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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  August 11, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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attacking flames in wine country. we have an update on breaking news as a wildfire threatens homes. why the effort to remove the judge behind the brock turner rape sentence has hit a snag. saving the season. the effort to get a football team on the field after thieves steal thousands in gear. now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> we're still keeping an eye on this breaking news. a wildfire burning in napa county. that fire has charred at least 100 acres. it broke out just before 1:00 this amp. you're now looking live at the fire from sky 7. sky 7 is over the area, you can't really see any flames. the fire does threaten structures. it's 10% contained. right now evacuation orders are
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in effect between turtle rock and the summerston estate winery. >> cal fire says crews are getting a handle on a 100 acre fire burning grass and oak trees in morgan hill. it started just before 3:00 this afternoon in the northern part of the city. the morgan hill webcam shows smoke drifting over homes. no buildings are threatened and no evacuations. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley. > and i'm ama daetz. police have arrested a man accused of shooting and killing a liquor store keshg clerk in s jose. >> janeane is live where family is getting ready to honor him tonight. >> reporter: dan, the lee family is grieving. they are grateful to the police department. as you can see, there is a growing memorial in front of the lee's family liquor store.
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in about an hour and a half, the family will gather here, so are community members for charlie lee. it's been an agonizing week for the family of charlie lee, a 58-year-old man shot and killed during an attempted robbery. some hope came for the family today, as police announced they arrested a suspect. surveillance video from inside the store was critical. >> the photograph of the suspect was circulated around the police department. and detectives from the gang investigations unit and burglary unit immediately noticed some similarities to a suspect in a recent burglary investigation. >> reporter: those detectives identified him as 21-year-old muni hendricks. police contacted his probation officer and served a search warrant where they found hendricks. police say he had been trying to selml merchandise he was wearin when lee was shot. >> in the 25 plus years that
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i've been with the san jose police department, that this is one of the best examples of team work, dedication, collaboration, and investigative skill that i've ever seen. >> hendricks was on probation. he has an extensive criminal record. lee's family is happy about the arrest but says in a statement -- >> reporte a british man will head back to chicago where he'll face murder charges in a deadly stabbing. andrew warren decided not to fight his extradition at a hearing in san francisco today. he's accused of killing a man in chicago along with northwestern professor wyndham latham. both surrendered to police in the bay area after a nationwide manhunt. that effort to recall the judge who sentenced stanford
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athlete and sex offender brock turner has been put on hold. melanie woodrow explains why a judge told them today to stop gathering signatures on a me anythi -- petition. >> reporter: a legal challenge, a motion asking the court to block the collection of signatures. >> this is a last-ditch effort to block the democratic process. >> it's not about delay but following the law. >> reporter: at issue is whether the county was the correct entity to certify the petition. the judge argued the secretary of state must certify the petition and whether there are misleading statements regarding how the replacement could be determined. >> one of the things that is on the petition that's mandated is the fact that we have successor. >> under the california
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constitution, the governor would appoint the successor and we believe the public needs to know that and not be misled to believe they would have the right to elect him or her. >> reporter: a judge prevented the recall campaign from collecting signatures until at least august 23rd. >> the recall is going forward. no matter how much taxpayer money the judge decides to waste with frivolous litigation. >> he deserves a fair hearing and fair consideration by the people of this county. >> reporter: on august 23rd, the judge will decide whether the petition was properly approved by the county. in san jose, melanie woodrow, "abc7 news." federal prosecutors now say isis terrorists tried to use ebay and paypal to fund attacks here in the u.s. the fbi arrested this man in december of 2015. he's charged with attempting to provide material support to
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isis. in recently unsealed court records, prosecutors say after pledging his allegiance, he pretended to sell computer printers on ebay. they said it's a scheme to cover $9,000 in payments he got from isis through paypal. he pleaded not guilty and will go on trial later this year. an ebay spokesperson said the company has zero tolerance for criminal activities taking place on our marketplace. paypal said -- just as the school year is about to start, bay area school districts are short on teachers. oakland is even trying to recruit spanish teachers from central america to fill the gaps. leslie brinkley looks a t the hiring strategies bay area districts are using to combat a growing teacher shortage. >> how many more teachers do you have yet to hire? >> three. >> reporter: mt. diane low
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unified and other school districts are scrambling to fill teacher vacancies. in oakland, with school ten days away, they're still short 20 teachers. a far cry from two years ago when they were short 75 teachers. they're now working with the california department of education to recruit bilingual teachers from mexico and spain. >> over the years, we've had to go internationally to supplement the local talent. >> reporter: special education teach rers ers are in the highe demand? why are fewer people seeking teacher positions? the average teacher makes $67,000 in california. >> there are fewer and fewer people graduating with a graduate's degree. >> reporter: st. mary's college has been partnering to recruit
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potential new teachers from among school staff. >> they need that catalyst to get the credential. >> reporter: and the governor just signed new legislation that starting in 2018, california is going to open the door to college education programs credentialing teachers in less than five years. leslie brinkley, "abc7 news." california's attorney general is suing the epa, the environmental protection agency. he wants to get records that might indicate whether the head of the epa has a conflict of interest. scott pruitt has said he would recuse himself in certain case it is they clashed with investigations he oversaw as oklahoma's attorney general. he says he wants to make sure that happens. some football pros are coming through for an east bay high school football team after vandals stole equipment worth hows. alyssa? >> reporter: i'm told that the
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49ers contacted the head coach. the organization offered any equipment that the team might need before their opening game, which is just two weeks away. meanwhile, the go fund me site launched this morning with a goal of $10,000. washington high school's football players are used to taking big hits on the field. but nobody expected such a low blow by a thief. someone stole more than $10,000 worth of team gear. mostly shoulder pads and brand new helmets that cost $350 apiece. the athletic director says in the midst of construction, a door to the varsity locker room was left unlocked. >> it appeared they dragged what they could out to the parking lot, because they actually left a trail of shoulder pads. >> reporter: now a go fund me site is aiming to replace those items before the first game. but the clock is ticking. the opener is august 25. >> you don't steal from students. those are the funs, our future leaders.
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>> reporter: raj started the go fund me page. he's a washington high alum. >> football is a great american sport that gets our kids out there, you learn discipline, hard work and persistence. >> reporter: he's overwhelmed and humbled after hearing words of support from teams all over the state. today, the head coach of a rival school showed up. >> being a third generation huskie, it was part of my duty to come and offer our support for the football program in any way, shape or form that we can. >> reporter: the 49ers also called the school to help replenish what was lost. still to come, new shots fired in the war of words between president trump and north korea's leader. tonight, we look back at the roots of the strained relationship. also, the former google employee fired for his controversial comments not backing down. >> i'm spencer christian, looks
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like we'll have lots of sunshine this weekend. i'll have the forecast coming up. breaks my heart. ticks me off. >> and a billionaire defies a court ruling and keeps the gates to bay area beach closed. why are you deleting these photos? because my teeth are yellow. why don't you use a whitening toothpaste? i'm afraid it's bad for my teeth. try crest 3d white.
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the google engineer fired for his memo that criticized the company's diversity practices is grabbing more headlines telling his side of the story in a national newspaper. kristen sze has the latest. >> reporter: james demore tweeted an article he wrote in
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"the wall et journal" toda it's titled "why i was fired by google." the former software engineer was canned this week after his internal memo was leaked and went viral. he argues the gender gap in technology are caused by mostly biological differences, including women's propensity to be more neurotic. in "the wall street journal," he says -- >> reporter: hes are writes -- >> reporter: google's ceo says he was dismissed not for his views, but for violating the company's code of conduct. last night, african selling the town hall meeting to address the uproar, he hosted a tech competition for girls. >> there's a place for you at google. don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
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>> reporter: meantime, demore tweeted a fund-raising site for his upcoming legal fight against google and has raised 4 wood$41 with some claiming for fellow googlers. a tombstone from the 1800s will have a new home after being buried for decades under a san francisco home. electricians used an engine hoist to lift the tombstone. they discovered it while upgrades the house's wiring. that home is on what used to be laurel hill cemetery. the graves moved in the '30s and the tombstone became land fill. the beach battle over a popular surf spot was supposed to be settled today. but tonight it appears it is not. the california court ordered billionaire ordered him to give the pub lack access to martin's beach. he did not open the dates and
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his attorney did not return our calls. wayne freedman is on the story. >> reporter: the disappointment of a locked gate. >> i haven't been here since i was 123. >> reporter: in a free country, there can be nothing more symbolic or infuriates. >> breaks my heart, ticks me off. >> reporter: so happy birthday to joanne butterfield, who hoped to spend time with her sister at martins beach, where the billionaire land lord should have opened the gate to a private road along highway 1 today. it never happened. yet another challenge to the california coastal act. >> what i think is wrong about it is the entire california coast is supposed to provide public access. >> reporter: as it has been since before this case began, it forced visitors to walk half a mile to this private beach that becomes more of a contrast between natural delight and slowed disintegration with every passing year. if you spend time walking around here, you'll see that the lure of this place has little to do
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with the quality of the accommodations. in places, the structures along martins beach look like a ghostown in the making. tenants who remain seem to be as protective of their privacy as their land lord. it's not easy to get answers when they won't even wait for questions. tell me the truth, would it be easier -- >> up aopen the damn gate, let people down there. >> reporter: wayne freedman, "abc7 news." he's 98 years young and retiring from daily journalism after 77 years on the job. david pearlman has filed his final piece as a staff writer. it's about the coming solar eclipse that will appear sunday.
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his friends and colleagues celebrated his retirement today and his contribution to journalism at the paper. senator dianne feinstein and mayor ed lee were among those who wished him well. >> i think we've done a pretty good job of telling the people in this town what goes on and what needs to go on. [ applause ] >> pearlman will continue to write for the paper as the science editor emeritus. two enormous jackpots are still up for grabs with more than $750 million combined. tonight's jackpot saturday 393 for the mega millions. tomorrow night's powerball prize is $356 million. the mega millions is the fifth largest in that game's history and the 17th largest ever in the united states. your odds of winning are 1 in 258 million.
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powerball odds, 1 in 298 million. >> you have to play to win. unless you play, you don't play you won't win. let the machine pick your numbers. if it's meant for you, it's meant for you. >> it's true. if you don't play, you don't win. if you're looking for an edge, the numbers most frequently drawn are 2, 31 and 39 for mega millions. for powerball, 26, 16, 41. >> if you do play, you still don't win. happening now, if you listen closely, you can hear the music coming out of golden gate park. "abc7 news" was in the park for the first day of outside lens. this is the 10th year for the music festival. there are seven stages with bands playing all day long. tonight's headliners, gorillas. tickets are not cheap. >> the bands like gorillas, i've loved them for 16 years, but i've never seen them. so i figure i'll remember seeing them.
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>> the food is also a big attraction with bay area restaurants showing off their culinary skills with 70,000 people expected at the festival each day, getting to the park could be a challenge unless you take the advice of alexis smith, don't drive. >> leave the vehicles at home this weekend. you've got a lot of mass transit options. muni postponing their train testing. subway service will be available. also ramping up their bus service on several signs. golden gate transit you can take to the golden gate bridge toll plaza. a few other options too, a three-day shuttle, 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. there will be bicycle parking and three taxi stands set up. just make sure you plan ahead before you go. >> good advice. thanks, alexis. we have all your needs on
7:21 pm including how to get around the festival, the lineup and seven ways to rock outside lands like a pro. should be a lot of fun this weekend. >> so how should you dress, what will the weather be like? >> spencer christian has the forecast. >> it's going to be a little gray in the morning and evening at golden gate park. but lots of people there, so maybe that will warm things up. i want to give you a look at the high temperaturen treend over t next seven days. the average high this time of year in livermoe, 85 degrees. upper 70s on monday and much of the bay area will see a drop in temperatures at the beginning of the week. temperatures slowly climb back up later in the week and it will feel more like summer. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. we have those low clouds along parts of the coastline, north of the golden gate there are
7:22 pm
bright, sunny skies to be found. but this is not the view of bright, sunny skies. this is downtown san francisco looking back at what is visible of sutro tower. 73 in san jose. 84 at gilroy. 61 at half moon bay. check out this view, looking towards the west-northwest. partly cloudy skies, 82 in santa rosa. 81 at livermore. and looking at bright, sunny skies at the golden gate, but not necessarily in golden gate park. these are the forecast features. fog near the coast and bay with the spotty drizzle overnight into the early morning hours. mild to warm in the afternoon hours this weekend. but much cooler on monday and warming up again midweek. right now, we'll take you into the forecast, starting at 7:00 this evening. we'll see the fog become more prominent, and it will spill
7:23 pm
over the bay, but probably not push very far inland and a chance of drizzle along the coast in the early morning hours and the fog will return back to the coastline as it has been all week long and tomorrow much like the day we had today. overnight lows, in the mid to upper 50s to right around 60. clearer skies inland tonight than the last couple of nights. tomorrow afternoon, highs in the upper 70s to around 80 in the south bay. 79 in san jose. 74 in redwood city. 75 in palo alto and the coast. 63 half moon bay. downtown san francisco at 66 degrees tomorrow. north bay, highs of 85 in santa rosa. 79 at napa. 57 at union city. inland east bay, upper 80s to right around 90 at pittsburgh. and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast.
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so two twin-like days tomorrow and sunday with about the same temperature range both days and a sharp drop and cooler conditions on monday, with temperatures rising on tuesday and low-to-mid 90s inland wednesday, thursday and friday. next week it will feel more like summer. just ahead, some mom and pop shops take aim at wells fargo clai
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new accusations against wells fargo leads our business watch. >> the banking giant is accused of overcharging mom and pop shops. a new lawsuit claims wells fargo's merchant business services ran an overbilling
7:27 pm
scheme. clients were charged hidden and excessive fees and have to pay termination fees if they left wells fargo. >> jcpenney now trading under $5. they're looking to expand online sales to compete with amazon and walmart. shares fell 14% for snap chat. >> overall, wall street had a positive day after this week saw the biggest weekly loss we've seen in months. just ahead on "abc7 news" at 6:00, today's developments in the u.s.-north korea crisis. >> plus, a look at just how we got to this point. the long history of threats and counterthreats. also, a 400 pound bear takes a dip in a california pool.
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scary or cute? depends on who you talk to. and a little bit of history a boy found inside a
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if you've got a life, you gotta swiffer
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live where you live, this is "abc7 news." >> we're following breaking news. two wildfires are burning, first in napa county. crews are battling a fire that's charred at least 100 acres. that one is 10% contained. and cal fire is working a 100 acre grass fire in morgan hill. it's officially 5% contained but crews have it nearly knocked down. no one was hurt. president trump offered vague assurances to reporters when asked about north korea today. >> he spoke to reporters from his new jersey golf club answering questions about russia's expulsion of u.s. diplomats, venezuela, and north korea. >> just this morning, the president continued his war of words, tweeting the u.s. military options are locked and
7:32 pm
loaded, if needed. asked about guam, president trump said if anything happens to guam, there's going to be big trouble in north korea. >> hopefully it will all work out, okay? nobody loves a peaceful solution better than president trump, that i can tell you. we will see what happens. we think that lots of good things could happen and we could have a bad solution. >> president trump says he plans a phone call tonight with china's president about the situation with north korea. it has been more than 60 years since north korea and the united states fought a real war. since then, it's been a war of words as we've seen with threats and counterthreats flying back and forth. how did we get to this point? eric thomas has a look at the history behind the growing tension. >> reporter: starting in 1950, u.s. troops fought a brutal three-year war to keep north korea from occupying the south. 500,000 north korean and chinese troops were killed, along with
7:33 pm
37,000 americans. it was the beginning of a turbulent relationship. >> that's certainly the starting point. the north koreans, though, are also upset that we are preventing them from unifying their country under their control by defending south korea. >> reporter: and we've been doing that since 1953, keeping thousands of u.s. troops in south korea as a deterrent to another invasion. seven years ago, i went to korea to talk to u.s. soldiers firsthand. >> we're always constantly, you know, on alert. we're always constantly looking out for things like that. any time we hear about any type of tests, you know, the alerts go up and we're ready in case something does happen. >> reporter: it would be tempting to think that lingering anger about the war is the only reason the north still hates the u.s. but it's more complicated than that. >> north korea is an island of poverties surrounded by an ocean of posterity. >> reporter: from the 'fift there the '70s, north korea has
7:34 pm
had a stable economy. since then, they've watched other economies explode with american involvement and the north has trouble feeding its own people. >> a law has chanot has changed north korea. >> reporter: the major change, the north has a nuclear missile. >> if they tried to deliver a nuclear weapon, it wouldn't get much further than alaska, and it might well break up on reentry. >> reporter: but one day they may have a missile with the range, leaving the trump administration to do something every american president since truman has tried and failed to do, control the north korean threat. eric thomas, "abc7 news." neighbors in a southern california community have been warned about a prowler. this one isn't armed with a crowbar or lock cutters, but huge claws and sharp teeth.
7:35 pm
chelsea edwards has the surveillance video. >> reporter: caught on camera. a furry trespasser taking a midnight swim in a grenada hills backyard. >> we saw the bill just splash into the pool. >> reporter: the bear's overnight escapades were captured on several cameras around this home. it spends about an hour taking laps, exploring the grounds and scouring the trash cans for snacks. >> he walked over there and then we were sleeping for like a minute, he would go like this. >> reporter: the commotion woke up 5-year-old sophia, who never imagined she would be face-to-face with a real life bear. >> i was a little bit happy. >> reporter: her family had a different reaction. >> ugly. ugly. >> i personally thought it was cute, but my family was pretty horrified. but no, it was scary seeing a bear just like in your own pool.
7:36 pm
>> reporter: authorities aren't sure if the nearly 400 pound bear is a male or female. it's appeared in the area three nights in a row and appears to be getting comfortable. >> it was pretty scary. we tried to maintain a distance when we were were reco >> reporter: will be bear will welcomed for a fourth night? >> i'm not sure about that. going through our trash every night, but we do want it to be safe. >> reporter: the bear was coaxed back into open space. authorities say they are common in this area. even though the family isn't thrilled the bear has been hanging out here, they have named it yogi. chelsea edwards, "abc7 news." a young camera enthusiast in fulsome found a little history inside an old camera he purchased. it was loaded with undeveloped vintage film.
7:37 pm
the photos are in near mint condition and he wants to find the family who they belong to. >> it would be amazing to hand them these very cool family photos. back then you only had film. there was no digital. so what if those pictures of their mother, their father, grandmother, what if those were really the only ones that they had? >> certainly could be a possibility. he found the camera at the good will in fulsome. but it's unclear if the family was from that area. still to come, the plan in the works to transform a small california town into a pot paradise. also -- ♪ the sights and sounds
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you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. a small california town with a population of 20 could soon be overrun with tourists. pot company just purchased nipton for $5 million in san bernardino county. they want to turn it into a pot paradise. >> rob mcmillen from our sister station in los angeles has the story. >> reporter: for most folks,
7:41 pm
it's just another freeway exit on the way to las vegas. but there are about 20 people who live in the small town of nipton, including carl. >> people drive by here and don't even notice. >> reporter: but now the entire nation is taking notice. now that a company out of arizona has decided to buy the whole town. american green, one of the nation's largest cannabis companies. >> hopefully it won't be a lawless town. >> reporter: steven is with the company contracted to manage what he calls their project in nipton. >> we aren't going to make pottown, usa and have a cannabis free for all. we'll have a set of functioning businesses. >> reporter: you should start to see changes here within the next few months. one of the first attractions they're going for, cannabis based water that you can take a
7:42 pm
bath in. what do you think about that? >> i don't smoke marijuana. >> reporter: most people passing through seemed okay with the idea of a pot town. >> it should be fine. >> it's the times we live in. >> reporter: so what's legal and what isn't? san bernardino county says it's taken no official stance on what's happening in nipton. american green says they plan to follow all state regulations. james kelly owns stock in american green. although he doesn't use marijua marijuana. >> never have smoked it in my life. >> reporter: so you bought it as an investment? >> exactly. >> reporter: so what does he
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"abc7 news." now a cartoon classic is back. what to expect
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if outside land s isn't you thing this weekend, maybe this. a live performance of "harry pot er." the orchestra plays live as the film plays. ♪
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"abc7 news" was in san francisco as the orchestra held its final orchestra this morning. there are three shows on saturday and sunday. if you want to go, there are plenty of seats available. a 30-year-old disney classic is making a comeback. they are all new duck tales. it premieres tomorrow, and it's a remake of a lot of cartoon lovers have been waiting for. two of the biggest fans ended up as producers. ♪ ♪ life is like a hurricane >> the iconic theme song is back. one of the many elements of the original "duck tales" living on in this reboot. >> we're on a deep sea expedition with scrooge mcduck. >> reporter: preview clips show a lot that's new. >> it's part of my character's back story. special forces pulled out of retirement for revenge. >> reporter: even before the updated show's debut, more than 2 million duck devotes have already liked its facebook page. >> i grew up loving it.
7:47 pm
it was one of the most important shows for me. >> reporter: the original started in 1987 and still a youtube staple that's inspired legions of fans, including some working on the new show. >> the lyrics to the theme song wrote my wedding vowels. ♪ every day they're out there making duck tales ♪ >> i wore a duck wing costume until it was far too late in my development. >> reporter: that kind of devotion brings a lot of pressure. >> it's 50% of people who are so excited they can't believe they get to work og brining it back, and 50% so horrified of messing it up. >> reporter: now it's up to you to see if they got it right. >> looks good, right? the new premiere starts running disney xd channel. it will run all day long with 24 consecutive showings. disney is abc 7's parent company. "american idol" is coming to
7:48 pm
abc 7. the "american idol" bus will be in jack london square, giving you the chance to be a star. but you don't have to wait. you can audition on line now. we have a link at do be warned, potential contestants, you need to be at least 15 years old. it was a pretty nice day all over the bay area today. blue skies over the hills of fremont, where it reached the mid 70s today. >> for a look at what to expect this weekend, here's spencer christian. >> we have a couple of days coming our way that will look much as today looked. we have mainly sunny skies right now, a little fog along the coastline there, south of the golden gate. fog will expand. overnight lows in the upper 50s to low sikt60s. tomorrow, much like today. highs range from low 60s around the coast to low 70s around the
7:49 pm
bay. upp upper 80s to low 90s inland. golden gate park forecast, partly cloudy, cool and breelzy tomorrow. a similar pattern sunday. highs in the low 60s for the festivalgoers. here's the seven-day forecast. maybe a little drizzle monday, with highs only in the low 80s inland monday. but temperatures bounce back midweek. by late week next week, it will be warm and summer like all over again. >> all right. thank you, spencer. on to sports. a little mix of golf and basketball. andre iguodala obviously plays hoops for a living. his other position, though, is golf. so look who's at the pga championship. he's not playing, is he?
7:50 pm
7:51 pm
7:52 pm
good evening. mingling with the likes of jordan spieth, rory mcilroy and phil mickelson at the pga championship is andre iguodala. he's a huge golf fan and turner
7:53 pm
sports invited him to join as a special contributor this week at quail hollow in north carolina. andre says he's a 12 handicap. >> finally broke 80 has 0 last and the past three weeks i've been between 85 and 88. the bad part is, expectations are really high. so frustration is -- it happens a little faster than it used to. >> as for round two, threatening skies all day long. kevin kisner played earlier, chipping in for eagle here, a 67. and he's at minus 8. then a weather delay, and when play resumed, the greens were soft. this is a long birdie on 13. and reads it perfectly. he's at minus 6. bogey free 7 under 64, low round of the two days so far. four straight birdies on the back nine. he and kisner are tied at minus
7:54 pm
8. play again stopped because of darkness. the 49ers taking on the chiefs in their first preseason game. our first chance to see the head coach. right now, the chiefs lead 7-3 in the second quarter, and the niners are threatening. the raiders' first preseason game is tomorrow in arizona. a lot less hitting in training camp than last year. the emphasis making sure guys are healthy for the regular season. it's a very different approach in the old days when he suited up. >> i always felt as a player my best conditioning level was when i first reported to camp. and then it would just go down from there and we would open the season and i would be trying to come back to life. so i think we do a better job now of managing that whole process. i think our guys are arriving at the season ready to roll more so than they were then from a
7:55 pm
physical stand point. >> after a 13-month investigation, the nfl handed down a hefty punishment, suspending cowboys running back ezekiel elliott for six games for a violation of the nfl's personal conduct policy. the suspension related to a domestic violence case related to an ex-gift in columbus, ohio. he's not facing criminal charges, elliott is expected to appeal. kevin durant went to india for his charitble foundation last month. he was asked about the trip. he said he was very surprised by the conditions he saw, the poverty shocked him, saying he was expecting something play sha -- pa lay shall. he apologized for his comments saying that's my fault. the san jose sharks partnering with habitat for humanity to make repairs on a
7:56 pm
half dozen homes in east palo alto. and yes, one of the houses is getting painted sharks teal. the $60,000 for the repairs was raised by fans during the playoffs. funny moment at a basketball camp involving jordan bell. little sparky going through the legs and swatted away, rejected. i do like his creativity. but bell, having none of it. warriors hope to see that in the regular season. and the giants/nationals game back in d.c., rained out. so see if they may a doubleheader tomorrow. >> thank you, larry. join us tonight at 9:00, cable channel 13. the chp is looking for two hit and run drivers. that's at 9:00. right now, friends and family are paying tribute to the liquor store owner kid inside his own store. at 11:00, the vigil taking place and how detectives tracked down the suspected shooter. finally tonight, a few
7:57 pm
thoughts about what matters, the rhetoric of war has stirred mixed emotions in americans. national pride, vengeance, and fear to name three. president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un's war of words is making a lot of people nervous. are we really marching towards war or is this just political posturing? president trump's fire and fury line drawing criticism, even ridicule as "game of thrones" style language. it's certainly rhetoric rarely used by american presidents but they have before. after the first atomic bomb was dropped on japan, president truman warned if they do not accept our terms, they may expect a rain of ruin from the air, the likes of which has never been seen on earth. president george bush was criticized for saying he wanting osama bin laden dead or alive. the main difference in those examples is that we were already at war. what really matters at this moment in history is that the
7:58 pm
words being exchanged don't become bullets and bombs. i always love to hear from you. let me know what you think. follow me on twitter and facebook. >> that's going to do it for this edition of "abc7 news." look for breaking news on twitter. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. for all of us, see ou at 9:00 and 11:00.
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"last man standing" is recorded in front of a live studio audience. football on. women setting the table. why can't every day be thanksgiving? so sundays, mondays, thursdays aren't enough? halftime's almost over. you got any husband or father questions, lay them on me. well, actually, we need someone to bring up some extra chairs from the basement. right. so nothing, right? good, good. grandpa, wait! ha! yeah. almost made it. i'm doing a class project on what we're thankful for. yeah, he wants to do a video like your vlogs for outdoor man. everybody's thankful for those. i liked the one where the president needs to pull his head out of putin's butt. um, okay, why are there two chairs at the kids' table? please tell me he's bringing a date. sorry, eve, but there's no room at the boring, grown-up table, so you get to sit with boyd at the special table. you know "special" doesn't mean the same thing it used to?


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