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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 8, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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the likes this world has never seen before. >> he threatens north korea has it's determined their weapons
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program has reached a dangerous milestone. >> north korea says it's preparing to strike. >> a spokesman says it's carefully examining a plan to strike the u.s. territory of guam with missiles. >> they announced south dakota airman have arrived to conduct bilateral missions with japan and north korea. u.s. ready to #fight tonight. >> here's abc chief global fair correspondent. >> it is the most fiery overtly military threat president trump has ever launched at north korea. a chilling warning in response to kim jong-un's threats to the u.s. >> north korea best not make anymore threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. he has been very threatening
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beyond a normal statement. and as i said they will be met with fire, fury, and frankly power the likes of which this world has never seen before. >> this dramatic escalation of rhetoric all the more alarming given the latest extraordinary intelligence assessment of north korea's nuclear capabilities. first reported in the washington post and confirmed by abc news, u.s. intelligence analysts believe the north can now produce a miniaturized nuclear war head that can fit inside its missiles, including its intercontinental ballistic missiles. kim jong-un's claim that he was standing next to such a nuclear device last march was met with skepticism but this latest intelligence assessment says he has indeed produced that device. >> this is the most momentous day in his nuclear program.
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>> just two weeks ago kim tested an icbm into space. going higher and farther than before. but if thithe missile trajectory was lowered, it could potentially reach the east coast of the united states. >> there are still two pieces of the puzzle left. he has to show he can have the war head survive the heat of reentry and be able to accurately target it. >> reporter: it is without question the biggest challenge the president now faces and the tough new words. >> fire, fury and frankly power -- >> come as americans are worried about the north korean threat. a cbs news poll found 61% of americans are uneasy about president trump's handling of north korea. u.s. intelligence analysts
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believe they have 60 nuclear weapons a far greater number than they once thought. >> coming back home now. crews are still removing a huge 190 foot crane that toppled on to a home in campbell today. one home and two sheds are damaged and while some people are home that time, thankfully no one was injured. they reported seeing nothing wrong but then tre was a large boom that surprised everyone. >> we're surprised us it tipped over. they had arms out to balance it and counter balance weights on it and i don't know how it happened and they don't know either. >> it was extended to 190 feet when it was doing its lift and that's when it tipped over and they're going to be working on trying to bring the boom
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sections back in and uprighting the crane. it's a daunting task but these guys are up to it. >> their power has been restores thanks to a generator. >> we now know more about the shooting death of a film location scout on san francisco's twin peeks. in court it was revealed that the 20-year-old woman was the alleged shooter. still both will be charged with murder. >> reporter: police in san francisco wasted no time taking this booking photo of 20-year-old fantasy from her hospital bed. he was meant to be in court today along side lamont. >> there are physical limitations about her being here at this time. she's currently in the hospital and will be back on friday. >> friday is when both suspects will be arraigned. it was revealed she allegedly shot french to steal his camera.
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mimes will also be charged with murder for aiding and abedding. family and friends were in court today. >> it it doesn't matfer it was for a camera or watch or money. it's the fact it was an innocent life. they wanted something ehoohad. >> reporter: in july 2016 mimes had been convicted of a burglarly in san mateo. while on felony probation, he was arrested on july 7th of this year for possessing a firearm. on july 11th he was released by a judge while waiting for his next hearing. five days later, police say both mimes and decor committed the crime. >> they suggested release with certain conditions and the judge carried out that recommendation. >> reporter: the judge released nims based on a recommendation which made an assessment and found him to be a midlevel risk.
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it's a way to avoid over crowding our jails. the family says he should have never been allowed to go free. >> i don't know how this system worked to make this happen but it doesn't work and there's living proof of it. >> reporter: phone calls of that unit were not returned. in san francisco. abc 7 news. meantime san jose police are searching for a murderer following a robbery that turned ked deadly. a memorial grew all day long. people who left floflowers yums to the store expecting to see lee. he pulled out a gun and shot him late last night. they say lee was defending his wife. >> the guy came over, put the mask on and asked her to open the cashier, give him money.
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>> was not going to give up the money and the type of person he is that he would not just give in. >> san jose police spent hours looking for evidence including surveillance video. lee is san jose's 17th homicide victim this year. the outrage road suspect faces arson charges after he confessed to setting a fire. following a series of events on grizzly peek boulevard last wednesday. they believe he smashed into a another car. they say he then tested them with a rifle. harmful. that's google's ceo is describing. he says he was derminated for quote perpetuating gender stereotypes. he said he will likely take
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legal action against google. his memo argued that women don't have the biological makeup to succeed in sillicon valley. >> supporting women that do work in tech and companies like google standing up and saying that's not appropriate comments to make is important. >> it goes contrary to what make as society innovative and great and productive and eal and interesting. >> google's ceo said he violated the code of conduct. he'll address his staff about it on thursday. glen campbell has died. abc news reporter looks back at his career. >> like a rhinestone cowboy. >> reporter: known as one of music's successful and versatile entertainers, glen campbell was best known for a string of hits in the '60s and '70s including
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his signature hit, rhinestone cowboy. in 1968 he landed his own show, the good time hour. this show had a weekly audience of some 50 million people. he won grammys and was nominated for a golden globe for the western true grit. >> i don't understand this converse asz at all. >> one of 12 children from arkansas he once talked about his humble beginnings. >> i don't remember not having a guitar or musical instrument in my hand and then dad bought a guitar for $5.95. the cowboy was up here and the rope went around the hole in a guitar. >> reporter: he was inducted into the country music hall of fame. he was adorednd fellow musicians. >> glen is one of the greatest voices that ever was in the president beand he was one of the greatest musicians. >> reporter: in 2011 he revealed
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his aullzheimer's diagnoses. he never stopped playing and singing with his family and his wife, kim, by his side. ♪ >> oh, that's a great song. >> but the famous line is i need you more than -- >> more than want you and i want you for all time. the wichita lineman's still on the line ♪ still on the line >> reporter: campbell was 81 years old. abc news there's been a strong reaction on social media. dolly parten tweeted glen campbell was one of the greatest voices of all time. i will always love you, glen. and "i'm very broken up to hear about my friend, glen campbell, a great musician and even better friend." and "songs, songs, songs, in a
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world of good stuff, his stuff was great. in a world of great stuff, his was special. steve martin tweeted you are my first employer as a writer. we were all in ah of your musicality and miley cyrus said already misyou, glen. and the jackpot combination that put more than $6 million up. >> grabs. and a thief stole the last pictures and videos out of the trunk of her car. what she's done to get them back and how you can help her recover what was taken. the fog already rolling in tonight and we're tracking cooler weather in the accuweather forecast. and we'll check in on a mama and we'll check in on a mama bear and her cubs
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for the first time in california both the powerball and mega millions jackpots are above $3 million. >> the results for mega millions were drawn about an hour ago. 11, 17, 50, 72, 74 and the mega number is 14. i don't hear any screaming in
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the newsroom. >> the jackpot is estimated add 350 million. and there's a powerball drawing tomorrow. >> an estimated $307 million. >> players in california have won the last two mega millions and powerball jackpots. you're looking at a thief stealing more than valuables from a bag. back up drives containing hours of family footage that a woman literally spent years putting together. elissau harrington has an update to a story we first brought you a couple of days ago. >> these little doses of philosophical advice, even inhe's not meaning to go to that way. >> documenting life for the terminally ill father charley. these pictures and videos are precious to her.
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something she hoped to share with her future children some day but now they're gone, stolen from the back of her car. she came to san francisco back in june and parked on olive street. she was parked for about two hours when somebody smashed the back window of her car. the thief took a back of laptop computers and back up drives with countless hours of footage. >> it almost feels like his diagnoses got hearing it all over again. >> reporter: liz filed a police report and did track down surveillance footage of a suspicious man and hired a private investigator. she's documenting new moments with her father but impossible to re-create what was lost. >> just doing our best to see what we can recover. >> reporter: she knows getting her electronics back is a long shot.
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abc 7 news. the oakland zoo posted video of their black bear curbs. all three are seen nursing simultaneously. after a california fish and wildlife reported too many incidents of injury and property damage. normally the bears are euthanized but in this case they're moved safely to the oakland zoo. >> and look like they're doing very well. >> oh, i can't a. we're getting there. abc 7 news meteorologist drew tooma. >> we're talking about the wethder forecast. it's picture perfect. a steady pattern as she goes. a nice quiet picture out there. live doppler 7 giving you an active scan. on this tuesday night, we'll show you a live look from the explore torrium camera and you can see this picture has been very typical for this time of the year.
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we have that fog that has currently descended over san frisks frisco. but the first eight days of the month have been a transitional period in terms of our weather forecast. the average high bouts 82 degrees. the first three days we were above that number. then everything kind of changed. we hit average and then from saturday onward, temperatures well below normal for this tierm of the year a that trend will continue for the next couple of days into the weekend. outside right now it's comfortable 50s and 60s the name of the game. 59 in san francisco. about 64 that current number in gilroy. live doppler 7 along with satellite. kind of in a traffic jam so to speak because of this guy right here. high pressure is a muscle maker of our forecast and that's causing this low pressure to stay where it is and that low
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pressure is givering us the deep marine layer each and every night. 50s right along the coast with drizzle very likely. widespread low cloud cover to start the day. hour by hour. 6:00 in the morning midweek. a lot of gray clouds i should say. slow clearing by about 10:00 in the morning. patchy fog throughout the bay and the gradual clearing is going to lead to a gradual warm up. so highs starting in the south bay. about 76 cupertino. lots of sunshine along with peninsula. 71 in the afternoon. 73 mountain view. about 63 the high in half moon bay. downtown san francisco. 62 and cloudy in daily city. about 79 in -- 76 for vallejo. 75 in fremont.
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67 that number for richmond. 88 in antioch. 87 livermore and san ramon up to 84 degrees. so we're keeping the comfortable temperatures inland as well. drizzle likely along the coast. we'll clear the koutsz out by the afternoon. minor changes in the temperature the next couple of days but by sunday temperatures are going to go on a downward trend and by monday and tuesday it will be cool for summer with temperatures below average for this time of the year. >> thanks, drew. >> up next, preparations by state energy officials pays off when it comes to getting ready for the total solar eclipse. >> auditions will be held in oakland. the american idle bus will be back giving you a chance to be a star. >> but you don't have to wait. we have a link to the application at abc 7 news.c
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a security camera caught the moment a cat fought off a coyote. now this happened last night in denver. you see the cat there eating from bowl. home owner says it cat is a stray that he had been feeding. the cat arched its back and the coyote kind of ran off and the cat ran off. he said that he saw the cat later and it appeared to be fine. >> that's a tough kitty. well, we are less than two weeks away from a total solar eclipse and state energy officials say our state electric grid will have enough energy to makeupor it. to prepare for the eclipse, our
9:26 pm
officials consulted grid operators in europe who experienced solar eclipse in 2016. while they're confident in their preparations, there are no ganc guarantees. >> we could have another heat wave upon us. so we could see the weather changing the demand on the system. >> the grid needs to generate over 6,000 mega watts to makeup for the three hour loss of solar energy from the eclipse. that's roughly enough energy to power 6 million homes by the way. a federal investigation culminated today in the bay area. >> and here's what it looked like. this s.w.a.t. team was just part of the operation. what officers were looking for. have you ever experienced bad customer service when dealing within an airline? a start up hopes to put an end to the problem. to the problem.
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live where you live this is abc 7 news. >> a big federal law enforcement operation led to numerous arrests. >> and the feds aren't talking but we have information about the operation. >> here's abc 7 news reporter. >> reporter: sources with knowledge of the operation tell us the lead agency was the atf and that they've started the investigation more than a year ago. today was d-day. the day they swept in and made the arrests. one of our sources told us the targets were quote really bad dudes. it all started at 7:00 this morning.
9:31 pm
our media partners posted this video from twitter user that show as team of federal agents and police being transported to different parts of the bay area. most of the operation went down in san francisco. the housing developments in the sunny dale district where some 17 search warrants were executed. we saw two people in custody but the task force also hit the peninsula and other counties as well. federal agents and police had more than 100 arrest warrants and they executed more than 30 search warrants. it focussed on guns, stoelen cas and property. we don't know how many targets were arrested but we're told the majority of the suspects will be prosecuted in federal court. the san francisco d.a.'s office issued a statement confirming there was an operation but they
9:32 pm
released no information for the safety of police who were involved. >> now by putting the suspects away, they hope to put a real dent in the trafficking of illegal guns in the bay area. the federal agency, i.c.e., was not involved in today's operation. the mayor who helped lead san bruno after the gas line explosion is stepping down. he announced he will not seek reelection this fall. he became mayor in 2009, one year before the gas line explosion killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. he helped push for changes from pg&e. he said he plans to pick up more work as a plastering contractor and spend time with his family. >> airlines have very pub lackly dealt with an industry wide customer service crisis. today one san francisco tech company announced a partnership they hope will put an end to
9:33 pm
that problem, starting with one airline. >> for support please press one. >> reporter: the ceo of gladly demonstrating how their soft ware is ment to bringing the customer service experience into the 20th century. >> enable them to know who you are as a customer and a single place with all of your communications with them. >> reporter: today gladly and jetblue announced a partnership. and starting this fall will use their soft ware to bring all forms of communications on to one platform. the jetblue customer service employees will use to streamline their process. >> you don't have to repeat yourself. >> reporter: bobby is the president of jetblue technology ventures. she hopes it will take some of the stress out of travel. >> if we can make our crew members available at the moment
9:34 pm
which a customer needs it, then it helps destress and make everybody's lives much easier. >> they get to give a consume arcustomized response and they get to weed out people that there really misusing the system. >> reporter: consumer psychologist says when it comes to customer service, social media has put some of the power back in the consumer's hands. >> when they know others are listening, sometimes that inspire as more immediate response. surveillance video captured a tragedibyiy being averted in england. take a look at the jogger on the right side of your screen. he shoved a woman and it's right into the path of a bus. fortunately the driver swerved and missed the woman. here's a closer look at the suspect. he appeared toe in his 30s
9:35 pm
with short brown hair and brown eyes. we turn now to the new controversy over a late draft report on climate science written by scientists from 13 public agencies and published in the new york times. they say hoormen activity is the primary driver of recent global temperature rise. and links some extreme weather to climate change and that americans are already feeling the effects. they provided the times with the it unfinished draft because they feared the administration would is press its findings. >> the assessment directly contradicts the statements of president trump and senior members of his administration, including epa administrator who cast it as being in doubt, saying it's not yet certain what the negative impacts of climate change will be. >> the white house criticized the times for publishing the
9:36 pm
draft and would not comment on the before its skej ltd release. it seems there can be too much of a good thing. >> in the heart of wine country, a move to slow the pour. some say it's like prohibition. what's up guys? we're dude perfect.
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if you spend anytime in heels burg, you know that place is all about food, wine and tasting rooms. they have helped turn it into a world wide tourist attraction but how much is too much? >> that's what residents are discussing after a counsel vote to limit spirit tasting rooms. >> reporter: no one would call heeleds burg a small city but after last night we did hear the world in reference to tasting rooms. >> these businesses are the fabric of our small town. >> reporter: ann peterson from the wine growers of dry creek valley are upset by a vote enforcing a planning department guideline that limits tasting rooms to only four per downtown square block. >> a commercial moncolorture is what we don't want to have. >> reporter: by avoiding a monoculture, leah guld means keeping it diverse and
9:41 pm
affordible for other small businesses like brener and his art gallery. >> all things in moderation. >> reporter: they first established a planning guideline in 2005. since then the wine business has become a world wide attraction with 30 tasting rooms in 34 world blocks. >> too much wine? ib don't think so but after five or six wine barress, you'd like a beer. >> reporter: they ask why hurt the business that made it so famous? >> i mean we're an agricultural kmur community. >> reporter: last night's city counsel vote was unanimous. they were looking for balance. >> we just want to have a varied kind of community that offers various different things to visitors and residents. >> reporter: call it a disagreement pouring out not in
9:42 pm
gull.s but in sips. abc 7 news. well, what a sight in southern california today. a young great whale takes a swim. swim. it was close to
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harbor patrol, paddle borders and kayakers in pursuit of a baby whale. the young gray whale spent time in the harbor as they tried to coax it back in open water. >> reporter: a lost juvenile gray whale finding its way into the dana point harbor, creating a close encounter with dozens of people that beach and in the water. >> that was epic. it was so amazing. we saw it way over there and had to run with the crowd to see it closer but i've never seen
9:46 pm
anything like it. >> reporter: the whale swam slowly in the harbor coming very close to shore. it would breach occasionally, sometimes coming within feet of paddle borders, even going underneath one. richard and his two boys were out on their boards. >> unreal. it was very cool. even though we're concerned, we didn't know what was going on with it, it was sad, it wouldn't leave. >> reporter: the harbor patrol used boats and hoses to help steer it in the right direction. paddle borders also did their part. the whale swam out and back in at one point. exprlths say the gray whale is underweight but otherwise healthy. >> could have been trying to track some food but probably followed something a bit interesting and got turned around and trying to find its way out. >> reporter: after spending most of the day in and out of the harbor, the whale swam out the ocean, leaving people with an unforgettable memory.
9:47 pm
>> to see it like that so close, it was right under me flipping around and practically waving. >> i've lived here my whole life, never seen anything like this. i hope it doesn't happen again because it's not safe for the whale but ity cool. >> reporter: they say the best thing to do is just keep your distance and let the experts get the whale back to where it it needs to be. reporting in dana point, abc 7 news. talk about close encounters. tropical storm franklin made land fall late yesterday. a huge wall of intense rain passed by cancun. you can see in the time lapse video. it dumped heavy rain and pounded the area with hecavy winds. the areas at risk include cause mel. >> nothing that crazy here. meteorologist drew tooma is
9:48 pm
back with a forecast. >> it will be breezy tomorrow as well. j franklin is forecast to strengthen to a hurricane once again over open waters. franklin is turning at this hour. it's about to go over open ocean once again. winds are 50 miles per hour. and it looks like it will strengthen to a category one storm before making land fall for a second time. you can see wednesday evening 75 mile-per-hour winds. back here at home, 50s and 60s. fog pushing inland. coast drizzle. and by tomorrow afternoon we'll see 60s and 70s around the immediate bay waters. under lots of sunshine away from the coast. the accuweather 7-day forecast, we're in a steady pattern and then we'll see the numberdize cline a few degreeinize to early next week with sunshine dominating the sky by tuesday. >> well, now to a story you'll see only on abc 7 news tonight.
9:49 pm
an east bay man found thousands of baseball cards littered thop highway and he's trying to get them backing to their rightful owner. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony has the story. >> reporter: randy willferred says he just finished fixing a flat tire when he noticed litter on the highway. he soon realized they were baseball cards, thousands of them. so he started picking them up. >> what was going through my mind is the one card you'll leave sitting in the bushes is the one that meant the most so you end up digging through the bushes to get all the cards out. >> these are the pictures he took near the antioch bridge. it took him nearly two hours to pick up some 2,000 cards. featuring players like ron darling and carlton fisc, the cards are mostly from the early 1990s. some loose, others in plastic
9:50 pm
sleeves. his wife and son helped clean the road crime off the collection. >> if i lost all my stuff that i love from my child hood, i would want it back. >> reporter: randy willford isn't much into baseball cards himself. we wants to return all of this to its rightful owner. >> and you realize it's probably more of a personal value than financial, right? so somebody's going to miss this. they spent a lot of time putting it together. so they'd want it back. >> reporter: he posted about the cards on his facebook page and contacted several local police departments. but so far the collector has yet to come forward. abc 7 news. >> what a nice guy to go to all that trouble. and kind of staying along the sports theme. >> that's right. live humans. there haven't been a lot of good things that have come out of the
9:51 pm
season for the giants but lock is one of them. another solid start for the rookie pitcher. he hit a
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abc 7 sports brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> the a's traded alonzo, he just switched clubhouses because they were coming to play tonight at the coliseum. i missed you so much. our first inning, chris davis going the opposite way off miranda and this ball keeps carrying, carrying and gone. his 30th of the year. 3-0 a's in a flash. alonzo, one for five, also struck out in the third. graven 5 and 1/3. ryan healy, some of the top of the highlight. high, deep and aloha. his 21st. so that made the 6-2 but
9:55 pm
seattal's come back to tie it. anytime we see a dog riding a skateboard, he goes in the highlights. you go,ifiedo. you go buster. this is a three-run homer. his 12th of the year and it's 3-0 giants. cubs thought about fan interference but that ball was gone. seven innings. block hit his own three-run homer in his last outing he pitched. brandon crawford coming home. safe, nice dive right there. it's now 6-3 giants and they are in the ninth. as part of steph curry's camp, the kids play tonight in a nationally televised game that was held at the pavilion. steph doing a little coaching in this one. do what i do. remember these are high school kids. these are teenagers. civilio desouza.
9:56 pm
reverse jam but they're tall. tyler harris between the legs. fancy. to antwan for the finish and steph's team. tcc defeated team just us 145-117. today was the second to last practes for the 49ers before their preseason opener against kansas city on friday. rookie linebacker donovan nusen collided with a teammate with what was believed to be a neck injury and had to be taken off the field. he went to stanford medical center, diagnosed with only ago. they immediately ended practice and they were pretty shaken up. >> brings thinginize to perspective when you see something like that. the encouraging part is his eyes were open, he did have feeling in his lower half and with his hands so that's the encouraging part about it. >> you kind of just sit back and
9:57 pm
say a prayer for the guy and hope that everything works out and the medical staff, they're trained for these sort of situations. it's scary. you don't want to see anyone ever go through that. >> the raiders, their preseason opener is saturday against arizona. back to practice in napa after taking a day off yesterday. no word on whether we'll see marshawn lynch when the silver and black play this weekend. >> yeah. looks like the guy's been out a year. no. he's doing a great job working. wisely. work -- we're bringing him along. we've been smart about it the whole off season and he's fully committed and i like the way he's progressing. >> if you saw the movie "dodge ball" you remember the tournament could be seen on espn
9:58 pm
8. and espn irks for it day was -- the ocho is a real thing. for nontraditional sports coverage to say the least, like the movie, they showed dodge ball here. this a slight twist. this a circus version of dodge ball. and hitting him in the face with a ball is quite effective is what we found out. so they've got kind of a strange team there that they assembled. other events included cornhole which is a popular tailgate game. water bottle flipping is very big around his house. a skillset where you're able to juggle on your hand. >> a vurita of types in the dodge ball cup. >> clearly a made for television squad, i believe. very photo genic.
9:59 pm
only on the ocho. that's the only place you can see that. coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, president trump promises fire and fury as tensions with north korea and his nuclear problem grow. we're gathering new reaction. >> and demanding answers about a long delayed school under construction on the peninsula. be sure to join us over on channel 7. >> that's all for now. as always we appreciate your time. for drew, larry, all of us, thank you for joining us. >> we'll see you in one hour over on the cieta. >> somebody's showing off.
10:00 pm
announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today, from inside a prison cell, former gangbanger kevin james recruits followers to wage a terrorist attack on america. and congressman william jefferson accepts bribes of hundreds of thousands of dol


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