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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 15, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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tell us how those boaters were doing over on channel 1. good evening. i'm kate larson in for eric thomas tonight. now to our other top story.
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>> that location the heart of san francisco's shopping district union square. that's where a burglar went to work on a brazen break-in. police are looking for the burglar to smash through the front doors of the gucci store overnight to steal thousands of dollars worth of purses. >> the shattered glass led to shattered dreams outside gucci. >> now we're disappointed. >> diana dewalt and her granddaughter are visiting from san diego. gucci was their first stop in the city. >> i was hoping to get a gucci belt. my grandmother looked up it in the hoegts room and everything. >> they found ladders and plywood. >> i'm shocked and obviously something untowards happened. >> police say someone backed a vehicle into gucci at 2:49 this morning. the one inch thick triple lamb nant glags doors and window collapsed inside. the suspect grabbed a bunch of gucci purses and took off.
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we'll shop and get lunch and hopefully they're back open again. >> the manager at gucci declined to comment. the mount claire store manager told me this is just the latest in a series of union square smash and grabs. it opened one year ago in june. it suffered four break-ins before management installed a steel gate. he says like here at gucci, each suspect stole just a few thousand dollars of misdemeanor, but left tens of thousands of dollars of damage in additional security behind. >> gucci reopened around 2:00. in san francisco tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. a gunman is wanted tonight for a shooting in san francisco. abc 7 news was in the bay view district where police say a man was shot in the chest.
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it happened just after 3:30 this afternoon in keith street. investigators say the vimt was by himself and died in the street. they believe the shooting may be gang-related. the shooter ran away and there's not a great description of him right now. neighbors say they are concerned because there have been several shootings in the area over the past few weeks. department of public safety is back open after a bomb scare this morning. according to the department, two citizens brought world war ii era grenades into the headquarters lobby for disposal. the building had to be evacuated while a bomb squad was called. the explosives were found to be inactive, but the department is calling this a teachable moment. leave it where it's at. don't touch it. evacuate the area. call 911. >> good add viets. the department later tweeted out this photo of those disassembled grenades. a small plane crashed straight into the ground, and the pilot walked away with just
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minor injuries. that plane plunged into a field along highway 12 in kenwood. it happened around noon today. the sonoma county sheriff hasn't said if the pilot reported any problems before that crash. abc 7 news has learned ntsb investigators will arrive in the bay area this weekend to begin their investigation into last friday's missed approach involving an air canada flight at sfo. investigators are expected to interview air traffic controllers to figure out exactly why flight 759 from toronto lined up to land on a taxiway instead of a runway. at the time four planes were on that taxiway waiting to take off. fortunately, pilots aborted the landing and avoided what aviation experts say could have been a major disaster. the city needs to improve its crosswalks. the incident occurred at the
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intersection of -- were walking home from getting ice cream when they were hit by an oncoming car. you can see it right there in that video. security council noel gayo says something has got to change. >> our responsibility is to take care of our children and families. safety first. that's what we're going to do and have a crossing right. a flashing crossing light that anyone can use. >> he says there will also be repaving the street and repainting the crossing lines to make crossing the street safer. >> the flavors used in baby jugss sold with e-cigarettes. san francisco is already voted to ban the sale of these products and ban them within 1,000 feet of schools and parks. health advocates fear that they
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appeal to children with flavors like bubble gum and chokts. >> kids are getting hooked every day. it masks the harshness of nicotine. it tastes like bubble gum and apple pie and things like this that are definitely marketed as a way to get kids hooked. >> it would just lead to a black market for flavored tobacco products. a renowned stanford mathematician and the only woman to win the prestigious fields medal has died after a long battle with cancer. she was 40 years old and is survived by her husband and daughter. everything has got to go at the state capitol. the state is having a summer blow-out sale. we're going to show you all of the items up for auction.
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plus -- >> one of the great experiences working experiences of my life. >> the stars in full force at disney fan event today. oprah's upcoming new movie, plus the world's first snake and what's to come in the next star wars film. >> well, it is a warm summer night out there. heat advisory still in effect through tomorrow. we have a hot finish to the weekend as well. we'll detail the numbers in that fu
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>> the convention day continued today in anaheim. there was a sneak peek at project from marvel to mary poppins to star wars. from our sister station in los angeles was there.
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>> reporter: new footage and new hints at what's to come in star wars the last jedi. it all got revealed at the big d-23 expo. >> there's new creatures. there's new planets. there's cool new stuff. >> reporter: while we got a glimpse into the last jedi, we only got information about avengers infinity war. >> every year they've kind of upped the game every time. it's like, you know, and that is a lot of pressure, i think, on everybody. marvel just delivers and knows how to do that. >> also being celebrated here, emily blount in mary popins returns. snoo people talk about mary poppins, and it's nostalgic for them. i wanted to pay omage to what julie did, but i had to kv out new space for myself and create my version of her. >> many books. she wrote eight books, actually. she wrote until 1988. there's a lot more adventures, a lot more stories to tell.
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its stars out in full force, including oprah winfrey. >> it was just one of the great experiences working experiences of my life. >> ava brings this very present energy to something of this size. >> the bedrock of the story is one that is a true heroine's journey that everyone can see themselves in, and that's why we try to cast it the way that we did. everyone can see it in themselves. different body types. different ages, races, backgrounds. you know, that's what disney really stands for is everyone being able to come on, it's a small world after all. >> that was george reporting. disney is the parent company of abc 7. more help is on the way for an east bay teenager paralyzed in a freak accident. next, the touching special plea to give this yuj man the support he needs.
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>> and scorching heat in parts of the bay area. today you're looking at a live look from our camera in santa cruz. meteorologist drew touma will tell us about how lon we can expect all this heat to last. looks fun out there tonight, though. >> i'm rick quann. coming up in sports, the warrior steph curry shows off his skills on the golf course. and giants madison bumgartner makes his return to t
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legendary coach has joined the fundraising effort for an east bay teenager injured in a freak accident the day before his high school graduation. jake javier broke his neck when he fell into a friend's pool last june, and now he is paralyzed from the neck down. the san ramon high school senior was a stand-out on the football
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team and had planned to walk on to the cal-poly team in the fall. as alum and head coach released a video yesterday to generate support for javier as he completes his rehab. >> i want to support him. i think we all should support him on his mission and on his determination to work on these projects for spinal cord injuries and to help him attain his goals. >> a celebration will take place on the football field on saugt 5th. if you can name it, it was probably for sale this weekend in sacramento. this is the state surplus auction, and today's sale featured lots of computers, some older than others. bignd small. there's also furniture of all kinds, boats, and even some ancient cell phone technology. all of this stuff belonged to the state and is no longer being used. they sell it at rock bottom prices along with some other items that were seized by the tsa. the auction happens four times a
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year, and there is another auction scheduled for september 16th. accuweather coming off of a hot weekend. tonight the temperatures are warm, and that means tomorrow the heat is going to repeat. live doppler 7 along with satellite. what we have out there tonight, some high thin clouds up above. that just gave us a gorgeous sunset moment ago. live look from our east bay hills camera. great visibility. well off into the distance. you can see the tower blinking. the fog is not with us tonight. that means not only a warm night, but also mild even along the coast right now. 63 in san francisco. a pretty warm 77 right now in the south bay for san jose at this hour. 78 in santa rosa. 84, that number in concorde. brentwood, still toasty at 91 degrees. the call overnight tonight. we're going to hang on to a lot of this warmth we have right now. beautiful looking sky out there tonight. plenty of stars. it will be mild in many spots.
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a lot of 60s. even low 70s away from the ocean water overnight tonight. hour by hour on your sunday morning sock in the morning being look at this. widespread 80s. if not some spots into the low 90s. this is going to be another hot day as you get into the afternoon. it's for that the heat advisory is still in effect lasting until tomorrow night at 9:00 for the areas shaded in orange. that means just an increased risk of heat related illness with this hot weather overhead. look at your highs on sunday. maybe one or two degrees warmer tomorrow than we were today. 95 in san jose. tomorrow 101. concor concorde. 84 warm degrees in oakland. 75 that number in san francisco. santa rosa, up to 9 degrees. fairfield, even warmer than that. checking in at 101. it's the combination of not only the heat, but gusty winds and very low humidity that a red
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flag warning is in effect for our hills. pretty much above 1,000 feet until tomorrow night. that just means conditions are running high in terms of our fire danger. some heat tips over the next 24 hours. if you are outside a lot, hydrate, find shade very often. check on your seniors. kuls u also pets. with pets, make sure you don't walk them on the hot pavement. it can get up to 165 degrees on the blacktop this time of year. refrain from outdoor burngs. fires can easily start and spread under these weather conditions. future weather tomorrow at the beach it's going to be one of those rare summer days where we have sunshine right from the get go along the coast. it's going to be a warm day. especially in santa cruz. a high of 80 degrees. 70 that number in half-moon bay and monterey bay. that uv index is extreme. wear the sunscreen. the seven-day forecast, through the next seven days for you, tomorrow just down right hot. what happens on monday, it turns much cooler around here. that trend continues into
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tuesday. the heat is going to ease rather quickly. a steady pattern midweek into friday and then saturday you can see those numbers are starting to warm up again under sunny skies. the weekend is hot, and then much cooler as we head to the new -- >> thought we escaped to the coast, even though 80 is zil -- >> the water beautiful. >> a little too cold for me. >> beautiful? >> all right. rick. >> yes. >> i was excited about madison's start in the game, and he had a good game. not good enough. >> i would love to say he threw a no hitter. got the game-winning home run. i can't. a dirt bike accident. giants ace madison bumgartner returned to the mound in san diego. baumgartner got run support. a two-out, bases loaded. buster posey both score. it's 2-0 san francisco. he could not have gotten off to a better start. striking out the side of the first. he wound up with five k's.
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seven innings. threw 102 pitches. he did give up a pair of home runs. this two-run shot put the padres on top. trailing 3-2. the giants pulled even in the sixth. joe panicked with this sixth home run of the season. it's all tied up. in the bottom of the ninth former giants catcher hectare sanchez delivers a no doubt two-run blast off steven. padres win 5-3. a good return. not so happy finish. before the a's took on cleveland, the team honored fall of famer ricky henderson. former cy young award winner cory, struck out 12 tonight, but not rookie matt chapman who went 3 for 3 in the third. he hits his first career home run to make it 1-0, oakland. in the eighth, chapman connects again. this time off andrew miller. his second of the contest. ties a game at 3-3. then in the ninth chris crushed avis and sends everyone home with a two-run shot off brian shall. the a's walk off with a 5-3
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victory. davis has a team high 25 home runs. >> 200 million contract with the warriors. curry is hanging out this weekend with justin timberlake at the centuries golf championship. let's go out to lake tahoe for sun and games. j.t. hikes a basketball to tony romo. if basketball had not worked out for curry, he might have pursued a career in golf. he sinks this birdie. steph tied for 13th with 32 points. his dad, dell, is also pretty good with the short game. he is tied for 27th. aaron rodgers had one of the best shots of the day on seven. his ball nearly rolls in for an ace. rodgers is tied for sixth with joe pavelski who finds the cup. he it trying to win this event for a third straight year.
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with the 70 today yang is eight under for the tournament. as his amateur who sinks this birdie. they are just one stroke back. the leader is china's fung. she shot a third round one under 71. is she's trying to get her second major tiegts. she won the lpga championship. nine under. then comes troy and yang. the top american is christy kurr who is tied for eighth place five swings back. 37-year-old venus williams was trying to become the oldest women's grand slam champ in the open era, but ran out of magic today at wimbledon. let's go to center court. venus, the sentimental favorite to the final. spain's would play the spoiler as williams could not close out the first set. this ball seemed to catch williams off guard as it lands
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inbounds. she failed to win a game in the second set. with the forehand winner there. this was championship point. venus's return is ruled to be long and that was it. she wins her first wimbledon title 7-5-6-0. she's the first person to beat both of the williams sister in a grand slam final. she knocked off serena to win the french open. >> for me it was a challenge to have her growing up watching her play, and everybody starts latching. in fact, it's something incredible. i was so excited to go there and win. especially over somebody like a role model.
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tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00 a driver in florida somehow survives after a large metal pipe smashes his car while he is driving. how you can protect yourself from road debris. also -- >> my name is -- please follow my instructions. >> meet tracy. she could be the key to help speeding up security screenings at the airports. how people enjoyed a day of hot fun in the summertime in the park. ♪ the menlo summer fest features everything the summer street festival could want. live music, cold beer, food trucks, and the work of some 200 artists. the fun continues from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. you can check that out. that's it for us at abc 7 news that's it for us at abc 7 news at 9:00.
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