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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 25, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> just listen to that, harvey makes land fall, powerful winds along with the possibility of astonishing and thank you for joining us. >> i'm dan ashley. we're have heat wave for the bay area and the gulf coast, corpus
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christi, they're on the lens, before 7:00 our time with sustained times. thousands of people -- >> has a dire warning to residents saying if you're not evacuating, write your name and social security on your arm. the president signed a disaster declaration. >> let's take a look at live doppler seven right now. this is a life threatening storm and made land fall. land fall was at 7:00 our time. near rock port texas and the eye of the hurricane continues to turn on shore with bands of heavy rain. and warnings are up and tornado as this tremendous amount of water moving on shore with this
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category 4 storm as this hurricane, quite a bit of moisture. current winds sustained 130 miles an hour. >> it is going to be days of rain, if you take you through the rain fall projections from now until wednesday, up to 40 inches of rain expected in isolated areas, 15 to 30 inches 0 f rain from any part. they did report a wind gust of 132 miles per hour, storm surge will be dangerous. the wind gusts will be powerful. of course, they're going to be dealing with days of catastrophic flooding. >> oh, yeah, sandy, thanks so much. ahead at 9:30, we'll have more with a live report from texas. back here in the bay area, now, patriot prayer organizers cancelled their controversial rally.
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>> they say they'll hold a news conference oerch though the group announced it was cancelling, nothing will change in terms of the city's response. >> we're don't know the motivation for the permit holders indicating that they're going to cancel their rally. we're don't know, officially, but i have assisted the chief in all of our public safety officers, no one is going home. no one is taking vacation or thinking that this weekend is a free weekend. >> national park service says it will reopen roads and businesses are free to reopen if they choose. the fences will remain up and concrete barrier installed will not be moved. the group patriot prayer said they cancelled because they did. instead, the group will attend sunday's rally in berkeley. >> berkeley is a better situation because we're don't feel like we're walking into a trap, okay.
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it's wide open. it's an open field. it's in the city, you know what i mean, it's just a better situation. we're extremely excited to go down to berkeley. >> no matter what happens tomorrow, hundreds gathered in san francisco today to make sure the message of passion, unity is heard. >> san francisco is a city of peace. >> peace. >> another community and faith based leaders join the leaders to encourage the city to continue to spread the message of love and diversity in the face of hate and bigotry. >> those who seek to under mine our spirit who wave the banners of racism and homo phobia who thinks the first amendment protects their violence. you are not welcomed in san francisco. >> glad memorial church choir entered the crowd with songs of love and acceptance. >> these rallies are changing constantly and a bid strange,
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now. the organize of protest plan on berkeley on sunday is making their own request. in an e-mail i stress do not attend this rally, please, this rally will take place, but it will be me alone attending, no one else, please. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is on that story. >> you know, things change on the dime. and we'll see what happens. >> an organizer of sunday's planned antimark schism rally in berkeley told us, hate groups will not be welcome, including any that might come over from the now cancelled san francisco events. >> we're asking from the constitution to you guys, please, this is a rally of freedom rally and we're don't want to have certain i'dologys there that are hateful and by gotted. >> but based on past experience, the fear is that some extreme groups may still show up in berkeley, including nazis. >> i know what nazis --
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>> a holocaust survivor who had his arm tattooed and most of his family killed, 95-year-old ben stern plans to march in his hometown of berkeley sunday to fulfill a promise he made 70 years ago. >> i'm speaking out for the people who stood at the door and picked them out and they said, remember us. that's what i'm doing right now. >> berkeley police chief, andrew greenwood told us the approach of his department and much wall aide forces coming in will be to keep things nonviolent, if not completely, calm. >> to create a safe space for the nonviolent expression of first amendment rights. that's our focus and goal. >> berkeley police have requested much wall aide from several agencies including the
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sheriff's department. in berkeley, laurie anthony, abc seven news. >> we'll stay on top of what happened. count on them to track every change to happen in the events with abc seven news app and push alerts. >> kyle chapman's arrest came during one of three clashes in berkeley since the presidential inauguration. uc berkeley cancelled an event for right wing after police in riot gear had to disspers protesters. ten people were arrested after classes he rupted during protrump rally. 20 people were arrested during a free speech rally downtown. because of the violence that followed these events, police will be ready for sunday's rallies in berkeley. chapman, who was scheduled to speak at the patriot prayer rally was sent to jail today for his role in violent protest earlier this year. kyle chapman did not. >> a plea in court today, however, the judge did set restrictions that could effect
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his plans to rally this weekend. alisa harrington has the details. >> in alameda county superior court judge ordered kyle chapman, a far right activists known to stay away from sunday's rally in berkeley. chapman, seen here in his mug shot, was arraigned on felony weapons charges friday morning. this stems from a bloody protest in berkeley back in march. the district attorney charged him from the illegal possession of a stick they say he used to beat people. he now has to stay 300 yards outside of civic center park, the site of the no two mark schism event he was expected to attend. >> he also has been ordered not to use or to possess any deadly or dangerous weapons. >> the judge set bail at $135,000. he is expected to bailout. chapman supporters have been racing money on a crowd funding site. >> he was remanded to the custody of the sheriff. we're took custody of him. he is believed to be going through the bail process, at
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some point today will likely bailout. >> chapman did not enter a plea. his attorneys says he will plead not guilty on a later date. >> we're have no discovery or anything yet, until we're get discovery, i won't know anything. >> chapman refused to talk to reporters outside the courtroom, but did have this to say on his facebook page last night, that he will attend this weekend's rallies. he writes, never surrender. he could face up to eight years in prison, if found guilty. alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. leaders say no to levi's stadium when it comes to extending the curfew for concerts. the door may be open for negotiation. explains what's in the works. >> charles gibson lives a third of a mile away from levi stadium, and every time a concert or major event is held, he deals with the noise. >> nonstop hour after hour after hour after, it's horrible. >> right now the curfew at
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levi's stadium at concerts held sunday through thursday is 10:00 p.m. last night they tried to convince the stadium authority board to allow them to extend the curfew until 11:00 p.m., four times a year. 49ers' president says it will be difficult to recruit big name performers without the extension. >> if they don't come, it really does negatively impact the city. and so, again, i empathize with these people, i want to reach out. >> the 49ers say levi stadium is the only major arena in california that does not have a weekday. city leaders still denied it. >> i felt that we're really owed it to the community who lives around the stadium to let them be actively part of finding a solution to the problem. >> the 49ers say the two-weeknight concerts held at levis brought in $1.6 million in revenue for the city. some who live in the shadow of the stadium say they would be willing to budge. >> there's three foreigner homes that are effected, write me a
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check for $300. i'll spend the whole evening somewhere else. >> city leaders say the next step is to partner with the 49ers to hold community out reach meetings to see if a compromise may be man. genine, abc 7 news. >> well, it's been a busy night at the white house. we're have reaction to the pardon just issued by president trump. >> and they're preparing for pride in the south bay. it's a time for parties, but also precaution. >> and, a heat warning for the bay area, meteorologist
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>> convicted -- and controls in arizona. and after more than 50 years, he is candidate for presidential pardon. the first pardon and this reaction came from our -- tonight he tweeted thank you donald trump for seeing my conviction for what it is. a political witch hunt by hold overs in the obama. >> president trump signed a memo today that formerly directs the pentagon to ban transgender individuals from openly serving in the u.s. military. the director gives the
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department of defense six months to develop a plan that will go into effect on march 23 nd of next year. the white house official says the overall basis for the president's director was national security considerations. those concerns include military readiness, effectiveness, unit cohesion and budget constraints, pentagon will also have six months to come up with a policy on how to handle transgender individual ts currently serve gs. one other note, special assistant to president trump has offered his letter of resignation to the president and a letter to the federalist, said it was -- that forces that do support the make america great again promise are, for now, asen dent with the white house. orca did not immediately respond when asked to confirm. orca served with steve bannon at bright bart. >> members of the lgbtq community are comparing for the pride festival. >> the celebration comes with concerns because of recent
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terror events around the world. >> some say they're worried about safety. they say they won't be stopped from celebrating. chris win has the story from san jose. >> spreading a message of hope and love. >> i'm not only expecting the lgbtq community to come out and celebrate who we are, but also our allies. >> the preparations are underway. many are bracing for a busy weekend in san jose. >> you get goose bumps. the energy is to poz zif -- positive and so good you get goose bumps. >> caesar chavez will play host, a two-day event celebrating diversity and inclusion. local tech companies will have representatives marge in the parade on sunday. >> more than ever, i think, it's totally worthwhile showing up and make sure that people see us. >> but in light of recent terror events, including charlottesville and barcelona, some are questioning if they'll be safe at the parade.
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san jose police say they've been preparing law enforcement working with organizers to ensure the safety of the public. >> everyone could come here and have a good time and enjoy themselves and feel like they can be safe, knowing that we are around. we're ready for, you know, for anything. >> volunteers have also been going through deescalation training to service peace em bass dors. pride officials are expecting larger than normal crowds. >> we're have to keep up the fight. now is not the time to sit back and rest on our laurels. we're have known to rest on. >> a chance for this community to unite as one. in san jose, abc seven news. >> all right. so how is the weather going to be this weekend. >> yes, and of course, the hurricane hitting the gulf coast of texas, very much on the mind of sandy patel. >> we'll take a look at the weather forecast for the rest of you for the weekend. we're expecting the parade to start at 10:00 p.m.
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sunshine, and a hot weekend expected, especially, in the afternoon in san jose, 93 degrees. still warm at 6:00. so if you're going to take part, plenty of water to keep you hydrated. live doppler seven is tracking the fog and as you take a live look from our east bay hills camera, notice the fog is pretty thick. it's hard to see, temperatures will sore. spare of the alert has been issued for tomorrow. and the heat is going to continue into next week. if you really don't like the hot weather, you really should just head to the coastline because the weather there will be fantastic. the santa cruz, tomorrow coming up to 79. on monday you're looking at a temperature of 77 degrees. the only day you'll see fog is tomorrow morning. after that the fog is going to disappear for your sunday and your monday. it is a merky view in santa cruz as they're dealing with the fog and as we're take you out to the boardwalk and the beach. you can see visibility is there. here is another vantage point,
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looking at san francisco and the fog is lurking over downtown. 57 degrees in san francisco. san jose, and currently from our golden gate bridge, camera perspective, notice how low the visibility is. your morning will begin with that fog, your weekend, that is along the coast. temperatures in the 60s. santa rosa, 75 in livermore. the biggest concern with this heat warning. excessive heat warning has been issued in the santa chruz mountains. highs will range from 95 degrees to up to 108 in isolated spots. the heat warning starts at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. heat illnesses are possible. we're have a heat advisory for the vallies, northeast bay valley. the temperature there is beginning really sunday morning. they'll be in the low 90s to low 1 hundreds. take it easy and you know the drill. temperatures low 50s to low 60s.
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that marine layer continues to compress. it is now just under a thousand feet, so tomorrow morning, patches of fog, dense at 8:00 a.m. and then the fog will burn off for your saturday afternoon, temperatures respond by coming up. how much warmer, take a look at the south bay. 100 -- 90 in san jose, on the peninsula you'll need plenty of water there. 68 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco coming up to 72 degrees. 90 santa rosa. heading into the east bay, upper 70s to upper 80s. triple digits expected here. so definitely going to be baking in the heat. 100 in fair field and livermore. 100 degrees in mpleasan pleasan. saturday will be the cooler of the two days if you look at the
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inland highs. 102 on saturday, but 106 on sunday. coastal highs will actually come up on sunday, a good day to hit the beach if you like the warm weather and bright skies in the 70s there. monday temperatures begin to slip. it's not until about wednesday, when those temperatures do come down, mid inlands. and back up again for thursday and friday, just a reminder, it is summer and we're not done with the heat, yet. >> yeah, true. all right, thanks. flying high, a big boost at oakland international airport, thanks to one type of traveller. >> and just ahead, the new missile launch from north korea that may have
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>> there's another music
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streaming service to compete with spodify, electric reports there is something called t tunes, it's not usable right now. but the coding is there are ready to be implemented. it doesn't believe it will be launched any time soon, however. summer travel is up by oakland international airports. the number of international passengers increased 150% over last year. the airport has focused on adding more international flights and recently expanded the international arrivals area. >> the law enforcement training exercise remains up in the air. a task force charged with recommending whether the urban shield training exercise should go forward failed to vote on the issue today. the sheriff's office said the training is valuable but critics call it police materialization and say it's harmful to people of color. >> you see the harm and danger that has on our communities. it is based on racist stereo
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typing. >> there's no doubt in my mind that we're better prepared to mass casualty here in the bay area and elsewhere as that collaboration that takes place during the exercises. >> urban shield is funded by a $5 million grant from the department of homeland security. s.w.a.t. teams from the bay area across the country and around the world take part. hurricane harvey breaks land fall. we'll have a live report from texas. >> how it's impacting airports, next.
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>> we're begin this half hour with hurricane hour, the category four storm is roaring with winds up to 130 miles per hour. >> it's the strongest storm to make land fall in the united states in more than a decade. lana. >> reporter: hi there, dan, it has roared into town as category 4 hurricane with wind gusts of 132 miles per hour. the president has made it official with a disaster declaration and already in corpus christi, more than 120,000 people are without
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power. >> hurricane harvey is ripping into the gulf coast, making land fall early as residents of texas, mississippi and louisiana are now riding out the worst of it. the monster storm visible from space, 10 million people under watches and warning, many urged to evacuate. >> we're went up to the exxon to get milk and they just boarded up. i said, all right, that's it. >> residents under a voluntary evacuation order were offered buses to san antonio. others in rock port texas said they had no choice, they needed to go or else. >> those that are going to stay, it's unfortunate, they should make some type of type of preparation to mark their arm with a sharpy pen, with their social security number on it and their name. >> texas' governor has activated guard troops opening up enough shelters to house 41,000
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evacauees along with massive flooding and widespread power outages. >> this storm is not going to play out over night. when the power goes off. you can expect it to be off three to seven days. >> and you heard the mayor of rock port making that really -- that's our apologies from that. we're lost the signal. we're will continue to keep you posted there. people who tried to get out of the path of hurricane harvey were stuck in traffic jams the airlines are offering waivers for changing flights and cruise ships. ports are being battered by the storm.
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abc victor is in houston with the latest. >> already about 160 reported delays in an hour. the mad rush to get out. with time, running out. >> i did not have a backup, plan, yeah, if i get stuck, i'm stuck. >> stranded, away from home. no, electricity, flooding. we're not from here, so, good luck to you guys. >> major airlines tonight, saying they'll waive change fees. from the air to the sea, the port of galsh galveston, an estimated 20,000 passengers diverted saying three of theirs will remain a safe distance from
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the storm and will return the ships to galveston as soon as feasible. >> now, here in the bay area, oakland has cancelled two departures and arrival flights from houston have cancelled. san jose and san francisco have no cancellations but of course that may well change. north korea launched three missiles into the japan and all of them failed. that's according to u.s. military officials. two failed after unspecified distance and another appear today have blown up immediately. the missiles posed no threat where north korea warned it would target. the trump administration is supposing new sanctions on venezue venezuela. they've been raising money in the united states. >> this will have a significant impact and in no way do we're want the american economy and the american financial markets to continue to finance these
9:35 pm
activities. >> the administration is trying to punish venezuelaen president. he's been cracking dunn on protests there while trying to consolidate his power. venezuela's foreign minister said they're the worst aggressions in the last 200 years. a man armed with a knife injured two british police officers. british officials say he was seen behaving strangely. the usda just gave uc davis a four-and-a-half billion dollars grant for strawberries. the money will help david scientists improving -- strawberries are vulnerable to problems with soil and commonly used chemical to protect them is being phased out by the epa and won't be available at the end of this year. they grow 87% of the strawberries eaten in north
9:36 pm
america. 60% of all strawberries eaten worldwide. >> scientists have long told us, can reverse the signs of aging in the brain. dancing has the most profound effect. researchers at the german center say dancing endurance training increase the area of the brain that declines with age. but only dancing led to nticeable behavioral changes. >> getting to wine country has never been easier. >> riders packed the smart train, including our own,
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dramatic video from houston tonight, big rig driver collided with an overhead highway sign, as you can see there.
9:40 pm
carlos shared his dash cam video. drivers tried to warn the driver before the crash, but to new avail. >> all aboard, the passenger train and more half a station, right now the smart train will run from santa rosa, but there are plans to expand its service bloom has more. >> the moment couldn't come soon enough for north bay drivers fed up with traffic. >> and you can't just continue to always build a lane and add more cars and build a lane and add more cars. >> so instead they built a rail road or rebuilt one. >> you rebuilt 43 miles of track. rebuilt or replace more than 30 bridges. >> and, finally, at 12:49 p.m., the first smart train pulled out of the station. >> next station, santa rosa north. >> it was right on time.
9:41 pm
spanning more than a decade, they had its share of delays and tractors. >> i really hope this is going to prove to the nay sayers that have actually worked. >> riders raised a glass to what they call a small victory over the big mess on highway 101. >> get off the freeway and relax and feel like you're on vacation. >> there's no law against drinking and riding the train. >> yeah. >> but of all the amenities on this smooth ride from santa rosa, some say their favorite is the view. >> i love the country side. we're fortunate to live in this area. >> this beats bumpers and break lights. >> but the scores of people riding this train know the battle is not over. many dream of extending, although it cost $600 million, smart does not go all the way to ferry terminal that will link it to san francisco. >> the closer it gets to the golden gate bridge, the better. it's really nice. >> smart is expected to carry some 3,000 commuters on the 14
9:42 pm
trains it will run each weekday. jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> if you plan on riding, go to abc 7 and you'll find a video explaining seven things to know before catching a ride. >> the founder of bay area seems to have the slightest touch. membership for film subscription service called movie pass is way up after being cut in price. the e ticket service got 150,000 new subscribers in just two days. members now -- may now see one movie a day at more than 90% of theaters across the united states for $9.95 a month. the country's largest cinema chain is trying to block subscribers, saying the price level is simply not sustaining. well, meteorologist sandy patel is up next with an update on this weekend's heat. >> the hottest ticket in town >> the hottest ticket in town may be a pass
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this.
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internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. how hot is it going to be this weekend. >> sandy patel is here with the latest on the heat, sandy and the hurricane. >> let's start with the hurricane for. right now hurricane harvey is continuing to move on shore. this hurricane is still a category 4. it has picked up tremendous amounts of moisture from the gulf of mexico. that moisture is just going to continue to feed into the loan star state. look at the radar returns right now, bands of oranges and red indicating heavy rain hitting parts of texas. tornado warning is up right now for a good part of the coastline. they're likely going to see not only the nasty tornado potential, storm surge, but drenching rain for days through the middle of next week and that's going to cause life
9:47 pm
threatening flooding, tracking the typical fog near the coastline. it is dense, so be careful tomorrow afternoon, that fog disappears. temperatures come up. upper 60s to low 70s. inland areas is where you're going to feel the heat in the triple digits for your saturday plans. we're have excessive heat warning shaded in that few sha red color there. this covers sunday, monday, air quality will decline. and santa clara valley, we'll have poor air quality if you're going to italian -- make sure you have the sunscreen, 90 degrees tomorrow afternoon and warmer on sunday and the low 90s, the morning will start out in the 60s. hre is your accuweather seven-day forecast, will go triple digit heat for three days accept near the coast, 60s, 70s as we're head into tuesday, wednesday, the numbers drop down to the 90s, you get use to the idea maybe feeling a little
9:48 pm
comfortable, here we're go agai. thursday and friday it's going to start to cook again. hang in there, just heads towards the coast if you don't like the hot weather. >> well, when you think of a museums, you might think of painting and sculpture. not ice cream and sprinkles. >> a trendy museum concept that's taking the nation by storm and tickets went on sell before. >> here is what this is all about. it's a museum opened in new york. you can see you can swim and pool of sprinkles, 100 million of them and take other moments.
9:49 pm
>> tickets are no longer available. >> what is happening. >> i got tickets. i'm going by myself on thursday at 2:00. and it's amazing. >> i'm so exciting for you. >> it's a miracle. >> should pay $40 to go to this thing. it cost $25. but then again it doesn't have a sea of sprinkles now, does it? have fun. >> we've got a lot to talk about in sports. check out the uniforms in major league baseball time. players got the nicknames on their back. so again it will be dash
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tonight. davis known as crush and for a very long good reason. because that is crushed. sp
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>> the players get to put their own nicknames on the back of their uniforms. >> giants, d'backs. . david and we're tied at one. later in the inning. or gold member. paul goldschmidt. block allows four runs, five innings. they just said, not all by creative. effective six and two-thirds.
9:54 pm
the strike out there and they fall 4-3. the as hosting the rangers and the appropriately named crushed davis. oakland's first hit didn't come until the first inning. shout out to nick martinez tied at one. they came in the seventh. same guy, same results. crush. to center. his second of the game, 36 of the year. 2-1 athletics. they had another run. two out knocked to center. and it's gunned down out sond trying to stretch it to a double. the damage was done in a very quick game. it's already a final. the as beat the rangers 3-1. came down stemming from yesterday's bout between the tigers and the yankees. the dude that started the whole thing, got a seven-game suspension. the man he was swinging out, yankees catcher, a two-game
9:55 pm
suspension, sanchez who came in with a cheap shot four-game suspension. other guys were fined what they did or didn't do and outfielder brett. the extreme makeover of the 49ers roster continues. they cut long-timeline backer, brooks one of the longest tenured members. he had been with the team for nine years. brooks was battling with eli for starting linebacker spot. brooks last year started 15 games. we're know there's a lot of team that is will be interested. we're gave him that opportunity to go out there and find him.
9:56 pm
>> they're playing down under, taking on the rice how wells that game will kick off tomorrow night at 7:00. they'll be touring australia this week. they're taking in the sites. they've played with bears, great trip and great way to start the season. >> it's a life changing situation to so many of our players. and we're have over 100 family members and members of our team that are here to support the young people. and, also, they come up to me and saying they're -- >> sidney, the opera house in the background. the bridge, i mean, it is spectacular, one of the most beautiful places on the earth. from the moment the fight was signed. i said it would be better than the bout itself. connor mcgregor looked unhinged with floyd mayweather they put on a show. mcgregor came in 153 pounds.
9:57 pm
the mixed martial arts star was ranting and screaming trying to rattle floyd. perhaps, perk up some ticket sales. the expectation floyd is going to give mcgregor an expensive boxing lesson. >> the two best in combat sports coming together and fighting, talking doesn't win fights, fans doesn't win fights. last time i checked, i'm 49-0. >> he's going to go and then he's going to hit the floor at 100 miles an hour, like they all do. i turn men into statutes and they crash on the canvas. >> good speech, not likely to happen. so back to the nicknames, thing.
9:58 pm
>> i prefer not to. >> coming up tonight. we're tracking hurricane harvey closely on the storm that's out battling texas rain, winds and flooding. >> in the midst of that, president trump issues a pardon tonighion to the late move. join us for abc seven news at 11:00 over on channel seven. >> new mascot trained to bring comfort and support to children and families involved by stressful legal situations. >> you will perform the duties of courthouse dog to the best of your ability. >> companions for independence
9:59 pm
offered it to court appointed special advocates to be a welcome for those needing a safe comfortable environment. >> one who, with unconditional love, can just greet them and sort of ease that tension for them, which is really important. because it can be very traumatic to come into court. >> they hope to raise more money to get more dogs like knee mnem expand the program. >> yeah. sweetie. >> all right, well thank you for spending some time with us. >> all right. that's right. >> i'm dan ashley. we're appreciate your time. we'll see you in one hour.
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narrator: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today...she first made headlines falsely accusing 3 college athletes at a prestigious university of sexual assault. >> it was the perfect storm for the "national enquirer." it was tabloid fodder. narrator: it was clear mangum watr


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