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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  August 25, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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tonight, we have live team coverage on the latest changes in san francisco and the shifting plans by patriot prayer that some say could cause more problems. >> and what this means for berkeley and a rally that the organizer says she wants to hold alone with no one else. and hurricane harvey reaches category 4 status. a powerful storm as texas prepares for the worst. >> now from abc 4, live breaking news. that breaking news, a controversial rally in crissy field was canceled. now alamo square mark has become the focus. >> patriot prayer organizers canceled their controversial rally and say they'll hold a
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news conference form to smexpla why. >> we're just learning the organizer of a planned non-permitted rally in berkeley is telling everyone to say home from her event, as well. >> let's begin with the latest developments in san francisco and leeann melendez live in the marina neighborhood with more. >> reporter: yeah, dan. even though the group announced just a short while ago that it was canceling tomorrow's event at chrissy told, nothing will change in terms of the city's response. this is what the supervisor mark farrell said. >> until that permit is officially revoked, everything will go on with our plans. >> reporter: now, farrell told neighbors muni buses will not stop in the marina or the
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presidio. all preparations will continue. the fences will remain up and the concrete barriers will not be moved. cars will not be allowed to park inside crissy field as of 9:00 tonight,ven though the rally was canceled. the reason was the group patriot prayer said it did not feel safe. instead, they'll have a press conference tomorrow, followed by a march, and will attend sunday's rally in berkeley. >> berkeley is a better situation, because we don't feel like we're walking into a trap. it's wide open, it's an open field in the city. it's just a better situation. so we're extremely excited to go down to berkeley. >> reporter: early in the week, the mayor of san francisco told me the city always knew that a gathering outside crissy field was possible. the mayor telling me, police will be ready. leeann melendez, "abc7 news."
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there was a big turnout at san francisco's city hall this afternoon at a plan to counter this weekend's rallies. melanie woodrow continues our live team coverage from civic center. melanie? >> reporter: well, there will be a similar rally here tomorrow at noon at times today, it was like a party with music, the mayor driving home the message, san francisco is a city of love. >> to those who seek to undermine our spirit, who wave the banners of racism, who think the first amendment protects their violence, you are not welcome in san francisco. [ applause ] >> reporter: their signs promoting love and acceptance held high. the rally a gathering as a precursor to the patriot prayer
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rally, which was canceled this afternoon. >> you know as well as i do that they have a message of hate. and we've seen across this country how that message can easily translate into violence. >> reporter: the spread of violence had some saying they would stay away. >> i don't think it's productive to have video footage of leftist bashing people on the right. >> reporter: while others plan to counter protest at crissy field or elsewhere. >> it is right to tell people not to bring weapons and that the security checks are fine. but to stop people from coming is not the solution. >> we are united against hate. >> reporter: a message artist mc hammer sang, as well. ♪ ♪ tonight is the night, we're turning it up and everybody is feeling right ♪ >> reporter: telling the crowd he caught a red eye from texas just to be here. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, "abc7 news."
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the patriot prayer group willhold a news conference tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. at alamo square. he plans to go to berkeley on sunday and join with an event against marxism at 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. but now even that berkeley rally is in question. as we mentioned a moment ago, the organizer of the anti-marxist rally in berkeley is scaling back her plans. she released a statement saying, she wants no one to come to her event. cummings said she has grave concerns for people's safety saying "i will attend this event alone and i stress please stop the violence. if i am hurt or killed attend thing rally, i ask you to please not retaliate on each other as a
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result of my injuries." a notorious far-right protester known as based stick man has been booked in jail. he was expected to speak at this weekend's protest bfrs they were canceled. alyssa harrington was at his arraignment. >> reporter: kyle chapman is no longer allowed to carry a stick or any weapons. a judge also ordered chainman to stay away from civic center park in berkeley in case of rallies this weekend. >> certainly the last thing any of us want to see is a repeat of the terror or violence that took place in virginia. >> reporter: chapman was arraigned on felony weapons charges friday morning. this stems from a bloody protest in berkeley back in mar. . the district attorney's office charged him for procession of a stick that he used to beat people with.
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he is expected to bail out. supporters have been raising money on a crowd funding site. >> it is our understanding that he will post bail and go through our booking process, and once he is booked, photographed, and we've confirmed the bail, he will be released. >> reporter: chapman did not enter a plea. if found guilty, he faces up to eight years in prison. one footnote. there are reports that he's in the process of making bail and says he plans to attend both rallies. we'll stay on top of that situation. obviously, there are a lot of last-minute developments with the weekend rallies. stay on top of all of it by downloading the "abc7 news" app and enable the push alerts to find out what's happening. breaking news from washington, d.c. president trump has pardoned controversial sheriff joe arpaio.victiconvictinged -- cond
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of contevenlt of court. president trump said -- >> this is president trump's first pardon. and north korea has test fired three short-range brick missiles. u.s. military says two missiles failed in flight and the third blew up immediately. moving on, as first reported last night by the "abc7 news" i-team, the bay area police sex scandal prompted a new federal lawsuit. this takes aim at the contra county sheriff. dan noyes joins us with the latest. >> reporter: this lawsuit says the sheriff failed to train his deputies properly and failed them from having sex with a minor and failed to investigate it. >> this is the third case, and
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in many ways the most egregious. >> reporter: attorney john burris on the suit he filed last night. last june, i sat down with her for her only in death interview. she said she first had sex with a police officer when she was 15 and word got around on social media. >> instead of oh, yeah, my friend told me about you. >> reporter: and you would meet after that? >> yeah. >> reporter: she claims she had sexual relations with 30 cops from seven different agencies. she was reluctant to identify them. >> they turned their backs on me. >> reporter: but you won't give up the names? >> no. >> reporter: one name is ricardo perez. sh testified she met the deputy on facebook and at 17, had sex with him half a dozen times. >> mr. perez, as an officer, really violated his oath without any due consideration as to
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whether or not the conduct he was engaging in was not only illegal but immoral as well. >> reporter: the lawsuit seeks damages from the sheriff saying had perez been properly trained, he would have realized it was illegal to have sexual relations with her. including exchanging nude photographs. >> she was treated as if she was a slave to him at his beck and call. she was treated like a little sex slave child. >> reporter: burris says the sheriff's conduct amounted to deliberate indifference and violated her constitutional rights. the sheriff david livingston issued a statement this afternoon saying, deputy perez was fully trained on his requirement to report child abuse and certified so in training documents. today is jasmine's 20th
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birthday. her lawyers tell me she's in a much better place than one year ago and looking forward to the future. >> she's still so young. thanks, dan, very much. well, in the shadow of levi stadium, football games are one thing. but now people live thing are hearing concert noise until midnight. what they're willing to trade to get rid of it, next. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. i'm tracking heat for the weekend, and a look at dangerous category 4 hurricane harvey coming up. on that subject, the latest on harvey and wait until you hear from one couple who just flew from texas to sfo hours before the storm made landfall. all the storm coverage brings up an important coverage. if your home is struck by lightning, are you covered?
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santa clara leaders say no to levi stadium when it comes to extending the hours for converts. so what's in the works here? >> reporter: dan, the 49ers actually offered to give $20,000 to local schools, libraries, and the department of parks and recreation every time they get an extension to their 10:00 p.m. curfew here at levi stadium. but it appears it's going to take much more than that. charles gibson lives a third of a mile away from levi stadium. every time a concert or major event is held, he deals with the noise. >> non-stop, hour after hour
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after hour after hour. it's horrible. >> reporter: right now, the curfew at levi stadium for concerts held sunday through thursday is 10:00 p.m. last night, the 49ers tried to convince the stadium authority board to extend the curfew to 11:00 p.m. four times a year. 49ers president says it will be difficult to recruit big-time performers without the extension. >> if they come, it does negatively impact the city. so, again, i'm empathize with these people. >> reporter: city leaders still denied it. >> i felt we owed it to the community who lives around the stadium to let them be actively part of finding a solution to the problem. >> reporter: the 49ers say the two weeknight concerts brought in $1.6 million in revenue for the city. some who live in the shadow of
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the stadium say they would be willing to budge. >> there's 300, 400 homes affected. write me a check for $300. i'll spend the evening somewhere else. >> reporter: the next step is to partner with the 49ers to hold meetings to see if a compromise can be made. a big gang sweep by oakland police today. at least nine people were arrested all over the bay area. police targeted vie le ed ved v criminaled. the fate of a controversial training exercise remains up in the air. a task force charged with recommending whether the training exercise should go forward failed to vote on the issue today, which has been put off until next month. the training is valuable, but critics call it police militarization, and say it's harmful to people of color. >> you see the harm and danger
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it has on our communities. it is based on racist stereotyping. >> there is no doubt that we are better prepared to respond to any type of major mass casualty in the bay area as a result of the collaboration that takes place during our exercises. >> urban shield is funded by a $5 million grant from the department of homeland security. s.w.a.t. teams from the bay area, across the country and around the world take part. happening now, hurricane harvey is a category 4 storm and is about to hit the texas gulf coast. here's a live look outside of houston. the eyewall of this storm is poised to hit landfall any moment near corpus christi with winds 130 miles per hour and gusts much higher. more than 7,000 people live in the path. officials are not sure how many heeded their warnings to evacuate. one resident decided to ride it
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out at home. >> i've gone through a lot of hurricanes. i've lived here most of my life. i would rather take care of my home and animals and be safe here. >> she may not with wobe worrie the governors have declared states of emergency in 30 counties in texas and louisiana. some airlines are already waving change fees for customers ticketed on nights into that area. this florida couple flew out of houston to sfo today. >> the plane ride was pretty rough as far as from houston to san francisco. it was pretty bumpy for a long time. then they finally, you know, settled it down and stuff. >> houston has seen hundreds of flights. for saturday and sunday, oakland canceled two departures
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tomorrow. right now, san jose and san francisco have no cancellations. hurricane harvey on satellite right now, getting ready to move on shore, the eyewall is moving on to the texas coastline, as you can see here. a large eye of this powerful category 4 storm. live doppler 7 hd is tracking bans of heavy rain. winds have been reported as high as 108 miles per hour on the coastline. so gusty winds, tornado warnings are up right now. the biggest threat is going to be the storm surge. 6 to 12 feet above ground level and days of heavy rain. it is a category 4, winds at 130 miles per hour, moving northwest at 8. this will go down in the record books. it barely weakens to a category 3 saturday overnight. as it continues to move inland,
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it will further weekend saturday afternoon into sunday night. but this is going to move very slowly, just stall out over texas. that's what the biggest concern is going to be. it is going to cause catastrophic damage with up to 40 inches of rain in isolated area through wednesday. and like i said, family and friends there, this is going to be a dicey situation. so hopefully they ride out the storm. live doppler 7 hd right now in the bay area, way different than what it's like there. quiet picture, typical fog and temperatures are impacted by the fog. coastal highs in the upper 50s to low 60s. still warm inland right now in the low 90s. 50s, 60s coast side, and we're looking at the fog here, just creeping its way across downtown san francisco. temperatures soar inland, and the heat continues into next week. so there are a number of
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warnings and advisories. everything shaded in the red here isng that is in effect for the hills. this really runs from tomorrow morning through monday. the areas shaded in orange is a heat advisory. that starts sunday through monday. that is for the valleys. you'll want to stay hydrated and find some shade. it hasn't been this hot in a while. low 50s to low 60s. fog sitting near the coast. and the temperatures inland will come up into the triple digits. upper 60s to low 70s. look for some 80s. definitely the summertime heat that we haven't seen much of lately. triple digits over the weekend. temperatures peaking on sunday. 106 degrees. 70s at the coast. still a lot one going into monday. numbers slide slowly tuesday and
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wednesday. 60s to 90s, is temperatures moderating only to see the numbers rise quickly again thursday and friday. 100s coast side. download the weather app and keep track of the temperatures. >> thanks, sandhya. i scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. >> yes. >> yes. and for an ice cream museum
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when you think of museums, you might think paintings and sculptures, not ice cream. >> but it's coming to san francisco, and tickets went on sale today. >> kristen sze is here with how it went. a bit like "hamilton?" >> reporter: can you believe it? the website is a feast for the eyes. take a look. a stunning 50,000 people were cued up with online ticket sales opened to the public at 9:00 this morning. in less than 90 minutes, they were all scooped up for september 17 through october 30th. the trendy pop-up museum opens here on grant street in san francisco near union square after sold-out runs in new york and los angeles. this is video from l.a. the museum offers exhibits
7:26 pm
dedicated to everyone's favorite frozen treat. the big crowd pleaser is the sprinkle pool, filled with 100 million sprinkles that you can dive into but not eat. >> it's a place to come, anyone can come, all ages. it's just fun. >> for your $38 ticket, if you got one, you get half a dozen tastings and unlimited instagram pictures. the los angeles run was extended twice, so your chances for visiting have not completely melted away. dan and ama? >> thank you so much, kristen. they're preparing for pride in the south bay. >> plus, flying high. a big boost at oakland international airport thanks to one type of traveler. and -- >> i've been going through it >> i've been going through it every year for a few years.
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in the south bay, members of the lbgtq community are preparing for this celebration, but it comes with some concerns. >> some say they're worried about safety but won't stop celebrating. >> chris nguyen has the story now from san jose. >> reporter: spreading a message of hope and love -- >> i'm not only expecting the lbgtq community to come out and celebrate who we are, but also our allies. >> reporter: the preparations are under way. many are bracing for a busy weekend in san jose. >> you get goose bumps. the energy is so positive and so good, you get goose bumps. i have them already. >> reporter: ceasar chavez downtown will play host to the pride festival, celebrating diversity and inclusion. local tech companies will have representatives marching in the parade on sunday. >> it's totally worthwhile
7:31 pm
showing up and making sure that people see us. >> reporter: but in light of recent terror events, including charlottesville, virginia and barcelona, some are questioning if they'll be safe at the parade. san jose police say they've been preparing. law enforcement working with organizers to ensure the safety of the public. >> reporter: everyone could come here, enjoy themselves and feel like they could be safe knowing that we are around, ready for anything. >> reporter: volunteers have also been going through deescalation training. pride officials are expecting larger than normal crowds. >> we have to keep up the fight. now is not the time to sit back and rest on our laurels because we have no laurels to rest on. so the fight continues. >> reporter: a chance for this community to unite as one. chris nguyen, "abc7 news." new at 6:00, relief for more than 17,000 california national guard soldiers. they don't have to repay bonuses
7:32 pm
mistakenly handed out during the iraq and afghanistan wars. that came to around $190 million between 2004 and 2010. the overpayments were made as the guard faced pressure to hit enlistment goals. the pentagon demanded thousands of soldiers and airman repay bonuses were not eligible for, but has decided they will not have to repay that money. people are starting to gather for a vigil in china town. it's about taking a stand against hate. this event is still happening, despite a flurry of late changes. patriot prayer canceled plans for a rally at crissy field. plans were made to close roads, parking lots, as wel as stores. muni has rerouted some buses to avoid the area. >> the patriot prayer group
7:33 pm
plans to go to berkeley on sunday to join a no to marxism rally. but that organizer released a statement just hours ago asking that no one attend the event. she says she wants to stand alone. the mayor has advised people to stay away, but several counter protests are scheduled around berkeley. as a precaution, the u.s. postal service has taken out several blue mail collection boxes around the city and will be put back in on monday. no transit changes have been announced for berkeley on sunday. summer travel is up at oakland international airport and there's one big reason. the number of passengers increased 150% over last year. the airport is focused on adding more international flights and recently expanded its international rivals area. a world renowned musician will be performing on sunday in
7:34 pm
the east bay. >> they'cheryl jennings has thi story. >> reporter: you would never know that many of the kids in this summiter camp session are profoundly deaf. but they are able to hear thanks to a tiny piece of technology called a cochlear implant. you see the devices on the outside of the ears in different sizes and different styles. how old were you when you first got your implant? >> i got my right at 12 months, my left at 24 months. >> this is what it looks like. and there's a magnet here and a magnet inside. >> reporter: ken is president of the board of directors of the winegarden children's center in redwood city. it helps children with hearing loss. the deaf children here at camp went to winegarden when they were little. >> we have kids from zero to 3.
7:35 pm
the whole idea is how to listen and hear with technology and to teach them critical listening skills and critical thinking skills. >> reporter: ken has a cochlear implant in each ear. but when he was a child, his options were limited. >> i was lucky. my father intervened right away. >> they tried the hearing aids for me and it didn't work so well. so we got cochlear implants. sometimes people's kids work with just the hearing aids. sometimes they have to do cochlear implants. >> reporter: pribrice and his little brother were born deaf. >> these are rechallengeable. this is the magnet that attaches to his head. >> reporter: it's not easy for parents when they get the diagnosis. >> there's a period of shock and mourning, because all the things
7:36 pm
a new parent reads about what to expect at every month in development. before he was implanted, after a year of speech therapy, he could make two sounds. but within a few months, he was speaking sentences after the implant. >> how important is it for you to be able to hear? >> i would say it's a big part of my life. >> i can play any sport. in swim, i use aqua gear and i swim. it feels like a disability a little bit, because i have to take it off at night to charge it. so i don't hear anything at night. so that's different for me. >> some people choose not to get cochlear implants or use high power hearing aids or they sign. we wanted to try to see if he could actually learn to listen and then hear and then speak.
7:37 pm
>> i think it's amazing how you can hear all the other kids here at camp who have the disability that he has. it's amazing how they can hear. >> everybody asks me what does deaf mean and gabe's fearless. he follows whatever his heart tells him to do. >> reporter: the taylor family foundation offers camp for free for children with life altering conditions. >> they're all doing the same thing, feeling the same thing. yet they go to school in a diverse setting. so they're not 20 cochlear kid implants at school. but there are a hundred in this building. >> i've been going to it every year for a few years. and i've always had a lot of fun. >> it's really fun. nice way to spend vacation. >> i come from a place where there's not many deaf people, so it's nice to hang out with
7:38 pm
people who are deaf like me. >> these young people are moving into their futures with a little style and a lot of fun. cheryl jennings, "abc7 news." >> and there are still a few tickets left for this intimate concert. for more information, go to our website, amazing kids. >> answbsolutely. when lightning strikes, michael finney makes sure you don't take a financial hit. that's next. >> and saving strawberries. some uc who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear.
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...straight years, and it's still recommended today. the usda just gave uc davis a $4.5 million grant for strawber strawberries. it will help scientists improve on being resistant to diseases. it -- california grows 87% of the strawberries in north america. after months of delays, service is under way for smart
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train. 14 trains will run from santa rosa to san rafael. 3,000 people are expected to ride them every day. it's taken a decade of work to get to this point. 43 miles of track had to be rebuilt, 30 bridges replaced, and $600 million spent. passengers say hey, it's all worth it. >> good way to get back and forth and it's stress free and there's beer. >> smart train has plans to expand the service. first up, the station in san francisco. riders say they'll love to see service extend north to cloverdale. if you plan on ridingthe smart train, go to or our app. you'll find a video explaining the seven things to know before catching a ride. we are expecting hot weather this weekend for some parts of the bay area as we look at our east bay hills camera. >> sandhya is backckck
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a quiet day on wall street ends with only one headline after the closing bell -- the dow gained 30. the nasdaq lost 5. this marks the first winning
7:46 pm
week out of the last three weeks. here's a fact you have probably never heard before -- one in every 1200 homes is hit y lightning. >> many of those are in california. >> michael finney is here with that story. >> wild stat, isn't it? only five states have more lightning strikes than ours. so it's important that we have our insurance in order. in northern california, we think of lightning more as a light show than a force of nature. >> i've never seen anything like this in san jose. >> reporter: but sometimes its true spirit comes through. >> i was so scared. i thought it was a nuclear bomb. i didn't know what it was. >> like a propane tank blew up. >> reporter: jim douglas was in this home. look around. lightning caused this. back in san jose, it struck this tree and started a fire. luckily no one was hurt in
7:47 pm
either storm, but there was property damage, which brings up this point, if lightning strikes does your insurance pay? laura adams is with >> fortunately, lightning is covered by a standard policy. so whether it's damage due to a fire that's caused or just due to appliances and electronics being damaged, you are covered. >> reporter: the average loss, just shy of $10,000. laura says more than 4700 lightning claims were filed in california last year alone. but there could have been other strikes that went unreported. >> some damage is not visible at all. you could walk into your home and not realize it had been struck by lightning, and maybe you go to use electronics like your tv or appliances and they've been blown out completely. so it can be a very different type of damage than we're used to. >> reporter: cars can be hit and suffer damage, too.
7:48 pm
if it covered? if you have comprehensive coverage, you're covered. i want to hear from you. the hotline is open monday through friday. my number and you can always reach me through facebook and on happening now, hurricane harvey just made landfall in texas. this is a live look from corpus krooi christi. >> sandhya patel is back to update us. >> this storm will prove to be catastrophic. it's a cat 4 as it made landfall. the eye coming ashore near rockport, texas. look at the intensity and the large eye here on this storm. it's just incredible. it will do some major damage with the storm surge and flooding rains. in the bay area, a quiet scene. live doppler 7 tracking the summer fog for the coast and tomorrow, the heat. inland areas in the triple
7:49 pm
digits. coast side in the 60s and 70s. heat related illness is possible. air quality going downhill. santa clara valley, poor air quality. and triple digit heat through the weekend. by midweek, you'll be needing a little bit of cooling. that's what you'll see. >> thanks, sandhya. all right. more now on the best bargain in sports. >> larry beil. >> if you're spending $100, i'll come to your house. conor mcgregor was a little heavier and a whole lot crazier, as we count down to the fleecing as we count down to the fleecing of the universe tomor
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food evening. the extreme makeover of the 49ers roster continues. the niners cut ahmad brooks, one of the longest tenured members of the team, he's been with the team for nine years. he was battling for the line
7:53 pm
backer start. he was solid. cutting him now saves the niners $6 million against the cap and releasing him gives brooks a chance to catch on with another team. >> once we came to the conclusion to cut him, we weren't going to keep him around just to let him know nine days around. we know there's a lot of teams that will be interested in him, so we gave him that opportunity. >> college football season kicks off tomorrow and stanford is going to play rice down under in sydney, australia. that kicks off tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. california time. they've been touring all week long. great trip and a great way to start a new season. >> this is a potential life changing situation for so many players. we have over 100 family members of our team that are here. i've had parents --
7:54 pm
>> i've got to tell you, sydney harbor is spectacular. from the moment this fight was signed, i said the prefight hype would be better than the fight itself. mcgregor came in at 153 pounds, floyd 149 1/2. the mixed martial arts star was ranting and screaming when they went nose to nose, trying to rattle floyd and maybe boost ticket sales. the expectation is that floyd will give conor mcgregor a boxing lesson. >> the two best in combat sports coming together. fighters win fights, and the last time i checked, i'm 49-0. >> he's going to go like this and hit the floor at 100-mile-an-hour, like they all do. i turn men into statues and then they crash on the canvas. >> okay. speaking of fighting, the suspensions and fines came down
7:55 pm
from yesterday's bout between the tigers and the yankees. miguel cabrera, who started the whole thing, got the harshest penalty, suspended for seven games. austin rowmine, two games. g a lot of others were fined and suspended for their actions. let's talk baseball on the field. the a's are doing everything they can to energize their fan base. look right there. gate d was renamed for dennis eckersley, who spent nine years in the green and gold, and returning to the coliseum brought back memories. >> it means so much more the longer you've been away from it. i don't know if i appreciated it or not. it's hard back then. i wish i had lived in the moment more, but it was always another
7:56 pm
game, always another game. but boy, we had it going on there for a while. >> they sure did. great to see him back in oakland. the a's are playing the rangers tonight. giants in arizona. this was some great years with the a's, the late '90s. >> join us tonight on cable c m channel 13. president trump has just signed a disaster proclamation for the state of texas. >> and controversial rallies on both sides of the bay. one was canceled. so what's next? details from san francisco and berkeley. coming up tonight at 8:00, "shark tank" followed by "what would you do." and then "abc7 news" at 11:00. afterwards is "jimmy kimmel live." finally tonight, a few thoughts about what really
7:57 pm
matters. one of the things we tend to be most proud of h the bay area is our diverse community, tolerant nature and sense of inclusion. sometimes that version of ourselves does not jive with reality. we tend to think incidents of racism and wig tbigotry and oth places. but that's not really true. those things happen here, as well. we just may be less tolerant of intolerance. there's a lot of tension about whether protests will turn violent this weekend. hate speech is one thing, but demonstrations some may not agree with, as long as they are lawful, are part of a free society. exactly 50 years ago, san francisco cha world with the summer of love. this strange summer of hate the country seems to be experiencing is sad to see. we can't go back in time, but what really matters is perhaps we can find a way forward with those days in mind. i always love to hear from you. let me know what you think.
7:58 pm
follow me on twitter and facebook. >> that will do it for "abc7 news." look for breaking news on twitter. thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. for all of us here, we appreciate your time.
7:59 pm
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"last man standing" is recorded in front of a live studio audience. what's up, honey? ugh. can you believe there's another kardashian? look at this. it's like cars -- they come out with a new model every year. i bet she's got that new kardashian smell. honey, i hate how, as women, we're either objects of desire or domestic servants.


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