday. that is a string of very hot days. overnight look for clear skies. low temperatures will generally be in the mid 50s, although a few locations near the coast will see low 50s and maybe up at santa rosa 49.
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on to conditions tomorrow, sunny and mild at the coast and warm to hot everywhere else. we'll see upper 60s to low 70s on the coast to a high of 67 at half moon bay. san francisco will have a high of 74 tomorrow. oakland 81. down in fremont inland in the east bay 90 at livermore, antioch, fairfield, in the north bay, 88 at napa, 89 at santa rosa. the beach forecast for tomorrow if you want to get away from the heat, the beach will be a nice place to be. temperatures in the upper 60s at our bay area beaches. 79 at santa cruz. and on we go to the excessive heat watch which is in effect from friday through sunday and may be escondidoed because it is going to be so hot for so long. under conditions like this, heat related illnesses are possible. it is advisable to avoid overexposure to sun and stay hydrated. let's look at how it is going to be to be the next several days starting on friday, as that excessive heat watch begins. we'll see highs in the 80s right around the bay, mid to upper 90s inland.
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then it gets even hotter on saturday with temperatures five to 15 degrees above average and we'll see several locations topping out at 100 by saturday. sunday, father's day, even hotter. 10 to 20 degrees above average with inland highs in numerous locations above 100 degrees up to about 103, 104. even on the coast we'll see some mid to upper 70s. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. sunny skies all the way through, summer like sizzle will develop on friday and there you go. five consecutive days of triple digit heat in our inland areas, up to about 104 on sunday which is father's day and up to 104 again next wednesday. summer officially begins next tuesday at 9:24, it is feeling like summer already. >> no one told that to saturday. [ laughter ] >> exactly. i'll alert the weekend. >> all right. well, a key vote for an east bay community cut off by storm damage. >> a possible price tag for some relief. back here in a moment.
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not two. i'm always moving forward... because i can't afford to get stuck in the past. comcast business. built for business. the moraga city council tonight is expected to approve its staff moving forward with a multi-million dollar repair of the canyon bridge. a land slide closed the bridge in april and it takes drivers two hours to negotiate a detour to the small community of canyon. moraga officials say the temporary replacement is just the tip of the iceberg. >> when you look at the cost for just the bridge itself it is actually a very small piece of the puzzle. there's a lot more to it. we have to build very deep foundations here to protect it from the land slide. we have to demo the existing bridge. tlgs' all the engineering behind all of this and then of course operating it afterwards. >> if the council approves the temporary fix, the road could reopen as soon as september.
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>> a state law maker is introducing a bill to help taxis compete with ride sharing companies like uber and lyft. the legislation would ease industry regulations. they will no longer need permits for each city they drive in. they would be allowed to raise and lower their fares similar to the surge pricing during peak times. >> the taxicab industry will be annihilated if we don't make significant changes. its important to update the regulatory environment to allow for all californians. >> taxi companies are looking to lawmakers for relief. data from san francisco county transportation shows the ride sharing companies account for 15% of all vehicle trips in san francisco. >> stay with us. we're going to bring you an updating on the u.p.s. facility in san francisco where a worker killed three colleagues and shattered the lives of many more. >> also a new bombshell rocks washington, d.c. tonight. there is word the special counsel is investigating president trump. >> new details about that devastating overnight fire in
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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> we begin this half hour with developments in the shooting in san francisco. >> yeah, the gunman is dead. police say he shot five people at the u.p.s. facility in potrero hill.m died. >> a hospital source told us two victims were treated and released. when police confronted the shooter he turned the gun on himself. sky 7 shows employees being led from the facility after it was evacuated. >> it was right behind me. it was like six, seven shots inside, at least five to six outside. i was just running. i didn't wait. >> the eye team identified the shooter as jimmy lam, a u.p.s.
9:29 pm
employee who lived in san francisco sunset district. he was apparently wearing the uniform as he pulled the trigger. two guns were recovered. >> an employee said lam had an issue with the manager. the families of those caught in the gun fire are mourning, including one man who saw his cousin die. >> i walked up towards the gate and i looked over and i saw my cousin sprawled out on the concrete. i want him back. i want him back. >> his cousin mike lefiti worked for u.p.s. for 17 years. he's a father of five who celebrated his seventh wedding anniversary. >> earlier this evening sky 7 was above a individual it at the diamond heights safe way which was part of his route. >> it's been such an emotional day. we'd like to thank all abc7 news viewers who shared information and pictures with us as this incident developed this morning. >> kevin wood sent us this dramatic photo of u.p.s. workers with their hands up on a roof. it really illustrated the tense scary moments many workers faced right after they got to work
9:30 pm
this morning. >> we first sent out a push alert at 9:14 this morning. our coverage of this tragic shooting will continue later this hour, and 24/7 on the abc7 news app. >> now an update on a shooting on a baseball field in alexandria, virginia, on members of congress. [ gunshots ] >> republican members of congress were practicing forann. at least five people were hit, including louisiana congressman steve scalise who is hospitalized in critical condition tonight. two u.s. capital police officers were also wounded. both returned fire killing the shooter believed to be 66-year-old james t. hodgekinson of bellville, illinois. tonight president trump and the first lady went to the hospital to see congressman scalise. he later tweeted that scalise was in very tough shape. he called on his twitter followers to pray for steve. and the shooting sent shock
9:31 pm
waves through congress. security at the capital is tighter than ever tonight, but in the hallways and meeting rooms, members of congress were standing together. abc7 news reporter mary breus has more. >> reporter: congressman steve scalise was looking forward to the big game. >> couldn't even make the high school team, but kind of bloomed later in life. >> reporter: the louisiana law maker, a proud raging cajun fan calling his wife before practice. lobbyist matt, one of the team's coaches shot in the chest. tonight in critical condition. and those two heroic officers, crystal griner shot in the ankle. and david bailey, a nine year veteran of the capital police, suffering minor injuries. both there to protect scalise, but protecting so many more. >> scalise gets security because he's in leadership. had he not been there, there would have been a massacre because there would have been no way to defend yourself. >> reporter: congressman rodney davis of illinois the team
9:32 pm
catcher was at bat when shots rang out. we showed him the shooter's photo. >> makes me nauseous to find out he may be from my home state. >> the hate just over political differences has ratcheted up to where it becomes entertainment value. and that has to stop. it's my breaking point. i'm going to do everything i can to make it stop. >> reporter: and today, moments of unity. that image in the dugout, the democratic team praying for their republican colleagues. and in the halls of congress. >> an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. [ applause ] >> mary breus reporting. overseas now, iranian forces pointed a laser at a marine corps helicopter on tuesday.
9:33 pm
it happened during an encounter involving three ships in the strait of hormuz. the u.s. vitan were maneuvering through the straight when it pulled alongside the ships. the iranians first put a spotlight on the ba tan and trained a laser on the marine helicopter. u.s. military officials called the iranian's actions unsafe and unprofessional. >> in other developing news, special counsel robert mueller is investigating the president for obstruction of justice. the washington post reports the probe into russia's role in 2006 -- in the 2016 election is widening to include president trump's conduct. it marks a turning point in the fbi investigation which until recently focused on russian meddling in the election campaign. officials say top national security staff have agreed to be interviewed by investigators as early as this week. >> now to that horrific high rise fire in london. fire fighters say it's the worst they've ever seen. the flames trapping more than 100 families inside. many as they slept. one mother dropped her baby to
9:34 pm
safety from the tenth floor. tonight the death toll is expected to continue to climb as people who live there say there were warnings this might happen. abc7 news reporter james law man has more. >> reporter: a 24-story building up in flames. explosions, fire balls and residents trapped inside. this resident streaming live on facebook. >> we're stuck on the 25th floor. >> reporter: some seen dropping down makeshift ropes desperately attempting escape. others resorting to this. >> i lady appeared in the window. what she's saying, i'm about to throw my baby, please catch the baby. >> reporter: the baby survived a nearly ten-story fall caught by a bystander. there are serious questions about raised why the fire spread so rapidly and whether fire alarms were working properly. police say there are 12 victims so far. residents are complaining that there were prior warnings about
9:35 pm
the building safety were ignored. >> that was james london reporting. a bay area standard for the past 30 years is no more. kneel young has announced he will no longer be hosting the bridge school benefit concert. this is video from the 2001 concert. the bridge school helps children with severe speech and physical impairment. the concert began in 1986 and was held at the amphitheater on mountain view. a letter posted on the school's website young said he will no longer host the concert for, quote, personal reasons. >> the secret is out for the first halftime. apple ceo talked about the company's plan in the automotive segment. cook says apple, working on software for self-driving cars, very diligently, apple initially wanted to build its own cars. they applied for a permit from the dmv and secretly tested a half dozen vehicles on bay area roads before focusing on just the technology. >> up next, a neighborhood nuisance in the east bay. >> cages in the front yard, sort of the side and now the whole
9:36 pm
backyard is full of cages of birds. >> birds, and we mean lots of them. now the county is stepping in to shut down what is being called an illegal bird mill. stay with us.
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9:39 pm
homeowners in a beautiful neighborhood in castro valley are now having to deal with an ugly problem. >> one of their neighbors is operating what appears to be an illegal bird mill and so far efforts to shut it down have been unsuccessful. >> county officials are now involved and abc7 news reporter kwis nguy chris nguyen has the latest. >> reporter: on jensen road in castro valley what seems to be a gorgeous day is interrupted by this. >> i can hear them every day 24 hours a day, especially early in the morning. >> reporter: and that's just the start. some say a strong smell coming from the backyard of this gated
9:40 pm
home has become almost unbearable. look closely and you can see an invasion of flies throughout the area. >> it's a nuisance now to everybody else. the flies are constant. my porch is covered in flies. can't get in the door without having to shew away the flies and they get in. >> reporter: sky 7 shows what appears to be an illegal bird mill. according to the alameda county sheriff's office say they have been avoiding calls. they have reason to believe this is a for profit operation, citing online postings for $2,000 apiece. at issue, what laws are being broken and what more can help bring relief to neighbors? alameda county officials are working through some of those questions at a closed door meeting today with the california department of fish and wildlife. another concern, the grading on the hillside. the sheriff's office says the homeowner dug into the dirt to build the bird cages without the necessary permits. some worry about the possibility of a land slide. >> the birds are in trouble.
9:41 pm
i mean, they're going to lose all those birds if it should rain next year and those are still there, it's all soft ground, it's going to wash away. >> reporter: many anxiously holding their breath hoping for a resolution soon. >> it sounds like a zoo across the street. there are so many birds and it is so loud. >> reporter: in castro valley, chris nguyen, abc7 news. >> so, how does it feel to be an nba champion? >> it's like awesome, man. >> like awesome. >> that's it basically. the media descends on kevin durant and the rest of the team. find out what they're saying next.
9:42 pm
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well, it's been about 48 hours since the dubs won the whole thing, whole ball of wax. >> and while the fans are getting ready to party tomorrow, the team is already looking ahead to next year. >> here's abc7 news reporter wayne freedman with what they're saying. >> reporter: what is the next best thing to hoisting a nba championship trophy? how about painting one? >> i'm mad, we should have been doing this last year. >> reporter: he might have found agreement four floors up in the warriors practice facility in the middle of a media strum. >> it's sweeter this year. it's going to be a better summer for sure. >> reporter: in the shadows of previous greats as the warriors prep for tomorrow's parade, they brought out sean livingston, steph curry, kevin durant, klay thompson. a main question for all of them, yes, they say they plan to stay together. as to why? >> we make each other better, better and it's not about, you know, who gets the credit.
9:46 pm
it's like, it's really let's have fun playing ball. let's see how we can win together. >> next question, will they go to the white house? >> we haven't talked about it much. probably some side conversations here and there. you don't plan anything. >> reporter: and on it went from there. take a free swing with this whole experience of one moment, what is it? >> that's a great question. wow. probably, probably just when the buzzer sounded and i saw the whole team get up from the bench and rush on the court. it's not a feeling you can replicate in your life. if i can freeze frame that, that would be one moment. >> reporter: predicting a million people lining the street, expect a love fest tomorrow. from warriors headquarters in oakland, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> well, road closures have already begun around lake merritt boulevard for the stage% for the rally following the parade for the dubs. >> with more on that here is
9:47 pm
abc7 news reporter lani rivera and the latest in preparations. >> reporter: it takes teamwork to put together a parade and rally for the golden state warriors. yvonne is already dressed for the occasion. >> last time it's going to be standing room only like this. so i'm probably going to be over there. >> reporter: the drone view shows the main stage that's almost ready for dub nation to celebrate their 2017 flrks ba champions. blue and yellow where fans will watch the festivities along broadway and oakland. jimmy's deli is opening 6:00 a.m. >> like five, six sandwiches with chips and soda. >> reporter: if you plan to attend, police say use public transportation. city officials announce new road closures. >> on 880, the jackson street oak street and broadway off ramps will be closed starting at 7:00. >> reporter: here is the map from mlk to 880 of the impacted area. we even found signs saying they will start towing tonight.
9:48 pm
barriers are in place for the large crowds. police advise people to stay alert. >> be aware. don't be distracted. oftentimes a phone is like our biggest distraction. mybe put that away until you get to your destination. >> reporter: with just a few seats close to the stage, organizers expect people to start showing up early. >> because when you come to the celebration, you see all different sides of oakland and some you don't see, you know, as obviously together in the same space. >> reporter: an estimated 1.5 million people are expected to attend the 2017 warriors parade and rally. in oakland, lani rivera, abc7 news. >> the parade will follow the same route as it will start at broadway and 11th, head to the western edge of lake merritt near harrison and grand, and wind its way to the henry j. kaiser convention center. abc7 news will have live coverage of tomorrow's victory parade over on channel 7. we're calling it a dub nation celebration. and the parade starts at 10:00 a.m., so tune in. >> and tonight you can catch
9:49 pm
draymond green on jimmy kimmel live. they tweeted this back stage with the championship trophy. it airs at 11:35 over on channel 7. >> last time to update the weather forecast. >> spencer is here to update that. spencer? >> dual parade weather. a look at cool digss tomorrow, parade kicks off downtown oakland 10:00 tomorrow morning, sunny, mild, 66 degrees. temperatures rising to mid 70s early afternoon. great dub nation celebration weather. highs across the entire region will range from upper 60s to low 70s at the coast to right around 80 or above near the bay. and as you go farther inland, highs will approach 90 degrees. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. it's really going to get hot as the weekend arrives. we'll have five consecutive days saturday through wednesday of triple digit temperatures in our inland areas. up to about 104 sunday which is fathers day and wednesday. highs around the bay upper 80s
9:50 pm
to around 90 and low 70s on the coast. so, it's going to be great beach weather but sizzling inland. >> thanks, spencer. >> all right. well, already a little bit of change in the warriors. >> larry is here with that. >> yeah, i'm kind of bummed about this. >> me, too. >> i really enjoyed the chances to talk with them, but a key member of the warriors not coming back. jerry west, joining a warriors wide hole. >> whoa. >> yeah, he's gone. that's next in sports.
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>> announcer: abc7 news sports brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> the warriors championship team apparently leaving. consultant jerry west will be joining the l.a. clippers. in a similar role, he joined six years ago. he brought instant credibility as well as a great basketball mind. i'm sure clippers boss steve ballmer offered a boatload of cash, a chance for west to stay home in l.a. no more flights back and forth in the bay area. plus a big new challenge. let's face it, not much left for jerry west to do with the warriors, assuming they keep their stars. this team is set for years to come. if jerry can fix the dysfunctional clippers, he would be even more of a god-like figure in l.a. if that's possible. the players have their exit interviews today talking with the gm bob meyers about the championship season looking ahead to the future. coach steve kerr says he wants to keep coaching, hoping to overcome his medical issues. they plan to keep the their core
9:55 pm
intalkt. the final fuse minutes of the final game, five was on the floor. kevin durant, steph curry, andre iguodala, they intentionally got the ball to k.d. so he could dribble it out in the final seconds. among those five, k.d., steph, and andre, they're free agents this summer. they said it sounds like they're going to figure out a way to divvy up all the money. they all want to come back. sean livingston in the picture as well. >> we want to do everything we can to keep this team together. so, i'll have that mind-set, k.d. is going to have that mind-set, sean. this team will do all we can while we still have the legs to do it. but there are no egos when it comes to that side of the equation when it comes to us as professional athletes. it's best to be around guys like that. >> it is what it is, man. i've had experience, i've been on the other side of this thing. so, you know, if it happens, it happens, you know.
9:56 pm
it's been a great ride. at the end of the day, you know, it's about staying in the moment. that's how i've gotten to this place right here, just staying in the moment. >> nothing is for sure, you know, but, hey, i feel like we can work that out and everybody will have a chance to do this again next year. so, like i said, i want to be here. we just won a championship, man. let's see if we can do it again. that's the thing. >> and the parade tomorrow. on to baseball, the way the giants are going, they will be sellers by the trade deadline. johnny can opt out of his deal by the end of the season, he'll be the player they'll move for the value. matinee action with the sharks. enjoying the sunshine, got the kids out. fun, huh? mike, it bounced. close enough. 1-0 k.c. top of the third, jorge, this is after the veggie garden.
9:57 pm
3-0 royals. next up lorenzo cain. come on, that went out? gave up five runs on ten hits. detroit value, jason hammer got his first starts in five. giants lose 7-0 they're in colorado tomorrow. marlins in miami, look out. joyce left the game had three still r stitches on his chin. ry ryan healey, when he hits it, it goes a mile. came off edison, who threw a start for miami. 4-0. major debut coming out bombed. marcel, homeers second straight game. couple baters later, tyler moore. here it comes, there it goes. marlins come back and then he allows 7 runs. final 11-6, miami, 25 and 9 on the road, the yankees tomorrow. the 117th u.s. open begins
9:58 pm
tomorrow at aaron hills in wisconsin. as bubba watson shows if you're off the fairway, you're in trouble. in deep, deep trouble. you could hide full-grown humans in the rough there. roir i mcilroy, he doesn't care because he doesn't plan on hitting it into the rough. >> we have 60 yards from left line to right line. you've got 156 the best players in the world here. if we can't hit it in that avenue, may as well pack your bags and go home. >> see what he says sunday. abc7 sports brought to you by toyota. the fescue is crazy high. >> thanks, larry. >> coming up at abc7 news at 11:00, the lives lost in the attack, can customers remembering a beloved driver on their route. >> and the man who pulled the trigger, what we're learning about the motivation behind the attack. joining for abc7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. >> let's lighten it up. a die hard warriors fan has
9:59 pm
gotten a private invitation to a public event thanks to a kitchen appliance. >> the autographed golden state warriors toaster last week, some of the teams biggest stars autographed it. >> but it was klay thompson who took particular interest in the coveted appliance when it was his turn to sign. >> he recognized some of the signatures. he recognized david lee right there. he recognized draymond. so, i'm like, yeah, it's draymond and david lee right there. that is really cool, it's the first time i've ever seen this. >> and he sent this tweet this morning saying that he's gotten a personal invitation to tomorrow's victory parade from klay. >> wow. >> very impressed. >> what's next, a toaster, maybe an iron. all right. that's our report. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm alma daetz. for larry, spencer, all of us, thanks for joining us. >> we will see you in one hour on the big 7.
10:00 pm
narrator: today on corrupt crimes, kay porter ricks is a 63-year-old vietnam veteran, father of three and grandfather of six, well respected and loved within his community. one afternoon, he leaves for work and simply vanishes.


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