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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  August 14, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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new at 6:00, the i-team digs into videotaped evidence given by a man who accepted a long prison sentence for lewd acts on a child. the hunt ends for a man considered armed and dangerous. new details on what cops say he planned to do. new information about why one local man is out of a job after a protest in virginia. live where you live, this is "abc7 news." are you a pedophile? >> absolutely not. >> two weeks ago, this marketing executive pleaded no contest to molesting his adopted son from russia. but that's not the end of the story. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze in for ama daetz. the defendant agreed to a
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24-year prison sentence, but he denies abusing the boy. >> the i-team obtained that deposition video and dan noyes is here. >> reporter: the victim tells me he can't understand why ralph lynn would accept that long prison sentence, but continues to claim he did nothing wrong. it's an incredible coincidence. abc 7 was there 17 years ago at an adoption event for russian children when ralph and carolyn decided to adopt 9-year-old dennis. >> what their life is like compared to the children that are here in silicon valley, there's no comparison. >> reporter: dennis lintels me the years following was terrifying. >> when i saw him, my whole body would freeze up. it was the uncertainty of what's coming up next. >> reporter: two weeks ago,
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ralph lynn pleaded no contest to lewd acts on a child and agreed to 24 years. carolyn flynn accepted 12 years in prison for two counts of rape. on the civil side, it's different story. >> i deny i did that, yes. >> so dennis is lying? >> i don't know if he's lying, but i know he's not telling the truth. >> reporter: flynn denied my wrongdoing for more than five hours in this deposition as part of the lawsuit filed by dennis. >> he's textbook pedophile. he's very manipulative. >> reporter: the attorney tells me ralph flynn did not answer questions typically. >> did you show pornography to denn dennis? >> i don't recall. i don't believe i did. >> that is not something that you would forget if you were a parent. and you would be outraged by a question hike that. >> reporter: flynn deflected
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blame, even when confronted with evidence from the criminal case. >> you told that woman investigator that you touched dennis sexually, correct? >> i don't remember saying that to her. >> and dennis said that you watched on multiple times while he had sex -- >> i don't remember that. that doesn't make any sense to me. i don't remember that. >> just seeing and hearing like his deposition, it boils my blood. >> reporter: dennis tells me now more than ever he looks forward to taking the stand to confronting the flynns in court. >> now i actually am looking forward to where can i go from here? how can i apply myself to life and constantly live? >> reporter: ralph flynn is also being sued by a second adopted son who said flynn and his first wife sexually abused him. they have denied all the claims against them. on the criminal side, ralph and
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carolyn flynn have their sentencing in november. >> thank you, dan. we are learning new details tonight about a lake county man in custody accused of firing shots towards caltrans workers. a hi 43-year-old joshua green also threatened to blow planes out to have sky. >> during the incident, we had several aircraft above. one of the communications we had is by way of a family member. he said if the aircraft didn't get out of the air, he would shoot them down. >> green did not do that or hit any officers when he walked out of his home with a gun this morning. a neighbor's recent construction project blocked boun's eed bro to highway 29. today, his access was restricted. the sheriff says no one was
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injured when they took brown into custody. police say a driver crashed into a pizzaria in france today, however, they do not consider it an act of terror. a girl between the ages of 8 and 13 was killed when the driver slammed into the sidewalk cafe in a village just east of paris. about a dozen others were injured, four of them critically, including the girl's 3-year-old brother. police say the driver is a french national who tried to kill himself several days ago. prosecutors believe he was on drugs. he is now in custody. president trump today called out racist groups by name following criticism about his initial response to clashes in virginia. >> racism is evil, and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the kkk, neo nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups. >> on saturday, two state troopers died in a helicopter accident while monitoring the
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rally. a woman was killed when a car plowed through a crowd during clashes between white nationalists and counter protesters. police are now responding to critics who say they did not do enough. >> we certainly have regrets. it was a j tra tragic weekend. >> a judge denied bail for the man suspected of driving into the crowd, james fields, jr. the associated press 911 call records show he was accused of beating his mother. similar rallies are scheduled to come to the bay area. the right wing group patriot prayer has been granted a permit for demonstration saturday, august 26th. a separate event is planned the next day at berkeley's martin luther king jr.'s civic center park where more than a dozen people were arrested last april. counter protesters are expected at both upcoming rallies. a popular berkeley restaurant thrust into the restaurant for an employee outed for having been in
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charlottesville, says that employee has not been fired, he resigned. melanie woodrow has the story. >> reporter: this restaurant is responding to a flurry of social media activity in a statement posted on its door, letting people know that cole white wasn't f >> reporter: this past weekend, someone on social media identified white as having been at the rally in charlottesville. >> i don't know why someone who kind of supports that would be in this area, a liberal city and town. >> reporter: they spoke with white saturday. >> reporter: the attorney is california's rnc national committee woman. >> if you're holding flags and
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chanting and doing heil hitler salutes, it's just karma that people can identify you. >> reporter: sunday, a concerning block post prompted someone to call berkeley police reporting what they believed was a credible threat to top dog's three locations. >> there was enough going on in that threat itself that we felt it necessary on our part to assign officers to those locations. >> reporter: officers were not assigned to top dog today, but they would provide surveillance while on their beats. melanie woodrow, "abc7 news." our coverage of what happened in charlottesville continues at 6:30. we'll hear from a bay area mom who went to visit her mom in virginia and witnessed the protests firsthand. the two people accused of killing a photographer at san francisco's famed twin peaks pled not guilty.
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he had been arrested for having the gun while on felony probation for burglary. five days ago, ed french was robbed, shot and killed. it's the timing that has his family furious. >> the judge is as responsible for my brother's death as the people that murdered him. >> mims was released based on his low-risk assessment score. the nonprofit in charge of creating those scores is partly funded by the san francisco sheriff's office. san francisco has joined forces with the state of california in a lawsuit against the trump administration. federal government says the city and state must comply with the new set of conditions when it comes to immigration or risk losing millions in law enforcement grants. lyanne melendez is live outside city hall tonight to explain what we could lose. >> reporter: dan, let me tell you that this is the second lawsuit filed by the city of san francisco against the trump
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administration for its immigration policies. joining the city today was the state attorney general, who said if you are here in california to work hard and to build this state, you should know that you will be safe. a warning tonight from california's attorney general on californhe trump administration latest attempt to target its sanctuary status. >> we're intent on stopping anyone who would try to deny us, the dollars that we have earned, the dollars that we have paid for, to provide the resources to the men and women who wear the badge. >> reporter: the trump administration set new conditions for law enforcement to follow in order to qualify for gramtdnts. first, allow agents in jails to question suspects. san francisco joined the state in filing its own lawsuit. >> we are not going to devote our limited law enforcement resources to that task. >> reporter: republicans are behind the latest attempt to
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curb illegal immigration. >> i think it would do san francisco and the state of california good if they would cooperate with the federal government in this regard. >> reporter: if stran francisco does not comply, it stands to lose $1.5 million and the state would not have access to $28 million in grants. law enforcement agencies count on those grants to buy extra equipment or fund programs. >> that goes to fund everything from diversion programs to adult alternative courts to social work intervention, trying to ensure that at-risk youth are getting services that they need. >> reporter: the lawsuits come as many law enforcement agencies prepare to apply for these federal grants. the deadline is august 25th. in san francisco, leeann melend melendez, "abc7 news." the clock is ticking for a bay area nurse and her husband who face deportation tomorrow. >> next, we're live with their direct message to president trump and their hope for a last-minute miracle. i'm spencer christian.
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oakland couple set to be deported, despite more than two decades in the bay area as productive citizens. senators dianne feinstein is working behind the scenes to get a reprieve for maria sanchez and her husband. but so far no luck. laura anthony is live in oakland where supporters are holding a rally for the couple. >> reporter: hi, kristen. she's set to fly to mexico tomorrow, but today, maria sanchez stood here before highland hospital amid co-workers, making one last plea to the president. >> as a father, hopefully i can touch his heart. >> reporter: with just one day to go before maria and her husband must leave, she appealed directly to president trump. one parent to another. >> when he sees his son, his 12-year-old, same age as my son,
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he can think about what it is, what will it be to rip him away from his family. >> reporter: maria and her family do not deserve to be torn apart. >> reporter: the couple has held jobs, paid taxes and staid out of legal trouble for two decades. they have four children, three u.s. citizens. i.c.e. said, the courts consistently held that neither of these individuals has a legal basis to remain in the u.s. while i.c.e. continues to prioritize its enforcement resources to focus on individuals who pose a threat to national security, public safety and border security, i.c.e. will not accept classes or categories of removable aliens from potential enforcement. >> at least i was able to show the kids that when you work hard for something, that you believe in, as long as you continue doing the right thing, hopefully
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something good will come out of it. >> reporter: their attorney has asked i.c.e. for a stay of deportation to give senator feinstein time to introduce a bill into congress that would allow the couple to stay in the united states. laura anthony, "abc7 news." tonight, a denver jury has sided with taylor swift and her groping lawsuit against a former radio deejay. deejay david mueller has been ordered to pay the pop star everything she wanted, a symbolic $1. swift says mueller groped her. after the verdict, her attorney praised his client's courage. >> i think it is a new day, because someone with the guts and courage to stand up with no upside in doing so, that being taylor swift, has told everyone this is it. the line is drawn. >> friday, the judge dismissed
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mueller's counter suit which claims swift got him fired. the judge said mueller could not prove that claim. now to the countdown to the solar eclipse one week away now, and turning into a financial boost for amtrak. they're running a special round trip service to the best places to see the eclipse in southern illinois. 400 tickets quickly told out to carbondale, illinois. this is the first u.s. solar eclipse since 1979, and the first to sweep across the nation in nearly a century. if you want more information about oh, the solar eclipse, all things related, go to we have a whole section on the events and the best places to watch, from what causes the rare event. so check it out. you'll definitely want a pair of glasses to protect your eyes.
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get your hands on some are quite difficult. a ten pack here, this is $100. so there's some cheaper ones, but not a lot and some are no longer available. so somebody is making a whole lot of money on this, as the cost to make a pair is 50 cents. >> really? you couldn't see much of the sun today with or without glass. the clouds blanketed san francisco this morning. this was shot right joud site our news studio. on the left, the top of the tower is still visible, despite the clouds. spencer christian is here with a forecast. really cool out there today. >> it was. it was like what you just showed. if you're looking for sunnier, warmer days, you'll like the next few days coming our way. in livermore, average high is
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87. up to 84 on wednesday. the next few days, highs of 89 degrees in livermore. however, temperatures are going to drop off again at the end of the week going into early next week. looking at live doppler 7, and we have the stubborn low clouds, especially south of the golden gate. a few of our inhand locations have bright skies right now. here in san francisco, parts of the east bay and down to the south bay as well. on we go to the 24-hour temperature change. it is quite a bit cooler than it was at this hour yesterday. eight degrees cooler in san francisco and concord. most of our east bay locations, eight or nine degrees cooler. we have gusts right now to 23 miles per hour, and in nevado, 25. a bit breezy and dreary looking, like this. this view from our roof top camera, looking out over the
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bay. currently 60 degrees in san francisco. upper 60s at mountain view and san jose. 72 in gilroy. here's a view of a little sun breaking through in the western sky, looking from emeryville. 72 degrees right now in santa rosa. 71 at fairfield, and mid to upper 60s in concord and livermore. there's -- a look at low clouds with bright skies over golden gate. cloudy overnight with patchy morning drizzle. below average temperatures with gradual warming the rest of the week. 5:00 tomorrow morning, the start of the morning commute, it will be relatively clear north of the golden gate. again, we'll have those lingering low clouds over the south bay, the me ninpeninsula n francisco. overnight lows, upper 50s. so mild overnight period and a chance of spotty, coastal
7:22 pm
drizzle. tomorrow, 77 in san jose. mainly low to mid 70s. 74 at redwood city. low 60s on the coast. downtown san francisco, partly cloudy, high of 64. up in the north bay, highs of 78. 77 at napa. over to the east bay, highs reaching 69. oakland, 73. fremont, 71. and inland east bay, which normally sizzles this time of the year, highs on in the upper 70s to right around 80. here's the seven-day forecast. sunnier skies on wednesday. and for the remainder of the week, and a little milder middle of the forecast thursday, friday, saturday, highs moving up around 90 degrees, but cooling down next sunday. on monday, eclipse day, look for a cool day for august. probably lots of clouds. we'll see what viewing conditions are like. >> wow. coming up next, see how
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because shoulders were made for greatness. not dandruff. stocks rebounded today with each index posting big gains. the dow add 135 points, closing at 21,993. close to 22,000 once again. the nasdaq up by 83, the s&p gained almost 25.
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an expanding marketplace leads tonight's bay area business watch. facebook started adding its market place to 72 countries today. it's currently available in seven countries, including the united states. the creator of the show "scandal" and "gray's amattny" is headed to netflix. she says she's looking forward to expanding her audience with netflix, where he's expected to produce a new series. "gray's anatomy" and "how to get away with murder" will remain on abc. five of vincent van goghs were united today on facebook. the galleries include the philadelphia museum of art, the national gallery in london. the vangogh museum in amsterdam, as well as munich and tokyo.
7:27 pm
vangogh created seven sunflower paintings in the last years of his life. mexican police swarmed resorts in cancun. next, what they were looking for, and just how much of it they found. plus -- >> i don't think we've realized just what it was all about, to be honest. >> well, it soon became clear to a bay area mom whose family milestone gave her a first person view in virginia. and the
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live, where you live, this is "abc7 news." tonight, protesters in north carolina toppled a long-standing statue of a confederate soldier. activists used a rope to pull down the monument outside a durham courthouse. the protest was held in response to a white nationalist rally that turned violent saturday in charlottesville, virginia. and there's growing fallout from the violence in virginia. some of it aimed at president
7:31 pm
trump. the chief executive of merck resigned from the president's manufacturing council, saying he felt a responsibility to take a stand against extremism. just a short time ago, underarmor's ceo said he's stepping down from the council. it comes after president trump called out racist groups for inciting violence in charlottesville today, two days after the chaos. >> we condemn in the strongest possible terms this display of hatred, bigotry, and violence. it has no place in america. >> three deaths are connected to the clashes. those who organized the rally are vowing to return to charlottesville for another demonstration. critics believe the police should have done more to keep everyone safe, while the governor thinks it could have been much worse. >> verbal ex-changes could lead to physical exchanges, could
7:32 pm
lead to further violence. >> reporter: that chain of events in charlottesville escalated to violent chaos, leaving one dead, dozens injured after a car plowed into the crowd. now many are questioning if local police could have done more. >> we can always have lessons learned. >> reporter: authorities did try to cancel the rally, but a judge denied the request. instead, thousands of white nationalists showed up, clashing with protesters, outnumbering the police. but experts say the two sides should never have met in the first place. officers themselves should have created a barrier. >> you want to keep them separated. it allows you to designate areas for protest. >> reporter: experts say nearby traffic should always be blocked.
7:33 pm
>> police officers are refusing to do their job. >> reporter: speaking the day after, the rally organizer was chased from the podium. the two sides still protesting alongside one another the next day. >> we're working with our partners to investigate thoroughly any criminal or civil rights violations that may have occurred this past weekend that have not been reported. >> reporter: virginia's governor defends his police force. >> zero property damage, not a shot fired when many of these individuals were carrying weapons. >> reporter: noting that two police officers lost their lives in a helicopter crash. authorities are already bracing for what could be the next big confrontation, a white lives matter rally, led by some of the name white nationalists planned for next month in texas. a bay area woman was in charlottesville when all of this violence broke out. >> that's right. she was there visiting her daughter at medical school.
7:34 pm
and she witnessed some of the chaos. >> reporter: it was honestly just a hard decision to be there. kristen couldn't believe what she was witnessing this weekend as she visited charlottesville, virginia. white nationalists expressing hate in the street. she says her heart went out to this young african-american boy who was standing next to her. >> i asked him, is this hard for her? and he just looked so sad, and he said yeah, it is. it's very -- he said it's hard. and just feeling almost embarrassed about what was happening there. >> reporter: she shared pictures she took of the protesters. she was a block away from the car that rammed into counter protesters killing a woman. >> all of a sudden they just hit the gas and tore out into this crowd of people. they did hit one of the counter protesters that was close, and he fell.
7:35 pm
he popped right back up. >> reporter: she's disappointed with president trump's response. >> what would keep you from coming out very strongly like you have with other issues to denounce this? it was very anemic response. >> reporter: she's not concerned about leaving her daughter in charlottesville, because she says the majority of people there did not support the white nationalist rally. she told us that she was comforted to see businesses with signs on their door that read safe haven. and our coverage continues on our "abc7 news" app. you'll find video and photos from what happened over the weekend. new developments on a major story. mexican officials have seized 10,000 gallons of alcoholic beverages from an unidentified company that makes and supplies booze to tourist resorts. they swept 31 resorts and nightclubs in cancun.
7:36 pm
two places were shut down for unsanitary practices, including the lobby bar at a resort where a wisconsin woman fell into a coma after drinking a cocktail and drowned back in january. dozens of other people say they blacked out after a few drinks. as fall approaches and schools open, it's time for an annual ritual. >> a universal story of good vibes and new beginnings of kisd leaving home for the first time and parents bidding them farewell. today, it happened at uc berkeley. >> wayne freedman watched it all unfold. >> reporter: if the sound of hard wheels rolling across bricks doesn't give it away, the sight of bins filled with stuff will. >> none of us really slept well right now. >> we're empty nestors after today. >> i'm going to cry later. >> reporter: that's carl, a single father as he dropped off
7:37 pm
his first born son for freshman year at berkeley. >> a little emotional. >> the last few days, what have you been thinking? >> i would like him to pack. >> reporter: carl and reese, just one story along the 6500 freshman here. for the kids, it's the first day of the rest of their lives. for the parents -- >> when he got into berkeley, his head popped off. >> reporter: 53% of this year's freshman are female, 69% california residents. others come from all 50 states and territories. plus 54 countries. ree his roommates were not there yet. father and son in the meantime, about to say farewell. >> i remember he got a bloody
7:38 pm
lip the first time he walked. i don't know how 18 years have passed. >> reporter: you're going to be all right. >> i know, i know. >> reporter: it will get easier, after tonight. wayne freedman, "abc7 news." we've got the coolest afternoon of the week out of the way today. here's a live look at the view in emeryville. >> that just looks cool. who are these people?
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san francisco's first female fire chief paid final respects to a man she says paved the way for her career. >> earl gauge was the first black firefighter in the city. c caroline tyler explains his legacy. >> reporter: the firefighters who came here today looked nothing hike the department earl ga gauge joined in 1955. that's when he became the city's first african-american firefighter at the age of 28. for more than a decade, he was
7:42 pm
the only bralack, enduring deat threats and racism. >> you not only have to fight the fire but the people that you're with. i can only imagine going to as many fires as they went to back then, feeling that way all the time. >> reporter: firefighter gauge met those challenges and later as the director of community services helped transform the all-male, all-white department by pushing for inclusion. the fire chief joanne heys white says he paved the way for her. >> as diverse as san francisco is, when you have someone responding to an emergency that can speak your language or looks like you and provide that much more of a calming influence is very important to reflect the community. >> reporter: he was dedicated to his job, and a devoted family man. >> he was very much a proud man, proud of where he came from, and definitely wanted to make sure he left an impact.
7:43 pm
>> reporter: earl gauge, jr., was a trail blazer. he died at the age of 90. in san francisco, ca
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anoth > another spacex space capsule is headed to the international space station. the boosters successfully returned and landed back on earth minutes later, which means it can be reused. the dragon can sul will meet up with the space station wednesday. from t-shirts to piles of confetti, there were a lot of souvenirs from the warriors parade, but b.a.r.t. is holding on to an unusual keepsake, one that cost taxpayers a lot of money. >> reporter: as the celebration of the streets of oakland made its way into the b.a.r.t. station below, the platforms were every bit as crowded as b.a.r.t. expected. >> the victory parade was the fifth busiest day in b.a.r.t. history. a lot of those folks used
7:47 pm
clipper. >> reporter: when it comes to the one-touch reusable cards -- >> we knew we wanted to have a lot of cards available. we weren't sure how many we would sell. >> reporter: so b.a.r.t. spent $00,000 to buy 40,000 cards. they sold 1,000. >> they seem to be quite inept when it comes to money. >> reporter: and he thinks they should look at the past. >> they have struggled for over ten years to get bay area riders to adapt to the card. >> reporter: so what will b.a.r.t. do with those unused cards? just ask their riders. >> give them to the people to use them. like me. disabled, i don't have a job. >> strip the money out of the cards and use the cards as part of their stock. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. could tell
7:48 pm
back the virtual cash but they're not planning to. >> these cards have the value, they're locked in. we have time to sell these cards. >> reporter: in fact, they sold another 1200 at the pride parade and plan to sell more in january. the cards have $11 on them, but cost $15, including a $1 convenience fee that b.a.r.t. paid to have them made. would you pay an extra dollar to not wait in this line? >> yeah. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, "abc7 news." >> price goes up, the longer that line gets. >> but you couldn't buy any sunshine today. >> it is really chilly out there. spencer christian is back with the forecast. >> if we exercise a little patience, not that we have a choice, we'll see more sunshine later in the week. we have lingering low clouds, and they're going to expand and increase overnight. but mainly south and east of the
7:49 pm
xw golden gate, up in the north bay, skies will be clear. lows mainly in the upper 50s. tomorrow, a little sunnier than today, and shigt lslightly mild. we'll see a few 70s around the bay. low 60s on the coast. and as we look ahead the next couple of days, we'll see a milder afternoon, a few degrees warmer on thursday. similar picture on friday and then we get this. the accuweather seven-day forecast, after thee days of warming, thursday, friday, saturday, a stretit starts to cn next monday. eclipse day, we'll probably see clous clouds. >> thanks, spencer. >> interesting day in sports. >> a couple big names. a couple of hall of famers dropping in on niners camp. plus, giants rookie tyblach
7:50 pm
meets john carlos stanton. >> "american idol" is coming to abc 7 this fall. the "american idol" bus will be in jack london square giving you the chance to be a star. >> but you don't have to wait, you can audition online now. we have a link at
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you remember the warriors on national tv like once or twice a year. the warriors will be on national tv 31 times in the regular season next year. dubbed darlings of the nba after winning two of the past three championships. between abc, espn, and tnt, more than a third of their regular season games will be seen nationally. then you add every playoff game after that. these are our games on abc 7. we have some of the best. christmas day hosting the cavs. january 20th at houston, the following saturday, home for boston. february 10th against san antonio. february 24th, versus okc and march 11 at minnesota. the marlins are in the process of being sold and there are some fans dreaming that they'll trade john carlos stanton because of his huge contract. the giants have the money to absorb that deal but why trade their best player? giants and miami, nobody really know what it is. it looks like a jukebox.
7:54 pm
but john car lost stanton, a two-run shot off of ty blach. he's on pace to hit like 60. denard span drives the ball here, hops out of play. pablo and tomlinson score on the double, so tied at 2-2. moments later, hunter pence, base hit. in the fourth, this is deep. oh, hang it and bang it. in the fifth, that is gone. right now in the eighth, it is 8-3, miami. it was one year ago today that colin kaepernick began his protest during the national anthem and started a national discussion and certainly now one of the factors in him being unemployed. marshawn lynch sat during the anthem before the raiders' first preseason game and michael bennett also sat down saying the events that took place in
7:55 pm
charlottesville factored into the decision. >> i love the military. i love the hot tog dogs like an other american. i love football. but i don't love segregation, i don't love riots. i don't love oppression. i just want to see people have the equality that they deserve. i want to be able to use this platform to push the message of that. >> the ravens did consider kaepernick for a backup, but the owner doesn't want him. today, they brought in thad lewis. he's not thrown a pass in an nfl game since 2013. 49ers had a couple of visitors at training camp today, jerry rice and steve young came in to talk to the team reportedly about locker room culture and bringing back the winning culture. rice decided i'm going to take part in the practice, still got
7:56 pm
the hands, looks smooth at age 54. imagine being kendrick born and getting a chance to pick the brain of jerry rice. one of the rising stars, odell beckham, jr. one handed at gi t giangian giants camp. he makes it look so easy. >> oh, all night! nature boy ric flair, this is troublesome. he spent the weekend in intensive care. it's unclear exactly what he's wrong. he's 68 years old. had some sort of procedure today after being placed in a medically induced coma. one of the most entertaining personalities all around. i met him years ago in hawaii and last year, just so much fun seeing him every time. >> you guys hit it off. >> he's hilarious.
7:57 pm
join us tonight at 9:00 on cable channel 13. more than a thousand protesters are at trump to youer in new york as the president makes his first trip home since taking office. and protesters take down a confederate monument in north carolina as tensions rise after this weekend's violence in virginia. only on "abc7 news" at 11:00, the new details we're learnig about the right wing rallies planned here in the bay area. coming up tonight at 8:00, it's "bachelor in paradise," followed by "the gong show" at 10:00. and "abc7 news" at 11:00. >> 11:35, it's "jimmy kimmel live." >> that is this edition of "abc7 news." look for breaking news on twitter. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. for the entire "abc7 news" team, good night. why are you deleting these photos?
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"last man standing" is recorded in front of a live studio audience. [ laughter ] boyd, honey, that was a wonderful christmas show. yeah, it was great. all the favorites. yeah. "frosty the snowman," "santa claus is coming to town." you hate going to a concert where the band says, "and now we're gonna do some stuff off our new album." enough dawdling in the hallway, people. mike: come on in. not loving this neighborhood. i've already got the "9" and the "1" dialed on my phone. wow. look at this place. look at this. yeah. it's beginning to look... nothing like christmas. honey, where's your tree? uh, in the forest, where it belongs. there's a word for chopping down a perfectly healthy tree -- murder. so, what's the word for this wooden table here? "suicide"? what is this? speaking of murder, this bum fight downstairs is getting real. okay, w-- take -- take your coats off. can i get you guys anything? uh, do you have heat? oh, i'll make some hot cocoa, okay?


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