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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  June 15, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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is abc 7 news.e you live, this >> how do you think it feels? look at this. >> seeing everybody, seeing kevin just with a big smile on his face. it's seeing the fans, this is why we do it. >> three in a row.
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three in a row. >> it's amazing t get to see him from this close. >> what a great time. good evening and thank you for joining us. dan ashley is off. a million dubs fans crowded into oakland todayed to celebrate the warriors big victory. there are still signs of a celebration in the streets. the city of oakland says several streets around the convens center will stay closed while they pack up. abc seven news reporter wayne freedman begins our team coverage. >> no meter, no speed gun, no known container or measure of measurement can quantify the joy we witnessed in oakland today. >> we're coming, baby. >> a triumph ant cav vel kad and by now if you don't know who there's no explaining what you missed. >> what are you saying to them? >> congrats and we are so proud uh. >> now multiply that by more than a million and that's a conservative estimate. >> this is the icing on the
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cake. >> icing on the cake. what flavor? >> chocolate. >> with all the trimmings and so many surprised forms, like warrior mat barns who chose to walk instead of ride. >> this has always been a great fan base, supports good or bad. so it's always good to be able to give back to the city and no better way than to win a championship. >> this is the parade that celebrated it. here is the warrior's first trophy from philadelphia in 1947 if the then they did it again in 1956. some of us remember 1975 and we love to get the drought that lasted until 2015. and today, steph curry practically floated high above the cloud clutching this fifth championship trophy and second in three years. >>s that wa was an amazing feeling. steph curry is the best year of all time. >> and around these parts the team is too. your golden state warriors have come a listening, long way and
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arrived via this, the sweetest of roads less traveled. >> this guy's the man right here. he carried us when i had to go out. he's the best. >> from oakland, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> bart with a transportation of choice for dub nation to the warriors victory parade. the system was absolutely paktd, though. the agency added 40 trains in anticipation, 203,000 riders jumped on bart hours before the dubs's parade. had 2 was over thousands made a beeline for the 9th street station. >> hectic. >> whooi. >> just lots of people everywhere, it was hard to get through and now we're at a stand still. >> it's hectic and really hot in here. but it's fun. >> 45% more riders took bart than a typical commute day. security was tight at today's parade. oakland police and their partners made sure there were no threats to the team or the fans. police say there were no major incidents aside from the 105 calls for medical assistance.
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most of those were for heat-related issues. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas joined the crowd at lake side drive and 19th street in the oakland. >> you didn't have to be a battle hardened basketball fan to enjoy today's parade. fans of all ages turned out to have a good time. >> i just wanted to see my favorite players come out to celebrate this whole entire community. >> and celebrate they did. and it was the job of oakland police and their partners to make sure that players mat barns, two-time mvp steph curry and klay thompson could safely visit with fans and those fans could watch their heroes. the chief says it worked. >> it was excellent. everybody's in a celebration. they're having a great time. officers are well prepared and we want them to have a good time with the crowd as well. >> there were cops on foot, cops on motorcycles, even cops in watercraft making sure that nothing in lake mairt could pose a threat.
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this fan thought they did a good job. >> i thought everything was set up right, we had enough security, the people, everybody behaved themselves. >> even when star guard steph curry came through surrounded by security, people were enthusiastic but respectful. and the star told me that he and his teammates appreciate it. >> that's what basketball's all about, that's why we celebrate the way we do. >> the last time the warriors celebrated like this was after they won the championship in 2015. the cost of police protection and cleanup was more than $240,000. this time, it won't cost the city a thing. >> we'd just like to say if this parade, this whole day, all it costs, every dollar, is on us. it's our gift to city hall. >> he may want to keep his checkbook handy, it looks like there may be more parades in the warrior's future. in oak ladd, eric thomas abc 7 news. >> we will have much more from the rally ahead in sports and if you couldn't go to the parade or want to relive it we've got you covered. we have photos, videos, unforgettable moments on abc
9:06 pm and our abc 7 news app. it was a beautiful day for a parade but it's about to heat up in parts the bay area. we have a preview. >> get ready for a heat wave as you check out live do lar weather 7 you will notice that the skies are clear. by morning some of the fog is going to fill in along the coastline but here's what i need to draw your attention to. it's going to het hot away from the coastline saturday through monday, a heat advisory will be going up 11:00 a.m. saturday through 11:00 a.m. monday heat-related illness is possible. if you're particularly sensitive you'll want to be careful. you'll also want to check on the elderly and yupg, avoid overexposure to the sun and stay hydrated. temperatures are going to be a good 10 to 20 degrees above normal. >> a congressional charity baseball game in washington turned into a picture of bipartisanship and solidarity tonight. congressman steve scalise was practicing for the game yesterday when he was shot in the hip by a gunman.
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the hospital says he's in critical condition but improving after three surgeries. tonight congresswoman nancy pelosi tweeted big win for democrats tonight at the congressional baseball game, this one's for you steve scalise. we have more from nationals park in washington. >> hello congressman scalise successfully made it through his third surgery. the hospital says he is improving though he is still listed as being in critical condition. but the players here really playing for him even more than they were playing for their own teams. >> the very first pitch thrown by special agent david bailey who rushed in to gunfire. this friendly rivalry more than a century old between republicans and democrats is more than a game. united. both parties paying tribute to their colleagues still in critical condition. representative steven scalise. a standing ovation for him. scalise was shot at the republican team prepared for
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this game. he's still in critical condition and crystal griner listed by the hospital as being in good condition. >> but those who could come did. congressman williams arrived on crutches. some members of the first family were in attendance but the president himself remained behind due to security concerns sending ib said it this video. >> the game will go on. >> and we are learning more about the shooter, 66-year-old james hodge kin son. agents discovering his cell phone, computer and an anti-trump poster in his van that had been his home for the past foou view months his wife in diszbleef i had no idea this was going to happen. >> six months ago he spoke to a local affiliate in st. louis about the wall street movement. >> 99% are getting pushed around and the 1% are just not giving a damn. >> but his actions and wleefz not splintering the political parties as much as bringing them together. >> the mood here tonight was
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certainly a festive one. people held up signs like this and traded congressional baseball cards. there was plenty of party and country pride on full display here and they raised a lot of money for charity, well over a million dollars. but we'll have to see how much that spirit of bipartisanship actually translates when everybody's back at the office. reporting from nationals park, abc news. a fire forced about 40 people out of their homes in the north bay. it started just after 2-30 this afternoon on as crampton avenue in santa rosa in the south park neighborhood. six units burned and 12 units lost power. this is video posted on the santa rosa firefighters twitter account. the red cross is helping out those evacuees. one day after a ups driver opened fire on the facility we're learning much more about the victims whose lives touched so many.
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>> these volleyball players paid tribute to their beloved coach ben son louie with a signed t-shirt in volleyball. >> the biggest thing was the size of his heart. >> he was one of three victims in a workplace shooting here. >> it was cool to see him and hear his story as working through ups from 15 plus years ago till now and not only seeing how the city's changed but how people have changed. >> most of these players affectionately refer to him as uncle ben son though they say he felt more like a dad. >> we were like his 18 other sons that he loved to see us every weekend through the summers. >> along haight street today ups drivers are filling in on the route once victims mick massachusetts lefiti and wayne chan. >> i think everybody is affected by this. it makes no sense they're the nicest guys. >> they set up this memorial. a fill-in driver gave him wayne's name tag off the ups truck he would have been driving today. eye ualso knew him from his
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routes here and in diamond heights. >> biggest guy with the biggest heart. >> three ups employees adored by everyone they met along their route and elsewhere in the community. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. there's outrage tonight off a former ceo and the sentence he got for domestic violence. up next. also the incredible view of drone view 7 of a hole in san francisco it's also creating a hole in the economy. and some of us are heading for a heat
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today a san francisco jury found a man guilty of killing his girl friend and trying to dispose of her body i side a suited case. the case drew allot of attention several years ago when her body was found floating in a suitcase in the san francisco bye bay. police arrested her boyfriend lee bell. today he was found guilty of first degree murder. victim's daughter hopes the case gives people the courage to get out of abusive relationships. >> someone will say, you know, enough is enough, it's time for me to get out this situation. let me get resources, speak to
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people let them know what i'm going through and not suffer in silence. >> belle will be scienced at a later date. public outcry tonight over a plea deal for a silicon valley ceo in a controversial domestic violence case. a plea deal means he will spend less than two weeks in jail. we spoke to the defendant's estranged wife. >> reporter: that harass ras left the courthouse disappointed the former apple engineer says for the last ten years she's been verbally and physically abused by her estranged husband, the ceo of of a silicon valley start-up. >> nobody deserves to good through this and live their life in fear and there's no reason to. >> she gave authorities of pictures of bruises and audio recordings of him yelling and threatening her. he was initially charged with felony assault but the da's office struck a deal with his attorney. he pled no contest and would be sentenced to six months in
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felony jail and five of those months he would serve by doing community service. he is getting credit for the time he served so he really will only serve tlirn days. >> i was hoping for something better to happen. but i -- at this point of time i just want to thank everyone for being here for me. >> the da's office says there wasn't enough evidence to impose a harsher penalty. >> i am disappointed that ms. rastogi is not satisfied with the terms of the disposition or the way in which her case is handled, but i am confident that we reached the right outcome. >> outside the courthouse, dozens of friends and supporters held a peaceful rally. they say the sentence is a slap on the wrist. >> the punishment should match what he has done. so the punishment should be according to that. it should not be less than that. and i want justice for that harass ra -- her. >> he will serve his term
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tomorrow afternoon rather than five months from now which was originally set. >> there's a big hole in the moscone where the convention center used to be and the city has big plans for the hole and the money that will come pouring out of it. today we got some views of that construction site. we have more on why the neighborhood just can't wait for the new project to be finished. >> reporter: echoing across a skyline full of craned and new high rises, all that noise is coming from one jobsite that's not a high rise at all. >> we dug down about 56 feet and poured a new foundation. >> the newest building in san francisco's moscone center is being built underground. >> it's like digging a hole in the middle of the freeway with traffic zooming by your head. >> this shows how workers have moved howard strooelt on what used to be also sidewalk as they make room for an underground massive convens center space.
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>> the biggest challenge we have are the shows are still going on so we'll get 30, 40,000 people showing up for a show while all this is going on. >> but bigger conventions have gone elsewhere during construction leaving a gaping hole in the pockets of merchants. >> at least fist% decrease in our business and many people think we're closed because moscone's closed and the streets are closed. >> the oasis grill may be the hardest hit, but the whole neighborhood is feeling it. >> this whole here has been a lot slower than usual and it has to do with the convention center for sure. >> they hope the new center changes the tide. >> the giant scope of this project makes it a difficult one by itself but what's more challenging is there's a tight deadline to finish and it's one that can't be moved. >> there's a show coming that's going to happen september 7th. i can't list the day. there's a lot of pressure. >> thousands will show up for
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the gsma program set to be held in this building. this will need to be done in 12 weeks. >> how do you feel about that? >> not sleeping that great but we'll do it. >> in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. all right. the weekend is almost upon it it sounds like we may have a scorcher on our hands. >> father's day weekend if you have outdoor plans with dad here's what you need to know. livermore's average high is 81 degrees, tomorrow 95. but as we head towards the weekend triple digit heat showing up and into next week we're going to continue with this hot weather. so definitely find a place where you and your dad can be comfortable. right now as we take a look at live doppler 7 you will notice that the skies are still absolutely clear. now there is some fog, not far off the sonoma county coast and it will start to return as we
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head towards tomorrow morning. so it will change. we're still celebrating the warriors win, tower all lit up here. notice the trees aren't really blowing uch from this vantage point but it is breezy along the coast. 65 san francisco right now, mild san jose upper 60. gilroy 72 degrees. as we look towards san francisco seeing blue as we look towards city haul. 76 in santa rosa. concord, livermore feels like a summer night low to mid-70s and from the golden bridge camera you know how clear it is. heat advisory beginning saturday, triple digits inland for all inland areas right on through next week and heat will linger into next week so do be prared for that. here's the hour by hour look. 11:00 tonight the fog is still off the coast. whaez watch what happens as we head towards tomorrow morning. fog nilz in alock the coastline around 5:00 a.m. the commute time and then it lingers until the early part of the afternoon before it actually clears up. but that fog is actually going
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to prevent from you getting too hot near the coast on friday. you have to go away from the coast to get the hit. at least you have ac if you live inland. mid-fits to 60s in the morning. fog near the coast to allow that extra time if you have to travel across highway 1. inland areas you will be clear and mild as you will notice. now it's gradation time to american high school in fremont graduating at 3:00 p.m., the peak of the heat. it's going to warm up in the mid-80s by 3:00. the temperature will be dropping by 5:00 p.m. to 77 greesz. mild and bright, hopefully like their future as we head towards the future that's to come, that is. and speaking of here's a look at the forecast for the beach. if you do not like the hot weather this is the place to go. as you know, we always have our micro climates here, 60s along the coastline, really nice weather. breeze will keep you comfortable. aelt 1 will be the warm spot in santa cruz, at least of the temperatures still on the cool
9:22 pm
side. 86 san jose, on the peninsula you're looking at 80 snichl red wood still, 74 degrees down stoun u town strans. north bay ukiah 93, skapta reeza east bay 80 in oakland. head inland and it's going to be a hot one, 95 livermore, download the accuweather ach and you can keep track the temperature changes. hotter tomorrow you're still in the 90s the triple digits come in this weekend for father's day weekend and as we head into next week. summer starts on tuesday and the heat continues. coast side, we're going to keep you in the 60s and 70s so really there's some comfort zone there. >> all right. thank you. up next new technology that could allow to you charge your electric car as you go. electric car as you go. and the oakland zoo has
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there's something adorable at the oakland zoo. three black bear cubs and their mom will become educational ambassadors at the trail exhibit. but it almost didn't happen. the bears were captured after the mother bear attacked a woman in curran county. by law that means euthanasia. however the cubs hadn't been weaned off their mom and they decided to send all four to the oakland zoo. what if you could recharge your car by driving bun down ate? so far they've only been able to send a 1 mill watt charge to a moving led light bulb, that's not enough to charge an electric car, but if the technology is perfected, it would essentially eliminate range anxiety. the results appear in the june 5th edition of nature.
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doctors are revealing the condition of an american student who was just brought home from north korea with a severe injury had the how did this happen? also the white house is reacting to reports that the investigated for obstruction of justice. and a blimp falls from the and a blimp falls from the sky and
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live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. american colonel student otto warmbier returned home awake but unresponsive yesterday after being held captive in north korea f for more than a year. lindsay janice is there tonight. >> reporter: tonight back on u.s. soil after 18 months held captive in north korea, otto
9:31 pm
warmbier's doctors say he has extensive brain damage. >> he has spontaneous eye opening and blinking. however, he shows no signs of understanding language. responding to verbal commands, or awareness of his surroundings. >> reporter: but how and why is still a mystery. what they do know, his brain was deprived of oxygen. how that happened is unknown. >> in again, respiratory arrest the in an otherwise healthy person, it's a rare event and generally caused by something like an intoxication or tramatic injury. >> just days before he was released north koreans said he contracted botulism and fell into a combal after take a sleeping pill doctors say they found in evidence of botulism or that he was beaten. >> we see no evidence of botulism or a healing fracture.
9:32 pm
>> he was accused of stealing a propaganda poster and sentenced to 15 years hard labor. >> i have made the worst mistake of my life. >> today, warmbier's father wearing the same jacket his son wore to that one-hour sham trial railing against the north koreans for brutal lizing his son. >> we're thrilled that our son is on american soil and i'm able to talk to you on otto's behalf and i'm able to wear the jacket that he wore when he gave his confession. >> and that was lindsay janice reporting. jurors in bill cosby's sexual assault trial went back to their hotel for the night after failing to resolve a deadlock that's threatened to end the case without a verdict. jurors worked into the night after the judge told them to try to resolve the impasse. cosby leaving the courthouse for the night.
9:33 pm
the jurors have been deliberating nearly 40 hours over four days. they'll resume deliberations tomorrow morning. he faces three felony indecent assault charges that could put him in prison for the rest of his life. today could mark a tirng point in the washington investigation. "the washington post" is reporting president trump is under investigation by special prosecutor robert mueller for possible obstruction of justice. >> reporter: inside the white house today, president trump ignored questions about that bombshell report he's under investigation for obstruction of justice. >> mr. president, do you believe that you are under investigation now? >> reporter: but he lashed out on twitter calling it a phony story saying you are witnessing the single greatest witch hunt in american political history led by some very bad and conflicted people. the white house tight lipped refusing to say who those bad and conflicted people are, but "the washington post" report that the president himself is now the subject of special counsel robert mueller's investigation comes as a major
9:34 pm
turning point in the russia probe. a key question, did the president fire former fbi director james comey because of the russia investigation? comey says yes. >> i was fired in some way to change or the endeavor was to change the way the russia investigation was being conducted. that say very big deal. >> now it's no longer just he said he said, investigators are looking into whether the president repeated something he did with comey telling all government officials to clear out of a white house meeting so he could be alone with cia director mike pompeo and the director of national intelligence dan coats. there the president reportedly asked coats to intervene in the investigation into fired national security adviser mike flynn. during his testimony on capitol hill, coats refused to answer most questions but said he never was pressured to intervene. >> confidential conversations between the president and myself i don't believe it's appropriate for me to address that in a
9:35 pm
public session. >> reporter: the president also reportedly called coats and nsa director admiral mike rogers and asked them to publicly declare there are was no collusion with russia. they refused. according to washington post, rogers's former deputy wrote a memo at the time documenting that phone call. and now, the special counsel investigators want to talk to all three men. and with these questions swirling, the president is still tweeting hammering hillary clinton, the democrats, and what he calls that phony story. abc news, the white house. >> a trump administration official says the pentagon will send almost 4,000 more american forces to afghanistan. the deployment will be the largest under president trump's young presidency. the official says the decision by defense secretary jim mattis could be announced as early as next week. now to the fiery blimp crash near the u.s. open golf tournament in wisconsin. spectators watched it fall to the ground and turn into a
9:36 pm
fireball. alex perez reports on the investigation. >> reporter: tonight investigators working to figure out what caused this fiery blimp crash. the multiple explosions caught on camera by fox sports during the opening round of the u.s. open golf tournament in wisconsin. >> oh, there it goes. >> reporter: the blimp deflate, then plummeting to the ground in front of thousands of fans. >> we're both saying oh my god because this is something you would be seeing on tv. then as you seen it going down and the major explosions when you realize that there's probably someone in there. >> that's the blimp, that's not good. >> reporter: rescue teams quickly rushing to the scene. >> we have a blimp down, manned aircraft down. >> reporter: the pilot going down with the blimp. >> reporter: he is injured. >> reporter: rescue crews pulling him from the wreckage just in time right before those explosions. >> we have a 200 pound male patient 40% burns on his back. >> reporter: the pilot carried off on a stretcher. the owner of a blimp air sign
9:37 pm
telling abc news they don't know yet what caused the crash but that it happened shortly after the blimp refueled. >> and that was alex perez reporting. a four-hour standoff with police in union city ended with everyone safe today. abc 7 news was there as police tried to figure out how to diffuse a tense situation and coax an angry man out of his home. officers had arrived after shouting was heard and a 911 call came in. they say it was a domestic disturbance and other family members got out of the home safely but the man at the center of the incident refuse dodd so. nearby neighbors were evacuated. >> sometimes he's always yelling at his dog so i think it's normal but then we saw some police activity. >> eventually he did come out. neighbors say it's not the first time this has happened. police say the man was detained and will likely be charged. ex-nba star den knit rod man hand out a copy of donald trump's book "art of the deal" to north korean president
9:38 pm
today. the former chicago bull has visited north korea several times, once with a team of former nba players. today he watched the north korean basketball team and took a photo with the players. american officials have gone out of their way to say rodman had no role in the release of prisoner otto warnl warmbier. still to come on abc 7 news at nine. >> we have a small crew, small kitchen, small shop but it's client so it's good. >> clients don't get any bigger than the warriors right
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ask your heart doctor about entresto. and help make tomorrow possible. ♪ you're only a day away. >> they may seem like super heroes on the court but there's something distinktsly human just like all of us they like eating cake. what kind of cake do you get
9:42 pm
them for their birthdays? jonathan bloom has the answer. when allison oak buy osh she bakes a cake, the secret ingredient is elbow grease. >> no short kults. >> she's been baking since she was little and she's become quite the artist. >> he's not done yet but he's getting there. >> and he'll eat me. >> so once she began making wedding cakes full time, she took the plunge and opened a bakery. the pretty please bake shop never advertised, at least not the traditional way. >> we used the free social media tools that everybody sort of uses. i think at the time instagram was just coming out. >> but there was one sort of marketing she hadn't counted on. quite by accident she got the advertisement that money just can't buy. >> a friend of a friend needed a cake for the former warriors center. steph curry called it the best cake he ever had. >> but then he had to say his wife made him a cake for their wedding. >> he doesn't want to be in the doghouse. >> no, smart guy.
9:43 pm
>> steph and eye eacha curry became big fans and now she makes all the warriors birthday cakes with designs that get more elaborate each year. >> we've done lots of jerseys. >> including draymond green's jersey worn by a start tan. >> we've done dogs, macha do, we put his dogs on the cake, we've done his dog rocco. >> thompson from deep, it's good. >> so good the players often post about it on line which has this bakery thriving. >> it's weird because we're really small, a small crew, kitchen, a small shop but big client so it's good. >> curry from downtown. >> in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. meteorologist sandy patel is next with more on the heat wave coming our way and talk bay family rivalry, the
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well if you procrastinated on gifts or unsure what do for dad this father's day, that's this weekend by the way where are we've gout covered. we have some insider tips on things happening around the bay this weekend that not only a father can love. >> it's all about dad this father's day weekend and there are plenty of ways you can celebrate around the bay. get him out of the workshop and into the explore tearium for the new wildcard exhibit it lawn's friday at pier 15 it includes cardboard glue guns and imagination. they are creating everything from fiery volcanoes and the exhibit runs through the 4th. take him to batman trivia night.
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lake per set on friday. the super hero expert with the most points at the end of the three rounds goes home with a gift card. knock out your father's day shopping zag at the circle leather pop up shop on spicer 3. they are celebrating 30 years in san francisco and offering high quality belts and travel cases and more. you can enjoy beverage and snacks while you browse. there are a crampton of brunch specials just for dad on sunday. you can check out all the details abc 7 >> let's get one last check on our weather with meteorologist sandyya. >> let's check out live doppler 7 right now put we have patches of fog that have formed right near the coastline and we're going to be seeing a lot more fog along the coast as we head towards tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon albany high school gradation 5:00 p.m. and the weather looks fantastic, mild, low 80s dropping into the mid-70s it's a good thing
9:49 pm
they're doing it tomorrow because a heat advisory is going to follow. 11:00 a.m. saturday until 11:00 a.m. monday. so what this means is with those temperatures rising so quickly, heat-related illnesses possible. you'll want to check, obviously, on kids, elderly, anybody sensitive to heat stay out of it if you can, as much as possible. afternoon highs saturday, 90s, 1 hundreds inland. i think some of these models are going too high, 20 degrees above average, mid 1 hundreds and then on monday the heat will persist with those triple digits. coast side 60, 70s. from the 90s to 1 hundreds this father's day weekend. if you have outdoor plans, make sure dad stays cool. summer starts on tuesday and we're going to keep the heat going. >> thank you. well a member of the woe linda family one upped her husband this morning in new york. she dang will from a helicopter over niagara falls. six years ago her husband hung
9:50 pm
from a trap tees attached to a helicopter hovering 250 feet above a missouri theme park. she did him one better hanging by her teeth 300 feet above the roaring falls. >> once i, you know, looked up and i saw my husband smiling at me and he's like, you got this, babe. i was like yeah, you know what? that's right. >> after the stunt, she said if a guy can do it, a girl can do it too. all right. one more picture to show from you today's warrior's celebration. abc 7 news reporter amy holly field posted this picture of a pregnant woman adorned in warriors colors. she just might have had the youngest warriors fan at the parade. that's fun. what a day it was, rick. >> i think you got her beat. >> oh, thanks. >> i think i heard them say draymond a while ago. draymond green says if the warriors and cavaliers met in this year's finals, he didn't just want to beat them he wanted
9:51 pm
to anile late them. well the finals are over but draymond not done yet. he used the who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous.
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abc 7 sports brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> for draymond green it was not enough to beat cleveland for the title, had he to have some fun by wearing a t-shirt with what looked like the logo for quicken loans, the company found by dan gilbert except for saying quicken it said quickie. let's go out to the victory parade it was draymond being draymond. the t-shirt which also featured the trophy mocked the cavaliers for just going five games in the series. had he got his chance to speak to the crowd, drey could not resist taking a job at lebron james. >> they want to talk about super teams, there's super team that i never played on a super team. you started the super team, bro. sometimes i get tired of doing the humble thing, i want to be more like draymond. i think we all wish we could be
9:55 pm
draymond sometimes. look at his shirt. i love draymond. wee got a team full of humble warriors and we got one guy who's just going to stir up the pot every day. he keeps it interesting for steve and me because our back and forth is with draymond is when we talk to each other and he acts -- he kind of crosses the line, steve and i look at each other and go do you want to talk to him or do you want me to do it? you're kind of a problem sometimes, just so you know. >> for players like klay thompson and steph occurly it was their second championship parade in three years. but this was new for guys like kevin durant. while this group of players appear to be on the verge of a dynasty they are taking nothing for grant and safe vord the moment. >> warriors sbraiting their second nba title in the last three years and millions of fans, and guys like kevin durant getting their first nba
9:56 pm
championship rings. >> they disciplined us but we're so loose and have so much joy when we're out there on the court. it means the world to me to win the championship four guys and hopefully we keep it going but we're going enjoy this one so thanks allot for your support. >> we built an identity around this warriors organization that's second to none. that's so unique and something that we need to cherish and we have been chair cherishing it and it's just so much fan. >> talented and committed and every one of you just ultimate warriors. >> well, let's hope they can keep the dynasty going next year. reporting in oakland, mike shumann, abc 7 sports. >> the last place a's today fired pitching koefrp kurt young. young was drafted way back in 1981. he pitched two seasons for oakland and served two stents as pitching coach. third baseman mat chapman made his major league debut, he walked and scored a run. jet lowery connects for his eighth home run of the season.
9:57 pm
the a's built a 3-0 lead but in the sixth sonny gray allowed five straight batters to get on base. a game time base hit by fmer athletic chris carter would end gray's night back up in the bottom of the inning,io lonzo puts oakland back on top with a solo shot dead to center field. the a's still on top 5-4. at coors field nolan at it again. he had three hits and four rbi and the first doubles off mat moore. moore allowed eight runs and 11 hits in just three innings. colorado led 9-1 before san francisco rallied in the seventh are you buster posey with a two-run shot but posey did later have to leave with an injury. the giants would not give up. they scored five times in the 8th. brandon crawford's three-run homer cuts the lead to one. san francisco tied the game in the ninth but the rockies won it in their half, 10-9. at the u.s. open in
9:58 pm
wisconsin it was a rough day for defending kmafrp dustin johnson he's ten strokes off the lead. jordon spieth also took his hacks for a 73. jason day had two triple bogey dollars in one round. he's 7 over and may not make the cut. it was a good day for rickie fowler who had his best ever round in a major a seven hundred par 65 he leads by one stroke after the opening round. and this abc 7 sports report has been brought to you by toyota. >> all right. thank you, rick. thank you for joining us. coming the r up at lech:00 demeaning comments during an uber ride. what one woman is saying a driver said that caused a concerned rider to take action. we'll show you more from the warriors parade. see you tomorrow at 7:00. >> let's hear it.
9:59 pm
>> that's amazing. >> look at this. what a scene. >> i have a dream. you know what that dream is? more. more championships for the golden state warriors. >> you are fwhun a million. you're one in a million. >> you're one in a million. >> one in a million. >> one in a million. >> one of our 1 million friends on facebook. >> that's a big deal. >> that's kind of a big deal. yes, we just hit a million. >> and it's all because of you. >> you. >> you. >> you. >> so thank you. >> thank you. >> a million times thank you. >> thanks, bay area. thank you for making action 7 the bay area's most liked local news on facebook. >> you're
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