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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  June 22, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. now from abc 7 live breaking news. >> that breaking news is in san francisco tonight where a young girl has died after falling from cliff. the call came in just before 6:30 and crews rushed to the cliffs near the legion of honor museum. he was with another teenager and an adult when she went off the trail and fell. they rushed her to china beach.
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unfortunately they were not able to revive her. abc 7 news reporter is on the scene and will have a live report on abc 7 news at 11:00. in the meantime you can follow her on twitter for up to the minute information. good evening. thank you for joining us. omau dates is off. we'll start now with the weather. the bay area's natural air conditioning has finally kicked in. bringing some relief and it's already lowering temperatures along the coast and a live picture out towards the pacific ocean. and let's check in with abc 7 news meteorologist. >> take a look at live doppler 7. it has not only rolled in along the coast but as i take you in closer, it's pushed its way across parts of the bay up towards the vallejo area.
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so hthat obviously is bringing relief. it was sweltering heat inland, 106 livermore, fair field. half moon bay, 66 degrees. we do have a heat advisory that will start right now. it runs until 9:00 p.m. tomorrow. notice it's only the inland east bay. we've had a prolonged period of hot weather. so even though it's not going to be quite as hot inland, it's still taxing on your body. here's why temperatures are dropping tomorrow afternoon. you can see that fog rolling in this afternoon and this evening. and we'll continue to see our natural ac doing its job as we head to the weekend. >> thank you. four homes are damaged but none destroyed after a four-alarm fire swept through a neighborhood in vallejo. sky 7 was over head as firefighters both in the air and on the ground tried to keep the flames from spreading. it started when a fire caught --
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and more now from abc 7 news reporter. >> reporter: a wall of flames crackled up the dry hill side towards the glen co neighborhood in vallejo. a plane dumped fire retardant, turning porches neon pink on this cull desack residents were told to evacuate on crest view court and bay hurst drive. helicopters dumped water where the fire crept in with tween homes. >> i'm so worried about my kids. i have kids at home with four dogs. so i just don't really think about the house. i'm thinking about my kids. >> i was coming from the venetia bridge and i could see the smoke way over there. >> reporter: but the concerted efforts of fire crews from throughout the region saved
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these homes. it was a close call. the fire started in a jeep near the interstate 80 toll plaza. >> we've had two firefighters with minor injuries and it started with the vehicle fire here. the owner of the vehicle has yet to be located. >> reporter: heat was not a problem. the temperature was in the iethies but wind did play a part. here along bay hurst drive backyard patios and landscaping burned and roof tops were blackened. four homes were damaged by the fire. three more by the retardant. i i'm lesley brinkly. and this video of statues partially covered in pink flame retardant. they say it will come off over time with a little bit of rinsing. well, as today pfsz fire burned, we sent an alert to the
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abc 7 news app to keep you informed. people who use our app were able to watch it live. the news app works for both apple and android devices. two senior citizens in the south bay died. they're also taking extra steps to prevent anymore heat related deaths. >> hello. outreach. we just came to offer services. >> reporter: with temperatures close to 100, living outside can be brutal. >> we try to stay hydrated and go to the park and what not but it has been rough. >> reporter: they're visiting homeless encampments and offering water. elderly people died from hypothermia, known as heat stroke. neighbors say the day she died she was gardening. >> she had a chain saw and was working on a bush. i was surprised when i saw that
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too. i thought good for you. but and then i came home and got a text from one of my roommates telling me she had passed. >> reporter: around the corner we found this young woman doing yard work at her grandfather's home. >> i wouldn't want my grandpa out here in the scorching heat doing something like that. we thought why don't we come and do it since we're able to. >> so we talked about had you to stay hydrated. water, water, water. >> reporter: inside on lock, they held a work shop and gave tips on how to stay cool. >> sweat is coming down. >> reporter: seniors who can live alone or don't have air conditioning, appreciated the invitation for relief. it's all in an effort to prevent anymore heat related deaths from happening. abc 7 news. the power is back on tonight for nearly 3,000 pg&e customers
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who lost electricity in today's heat. crews loaded transformersn to trucks to take them to crews in the field. since saturday workers have replaced at least 1400 transformers in northern california. and they're out there year looking for fallen tree limbs. >> summer branch drop will cause a branch to drop and it seems healthy enough. doesn't seem to be any wind but this is a hot weather phenomenon that has a lot of debate over why it's happening. >> the heat causes an increase in water and sap inside branchs followed by build up of meth in a gas which forces the branchs to snap. inside sonoma county animal services, mobile pet cooling unit. they posted these photos online. they were brought in by their owner. one was close to over heating but after cool towels, and a chance to sleep next to a frozen
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water bottle, they are all doing okay and all extremely cute. well, this was a good day to be out on the water to get relief from the heat. but it certainly is hard working in the vineyards in this kind of weather. wayne freedman is in. sonoma county. >> reporter: downtown where earlier this week temperatures hit 110. no wonder people weren't moving fast. >> it's been in the hundreds all week so, yeah. >> reporter: compare that with what we saw just a couple of miles away. leaf clearing beneath that same hot sun. >> you get used to it. you wake up for it. >> reporter: lately they've raced the clock and thermometers. >> we hit 95, we go home. sfwlrks policies currently in place probably began their evolution and deinvevelopments the early 1970s. >> reporter: following state
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guidelines for sanitation and water. 2.5 gallons per worker per day. and they have specific shade requirements. this year it's an unusual balancing act. the hotter, the better for the vines which have been growing too fast after a season of heavy rains. >> the reality is every year's different. >> reporter: so workers have begun and knocked off earlier. if you think you had it hard in the heat today, try this for just one hour. >> do they ever complain about the heat? >> they do not. >> reporter: they're acclimated to it just like the vines and unliking the rest of us. abc 7 news. well, stay with us. a shocking case of possible road rage in southern california. a cell phone video shows the scene unfold. it's unbelievable. california solar problem. we have so much of it we're paying other states to take it. so why can't we use it ourselves? and the cool down begins.
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what you've tried and how long you've been at it. linzess works differently from laxatives. linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation or chronic constipation. it can help relieve your belly pain, and lets you have more frequent and complete bowel movements that are easier to pass. do not give linzess to children less than six, and it should not be given to children six to less than eighteen. it may harm them. don't take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain, especially with bloody or black stools. the most common side effect is diarrhea, sometimes severe. if it's severe stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach-area pain and swelling. talk to your doctor about managing your symptoms proactively with linzess. the chp is looking for a motorcyclist on a freeway in southern california. it shows a biker kicking a car
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and then that car careening out of control in santa clu rita. reporter from our sister station in los angeles has the video a lot of people are talking about tonight. >> reporter: watch closely and you can make outthe motorcyclist on the left kicking silver sedan. the person who shot this video clearly shocked by what unfolded right in front of him. a chain reaction wreck. a white pick up truck taking the brunt of the crash, flipping on the freeway. >> the third party got tied up and brought into the alteration that the motorcyclist and the silver sedan had. >> reporter: the california highway patrol calling this a classic case of road rage. this cell phone video on the southbound 14 freeway. chp investigators now on the hunt for the motorcyclist who just kept going after the wreck. >> he did leave the scene of a collision so that is technically a hit and run but we're trying
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to get his side of the story. >> reporter: they've already interviewed the drivers at the scene. the question what happened before the video started rolling and why did the driver swerve toward the biker? >> it's under investigation. we're trying to see if it is an intentional veer to the left. >> serving as a warning of the dangers of road rage. surprised more people weren't seriously hurt or killed in this wreck. >> i think everybody was lucky including the motorcyclist. motorcycles don't offer protection like cars do. this could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: they say the pick up truck driver's already been released from the hospital. the search for the motorcyclist continues. in santa cla rita, abc 7 news. well, for the third time in about a month, thieves armed
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with hammers and a gun have targeted bay area costco. it happened at the costco on metro center ballvaoulevard. you're looking at video from similar incident in dan vill. they took things from inside in less than 30 seconds. the four then ran out of the store and into their car. there were no reports of injuries but -- well, the heat has caused major flooding problems in the central valley. it's a result of run off over the winter and it appears that worst could still be to come. more now from along the king's river. the army core of engineer has ordered more water be let out to make room for more water coming in. >> just higher than anybody anticipated, including the forecasters. >> reporter: run off from snow
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melted by intense heat has pushed the dam to near capacity. that means more water in the already swollen kings river. >> here in a low lying area, if you're in a spot that's already being threatened, it's going to get worse. and it could get way worse. >> mendez is urging folks to be ready to evacuate but they're still waiting for their bosses to issue orders. >> to try to determine at what point we're going to start making notifications to residents that live up and down the river to whether it's a voluntary evacuation or mandatory evacuation. >> reporter: mobile home parks have already been hard hit. >> we had to send lots of people home. once the water goes down, we'll be back to normal. >> reporter: but no word how much higher the water will get or when it will go down. and another concern is levies and canal banks stressed by all
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the water. mendez described it this way. >> dangerous. but it's not catastrophic. >> reporter: in fresno county, abc 7 news. california is generating so much solar power it's paying arizona and other states to take the excess. the los angeles times report that it's happened 14 times in march. if the state doesn't get rid of excess power it could over load the electricity grid. demand is so high, obviously. part of the problem is the way they weave solar into a system that's dominated by fossil fuel power. solar now accounts for power generated in california and that doesn't include all the roof top solar systems. these are good days to get power from the sun. there's lot of it out there. sandy putell is here with the forecast. and i'm so glad to report
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it's cooling off tomorrow. because all i've heard is complaints on social media about the heat wave. it's over. live doppler 7 showing you what is coming and we have the fog right near the coast, around the bay and we are really going to be in for a temperature change. so tomorrow, yes, concord is still going to be on the hot side, 94 degrees. fair field, sorry. will be dropping to the 80s as we head to the weekend and early next week. so it will feel better than it has. today it was in the triple digits. it's still going to be hot tomorrow. as we take a look at a live picture, yes, we're watching the fog there and it's been rolling in over san frisk low evening long. 59 degrees right now. so if you step outside, you'll feel the difference. currently in the 70s in san jose but half moon bay -- does that look cool or what? we have the fog, the city lights and here's a look at the
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temperatures. still pretty warm inland in places like concord. one other live picture from our kgo roof camera and the trees have been blowing in the breeze this afternoon. it's not terribly windy but that is going to help to take the temperatures down tomorrow. foggy near the coast. intense heat eases tomorrow and continues this upcoming weekend. look out for the fog around the coast and parts of the bay. temperatures will begin in the low 50s to the upper 60s. inland areas clear and mild but it will be better sleeping weather for you. the hour by hour forecast, commute time 5:00 a.m. the fog not just near the coast but locally inland around 8:00 and you'll notice as the fog tries to peal away but doesn't quite make it. this is going to be the mechanism for cooling the coast considerably around the bay and even in our inland areas, you will notice a drop but we do
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have an excessive heat warning continuing. it's just been dropped that we had at the top of the news cast. 88 degrees in san jose. mid-80s around red wood city. and foggy all afternoon long. daly city, 61. north bay, the upper 80s around calistoga, sanltau rosa. definitely an improvement from today. 84 fremont. head inland and it will still be hot. not terribly uncomfortable like today. 94 san ramon. fair field. so typically what we see is that kind of heat with the 90s. initla inland east bay. download the accuweather app and the changes will include the heat easing. the temperatures will continue to drop. the weather looks great.
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60s to 90s. noticeably cooler. 80s inland and after this long stretch of hot days, i think most people would be ready. >> even 96 looks fantastic. thanks very much. coming up next a sky high glimpse of what will become san francisco's ultimate roof top garden and we're celebrating lgbt pride to celebrate people who have made a difference where you live. today we remember the late gilbert baker, creator of the rainbow lgbt pride flag. he came up with the idea in 1972 after san francisco supervisor challenged him to create a positive symbol for the gay community and he did. you can learn more at abc 7 news bay area but stay here with me.
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a fairly dramatic transformation is happening above the hustle and bustle of the south market neighborhood with the help of our drone view 7 we're getting a glimps of the work being done to rebuild the transbay center. we flew over the 5 1/2 acre public park being built on the roof. trees are being planted, foot paths are being built, along with an open air amphitheater. there's still a lot of construction to get this project done but it's impressive. construction on the center expected to be completed in late 2017 with buses beginning to serve the terminal in 2018 next year and san francisco's
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ultimate green roof top should be omen by then as well. great pictures for you. hard to imagine they can go much higher but home prices have just reached another peek. in may the medium price for all homes sold in the bay area was $755,000. that's a new high up 7% from a year ago. these numbers are from a core logic that's a real estate data firm. home prices have gone up every month for five years in a row. we're on a bit of a roll. stay here the secret health care plan is now revealed. details by senate republicans to repeal and replace obamacare. who wins? who loses? also the man who was arrested for selling secrets to china. why he did it. and have you shopped for auto insurance lately? how to lower your premiums in three simple steps. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase?
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at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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change your thinking about buying your next one. live where you live. this is abc 7 news. good evening once again. we'll start this half hour in washington where the much anticipated and newly revealed senate gop health care bill is already in trouble. several say they cannot support it. joining democrats angry over the plan written behind closed doors. this as protests broke out on capitol hill. abc's kenneth moten is in washington. >> reporter: the heated debate over health care turned to chaos on capitol hill. capitol police carrying away demonstrators, many in wheelchairs, angry over the new senate gop health care plan. blocking the entrance to leader mitch mcconnell's office.
9:31 pm
on the senate bill, americans no longer required to have health insurance. they can buy with tax credits based on income. critics say hard hit, low income families but the wealthy receive sizeable tax cuts and cover essential health benefits but it appears coverage for preexisting conditions will continue. >> we'd love to have some democrat support but they're obstructionests. we won't get one, no matter how good it is. >> reporter: trump called the house version of the bill is quote mean, democrats say the house bill is quote meaner. >> this is a nasty bill and they're trying to cover it up with little things here and there. >> reporter: right now republicans do not have the votes. several gop senators, including rand paul, are against the bill. >> the intention is to make the
9:32 pm
bill better. >> reporter: even if the bill is passes, it's back to the house where it's another fight. covered california executive directorer peter lee issued a statement saying this. at first blush it would not only provide skimpier health coverage than what's offered today but millions would have no coverage at all. a somber funeral service in ohio for the american college student who died after being held captive in north korea. about 2500 people celebrated the life of otto warmbier at his high school in the cincinnati suburb. they did not allow cameras in the service but displayed items belonging to him. he died less than a week after he returned home. the exact cause is unknown and his family declined an autopsy.
9:33 pm
abc looks into his death and what he may have experienced in detention in north korea for those many months. friday at 10:00 p.m. on abc 7 on channel 7. a former government contractor has -- s charged with selling top secret documents to china today. 60-year-old kevin malory of lees burg virginia was arested. malory used a special device to communicate and transmit documents to operatives. they found a message saying your object is to gain information and my object is to be paid. they found more than $16,000 in his carry on bag when he returned from shanghai. he speaks fluent mandarin. he faces charges that could possibly carry the death penalty if certain allegations are proven. well, millions of americans will hit the road for the fourth and maybe you.
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and tonight there are three simple steps to save on your car insurance. abc news chief correspondent has the story. >> reporter: tonight a record number of amaericans gearing up to travel this fourth of july. many planning to hit the road. the cost of car insurance up more than 30% in the last five years. >> oh, hello. >> reporter: you've seen the ads. butted it turns out nearly 40% of drivers haven't shopped around for better rates in almost three years. so we hit the streets. when is the last time you shopped for car insurance? >> a long time ago. >> reporter: using websites like nerd wallet, you can compare quotes to find the best deal. we found rates ranging from 200 to $700. plus install a gps device like this. it monitors your driving and rewards you for being safe
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behind the kwhewheel. families with teenagers can save up to 30% by having them take a driver's class and getting good grades in school. abc news, new york. good information. stay with us. only abc 7 news digs into the true cost of a california freeway project. >> i don't know that they did know. >> there was another -- >> why it cost 50% more than what cal tran's repeatedly told the public. that story in a moment. ♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless.
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cost -- it cost $460 million to build. that's 50% higher than what the agency repeatedly told the public. we've been investigating major problems with the project on highway 101 for four years now. and tonight in the report you'll only see on abc 7 a look at how hard it can be to find out how your tax money is spent. >> were you hiding the real cost of this project? >> no, we were not. >> reporter: that's what spokesman says but documented obtained by abc 7 news show the agency has been giving out the wrong total cost figures for years. the new freeway opened ind november of 2016. you can see it here from drone view 7. six miles of freeway designed to root cars and trucks around the traffic bottle neck. the project divided the community. >> getting commercial truck traffic off of main street and
9:40 pm
making it a safer community is important. >> reporter: but critics said the bypass was too big and cause too much damage to protekted wetlands and streams. they wanted a smaller, cheaper road. this cal transfinancial plan shows the total cost estimate was $290 million. but they told the public it was 210 million. three years later, cal transrevealed the cost was up to 300 million and stuck with that figure through opening day. but an internal agency documents shows the total was really $450 million. spokesman told me he did not use the new total because he was not sure it was correct. was. and six weeks later it went even higher. 459 million. still cal transissued no correction. >> all i can say is that it's made up of imperfect people just like every other organization.
9:41 pm
we do our best for transparency. >> reporter: the project faced a parade of problems including a accident and the agency did acknowledge costs were going up but only reported a fraction of the increase to the public. >> the discrepancy is due to cultural changes. >> reporter: frisbee is talking about support costs. that refers to the staff that worked on each prongect. for many years they did not include its own employees after total project cost but after years of criticism, that changed. >> been their policy since about 2008 when we really started officially saying we need to make sure we include all the support costs because that is right gives the public a better idea. >> but it didn't change with the bypass project. 2008 it was supposed to change but as recently as 2016 the
9:42 pm
public was being told it was a $300 million project. he thought the totals he gave the public included support costs but they did not. cal transdocuments show support costs roughly doubled. starting at 79 million in 2012 and up to $155 million by 2015. none of it made public. >> you may not have been aware until october of 2016. but your bosses were clearly aware that support costs were not incloodcluded. >> actually i don't know that they did know. >> how would they not know there was another 160 million -- >> since 1989 we have changed accounting systems four times. >> reporter: we wanted to ask matt brady about that. he's the director of the district that includes the willets bypass. it's the most expensive project ever in that district. but he preferred phil frisbee to be interviewed.
9:43 pm
>> i wouldn't be doing what i do if i didn't think cal transwas overall a good agency, honest and open. >> reporter: we showed the talkument talk documents with the real bypass. >> why does cal transhold such power over the public purse that they would get away with lying to the publicing? >> after i sat down with cal transfor that interview, the agency posted a blog with the true cost of the bypass for the first time and the total still could go higher because they'll be working for years to finish environmental requirements. that work already accounts for $90 million. stay here with us. meteorologist sandy butell
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managing your symptoms proactively with linzess. street closures are now in effect before this weekend's pride celebrations. abc 7 news cameras were there as barricades and fences were put up around city hall. the 47th annual pride celebration and parade takes place this weekend. parts of fulton, grove and carlton b. goodlets streets have closed or will be in a few hours. additional streets will be shut down tomorrow and throughout the weekend. you can combine pride with keeping cool this weekend. it's one of the fun ideas from our partners at hood line. gets you ready for the weekend. one of the biggest events of the year happens this weekend. the annual pride parade and with the heat wave recently, what better way to celebrate than specially themed ice cream,
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right? three twins ice cream has you covered with quote fabulous gay flavor, bear bait and other ones that got this reaction. >> i'm very surprised. >> does that make it a little more fun and intriguing though? >> i mean, yes, pride is all about fun and intrigue. >> i won't spoil the fun for you. you'll have to swing by for a full list of flavors with names that will get you roaring. the specials run all weekend long. happy pride, san francisco. and a throw back to the summer of love on pier 39. get your best t tie dye and fro 6:00 to 10:00. the live beatles experience will perform and d.j. bart and maybe recover with a little yoga. this sunday is the third annual international yoga day.
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find your innerpeace at the golden gate county fair building offered from 9:30 to 12:30. simply show up or preregister on the events website. it's free. so whether you're partying in honor of pride or saying mantras to destress, there's a little bit of everything for everyone this weekend. go to our website, abc 7 and look for the headline, link. >> thanks, jessica. the big thing everybody gets this weekend is a break. >> yeah and a much needed break as you check out live doppler 7. fog is rolling back in. it sticks round tomorrow afternoon at the coast. temperatures will be in the 60s. here are your summer microclimate. the fog will be sitting 68 downtown san francisco and on the other side of the hills, walnut creek, 95, 96 in antioch.
9:50 pm
don't worry, we've got you covered in san francisco. 59 degrees and eventually rising to the mid to low 60s. good breeze coming through so that should be pleasant. three-day forecast, friday through sunday as they start the practice sessions. the heat backs off and the cooling continues. low 80s inland, sfwi50s in the morning. not as hot and those temperatures will slide over the weekend. more in line with what we're used to. 50s to 90s. how about just 80s. >> boy, that's nice. thank you very much. sports director larry beale is here. you'd think he'dtendonitis with the zeros. >> you're okay with a few zeros. it's going well for him and the warriors open up the checkbook
9:51 pm
again. they buy draft pick. a guy who could really help next season and cal had two players drafted. next on sports.
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abc 7 sports brought to you by your local toyotadealer. he's now the highest paid player in the nfl. five years, $125 million total to lead the silver and black. now it's done. from the jump i've wanted to be a raider for life. one step closer to that. blessed. business done. let's just play now. 25 million a year is fantastic. most of us would take that. keep in mind the nfl contracts are not fully guaranteed. it's believed 40 million is guaranteed. also been reported that the contract is back loaded and that would take advantage of the fact that los angeles has no state income tax. carr threw for almost 400 yards last year, raiders do have a news conference scheduled for
9:55 pm
tomorrow. draft day used to be the most exciting day of the year for the golden state warriors. not anymore, clearly. they did not even have a pick in tonight's draft, which started with the philadelphia 76ers. >> the philadelphia 76ers select markel fults. and the university of washington. >> great body balance -- >> he played 25 games for the huskies and six assists per game in his loan college season and we go to pick number two. ucla, lonzo ball goes to the lakers. what he wanted ever since he was a kid. celtics go with josh jackson out of kansas. kentucky point guard daren fox to round out the top five and he could be an outstanding player. now let's get to the warriors. just like last year they bought a second round pick. paid 3 $1/2 million to buy oregon's jordan bell.
9:56 pm
6'9". he will dunk in your face, rebounding machine. if he turns out to be as good as last year's 38 pick, patrick mccaw, he's going to be a tremendous addition. had he left after his freshman year at cal, he probably would have been a lottery pick. chosen 35th overall going to the memphis grizzlies. he needs to bulk up. the celts took jabari bird with the 46th overall pick. fans at the oakland coliseum would chant i believe in steven vogt. they stopped believing and they got rid of their clubhouse leader. the catcher vogt has been designated for assignment. he has been struggle, hitting only .217. the a's have two days to wave trade or release him. they said it was going to be his last game in oakland. they were moving on. and this signals a fuel scale
9:57 pm
youth movement for the a's. >> he saw the play time cutback and wanted to know how he could get the playing time back and david was good enough to sit with him and explain the situation. so a little bit of a heavy heart when he came out here. he'll end up, hopefully a place where he's in a pennant race and can help a club because he definitely can still help a club.% >> fans fully invested with the entire umpire garb, the masks and maybe the a's just a little in the duldrums after the news about vogt. and he drilled springer who left the game. and the second inning, it's a three-run bomb. and an eight-run inning. 10-0. 10-0 astros in the second inning. hahn allowing all 10 di up from having a good time. strike three called.
9:58 pm
a's came back late rally but end up being swept in the series. giants and the braves. how about a little girl with the glove and that's why you bring your glove young lady. nicely done. teenager. started after a 90-minute rain delay. bringing him back himself. opposite field double off the wall. austin slater scores 3-2 giants. kane couldn't hang on to a 5-2 lead. brandon phillips to the upper deck in the fifth. kane allowed seven runs on five hits. and morris gives up a signal. danny santana save and matt adams there it comes, there it goes and the braves do hold on. 12-11. and the golf legend, sandy tatum has pasdssed away. he was the driving force behind
9:59 pm
the renovation of harding park. the ambassador of golf was 96 years old. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. what a man. >> elegant, elegant man. well, coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, we're staying on top of our breaking news from san francisco. a young girl plunges from a cliff, first responders rush into the water to save her. did not end well. we'll have a live report from the scene. and the new hope for a family who has gone 20 years without answers after their loved one suddenly vanished from the streets of san francisco. join us at 11:00 on channel 7. but that is all for us here at 9:00. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. hope you have a good rest of your evening and make
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narrator: today on corrupt crimes... santa cruz, california is the laid-back home of endless summers, surfing, and a sadistic serial killer. hitchhikers are being picked up, then disappear without a trace.


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