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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  August 2, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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two prominent names in san francisco politics get caught up in an expanding web of corruption. tied to a notorious china town gangster. a brush fire in the east bay hills closes grizzly peak. and. ♪ a bay area high school band is looking to a breather future thanks to money from a surprising source. and breaking news is in richmond where a police chase ended with a shooting not far from hilltop mall. >> we could see a person on the ground and a car with broken windows there. richmond police tell us the
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chase started in vallejo, but they don't have information about why officers were chasing this suspect. >> you can also see ha loowhat like a machete on the ground. you can see it circled there. we'll continue to update this story as information comes into the newsroom. i i'm ma daetz. >> the fire is burning near ferb ranch road and became a big cause of concern for nearby uc berkley. >> leslie brinkley has been on the scene for hours. what's the latest there? >> reporter: the fire trucks are still rolling in up here. i'm standing by the goats, 700 goats who were successfully herded out of here this afternoon. they were in the path of the fire. it's along grizzly peak boulevard. they're asking the public to stay away from this stretch of
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road. it was at th scary afternoon hen the berkley hills. five hours into fighting the fire and it's only 10% contained. it sparked to life at 1:15. it roared into a five-alarm blaze that ripped through the tall brushes and grass and eucalyptus trees in the hills sending an ominous plume of smoke. this fire was within half a mile of the territory burned in the 1 1991 firestorm. they believe it started on national laboratory land and quickly cross the grizzly peak into contra costa county. there were no mandatory evacuations, but the east bay park district chose to escort children out of day camps up in the hills. >> that was because there was smoke entering their camp areas, reunified them with the parents, everyone's good. no injuries to firefighters
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still at this point. >> reporter: due to the fire's proximity to these power lines, they talked about shutting down all power as a precaution. fixed wing helicopters dropping water. the effort to squelch the hotspots will continue no the night. in the berkley hills, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. the fire has so far spared pg&e transmission lines that connect to uc berkley's power grid. campus had warned of a power outage. workers may have to inspect the lines later. some uc burkely classroo-- berk classrooms closed as a precaution. but those at the space sciences
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are recommended to leave that area. abc 7 was first to warn you about this fire after it broke out this afternoon. it started as a two-alarm brush fire before growing to five alarms. can you get news on the go, just enable push alerts. new details emerge about san francisco airport. yesterday a teenager jumped from a plane as it was taxiing. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow is live at sfo with more on that story and the potential safety issue exposed. >> reporter: one retired pie hot that we spoke with says the system is safe. those newly released pictures show how close that close call was last month. an air canada pilot mistaking a
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runway for a taxiway. >> this was a disaster averted. >> reporter: the air canada plane was 59 feet from the ground. chris wingel is a retired pilot. >> the fact that the united 787 that was number one on the taxiway had a tail height of approximately 56 feet, it's alarming to take the difference between 59 and 56, but i think those aircraft were separated laterally by a significant amount. >> reporter: the air canada pilot questioned on what he believed was the runway. >> certainly, it's a very rare occurrence for pilots to lock onto a taxiway at night, because runway lights are white and taxiway lights are blue. >> reporter: it was so off course that it hit a blind spot in the radar system for 12 seconds. the radar system should have alerted air traffic controllers the aircraft was not where it should have been. the pilot radioed the control
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tower to let them know it was descending on the taxiway. it had already begun to pull up when it was ordered to go around. >> the system's safe. >> reporter: ntsb has not yet reached a conclusion inity investigation. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. back now to yesterday's incident at sfo involving the teenager that jumped out the emergency exit of a plane from panama. >> we'll find out what will happen to the teen. kristin zee joins us with that. >> it is a violation of federal law to open the plane's emergency door without crew member instruction. officials say that's exactly what a 17 year old did at sfo yesterday, sources tell abc 7 news, including the district attorney, it is likely that the teen will not be charged with a
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crime. >> the flight crew told us that it had an overwing exit that was open. >> as the pilot radioed the control tower and passengers watched in surprise, the teen jumped out, slid down the wing onto the tarmac. he was quickly detained and taken to a hospital another the airport. abc 7 news has learned the boy is a bay area resident and u.s. citizen, flying alone. passengers say he looked fidgety throughout the flight. law enforcement says he's getting mental health evaluations and that's likely where the case will end. there's no evidence this was terror-related and no contraband was found. this case, the first of its kind at sfo has prompted new safety and security questions. >> now security for the airport and airlines are going to have to consider what are the precautions they will have to take in order to make sure that somebody isn't doing this. that might include having some sort of trigger on the emergency exit. >> now this happened on board
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copa flight 208 from panama city, and the pain mannian airline has confirmed the teen was sitting in the exit row. that is permitted if you are at least 15 years old, and that boy was. >> what a strange story. >> absolutely. we turn to our summer heat. just when we thought relief was on the way, a heat advisory has been extended and runs through tomorrow night. it was a clear, sunny day in most of the bay area. downtown san francisco, temperatures were five decregre hotter today than yesterday. let's check in with spencer christian. >> relief is going to arrive a little later than we had hoped. here's a look at today's high temperatures. 100 at livermore, concord. 103 at antioch. and as we look ahead to tomorrow
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morning, the day is going to get off to another very warm start. temperatures will be well into the 80s in many inland locations and by 1:00 in the afternoon, upper 90s in some inland spots. as ama mentioned, the heat advisory is extended to 9:00 tomorrow night. i'll show you when we can expect a true cool down in just a few minutes. ama. >> download our app to be notified of heat alerts and advisories. a china town gangster named shrimp boy was nabbed in a sting. now three others may be going to trial on corruption charges. abc 7 news reporter vic lee is in the newsroom with that story tonight. >> that's exactly what the judge in this case has to decide. whether there's enough evidence, probable cause, to go to trial.
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now the three are accused of four counts of bribery and one count of money laundering. all three were high-profile city officials. the prosecution's evidence comes from wire taps collected in the federal case against china town gangster raymond shrimp boy chow. he was convicted on charges ranging from murder to money laundering. he is now serving a life sentence. the three defendants are former human rights commissioner, former commission staffer and former san francisco school board president keith jackson. jackson is currently in prison, having already been convicted in federal court on racketeering charges along with state senator lee. all are charged with receiving bribes from an undercover agent and laundering the money. the agent posed as a businessman wanting access to lee. >> we take these, such
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allegations qui allegations incredibly seriously. >> reporter: at the hearing, attorneys for the three defendants argued that the secretly-recorded conversation with the undercover agent were simply banter and were not to be taken seriously. they've also previously questioned the credibility of the fbi agent. judge tracy brown said at the end of today's hearing she would need more time to decide whether the case would go to trial. outside the courtroom, defense attorney john kecker would say only this. >> we're hoping and expecting justice to be done. >> reporter: neither mohodger or jones would comment. vic lee, abc 7 news. a high school band is ready for its comeback. >> this band was like one of the best bands around in the state. ♪ >> the donation that means a brighter future for this band. plus, the president's new immigration plan. some say it takes a step in the
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the children's art and music studio faces charges after a cam was found in the bathroom. abc 7 news reporter david louie has reports of how they got tipped off. >> reporter: fell low tenants believe he's operated about five years. people described him as friendly and trustworthy. but police say they found a hidden camera in the bathroom and images of one child under
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age 10. it's alleged by police that he was attempting to manufacture child pornography. >> we're trying to determine who's on the images, being that it's a sole bathroom facility, we're concerned about children and parents and additional staff, if any exist. >> reporter: the recording device has been sent to the fbi in san francisco for analysis. the shopkeeper next door says he's shocked by win's arrest and sent his grandson to the studio for five years. >> five year, he come here, my grandson. and i trust him, you know, and he's doing good now in middle school because they help him. >> reporter: so you trust mr. win? >> yeah. >> reporter: they say he operated seven days a week. they have no information that win has ever had brushes with the law. investigators are not saying who tipped them off or how they
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obtained the sd card with the picture of the minor. the studio is closed for now. in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. the former payroll clerk at a north bay assisted living facility is charged with stealing more than $25,000 from her employer. francis is accused of funneling the money to her own bank account. he is in the sonoma county jail. bart is facing a $25 million to $35 million budget shortfall and hopes that ads like these will bring in money. riders can also expect to see ads from kaiser and alaska airlines. bart has 669 cars all available
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as rolling billboards. they hope to make as much as $5 million in the next few years by selling ad space on bart cars. folks in san bruno have always been proud of the cappuccino high school marching band. and now a tragic moment in the city's history will help create a better future for that band. >> that still needs to sing, and i'm asking for mow, are and i'm getting it. >> reporter: this may well be the revival of the cappuccino high school marching band. ♪ >> i think we could get there very quickly. if not this year next year. >> reporter: its reputation as one of the best in the state ban in the '50s. they were invited to perform at president kennedy's inauguration in 1961. copies of newspaper articles highlighting the event live
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behind this glass display. but with time, the band lost some of its thunder until this year and they received funds. grants from the pg and e blast explosion settlement have led to programs. they will get $116,000 over the next three years. >> we're benefitting in so many different ways, again, from a disaster that affected the community in so, so many other ways. >> we would play on the old i h instruments that were hand-me-downs. but seeing these new ones, they pop out. >> reporter: the band has nearly doubled in size. now they can buy more inch trupts, uniforms and be able to travel. >> the growth is amazing, and you can see these kids are awesome. >> reporter: this week, students were already practicing for what they hope will be a memorable
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year. in san bruno, leanne ma lyelend abc 7 news. >> good for them. let's get to the heat. >> spencer christian's here. >> the heat is getting to us. here's a live view looking down on the bay. the heat advisory we've had the last couple days has been extended through tomorrow evening. we'll have higher fire danger for the next 24 hours and heat will begin easing be end of the week, but it's going to be a gradual easing of the heat. here's a look at live doppler7. we still have sunny skies across much of the bay area, low clouds and fog at the coast. a live view once again from our tower camera looking at that large area of clouds pushing out over the bay and parts of san francisco. it's currently 64 in the city. oakland had a high of 84. it's down to 72.
7:20 pm
san jose am gilroy. look at some high clouds and low clouds, 92 in santa rosa right now. 86 in fairfield. and overnight, we'll see a little fog at the coast and a bit of an increase in the high clouds, moisture moving up from the south through the bay area. overnight lows will be in the mid to upper 60s. here's your day planner for tomorrow. we'll begin the day with the high clouds i mentioned. a little bit of moisture drifting up from the south as well, adding to the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm or two in the next 24 hours, but it will be a mild morning, mostly sunny, and by late krafternoon, mid-80s. let's look at the highs in the south bay, 88 at cupertino.
7:21 pm
90 at san jose. further south, 98 at morgan hill. 85, palo alto, a one degree increase as you move further southward on the coast. low to mid-6 os will be the high tomorrow. north bay highs. 84 at sonoma, 85 at napa. east bay highs. 86 at fremont and the inland east bay which featured numerous triple digits today will see mainly upper digits tomorrow. t 98. we'll see temperatures moderating a bit. inland highs will reach to the mid-80s to low 90s. a couple of low 80s at the coast. and further cooling on sunday as temperatures settle into a much more comfortable range than we have seen in the last few days. here's the accuweather seven-day
7:22 pm
forecast. the heat holds on quite strongly with highs in the upper 90s, but we probably will not see triple digits. there's a slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm. and the heat dissipates on friday and we'll settle into a much more comfortable, more seasonal and more reasonable range going into next week. >> that sounds great. thank you spencer. our wet winter has brought a bumper crop of fruit that is the new darling in the culinary
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the stock market hit a new high for the first time ever. the dow closed above 22,000 points. a surge in apple stock raised the dow. stocks went up 6% after a strong earnings report. here's a look at the closing numbers, the dow rose abou .25%. the nasdaq remained the same. the s&p rose 0.05%. the apple iphone will feature augmented reality. it is i mbedding the technology later this year. it projects life-like images
7:26 pm
through real world settings, similar to pokemon go. it helps home remodelling apps that allow you to visualize decor in a room. figs are making a big comeback. central valley farmers say this year's fig crop is spectacular, thanks in large part to all of the winter rain. california produces all of the nation's dried figs and a part of the fresh figs. >> they look like they've got an extended period of harvest. so i think we'll have fresh fruit for quite some time this year. >> the banner year couldn't have come at a better team. figs are a darling in the culinary world right now. chefs love their sweetness and texture, plus they're healthy, too. rich in fiber, antioxidants,
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calcium and potassium. they make good jam to put on crackers with brie. figs are good. a man is wanted tonight for stealing priceless possessions from a home on the peninsula. >> they even took locks of her late husband's hair. >> the victim was an easy target. and big delays for international travelers in europe. they are waiting so long they are missing their flights. we'll tell you what's causing the holdup. the holdup. and the changes d
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live where you live. of this is abc 7 news. an update now on the breaking news. a police chase, an officer-involved shooting on richmond parkway. police shot and killed the suspect. >> the chase started just over an hour ago in vallejo. the subject was wanted for armed robbery. police are headed to the scene because they think the suspect may have been involved in a robbery in another city.
7:31 pm
interstate 80 between lakeside drive will be closed for the next three hours. a person will be spending time behind bars for molesting his son from russia. >> our story began with a tip from inside the sheriff's department. the source complained a therapist reported the abuse in 2012 but investigators sat on the case for years. but now the case is finally over. >> reporter: this los gatos couple pleaded no contest to molesting their adopted son from russia. he received a 24 year prison sentence. his wife 12 years in prison. >> i think it's sad. i think it's tragic. and it is horrific. and it's criminal. and i'm glad that they took accountability finall for it.
7:32 pm
>> reporter: ralph began abusing dennis when he was 9. dennis spoke to abc 7 last year. >> as i told my truth i realized i got more strength and integrity. >> reporter: and now prosecutor tran says dennis is satisfied with the outcome of the case. >> dennis is very happy with it. he feels release, that he can move on. but they've taken accountability. i'm happy for him. i want him to heal. and allow this outcome to help him move forward. he's a wonderful, resilient victim, and he has wonderful things ahead of him. >> the prosecutor also tells me the flynns could have received much more time in prison had it it gone to trial and that raffl fly -- ralph flynn was more prepared to accept it than his wife when she finally came around. neighbors have a sense of unease tonight in the milbury
7:33 pm
neighborhood where a break-in happened. the victim has dementia. and now her family can't help but wonder if she was targeted. chris nguyen has the story you'll see only on abc7 news. >> reporter: in the hills of mill bray, a previous sense of safety shattered after a man broke into the home of a well-known woman. home surveillance camera caught him in the act. >> these memories of her husband are all that she has. they even took locks of her late husband's hair. >> reporter: the victim, josephine wong suffers from dementia. she left the home moments before the burglar arrived. >> this is the first time i experienced this. they search everything. they took everything i had. >> reporter: a bay area community leader who worked in various roles under multiple u.s. presidents, wong dedicated her leave to serving our country. her antiques, jewelry and priceless possessions were
7:34 pm
taken. >> we should all look after each other. never know someday it could happen to you. >> reporter: despite this, the san mateo county sheriff's office says residential burglaries are down compared to the same time period last year. they say it's all about developing trust within the community. >> as detectives, we're working through the case, they're basically picking up little crumbs and pieces to put the puzzle together. anything they can get in form of pictures, video, photos, we use all that. >> reporter: meanwhile, wong's family has posted video of the burglar on facebook. it's been viewed more than 100,000 times. many are using social media to help spread the word. >> shock, anger, disbelief, and we had no, no reason to think that this neighborhood or that josephine would be targeted. >> reporter: abc 7 news. about 15 million people in
7:35 pm
the pacific northwest are under excessive heat warnings and advisories tonight. temperatures soared into the triple digits in portland today and are expected to climb even higher tomorrow. forecast models show the city could reach or break its all-it time high of 107 degree, set in 1965 and in 1981. workers at the oregon zoo say they're doing all they can to keep the animals cool. >> we really are trying to make it a comfortable space for them to be in, when it is so warm. >> seattle could also reach triple digit temperatures, which has only happened three times in the past 123 years. the mercury soared to 113 in redding, the hottest day ever. the u.s. conducted a test of an unarmed missile overnight. that as we're learning that north korea's latest missile test came dangerously close to a
7:36 pm
commercial plane. that missile was launched 2300 miles straight into space last friday as an air france plane was going from tokyo to paris. the plane's flight path took it 100 miles off the coast of japan, the same area where the missile landed about ten minutes later. >> the crew of this plane had no idea that they were in danger, because the missile was coming in from outer space. >> air france released a statement to abc news saying the flight operated without any reported incident. since the airline constantly analyzes potentially dangerous flyover zones and adopts flight plans accordingly. tighter security checks are causing delays. people at charles de gaulle in paris say they waited up to an hour to get their passports checked. some passengers missed their flights because of it. >> it's a delay i can't afford. i've got business meetings to attend. it's part of the schedule. >> the eu implemented new
7:37 pm
regulations for border control in the wake of recent terror attacks. president trump is proposing to curtail legal immigration, ultimately, it would cut legal immigration by as much as 50% over ten years' time. abc 7's laura anthony is live in walnut creek with reaction to the plan. >> the united states of america. >> reporter: if it were up to president trump, this would be the only type of new citizen class in the united states. software engineers, a statistician and a rocket scientist among them. >> i wonder whether the president thought about, you know, his, his relatives that came before hem aim and whethery would have been excluded with those restrictions. >> reporter: many of those who work with the immigrant community in the bay area believe the president's guidelines for legal citizenship don't fit with the reality of the california economy. >> they're working hard every day, they're working nights and weekends and at times that a lot of people would not want to
7:38 pm
work. >> we need people from all sorts of backgrounds who can work in all sorts of different professions and fields. that's what's going to make our economy grow, not, you know, who the president thinks america should hire. >> reporter: but the former chairman of the contra costa county republican party doesn't see anything wrong with legal immigrants having a higher level of skill and some proficiency in english. >> i think makes sense to focus on that as a priority. as for the english part, yeah, it makes sense. people who already know english are more likely to assimilate and accept our culture and cuss it tomorrows. >> reporter: undocumented immigrants currently make up about 10% of california's workforce. laura anthony, abc 7 news. a new california state law bans attorneys from bringing up a person's immigration status during civil court hearings. governor brown signed off on that bill this week. backers say the information is not relevant to cases of
7:39 pm
employment, labor or housing issues. they say some undocumented immigranted have avoided taking cases to court because they fear deportation. drastic changes are coming to market street in san francisco. all private cars including uber and lyft will be banned from this area from tenth street east to the embarcadero. turns are already restricted for most drivers there. the $600 million better market project plans to make it better. bike lanes, concrete sidewalks replacing the old red brick and muni going down the middle. >> the idea is to reduce the congestion on it. >> i don't like it, because that's how i hamake my living. i pick up employees and drive them in. >> cross traffic will still be
7:40 pm
allowed. commercial and dliflry vehicles will have limited access to the curb lanes. president trump is fighting what he is once again calling fake news from the mainstream media. >> the alternative news program he's created to highlight his accomplishments. plus. >> you'll see what happened after two boaters res who are these people?
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well, people are being advised to avoid a section of the a los gatos creek after a mountain lion sighting. it was spotted seated inside a large water drain culvert. someone reported seeing the mountain lion on the west side of the creek near charter oaks circle. it was monitored for about an hour or so before it ran off into the culvert. a word of caution for those who fish off lafayette reservoir. high levels of mercuries have been reported in trout, cat ffi and goldfish.
7:44 pm
the only good news, you'd have to eat those fish several times a week to be affected. >> i'm sure if you eat anything too much there would be chemicals in them. but fish always has been a concern because of mercury. and that's why they say women that are pregnant should be cautious about it. >> ah, see he's not interested in my worm. >> we ran into these two veteran anglers at lafayette reservoir today. they weren't having much luck and their teacher suggested some wild salmon from the fish market might be an easier and safer catch. >> hmm, maybe so. while we're talking nature, a bald eagle is back in the air where it belongs after be being rescued from the ocean off the coast of maine. two lobsterman reported the rescue on camera. you could see it struggling in the water. it tried landing on top of a buoy but could not keep its balance. they made a raft from a
7:45 pm
lifesaver appnd plywood and sen it to the bird. the bird hopped on. they were headed to the harbor when it was able to gain strength and fly away. for those of us who have aging parents, safety at the wheel. >> next, why keeping seniors behind the wheel longe
7:46 pm
7:47 pm
7:48 pm
president trump is launching his own news segment on facebook that he calls "real news." on sunday the president posted the first episode on his facebook page. his daughter-in-law, lara trump shares some of his accomplishments. she says it discredits the mainstream media and is a reliable alternative. tesla reported a smaller than expected launch. it's reporting 1800 reservations a day. the car is priced at $35,000. while the electric car maker still reported a loss in the last quarter, its stock is up more than 50% for the year. well, does age really matter
7:49 pm
when it comes to driving? >> an important question for a lot of us. >> they've been behind the wheel for decades, but even as they start experiencing signs of aging, many older drivers are reluctant to hang up their keys. consumer reports looked at programs and strategies that can help seniors drive safely or recognize when it's time to retire from the road. sandra cunningham is 70 year old, and despite having parkinson's disease would like to continue driving as long as possible. she's got a lot of company. 38 million americans over the age of 65 have a driver's license, including 3.5 million who are older than 8567. many just assume older drivers are more likely to be in a crash than younger drivers. >> that isn't the case. it's the youngest drivers.
7:50 pm
>> reporter: seniors are more likely to obey speed limits and far less likely to text and drive. she worked with a rehab specialist. they assess older drivers for things like vision, memory, processing speed and range of motion and help equip them with the tips and tools to keep them safe. >> making sure i can see over the wheel, adjusting my mirrors properly. >> one of the biggest things is keeping active and walking, because the aerobic exercise is a great thing for your body and mind to keep your responses quick. >> reporter: the goal, to keep drivers behind the wheel and safe as long as possible. because putting the brakes on driving could lead it other problems down the road. >> there's a much higher rate of depression after seniors stop driving. it increases their mortality rate. they're much more likely to end up in a nursing home. >> when you can drive, at least that gives you some independence and self-worth and confidence.
7:51 pm
>> reporter: consumer reports has also compiled a list for the best cars for senior drivers. they recommend taking a drivers education course through the aarp or looking for a car-fit event where experts will make sure you're in the right position to see and reach everything in your vehicle. now i want to hear it from you. my 7 on your side hotline is open weekdays from 10:00 to 2:00. and as always, you can reach me through facebook or abc 7 >> great. >> thank you so much, michael. ochb let's update the weather forecast. >> spencer is tracking it all. >> we're tall tracking the heat. let's take a look back at how hot it was. here's a look at some of the high temperatures around the bay area. numerous locations with triple digits, as you can see, and tomorrow is not going to be much different. overnight, mild, temperatures in the mid and upper 60s. and tomorrow's highs will be in the upper 90s in most locations
7:52 pm
that had triple digits today. slightly less hot, but i wouldn't call it cooler until we get to the latter part of the week. with the heat holding on, the heat advisory remains in effect until 9:00 tomorrow night. so it's been extended one more day and then we get some cooling. the heat eases on friday. we'll see further cooling on the weekend and through next wednesday, look for temperatures around 90 degrees, mainly upper 70s around the bay and 60 decrees on the coast. and i should add with the slight increase in humidity tomorrow and a little instability in the atmosphere, there's a slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm, but not a very big chance. >> thanks, spencer. let's talk a little baseball. >> bay bridge series going across the bay. they will host the a's for two games, and there have been games, and there have been several pablo sandoval
7:53 pm
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7:56 pm
panda sightings near at&t park. it had pablo sandoval shopping at the grocery store near the park. but his current team, the river cats, have the day off, and bruce bochy says slow your roll on the panda watch. >> he's going to go to omaha. he's going to continue to play, get his at-bats. you know, when the right time comes, it will happen, but right now we feel that it's still important for him to get some at-bats. he's missed a lot of playing time. >> meanwhile, they have recommitted to the youth movement. both skippers say they're focussed on getting playing time for the kids. >> we do. we have younger and younger guys now. >> we talked about this. we want to keep trying to wein ball games, you know, we feel
7:57 pm
okay gaited obligated to do that. but we can still give bats to younger guys. >> sometimes i might hit for a guy, and i might not do that with a younger guy here. so yeah, i think we'll handle it a little bit differently. >> we're going to mix in the younger players, and they'll get playing time. and we'll have a move tomorrow. you'll see. >> and at the bay bridge series in san francisco, they launch a trolling campaign on twitter, decorating the coy tower, putting a flag on the trans-america building. and painting the painted ladies in green and gold, even turning the golden gate bridge into the green and golden gate bridge. plus, dave cavill is on a boat taking over mccovey's cove. this robbery is alive and well. the niners may have the steal of the draft in line backer ruber foster. this kid out of alabama has all the skills. a high football iq.
7:58 pm
he loves to hit, plays with reckless abandon. he's all over the practice field, already has three picks in camp. his personality keeps everyone loose and brings some fun back into the game at the pro level. his bum shoulder, the reason most teams did not take a first-round crack at him has not hindered rubin at all. >> he has a lot of flash plays. there's no, the best way i can explain it with rubin is he'll get his opportunity when he absolutely, absolutely deserves it. the credit goes to the backers in that room also, that they also deserve every opportunity that they're getting as well as him. >> he is going to be a player. so it will be a lot of fun. looking forward to the season. >> we a a a who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here.
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a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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eve! eve--hey! check it out. it's that time of year again. time to be carvin' that into an awesome racer. ugh. not the father-son derby. dad, in case you haven't noticed, i can no longer pass for an 11-year-old boy. says you. hey, grandpa, what's that?


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