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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  June 28, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> the president's travel ban is about to go into effect with the hope that skoons like this one will not be repeated. good evening and thank you for joining us. >> the president's limited travel ban is expected to go into effect as early as tomorrow morning, 72 hours after the supreme court alowed it to move forward. >> the ban will apply to six countries with mostly muslim
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populations, the only exception is someone who has a relation with a person or entity in the united states. >> they must prove a relationship with a spouse, child, son in law, daughter in law or sibling in the u.s. that means grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and fiances are not consider close relationships. >> the state department is still determining what will happen to refugees scheduled for resettlement after july 6th. >> legal dfefense groups say thy will be at airports tomorrow. >> and there will be new aviation measures today affecting every flight coming into the united states. >> homeland security secretary announcing new security measures for all commercial flights
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coming into the united states. >> they fwhilclude enhanced screening, more thorough passenger vetting designed to mitigate the threat. >> it's hard to know what is motivating it. >> secretary kelly says it's time we raise the global baseline of aviation security. >> we cannot play wack amole with each new threat and instead keep the traveling public safe and make it harder for terrorists to succeed. >> it is quite inconvenient. >> reporter: we met them as they waited to greet their teen age daughter returning from a trip to spain. she returned with a story about her security hold up. >> i was randomly sclekted to check my whole bag. >> reporter: the new security measures will be phased in over
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time and included a vanced check point screening technology. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. in washington the house is set to vote tomorrow on two b l bills meant to toughen immigration enforcement and crack down on sanctuary cities. the first bill is named after kate steinle, the bay area woman killed two years ago by an undocumented immigrant who had been deported five times. it enhances penalties for deported and convicted criminals who reenter illegally. >> tomorrow they'll vote on the no sanctuary for criminals act which will cut grant money to cities shielding illegal aliens from being turned over to federal law enforcement. >> it would make sanctuary cities like san francisco ineligible for certain funds. police in san jose are trying to figure out what led to
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amurder/suicide. the woman is expected to be okay. police say the man is the only suspect and there were no other victims. >> was another female was seen running away and we determined that was a female that was just running away from the scene itself. but there are no other victims that we're aware of. >> an unarmed nonprofit group says they struggle with many other gang related shootings. >> the man who shot and killed three workers at a ups center in san francisco was still allowed inside the building. a source tells abc 7 news that driver jimmy lam set off a detecter but let him in anyway. two weeks ago today he shot three fellow drivers, then him sfl. ups saying only that it's
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continuing its investigation. bart says it's ahead of schedule for installing security cameras in all of its trains, something the transit agency committed to a year ago. but then they were either broken or decoys. explains why it will take cooperation as well as cameras to make bart safer. >> we now have video of you, your image we can share with police. >> it's a clear warning to anyone who might break the law on a bart train and could help riders rest easy now that every one of the 600 plus cars has working surveillance cameras and it's the fallout of a january 2016 murder when ramirez was shot and killed at the west oakland station. a crime that happened within feet of the fake camare a. ru. bart revealed more than 70% of the cameras were nonworking dummies. a platform camera did catch these images but so far no
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arrests. >> the video, getting an image is just one tool that law enforcement uses. if someone in the public knows this person and we're hopeful they'll come forward. >> reporter: the new cameras have been installed in phases in recent months and they credded them with being able to make two arrests. >> every night when these cars come to the yard, we have crews working to replace the takes ab get one car done and that work is now done. >> i think it helps to know something is there watching but i think it would only solve a problem like later on. >> the cameras are not monitored in real time but they will record video that will be kept for at least seven days. abc 7 news. a pent lumau man is under arrest for reportedly having sex with a teenager he met through the dating app, grinder.
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he's 23 and the alleged victim is 15. he knew he was having sex with a minor and told them he'd exchanged sexual messages with other minors. police would like those people to come forward. there are new developments in the case of the santa cruz doctor accused of -- 6 millio$6. if he bails out, he would be under house arrest with limits on internet access and a no contact order with potential witnesses and alleged victims. >> we definitely appreciate the court's analysis but we're concerned that may not be sufficient to protect the public. >> rochelle faces similar charges and they'll be tried together. her bail has already been set and she's banned from practicing as a nurses until the case is
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resolved. they're hoping the third defend, emily stevens, will be extradited here from arizona. the next court date is set for july 27th. drone view 7 gives us a view of the city from embarcadero. on the same day the height of buildings along the water front is being challenged. >> it allows them to give developers permission to build taller structures. that's expected to go to trial. >> eight washington is where developers wanted to build a high rise on san francisco's water front. it never happened. after proposition b passed in 2014. >> so prop b simply says in the event that a developer wants to build higher than existing law allows on the water front, the voters have to approve. >> and they have. two developments are in the works and the buildings will be
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higher from 4 to 8 stories high, depending on the location. one of those is at pier 48 at mission rock and the other is a residential project at pier 70 in the dog patch neighborhood. >> the voters have no ability to make fun. >> reporter: almost immediately after prop v pastsed, they decided to chal thchg measure. they argue it should be the port commission not the voters to decide what goes up and how high. >> we believe the port commission and other city agencies can do a good job managing the resources and protecting them. >> reporter: for starters he says they have trained professionals who are experienced in these kinds of projects. supporters of proposition b don't buy that argument. >> it would demolish the open rerecreational space we call the gateway.
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>> it would mean they could build 10 or more empire state buildings all along the san francisco water front and the public would have no say. >> reporter: at today's hearing, the judge signalled the matter would likely go to trial. lean melen dez, abc 7 news. several wild fires are burning around the western united states, including right now near camp pendleton. we'll have an update. tornados strike the midwest. we'll check on any damage. >> nothing like this here but we are talking about warmer weather. i'll let you know how long this is going to last coming up. >> it's starting to feel like the fourth of july or darn close. coming up the simple difference coming up the simple difference between what have to travel from its source to the bottle? a hundred miles? a thousand miles? how about less than a mile and a half?
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crystal geyser always bottled at the mountain source.
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how fafrom its sourcelpine spring to the bottle?travel ♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. breaking news at orange county. hundreds of firefighters are fighting this fire burning near camp pendleton. no evacuation orders have been issued. the u.s. forest service says it's mobilizing its night flying helicopters to help attack the flames. fire burned perilously close to homes in burbank. this is near the mountains.
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mandatory evaciation orders have been lifted. around 16 acres burned. last reported the fire was about 80% contained. no homes were damaged. altogether forty major fires are burning in the western u.s., nearly doubling incise in 24 hours. dozens of firefighters are putting their lives on the line. >> reporter: tonight a fast moving brush fire prompting mandatory evacuations for a community in burbank california. firefighters racing to the scene. this as the goodwin fire quadruples incise. ground teams have had to pull back at times for fear of their safety. >> we're not going to put firefighters in danger. >> this near the area where 19 elite firefighters lost their lives fighting a blaze four yooers ago, now forcing the entire town and mayor to evacuate. >> we moved here about three
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years ago and bought a beautiful home. >> reporter: wild fires now in 11 states. the largest in southern utah destroying more than a dozen structures. >> we're trying to fight it. it's getting out of control. >> reporter: our matt gutman on the scene as it grew to nearly three times the size of manhattan. it's moved hundreds of yards just in the past few minutes. we saw it from 20 miles away. >> he's making that drop. >> reporter: back in california a rapid aerial assault saving many homes. near san bernardino. >> god bless them, god bless them all. they saved our home. >> returning home after evacuations lifted there. >> you could see the smoke covering the town of dewy behind me. but the winds have died down and that is a good thing because some of the brush hasn't been burned in 40 years.
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that is a lot of fuel. this fire's expected to keep growing and burning for weeks. philip mennau, abc news. it feels like the fourth of july. fireworks sales started today. in dublin where sales will benefit a church's out reach program. >> we made a little over 15,000 last year. so it helps a lot. >> it is illegal to set off any firework that explodes. legal, safe and seine fireworks don't leave the ground but they aren't even allowed in most bay area communities. pay close attention to the rule wheres you live. abc 7 news has the bay area covered. go to our website for a full list. a storm that moved through southwest iowa released several touch downs. one tornado hit a rural area east of sidney, iowa this afternoon. damage was likely limited to
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crops in the area. weather service says expected strong winds, heavy rain and hail. >> they do wauchbt want to see if they'll be able to see the fireworks show. i always feel pressure around this time of year. make the fog disappear. i can't tell you it's going to go away. we are expecting those temperatures to actually come up a few degrees. sorry we're having computer problems right now. let's see if we can get to the temperature trend. if not we'll get to live doppler seven. and there we have it. it's up and you will notice there's fog around along san francisco and the san mateo coastline tonight. the fog layer has compressed. so that means we're going to continue with the warming trend that started in our inland areas today. you're seeing the fog right now, a pretty view as we see a little bit of the glow post sunset.
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temperatures 56 in san francisco, 57 in half moon bay. everyone else in the low 60s. and you'll notice from our golden gate bridge camera, it's kind of broken up. 59 in santa rosa. in the mid-60s around concord. and one other live picture from our emory vill camera watching patchy low clouds. foggy areas in the morning. patchy drizzle. warming continues the next few days and it's a typical summer spread. foggy areas tomorrow morning. temperatures beginning in the 50s. for the rest of you, enjoy the sun and it is going to be warmer inland. low 90s inland, low 60s coast side. temperatures will start to come down at 7:00 but still pretty mild inland. here's the hour by hour look as to what's going to happen. we have the fog near the coast. notice it's not spreading into our valleys. tomorrow morning because it is getting compressed it's only going to be around the bay and
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eventually pull back towards the coastline. and then as we head towards the afternoon hours, fog will linger near the beaches. you will be seeing blue skies. temperatures in the 50s. so cool enough to where you might need that extra layer and for the afternoon, 81 in san jose, temperatures ranging from the upper 60s to the upper 70s. cool and with some fog lingering. 59 in pacifica, downtown san francisco, 65 degrees and in the north bay, yes, you will need the sun screen. napa, san raphael, in the east bay, low to midsaerv 0s. 90 in fair field. 85 in pleasanten. a nice warm day. accuweather 7-day forecast low 60s, to low 90s. a wide range of temperatures for
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friday. and the summer warmth is going to carry over into the holiday weekend. if you're off monday and tuesday, fourth of july, temperatures will slip a few degrees along the bay, coast, inland and yes, you see the fog there. it's pretty much going to be a constant the next seven days. so we will pinpoint as we get closer. but that time of year when you start to go oh. >> is that an official meteorological term? okay. got it. thank you very much. making electric cars cheaper right off the lot. (vo) this fourth of july
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california drivers can soon
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get an incentive to go electric. they unveiled a bill today that would create $3 billion in rebait money for drivers who buy electric cars. he announced it in front of a charging station where his own car was charging. the exact amount will depend on factors including the customer's income level but he believes they will create a powerful draw for drivers. >> so we're trying to get a million 1/2 vehicles on the road by 2025 and then 5 million clean vehicles by 2030. >> he believes the electric plan would work in the same way as a state rebait plan for solar panels. he helped jump startdustry in c. smart train service is finally here, sort of. tomorrow the new sonoma transit system will be giving free train rides. the so-called soft launch begins three special runs. for more information on times
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and location, go to abc 7 by the way adate for the launch of null service has not yet been announced. you kblnow the commutes are horrible but you may be surprised to learn we don't have it the worst the longest commutes are in new york. california ranks fifth behind maryland, new jersey and washington d.c. of course it factors the state as a whole so the results are skewed. obviously it's tougher to get around in the bay area than the less populated places in california. up nex thet republicans are still trying to deliver their promise to repeal and replace obamacare. protests from washington d.c. to right here in the bay area as republicans try to get everyone on board with the health care bill. also a robbery suspect opens fire on a bus as passengers run for their lives. and the patch that could
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replace the stick of a needle. how it
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live are you live. this is abc 7 news. regroup after the collapse of their health care plan. >> as the world series champions cubs visited the white house, jonathan carl has the story. >> reporter: president trump predicted a surprised victory for the stalled republican health care bill. >> health care is working along very well. we could have a big surprise with a great health care package. >> reporter: at this point victory would be a big surprise.
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not only are all democrats opposed so are no fewer than nine senate republicans and on capitol hill, at least 40 arrests today. more protests. the republican opposition to the bill falls into two camps. conservatives who say it doesn't do enough to repeal obamacare. and moderates who are concerned the bill goes too far, slashing medicaid, which donald trump as a candidate promised not to cut. >> president, are you concerned about the medicaid cuts in the health care bill? >> it's going to be great. >> reporter: the president isn't negotiating the specifics but now acting as the chief cheer leader for the bill. yesterday he met with 46 republican senators. >> president trump, i challenge you to invite us, all hundred of us, republican and democrat to blair house to discuss a new bipartisan way forward on health
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care. >> reporter: we took that to the president. >> would you be willing to negotiate with all of them? >> have to find out if he's serious. he'd have to be very, very serious and he's done a lot of bad talking and he just doesn't seem like a serious person. >> reporter: jonathan carl, abc 7 news the white house. republicans and democrats are battling over the delay of the latest congressman. house majority leader thinks gomez is staying in california to help democrats pass a clooime change bill and asking him to report immediately. a terrifying shootout inside a crowded baltimore city bus. here's abc news reporter. >> reporter: tonight new video showing the terrifying shootout insad crowded baltimore city
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bus. the gunman firing at cops rushing the scene using both hands. armed with two .40 caliber handguns and several magazines of ammo. they say earlier this month he tried robbing two people before getting on the bus. when police pulled the bus over, he reacted. in the middle of the gun fire, passengers frantically running. one wounded in the cross fire. >> officers down. >> reporter: an officer also shot. this body cam video shows them using cars. herb then flees the bus, running at officers while shooting. eventually he was killed by police. the wounded officer and passenger have both recovered. they say he had a long record and appeared determined not to go back to jail. eva pilgrim, abc news new york. back here a report from the
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san francisco city treasure's office shows huge inequities in the county's bail system. >> reporter: to get out of jail before a trial, those arrests can pay the entire bail. they'll get it back if they make the court hearing. if they can't make the full amount, normally 10% to a bail agent, which is nonrefundable. the get out of jail card is everyone's constitutional right. but is it fair to everyone? her brother was bailed out by his girlfriend's family. >> they ended up putting up their house and their car just to get my brother out. >> reporter: a report released by the city treasurer says san franciscoens are paying an average of 10 to $15 million a year in nonrefundable bail fees. >> money should not be a determining factor, how big your bank account is in whether or not you get out of jail.
9:34 pm
>> reporter: a long-time bail agent agrees it should be reformed but says there are other options. >> proposition 47 dropped many felonies to misdemeanors which allowed people to be sited and released. things -- $950 get a citation and get released. >> supervisor wauchbnts to set revolving bail fund. >> get that money back when their loved one shows up to thier court hearing or charges are dismissed. >> reporter: urging san francisco's judges to lower bail in the county, which is now the highest in the state. vic lee, abc 7 news. a new bandage size patch could transform the way we get vaccinations. researchers at georgia tech administered with a patch of dissolving microneedles. it eliminates the sting of
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injection and the hassle of visiting a flu clinic. you could put it on yourself. it also holds promise for delivering other vaccines as well. as the trump administration moves to dismantle air quality reg yl regulations, it continues to cut american's lives short. the study of more than 60 million senior citizens, found a relation to smog to an increased risk of death and -- the harvard university analysis found no level of a safe level of pollution. this is the new england journal of medicine. rolling out the bike share meant rolling o
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an r 2 d 2 model has sold at auction for $2.7 million. the auction house says the 43" tall robot was compiled from parts used throughout the ofilming of the original trilogy. it was the most expensive item offered in a movie memorabilia auction that included numerous props from the "star wars" franz chiez inhadcluding darth vader's helmet. ford motor company has a new vehicle with no motor at all. why a car company is rolling out a fleet of bicycles across the bay area. >> i don't really care what mark twain said. this is great biking weather in this city. how about it. >> reporter: scores of people got their first ride on a bike with an unlikely name. have you ridden a ford laeltly? >> i came all the way from
9:40 pm
denver for this. i wanted to be part of something that's new. >> reporter: but the vision is not new at all. >> improving people's lives by changing the way we move and for henry ford, 100 years ago, that looked like an automobile. >> reporter: ford go bike is the rebirth of bay area bike share with 10 times a many spread around berkeley, emory vill and san jose. run by motivate which designed the bikes and will manage where they're placed with real world data. >> we'll be able to feed the places we want more of it and feed the holes. >> reporter: by making them available at transit hubs like this one, they're hoping to solve the last mile of your commute. >> reporter: clipper cars everywhere are celebrating because the same car you use for the bus or ferry will unlock a ford go bike. >> we want to walk, go someplace later on, it affords incredible
9:41 pm
flexibility in the way we actually live our life. >> reporter: it's 149 a year or $14.90 a day. >> low income residents will pay $5 for the first year. >> reporter: in fact local leaders say 35% are in neighborhoods of economic concern some because people requests them. >> people went online and said i really wish you would put a bike station here. >> reporter: an electric pedal assist model will make its debut next year. jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. meteorologist is up nexwit the forecast plus. you really don't know where your life's going to go. >> the warriors' boss.
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a group of studsants in san francisco hit the streetsz to learn about art. they ventured into clairian alley in the city's mission district. it's home to dozens of murals. they were asked to analyze the murals and look for meaning. an assignment that turned as political as the murals themselves. >> she's reading a book about the world and how foreigners are being dissed by donald trump. >> means that when trump took office, there was a lot of chaos. >> the students later divided up to analyze murals in groups and interpreted to their class mates. now to the young man who
9:46 pm
walked to work three miles every day until one day he'll never forget. >> reporter: just outside of dallas, andy mitchell was on his way to work when he noticed something. >> just by chance that i ran across this kid needing a ride to work and i pulled over and gave him a ride to work. >> on that ride they started talking and this young man's story inspired him. writing meet my friend justin. gave him a ride to work at taco casa. he told me he walks three miles to work and home every day. >> we had a lot of people in the community of rockwall that donated. too many names to count, really. >> reporter: with just one facebook post they raised enough money to buy justin a car and here's the moment when many of those strangers tell justin he no longer needs to walk to work.
9:47 pm
justin then getting behind the wheel. so why all of this for a stranger? andy says he just wanted to help someone who deserved it. in texas they say everything is bigger. apparently so are their hearts. abc news, new york. >> nice. >> nice sunny story. we'll see if the weather matches that. yeah, you will be seeing plenty of sun tomorrow except near the coast where you're seeing the fog right now on live doppler 7. it's going to stick around well into the afternoon. 61 in half moon bay where the fog will be hanging around. 65 downtown san francisco and it's warm and sunny. 86 degrees and warmer in antioch at 92 degrees. anywhere from the 60s to the
9:48 pm
90s. if you're going to the fill more jazz festival, morning fog on saturday. 66 degrees. we're going with a wide range of temperatures. typical for summertime. anywhere from the 50s, 60s coast to the low 90s inland. and we switch it up slightly. a little cooler monday, fourth of july and on wednesday. >> all right. thank you. well, celebrations continue for the warriors. in addition to being this year's nba champs, draymond green has been named the defensive player of the year and bob meyers won executive of the year. abc 7 news reporter has the story of the victory tour which began very close to floem one of them. turns out he hasn't forgotten his high school roots. >> reporter: at monta vista high school is it posable to get used to not one nba championship
9:49 pm
trophy but two? >> you going to touch it? >> i might. >> reporter: we can safely say monta vista had a strong impact on bob meyers, his teachers remember him. >> he came across as someone who was going to be successful. >> reporter: while they're not all that arrive, how about draymond green who just won the nba's defensive player of the year award and monta vista graduate turned general manager bob meyers who used to play on this court and just became the newly crowned nba executive of the year. >> awards i don't think are ever for one person. i think they're for a group of people. you see that man hugging draymond green? it's his high school coachro f saginaw, michigan. his presence a complete surprise. >> he said coach, man, i love you. >> reporter: draymond's high school basketball team won two back to back championships.
9:50 pm
he was elected homecoming king. he says he lunched defense in saginaw. how rarding that must have been for the man who first taught him and still does. >> i text him during the games and he be smiling like we're in high school. >> reporter: as for bob meyers, he asked what the kid he was playing on the court in 1993 would say about the man who showed up today. >> i was not overly confident. so i would probably look at someone like me that came back and say i could nerv -- i couldn't be that guy. >> reporter: it's all about possibilities. at monta vista high school in dan vill, abc 7 news. >> neat to see. a little bit more sports. >> lots of offense tonight in houston. the a's hit five home runs but would it be enough to get their fifth straight win? and what a day for the giants newest player as he comes up b
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abc 7 sports brought to you
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by your local toyota dealer. before the giants wrapped up, they put closer mark melancon on the 10-day disabled list. he has a problem with his right elbow and mostly likely have his m i mri. the rockies nolan arenado knocks down this ball, reaches out and from the seat of his pants, throws to first in time to get tie block. that's why he's a four-time gold glover. san francisco took a lead in the fourth. and deep to left for a two-run homer. it was 3-2 giants. the rockies came back to tie but in the sixth, wong hits a long fly ball and it is out of here. his first major league hit proves to be the difference as they get their first sweep of the season. the a's are trying to make it five straight wins on the road. it was "game of thrones" night
9:55 pm
at minute maid park as this game was quite a battle. springer got things going in the first hitting his ninth leadoff of the season. that's a record. ? and his second one, a three-run shot in the third made it 5-4 oakland. davis with a team high 24 home runs. houston answered with a five spot in its half. josh reddick with an rbi single. oakland would not go away. the solo blast into seventh, cut the lead to two. t the a's had a season high runs but struck out nine times. houston wins 11-8. the a's may have lost potential all star who took a foul ball off his right knee. no word on the extent of his injury. the rockets have acquired
9:56 pm
nine-time all star chris paul from the clippers for a group of players including lou williams. paul has never made it to the conference finals. now he'll be sharing the ball with james harden and perhaps paul george who houston also wants. the warriors two major award winners, bob meyers and draymond green were at mauonta vista hig school in danville. he got a warm welcome from green who won his first defensive player of the year award on monday. the last two years green had come in second to the spurs' kawhi leonard. >> for two years he was in that second spot which i know draymond doesn't like being in second place. so he got what he deserved, which is the reward, recognition and i couldn't be happier for him. >> it's great. but i won't be satisfied until he's headed to the hall of fame. that's where i think he's headed
9:57 pm
and i'm enjoying sitting back and watching. >> what does draymond mean to me? i think of him as a friend. he's going to be a friend of mine the rest of my life. i want him to win as many awards as he can. but we're talking about life. >> warriors star steph curry will be putting his golf skills on display when he takes part in the tournament. the tour's ellie may classic sfret july 31st to august 6th in hayward. it will also raise money for the communities warriors foundation. >> i had a lot of emotions about it because i love to play golf. it's a passion of mine. but to be able to play along side the best golf professionals, it's a huge treat and hopefully raise a lot of money for the foundation. it's going to be really fun. hopefully everybody comes out and watches. i'm going to try to keep it in the fairway and play well.
9:58 pm
so see you guys there. and just for kicks. raiders punter was putting his foot into more than footballs like a bunch of cash or a cake. how about a dozen raw eggs? yeah, he likes them scrambled. a quick bite before launching a chicken. and watch this milkshake. king did it all and more. thank you nfl for th. this has been brought to you by toyota. kind of a combination of gallagher? >> oh, yeah. >> and david letterman pushing stuff off the roof. >> i was thinking he was angling for a shoe contract. >> maybe so. >> thanks so much. coming up tonight at 11:00, the ban is back. the controversial travel ban will go into effect in hours with even more rules. and this woman vanished
9:59 pm
nearly 30 years ago. they say this case could be murder. join us at 11:00 on channel 7. she doesn't punt but we told you about penelope the porcupine. now we're seeing a different side of her. >> she's dancing. dancing, dancing. that would be a good one. abc news reporter caught the porcupine busting a move this afternoon. what do you think matches her sweet move snz tell us in the comments where we've posted the full video. >> something about the be gees maybe. >> that's a good one. >> all right. thanks for joining us. >> for rick, and all of us here at abc 7 news and especially for penelope, thanks for watching. >> we'll see you at 11:00 on the 7.
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narrator: today on corrupt crimes... christmas eve, 2008. a family's annual holiday gathering turns tragic. it coincides with the arrival of kids' all time christmas favorite,


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