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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  August 16, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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new at 6:00, the i-team digs into the personal and political background of a man organizing a right wing rally in san francisco, and the documents that explain what to expect. i'm wayne freedman in santa rosa. this is a shot of an encampment known as homeless hill. for 15 years, the city tried to get people to leave this area. now they have and they have done so willingly. we'll tell you how, coming up. live where you live, this is "abc7 news." >> the park service is working directly with the feds and police to make sure that we have an awesome game plan. >> the organizer of a right wing rally set for san francisco in ten days talks to the "abc7 news" i-team about concerns of violence. city leaders are calling on the
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federal government to rescind his permit. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. the i-team has obtained ocuments that provide insight into the plans. >> dan noyes is here. >> reporter: in the documents we obtained, an e-mail chain shows the park service has serious concerns about security at the event and possible violent clashes. i spoke with the man organizing the rally this afternoon. joey gibson started his group patriot prayer after donald trump supporters were attacked last year. >> that shouldn't happen to anybody. so that's something that changed in my life. >> reporter: he started organizing trump rallies, and in recent weeks, especially after the charlottesville violence and the death of heather heyer, he says he's trying to distance himself from extremists on both sides. >> we need to have respect for
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each other. when you have name call, you have nothing to say. >> reporter: does it concern you some of these extremists, white showing up, as well? >> it's a constant problem. these people are trying to latch on because they have nothing. >> reporter: documents show what gibson is planning for august 26, a free speech rally, live music, and a generator, no fees, no donations, open to the public. the event will run from 2:00 to 5:00 that saturday afternoon. he paid $45 for the application. what's the point of the rally in san francisco coming up? >> to promote freedom, love, and unity. >> reporter: an e-mail chain shows the park service has concerns. chief of special park uses wrote gibson monday. as you can imagine, some of our plans have changed in response to the events in charlottesville. i note that isn't your group,
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but we are not expecting all the counter protesters to know that. white nationalist groups that have supported him in the past apparently didn't catch that gibson isn't white. he's on japanese descent. >> it's funny when people have an ideology like the white race is better, and they try to team up with me. it's frustrating. >> reporter: late today, the park service put out a statement that they are reconsidering gibson's permit for the event, launching a public safety review. the e-mails indicate been swamped with complaints. >> on the subject you just mentioned, pressure on the park service. senator feinstein wrote to the national park service urging them to reconsider the group's permit saying -- not mincing words, a
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california congresswoman says she wants president trump out of office following his comments on charlottesville. representative jackie spear tweeted -- >> the 25th amendment allows for removal of a president who sup ab -- who sun able or unfit to do the job. >> this president is unfocused. he's unstable, and that's why our founders created a government where congress can assert itself and limit the president's authority. >> removing the president under the 25th amendment is considered highly unlikely. it requires the backing of either his cabinet or republicans in congress. moving on. many neighbors fear federal agents came to west oakland looking to detain people on immigration matters this morning. instead, homeland security served a search warrant connected to a human trafficking
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case. you can see on this map where the raid took place on 27th street. reporter laura anthony has more. >> we're good, hardworking people. >> reporter: laura says she was asleep when agents converged on her family's home on 27th street in oakland. and took away her brother-in-law, and adopted brother. >> it was very difficult, because you see it on the news all the time and you never think it would happen to your family. >> reporter: oakland police were on hand to do traffic enforcement. but they say the raid itself was performed by homeland security investigations. a division of u.s. immigrations customs enforcement. >> they were serving a federal, criminal search warrant. that search warrant is in connection with human trafficking. human trafficking with children involved. >> my family is devastating. >> reporter: she says her family is from guatemala, runs two businesses, and is not involved in illegal activity. >> they're my nehbors.
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they're a good family. they're working on their cars, they run a janitorial service. they're just good people. >> reporter: the involvement of homeland security prompted protests by activists concerned that this morning's action was an i.c.e. raid. >> immigrants are being taken away, deported, families are broken up. >> reporter: police told us that they would not haveat all in th sanctuary city, had it been a deportation action by the federal government. laura anthony, "abc7 news." time is running out for an oakland nurse to stay in the united states. maria sanchez and her husband are set to board a plane back to mexico tonight after immigration officials denied their request for a stay. the couple's 12-year-old son, a u.s. citizen, will go with them. three daughters will stay behind. we'll have a live report on
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their situation on "abc7 news" at 11:00. happening now, people have gathered in protest at the alameda county sheriff's office. the office retweeted a white nationalist by accident. >> critics say it was no accident. eric thomas is live in oakland to show you what's happening right now. eric? >> reporter: organizers say this demonstration is about race and immigration, and has grown from about two dozen people at 4:30 to now spilling out to lake side at 14th. you can see the size of the crowd there. they're also sheriff's deputies out there to make sure they do not enter the building. but let's give you an idea of what they've been protesting about. >> regardless of their claim, there is a long pattern of disturbing racist attitudes and actions that the department has taken. for example, the endorsement of jeff session as attorney
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general. >> reporter: to back up a little and tell you more about what's going on. as you mentioned, the trigger for all of this was what the sheriff's department says was an accidental retweet of white nationalist richard spencer by one of the sergeants here, ray kelly, the public informations officer. he's taken responsibility for it. but as you heard, the organizers say that is not the only instance of what they consider to be racist behavior here. they also mentioned one, the sheriff's support for attorney general jeff sessions. someone they do not equate with racial equality. and they're also calling for the backing of governor brown to back senate bill 54, which would prevent law enforcement and local and state level from cooperating with federal officials when it comes to immigration law and deporting undocumented immigrants. so this protest started an hour earlier than we were told it would, and they expect to be here through 7:00.
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you see it continues to grow and it's having an effect on traffic on lakeside at 14th. eric thomas, "abc7 news." >> eric, thank you. federal agents have joined the search for answers in san jose after a fire killed three people, including two children. flames raced through the home off of oakland road. yesterday's fire broke out while a 10-year-old girl was visiting her friend. linda vance's older brother shared memories of his sister with "abc7 news." >> she's always smiling. >> having a daughter of my own and two sons, you know, it does hurt and it is touching. >> the other victims are identified as wen tran, and her uncle. neighbors left tributes outside the home all day long. the community was also ravaged when coyote creek flooded in
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february. new details on the killing of a photographer on twin peaks last month. the sister of edward french is considering legal action. days before the murder, the suspect was released from custody after a court hearing on a gun charge. according to a risk assessment, he was allowed conditional release. but the form was filled out incorrectly. it should have said he had a prior incarceration. >> my brother is dead for all of their screw-ups. the system is broken, and something has got to -- somebody's got to be accountable for it. >> mims and the other suspect, who is accused of pulling the trigger, pleaded not guilty. san francisco police arrested a security guard today after he shot a suspected shoplifter yesterday. police say the two men got into a struggle at the burlington coat factory. the fight spilled into the street where the guard shot the man in the leg. the victim suffered nonlife threatening injuries.
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the guard faces charges, including assault with a firearm. san jose state students go back to class tuesday, and joining them is a professor accused of sexual harassment. >> hear why the university is allowing him back into the classroom. >> i'm spencer christian. sunnier and warmer now. and i'll give you a look at what viewing conditions for the ellipse will be like. next, tracking eclipses around the world. see the great lengths the bay area has gone
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a not so small victory today in santa rosa to end
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homelessness. the closing of a carp that had become a symbol. it was known as homeless hill by bennett valley drive. wayne freedman is live now with the story. wayne? >> reporter: good evening, dan. for 15 years, the homeless of santa rosa staked a claim on this land, and they lived here. and now, as of yesterday, finally they are gone. yes, the city is calling it a victory. but also perhaps a teaching moment for other cities that have a similar problem. if it looks like a mess now, you should have seen homeless hill before the work crews moved in. >> we managed up there. >> reporter: tonight, 28 residents are in a shelter. they left voluntarily after the city promised to help them and backed that up with $500,000 for beds and services. is there a model for this? >> i think we're creating it. >> reporter: the fire and police
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departments worked about fire hazards and 15 years of accumulated filth. >> we walked by a bucket of rats and filth. >> reporter: the smell is overwhelming. in terms of describing it, we'll just leave it at that. this is just the lower section. to get a sense of the size of this place, you need to walk it. about 100 yards up the hill, this is the top. imagine tent after tent here, just a few days ago. we're talking acres, not days to clean this up. but weeks. >> it's not the best environment, but it definitely wasn't all that it was said to be. >> reporter: amanda freedman has lived on and off the streets for 17 years. he describes this as a trade for long-term hope. santa rosa with an estimated 1900 homeless -- >> my home is that this model proves that how we can do this in the future. >> reporter: not only here but
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elsewhere. in one city's war on homelessness, now there is symbolism and the taking back of a hill. in santa rosa, wayne freedman, "abc7 news." the search is on for the owners of animals found neglected in monterey county. a tip led the spca there to soledad where they found more than a thousand animals, many neglected and emaciated. the organization provide these pictures. two calves and a steer had to be put down. with just five days to go, eclipse fever is spreading throughout the bay area, but it has affected san francisco's exploratorium a long time ago. >> the museum has been working for 25 years to give the public a chance to see solar eclipses live even if they happen on the other side of the world. >> check out these eclipses.
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from turkey, and other places. the images come from nasa and the exploratorium. they pioneered the use of the internet to share live events. at first, most of the audience watched the feeds projected on a big screen. but as the internet took off, a growing number started watching online. >> people were really excited. what we didn't expect is how much interest there would be around the country to watch these things on the computer or video. >> reporter: ron was on the team that web cast an eclipse from aruba in 1998. >> getting really close. >> reporter: there was plenty of excitement. but the quality has come a long way. >> the online video was tiny postage stamp videos like 1/60th at 120 pixels. now we are sending out hd
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pictures. >> reporter: the most recent was from a tiny island in micronesia. it was a huge logistical challenge, with days of travel and 50 crates of state of the art equipment to send these stunning images out to the world. >> when you have good imagery from telescopes, you notice all the fine edges of the sun. >> reporter: all of this equipment will be back in action monday when the exploratorium will be streaming video as it occurs in oregon, then casper, wyoming. >> almost 100 people to plan logistics for all of that. >> reporter: for the first time, they're offering programming in spanish. the museum also has its own app. that lets you look at live telescope feeds and listen to experts and it provides live music, based on data from the eclipse. a lot of the funding comes from
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nasa, which has stepped in, in a big way. >> this is going to be one of the top nasa outreach events ever, i think. the entire country can see at least a partial eclipse, and there are going to be millions of people along the path of totality. >> reporter: of course, to get a view like this, we need the clear skies. >> we're going to talk about those skies. here in the bay area, the eclipse at the fullest point will be about 10:15 a.m. we'll have extensive coverage of the great american solar eclipse, including live local reports beginning monday at 10:00 a.m., anchored by abc's david muir. going to be fun and exciting. >> absolutely. one person i know that is keeping a close watch on what our viewing conditions will be. >> i'm getting a little bit more optimistic about how good the viewing condition also be.
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first, here's a live look from our emeryville camera, looking westward. we have 66 degrees here in san francisco. 67 across the bay in oakland. low to mid 70s in san jose, d l gilroy and 65 in half moon bay. temperatures in the upper 70s, fairfield, 81 in concord. now a look at live doppler 7 hd. you can see what it looks like from the radar image. we have low clouds at the coast, but not along the entire coastline. large areas of the coastline are experiencing sunny skies right now. this is the view from the tower looking out over san francisco. these are the forecast futures. early morning fog near the coast and bay. warming trend continues into the weekend, but we'll get cooler on sunday, and further cooling on monday and tuesday. overnight, a little bit of fog, shallower fog layer.
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surging locally out over the bay, not far inland. then by early this mornimorning pulling away from the coastline. so a day much like today with bright skies, perhaps just a few more areas of coastal clouds tomorrow than we had today. overnight lows will be in the mid to upper 50s. some inland location like antioch, lows in the low to mid 60s. that's pretty mild for overnight conditions. tomorrow, mild-to-warm day. we'll see highs in the mid 60s at the coast. inland areas will be generally in the 80s. antioch at 90 degrees. far north, low to mid 90s. thursday -- or friday rather, friday a little bit warmer than tomorrow as the warming trend continues. pretty much the same seasonal range on saturday. sunday, temperatures coming down just a couple of degrees
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indicating that cooler weather is on the way. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. friday and saturday look like they'll be the warmest days overall in the forecast period. inland highs in the low 90s. temperatures up to around 80 around the bay. maybe some upper 60s on the coast on friday and saturday. minor dip in temperatures will occur on sunday. a few more clouds around on monday. it will be keecooler, but those clouds coming in on monday may not be enough to interfere with good viewing of the eclipse. >> all right. >> thanks, spencer. you can like and comment to celebrate a friend's birthday on facebook. >> next, see how the social media network will let
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today turned into a mildly good day for stocks held by better than expected earnings reports for target, gap, and urban outfitters. the dow gained 25, the nasdaq and s&p each had small gains. faibl is making it easier to give and receive on your birthday. facebook will offer you the opportunity to create a fund-raiser for your birthday. facebook partners with almost a million american non-profits. your friends will see a
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notification and will have a chance to donate. bill gates is in a giving mood. a filing reveals gating donated 64 million shares of microsoft in june, worth $4.6 billion, or 5% of his personal fortune. it did not specify where the money went. the is the microsoft co-founder's biggest donation to charity since he set up the bill at the foundation nearly 20 years ago. smun h someone has the chance to become a millionaire overnight. the powerball is $430 million. no one has matched all six numbers since june 10. the chances in winning are 1 in 292 million. so good luck. back-to-school season is under way. for some it will start later than usual. plus --
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>> the woman's ikea furniture arrives damaged not once, but twice. i'm michael finney. what happens on the third try? and next, tech takes a stand. see what bay area companies, including paypal are doing i who are these people?
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live, where you live, this is "abc7 news." >> i'm disgusted, i'm shocked. i don't understand. that doesn't just happen. >> controversy at san jose state university over the return of a professor who was accused of sexual harassment. records show he was sanctioned, but now colleagues are expressing outrage how the university is handling the situation. >> here's the story from san jose state campus. >> reporter: it's quiet on the campus now, but tempers are starting to boil. >> i'm disgusted, shocked. why they would take this course of action and decide that it's a good idea to allow someone who they have found to have abused the students in that way by harassing them, why they would
7:31 pm
see fit to put h back. >> reporter: san jose professors colleague. he was suspended and ordered to rgo diversity training. now a memo sent to professors shows he's scheduled to teach classes and advise students this fall. >> if it were me and i saw that professor coming back and seeing how it was dealt with, i would definitely feel unsafe. >> reporter: some professors started receiving calls from concerned students who have classes with him and want to switch. the university said, the administrative leave has been lifted. laker says the university is mishandling the situation. the victims came to him with a complaint. and he discovered another sexual
7:32 pm
harassment complaint from 2014. >> i think it's time for the chancellor to intervene and get this university to do what it's supposed to do to protect our students. this is unconscionable. >> reporter: the university investigated and could not substantiate the 24 complaints. reporting from san jose university, "abc7 news." now, the professor's attorney just released a statement, claiming two third party investigations cleared him of wrong doggiindoing. we have breaking news to tell you about now, as you look live at it from sky 7. a person is stuck on a cliff you see there. and a wrrescue is under way. >> the person about 20, 30 feet down the cliff. firefighters are helping u.s.
7:33 pm
park police with the rescue. as you can see, it is very precarious. but the rescuers know what they're doing. we'll keep an eye on it and continue to update you here on "abc7 news." and on the "abc7 news" app, as well. now to developing news. facebook has banned the accounts of the white nationalists who attended the rally in charlottesville. christopher cantwell is seen here in a vice news tonight documentary recorded in charlottesville over the weekend. facebook says its profile pages and a page connected to his podcast violated company policies on hate speech and organizations. cantwell says facebook is trying to silence him. an emotional memorial service for heather higher, the woman run down and killed on saturday in charlottesville. her mother urged mourners to make her daughter's death worthwhile by confronting injustice. >> say to yourself, what can i do to make a difference? and that's how you're going to
7:34 pm
make my child's death worthwhile. i would rather have any child, but by golly, if i've got to give her up, we're going to make it count. >> in a tweet, president trump calls heather heyer a truly special young woman. heather's mother declined to respond to the president's latest comments. we sent out a breaking news alert this morning as soon as the president tweeted he was going to disband two business councils. it came after criticism from two ceos. "abc7 news" anchor kristen sze has the details. >> reporter: president trump made the announcement with this tweet, rather than putting pressure on the business people of the manufacturing counsel and strategy and policy forum, i am ending both. thank you all. these are the eight executives who resigned from the president's manufacturing council over his charlottesville response. the ceo of
7:35 pm
both high schools will start at 8:00 a.m., allowing students to sleep in. leeann melendez explains it's a trend across the country. >> reporter: it's the constant
7:36 pm
reminder parents give their teenagers. >> my parents are like, you should be asleep. you need a full eight hours of sleep. i'm just like, i've got to do homework. >> reporter: sleep deprivation is a real thing. >> kids are falling asleep, so it's going to be better to start later. >> reporter: they began as early as 7:15. that will now change to 8:00 in the morning. jeffrey ramirez was on the student committee that pushed for this new time. >> if i can get a little more sleep, i can process and do better in class. >> reporter: parents, teachers, and community members also weighed in. the school board approved it last april. but it's a burden for some parents who need to be at work early. >> my work time doesn't change with the school time. so it's going to put a complications into that. >> reporter: but the school district is allowing parents to drop off their children earlier than 8:00. nevado is not the first to make
7:37 pm
these changes. 400 districts in the country have opted to start at a later time. the results, attendance is up, and so are grades. here in california, senate bill 328 would change start times for middle and high schools to no earlier than 8:30 a.m. leeann melendez, "abc7 news." the weather got a bit warmer today. and we saw the sun. this is a live view. spencer will have a look ahead at the weekend forecast in just ten minutes. and next -- the rush to view and next -- the rush to view the solar
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. all right. let's show you breaking news. firefighters and u.s. park police are helping rescue a person stuck on a cliff. this is happening near san
7:41 pm
francisco's fort point. >> sky 7 is live overhead. the person now back on solid and somewhat level ground. the person was about 20 or 30 feet down the cliff. we've been keeping an eye on this over the last few minutes. they locked on to the person and helped to bring them up to the top where he's now safe. >> he was probably 20, 30 feet down. they put a safety harness on him, a helmet and brought him up fairly quickly. how the world he got down there is another story. but he's okay. well, the bay area will see a partial solar eclipse on monday. but a ten-hour drive north of here, parts of oregon are going to experience the full monte. >> as jonathan bloom explains, that's why stores that sell and rent camping gear can barely
7:42 pm
keep up with demand. >> reporter: the name of the store says it all. last-minute gear rents catching supplies on short notice. they're normally closed on wednesdays but not this week. >> we are overwhelmed with eclipsegoers. >> reporter: with a total eclipse in oregon, a festival has sprung up around it. droves of people are headed there, and they need gear. >> tents, sleeping bags and pads. >> reporter: up the street, those are the items they can barely keep in stock. >> we still have larger tents. >> these are the reservations yet to be filled. where are you headed? >> up to oregon. to check out the eclipse. >> reporter: they're coming from all over, including in one case the other side of the world. >> i saw an eclipse five years ago in australia. >> reporter: they liked it so much they want to do it again. >> the eclipse, it's about unity, the sun and m
7:43 pm
coming together. >> reporter: and those are their friends. >> fiber glass poles and it comes up at $80. >> reporter: they come from far and wide. >> this only happens once-in-a-lifetime, or in this case, twice. >> it's an unusual activity. this is my second time. >> reporter: those who love the great outdoors say it's the perfect event to make a camper out of anyone. >> people have never camped before, but they're into it. >> reporter: what are you going to do be doing when eclipse happens? >> working here. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, "abc7 news." for seven ways to watch the eclipse in the bay area, look for a video on our "abc7 news" app. coming up next, michael finney helps a woman get her furniture delivered from ikea
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"american idol" is coming to abc 7 this fall. audition also be held in oakland sunday. the "american idol" bus will be in jack london square giving you the chance to be a star. >> but you can audition online now. we have a link to the application at potential contestants do need to
7:47 pm
be at least 15 years old. consumer news. buying furniture and having it delivered is easier than carrying it home yourself. but deliveries can lead to problems too. >> a south bay woman needed help from michael finney. >> reporter: it seemed like a good idea. it seemed like the best way to go. order online, have it shipped. but her items were damaged. not once but twice. so that made her wonder, should she try it a third time? joanie just wanted another ikea bookshelf to match the one in her home office. >> i was piling things on top of each other. >> reporter: she lives just miles from the ikea store in east palo alto but didn't want to carry heavy shelves. so she ordered them online and paid for delivery. it was quick and easy. except for one problem. >> i got a call from the delivery company saying the shelves arrived to them damaged. >> reporter: so she ordered them
7:48 pm
again. >> the second time, i got a call from the delivery company that said the shelves were damaged again. i pointed out that ikea is around the corner from my house and it shouldn't be that difficult. the customer service person said because this was the second time, it's likely it would happen again. >> reporter: so they agreed to refund her $175, but then that never came either. >> now i'm getting impatient, because it's been a month and a half and i still don't have the shelves or a refund. >> reporter: and joanie says she wasn't getting through on the toll-free number. she contacted 7 on your side and we contacted ikea. and someone did call joanie. >> saying the news called us. we're so sorry. you must be so frustrated. >> reporter: ikea immediately refunded her money, saying they're committed to delivering customer service excellence and all of our stores and online. we're sorry to hear this
7:49 pm
customer's experience fell short of our standards. >> so it all worked out for the best. i really appreciate it. i really do. >> joanie says ikea is an important business for east palo alto and hope thing story will bring improvement to the customer service. ikea sent her a gift card for her trouble. very nice. i want to hear from you. the 7 on your side hotline is open weekdays, 10:00 to 2:00. my number, 415-954-8151. you can always reach me through my facebook page and >> thank you, michael. one last time with the weather forecast. >> hey, spencer. >> time to talk about the full solar eclipse, almost full beginning at 9:01 a.m. maximum eclipse is 10:15 a.m.
7:50 pm
what about viewing locations? if you're around salem, oregon, you'll see 100% totality during the e clims. here in the bay area, 75%. so that's something to look forward to. what will the sky conditions be like? our computer is giving us a little bit of a hint. we'll see some thin, light clousd early monday morning. they'll start to move away by about 9:00, as the eclipse begins. if this pattern holds up, we're going to have nice, wonderful, clear skies for looking safely at the eclipse. >> that's nice. should be fun. >> thanks, spencer. larry beil is here with sports. >> i have something funny. i've been laughing about it for a while. i think you will, too. giants attempt an impossible task, keeping john carlos stanton in the yard.
7:51 pm
and after playing pick who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california
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and do your thing.
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good evening. the giants, well, they were able to finally keep john carlos
7:54 pm
stanton in yard today in miami, but that's about all that went right. stanton, with his six-game homer streak on the line, facing matt cain in the first. high, but not deep. hunter pence can't get there. a single for baseball's home run leader. later in the first, a grounder up the middle. diving stop to crawford. gets it but no play. that makes it 1-0. next batter, grounder to third. a double play ball here, giants can't quite turn it. stanton squocores. 2-0, fish. next up, a double down the line. two men score. giants in a 4-0 hole early. top three, runners at the corners. crawford, a rocket to first. jarrod parker scores. but in the eighth, it's 8-1. stanton's last chance to keep the homer streak alive, and it's a mere base hit.
7:55 pm
stanton is 2 for 4, stuck on 44 homers and the marlins win it 8-1. check this out. a's ball boy saves the royals' bullpen and leaves them hanging on the fist bump. 1-0, royals in the third. one big swing of the bat here. two-run home tore left. in the fourth, high, deep. royals up 4-2. to the fifth we go. jet lowery, base hit, up the middle. a's cut the lead to two. keep your eye on matt chapman. this guy is a rising star. a two-run bomb. that landed in the camerawell. alex gordon waits on the breaking pitch and bangs it up the middle here. actually more to right center. royals win 7-6.
7:56 pm
to the nfl, 49ers and the broncos in their second preseason game this saturday. we've got file video. brian hower connected for a couple of touchdown passes. here's the gm watching the drills today. >> that's a playoff caliber team. so you want to see how are we measuring up. it's a practice. but i was proud of the way our guys competed on both sides of the field and special teams. it's a great opportunity for our team to go up against one of the deeper rosters in football. >> it's nice. you've been going against the same guys over and over again for four months. you want to go out there and see what you can do against someone else. >> the raiders to flavor town today. marshawn lynch was about all that action, boss. if you could only hear this considerati conversation. cleveland cavaliers aren't
7:57 pm
sure what lebron james is going to do, is he going to stick around past this year? prompting some to say trade him. but kevin durant, this started with a tweet from the rapper lil dicky. he wrote, if i'm cleveland, i'm 1,000% trading lebron. k.d. responds, you can't trade a legend. he is cleveland. james with a tenuous relationship with the owner dan gilbert, going back to the first time he left. both the team and the city were devastated. would he dare trade him? you realize it's lebron james. first pitches in baseball, oh, look out! the photographer in the pink. that is the wrong way to get on television. the red sox were honoring their 1967 team. >> is that a strike? >> that is a strike. >> not over home plate.
7:58 pm
>> oh, it's a strike that will not be forgotten. >> i think that was pretty foul. join us tonight at 9:00 on channel 13. what you need to know if you're heading to yosemite. and happening now in charlottesville, a sea of candles as hundreds turn out on uva's lawn. to say no to hate and violence and embrace unity. this crowd singing "we shall overcome." more tonight at 11:00. >> that is all for this moment. lo we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz, for all of >> and i'm ama daetz, for all of us, thanks for joining us.
7:59 pm
8:00 pm
"last man standing" is recorded in front of a live studio audience. happy valentine's day, sweetie. morning. yeah, yeah. listen, i made you a waffle sandwich with bacon and sausage for the road. wow. i have died and gone to heaven. [ chuckles ] at least i will if i keep eating like this. almost as sweet as what i got you. oh, mike, seriously? very good, dad. nice to see you stepping up. oh, that's not for valentine's day.


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