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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  August 17, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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♪ >> announcer: live where you live, this is "abc 7 news." ♪ a shootout in spain tonight. you're looking at a scene about 70 miles south of barcelona where police killed five suspected terrorists carrying bomb belts. they might have been planning a second terror attack in the country. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze in for ama daetz. >> spain is still reeling tonight from the first terror attack that killed 13 people this morning in barcelona when a van rammed into a crowd of pedestrians and a house exploded in nearby alcanta. >> 100 people are hurt. the state department says among them one american, but they've not identified that person. we also know one man from the bay area is missing tonight. jerrod tucker from lafayette was on vacation in barcelona with his wife.
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>> "abc 7 news" reporter cornell barnard begins team coverage live from lafayette this evening. >> reporter: tucker's brother-in-law tells us tonight the family is desperate for information about where he is, his wife searching for answers and assistance in spain. > she didn't know what to do, she couldn't find jared. >> reporter: relatives are desperate to locate 43-year-old jarett tucker. he and his wife heidi with in barcelona, the final stop of their european vacation. the couple was walking through the popular area when they briefly separated. >> he left because he had to go to the restroom. went back to the restaurant they were currently at, and within seconds it all broke lose. shelves pushed. >> reporter: tucker's brother-in-law kalani kalanui was too distraught to appear on camera. he said moments after the van
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drove into the roud heidi came disoriented. she was told to leave the area. >> she cut off cellphones and land lines soon after the attack. >> reporter: kalani kalanui says the family has been trying to get information from the u.s. consulate and red cross about people injured in local hospitals but no luck. >> she just wants to know where he is at. i just want him -- want him to come home. >> reporter: a family holding out hope he'll be found. in lafayette, cornell barnard, "abc 7 news" and tonight the spanish prime minister is calling the events in barcelona today an act of jihadist terrorism. the driver of the van who ran into pedestrians in the historic and tourist heavy los ramblos district is still on the run. abc recorder elizabeth hurd is covering developments. >> reporter: chaos in the heart of barcelona. can crowd running for cover and police racing to the scene after authorities say this white van
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jumped on to a sidewalk packed with unsuspected pedestrians. >> everybody started to run, screaming from behind, and everybody just ran forward. >> reporter: it was around 5rk p.m. thursday local time and eyewitness essay that van was speeding, leaving a trail of terror before coming to a crashing halt. >> i heard creams of people, and when i looked up saw the white van just knocking people over at high speed. >> reporter: eyewitnesses later told police the driver abandoned the van and ran away. that van, according to investigators, was rented by this 28-year-old, abc learning he was born in morocco where he recently visited before arriving back in spain last sunday. police arousing the arrest of oukabir along with another man, confirmed a third suspect was shot and killed. the investigation continuing with an earlier house explosion and this late-night incident 60 miles south of barcelona that
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left five people dead, all three events believed to be connected. >> as for that investigation, authorities believe oukabir had help so they're searching for at least two more suspects. landmarks around the world are paying tribute to the victims. the spire of one world trade center in new york is lit in red and yellow, the colors of the spanish flag. >> in paris, the eiffel tower went dark. the lights are often turned off after terror attacks including one in iran in june and the ariana grande bombing in england in may people who live in spain in the bay area are watching events overseas. we are hearing from a group of california men who just flew to barcelona. >> reporter: lisa amin gulezian is live at sfo with that story tonight. >> reporter: dan, what happened in barcelona of course is on the minds of those traveling to and from spain. there's also a lot of sadness felt throughout the city
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tonight. at spain's consulate on sutter street a bouquet of red roses is placed by the window, the universal symbol of love on a day marked by terror and death. in san francisco, there is mourning as well. >> it was kind of crying at the beginning because i spent a lot of time living in barcelona a few years ago and it is something that it is difficult -- i don't know, it is difficult to believe. it is difficult to believe that something like that happen to your city. >> reporter: mark works at b 44 bistro. managers posted this message on facebook this afternoon saying, we cannot believe what happened today. our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, their families and the people of dars lobarcel. meantime, four young men from the bay area traveling in barcelona reached out late tonight via skype. they're with a group and they admit they're worried about their safety. >> we were actually on that same
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path where the van plowed through literally two hours before. we have pictures of us there. we're very fortunate that, you know, things played out for us the way it did and nobody was hurt. >> reporter: the regional government has confirmed citizens from 24 countries were among those killed or injured during the attack. lisa amin gulezian, "abc 7 news" now breaking news happening in san jose. police are searching right now for at least one suspect after two people were shot in japan town near the taylor street night market. it happened just after 9:30 on taylor street near 8th. police say the two victims have life-threatening injuries. >> new at 11:00, alameda police are investigating after a synagogue was vanldallized. these pictures were taken at temple israel of alameda on bay farm island. you can see broken windows have been boarded up. the person who posted these pictures on facebook said
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there's no question the attacker knew they were targeting a jewish institution. police are saying it is not being called a hate crime. berkley officials are planning for a right wing rally in the city next weekend. the mayor says no one has tried to obtain a permit for the august 27th gathering in civic center park that is billed as an anti-marxism rally. they say there's no text between this and last week's rally at charlottesville. >> obviously we have concerns based on other events that happened here. what we're telling people is the safest thing to do is to stay away. >> berkley police say extra officers will be on duty the day of this plan rally. four people including a 13-year-old girl are facing charges in connection with a robbery on a muni bus. the only suspect, san francisco police identified is 19-year-old clay doss of antioch. the robbery happened last month
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near van ness and mcallister. police say doss and at least three young teenagers followed a man from one bus to another, assaulted him and stole his cellphone to the north bay now where the smart train has finally gotten the green light. full passenger service will begin a week from tomorrow. the federal railroad administration just gave final approval to the system's positive train control. it is designed to automatically stop trains if it senses a potential crash or problem. smart will run 34 weekday trips and 10 weekend trips between santa rosa and san rafael. >> a man that saved up his pocket change thought he was out $3,000. >> two years later he got some of it back. the thief with both a conscience and a heart. >> this is something on another level, it is for us. it is truly astronomical. >> the rush to get ready for next week's solar eclipse, and why some procrastinators may be
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out of luck. >> will you have any luck checking out the partial solar ee lips in the bay area? i'm "abc 7 news" meteorologist sandhya patel. i'll let you know where to go to have the best viewing conditions locally. >> also ahead, how this bored teenager earned $10,000 from google. >> here is a look at what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live." >> thanks, dan and kristen. here is what the kids will be snapping about tomorrow. >> el sol. i want to know what is going to be the moon that's going to cover you. >> turn around, show
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well, the nation is gearing up for next week's total solar eclipse. hundreds of thousands of people are already hitting the road, driving to the path of totality for monday's eclipse. one-third of the country is within driving distance of that diagonal path coast to coast where the moon's shadow will blot out the sun. and the bay area's only telescope shop is seeing agency tro no, ma'am cal demand for solar eclipse spectator supplies. orion telescope center in cupertino said it sold out of everything from solar viewers
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for the sun to solar eclipse glasses. this enthusist scored one of the last pairs of these but says he's willing to share. >> i talked to some neighbors this morning and the to want to look through the glasses and see the eclipse, too. >> those that left the store empty handed say they'll have to improvise as best they can. "abc 7 news" will have coverage of the great american solar eclipse before abc's special covering beginning at 10:00 a.m. many of us have money jars where we store our loose change. one man in southern california had his stolen, a loss of thousands of dollars. but then this twist. two years later he got some of that money back along with an apology from the thief. reporter josh haskell from our sister station knbc has the story. >> reporter: money jars have long served as the perfect household tool to store loose change, and cashing in can be a rewarding guessing game.
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>> i collect my change for 25 years. >> reporter: but bill full bright never had the chance to find out how much he saved. two years ago swo stole what he estimates at 3,000 to $4,000. >> i was upset. again, not so much that, yes, it was money stolen, but 25 years of doing this. we were wondering how much -- we'll never know how much money was in that thing. >> reporter: the fulbright's kept the jar of change in the garage. one theory is that a delivery man saw it and stole it. two days ago there was a new development in the case of the missing bottle. the fulbright received a letter in the mail. >> i had stolen a large amount of money from you sometime ago. ashamed, i hope you will for give me. >> reporter: inside, the money. >> it gives me chills that someone could feel convicted and the need to pay restitution. i feel for the person. i don't on one hand that they
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stole for us, but the fact they were convicted and it must have laid heavy on someone's heart. >> reporter: he said he's not interested in finding out the identity of the reformed thief and has for given the person. >> half of me says it was my money i can do whatever i want to, but the other says it was returned to me in a godley fashion and maybe i should pay it for in a godly fashion. >> reporter: since the theft they have been working on their second bottle. this one is kept inside a bedroom. in fuller ton, josh haskell, "abc 7 news." so a little sun today and it was really nice, right? >> very nice. the weekend is almost upon us. meteorologist sandhya patel is tracking the forecast. >> yeah, who is counting. >> we are? >> the weekend is almost here, dan and kristen. i'm counting down to the partial solar eclipse on monday. it is going to be an amazing scene, especially if you get a good view. the eclipse begins at 9:01, maximum eclipse at 10:15. we will see 75% eclipse. the moon will pass in front of
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the sun and really it is going to be a sight that you will see hopefully more than once in a lifetime. as you look here, the eclipse ends at 11:37 in the morning. when you check out who has the best perspective, total eclipse will be around sail 'em, oregon. 100% there. we have a pretty good view. like i said, we're not bad. we will be about 75%. for those wondering if we will get a good view, green areas are in the clear. clouds and sun where it is shaded in yellow. the red is overcast conditions. 8:00 a.m. before the eclipse begin there will be a bit of gray sky as we head into 9:00 a.m. right at the eclipse begins, bay side and coast side will be touch and go. inland areas, you have clear skies. we take you to 10:15 and clouds begin to clear. if you're lucky during maximum eclipse most will be able to see. . one more stop as you will notice at 11:35, most of the bay area will be looking at clear skies. definitely check it out.
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share your experiences with us and, of course, you can also send us your pictures. make sure to use your solar eclipse glasses or a pin-hole projector, protect your eyes clearly. if you're heading to the giants game tomorrow, it will be about 61 degrees. temperature will drop slowly down to the upper 50s late at night. you might need a sweat shirt or jacket to check out the game later on in the evening. obviously it will get a little cool. right now a live look from our emeryville camera. it is not only cool outside but also a little gray. as you will notice, the fog there in the distance. murky view from our emeryville camera. live doppler 7 tracking the fog near the coast, and it has pushed into some of the north bay. temperatures right now ranging from tuper 50s to upper 60s unless you're towards brentwood. here is a view from our roof camera, a preview of the morning commute. watch out for foggy areas during the commute. it will be dense in spots. you are looking at micro clikts through the weekend.
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hour-by-hour forecast taking you into tomorrow morning. when you get going fog will be pushing over east bay as well. it could be slow going because of the fog. it lingers in the afternoon at the beaches but remains nice and clear in inland and bay side communities. temperatures first thing in the morning mid 50s to mid 60s. allow extra time for the commute. 82 in the south bay. a little warmer on the peninsula, upper 70s palo alto, mountain view. downtown san francisco 67 with lingering fog. in the nov, 84? santa rosa. inland spots will be warm. 92 livermore. 94 antioch. here is the accuweather seven day forecast. we duplicate the summer spread on saturday, just a touch lower for saturday. the solar eclipse monday, 80s inland, low 60s coast side. cooling continues through midweek. download the accuweather app. keep track of the temperatures,
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kristen and dan. >> thank you. >> tonight we are sad to report a dear friend and colleague died unexpectly in his sleep two nights ago. >> yeah, he did. he worked on the other side of the screen. tonight we want him to be where you can see him. >> for 37 years collilyde powel brought you much of the video you saw on "abc 7 news" each night. he was a terrific photo journalist and a beloved member of our family here at the station. he was a total pro, covering major stories around the bay area, the country and the world, including an interview with panamanian dictator manuel noriega. we teased each other mercilessly over the years. he had warm relationships with everyone he worked with here, loving his job and the people he did it with. born and raised in corning, california, clyde graduated high school in 1971. here is his yearbook picture. after college, clyde work in radio before gettin into television where he spent four decades having adventures and
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telling stories through the lens of his camera. clyde powell, our dear friend, was 63 years old, survived by two brothers, a sister and a niece and nephew.
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we want to update you on breaking news. we reported on in san jose, a man is now dead after a shooting in the japan town area. earlier in the show we said two people were in critical condition, and now we have word a man is dead. another person also shot and life threatening condition there. we will have the latest at abc morning starting at 7:30. >> this high school student from
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urugay is now $10,000 richer. he discovered a bug and send a summary to the search engine discover team. google responded with great catch and awarded him this monetary prize. >> sometimes we fund bug goes i
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♪ what should i watch? show me sports. it's so fluffy! look at that fluffy unicorn! he's so fluffy i'm gonna die! your voice is awesome.
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the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome. "abc 7 sports" brought to you by river rock casino. good evening. the giants opened a four game series with phillies tonight at stake, determining who is the worst team in national legal. right now the phillies have keys to the cellar, record of 43 and 75 coming in, giants 48 and 74. it hurts the ears saying those numbers. straight to the action, please. third inning, hunter pence, base
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hit off of knowles. pitching well. scores tomlinson, 1-0 giants. a couple of batters later, buster posey probably the most consistent giant this season. knocks in pence. rbi single to right. 2-0. good start. top of the fifth, cameron rupp, here it comes and goes. we got a 2-1 contest. giants, they counter in the bottom of firth. jarrod parker a drive deep to center field. hunter pence is going full speed right behind him, running up his back, like the four by 100 relay team and the giants hang on for 4-5 victory. marshawn lynch rarely does interviews so when he speaks all of the reporters hurry over and try to figure out what in the ward he is talking about, as the raiders closed out training camp he was asked about sitting down last week during the national
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anthem. he responded something about an elephant and mouse. >> i think the elephant left the room bought a mouse ran in here. didn't they say elephants are scared of mous [ bleep ]. >> it was kevin durant in his hometown outside of washington d.c. threw a parade and said he would not go to the white house if invited because, quote, doipt respect who is in office. always for the fun stuff, durant had the trophy with him and his mom reflected on her son areas jurn bhooe. >> the hard work started here over 20 years ago. to see it come to this point in his career it is overwhelming, fulfilling and exciting. it is rewarding and it is great to celebrate it here at home where it all started. >> quite the journey as they started with


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