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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  June 22, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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>> now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> that breaking news is from san francisco. a young girl prungs from a cliff. first responders rushed into the water to save her. tonight we learn she has passed away. i'm dan ashley. ama daetz has the night off. the girl fell off the cliff near mile rock beach northwest of the legion of honor museum. lisa am lisa amin galatian is live with breaking details. >> reporter: the teenage girl died here at china beach just a few minutes after being rescued. you are looking now at video of the beach patrol riding into china beach with the victim in tow on a stabilizing board. she had fallen at least 50 feet from the cliffs east of mile rock beach, which is not far from the legion p honor.
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she was with an adult and another friend when she fell. authorities believe she was not on the designated trail when she lost her footing. >> she had multiple injuries and fractures. she was barely breathing when we got to her. she made it all the way down to the -- she fell all the way down to the water, so therefore she was in the water and it was kind of cold. so i would say approximately ten or fifteen minutes in the water. >> we had four or five times this happened. this
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not far from the toll plaza on interstate 80. tonight homeowners are surveying the damage to see what they have lost. "abc 7 news" reporter cornell bernard is live with the story. >> reporter: dan, that fire was fully contained tonight, but nothing but scorched earth all around us tonight. follicles are back in their homes but the fire damaged seven houses when flames got way too
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close. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: neighbors in panic mode as a grass fire roared up the canyon headed straight for homes in vallejo's glen cove neighborhood. >> there's a fire in the back. it is coastal. let's go, let's go. >> reporter: she says her family got out of the house. the fire shattered windows and scorched the roof and let her backyard looking like a moon escape. >> we're lucky we have our lives. that's all that matters. >> 150 firefighters battled the 40 acre blaze, sparked by a jeep that started the fire. the driver left the scene. hot weather was no help in the fire. >> we're trying to rotate our crews. >> reporter: sky 7 captures the flames racing up the hill. cal fire dropped flame retarldants. some didn't like the new color scheme of their homes.
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>> reporter: traffic on interstate 80 was backed up for mile as the fire fight unfolded. in ha lay hoe, cornell bernard, "abc 7 news." sky 7 was over a 15 acre grass fire in row deo late this afternoon? it started at the end of tullaby road north of i-80. firefighters had it under control in about an hour so they made quick work in the heat. "abc 7 news" reporter katey marzullo continues our team coverage of today's heat, live in san jose. with people taking extra effort to help those especially vulnerable in hot weather, katey. >> reporter: dan, especially since learning two people died this week from heat-related illnesses, citizens and officials were more concerned than ever today about protecting everyone from the baking sun, and some of their extra services do continue tomorrow. >> oh. >> reporter: homeless advocates set up shop at st. james park in san jose, handing out cold water
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and snacks to anyone in need. >> just something so they can, you know, be okay to survive the heat that we've been having, and so we don't lose anymore people to death from heat. >> at least two people have died from heat-related illnesses in san jose this week, one a homeless person in a car. santa clara county also had homeless people in mind when officials decided to open count libraries to pets. >> we recentl lost our place. >> reporter: mathieu batista and his mom were taking turns staying outside with their dog queen until now. >> it is great. it is a very wonderful that we're able to, because, you know, she is still very young. >> it is a health concern throughout the entire county right now, so it is nice to be able to do a little something that makes it a little easier for people to, you know, get through their day. >> reporter: county libraries will continue to accommodate presidents on friday. cal train has been forced to make accommodations in the at. when temperatures top 95 degrees trains can't exceed 60 miles an hour. under normal conditions they can
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go 79. yet at the height of the heat wave, we found people bundled up in jackets. >> why not take it to the ice? >> reporter: the solar for america ice rink declared itself the coolest place in town. in san jose, katie marzullo, "abc 7 news." now a reminder about keeping your pets safe during hot weather. in the north bay, the marin humane society tells "abc 7 news" it took five calls today and five calls yesterday about dogs trapped in hot cars. ♪ >> the best spot to hear a summer concert was in the shade tonight. "abc 7 news" was in concord where the kill billies played in the heat at the weekly music and market series. the man working inside of the kettle corn tent was probably sweating more than anyone. it was pretty steamy. he says long sleeves help protect him from the intense heat. the power is back on for most of the 3,000 pg&e customers who lost electricity. "abc 7 news" was in fremont
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where crews have loaded up and replaced at least 400 transformers since saturday, since this swelter started. the heat also causes more tree branches to snap and fall on to power lines. now, remember, you can track the temperatures where you live with the "abc 7 news" accuweather app. download it instantly to be notified of heat alerts and advisories, all free. we're coming up next on "abc 7 news at 11:00," the new hope for a family who has gone 20 years without answers after their loved one just suddenly vanished from the streets of san francisco. and, hey, we've all seen road rage, but nothing like this. the chain reaction crash on a
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this summer is the 20th an ver years of the die appearance of kristen modafferi. last seen when she left work at a coffee shop. investigators say they found new evidence and a possible dna match. katie suites, "abc 7 news" reporter, has a special report. >> reporter: we have grown up singing together as a family. >> reporter: a tigh knit family from charlotte, inextricably tied to the bay area. >> when i think about 20 years
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having gone by i feel quite robbed of having missed out on the experiences and kristen not being here as part of our family for the beautiful milestones in our lives. >> reporter: two decades have passed since kristen modaferri. her family is looking to bring her home or find out what happened to her. >> we think about her all the time? she moved here to take classes at uc berkley. on june 23rd, 1997 she left work at a coffee shop in san francisco, this surveillance video shows her walking out. she had withdrawn money from the bank and co-workers reported seeing her with a blond woman who has never come forward. >> as far as who it can be, we're not sure. >> reporter: neither are the oakland police. >> this is her file. >> reporter: she is still an open missing persons case. now renewed hope for a sister who was only seven when kristen
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vanished. >> this new dna evidence to me changes everything. it is like starting over. it is like a whole new story. >> okay, buster. let's go find. >> reporter: in 2015 the family brought in outside help. forensic investigator paul dostiti and his canine buster, the dog specializes in finding hidden graves. buster alerted around the jane avenue home where she rented a room. >> there's human decomposition present here, 100%. >> reporter: oakland police invited specialists from chico space. they used ground penetrating pray dar in the basement. >> based on that they found an area of interest and came back and and performed a dig and found nothing. >> reporter: dosti returned to examine the area with a forensic scientist. he specializes in human key composition. it pinpointed the area between two houses at the base of the steps behind the fence. >> that's we feel is the source and most likely kristen's blood.
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there's human blood but no burial. we don't get an indication of a burial, more of a crime scene. >> the dna that they were finding within these human decomposition chemicals was a match to our daughter kristen. >> reporter: they used a detection device developed by dr. voss, but details are highly guarded as it is currently under patent review. >> we felt confident of our findings. >> the problem right there is being able to understand it and being able to duplicate it in case this does go to a higher level where we need to have a basis for proof. >> and if they're able to come up to the same conclusions as dr. voss, i see no reason why this shouldn't be opened as a homicide case. >> reporter: as oakland police look into the findings there's another unfinished thread in kristen's case. two persons of interest. >> we've always felt that john onuma and his then girlfriend jill lampo are hiding something. >> reporter: we tracked them down, looking for answers. what jill lampo thinks about the strange call john onuma newsroo
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investigators where to look for a body. >> that implies, i want attention for some reason. >> reporter: this is the first time that lampo has spoken out on camera. hear more of what she has to say in part two of our special report, it airs tomorrow at 6:00. katie utehs reporting. "abc 7 news." new at 11:00, police have released a mug shot of former contra costa county district attorney mark peterson. peterson pleaded no contest to felony perjury last thursday. instead of jail time he will do 250 hours of community service and spend three years on probation. peterson admitted to illegally spng $66,000 of campaign donations on personal items. he then lied about it on documents filed with the state. well, tonight a shocking case of possible road rage in southern california, just unbelievable. watch now as a motorcycle driver pulls up next to a car, then starts kicking it. this happened along highway 14 in santa clarita yesterday.
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moments later you see the driver swerve, cutting off the bike, then losing control. the motor cyclist keeps going. the car hits the center divider, careens off several lanes, hitting a truck that then flips over. amazingly, no one was seriously hurt. now your accuweather forecast with sandhya patel. >> boy, that's dramatic video. look at live doppler 7 right now. i want to show you the big changes already under way. this afternoon we started to see what was happening, which is that fog working its way up along the coast from the monterey bay, and tonight we do have that fog around, which is really going to take us right on through the weekend. you're going to notice that your temperatures will feel a little different. it will feel better outside, believe it or not, and so tomorrow night if you are going to the giants/mets game, look at those temperatures tomorrow evening at 7:15, 62 degrees. temperatures will come down to the upper 50s. there will be a breeze, so it is probably a good idea to just take a light jacket with you if you're going to the game.
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but overall it is going to be nice here in san francisco. i do want to show you what is contributing to the niceness. this time lams from our sutro tower camera, watch the golden gate bridge get obscured by all of this fog. it came in, roll in fast, and it has an impact on our temperatures. temperatures are down, especially around the coast and around the bay. temperature also in the 50s, 60s. inland areas still warm, but at least it is not as terribly hot and warm as it was earlier in the day. from our sutro tower camera, look at the fog over san francisco. this is what we typically are used to around time of year. we will go foggy near the coast in the morning, intense heat eases tomorrow, and the cooling continues this upcoming weekend. here is your morning commute planner. if you are driving to work tomorrow, just be careful out there. foggy areas will mean reduced visibility. light chop if you are taking the ferry ride, but it might be a murky ride with the fog around, and it is a comfortable start if you are walking to bart or walking to catch the bus. as we look at the temperatures tomorrow morning, starting out in the low 50s to upper 60s.
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fog near the coast. clear skies inland. the hour-by-hour forecast will show you the fog footprint. 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. it will be locally over parts of the bay tomorrow morning, even into places like petaluma. then as we head towards the afternoon hours, it will hug the coast and just hang around. temperatures will be significantly cooler and noticeably cooler around the bay. coastal highs will be down, inland areas will definitely feel the difference. 88 in south bay in san jose tomorrow. 92 in gilroy, on the peninsula in midway 780. 68 in san francisco, and in the north bay you will not have to deal with warm weather, in 80s. east babe, 76 oak land. hayward. head inward, sunshining, still will be hot but at least not uncomfortably hot to where your clothes are sticking to you. 94 degrees in fairfield. 96 in livermore. 94 in concord. it is a spare the air alert fom
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tomorrow. air quality will be poor in inland east bay, the santa clara valley for the rest of you moderate. a good time to download the accuweather app to keep track of the changes. you can find out what the pride parade conditions will be like. this is a look at the forecast for the celebration this sunday. 59 degrees with patchy clouds, nice and mild. temperatures will be in the low to mid 60s with plenty of sun here in san francisco. the accuweather seven day forecast, the heat eases over theness few days, back into our summertime pattern of upper 50s to low 90s. none of this kind of heat. next week 80s inland, 50s and 60 coast side. 41 degree difference, dan, went half moon bay and antioch. >> that's a really big spread. >> yes, but that difference will become narrower as the days go on. >> thanks very much. next at 11:
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all right. this is like the andre ward match from this weekend. two hungry bucks squared off over food. watch this. tennessee wildlife resources agency shared this video showing the two deer standing on hind legs hitting each other with front paws. it was captured on one of their trail cameras. a wildlife officer says he believes the two excited deer were fighting over just a small amount of food. but we're not sure how many rounds it went, but good left jab there. >> i scored a draw, called it a draw. that's the way i saw it. controversial decision. >> larry is here. >> no draft pick, no problem. the warriors, they grabbed joe lake's wallet and go shopping. lake's wallet and go shopping. the guy they landed
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crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. "abc 7 news" sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> good evening. the nba champion warriors had no picks in tonight's draft. they bought a pick for $3.5 million and secured the services of an athletic beulah grove man. they purchased the 38th overall selection from chicago, oregon forward jordan bell. 6'9", super athlete, chin ups on the rim. rebounding machine. if he turns out to be as good as last year's 38th pick, patrick mccaw, bell could be a tremendous tradition. had he left after freshman season at cal a year ago, he probably would have been a lottery pick. fell to second round, chosen 35th, goes to the grizzly. he needs to bulk up, work on offensive team. jabari byrd chosen by celtics, 56th overall. he lead cal in scoring, 14
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points a game. rejoins old teammate jaylin brown in boston. deal with the raiders with dare carr and the raiders signed, $125 million. the highest paid player in the nfl, it is believed 40 million is guaranteed. he threw almost 4,000 yards last year, 28 tuesdays, leading raiders to the playoffs. his brother david had a funny tweet saying 125 mill, lunch is on you. steven vote is a two-time all star, one of the a's most popular players. it was not enough. they said goodbye to veteran catcher, hitting only .217. he is hoping to get picked up by contender. on the field today, fake umps ready to go to work. jesse hahn, not quite ready enough. second inning. jakemariznick, high, deep and aloha means goodbye. three-run homer. stros score eight runs in second inning along.
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gon dal easy with a three run bomb. the a's a furious comeback but swept in the series 12-9. giants and braves. how about the little girl with the glove. that's why you bring your glove. making a catch. way to go. matt cain could not hang on to a 5-2 lead, gave up three homers. brandon philips to upper deck in the fifth. cain alones four runs in five frames. giants up 6-5. matt adams a three run jack. eight runs in the fifth for atlanta. braves hold on to win 12-11. giants go 1 and 7 on this road trip. so a's and giants score a lot of run, don't run. sad to sort sandy tatum has pass away, former president of the u.s. golf association. he was the driving force behind the beautiful renovation at harding park's. san francisco's ambassador of golf, sandy tatum was 96 years old. "abc 7 news" sports brought to you by river rock casino. used


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