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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  June 26, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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it's coming down to the wire in oakland to keep trash out of the bay, and that's a lot at stake if the city cannot meet the deadline. >> it flipped over and he fell into the water. >> her dad was a good swimmer but he drowned saving her young swimmer. plus, hunting heart beats. break through research shows how sharks find their prey and important clues on how humans hear. live where you live, this is "abc7 news." >> when it rains, all the trash goes into the storm drain and out into the bay. >> it's a natural process that could cost serious money, and tonight, oakland attempts to
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come up with an 11th hour plan to save the environment and save money. good evening. thank you for joining us. >> the cleanup man is going to cost taxpayers a lot, but less expensive than the fines oakland face it is it can't find a solution. >> leeann melendez is live from city hall where discussion will ake place tonight. >> reporter: that's right. it's either pay now or pay later. tonight in oakland, the city council will discuss the budget, which they say has to include spending more money on finding ways to avoid trash getting into the san francisco bay waters. and they say there's no buts about it. the homeless encampments have added to the city's trash problem. >> if you want to get some shots where it's bad today, market street under the 880. >> reporter: we took her advice. it's all this trash, so close to
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the storm drains that threatens the bay. >> oakland has a huge problem with trash, from homeless encatchments, illegal dumping, and that's putting a huge amount of trash in the bay. >> reporter: it first ends up in the creeks and estuaries. several years ago, it was mandated that cities with storm systems that feed into the bay must reduce the amount of trash by 70%. oakland is way behind. the only way to comply now is to spend more money on cleanup efforts and a trapping system to keep the trash out. >> for oakland to avoid lawsuits and penalties that will cost taxpayers a lot, they have to add this money to the budget and clean up more trash and do it quick. >> reporter: he wants the city to spendnearly $2.3 million over the years to clean the hot spots. these are where the homeless camps are located. >> once the trash sits there, it
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gets worse and atracks more dumping. so i want crews dedicated to hot spots, not waiting for complaints. >> reporter: another council member is behind another plan that will require millions of dollars. >> to put more of these trash capture devices on our drains and storm water system. that's going to help. but we have a lot more to do. >> reporter: the goal is to have zero trash in the storm drains by 2022. in oakland, leeann melendez, "abc7 news." a house fire fueled by natural gas kept firefighters in walnut creek busy this afternoon. the fire broke out about three hours ago. firefighters capped the gasline and extinguished the fire in about an hour. no one was hurt. the family of a missing san francisco uber driver is anxiously awaiting word on whether body parts found over the weekend are the remains of their loved one. investigators found bags of remains inside the u.s. trading
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company warehouse over the weekend. there's a possibility they could be that of san francisco resident pesef chai. owners say a person of interest, bob chang, worked at that location for 20 years. >> i just hope and pray that body parts doesn't belong to my husband. but if it is, bob tang had something to do with it. >> tang is believed to have left the u.s. for cambodia. it could take days to positively identify the remains. the case is now being investigated by san francisco homicide inspectors. the investigation continues into the death of a high school student in san francisco's land's end. u.s. park police say 17-year-old torrey lacoka fell up to 200 feet thursday. she was pronounced dead after being found near the water. investigators say she and the two people she was with disregarded signs warning the
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area was closed to the public. an 11-year-old girl saw her father drown as he saved her younger sister from the water. it's a heartbreaking example of the dangers we face after a wet winter. the tragedy happened over the weekend in the delta near rio vista. leslie brinkley spoke to the girl who bravely told the story of what she witnessed. >> reporter: that's right. 11-year-old maria tearfully told me she watched as her dad saved her sister and handed her off to a good samaritan, then submerged and never resurfaced. even as she graves right now, she wants everyone to know her dad is a hero. >> he always took care of us. he always played with us, and -- it's sad. >> reporter: 11-year-old maria was at the state park near rio vista sunday on an outing with
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the whole family. her dad took her 5-year-old sister out for a kayak ride. she watched as boaters created a wake. the waves, she said, toppled the >> my dad got my sister and held her up, and he really tried to get her safe first. and he went like that, and his head was in the water. but he made sure she was safe. >> reporter: the sheriff's department says dad handed the girl off to a jet skier. but then 40-year-old ronnie avila struggled and subamericaned in the wasubmerngn the water and never refsurfaced. at 11:00 p.m. a short distance away, a dive team recovered the body. he was a construction worker from guatemala who leaves behind a wife and two daughters. the family says he was an
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experienced swimmer, who off took the kayak out. the sheriff's department says the water was extremely third. it's the third drowning in the last two months which the victim was not wearing a life vest. a short distance away from the scene of the drowning inside the park is a rack urging boaters to use these life vests that are free to borrow. >> it breaks my heart. i wouldn't imagine having a child out there without a vest. it's just scary. it scares me. >> reporter: the family, here in san francisco, has set up a go fund me page to raise money to bury the dad right here in the bay area. you'll find a link on leslie brinkley, "abc7 news." >> leslie, thanks a lot. new at 6:00, a man faces more accusations of drunk driving after being convicted in a deadly dui crash in san jose three years ago. deputies claimed solomon frieze
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was under the influence of alcohol and drugs when they arrested him. he was captured after a 12-mile chase and received a two-year prison sentence. new at 6:00, a south bay swimming coach has been arrested on charges of child molestation and intimidating a witness. timothy nyugn was texting with both male and female members of the swim team, asking for nude pictures and sexual favors. police arrestedim last thursday and want anyone with information to give them a call. a notice of intent to recall has been filed against a judge. recall organizers submitted a statement branding perski as an apologist for rapists.
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nearly 60,000 voter signatures are needed to qualify for the recall. >> silicon valley is where women are going to say enough is enough. we are not going to tolerate taking sexual assault and domestic assault lightly anymore. we have had enough, and we believe that the voters of this county are going to support this recall. >> supporters of the judge say the sentence was lawful. they think a recall may call judges pressured to making decisions based on public opinion. new developments now. the main ingredient in the weed killer ronaldup eer roundup is california's list of chemicals that cause cancer. it's the first u.s. agency to declare that roundup could cause cancer. the i-team has been looking into
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the possible dangers since may of 2016. the pesticide's maker says today's decision is "unwarranted on the basis of science and the law." monsanto says it will challenge the decision. good news for drivers in the santa cruz mountains and the east bay. today, a key road is open for the first time in months and another is about to reopen after extensive winter storm damage has been repaired. kristen sze is here with new video. >> reporter: let's start in the santa cruz mountains. the drone flying over the san jose road. the locals call it old san jose road. today marks the first time drivers have been able to use the major north-south route since february 13. that's when this past winter storm's washed out so much of the road. they put this popular route on a priority repair list. the temporary fix is now complete, although engineers continue to work on a long-term
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fix. this means drivers will still simd on find some restrictions. "abc7 news" got a preview of the work that's close to completion. you can see the new bridge over a creek. a much different picture from january, when a huge sinkhole formed and caused the 97-year-old bridge to collapse, forcing residents to make a narrow detour. but bit by bit, the bay area is recovering from a winter that was brutal on the roads we travel. >> kristen, thank you. the supreme court upheld t part of president trump's travel ban. next, what it means, who will be affected and how local muslims think it changes america. and i'm drew tuma. starting the new week out, lots of sunshine, a bit of breeze and temperatures slightly below normal. how long this cool weather will last, ahead. get a deal on real estate costs.
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a new app lets agents bid for your business. 7 on your side is coming up. tonight, only "abc7 news" follows the trail of this lost tortoise, rescued from a yard.
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crest... ...healthy, beautiful smiles for life. ♪...nausea, heartburn,♪ indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ here's pepto bismol! ah. ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ the supreme court did what the white house calls a victory today. the travel ban has been suspended. the ban bars visitors and refugees from six muslim majority countries. the administration considers it a security risk. david is live at the airport with details and reaction.
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david? >> reporter: the supreme court seems to have tipped the scales of justice in favor of national security over concerns that a travel ban might infringe upon religious freedom. many questions remain, including who will enforce special conditions that are required, and how the ban will be enforced? more than 200 members of this miz limb community attended services today to mark the end of ramadan. daily fasting, a show of devotion, has ended. now they must digest news from the supreme court that a modified travel ban can take effect from muslim countries. that goes what they believe america stands for. >> we should show the world by example from the front that we are free, and everybody is welcome in the country, and everybody is free to move around. >> reporter: no refugee may come to the -- the ban is in effect
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for 90 tays for visitors and for 120 days for refugees. >> this is really going against the fundamental fabric of this country and the fundamental backbone of what this society is built upon. > reporter: others continue to believe the ban is an affront to the principle of religious freedom. >> our country was founded on religious freedom, and for us to institute something that looks and feels like religious discrimination goes against the hallmarks of what the foundation of our country was based upon. >> reporter: the ban takes effect in 72 hours. david louie, "abc7 news." happening now, a rally against splitting off part of the biggest school district in the county. there are 32,000 students in 50
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schools and five could form a new district called north gate. proponents argue needs of families are being ignored. tonight the decision is up to the office of education to make. they plan to meet at the end of august. then the proposal still has to go to the state and could end up on the ballot in 2018. the worst of the flooding along the kings river in fresno county may be over. less water is being released from the pine flat dam and residents are assessing the damage. among the damage, the golf and country club where 14 holes were under water over the weekend. >> reporter: the water
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ex-tractors has replaced the quiet solitude. the smell of wet grass is overwhelming. in 15 minutes, rick had water covering his backyard and fish swimming in his pool. >> i was somewhat in shock. it was amazing that that much water in that short of a period of time came in. and as you looked out across the course in the morning, when we could see light, as far as you could see was nothing but water. >> reporter: massive flooding became a problem when releases on water was increased friday. monday, the county supervisor says he expected the most flooded parts of the county to now start trying out. >> you could start seeing it later on this week. the dam still, if they cut it back too much, we could get a full pine flat. but that doesn't mean it's going to go over the top. they can use the slew skates up on top of the dam that they can
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hold an additional 15,000 acres. >> reporter: the levee breach happened near the gun club west of road 28 and avenue new 393. all day monday, a contracted helicopter service from northern california worked to drop 2,000 pound rocks on the lef eye. the superintendent said he's working to save fairways but the greens are drying out and appear to have little or no damage. >> they're drying out at a rapid pace. we have about five holes that are still under water. >> all right. time to check on the weather, which looks pretty pleasant behind us. >> drew tuma is here with the forecast. drew? >> i'm problprobably the only f ointment, the wind. you are still having issues with
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t the pollen. the wind is moving it all around. so if you're sniffling more today, that is probably why. let's take a live look right now, showing you, man, not a cloud to be scene. baby blue skies, a gorgeous summer evening we have. live doppler 7 hd along with satellite giving us that active sweep around the bay area. it is coming up empty handed right now, no issues with precipitation. so winds right now still an issue. 26-mile-per-hour wind gusts at sfo, the same in fairfield. and that wind is coming off of a cool ocean water right now, so that's having an effect on our temperatures. it's comfortable 71 in oakland. 72 in san jose. 65 in san francisco. 84 in brentwood and napa at 76. overnight today, while we have mainly cheer skies, very typical summer evening, fog first along
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the coast and it moves inland first, keeping temperatures holding in the mid 50s as we get you out the car tomorrow morning. watch the time stamp, 9:00 later on this evening, here comes the fog making its presence known. by 5:00 in the morning, a lot of us waking up to gray skies. that cloud cover going to hold right back to the coast. in the south bay, about 74. santa cruz, 75. 73 the high in sunny vail. downtown san francisco tomorrow, midday sunshine, 66, lots of cloud cover. daily city at 59. north bay, 77 in santa rosa. 73 in san rafael. into the east bay tomorrow, afternoon shower, 72 for fremont. 69 in berkeley. and 70 in richmond. inland, it's cool for this time of the year.
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9 pittsburgh, 77 livermore. and walnut creek, 79 degrees. folks are still soaking in that sunshine. if you're headed to the coast tomorrow, not a bad afternoon. we'll have the morning fog, low cloud cover. by the afternoon, that ocean water temperature is 60 degrees. santa cruz, up to 70. and monterey bay a high of 64. here's the seven-day forecast. tomorrow is a breezy afternoon. but in terms of temperatures, it's pleasant out there. wednesday morning, kind of a little bit of drizzle on the coast, but still a nice afternoon. we'll warm up just a bit over the weekend. but what you do not notice is the triple digits returning. shaping up to be a nice holiday weekend. >> thanks, drew. coming up next, the new partnership with goggle's self-driving car division. who are these people?
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take a look. do you recognize this dog? missing its owner. the chp sergeant in the picture helped capture the dog yesterday morning. it was one of two dogs running into traffic near the ramp from 80 to 780 in vallejo. there was a man running after the dogs, but he got in a car and drove away while the sergeant was busy rescuing this pup. the other dog couldn't be found. the rescued dog is at the animal
7:26 pm
control right now waiting for someone to come forward. facebook is getting ready to go hollywood. that leads tonight's bay area business watch. according to a report, the social network is in talks to develop and acquire original scripted tv shows. facebook is willing to spend as much as $3 million per episode. it's already lined up a relationship drama and game show. and google's self-driving car just partnered with avis. a pilot program is under way in phoenix. aifis is also about car sharing. today, stock dropped 14 points. the dow gained the same amount, closing at 21,410. the numbers are in. and it's up to you to decide how they look. we'll break down the review of
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the senate's health care plan to see how it could change your health coverage. well, the train's moving, but it's not moving people. we dig into the reason smart trains are still running empty through the north bay. plus -- plus -- >> a house g
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...oral-b crossaction is clinically proven to... ...remove more plaque than sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels so clean. i'll only use an oral-b! the #1 brand used by dentists worldwide. oral-b. brush like a pro. the trains are rolling but they're not taking anyone anywhere. the north bay's newest transit system is not ready for business. that is supposed to change in the next few days. >> the smart trains will have what it calls a soft opening. but not without controversy. wayne freedman has the story. >> reporter: it is a strange place to use a tape measure, a sidewalk pinched by a fence next to traffic in a railroad intersection. what's the amount? >> about 30 1/2 inches. that won't accommodate a wheelchair. >> reporter: william fishman, thorn in the side of the smart
7:31 pm
railway, which announced a smart opening and free preview rides thursday. smart says they're close to final approval from the federal railway administration. >> every request they have we need to respond to, and we're doing those responses as quickly as possible. >> reporter: but the 64 crossings remains controversial. residents have been angry for years, saying smart has not listened to their concerns. >> they've been responsive at the point of a gun. >> as far as i'm concerned, they're on notice for their liability if a pedestrian gets hit. >> reporter: smart installed these fixes to control where people cross the track, forcing the county to spend $2 million on sidewalk and traffic improvements. the trains move past through here. the crossing is blind and somewhat tight. if it's really safe, locals ask, why are flag men here every daysome
7:32 pm
>> they're an extra safety precaution. >> reporter: they're willing to cut smart some flak. it's a $500 million railroad built from scratch, but we have to ask why smart did not get this right the first time. >> it's going to be better, much, much better. >> reporter: wayne freedman, "abc7 news." a lot of america's toughest gun laws will go effect here in july, banning magazines that hold more than ten rounds. it will apply to people who already own high capacity magazines. it will lead to fewer mass shootings. gun rights groups claim it will do nothing. >> they already get high cap magazines, magazines that hold more than ten rounds. any time, anywhere they go, and they're going to continue to do so. this law will only effect law
7:33 pm
abiding citizens. >> gun owners have three choice. they can destroy them, sell them to a buyer outside california, or turn them over to police. violators could face fines and jail time. paychecks go up on july 1 as minimum wage laws go in effect. in san francisco, pay rises to $14 an hour. in san jose, it will rise to $12 from $10.50. san leandro will be $12. california's minimum wage will remain at $10.50. the trump administration is trying toing undermine the congressional budget office projection that 22 million more people will not have health insurance over the next decade. the white house said the analysis must not be trusted blindly. the analysis expects by the end of next year, 15 million will be uninsured. those numbers are a slight improvement from the cbo's
7:34 pm
estimate of a health care bill passed by the house in may. democrats are opposed to both versions. at least five senate republicans believe it doesn't fulfill the gop's promise of repealing obamacare. >> we still keep the idea that you can buy it after you get sick. so i'm concerned that the death spiral of obamacare may well even get worse with the republican version. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is pushing for a vote on the bill before the end of the week, despite the fact that he may not have enough support needed for passage. only on "abc7 news" tonight, an animal control call you don't hear every day. a tortoise showed up in a family's front yard and it became the talk of the neighborhood. jonathan bloom has the story. >> reporter: if the breathing sounds heavy, that's because this tortoise just made a long ju journey somewhere. reed once had a pet turtle.
7:35 pm
>> i was like, how do i freak out my mom the best? i said o sheldon has come back. >> reporter: she came home to find it wasn't sheldon, but this gentle giant. >> he seemed happy. >> reporter: they fashioned a makeshift enclosure and called animal control as the neighbors began to gather. is he what you imagined a big turtle would look like? >> no, much bigger and faster. >> reporter: there is one thing that became increasingly clear about that tortoise, its ancestors were not from around these parts. >> oh, my god. >> he's giant. >> that's not a native. >> reporter: not even close it turns out. the humane society says it's an african tortoise and that he's actually a she, who is almost certainly somebody's pet. but weighing in just shy of 100 pounds, it took two people and a stretcher just to carry the tortoise up the driveway.
7:36 pm
all in a day's work for animal rescue. who soon found out this little girl was hungry, chowing down at the shelter on lettuce and bell peppers. >> it's a domestic tortoise. several members of the community have them. >> reporter: if they can't find the owner, she could go up for adoption. jonathan bloom, "abc7 news." cute. >> scientists find out that sharkks do more than smell blood in the water, they can even sense their prey's heart beat. hear from the researchers who made the break through and what it means for humans next. >> and michael finney shows you
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sharks may be one of the most evolved predators on planet earth. but the system of how they track their prey still held some mysteries until now. as dan ashley reports, the breakthrough involves other creatures, as well. >> reporter: it's never good when sharks smell blood in the
7:40 pm
water, but scientists have known that sharks and their cousins also use another sense to hone in on their prey, electricity. >> electro sensation, and they can detect small differences. >> reporter: david julius and his team set out to learn how it works. instead of sharks, they started with small, ray-like creatures san antonio as skate known as skates. duncan leach created a water maze by sensing a faint electric signal, it swims to the circle the current is coming from. >> there would be small crustaceans or fish buried in the sand. and as they're breathing or through less trags respiration, generating an electrical field. >> reporter: they discovered
7:41 pm
they work together as an amplifier. and when they blocked the molecules with drugs, the skates missed the target and could no longer sense the electrical field. >> it was amazing we were able to manipulate their electro sensory behavior without interfering with other senses. >> reporter: this could provide clues to human hearing. and for skates, it explains a sixth sense that could help them literally season for their dinner. dan ashley, "abc7 news." >> the ucsf team says the breakthrough come provide clues to human hearing and how we process sensitive sounds. scientists have figured out how to make mosquitos less likely to carry diseases. they actually changed the bug's genetics. scientists were able to make the insects with certain diseases less likely to reproduce. this could reduce the spread of
7:42 pm
diseases like malaria and zika. we're off to a much cooler start. here's a look outside from the east bay hills camera. who are these people?
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breaking news. b.a.r.t. is dealing with delays going to the east bay this ening. the reason, some minor flooding on tracks caused by underground natural springs. b.a.r.t. tweeted about it, blaming equipment problems. several passengers have posted these pictures. if you can take a different way to get home, it might save you some time. and if you're waiting for someone on b.a.r.t., could be a while before they arrive. and a big cleanup effort near bacaville cleaning up sunflower oil that spilled this morning. a big rig crashed and flipped over. the chp is saying the davis street on and off ramps will not reopen until 1:00 in the morning. the relationship between real estate agent and those buying and selling hasn't changed much in decades. >> and it's that sameness that's spurring the growth of a real
7:46 pm
estate upstart called up nest. michael finney joins us now with more. >> pretty interesting guys over there. upstart wants to change how you select an agent and how you pay them, too. and the whole process starts online. michael wallace is talking with me about his recently purchased san francisco condominium. it comes after a search that took more than one year and more than one real estate agent. >> i had a couple of agents i was working with before that. but they didn't have the experience, they didn't have the service that i was looking for, for the amount of commission that i would make. and they weren't willing to negotiate. so there has to be something better. >> reporter: michael was worn down by the whole process, so he went online and there he found upnest. simon root is the founder and ceo. >> it's a realtor marketplace where realtors compete for home buyer and seller's business by submitting proposals. >> reporter: he showed me how it works. you answer a few simple questions.
7:47 pm
do you want to buy or sell? for how much? where. agents then compete for your business. they tell you about themselves, then the cool part. you will instantly be told what kind of rebate you can expect by going through that agent. here, a tad more than $7,000. >> you got savings, and you get top agents representing your property. >> reporter: paradigm real estate group has a large san francisco office. dale is an agent here, and has competed for and picked up clients through upnest. >> realtors get bombarded with offers, and this makes sense for us. >> reporter: he says upnest works with the buyers and sellers -- >> to make sure they're either prequalified if they're buyers, or if they're sellers, they help them understand the circumstances for selling. >> i want a discount, but to the
7:48 pm
the discount at the cost of a quality agent, and i ended up getting that. very happy. >> reporter: and remember, you can negotiate prices with agents on your own, as well. they don't have to go along, but that isn't reason you shouldn't ask. i want to hear from your. my hotline is open monday through friday. the number, 415-954-8151 or reach me through facebook. >> always interesting. thank you very much. let's take a live look outside now from our camera on top of mount testimony. >> and "abc7 news" was in dublin today. the heat has taken a break and the little ones are getting some help there. drew is back now with an update to the forecast. >> you saw from our shot this, a few puffy cumulous clouds making
7:49 pm
their presence known. live doppler 7 hd along with satellite, a quiet picture out there, with some sunshine. overnight, we have the coastal clouds building at this hour, pushing inland. 54 overnight in san francisco. 58 in palo alto and san jose. 57 in oakland. and 56 overnight in napa. tuesday, clouds pull back to the coast. temperatures very similar to why we were today, a few degrees below normal with bright sunshine away from the coast. 70 in oakland, 66 in san francisco. fairfield and antioch at 80. the seven-day forecast, slightly below normal the next couple of days. then the numbers warm slightly over the weekend, low 90s inland. but that's typical for this time of the year. >> low 90s, okay. thank you, drew. all right. we have rick in. >> the giants got a little good
7:50 pm
news today. coming up, madison bumgarner is back with the team. we'll give you an update on his health. after finishing second the last after finishing second the last two years, will
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may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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75 days after the end of the regular season, the nba is finally giving out its awards. we're still waiting to find out if draymond green will take home his first defensive player of the year award. earlier today, draymond got the most votes in being named first team all defense. this past season, green set a team record by having at least 150 steals and 100 blocks in a single season. the other finalists for defensive player of the year, rudy gobert and kawhi leonard. draymond is the first warrior to be named first team all defense three times. iguodala made it once, and the late nate thurman twice. while steph curry was the mvp the last two years, he won't win it tonight. russell westbrook is the odds on favorite, after becoming the first player in 55 years to average a triple-double over an entire season. james harden averaged more than
7:54 pm
29 points and 11 rebounds, but will likely finish second. the sharks may have to choose between joe thorton and patrick marleau this season. despite his age and injuries, joe is still in high behind. a report said 12 teams have been in touch with thorton's catch. the 37-year-old would like to stay with the sharks. nhl free agency begins this saturday. the giants will try to turn things around tonight when they host colorado. san francisco has lost 12 of its last 13. there is some good news. madison bumgarner is making some progress after that separated shoulder he suffered last april. yesterday in scottsdale, mad bum threw three no-hit innings against a rookie league team. he's scheduled to start friday for the sacramento river cats. >> i talked to him in the office a little bit today. he feels great. we're getting good news on him on where he's at. he's coming along fine.
7:55 pm
no setbacks. so he's here. he'll take a pen i think tomorrow. he'll take bp today. >> besides being the team's all-star catcher, buster posey is the official junior giants' commissioner. today, he handed out a brand new raulings glove to 1,000 junior giants from around the state. 80% of the kids who take part come with families with low to moderate incomes. >> it's fun to give away gloves. i remember being their age and having my glove, i would sleep with it under the bed to break it in, and be excited, coming home from school to play catch or work on breaki ining it in. >> posey has been about the only bright spot on the giants. he's batting .340. the a's yonder alonzo is still in the running to start at first
7:56 pm
for the american league, right now he's third in the voting. alonzo leads oakland in hitting and on-base percentage. babe ruth's 1927 world series ring and the original sales agreement which had ruth going from boston to yankees is being auctioned off. bidding for the ring has already gone for $600,000. the sales agreement has reached $400,000. the person putting these items up for action, actor charlie sheen. what he plans to use the proceeds on, only charlie knows. >> he's winning. >> yes, he is winning no matter what. >> he was in "major league." it looked like he played baseball when he was younger. is >> he's a huge baseball fan.
7:57 pm
>> join us tonight at 9:00 on cable 13. coming up, tolls are going up on the golden gate bridge next week. how to make sure you get a discount. that's at 9:00. >> and then at 11:00, the dhp cat -- chp catches a road rage driver from the sky. hear from the pilot. and coming up tonight at 8:00, "the bachelorette," and stay with us for "abc7 news" at 11:00. >> at 11:35, it's jimmy kimmel live with carry russell and scott speedman. >> and that's it for this edition of "abc7 news." look for breaking news on twitter. >> for the entire "abc7 news" team, thank you for joining us. and we'll see you later tonight.
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vanessa: ready for your big birthday surprise? blindfolded? this could be anything from a bullet to the head to that amazing coke/pepsi taste test. well, we don't have any soda, so good luck. you know, the best part about this birthday, i don't have to be around my horrible, annoying children. right here. love you too, dad. hurtful. yeah. you needed to hear it.


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