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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 5, 2017 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. a cross country man hunt ends in the bay area. now police try to determine why two men brutally attacked and killed another man. thank you for joining us. the two men are suspected of killing a hair stylist in chicago, a stabbing so violent the knife broke off in the victim. they ran for more than a week until last night. abc 7 news robert has details. >> reporter: two wanted men on the run, now in custody for the brutal murder of a chicago man.
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42-year-old latham, a north western university professor surrendered peacefully in oakland friday night. >> negotiated surrender. >> reporter: the employee gave himself up at the park police station in san francisco around the same time. both men face first degree murder charges in the stabbing death of 26-year-old a hair stylist. the police found the body nine days ago describing a horrific crime scene inside the professor's apartment after getting a 911 call. the dame day in wisconsin, the two suspects made a mysterious $1,000 donation to a library in the victim's name. they believe they had a relationship. according to the chicago police, before surrender, there was a video sent to family and friends apologizing for the murder saying it is the biggest mistake of my life. seen here in another online video was a microbiologist at
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north western for ten years. >> he talked to some students about his research, and he just seemed like a perfectly normal guy. >> reporter: police denied request for an sbeer view with warren because he's under medical supervision. abc 7 news. we sent out a push alert through the news app about last night's arrest moments after confirmed by police. you can be the first to know when breaking news happens, download the app and enable push alerts. santa rosa police shot and killed a man they say was armed with a knife. officers arrived to a home this morning after getting a call about a man acting crazy. police say they found him under a bed when he would not drop the knife, they used lek tropic control devices and chemical agents. he still refused. officers say he advanced. one officer opened fire and killed him. body camera recorded the
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incident. video not released as it's being investiga investigated. a sonoma county man faces charges of killing his wife. he called 911 before midnight and said he and his wife were in a fight, and she was dead. they found the 67-year-old on the living room couch appearing to have suffered injuries from a beating. no obvious weapons found. they lived in boise hot springs. the search called off for three missing u.s. marines. they osprey similar to this went into the water during training with australian forces. military ships and aircraft could not find the missing marines. 23 others rescued. n word on what caused the crash. president trump is enjoying the first full day of vacation, but the russian investigation is following him to the golf course at his resort in new jersey. abc news reporter david wright is there. >> reporter: day one of the president's 17-day working
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vacation at his luxury golf resort in new jersey with a special counsel investigation russian meddling is not taking a breath. the new york times report the special counsel's investigators requested documents from the white house related to michael flynn and questioned whether the turkish government secretly played flynn for lobbying work. he's under investigation with dealings with russians on behalf of the trump campaign. one of the russian officials flynn met with, the former ambassador, defended flynn on a russian tv panel saturday saying his talks with flynn were transparent, focused on u.s.-russia relations and the two never discussed definitive u.s. sanctions. while the president is away, construction workers started a $3.5 million renovation in the west wing, the oval office among the rooms refurbished.
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walls are now bear, and the historic derveg removed so the floor can be refinished. the floor's heating and air-conditioning system is being replaced. white house officials say is made sense for the president to decamp for what's being called the working vacation. over the years, trump denigrated his predecessor, president obama, for taking too much time off. >> plays more golf than people on the pga tour. >> reporter: this is the first full vacation, but made 12 trips to his own resorts including five this this golf course in new jersey. david wright, abc news. >> the congressman is spending part of the washington recess with constituents in town hall meetings. abc 7 news was at mark green sports center in union city where he addressed a large crowd. part of two town halls today. he talked about what he's doing to try to make their lives better including with health care. the congressman talked about the
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political climate and concern about the next election. >> my biggest concern is that the next election future is not hacked. there's so many other countries with similar capabilities to russia that bemust ensure we're not emboldening by doing nothing. if we accomplish anything out of the russian investigation, i hope it's we secure the ballot box into the '18 elections. >> he likes meeting with con stitch we wants and hiked last week with people from the valley. the run is over for now. final curtain call is tonight at the theater, and abc 7 news was outside, and cast members came outside to sign autographs with fans. they lined up early this morning for the two shows today. the last one started at 8:00 tonight. the show has been incredibly popular since the march debut. cast members say performing in san francisco was special and fans don't want to miss the last opportunity. >> i'm a bag of mixed emotions. it's a lot -- never been to san francisco before, so seeing how welcoming everybody's been,
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that's been really touching for me. >> broadway and musicals have been a part of my life for a really long time. i'm just here for the er, but definitely seeing the show has been one of my bucket list items. >> people have gone to it over and over and over again to see this play, and i'm contemplating if i don't get really what i want today, i'll go to l.a. and see it. >> as she indicated, the tour goes to los angeles next. it returns to san francisco in two years. heat and flames are not the only dangers in two southern california wildfires. why hundreds are treated for the same ailments. plus, california's potential plan to prevent the spread of superbugs. making back to school a little more fun for families who struggle paying for school. we got rid of the humidity from late last week, and now we track cooler air for the second half of the weekend. the numbers ahead in the accuweather forecast.
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hundreds of firefighters on the front lines are treated for poison oak. firefighters say it's common. the whittier fire burned 18,000 acres, and last month, alomo burned 27,000 acres in the same region. 4400 exposed to poison oak and had to be treated. they say it happens with most wildfires spreading from the plants to their gear. >> a lot of guys get it out there in the brush, once you get the oils on you, and you're stuck with it. >> poison oak causes severe itching leading to infection. it's treatable with over the counter creams. california health experts rethink rules for antibiotics
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after studies suggest they are overprescribed a thi year, the e of the drugs is creating super bugs that are resistant to the drugs that lead to 23,000 deaths a year. california health experts say shorter courses of drugs for pneumonia might be safer. for instance, patients told to take the medications for two weeks can often get away with a shorter treatment period like one week or maybe just five days. >> clearly, the longer you're on antibiotics antibiotics chances are bacteria mutates into resistant forms. shorter courses would be better for less development of antibiotic resistance. >> the development and use of tests can curve the use of overprescriptions. could one of the bay area's most popular beaches disappear?
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dire assessment released about stenson beach. the sun breaks through after a few muggy days. drew is next with the forecast. tale of two cities for the local nines, a's and angels and the giant's lineup kick started the giant's lineup kick started a
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a new warning about the future of stenson beach with county officials saying it's underwater by the end of the century. the rising sea level due to climate change is to blame. the independent journal reports the county officials predict a three foot increase in sea level between 2050 and 2100. this will affect water front homes and some roads. county officials say restoring
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wetlands and oyster reefs could protect the shorelines. you have not one, but two chances to win a megajackpot this week. this tuesday's megamillions draws worth, oh, say, $346 million, that's all. tonight's power ball jackpot estimated at $286 million, that's $632 million and a couple dimes up for grabs. the last time someone hit the jackpot, june 10th, ticket sold in riverside county. who didn't win because all three of us are here tonight. hundreds of peninsula school children head back to class prepared to learn in the coming weeks. 900 backpacks were distributed to deserving kids this morning. they were stuffed with the necessary school supplies to make the first day of school a smooth one. the backpacks, shoes, and supplies were donated by local companies and organizations. now your accuweather
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forecast. >> and tonight, wlrapping up a comfortable start to the weekend, rid of the humidity from late last week, drier air moved in and that prevails in the second half of the accuweather forecast. satellite shows you got the coastal clouds beginning to make some patchy cloud cover in the bay, and, in fact, the picture outside, a live look from the explore tor yum camera, top pier and the clouds are going to be thick tomorrow morning. what does that mean? a lot of gray skies to start off the morning. take a look. sunday morning, a lot of cloud cover early on, and it's going to be very slow to clear, and what that means, temperatures are going to be slow to warm. by midday, it's really comfortable, our warmest spots are only in the 70s, leading the way to comfortable afternoon tomorrow. out there right now, it's a mild evening. feels nice out there. it's not too warm in spots, 70 in concord, 61 in san francisco. 56 in gilroy.
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68 in san jose, and napa at 64 degrees. live doppler 7 with satellite, we showed you earlier this evening on abc 7 news at 6:00 over on channel 7, we are tracking thunderstorms along the sierra. they are falling apart at this hour pushing east. we're tracking now, this little spin in the atmosphere right there, counterclockwise motion, that's a weak ripple of energy that's going to move into northern california overnight tonight, and as it does, it could try to touch off a shower in the northern half of our viewing area. call overnight tonight, after midnight, there's a slight chance of a shower developing in the north bay, but most of us have a really comfortable and dry night overnight tonight. mid-50s to mid-60s are the starting temperatures on your sunday. highs on sunday will have early morning cloud cover. afternoon sunshine. really just comfortable temperatures in the south bay, 80 the high in san jose, warm, but not hot. 85 in morgan hill.
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along the peninsula, 74, and 72 in san mateo tomorrow amp. 63 in pacifica along the coast. 66 degrees downtown, 63 in haley city. north bay, we go, comfortable. 80 and 79 in napa, not humid at all, stenson beach at 66 degrees. east bay, sunny, 70 in okayland and 78 in union city and freemont. 85 i concord, 85 brentwood, and 86 that number in san ramone. headed to the beach tomorrow? there's a lot of early morning cloud cover, peeks of sun, and clears will be slow, but we should have a nice beach day by the afternoon. sea breeze at 5-10 miles per hour. 65 the high, santa cruz 70, and ocean water temp is warming, up to 63 already. here's the seven-day forecast. next seven days, mostly sunny
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sunday. monday, morning coastal drizzle, otherwise a nice day leading into tuesday. wednesday, a few degrees warm n and on thursday, but no excessive heat even into early next weekend. >> now abc 7 sports. >> baseball top of the order. sandoval called up. he started at third against the d-backs. before the game, they honored the 1987 divisional champs. top five, arizona up two. slow roll at the third. panda throws it away. another run jumps in, 3-0 d-backs. 4-0 in the seventh, panda makes up for it. the first hit, double to left, and then he scores on a parker double. hunter pence, you won't believe this. his first home run at at&t park all season. two-run shot.
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down one, right now, 4-4 in the ninth. complete highlights at 11:00 p.m. on abc 7. a's fans in anaheim. top one, stealing second and third, scored on a wild pitch, speed never goes out of style. 1-0 a's. newly acquired justin garneau. two out single. the a's go up 3-0. top six. davis on first. takes off for sec, a double steal. heads home. throw back bobbled. safe. davis takes third. a's right now lead 5-0 in the ninth, also complete highlights at 11:00 on abc 7. niners linebacker smith today tore a muscle, and reportedly will miss the entire season. bad news on an otherwise pleasant day at levi stadium. as a player, this is a welcomed
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change of pace from the practice field, giving you that game day feeling. the coach also gets to look at the players in a scrimmage-typesetting. so many holes to be filled in the team, and younger players have hopes. the starting quarterback looked good in camp. here's the old ball coach. >> i really want to see how they'd handle it, goo out there, freak out, and make stuff up? good to see they did not. you try your hardest. they were pumped to be out there. >> a little juice, for sure, enjoy the fans coming out, man, energy when we were at home, and i felt their excitement just to see us, excitement to see what new era of the 49ers we have to present. >> pro-football hall of fame inducted the class of 2017 tonight including kurt warner and other seven members. there's no greater honor in sports. exclusive club, best of the
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best. this year was quite a class. jason taylor, jerry jones, mori anderson, encouraging unity across the country. >> let's choose to be for one another. my great, great, great grandfather had no choice. we have one. i pray we dedicate ourselves to be the best team we can be working and living together representing the highest ideals of mankind. leading the way for all nations to follow. >> another reason he's a hall of famer. last 100 meter race for bolt in london. bolt never lost a world final, notorious for a slow start, but this cost him. bottom of the screen, justin gatlin, 35 years old wins at 9 partnership 9, and bolt finishes third, edged out by another american, christian coleman, but
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mad respect for bolt. i'd say the passing of the torch. i'm not sure anyone ever saw usain bolt in third, but passing of the torch. he's thee greatest sprinting in all history. >> he could run backwards and beat most. >> probably. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> in like a lion, and out food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. tonight at 11:00, the heavy weights of high school sports in the east bay came together to support a paralyzed east bay teenager and his family. tesla celebrated a new record, one of its electric cars exceeded 600 miles on a single charge. well, going into the head of a lion is a brave task.
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it helps when the big cat is knocked out, only way i would do it. today at the zoo, 13-year-old lion received much needed surgery on the upper canine. they were relieved they did not have to extract the teeth. she's doing well tonight and relieved she did not wake up during. >> yeah, no good. >> that's all for abc 7 news at 9:00 with the next newscast at 11:00 over on channel 7. we'll see you there.
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[knocking on door] hi. oh, hey, jeff. just want to return this. we borrowed it from your lovely fiancée. oh, the notebook. yeah, the notebook. audrey made me watch it. if you don't mind, i'm gonna get a beer and pour it in my eyes. hey, jeff! hey, jennifer. just returning your movie. oh, didn't it make you want to cry? constantly. oh, and tell audrey we're saving the date for your birthday party. (jeff) great. it should be fun.


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