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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  June 24, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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good eesk evening i'm kate larson. they credit them for intervening when a teen and a 14-year-old girl and a 10-year-old girl returned a third time in the same week. lesley brinkly is live with the fremont police department and they shared a story of the incredible neighborhood help it took to make the arrest. >> you can say police are crediting neighbors with helping to solve this incredibly frightening series of home invasions. she was acosted by two suspects who wrestled with her to get the keys. her husband intervened and he was beaten up before suspects escaped in a honda accord. they returned three days later and tried to break in again. this witness wanted to remain anonymous. >> they came back, tried to enter through the front door
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with a key they had taken. was unable to hop the fence and was trying to break the sliding door window in the back but the mother and son were home. they were startled. they ran off. we were able to capture some of the vehicle on both days on our cameras. >> reporter: the very next day, june 15th, the suspects returned again. this is cell phone video show police arresting a 15-year-old neighbor on two counts of elder buse and possession of a stolen vehicle. his accomplices were also detained. a 14-year-old girl and a 10-year-old girl. the car was stolen. 15-year-old neighbor say he was armed with a sledge hammer. police say they're grateful to the community for helping to solve this home invasion series in the last week or two. reporting live, abc 7 news.
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>> one of the drivers who speed and do doughnuts, near a side show. officers arrested five men for driving recklessly through the santa rosa marketplace restaurant. one car had two small children in the car. they sipt cameras to catch the side show in the act. now to north beach in san francisco where a large tree limb snapped off and fell on a parked car. it briefly blocked service on the cable car line. they shared these photos with us. last august it left a woman paralyzed. they called it a freak accident. it attracted a lot of attention for people in the
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pride celebration. it shows flames near 18th and castro streets. the fire now under control and fortunately nobody was hurt. this happened in a busy area just above the posh bagels restaurant. this homeless man didn't waste a second to get everyone to safety. >> we started evacuating the building while they stood around looking dumb founded. we jumped into action and saved lives and property. >> and they worked quickly to get the area clear so they could reopen castro in time for tonight's dike march. it didn't dampen festivities. san francisco pride is kicking off with festivals and lots of security in place. live at deloris park with more details. >> reporter: hi, kate, happy
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pride. still quite a crowd at deloris park. check it out. we just saw the dike march roll through. motorcycles everywhere. large crowd following and if we pan to the left, we see pretty large police presence in place. many pride festivities this weekend and police are making sure everybody is safe. start your engines. the 25th annual dike march left deloris park in a very big loud way with a police escort. it's a pride weekend tradition. what did you think of the bikes? >> it was awesome. >> quality and i think everybody has the right to love who they wa want. >> reporter: at civics center. >> come on by get rainbow eye lashes. >> and a lot of other rainbow accessories. come down and see us.
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>> reporter: increased security screenings are in place with metal detecters and bag checks. large bags, glass containers and alcohol are not allowed in. torrese and her friends didn't mind the delay getting in. >> i can see why they want to, especially with orlando and manchester and stuff like that. >> the police presence is hard to miss, some undercover and many units posted on nearby roof tops assisted by the fbi. george richly says this year could break attendance records. >> we've seen even a larger interest in the parade. >> a protest continchant and alex morrison is this 's grand marshal. >> thousands of people will be marching, telling you what their whoas are, what their wishes are
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and what they need to feel safe. >> politics aside this weekend is a time to celebrate who you are, equality. yeah, happy pride for sure. the party continues at deloris park. check out the crowd still on the hill. dike march is an all day event. i'm told the march has made its way to the castro. the pride parade is tomorrow. huge crowds expected and the police will be there in force. abc 7 news. thanks for that, cornell. here's a look now at tomorrow's parade route highlighted in blue. and those street closures start early. those are indicated on the map in red. many muny lines will be rerouted during the parade. you can get a full list of
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details right on our website. there's a link right on the home page and we have all the info on our app. and you can enable push alurts for pride updates all weekend long. we're seeing cooler weather this weekend but the fire danger is still quite high. a one acre grass fire burned this afternoon. it started around noon off eagle ridge road. a couple of homes were threatened but firefighters were able to get a handle on it quickly. people in ten northern california counties have one week to do any outdoor burns. starting next start cal fire is suspending any burns for sonoma, am arin, lake and mendocino counties because of the high fire danger. all the rain this winter has caused much more
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grass to grow and it's extremely dry right now because of this month's hot weather creating a tinder box in many of those areas. much of the discussion focussed on the financial situation facing black women. >> we've got to drill down on the economics of being a black woman. black women work disproportionately for minimum wage. they're a lot of times servers and cleaners and we have not increased the federal minimum wage in over ten years. >> and the need for young minorities to get involved in political process and call for an end of mass incarceration of blacks and latinos. javier has restricted state
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travel to four states texas, alabama, kentucky and south dakota. they say thoez four states have recently enacted laws that are discriminatory against gay and transgender people. abbott said it would not stop businesses looking to get away from california's high taxes and r regulations. neighbors coming to the aid of neighbors. up nex thet peninsula city getting its citizens involved for the moment disaster strikes. getting to tomorrow's big race is going to be anything but a breeze. and california farmers in a race to beat the heat. why the hot weather forced many to work over time. >> starting off the week with temperatures near average and we're tracking a
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so this week's extreme heat has california fruit farmers scrambling to pick their harvest. uch fruit as they
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possibly can in san joaquin county. it can make the fruit harder to sell. they pay very close atension to weather forecast. a heat wave in 2006 devastated many central california farms. in men low park there were lost children and victims on the it ground at a busy public park. this is only a drill. abc 7 news was at fremont park as they trained volunteered for the community emergency response team. the team is called into a anytime there's a major disaster and these mock scenarios help get people prepared to help out just incase. >> it's not just the firefighters who are doing it. it's everybody. so that's exciting to see. nascar fans attending tomorrow's big toyota save mart
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350 race are being warned arriving early. it will be dale earnhardt jr.'s last race at the sonoma raceway before he retires. more than 40,000 fans are expected to attend. raceway officials and highway patrol expect significant delays along 107 and 51. so it will be time before the warriors return to the basketball court. today's great cause that brought together some all-star players and a live look outside. it's shaping up to be a great weather weekend for the parade. meteorologist drew tooma is up next with your pride weekend forecast. a and the a's youth movement was in
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thnchlts warriors were back in action today but not on the court. they were on the baseball field. take a look. they were at the oakland coliseum. kevin durant, totally out of his comfort zone.
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draymond green was at the game where all proceeds went to junklife foundation that helps build water wells in africa and encourages kids to drink more water instead of soft drinks. now your accuweather forecast. >> and we're tracking a cooler finish to the weekend and part of early next week temperatures will go slightly -- we have a fair amount of high sierra clouds right now. and tracking a summer shower in the sierra. lightning strikes with this storm but it's paralleling the sierra crest. it will thankfully stay to the east of us. live look to our tam cam and that's going to bring in cooler temperatures, not only overnight but frost in the second half of your weekend. full effect. you got bright wood right now.
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91 degrees. we're down to 60 in san francisco. santa rose 75 and a pretty comfortable 72 degrees at this hour. most spots are running about five degrees below where we were this time yesterday and that's going to continue for your sunday as well. the fog will make comeback, not only along the coast but parts of the bay. 10:00 starting to see that fog make its presence known in the east bay and it will expand 6:00. many of us waking up to gray skies but in typical summer fashion, the fog is going to pull back to the coast. about 79 san jose. 77 for cooper teeno. 74 mountain fog. 59 that number in daily city. into the north bay, 79 napa.
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same in vallejo. 79 in calistoga. on the cool ercules and we're warm. 85 that number in pittsburgh. if you're heading to san francisco to take in the pride parade by noon we'll break out to mostly sunny skies. temperatures only topping out at 62 degrees. so bring the layers. accuweather seven-day forecast near average tomorrow, below average monday into tuesday. temperatures are going to warm but nowhere near the record heat we saw last week. a little bit above normal this time last week i like it cool. >> thanks so much, drew. we've got rick quan. i actually thought the warriors
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looked pretty good on the baseball field and so did the a's today. >> they were swinging the bats quite well. as good as the warriors i guess. their kids are getting a chance to play and they looked great against the white sox. in the first inning, rookie matt olsen a two-run shot off james shields. high fives all around. and in the second, rookie conecs for his first career dinger, a solo blast to right field. he can hardly contain himself. the a's top prosspect was making his major league debut. it's the first time in american league history a trio of teammates have hit their first career run. gauslet struck out five and did not allow an earned run. they'll try to complete a
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three-game sweep tomorrow. the giants are also going with new faces. rider joan said facing mets pitcher in his first big league at bat. it was scoreless to the fourth. a long fly ball t is out of here. the giants threat in in the fourth but with the runners that corners, he strikes out brandon belt and crawford to end the inning. now it is tied 1-1. race car driver danica patrick will start from the sixth position in the savemart 350. kyle larson, no relation to kate, although they both love to drive fast. he averaged 93.5 miles per hour on the road course. he did not thing he had done that well. >> i was surprised to see the
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team pop up on my dash. my home state. this is my closest track to sacramento or elk grove where i grew up. so lots of friends and family here. third round highlights from the travellers championship. jordan spieth here on sixth, he chips in for birdie. from the bunker on 16th, nearly an eagle. he tapped in for a birdie. the 23-year-old texan sinking this long putt. with a 66, good for a one stroke lead. in case you missed it earlier, javale mcgee hosted a softballme tournament at the coliseum. andre iguodala hits it right at finals mvp, kevin durant. matt barns drills this pitch
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just under the 362 foot sign. that's a home run in softball. warriors' guard ian clark gets robbed by former ucla softball star, ronny reed. 19-16 while mcgee came up short, he'll settle for the nba title. >> it was just a blessing i came here and the support grew it. so it's all positivity and sticking with it. >> just a great group of guys that respect each other and we work really well together. men growing up together and going through life together. >> the proceeds went to javale's junklife foundation which encourage as healthy lifestyle. up next a trail blazing pride who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear.
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who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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tonight on abc 7 news at 9:00, tesla sets its sites on a new car factory and the location may not be good news for american workers. terrifying moments for a kitten on the golden gate bridge. how they jumped into action to save this little guy. pride weekend is also being
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celebrated for the first time publ publicly in one city. it held its first ever gay pride festival today. more than 1,000 people attended. very cool to see the pride love spreading around california. we love that. >> he's going to be in the parade. >> i will be. >> very fun. thanks for joining us. that's it for abc 7 news at 6:00. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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how great would it be if i cracked this open anc a chicken flew out? that'd be unbelievable. i mean, we'd be talking about it forever. plus, i'd sue this place for millions. buy a house in the woods, maybe a boat. aw, man, why didn't i order an egg? and plus, i'll have to grow some corn. why? to feed the million-dollar chicken. that's my boy. so this is an actual conversation? hey, you're the one who's always asking what i'm thinking about. not anymore. oh...i just talked to the landlord, and he said we have to pay to replace the broken sink. no way, he's supposed to pay for normal wear and tear. i don't think what we did qualifies as normal wear and tear, if you know what i mean. we had sex on it. they knew what you meant. i know, i just wanted to say it.


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