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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  August 8, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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they will be met with fire, fury, and frankly, power, the likes of which this world has never seen before. >> president trump issues a dire warning to north korea and in response the communist nation is threatening to launch an attack against u.s. military bases. good evening and thank you for joining us tonight. >> president trump's threat came after u.s. intelligence revealed that pyongyang has a nuclear weapon capable of fitting on a missile. >> and north korea's news agency says it is considering a strike on u.s. military installations on guam. >> lisa amin gulezian has the
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latest. >> reporter: government officials in guam are reassuring constituents at this hour that the u.s. territory is safe, this as tensions with north korea escalated more today. >> they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. >> north korea's army says their leader is carefully examining plans to attack guam with medium to long-range ballistic missiles, analysts are sure that north korea will not attack. >> the worst thing we could do is panic and respond to this with with a bad move like military action. >> reporter: those at san francisco's office of emergency management have a plan just in case things escalate and the feds or the state send an alert. >> assessing the raid logical levels in the city, assessing what the medical needs are, assessing what the population needs are, whether people need
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shelter or need to evacuate. >> reporter: at san francisco's only guam recent the owners are relying on social media, text and e-mails for news from home. >> i am worried about it. it does give us a little anxiety and worry. but at the moment, we are taking it in stride. >> reporter: and just a short time ago, guam's homeland security adviser says that defenses are in place all over the region and are maintaining a position of readiness. >> thank you. a foreboding illustration of the rising tensions between the u.s. and north korea is captured on the cover of the "economists" the images of the leaders are shaped by the cloud of a nuclear weapon. and the abc 7 news app is senning out updates throughout the day.
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download the app for free from the app store. happening now, crews in campbell are working late into the night to clean up this mess left behind when a crane crashed on top of a home this afternoon. 12 hours later the crane is still there. katie marzullo is live with the late oens the story. >> reporter: we have been watching the cleanup process for hours. it was around 9:00 that crews were able to upright the base of the crane and in the last few minutes we saw that the crews were able to successfully retract the arm of the crane, the part that was on top of the roof of the house. that portion of the cleanup is complete. when you see the damage that was done here today it is incredible to realize that no one was hurt. it was after dark by the time the crews uprighted the crane that came down.
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the fell on a home just before noon. >> it is shocking. >> reporter: joseph ford wasn't home at the time but this is what he came home too, the crane narrowly missed his house. >> it was surreal. like i left this morning and it was completely fine. >> reporter: the crane clipped two backyard sheds before crashing on the roof of a house. >> it wasn't much of a crash. it was just a loud boom and a thump. and i was mowing the lawn and felt it. >> reporter: a southbound contractor was working to remove a power pole. it's unclear why the crane fell. >> they believe the boom was extended to 190 feet when it was doing its lift and that's when it tipped over. >> reporter: betsey said she wasn't worried about the heavy equipment on her street until she heard the crash. >> i ran outside immediately and to find out that everybody,
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thank god, was okay. that was the main concern. >> reporter: we have reached out to king crane service by phone and e-mail but no response as of yet. we also want to mention that pg&e had cut power to some customers in this neighborhood ahead of the work being down here but after the accident they brought in a generator to bring in temporary electricity to those customers. >> thank you for that update. new tonight an evacuation advisory in lake county has been lifted. firefighters recommended people leave their homes earlier today because of a brush fire in kelseyville. investigators believe it started because of a traffic collision. listen to this, in santa rosa, a grass fire started after a man climbed an electrical tower and shocked. he fell to the ground about 80 feet down and started the fire. he was air lifted to the hospital with significant burns
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and other injuries from that fall. police have identified a woman they say pulled the trigger in a deadly shooting on twin peaks. fantasy dacur and another will be arraigned on friday. we were in superior court where the victim's family gathered today. dacur is in the hospital for an undisclosed reason. >> he was loving and caring. it's very sad that someone took him off this earth. >> the family is upset because mims was arrested for a gun charge days before the shooting. a charge ordered his release because of a pretrial diversion program. new charges for arson.
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police arrested a man from concord last week. he plead not guilty in court today. here's cornell barnard. >> bob saw the fire begin in the oakland hills which took three days to put out. according to court documents, 24-year-old alfredo bautista confessed he started the blaze with a cigarette lighter. >> anyone who starts a fire especially up here or anywhere that is dry has to have something wrong with him. >> reporter: he tried to rob two victims at gunpoint. they were sitting in their car on grizzly peak boulevard. >> reporter: drew ann took off in her car to get away but he chased her. >> he followed me in a stolen vehicle and crashed into me repeatedly until i lost control of the car. >> reporter: this was the result. she crashed her pt cruiser into a parked car.
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the suspect ran away. hours after the fire began, witnesses saw him try to steal a car and witnesses stopped him. he is charged with arson, attempted robbery, assault and car theft. a pretrial hearing is set for august 15th. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. parents and neighbors demanded answers about a long-delayed school under construction on the peninsula. we were in south san francisco where school officials gave an update on the school whose construction began four years ago. while neighbors are tired of four years of construction, the work was supposed to be completed in 2016. the school district says it is now on track to be finished in december. >> one of the things that we did is changed contractors. january of 2016. and so what that did is pushed back the completion date.
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>> construction was projected to cost $21 million and is now at $30 million. the district says bond funds will cover it. coming up, coaxing a whale. the effort to get a baby whale off the coast and out into deeper water. legal problems are growing for google. and the east bay man searching if for rightful owner of thousands of baseball cards found on a highway. we have the fog around and we will be looking at wiper weather for the morning commute. i'll have the back to school forecast coming up. first here's a look at what is coming up tonight on "jimmy kimmel live." >> here's a sample of tonight's show. >> can you tell us how jack died. >> i can't tell you. >> i know you legally can't tell me but just as friends if we promise not to -- vo: whenever a craving hits,
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a legendary musician who helped make country music mainstream has died. ♪ like a rhinestone cowboy
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>> glen campbell had several songs top the country and pop charts. he played on some of the biggest songs in the last century including "california dreamin'" he starred in the movie "true grit" and had a tv show. glen campbell was 81 years old. people on the water in orange county got a thrill today. take a look at this. a juvenile whale swam close to shore at dana point and under paddle borders. it didn't seem to be in obvious distress. sheriff's deputies tried to usher the whale out to sea. it was finally shoed back out to sea. the engineer fired by google is considering a few job offers
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tonight. james damore said he was fired for promoting -- he argumented women don't have the biological makeup to succeed in silicon valley. google said it violated the company's cord of conduct. more than 60 women are considering suing google. now to a story you will see on abc 7 news tonight. an east bay man found thousands of baseball cards on a highway. >> now he is trying to get them back to their owner. >> it was like an easter egg hunt. >> reporter: randy just finished fixing a flat tire. he realized there were baseball cards along the highway, thousands of them. he started picking them up. >> the one card that you leave in the bushes is the one that has the value. you dig through the bushes to
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get the cards out. >> reporter: these are the pictures he took saturday morning. it took him two hours to pick up 2,000 cards. >> blown all the way up the hillside. >> reporter: featuring ron darling and carlton fisk. some are loose, others in plastic sleeves. his wife and son helped to clean the road grime off the collection. >> if i lost all my stuff i loved from my childhood, i would want it back. >> reporter: randy isn't much into baseball cards himself. at this point he just wants to do the right thing and return all of this to its rightful owner. >> you realize it is more of a personal value than financial, right? so somebody's going to miss this. it's -- they spent a lot of time putting it together. >> it's a lot of gum to go through. >> reporter: he posted about the cards on his facebook page and
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contacted police departments. but the collector has yet to come forward. in pleasant hill, laura anthony, abc 7 news. we are checking on our weather now. beezie today. >> breezy and a little cooler. sandhya patel is going to tell us more. >> i hope you enjoyed the breezy cool conditions as you take a look at this time lapse from the east bay hills camera. we have a deep marine layer, a healthy marine layer at that. coming in. i love seeing this view. it's about 2,000 feet deep and already progressing across the bay into some of the valleys. tomorrow morning, a strong marine influence. that means it's going to be slow to clear the bay area. overcast morning with coastal drizzle. minor ups and downs in the temperatures and well below normal as we let into sunday and
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monday. a live look from our abc 7 camera and you will notice that the fog is obscuring part of the view there. another picture from emeryville and this is what your morning commute is going to look like, a bit on the murky side because of the fog. tracking it well into the north bay and into the east bay and making a push down the peninsula as well. the visibility down to 3 miles in half-moon bay. you will need to take it easy in the morning and allow the extra time. watch out for the fog and drizzle. light chop on the ferry but it is going to be gray skies out there. there will be some slippery spots due to the fog and you will need a sweater in the morning hours. the temperatures right now are in the 50s and 60s except out in brent woodley. here's the back to school forecast. a cloudy morning for the first day of school and by the
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afternoon, sunshine, temperature in the upper 50s around the time that you wake up and you get ready for school. by the afternoon, 79 degrees. this is typical for this time of the year. you will notice the crispness in the air and the breeze. might want to send your kids off with their jackets or sweaters if they are back. temperatures in the mid-50s to low 60s. drizzle to start the morning and hang on to some cloud at the coast. inland areas will remain warm but at or below normal for this time of the year. you will see some sunshine for your wednesday. not a sunny view. here is a tropical storm, franklin in the atlantic. it is beginning to strength and expected to become a category 1 hurricane tonight, going into tomorrow night and then crossing mexico. this would be the second landfall. flash flooding and mudslid
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possible as heavy rain is expected. as you look at the seven-day forecast, low 60s to upper 80s tomorrow. temperatures coming up on thursday and back down again for your friday, saturday. it is cooler than average and noticeably cooler heading to the second half of your weekend and early next week. good idea to download the accuweather app to keep track of the
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we have breaking news to tell you about now, southwest airlines is experiencing major delays because of what it is calling a technology issue affecting flights up and down the west coast. they have not given any estimates on when the problem will be fixed. a newlywed couple in new
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jersey is look for two people who crashed their wedding. in a photo the bride took you can see the couple in the corner. they left the bride and groom a card and a buck for good luck. one dollar. the bride says she can't be mad because they got away with it. funny. we got to try that sometime. >> free cake. >> leave a dollar. in sports tonight the giants have so many questions to answer in the future. but they have one answer for but they have one answer for sure and he pitched tonight. food. water. internet. we need it to live.
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good evening. you can count the good things that have happened for the giants this season on one hand. and ty block might be at the top of the list. he produced with his arm and bat. if fido is riding he is making the highlights. bottom of the first. buster posey a three-run homer. his 12th of the year. the g-men have homered in four straight games which feels like a record for them. as for mr. block, seven innings, fans three. block, his last game with a three-run homer. tonight an rbi single to right field. brandon crawford coming home and the giants win 6-3. a's and mariners. i miss you so much. first inning, chris davis, this ball just keeps carrying and
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carrying. 30 homers. 3-0, a's. we saw them hugging it out earlier. a deep drive. 6-2 a's and the mariners come back to tie it. and in the tenth, aloha off josh smith and the m's come back to win it 7-6. scary scene at 49ers camp, a player collided with a teammate and motionless if within apparent neck injury. and fortunately it's no spinal damage but just a concussion. >> you say a prayer for the guy and hope it works out and that the medical staff is trained for these sort of situations and -- but it's scary. you don't want to see anyone go through that. >> as part of steph curry's camp, the kidslayed a
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nationally televised game. steph did some coaching of elite prep talent. they are all teenagers. a reverse jam after the steal. and tyler harris between the legs and off the glass to brian antwan for the finish. steph curry's team won 145-117. these are some talented young kids. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> uber talented. >> abc 7 news continues online, twitter, facebook and mobile devices with our a


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