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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  July 28, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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♪ live where you live, this is "abc 7 news." ♪ reince is a good man. john kelly will do a fantastic job. >> shakeup at the white house. after a week of turmoil, president trump tries to hit the reset button. good evening and thank you for joining us tonight. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. chief of staff reince priebus is out. the news broke this afternoon in washington as the president was landing at joint base andrews. >> it was a surreal scene as priebus got off the plane in the pouring rain. word spread as he was walking towards his suv. he was left alone sitting in the car as the motorcade departed without him. >> abc news reporter is in washington. >> reporter: two out in just search days. first white house press secretary sean spicer.
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in the midst of turmoil in the west wing, chief of staff reince priebus is out and general john kelly is in. >> reince is a good man. john kelly will do a fantastic job. >> reporter: president trump tweeting, i am pleased to inform you that i have just named general/secretary john kelly as the white house chief of staff. he is a great american and a great leader. john has done a spectacular job at homeland security. he has been a true star of my administration. >> he has been a true star. respected by everybody. >> reporter: tension by between priebus and anthony scaramucci hit a boiling point overnight, scaramucci unleashing a scathing attack in a shockingly profanity laced tirade. he called priebus a bleeping paranoid skids owe frening. prebus tells cnn wolf blitzer
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there are no hard feelings. >> this is not a situation where there's a bunch of ill will feelings. this is, i think, good for the president. >> reporter: sources tell abc news the president felt he needed a white house chief of staff who could push his agenda forward and get the west wing in order. as one source puts it, this was a long time coming. gentleman nay norman, abc news, washington. tonight the "new york post" has updated its cover from this morning. in a tweet in newspaper crossed out the picture of reince priebus and posted the caption, the tribe has spoken. >> here in san francisco tonight a call for unity in washington d.c. the divisive climate has inspired one-time san francisco resident van jones to host a 14 city tour called we rise. >> that's right. the cnn commentator took his message to the masonic in knob hill. lonnie is in the newsroom with the story. >> reporter: this is the second stop for the tour. first was los angeles. the idea is to foster good conversation to encourage
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progress. jones urged a large audience to focus on values over party. >> it seems like there's an internal struggle in the white house for power, but power to do what, to help who? that's why we have to rise up ourselves. >> reporter: that message inspired this gathering at the san francisco masonic. >> everybody is -- >> reporter: it was an invitation to bay area residents from various background to have a healthy discussion about politics and social change. >> i think when people start talking to each other, they realize that their similarities are much greater than their differences. >> it is about moving away from the republican versus the dems, it is about moving to each other and seeing can build community. >> reporter: the civil discourse in this theater is a stark contrast from divisiveness in washington. after the gop health care failure -- >> yes, this is a disappointment. a disappointment indeed. >> reporter: there are renewed calls to work together again. >> sometimes you need a little
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spark that inspires the forces of coming together. >> reporter: van jones says there's still lots of work to do regarding health care and other issues. >> i think we should be somewhat relieved but we should be working even harder now to get this country back on track. >> reporter: organizers say 100% of net ticket proceeds from this event go to dream corps, jones' nonprofit committed to initiatives such as green energy, access to tech jobs and prison rehabilitation. in san francisco, lonnie rivera, "abc 7 news." tonight house minority leader nancy pelosi is offering to work with republicans on health care. she wrote a letter to gop leaders saying, democrats extend the hand of friendship and look forward to our working together in the regular order for the good of the american people. pelosi also said house democrats are prepared to support some of the elements in the better care reconciliation act, which was voted down on tuesday. that includes a short-term stability fund, a long-term
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state stability, and innovation program, and cost sharing subsidies. >> a judge has reduced bail for one of the two men charged in the deadly ghost ship fire in oakland. lawyers for max harris asked him to release him from jail pending trial. that request was denied. they also asked for a reduction for bail. it was dropped to $750,000. both he and the other operator of ghost ship face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. >> died at the hospital in oakland today. police in stockton arrested the child's stepmother on tuesday. the infant was flown from stockton to the east bay hospital after suffering a severe head injury. he had been on life support. maynard is facing three counts of child of abuse. police are looking for a person of interest after four
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suspicious fires in downtown overnight. take a look at a man seen walking near a dumpster that went up in flames. there also was a car set on fire, a fire inside a parking garage, and a fire near the bicycle path. the man was wearing a beanie, a light colored long sleeved shirt, dork pants and carrying a backpack. if you know who he is, call palo alto police. let's move on now. the moment many tesla fans have been waiting for has arrived. the more affordable version, the model 3, has just rolled off the assembly line. tonight tesla passed out keys to the first 30 owners. this is a live look inside the car, just posted by the company. "abc 7 news" katie marzullo is live in fremont with what people are saying about it. katie. >> reporter: dan, there are 30 new model 3 owners out there tonight, having driven off the lot here in fremont not that long ago. they are tesla employees. ceo elon musk said the idea is
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to have them look for kinks that might be in the car. >> we have the first production cars here being charged right there. >> reporter: tesla's ceo elon musk has sent the first model 3 owners into the world. >> let's head out with some cars. >> reporter: one galuh attendee shared these photos with us. the model 3 can make it about 220 miles on one charge, and it has the lowest price tag of all of the tells laws starting at $35,000. owners of the s and x models welcome it to the family. >> model 3, it serves its purpose for getting people involved with evs who may not otherwise be able to. >> embracing that kind of technology in more of a mass production can only be good for us as a country. >> reporter: tech analyst larry maggett said tesla options like autopilot are impressive at the low price point but might not be enough. >> it is one thing to have a great car. it is another thing to be able to actually manufacture them, deliver them and make a profit from them. >> reporter: musk said he expects to turn out 20,000 cars
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by the end of the year and 500,000 by the end of next year. >> frankly, we're going to be in production hell. >> reporter: he ordered one. he has high expectations and hopes tesla can deliver >> when i bought my model x, i was not really satisfied because i had so many problems with the car initially. >> reporter: about half a million people have put down a $1,000 deposit on the model 3. in fremont, katie marzullo, "abc 7 news." okay. here is a basic guide to tell the tesla models apart. the new model 3 is the smallest and starts at $35,000. the model s is the original sedan, starting at $69,500. and the model x crossover seats seven and will set you back at least $82,500. wells fargo struggling to overcome last year's fake account scandal says it is cutting 70 senior executive jobs. that's according to a memo obtain by bloomberg today. wells fargo is now facing a second customer account scandal. the bank has admitted that it
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signed up thousands of its customers for auto insurance that they didn't need. wells fargo says it noticed the problem last year but was waiting for the right time to tell customers. >> all right. much more ahead on "abc 7 news at 11:00." it may seem obvious, but a warning for residents in one east bay community. stay away from bats. also a company that producing life-saving drugs is revealing the night a cyberattack impacted its production. >> i'm spencer christian. it is a little cooler outside tonight than at this hour last night. what does it mean for the weekend forecast? i will give you a closer look coming up. >> thanks, spencer. you can smell it before you see it. garlic is in the air this weekend for a south bay community. >> first though, here is a look at what is coming up on jimmy kimmel live right after "abc 7 news at 11:00." >> here is a look at tonight's show. don't over think it. just watch. >> are we stuck? >> i'm a little girl who acts like a little boy and i'm a killer with my little sword.
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p a warning from the contra costa county health department. a bat found near the children's splash pad in clayton tested positive for rabies. >> it is the third found in the county. katie utehs is live with the latest. >> reporter: health officials tell us rabies is almost always fatal in humans. they don't believe anybody came into contact with the rabid bat but say the incident serves as a warning. children splash carefree in clayton's grove park but a warning from the health department has parents on edge. a sick bat seen in these
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pictures was found on the pathway in the park last week. it tested positive for rabies. >> it was positive for rabies. i mean that's terrifying ultimately. >> reporter: catherine pierce served as a communicable diseases program chief in the army. >> one of our biggest concerns on deployment was, in fact, rabies. >> reporter: it is a concern for contra costa health services, too. >> rabies is nearly 100% fatal in human beings. so once symptoms appear the person is likely going to die. >> reporter: a man died in 2012 after exposure to a bat in contra costa county. >> by the time he developed symptoms it was already too late to save him. >> reporter: the county reports three rabid animals have been found this year, all bats. >> the biggest indicator an animal has rabies is they're a nocturnal animal and out during the day. >> i wouldn't touch it. bats, you have to get tested for rabies and the shots are no joke. >> reporter: the lindsay wildlife hospital treated the sick bat but it died.
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they say only 1% of bats are rabid. most are helpful mosquito eating creatures. if you encounter a trap or sick bat call animal services. in clayton, katie utehs, "abc 7 news." merck, the major drug and vaccine maker says a cyberattack stopped production of its drugs and will hurt profits for the rest of the year. they say they still don't know the full magnitude of the impact because operations are still being resord. it says it is confident it will be able to man tain a continuous supply of its top-selling and life-saving drugs. a group of drama students at oakland skyline hospital will head to scotland tomorrow, despite needing to raise a lot more money to cover the cost. the students will perform at the american high school theater festival. they raised $42,000 but need $24,000 more. the drama teacher and skyline's principal entered into an agreement with the festival that gives them until september 15th to pay the rest interest free.
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>> i go to bed thinking about this and i wake up thinking about this. >> i'm not worried because students from skyline, we work really, really hard. >> after the deadline the money is subject to 5% interest. students plan to auction off tickets to a warriors game they hope will defray a large chunk of the great. >> let's hope so. a great opportunity for them. >> a group of injured ee grets and heron is that were nursed back into health were released into the wild. conservations call this a safe place for them to restart their lives. the tree they lived in split in half and fell into the street. they were nursed back to health and now are back where they belong. >> there's one place you are sure to be safe from vampires this weekend. >> garlic ice creek, garlic chocolate, garlic almond. >> you get the theme, all things garlic. even garlic ice cream being
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served up at one of the bay area's most popular events this weekend. >> "abc 7 news" was at the gilroy garlic festival as people braved the heat to taste the flavors from the city's famous crop. about 100,000 people are expected to attend. >> if you're brave, try the garlic wine. some people love it but not "abc 7 news" reporter jeanine delavega. check out her tweet of the face you make when you try it for the first time, at least she did. >> time to turn to weather because we are at the weekend. >> spencer christian is here. whether it is the garlic festival or whatever you have planned, spencer, should be a nice weekend. >> i'm in a weekend mode. first we will look at current conditions. as we turn to current conditions, looks like 57 in san francisco and oakland and half moon bay. a school 56 in gilroy. we have low 60s in mountain view and san jose. looking north ward, santa rosa and napa at 59. 55 at novato. mid 60s at fairfield, con core and livermore. some of the inland east bay
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locations mild. a look at live doppler 7, mostly clear skies across the bay area now. we had fog at the coast in the early evening hours but it has dissipated for now. we expect it to redevelop and expand overnight though. check out the 24-hour temperature change. most bay area locations are several degrees cooler right now than they were at this time last night. okay. here is a live view from our camera at peer 15 in san francisco. looking back at the skyline, these are forecast features. a typical midsummer pattern tomorrow like today, turning slightly warmer on sunday and the warming continues into next week. overnight as the fog expands which we hope will happen, that's what we're forecasting, we will see low temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 50s in the early morning hours, 4:00 or 5:00 or so. look for high temperatures under mainly sunny skies ranging from low 60s at coast to mid an upper 70s around the bay, and inland will range to upper 80s to low
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90s. on to the beach forecast. we will have bright skies but clouds lingering at the beaches tomorrow. highs in the mid 60s but at santa cruz a mild 75. in gilroy for the garlic festival, two days of sunny skies with a high around 90 tomorrow and 95 on sunday. speaking ofwarming, on sunday a little bit warmer generally across the bay area than tomorrow. we will see mid to upper 90s in inland areas, a little higher than that on monday as temperatures approach the triple digit range. on tuesday we should see several inland locations with highs at or above 100 degrees. we will see lots of 80s around the bay and upper 60 to about 70 on the coast. august will arrive tuesday with a bit of summer sizzle. here is the accuweather seven day forecast. it will be warm, mild to warm throughout the entire seven day period. looks like the peak of the warming occurs on tuesday and wednesday and temperatures start to ease up a bit and who are these people?
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gentle de j . get ready giants fans. right fielder hunter pence says his friends have hidden autographed hats and jerseys in san francisco. he tweeted, "where would you go to get a hat in the city?" final clue tomorrow. so stay tuned to pence's twitter account. >> that's kind of fun. >> it is fun. on to sports. a lot going on? >> yeah, larry? >> i wish hunter pence had clues on how to fix the giants because l.a. against the dodgers, and the bullpen was all reliable. reliably bad. >> oh, no. >> sports is next.
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the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome. "abc 7 sports" brought to you by river rock casino. >> good evening. the giants and dodgers renewed their rivalry in l.a. club facing case two teams going in opposite directions. giants took the field leading by 31 1/2 games. 31 1/2. there are giants fans in l.a. nice ribbon l. second inning. here it comes and there it goes. brandon crawford, solo homer off alex wood, craw forward's ninth of the year and ties 1-1. score three in the seventh. hernandez, joc pederson, pride of palo alto going back, over his held. scores 4-2.
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dodgers respond in the bottom of the seven. gives up a two run bomb to sieger. sec of the game. dodgers win 6-4. they're 32 1/2 up on the giants. a's hosting on g-eazy. ryan dozer past the diving mark of siemian. scores 3-0 twins. wild pitch bouncing off the catcher. over the net, behind home plate. jason castro 4-0. grounder to siemian. he throws this thing high. suno is safe, dozier comes home. unravels for the a's. a's lose fifth in a row, 46 of 3 the final. scary moment in diamonds back game. look out. arizona pitcher drilled right in the head, and actually got the out because daniel
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caught it. released from the hospital with only a few stitches. raiders sign first round draft pick so he is ready for practice in napa tomorrow. donald penn will not be there. he wants to redo his contract. penn is scheduled to make 7 million this season. he wants to upgrade a deal he signed only last year. the raiders, they've got high ex peculiar tass this season, ready to get to work. >> we take it one day at a time. i think all of our guys can say you can't look too far ahead, take it one day at the time, one meeting and practice at a time. looking that far down the road, the season is so long. >> it gives us confidence going to this season knowing we can win games, you know what i'm saying? that's what it is all about. it is all about winning games. >> solomon thomas was holding out but the third overall pick in the draft sign his contract
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with a 49ers during first practice today. stanford man gets a four-year deal worth $28 million. thomas quickly suited up and joined teammates. the 49ers have everybod in camp. "abc 7 sports" brought to you by river rock casino. >> it is that time. thank,


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