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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  August 24, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> no cars, no buses, no cable cars. that's just the beginning in san francisco and beyond. there are drastic measures ahead of what's set to be a weekend of protests. good evening and thank you for joining us. >> two rallies, two cities on two different days. both events set to bring out protesters and counterprotesters. >> the first rally hosted by supporters of president trump will take place on saturday in san francisco. moving across the bay, the second rally will take place sunday in berkeley at civic center park. it's billed as an anti-marxist event. >> i've team coverage tonight. lisa amine is live. >> reporter: the fences are out and will go up tomorrow. this road behind me will be
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closed to cars. if you're thinking of coming here on saturday afternoon using a bus or going to the marina or even the presidio, you need to think again. the owner of monkey on chestnut is putting up this sign tonight. unite against hate. the mayor's office handed it out with hopes it will send a message saturday. but this store may be closed for a different reason. >> may not even be worth oping whether or not it's safe to open. >> reporter: it's because the 30 stockton and 22 fillmore which pull up just a few feet away won't come through the marina. they are stopping service through the presidio and other parts of down because of the rally. it's also prime brunch time in the marina. >> i think we're going to be pretty slow. >> reporter: they'll also switch out all historic street cars and cable cars with regular buss to cover those routes. >> we're really worried about moving people to and from certain events throughout the
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city. this is really meant to keep our passengers and employees as safe as possible as well as our vehicles. >> reporter: as the cable car turn around on stockston street, from the having access to a san francisco experience saturday afternoon is frustrating some tourists. >> look at the people sitting here waiting and the imposition it's going to put on them for saturday. all the plans, their children, the money they've spent already to be here. it's just not fair. >> it does put a damper on everyone's experience for that day. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. service, meantime, will not be affected. counterprotest events are scheduled to start at noon at san francisco civic center. similar demonstrations at 1:00 p.m. at chrissy field. the patriot prayer rally is 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. go to abc 7 and the app to find out more about the man organizing the patriot prayer rally. dan noyes has a closer look at joey gibson and what he's trying do. that's at and on
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the abc 7 news app. the other big rally is scheduled to take place sunday in berkeley and late today, the permit for the anti-marxist event was denied. >> that isn't expected to stop people from showing up. >> cornell is live in berkeley with the latest. >> reporter: tonight another plea to stay away from sunday's rally. this time from berkeley's police chief who says he's got a plan to curb potential violence. >> reporter: the berkeley police chief gave some advice at this forum about sunday's planned anti-marxism raelly. >> stay away from downtown berkeley. >> reporter: but he knows that won't stop many from coming out, even after they sent this to amber cummings that the city is unable to issue a permit citing lack of security raemtss. the chief says extra officers will be on duty around the event, some from allied
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agencies. they're hoping to avoid ugly clashes like this last spring which resulted in injuries and dozens of arrests. this time police will try to separate protesters and counterprotesters. >> we just recognize separation is very important when two groups come to fight. >> charlottesville is coming to the bay. we have to stand against white nationalism, white power, white supremacy and fascism. >> reporter: whatever sunday may bring, the community is responding with love and tolerance. this simple sign berkeley stands united against hate is being posted all around town. >> we have to take a stand against this and show that berkeley is not about hate. >> reporer: the city of berkeley printed 20,000 signs hoping they may spark paereace,t violence. cornell barnard. counterprotests are scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m. on sunday.
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the rally against marxism is scheduled from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. at civic center park. the permit for that event was denied but people are still expected to show up. download the abc 7 app. enable push alerts to get the latest news as it happens. only on abc 7 news, the i-team learned attorneys for the woman at the center of a sex scandal have filed a new lawsuit against contra costa county. the account says perez began having sex with abuzman when she was just 17 and the sheriff failed to supervise his officers. perez was one of 20 law enforcement officers from six police agencies who had sexual encounters with abuzman. she's also suing the city of richmond. oakland settled a claim for almost $1 miion. uber is looking to sell a
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building it's been restoring in oakland. the san francisco business times reports the ride sharing business wants to sell the former sears department store it's been renovating for the past two years. the property is expected to sell for $123 million. the green lining institute pushed to keep uber out to prevent more city gentrification. happening now, hurricane harvey is closing in on the gulf coast. mandatory evacuations are under way in parts of texas. >> let's take a look at the map. a storm from space is expected to bring devastating flooding. meteorologist sandhya patel is tracking the storm. >> let's take a look at live doppler 7. and from the satellite perspective, now a category 2 hurricane. it just intensified. we're actually seeing the eye of the hurricane with this storm and as you take a look here, this is really just a sign that the intensification is taking
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place. rainfall bands will move onshore. the spaghetti tracks or forecast models have this hurricane slamming into texas with the exception of one model which veers it out toward louisiana. as you take a look at the wave heights near the center of the storm, 26-foot wave heights. storm surge is going to be a major issue. cat 2 with maximum sustained winds of 105 miles an hour. expected to strengthen tomorrow evening as a category 3. a major hurricane at landfall and then weakening. but the problem with this hurricane it's not in a hurry to get out of there. days of rainfall. that's going to cause destructive flooding. up to 35 inches in isolated areas. 15 to 25 inches of rain from many parts of texas. >> thank you. let's continue our team coverage now on hurricane harvey. >> reporter jessica willie with our sister station ktrk is in texas with what's happening now. >> reporter: hurricane harvey churning in the gulf of mexico
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and gaining strength. expected to make landfall near corpus christi early saturday as a powerful category 3. >> it's getting stronger and stronger. >> reporter: from texes too louisiana and mississippi, people loading up and laying out sandbags, preparing for more than 35 inches of rain. in some places -- >> that's a lot of flooding. >> reporter: and a storm surge up to 12 feet. >> we need people to be aware. >> reporter: that leading to long lines at gas stations. >> absolute insanity over this hurricane. >> reporter: and supermarkets. >> look at the line. >> reporter: shoppers planning to ride out the storm stocking up on essentials. clearing store shelves. >> there's no more water. there's no more bread. the bread is already running out as well. >> reporter: others in the lone star state packing up and leaving town. >> we're going to in the strongest possible terms
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encourage the residents in the low-lying areas, as they say, get out of dodge. >> reporter: with some mandatory evacuation orders going into place. >> it's better to go now than wait until the last minute when everybody decides it's time to go. >> reporter: as the wind and waves continue to pick up, the governor has preemptively issued a disaster declaration for 30 counties. louisiana's governor has now also done the same for that entire state. ja jessica willie, surfside beach, tex texas. the new effort to create more lgbt officers. abc 7 news goes inside amazon's brand-new south bay book stores. >> and all aboard. the bay area's newest
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new at 11:00, the san jose police department is launching a new campaign to recruit officers from the lgbt community. >> reporter: katie marzulo shows us the ads that they hope will
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bring new hires. >> reporter: each video has a different ending. >> and you serve with pride. >> reporter: these are real san jose police officers with their same-sex partners. >> every day when you leave your family, you may not come home. that's what officers and their families realize. and what doesn't get displayed is the different types of families. that's what's being done for the first time. >> reporter: officer james gonzalez is the first lgbt liaison officer. he says lgbt recruitment is not new but these ads are a game changer. >> if you never actually show lgbt families that are officers, young people may not consider that as a career. >> reporter: the board president of the lgbt community center says lgbt officers are better equipped to handle issues like the higher suicide rate in the community. >> if they understand what the lgbt mental health issues are, there's greater compassion and greater understanding of how to deal with that. >> reporter: we showed this flyer to people in san jose and
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asked them what they thought about the new recruitment campaign. >> especially in the current political environment, with the military, i think it's a great way to show that we are companions to all people. >> i think it's great. it's perfect. i think it should be representative. >> reporter: police chief eddie garcia will be in this weekend's silicon valley pride parade. the new recruitment materials will be there, too. you no long ver to go online to buy a book from amazon. abc 7 news was in san jose as the company opened its first brick and mortar store in the bay area at santana row. the store has more than 35,000 titles. chosen based on the highest online ratings with a review card underneath. one longtime local book seller says he's not worried. >> come in to explore worlds they haven't encountered before when they're going into an amazon retail space, they're exploring worlds that have already been well trotted and
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familiar. >> amazon is expanding into physical spaces as it tries to become the leading retailer in the world. amazon's nearly $14 billion purchase of whole foods will be official on monday. the federal government gave the merger the green light today. amazon plans to start slashing prices on some of whole foods' most popular items next week. amazon prime members will also see bigger savings both in store and online. >> reporter: the north bay smart train will celebrate its grand opening after 15 years of planning and construction. it's allowed people to ride test trains this summer. the ceremony will take place at the downtown santa rosa station beginning at 9:00 tomorrow morning. the first official train leaves the sonoma county airport at 12:49 p.m. if you want to ride smart train tomorrow visit the abc 7 news app. you'll find a video explaining seven things to know before catching a ride. >> tomorrow is friday. the weekend is not here. time to check on the weather. >> we're going to see some heat
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around here. we're going to feel it, i should say, this upcoming weekend. a time lapse from the exploratorium camera. look at that marine layer. it isn't advancing much toward the transamerica pyramid, the financial district. it's been compressing all day long. tonight it's now 1200 feet deep. basically what this means, we're undergoing changes, and it's about to heat up. you'll not really feel it tomorrow, but you certainly will feel it as we head into the weekend. a live picture right now from our emeryville camera. beautiful view there. 7:00 tomorrow morning, we'll have limited fog. definitely going to be sunny by noontime. 60s, 70s and by 3:00 p.m., mild to warm weather with mid-60s to low 90s. as you check out this live picture showing you a little bit of a murky view from our emeryville camera, this is what you'll have to contend with for the morning commute if your commute takes you across parts of the east bay or along the coastline. and a live look as you look at
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the bay bridge. live doppler 7 showing you just patches of fog around parts of the bay area tomorrow morning. you'll notice that these temperatures will fall a little more but not much. 50s to 60s at this hour. so good sleeping weather from our abc 7 news exploratorium camera. notice that this low clouds and the fog aren't really solid out there. we'll go with patches of dense fog tomorrow morning. sunshine for the afternoon. and it's heating up this weekend. be aware of this. you'll feel it. triple digits expected inland with increased fire danger this weekend. stay hydrated and don't forget to check up on elderly. your kids. never leave the pets and your dogs or children in the vehicles. temperatures reaching the morning low 50s to 60s with patches of fog and for the afternoon, sunshine warm into the mid to upper 60s. mild along the coastline. tomorrow afternoon, it is going to be nice at the coast. very high uv index.
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temperatures in the 60s. except in santa cruz, 74 degrees. the ocean temperature is really nice and mild right now. 60 degrees. the accuweather seven-day forecast. mid-60s to low 90s tomorrow. out of the 90s. if you like the hot summer weather, this is going to be your weekend. look at the triple digits from 102 saturday to 104 on sunday. monday, 100 degrees. coast side, warmest day of the weekend will be sunday when you'll see some 70s appearing. the temperatures begin to actually back off a little bit as we head towards tuesday. and wednesday. but it's still going to be hot. mid to upper 90s inland. mid-60s coast side. heating up by thursday. 60s coast. 100 inland. accuweather. it will come in handy to keep track of the minute by minute, hour by hour forecast. download it. stay with us. back in just a moment.
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massachusetts woman has already started her early
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retirement after winning more than $758 million in last night's powerball jackpot. >> i want to sit back and relax and i had a pipe dream and my pipe dream has come true. i wanted to retire and it came early. >> mavis will receive a lump sum payment. $336 million after taxes. mavis had worked at a hospital for 32 years. she is starting a whole new chapter. good for her. >> absolutely. >> bad for us, but good for her. >> she was in a hospital helping people for 32 years. now it's her turn. >> baseball fights usually look more like ballroom dancing. slam dancing today. yankees and tigers. should have put this on pay-per-view.
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the great boxing revny mills lane used to say "let's get it on" before a the dow. he would have been at home in detroit. the got it on and on and on. the trouble started in the sixth. throws behind miguel cabrera. canley gets ejected. joe girardi gets tossed. cabrera, escalates. a left and a right and a takedown by romine. they're in the octagon now and the benches empty. this is completely out of control. things would eventually settle down until the seventh. look out.
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98 miles an hour hit to the head. ejected. mccann is okay. that's tigers versus tigers in their dugout. yelling at him for fraternizing with the items rather than having his teammates back. the benches are brought out for a third time in this game. eight players ejected. you know there's going to be fines and suspensions coming. the tigers won the game, 10-6. everybody has thoughts on kyrie irving forcing a trade out of cleveland to boston. among them, kevin the podcast saying he understands why kyrie wanted out. >> when you're around lebron james it's like, there's so much that comes with that. it's like so much outside, like distractions and conversations and just noise that just comes around just from being around lebron james. and kyrie at the point like, all right. we lost the championship.
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this whole season is going to be about if lebron is going to leave or not. i'm ready for a new challenge. all that stuff kind of met at the pinnacle of why he wanted to leave. and it just felt like he wanted a situation where he could just be free from all of that and just play. it's a perfect system for him in boston. it's like a perfect fit. >> let's talk nfl. donald penn expected to get limited snaps on saturday in the raiders third preseason game in dallas. he just ended a 26-day holdout. this was his second practice today. he chose not to talk with the media. no word on how the raiders will address his contract situation. dolphins versus eagles and squirrels. look at this guy who snuck on the field. 4.5 40. carson wentz going deep to torrey smith. nice to have an accurate quarterback throwing the ball. that's a shot. dolphins backup matt moore threw two picks on his


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