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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 18, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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xfinity. the future of awesome. live where you live this is abc 7 news. >> it's hard for us to even grasp how this could possibly happen. >> a father trying to come to terms with his son's violent death in barcelona. tonight new information on how jared tucker found himself in the path of that attack. i'm dan ashley. >> we begin in spain where an urgent man hunt is underway. >> 14 people were killed.
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at least 120 injured. less than 24 hours after the horrific attack, police have reopened the street where it happened. >> under the watchful eyes people left flowers to pay tribute to those who lost their lives. surveillance video captured images of the van that mowed down pedestrians. outside you can see people scattering as it barrelled down the walkway. >> saw bodies flying in the air and i immediately said calm down. you have to get out of here. your going to get killed. it was hundreds and hundreds of people. it was packed. >> authorities say these terrorists then drove a second vehicle to the resort town of cambrils. police shot and killed five of those attackers. four have been arrested. they believ the driver of the van attack in barcelona is still at large tonight. citizens from 43 different
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countries were among the injured. >> reporter: she told abc 7 news they had just finished enjoying drinks with a close friend and had started to take a stroll. she says she stopped at a souvenir kiosk as her husband left to find a restroom. >> no more than a minute after he left, there was screaming and yelling and sirens and crying and everybody was running. >> reporter: she ducked into the kiosk as the police chief forced her out farther away from the attack as she tried to find jared. she ended up at an emergency center where her name never showed up on a list of survivors. >> she got notified by the consulate to come in. the fbi's involved. >> reporter: jared tucker's father says their family is in shock. he says jared grew up in walnut creek and went to ignasio valley
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high school and managed the family's pool resurfacing business. he has three teen age daughters and a step son. >> i'm not angry so much as i just don't understand it. my wife is in shock. >> it is a tragedy. and i'm in -- in this climate of things, the insert -- it's not easy to live with. it's disconcerting. >> he just had a magnetic personality that drew people to him. and so we've been getting calls from his friends from all over the place and expressing their condolences. >> reporter: family members and friends are flying to barcelona tonight to support heidi nun eztucker at this time of intense grief. i'm lesley brinkly, abc 7 news. >> the family has established a gofund me page. they will help pay for the teen
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age daughters and cover funeral expenses. abc 7 >> if you would like the remember the victims of the spanish terror attack, you can go to the spanish consulate. it will open at 9:00 for the public to sign a condolences book. >> and you can help honor those who died in barcelona this way by sharing this animation. you can find it on ane abcnews.. police say 30-year-old jake walter was out in japan town when he was shot after an incident with another group of men. they arrested a suspect in that deadly shooting. none of the firefighters were in uniform and there was nothing to indicate their profession. witnesses say it's rare to hear about violence in the area. >> heard a gun shot and i wasn't
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sure if it was fireworks but then after that i heard another one like shortly after and i heard somebody scream. >> another firefighter was wounded in the shooting and is expected to survive. friends and fellow firefighters of jake walter organized a procession that ended here. the chapel of the chimes in oakland where family and friends had gathered. >> reporter: late this afternoon workers began putting out american flags as they waited for the body of the slain firefighter to arrive. >> we greave for our lost colleague and we wish for a speedy recovery for the individual that's injured right now. >> reporter: 30-year-old probationary firefighter was killed in an apparently random attack in san jose last night. another rookie was wounded. both were graduates of fire academy class 216 which had just been chronicled in the east bay express newspaper. >> as a city family, a loss of
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any one of us is felt by all of us. >> reporter: late this afternoon oakland fire officials arrived at the home of walter's family to drive friends and family to san jose in a procession backing to oakland. >> i did have an opportunity to speak to both of his parents this morning and as you can imagine they're deeply effected. no parent should see their child pass on before they do. >> reporter: they provide training on the deadly dangers associated with the job but 345i have to give more thought into what happens in the off hours. >> we don't really think about the hazards or the chance encounters that you might have off duty that could also lead to a similar outcome. >> reporter: as for the 30 other rookie firefighters. >> they're peers from class 216 are really trying to find a way to cope with this. >> reporter: so are two families
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and the entire oakland fire department. erick thomas, abc 7 news. pressure is rising on two famously liberal bay area cities, berkeley and san francisco. because each is the site of a planned right-wing rally later this month. it has been not issued. the mayor's office is worried it will attract violence and there are similar concerns across the bay in berkeley too. >> reporter: people are coming in here to threaten violence. >> reporter: the mayor says he is concerned about guns and other weapons. dee the fact that open carry is not allowed in california and supercedes federal law in this instance. >> the latest group that has indicated online and in other places that they're going to come is this oath ogroup that is known to carry arms in a very public way. >> in california alone, since the december 2015, we've had two
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dozen violent public political demonstrations. >> reporter: professor bryan leaven at cal state san bernardino says many of the rallies have involved white nationalists. he recommends police keep opposing sides separate and help keep laws against tools of violence. >> no masks, no sticks. antimasking ordinances and laws are very important so we can identify people who feel emboldened by their anonymity. >> if it's not, we can facilitate first amendment activity. >> reporter: he's been working with the park service meant to keep the public safe. sgl there are conditions that can be placed in a permit to prohibit weapons within the permythed space. >> reporter: but that doesn't mean there won't be guns. you can have a conseal permit in
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california. counsel members voted to adopt an emergency ordinance to try to keep two people safe for august 27th. a right wing group called no to marxism in america and a counterprotest will take place a few blocks away. the ordinance gives berkeley police the authority to -- including confiscate weapons. deported from the u.s. with only half of her family. and meet a couple that have gone around the world chasing eclipses. spencer christian is here with a preview of the forecast. >> locks like we're going to have a couple sunny days. i'll have the accuweather forecast. >> and a woman gets wedged
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we're hearing from the oakland nurse whose family is hurt by a deportation order. the family and their 12-year-old son are met by extended family in mexico city. this is from counselman bell geen. he was in mexico on vacation and wanted to show the family his support. they were happy to see long lost relatives but say the reunion is
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bitter sweet. >> it goes around and around in my head like what in the world happened? why did this happen? what went wrong? what did i do? >> the couple had spent the last 15 years trying to obtain green cards but their requests were repeatedly denied. their three daughters are staying in the bay area. hazardous materials experts -- sky 7 flew above wifal avenue shortly after i.c.e. arrived this morning. abc news learned they were looking for a powerful opioid called fentanyl. part of wiffle avenue reopened after being closed for four hours. officers say they discovered a large quantity of methamphetamine and meth-making equipment while making a stop in
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main street. a patrol officer initially pulled him over for a cracked wind shield. they're tightenng rules on a popular pesticide that's been linked to long-term damage in brains. they say it's more harmful than previously known. they want farmers to extend the distance from homes and schools. last month the bill for the pesticide was in the senate. you know for most people who see the total solar eclipse on monday, it's going to be an exciting experience, very rare for most of us to get a chance to see it. they happen every 18 months but they occur all over the world. so people who want to see more than one are in for serious travel and commitment. they're known as eclipse chasers and they include a san francisco couple following the sun for more than two decades. >> you know most people on a fist date say you want to go down to the corner j a beer or something but he said let's go
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to chile and see a total eclipse to the sun and i said okay. i called his bluff. >> reporter: but it was no bluff. they went to chile and got the t-shirt to prove it. >> 1994. >> reporter: he had already seen one total eclipse but it was the first for donald. back then he was working with hiv patients. >> i'd been an aids doctor for 12 years. it was tough but seeing that -- we call that nature's greatest spectacle. for me recharges me and lifts my spirits so that i can continue to do what i do. >> reporter: donald and clint eventually got married and have been to an incredible 15 total eclipses together all over the world. with so many souvenirs they could start a museum. >> in some places there's a whole lot and in some places you can look. >> reporter: they found this poster in japan. >> we have michael jackson like as the sort of radiant image of
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the eclipse. >> reporter: they've got plenty of photos before and after eclipses but when the skeptical is actually happening, they don't take pictures. >> we laugh, we cry, we kiss, we scream. this is likely you back, mouth gaping open stamering awe. >> clint is the planner. >> you look at the weather statistics. you want to be in the area you're most likely to see it. >> i'm always a little edgy because i'm not sure it's really going to happen until i see it start. >> reporter: they've even seen eclipses from airplanes. >> one was antarctica and one was north pole and one was over the pharaoh islands in the north atlantic. >> reporter: monday's total eclipse is the first they've ever been able to drive to. they're in oregon in a rented rv and when the big moment comes, their dotson will be with them.
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>> dot star, total solar eclipse within 45 and neo. >> is that on his caollar? >> they call him leo for short. we wish all the eclipse chasers clear skies and safe travels. that's hard to put in a chip too. are we going to be ablt to see the eclipse from where we are? >> we have 75% of an eclipse? >> looks like it will work out. we'll see 75% of the sun eclipse. i'm your stationary eclipse chaser. as i chase it graphically. we have a little bit of fog at the coast right now. but it's still quite clear over the bay for sure and inland, let's move along and take a look at the current temperature. abc 7 looking back at the skyline of san francisco. 61 degrees in the city and 61 across the bay in oakland.
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san jose, gilroy and 60 degrees in half moon bay and this is the view from the emoryville camera. and nuvaudo 61. upper 60s at fair field, concord and livermore. and golden gate, bright lights. but at least you can see the lights. there's no fog at the gold. gate yet. we'll see fog near the coast and bay overnight. we'll have mild to warm days this weekend and partly cloudy cooler conditions on solar eclipse monday. look for low temperatures mainly in the upper 50s to low 60s. and it will be even milder in the afternoon under mainly sunny skies. highs ranging from mid to upper skiktsz in the coast and upper 80s to low 90s inland. and the beach forecast is looking pretty good as well. water temperature up to 62 degrees. and most of our coastal locations will have highs in the
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mid-60s. 71 in santa cruz. now sunday look for pretty much the same range of high temperatures as we'll see tomorrow. it will be a little bit cooler with high clouds monday and temperatures start to rise again. warmer inland tuesday. here's our forecast for monday going to eclipse. starting at 1:00 a.m. when most of us probably will not be watching the sky, we'll see low fogs forming along the coastline just as the eclipse is beginning. but the high clouds will be very thin and widely scattered. so it appears from what we're seeing right now that viewing conditions will be pretty good. looks like the clouds will stay off shore and we'll have mainly clear skies during the actual eclipse. here's the 7-day recast. next couple days will be mild to warm as i said, especially inland where we'll see highs in the low 90s. all locations cool down a little bit monday under breezy, partly cloudy conditions. but once again the clouds look
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like they're not going to interfere very much with our view of the sky. should be a safe view. there are special glasses for viewing this eclipse. don't look with the naked eye. well, cashing in on a video game obsession. >> the staggering amount of wes.
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>> if you think they're going to give you your country back without a fight, you're sadly mistak mistaken. every day it is going to be a fight -- >> he seemed to have so much power, time magazine called him the great manipulator. as the real master mind in the m oval office. >> okay, donald, that's enough fun for tonight.
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can i have my desk back? >> yes, of course, mr. president. >> reporter: it did not sit well with the president who told the wall street journal bannon was quote just a guy who works for me and just this week the president making it clear he won the election on his own. >> mr. bannon came on very late, you know that. i went through 17 senators, governors and i went through all the primaries. >> reporter: in his rocky tenure, bannon made enemies throughout the west wing. some of those fights caught on camera. battling with the son in law, jared kushner and national security advisor, h.r. mcmaster. his allies quicking to back him up. at that incendiary press conference tuesday, he signalled his chief strategist was hanging by a thread. >> he is a good man. he is not a racist. i can tell you that. >> reporter: but the final straw seems to be an interview bannon
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gave the very next day, publicly undercutting the military threats of fire and fury. bannon saying quote there's no military solution here. they got us. bannon's departure is the latest shake up for a west wing in crisis. this picture of the president in the oval office with top advisors was taken just days after the inauguration. mike flynn gone, sean spicer gone, reince priebus gone and finally today, steve bannon. >> reporting from washington. within hours of leaving the white house, bannon was already back at breitbart news. he said he felt jacked up and free. the trump presidency we fought for and won is over. we still have a huge movement and will make something of this trump presidency but that presidency is over end quote.
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>> reporter: th they want to see president trump fire more staff. nancy pelosi said bannon's rek resignation is quote welcome news and it doesn't disguise where president trump himself stands with white supremacists. it also followed the president's remarks about last weekend's violence in virginia. and another california law maker is bringing up the 25th amendment which allows for the removal of a president unfit or unable to do their job. they asked that the president be examined by medical and psychiatric professionals. representative jacky spear on tuesday tweeted it was time to invoke the 25th amendment. in the history of america, keep in mind, it has never been used. across the country they're gearing up for violence. these are crews putting up barricades in boston. 20,000 counterprotesters may
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show up where a free speech rally with extreme right wing speakers is scheduled. and in tennesee two demonstrations are planned in memphis. now developing news from virginia. the mayor of charlottesville wants the legislature to hold a session to take down monuments. he's changed his mind after last weekend's violence that killed a 32-year-old woman and a state trooper. virginia's governor spoke at the funeral. >> for all of you that put on that uniform every single day to keep our communities safe, we cannot say thank you enough to you. >> the governor signed an executive order to prohibit demonstrations at the robert e. lee statue until new emergency regulations have been approved. aather and daughter were kicked off a passenger plane in
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which they criticized the airline for a several hour delay. the airline is responding. >> reporter: a nearly seven-hour frontier airline delay in orlando and then this. a father and daughter headed to visit a sick relative. >> this is absolutely -- >> reporter: ordered to get off the aircraft. applause they say in support of them. all from a private conversation where his daughter call it the worst experience. >> a stewardess heard that i was saying these employees look like they're terrified. >> was it an over bearing flight attendant? no, the passengers were loud and rude. adding the babhaviors and comments exhibited prior to departure were inappropriate. frontier says their account is backed up by other passengers
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and that the applause was actually for the removal of the pair from the aircraft. that pair was refunded the cost of their tickets. david curly abc news, regan national airport. a salt lake county woman was rescued after she was stuck in rocks in a canyon for several hours. rescue teams responded after getting a call from her husband for help. it was causing her too much pain. they finally poured a gallon of dish soap around her. that did the trick. they were able to wrigal her out. she was taken by air to a trauma center where she's in good condition. next the investigation into the death of a great white shark. and the warning going out to people visiting the park this weekend. and american idle is coming to abc 7 this fall. the american idle bus will be in jack london square giving you a
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chance to be a star. >> but you don't have to wait. you can audition online right now. potential contestants need to be
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crews are making progress on the southwestern perimeter of yosemite national park. crews are using air and ground resources to protect the community of the mariposa grove of giant sequoias. this video was provided by sierra fire watch. people sensitive to smoke are being told tostay indoors. a voluntary evacuation is still in place. ang the edge of monterey
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bay, a great white shark washed ashore and lost something. the signature dorsal fin was taken. chris nguyen has the story. >> reporter: along the santa cruz county coastline, a shocking discovery some say can't be undone. >> the fact that it is illegal and someone would do that and they could be selling it somewhere around here. >> reporter: at a beach in live oak a 10-foot white shark was found today with its first dorsal fin hacked off and most of its teeth removed. actions which are against the law in california. shark fins can catch up to thousands of dollars on the black market. >> i know they're worth a lot of money but in the long run, it's a dead animal. so leave it alone. >> reporter: the shark washed ashore last night with severe injuries which may have been caused by boat propellor. by this morning the shark was dead. through surveillance video they're trying to find the fin
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and person responsible for taking it in hopes of identifying the anal. >> the pathology and anomalies, all this stuff is super valuable. >> they're scary too. because they're always out here and there's nothing you can do about it. skblr >> reporter: they've taken the shark to a nearby lab. in santa cruz county, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. countdown to the solar eclipse. >> next a bay area family packs up and hits the road to witness the celestial
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the eclipse rush is on.
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across the state and the nation this is moving day. hotel rooms are sold out, so are trailer parks and rv's. as wayne freedman found out with one family. >> reporter: high on a hill above the valley a race with the sun and the moon. just one problem the chariot they ordered to carry them is missing in action. and that's only part of it. as we reached a down hill acceleration point, similar scenes played themselves out across the nation. >> have you been waiting to see this your whole life? >> yeah. >> reporter: the plan had been to leave at about 10:00 this morning with other couples in a caravan and begin the eclipse experience. but rv's appear be to in demand these days. three hours late, the rv arrived in all of its glory complete
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with a flat tire needing a repair, a cracked window and a dented fender. here's where the real work began. >> it had an electric thing. >> oh, when you back up, yeah, yeah. >> and then you turn the tapper on. >> reporter: i have no idea what he just told me. >> you just pull that out -- >> reporter: did you ever explain this and have people go -- >> yes. yes. >> reporter: but when making this memory, it's not about the vehicle anyway, rits about this, the first total eclipse since 1979. for ruffoughly 2 ask a half mins in oregon, camping fees, etc. would you care to advertise that? what price? priceless. >> let's hope the sunshines. that is a concern. >> everybody smile. >> reporter: so count them. four more to the eclipse. serenity has hit the road.
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from san francisco, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. just three days away to abc 7 news team has been busy pulling together all you need to know. >> a look at some of the highlights on our website and news app. >> reporter: abc 7 news dots kom has a landing page for all things solar eclipse and we're constantly putting up new stories. check out this one. a georgia engineer has a warning for us. his eyes suffered serear damage during a1972 partial eclipse. >> about 30 seconds to a minute on and off, both eyes looking like this and like this. >> reporter: you don't want to do that. in another abc 7 web and ach exclusive, we asked meteorologists why this eclipse is so special. >> it's so cool to see the moon actually casting a shadow,
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taking a bite out of the sun. that is the thing that's so fascinating to me and i will be watching as many of you will be as well and i'd love to see your photos or your videos. and abc 7 news has a link to a list of eclipse misconceptions that nasa wants to clear up. some say if your pregnant, you should not watch an eclipse because it can harm your baby. not true. and that any food prepared during an eclipse is poisoned by radiation. that's not true. so it's perfectly safe to serve up munchies at your viewing party. >> eclipse snack snz. >> yeah. abc 7 news will have extensive cover object channel 7 including live local reports beginning monday at 10:00 a.m. anchored by abc's david muir. >> spencer, what you got going for us?
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>> lost in the mail. okay. heres rar look at our graphic illustration of the eclipse. it begins at 901:00 a.m. on monday and we'll be at maximum eclipse at 10:15 a.m. and it will be all over by 11:37 and that's two ask a half hours or more of a real celestial treat. you will see 100% of the sun being covered as the moon moves between the sun and the earth. we'll see 75%, which is really good. now, what's the weather going to be like for us? what will sky conditions be like? in the early morning hours monday we'll see low clouds at the coast but those few high clouds will be thin and widely scattered. we should have a pretty clear view. conditions are improving.
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>> on to sports. that's right. larry beale is here with baseball. >> so over at about 9:00 a.m.? i mean at his house. >> now we got the invitation. you took care of the key people. the giants are the only team in baseball without a shut out win at home. could matt moore possibly give it to him tonig
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abc 7 sports brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> the giants have got to use the final six weeks of this season to prepare for 2018. and what do you do with matt moore? an era over five winless in six starts since the all-star break. how about this guy right here? 60 years and finally at a home game. way to go.
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going the opposite way, double down the line. scores span and hunter pence and the giants out to a 2-0 lead. sandoval, the panda, notorious bad ball hitter goes low for a base hit. parker scores. hunter pence. he's kind of found his swing in the second half of the season. solo blast off of zack effline, not to be confused with zac efron. brandon crawford, his 10th of the year. that made it 6-0. moore, nice breaking pitch. seven of third. gave up two runs and they couldn't preserve the shutout. a's and astros look at that stash. how long does it take to get that thing like that. third and bregman, his 13th homer of the year and 1-0 stros. jose altuve. packs some punch though.
9:56 pm
that's his 19th of the year. 2015 cy young winner. getting chris davis on the comebacker. he's 11-2. matt joyce homered in this game and makes a nice catch in the fourth. and takes out the scoreboard. puny numbers. out of my way. excuse me, 5-4. he went six innings, gave up three runs. rbi single, reddick. astros a winner 3-1. little league world series. california reps taking on la, la, lawashington. grand salami right there. california up 4-0. his twin brother is bobby gray. struck out seven on the day. a no hitter for five and a third. but that was his last batter right there. so the no no is gone but the kids from california win their opener 9-0. as you know big expectations for
9:57 pm
the raiders but one area of concern's gauot to be their secondary. and jared gauth throwing to their new acusition. perhaps beast mode will get a few carries. training camp halfway done. you saw donald penn, he along with the first round draft pick, connolly have not participated at all. head coach jark del rio not worried. >> one's not here, his choice. got a couple others that haven't been able to join us at practice and they're working and doing everything we're asking and they'll come back when they can until then, we move on. looking forward to playing at home this week in front of our crowd and i'm excited about the opportunity to kick that off. >> the 49ers and the broncos
9:58 pm
will clash at game speed tomorrow. the niners happy with their passing game in practices but the broncos have got a very strong defense and this is no little game of two-hand touch here. you hit and tackle. no restrictions. it will be a measuring stick, even though it's a preseason contest for the niners. >> you always want to measure yourself up against other people. i think our guys have put their heads down and worked since we've been here. you don't know how much you've improved or haven't until you go against other people. the success and talent they have to get out and compete with those guys, i think it does give you confidence. i think our guy expected it too. >> so it will be fun. brought to you by toyota. rartsz shame you were not invited to spencer's party. eggs sunny side up. what's the eclipse menu? >> i haven't completed it yet
9:59 pm
but that's a good start. >> what you don't know is there's another party. >> oh, snap. >> thanks, larry. >> coming up new on abc 7 news at 11:00, an alt-right hero faces time after an arrest. and a winery goes up in smoke in the middle of wedding season. join us for abc 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. more than half a billion dollars is at the next powerball jackpot. >> no one matched all six numbers, making it the 19th straight without a winner. >> it could be the eighth largest lottery jackpot in u.s. history. winning numbers will be pulled at 8:00 tomorrow. we ap
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