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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  July 29, 2017 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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with the ceremony that's new at 6:00. lisa. >> a very special moment here, just about an hour ago san jose earthquakes midfielder silva met for the first time the three men who saved him from drowning on the fourth of july at lake tahoe. they were honored here with a pregame ceremonial first game, first goal rather. silva's still out on medical leave after being in a coma for two days. he went for an early morning swim at lake tahoe when he suddenly started struggling in the cold water. they came to his rescue.
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>> the people who saved my life -- rr a great feeling to be here in front of them. i have no words to thank them enough. >> his mom was the heart breaker. i wouldn't have wanted to look her in the eye if i didn't get done what happened. i was so proud of the outcome. sometimes your best isn't enough. this time it worked out. and silva's mother flew in rom brazil soon after the w in incident happened. he's currently going through rehab in reno and he hopes to rejoin the earthquakes in the 0 2017 season. a man is in the hospital after a armed robbery. an suv that officers found on the sea wall near the berkeley peer around 3:00 thirty this morning.
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he had been robbed and shot in the neck before he crashed. the car was towed away and the roads around caesar chavez park, where the berkeley kite festival is happening were closed for several hours. a 68-year-old man is under arrest on suspicion of dealing hard drugs. al here at the gloen brook terror -- he's accused of selling cocaine, and black tar heroin from the parking lot of the complex. they seized suspected drug money from his apartment. he has 14 prior feltany convictions for drugs, burglary and petty theft. thousands of people rallied to protect the future of health care. it's part of a national day of action and included several events right here in the bay area. cornell bernard is live with nor more. this rally wrapped up a short time ago.
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it appears republican efforts are on life support tonight but the president says not so fast. >> what do you want? >> reporter: in san jose dozens caught the attention of drivers outside santana row. their message health care for all. >> i got here to celebrate that the aca was not overturned. >> cathy forta says the affordable care act covered her 24-year-old son pfs hospital stay after he suffered several strokes. >> it saved his life and he's my only son and i'm so joyful. >> the senate's failure to pass repeal for obamacare may be a temporary victory. the president tweeting unless the republican senators are total quitters, repeal and replace are not dead. demand another vote before voting on any other bill. >> i care about americans having
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access to affordable health care. we're an innovative nation. we can do this. >> reporter: in san mateo a small group of protesters urging law makers to spare their health care. >> the only reason i have it is because obamacare required my employer to authorize. and it's a terrible plan burt it's what i got and it keeps me alive. >> reporter: this group marches through downtown concerned about possible budget cuts. >> they might cut funding for medicare/medicaid, etc. so we're on board to be vigilant about it. >> reporter: this national day of action, one of many health care rallies across the weekend. these demonstrators say they'll be back. new developments out of oakley tonight where the family of a teen age girl killed by a driver allegedly under the influence has filed a wrongful death lawsuit.
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in june of last year, 15-year-old rochelle was run over by christina on east cyprus road. an off duty chp officer and the city of oakland. they were following -- city of oakley. the officer was following her because he suspected she was drunk. his presence distracted her. the biological nu icaical m 2-year-old stockton boy who died at the children pfsh hospital in oakland after they say he was abused wants answers. she's charged with three counts of child abuse. she spoke with the biological mother just before he was taken off of life support. >> he had his whole life ahead of him. >> you can see the heart break and hear the devastation in her
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voice. her son jackson beaten so badly he's being kept alive by machines. >> it just drives me nuts who would do this to a 2-year-old. >> reporter: the woman accused of doing this to him is his own step mom, chelsea maynard. charged with three counts of child abuse. sadly, reported abuse against jackson isn't new. from december 2016 to june 2017 child protective services in san joaquin county says there's several reports of abuse against the 2-year-old. maynard was never specifically named as an abuser. >> this is the type of thing i would see on the news and i would be like oh, my god if that happened to my kid and now it's my turn because cps fails to do their job and investigate? >> reporter: at howard with the
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children's advocacy institute admits they have a tough job but people should demand answers about why jackson was left in an abusive home. >> we all have a moral responsibility to make sure we know first what happened. and second, if mistakes were made, that it never, ever, ever happens again. we owe that to this baby. >> reporter: as for gonzales, instead of planning her son's next basketball game, she's planning how she'll donate his organs when she takes him off life support. she won't rest until she sees justice for jackson. >> my son isn't here anymore. >> now that he's been taken off life support, they say if will be up to the district attorney's office whether more charges will be filed. a woman in sacramento says police threw her to the ground, eight months pregnant.
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>> started contractions. >> police admit to using force. why they say they did nothing wrong. also. ♪ a concert in the middle of nature where a hiking trail turned into an outdoor concert hall. i'm meteorologist drew tooma. comfortable start to the weekend. i'll look at the numbers ahed in the accuweather forecast. and a new service that's supposed to make life easier for lift passengers but the drivers are not happy.
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an eight month old pregnant woman is claiming police threw her to the ground. seven armed officers wanted to get inside because they thought they saw their suspect duck into the apartment. >> as i get up to enter my home, a cop grabs my arm and throws me directly on my stomach. >> she says a short time later she began having contractions but they stopped a short time later. police confirmed they did have to use physical force because she wouldn't let them inside. a review of body cam video has
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not prompted an investigations. black lives matter sacramento wants them charged with assault and battery. new details on how a fast food partnership anounlsed ride share lyft is coming. it's facing a back lash from some who don't like the new taco mode feature. it allows them to direct their drivers to go to taco bell during their lyft ride. some drivers are calling it the worst feature ever. saying they'll lose money sitting in drive through. lyft says it's optional for drivers. a special honor for the man who made the fradphrase, holy to famous. broadcaster, bill king. i'm mike shoeman. they enter their training campst
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. a team of volunteers in oakland decided to make a difference and distributed a truckload of necessities to the homeless. at 25th street and martin luther king jr. way watching the volunteers in action. they delivered water, soap to the homeless camp there. they say their work is important because they know the unexpected turns that life can take.
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>> at any given time any of us can be out here. so what we want to see for ourselves, we want to see for them as well. we got together to make sure they have what they need, maybe mot for a week but for right now. >> over the past three weeks the christopher jones foundation collected tooth paste for distribution to the homeless. one of the greatest voices to ever call a baseball, basketball and football game is now in coopers town. the bay area's bill king has been inducted into the hall of fame. >> reporte >> not a pitch, there's a high drive. right center field. that is gone. and it's 20 consecutive victories for the oakland athletics. holy toledo! >> as you know those last two wursds were king's signature call. was an opera buff, ate onions for breakfast and had a temper. >> he ended up announcing
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championship games for the warrio warriors, raiders and the oakland a's and also the only announcer to ever receive a technical foul in basketball. >> bill king became the fourth -- rather 44th baseball announcer to be inducted into the hall of fame and awarded a super bowl ring. and tomorrow we're going to start to see warmer weather move in and that trend is going to last for a few days. live doppler 7 along with satelli satellite. it's a pretty quiet sweep. you do notice the clouds bumped up along the coastline. showing you sutro tower. it's pretty thick those clouds long the coast. down to the south bay we go. baby blue skies and comfortable temperatures right now. it will call for noticeably
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warmer conditions for the second half of our weelkd and as folks try to beat the heat, we're going to have a pretty active ocean current. so there will be strong rip tides along the coast. it looks to last at least through midweek on wednesday. it's cool on the coast, it's cloudy. tons of sunshine inland. 88 the current number. 74 -- we're at 73 in napa and oakland. party cloudy skies and a temperature around 63 degrees. the clouds building on the coast. that typical trek inland will begin. right around the immediate bay waters and most spots will drop into the 50s overnight tonight. watch your time stamp, corner of your screen. still seeing patchy fog along the bay and along the coast, thick fog. but as we go into the afternoon, the clouds pull back to the coast. inland 80s and 90s the name of
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the game. but to the coast we go. it's much cooler with temperatures in the 50s around half moon bay. takes a look very typical summer pattern beginning to set up tomorrow. a little mild for san francisco along the coast. and 62 in half moon bay. 74 in oakland. you go inland. that's where the warm weather really begins to move in. 95 in concord. santa rosa a warm 85 degrees tomorrow afternoon. right now live look at santa cruz. folks enjoying a lot of sunshine. dipping their toes in the water. tomorrow we will see sunshine in the afternoon. but the big story, rough surf, strong rip currents will be an issue along our coastline. 67 for santa cruz and monterey bay. inland we just turn the temperatures opfew degrees.
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might go to 98 degrees. 97 in concord. we are still relatively comfortable and cool. half moon bay sitting in the 60s. here's the accuweather seven day forecast. warmer day inland tomorrow. that warming continues on monday as well. by tuesday and wednesday i think more folks will start to feel the heat around here but that's easing. a really nice summer pattern with morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. >> all right. drew, thank you very much. now abc 7 sports with mike shumen. >> well, the raiders are in napa and looking forward to the 2017 season. this team's season came to an abrupt ending with quarterback derek carr's injury in the playoffs. he's the key to this team's offensive success. plenty of weapons. michael crab tree, omary cooper
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and beast mode, marshawn lynch. he said the expectations are high. >> i understand the excitement of the people we have but i don't understand the excitement of how we finished so far, so we need do a better job there and i think that's what keeps our team focussed and one day when we reach our goal, we'll look at it and say that's cool. now we know how to do it kind o% a thing. >> reporter: now the niners new strength coach has a monster ramp for training purposes. i thought to myself i can kill my achilles tendon going up. there's jed york on the left going up. kyle shanahan was asked what do the players think about this ramp? >> their reaction is probably the same as mine. it looks like the mountain. that was something our coach believed in and it was important to him. he really liked it and it can strengthen your legs going up
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hill. it's hard to pull hamstrings when you're going uphill. it really wasn't too big a deal of me but it was something ray wanted and i believe in ray from a conditioning standpoint. used to be one of the robberies in baseball bp 32 1/2 games behind the dodgers in the west. despite san francisco's record, this kid has laser focussed. in the first, 28 pitches. gave up an rbi single. he managed to get out of trouble. snags a chopper. starts the inning ending double play. two runs on eight hits. he had three strikeouts. puig gets his revenge in the second. hustling to foul territory. crashed into the wall but he's okay. with two outs in the fourth, hunter pence took care of that
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with his seventh home run of the season. that would be the giants loan run. two out, two on. he strikes out jay wong to end the game. 2-1 your final. will sonny gray be traded before the deadline? he was supposed to pitch tomorrow. they scratched him and will have him start monday. meaning if he's traded, he'll be fresh and can start with his new team immediately. they're against the twins. one of the pga tour's oldest events, the canadian round open. an eagle on 16 and 18. three back of your leader. kevin chapel. also shot a six under 66, he's one back at 16 under. nice down hill birdie putt on three. everyone's chasing charley ho hoffman shot a -- when you make shots like this from fringe for
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birdie you're going to have the lead going into sunday's final round. and the 3rd round of the senior british open. tom watson shot a four under 67. check out the shot on 13th. few bounces, rolls up the hill, nearly goes in. he would tap this in for an eagle. wow. soccer ball. burnyard languor is four shot lead thanks to a six under 65. all this german does is win majors. at the coliseum, we'll have those highlights
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yes. tonight over on coffee tv 20, gilroy isn't the only place for a garlic festival this weekend. we'll take you to a place where spiting garlic is a sport. and residents there say it went on for more than two years. a popular hiking trail in san frichko turned into an outdoor concert hall today. ♪ abc 7 news was near point
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lobos as an -- people gathered to listen to music outdoors. they played music from john luther adams. jazz organized the free concert featuring drums and wind instruments of all tooips spread out through nature. no room for an old guitarist. >> there's something primal about that many drums. >> i just talk a good game. and yes, there is something primal about having drums there. primal about having drums there. we'll see you again at 9:00
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