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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  June 29, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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frms live where you live this is abc 7 news. >> flames break out in a san jose neighborhood. neighbors grab their garden hoses try to protect their homes. good evening and thanks for joining us. dan and omau are off. several fires broke out this afternoon in san jose, sunburning only gas but others
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damaging property. another came close to homes at cleariew and ever sol in north san jose. they were able to stop the fire from growing but not before coming within striking distance of several homes. >> reporter: the fir captain on scene tells me it burned about five acres. you can see what's left of an open field. those acres way too close to home for people who live in the neighborhood here. they didn't even wait for the fire department after calling 911. they grabbed their garden hoses. >> grabbed everybody's hoses because we know there are other fires apparently around here. >> you say scary, yes. >> i just hope nobody's home would burn and you never knew where it was going. we call them a few times to come home and it started on the other side, other neighbor's houses. so very scary. >> the fire department tells me
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no homes had to be evacuated but the wildlife center did have to be evacuated. the executive director tells me they moved nearly 500 animals to safety. it took fire crews about three hours to put out this fire. abc 7 news. nearby four separate fires burned 85 acres this afternoon. they attacked the flames from the ground and the air. sky 7 was over head the blaze earlier. they quickly brought the fire under control in two hours. this shows you the location of the fire zone near grant lake. that area has burned and been targeted to reduce fire danger this summer. firefighters tackle two brush fires in the mountains west of los angeles. >> those are 65/70 foot flames, for sure. >> about 20 to 25 acres had burned. so far none has burned. several miles away another fire
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burned 30 to 50 acres in calabasas. now to president trump who sent out a pair of venomous tweets about a cable news tv show host. tonight the white house staff defending the tweets saying the american people elected a president who fights fire with fire. here's jonathan carl. >> tonight donald trump being presidential. welcoming the president of south korea to the white house. but earlier today donald trump being anything but presidential. launching a harsh personal attack on msnbc television host, mika, calling her low iq crazy mika. saying she and co host and fiance dime visit him in mar-a-lago in december and she was quote bleeding badly from a face lift. this after she criticized the
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president on her show. >> nothing feels better than a fake cover lying every day and destroying the country. >> the president's tweets touched off an avalanche of bipartisan condemnation. >> i think it's so blatantly sexist, i don't think there's even any question about it. >> we're trying to improve the tone and suvilt of the debates. >> reporter: among the republicans condemning the president, the two senators seated right next to him on a meeting on health care this week because he needs their votes. >> it clearly was inappropriate and not something that he should have done. it's beneath the dignity of the office. >> reporter: and fellow republican who tweeted "stop it." the presidential platform should be used for more than bringing people down." the white house press briefing almost entirely consumed about the president's tweets.
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>> the president has been attacked mercilusly on personal attacks by members on that program. i don't think it's a surprise to anybody that he fights fire with fire. >> reporter: this would seem to put first lady milania trump in an awkward position. before the election, she said she would make combatting cyber bullying a cause as first lady. >> have you thought more about what you would like to do as first lady? >> as hope helping children and women and social media in this 21st century. what's going on, it's very hurtful to children. to some adults as well. >> reporter: jonathan carl, abc news the white house. >> they posted this image. shows an eagle head bowed with the word humiliation. well, president trump's partial travel ban took effect about four hours ago and within minutes it was facing more legal challenges. >> welcome. >> reporter: as this foreign
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exchange programs welcomesudent stdents from libya may not get the same opportunity. >> we're not sure because this is brand new and so we're still waiting to hear what is going to beme of them, if they'll still be able to come or not. >> reporter: american cultural exchange services works with 47 different countries. they've seen half as many applications. >> it makes me very sad because this is my passion and this is what we work towards is better understanding of a better world and to bring peace through mutual understanding. >> reporter: attorneys are working to understand the ban and help people who may be arriving from syria, iran or sue dan. >> we ask is anybody being detain snd. >> reporter: people seeking visas from the six countries must prove a bona fide relationship to someone in the u.s.
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other travellers are simply confused by the ever changing traveller rules. she confronted the traveller attorneys when her mom came from india. >> there's so many changes in immigration law because i was concerned because she over stay. she's a green card holder. >> reporter: after three hours, reunited with her family. only a handful of people have sought advice from the attorneys so far. >> the state of hawaii filed the first appeal the travel ban. close family members can inter the u.s. but not all family members. a spouse can enter but not a grarnt. they say close family includes many of the people federal government decided to exclude from thet definition. members of the house passed kate 's law late today. one of two immigration bills they say will make our country
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safe again. abc 7 news reporter has more on how both proposals are tied to the bay area. >> reporter: it's been nearly two years since tragedy struck in san francisco. a family forever changed. this memorial bench, a reminder of what was lost. >> unfortunately due to disjointed laws and basic incompetence on many levels, the government has suffered a self inflicted wound by the hand of a person who should have never been on the streets. >> she was shot and killed by juan francisco sanchez lopez. who had been deported five times. with many calling for change, the kassig nited a national fire storm on immigration. but it wasn't until today the state passed a bill on kate's law. critics say it will do more harm
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than good. >> a bill that is focussed on ramping up deportations and arrests of people whose only violation is their immigration status is the wrong approach. that's why law enforcement has said it hurts public safety. >> another bill called the no sanctuary bill for criminals act would with hold certain federal funds from cities like san francisco. president trump said quote the implementation of these policies will make our communities safer. opposing these bills and allowing dangerous criminals back in our communities, schools puts all of us at risk. but ed lee disgrows. >> we're going to continue defending our sanctuary city and not allow the tie to sinnism is and politics to over take us. >> the senate will now consider the two proposals. in san francisco, abc 7 news. a northbound cal train was the latest after a conductor was
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hit in the face by a passenger. cal train says an argument turned physical and a woman elbowed the conductor in the nose. she was arrested on suspicion of assault and battery. they didn't say how seriously injured the conductor was. whale watchers are coming from all over to san francisco's golden gate bridge. some experts say it's too close for comfort. melanie woodrow has the disturbing encounter captured on camera. >> reporter: she says this is one of two incidents it has seen in the last few days. a practice, noah says, is dangerous for everyone involved. >> the whale accidently hits their boat back, who's going to come in and rescue them? >> in some cases the whales are endangered. they do not appear to be
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accidents. >> they believe these are a result of carelessness and lack of self control. >> tracy poor says she's enjoyed seeing the wells from a safe distance. >> super exciti. thrilling in fact. >> it's those on the water getting too close, including kite and wind surfers. >> they're specifically targeting them probably for the thrill. >> reporter: they spotted a wind surfer and a boat today. it's auinspiring to see them that close but you have to respect that is a wild animal. >> noah says it's keeping a watchful eye and plans to enforce fines. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. up next, the unexpected site in downtown santa rosa. why a hot air balloon ended up making a surprise landing next to the mall. this is a huge day for us. >> we've been waiting for is it it for a long time. >> passengers test out the new train service in the north.
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we're in a typical summertime pattern. i'll let you know if it it's going to stick around through the fourth coming um. and the dogging who stole a
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a woman is now in custody for what police say is the city's first murder in two years. she's charge would suspicion of murder and felony hit and run. she's being held without bail. they say she ran over a 23-year-old woman after an alteration around 7:15 tuesday morning. the women had known each uther for years. >> we believe the suspect and victim were involved in some type of fight and at some point the suspect got back into the vehicle and appears that she intentionally hit the victim. >> police arrested de la rosa yerds after spotting her in the car believed was used in the incident. an unusual sight this morning in a north bay town. yes, this is a hot air balloon. no one was hurt. the operators were able to pack up the balloon and leave very
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quickly. it's been years in the making and now the sunoemonoma murin as finally ready for commuters. kate larson has more on today's free test run. sfwlr >> reporter: all aboard. they're pulling into stations and taking passengers on a free preview ride for the first time today. jasmine johnson, one of the many young train enthusiasts on board is riding from their home in roanered park to the murin civics center. others are looking to avoid congested commutes. >> i hate sitting in traffic. i would like to take my bike on this and ride it to the hospital the rest of the way. >> reporter: still some say more infrastructure is needed before it replaces their car. >> where i work there's no way to get from the station to where i work.
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>> reporter: smart does not have the green light from the federal railroad administration to fully open. their initial route to san rufell in the final testing phase of a new safety feature to be standard on all passenger trains called positive train control. >> it is designed to stop the train in the event it goes over speed and for whatever reason our engineer cannot, it will bring it safely to a stop. >> and smart is still building the extension scheduled to open in 2019. they're also fund raising to clover dale. in the north bay, kate larson, abc 7 news. meteorologist is mere with the forecast. >> a breezy outside. you've probably been feeling it here in san francisco. the winds are going to drop off and pick back up again. so do expect a typical breeze out of the west, southwest. that's going to keep the heat
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away. you're not go having to to worry about it getting too hot like last week. check out live doppler 7. we do have it fog. it has pushed over parts of the east bay tonight. so we're getting a pretty good push of the marine influence here. take a look at the wind. and that helped to push the marine layer in. this is a beautiful view from our south beach camera. note this is marine layer over san francisco and it has continued to advance towards the bay. so tomorrow morning this is what you can expect along the coast and the bay. not inland. you'll be pretty much on the clear side. you can see the trees swaying in the wind. so definitely an evening breeze that's got a little bit of a bite to it. currently in the 60s in san jose, gilroy. a little bit of cloud cover mixing with clear skies in the
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golden gate bridge. 69 santa rosa and 58 in livermore. gray skies from our explore torrium camera up here. you will see spotty drizzle in the usual coastal spots. mild to warm days and slightly cooler for the fourth of july. tonight at laechb 11:00, we see a little bit of drizzle. so do watch out for some slippery spots. along with the fog, with reduced vi visibility, you can keep track of live doppler 7. by 3:00, you'll be seeing lingering fog at the coast. starting out with temperatures in the 50s across the entire bay areas and as we head towards the afternoon hours, 81 in san jose. on the peninsula, similar readings to today. 59 in pacifica. downtown san francisco. 56 degrees and in the north bay
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you'll be seeing those temperatures in the 80s. 83 in sonoma, 88 in santa rosa. east bay. 72 berkeley. head inland and you'll be around the 90s well inland. 89 in livermore. walnut creek, 88 degrees. not too many extremes as you ceck out the accuweather seven-day forecast. minor cooling on saturday. temperatures come right back up again, especially around our inland areas on sunday and then we'll go down again. you thee trend here. but certainly we're going to drop those temperatures with very little change expected on wednesday. >> looking good for the beginning of july. we showed you this video yesterday and some of you were concerned about the mental health of this little critter. what we've learned.
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a lot of wrou have seen this video on our website, abc 7 that was posted by abc 7 news reporter, alyssa harrington. many thought she was dancing. others wanted to know if she was okay. so we checked in with penelope and her keeper. >> before she lays down to sleep but the cold glass might feel nice against her paws during the hot weather. we do give her special porcupine pop sickals to keep nice and cool, showers she enjoys but you might see her doing that right before she takes a nap. >> she gets excellent care and you can see her up close, even
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pet her at lindsey wednesday through sunday at 10:30 in the morning. a research team will be keeping a close eye on well known tenants in san francisco. they place tracking bans atop pg&e head quarters. the perch has been a favorite nesting spot for a pair of the birds over the past decade. the first year that they were here, they led from the north side of the building. they floated up to the roof a and -- and everything went fine. since then we've seen all kinds of fledgelings. >> pg&e has been operating a falcon cam. one of the president's closest aids is facing questions tonight.
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he's almost always at the president's side. why the committee investigating russian medaling in the election wants to talk to him. and looking into election fraud wants the names and addresses of every voter in california and that could be you. the state's defiant response. and push too far. the pregnant nuther who caught an alleged thief
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live where you live. this is abc 7 news. well, we begin this half hour with president trump's long-time body guard. the house intelligence committee wants to question keith shiler in connection with the russia investigation. >> reporter: tonight abc news has learned the house
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intelligence committee wants to interview a key member of the president's innercircle, his body guard. sources say he told shiler and at least one other aid they are potential witnesses in the probe into possible ties between team trump and the russians. shiler did not respond to requests for comment. a key reason they want to talk to him. he has known trump for years and just about always by the president's side. a former new york city police officer. after, he gave the title of director of oval office operations. among his jobs, hand delivering the letter that told james comey he was fired. and right there for the vizzesio the vatican. >> excuse me, sit down. you weren't called. sit down. sit down. sfwlrks b sfwlr
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>> reporter: but it is his time on the campaign trail that garnered the most attention. after just this look from his boss, it was shiler who ushered jorge ramos out of that now infamous news conference. >> don't touch me, sir. you can't touch me. i have the right -- >> reporter: and it was shiler seen outside trump tower punching a protester in the face. word president trump and vladimir putin will have their first face to face meeting. will the president raise the it issue of russian interference? california secretary of state is refusing to turn over voter data to an election commission. they want them to hand over the names, addresses and political parties of all americans reg --
9:32 pm
californiaens registered to vote. he says he will not provide sensitive voter information to a commission already inaccurately passed judgment that millions of californiaens did illegally. no state or local elections official has found any evidence to back up the president's assertion. they claim there's a cover up in san francisco. claims involve the hunter's point shipyard across from the bay view district. dozens of whistle blowers demand they revoke the license of tent rutech. contamination came after nuclear bomb testing. they claim tetra tech showed the site is safe when there's still radio active material there. >> people's lives and health are
9:33 pm
at risk here. and the navy and tetra tech have turned their back on these people who live there and who will die here. >> they say federal investigators have already looked into this matter and closed it which resulted incorrective actions. they emphatically denied the allegations. five point holdings released this statement saying we are confident in the oversight process of the environmental protection agency to insure it is up to the standard consistent with the designated uses. anger over the republican effort to repeal and replace obamacare is building in washington d.c. demonstrators united with democratic law makers. it failed to win support from nine republican senators, including nevada's dean heller.
9:34 pm
he's part of the negotiations but not showing his hand. >> not going to negotiate with the press on what it's going to take to get to something favorable for the state of nevada. >> a new report says the republican plan would cut medicaid spending and mean 15 million fewer medicaid recipi t recipients by 2026. now to tennis star venus williams. she and another star collided near her home. here's net etinnews reporter. >> reporter: tonight venus williams under the spotlight but not for the usual reasons. the 37-year-old tennis star is being blamed for a traffic accident where a pasfger in the other car ultimately died. at this intersection three weeks ago the report says williams cut across in front of a car.
9:35 pm
that car t-boning williams. 78-year-old passenger was rushed to the hospital for head trauma and died two weeks later. his wife died. the police report says williamswilliam s advised she did not see the other car and she's at fault for the other accident. she entered the nrintersection a green light and venus expresses her deepest condolences to the family who lost a loved one. and police do not believe venus williams was distracted or under the influence of alcohol. so right now no charges or citations for williams but police are still investigating. abc news new york. a pregnant woman in an suv mowed down an alleged thief trying to steal her purse. it happened at a walmart parking lot in north carolina. here's abc news reporter. >> reporter: it's alarming to see. >> get out of the way. >> reporter: and someone here
9:36 pm
could have gotten killed. police say even though the pregnant woman behind the wheel of this red suv was robbed, they say she went too far when she tried to run over the alleged thief. this is how it went down yesterday in the parking lot of a north carolina walmart. >> she crammedt in reverse and run over the medium over there in between and hit him in the back. >> reporter: police say 34-year-old robert rains suffered only minor injuries. he's accused of breaking into the woman's suv and facing multiple charges including felony breaking and entering. 26-year-old christine braz well was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon. >> i chased a little ways, then come back, threw it in gear and mowed him over. i was not foeing to let him get away with it. >> reporter: razwell faces a
9:37 pm
maximum sentence of two years in jail but it's possible she could do no time at all. abc news atlanta. up next. get a grip gecko style. how a lizard inspired stanford
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a music loving job stole the show in turkey. during a vienna orchestra. the audience laughed and applauded when the dog wandered on stage and sat next to the first violinist. enjoy the performance of the italian symphony and it with went viral after it was tweeted with the words "cutest moment in classical music."
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how do you make things stick in space? stanford researchers have a solution inspired by geckos. this video shows tests of their grippers both on earth and at the international space station. this tool can grab on to both flat and curved objects. we'll let one of the researches explain how it works. >> it only sticks when you apply a load to it in the direction along the surface. each of these get close contact. it turns on the adhesive. it comes off the pulling force. >> this is a prototype. the next step is to try testinging it outside of the space station. coming up a hotel on wheels. creators say it's the dreamy way to travel between san francisco and l.a.
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if you rely on of the bay area's transit systems, be prepared to pay more starting this saturday. the adult cash pair will jump to $2.50 per raid. monthly pass holders will go up 1 to $2 depending on the type of pass purchased. and 5 to 15 cents for local rides. like muny, the agency will charge people who pay with
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clipper cards less. transbay fairs are -- what if it you could go to bed and wake up in a different city? it's a new start up called cabin building what it calls hotel on wheels. jonathan bloom is just waking up with his private tour. >> we went with all leather seats, some nice high gloss tables. >> reporter: he's showing off the new down stairs lounge in a boutique hotel. >> reporter: pressed sheets, the same sheets -- but this offers something the it's carlton can't 237. >> it's akin to teleportation. you fall asleep and wake up somewhere new. >> reporter: they call it cabin. a new kind of bus inspired by an old kind of travel on railroads and ocean liners. >> these things were hotels that moved. it was a multi-day trip, the service was amazing and you
9:47 pm
would book a cabin. >> of course these cabins are a bit smaller. >> just roll in? >> just roll into bed. >> reporter: but getting a good night's sleep on the road require as whole new way of thinking about driving. it's not like i have to get here before this because there's going to be traffic on the bridge, it's i don't want to wake these people up, upstairs. who ever thought about that when they're driving? they have a ipad app and on their inaugural route they intentionally slow the trip down for fewer bumps and longer sleep. rartsz lot different than the 45 minutes you'd spend if you fly. >> the pain of getting through the airport, through security. >> reporter: they think travellers would rather the hotel come to them. they can slumber their way to l.a. >> and then you can ---ing.
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>> go to bed now. >> reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> well, the summer programs, especially ones for kids are on for the lindsey wild liech life experience. fire was the greeter today. she was too beautiful for us not to give you a look. it was found in castro valley. >> she's just enjoying the wind. she also enjoys the sun. so this is fire and whenever she's outside, she always does this behavior of opening up her wings. >> she tried to release fire several times but she has become too accustom to humans. you can see her wednesday through sundays. it's that time of year when kids are out of school and as you check out live doppler 7, you'll notice there is fog around. 60s coast side to the 80s and
9:49 pm
90s inland. here is a look at the beach forecast. here is your forecast, 73 degrees. uv index will be very high. so definitely sun screen type of weather. there's so much happening. murin county fair opens tomorrow at noon time. mild start, mid70s. and then falling once the sun sets but still really quite comfortable. good idea to pack a sweatshirt or a jacket. also mild conditions and bright and then we check out the accuweather seven-day forecast. minor ups and downs as we head into the weekend. temperatures will be in line with what you expect this time of year. for the fourth of july, mid-80s inhadland, low 60s coast and i know the million dollar question is will we see fog? >> that's the reality this time of year. now it's time to check in
9:50 pm
with anthony flores of sports. >> they left 11 runners on base. well, a good road trip that comes to a disappointing end for the a's in heisten and the raiders open up their checkbook. they're paying big bucks to one of the guys in the trenches. (vo) this fourth of july
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abc 7 sports brought to you by your local toyota dealer. hitting a road block in the series finally in houston.
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the rubber match of this three game series. former a josh riddic with a drive to deep right field. oh, my josh. yes, it's matt joyce with the it riddic s tack hey, nice grab. nice catch. he did okay. an rbi and two runs scored. he did not do well. his second home run of the game. the astros take two of three in the series. 6-1 is the final. they're 13-27 away from oakland this season. while the raiders' front office is doing its best to keep this guy happy, last week they rewarded derek carr with the biggest contract in the nfl. now it's time to take care of the guys who watch his back.
9:55 pm
they're signing right guard jaksn to a five year contract extension. it's a whopping raise from the 1.8 million he was earning in the final year of his rookie deal. he's been a big part of an offensive line that allowed fewer sacks last season with just 18. he was a third round pick behind khalil mack and carr. he's now part of one of the best offensive lines in football. >> not wishing any ill will on any of my players but we could sustain some injuries. they got to understand football better. we have to know situations better. we're really focusing on situational football as a team in whole. so i think we can take another step and be known as the best offense in the league. andre iguodala is going to
9:56 pm
bow a wanted man on july 1st. there are plenty of teams showing interest and that is good for the warriors. the dubs still have players, several players to sign, including kevin durant and steph curry but both of them should be locked up by the end of july. the ladies are in the spotlight with their second major of the year. the pga championship in illinois. how about the it shot of the day. had to hit this one on 16 from right near the grand stand and it would go in for birdie. michelle wee had this nice birdie putt on 12. now another american, brittany, is just one shot behind the leaders. she finished at four under and she's the co leader. puts her to three under par.
9:57 pm
she's now five under par, tied with amy wang who was on 18 when play was suspended. they're both tied for third. they are just one stroke back and finally, there's nothing a mom won't do for her son. european tour, lee broke his putter and threw it into the lake in frustration. lee was on the next hole when that went into the awful looking water. she grabs the putter and realized it it was broken, then discarded it back in the water. that is a nice mom. this abc 7 sports report has been brought to you by toyota. hopefully they both learned a lesson. don't throw your putter in the water and mom, don't go after it. but he gets them for free, so there's no need to go back in the water. a garden hose versus a grass fire. they jump into action to save
9:58 pm
their neighbors from fast moving flames. plus a fremont car jacker who had no idea police were tracking his every move and the technology that made it possible. join us at 11:00 on channel 7. finally tonight an in studio surprise. disk jockey steven seaweed is hanging up his microphone. he's known to generations of hard core rock fans as the weed man. today he got the word he'll be induck inducted into the walk of fame. he says one of his favorite memories is hanging out with listeners on free food audience. >> we had a live studio audience and i fed them. i always loved having a live audience. the listeners, they're the ones who do it for me. >> i will hangout with anyone for free food. his final show will be all
9:59 pm
requests and he won't forget to drop his signature line, you're rocking with the weed man. i'm sure they'll miss him and the free food just as much. let's check in one last time at our forecast. looking very nice as you check out the accuweather seven-day forecast. 60s to 90s. wide range of temperatures to appeal to everyone. a little bit of cooling saturday but note this is temperatures coming right back aup again. and we'll drop the temperatures, a gradual cool down in the fourth of july. >> so nice to see those triple digits gone from last week. exactly. last week there were too many complaints about the heat. >> from all of us here at abc 7 news, thanks for watching. see you at 11:00.
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narrator: today on corrupt crimes... a woman is brutally murdered in the bedroom of a man who has mysteriously vanished. cavalluzzi: her clothes are torn from her body. it has all the markings of a vicious sexual crime.


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