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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  August 25, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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now from abc7 live breaking news. the strongest hurricane to hit the u.s. in a decade has made landfall. right now, hurricane harvey is battering the texas c bringing life threatening rain, win, and flooding. good evening. i'm ama dates. >> i'm dan ashleigh. it's just after 1:00 in texas where hurricane harvey is packing winds up to 130 miles an hour. >> trees are swaying this the wind in corpus christi. and heavy rain is coming down. also in corpus christi, proof of how strong the winds can be. this interstate sign was sheered off. tonight it just is there in the roadway. >> well, this is rock port, texas, where floodsing is already an issue. you can see water coming into an
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hotel there. it's going get worse as the hours progress. harvey was just downgraded? >> that's right. it is now a category 3 storm but still dangerous. a major hurricane as we look at our live doppler 7 right now. bands of heavy rain continuing to move on-shore. they are seeing not only downpours but some strong winds. look at the eye on this hurricane. this is just incredible as you take a look here. it made landfall at 7:00 our tomorrow. and it made a second landfall. gust of 110 miles per hour reported there. tornado warnings are up right now as the hurricane interacts with land causing friction, upping the rick for tornado. look at the rainfall totals, 3.8 to 7 inches in corpus christi, tech. there is more rain just off the coast. about nine inches based on radar stilts. that's coming on-shore.
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category 3 maximum sustained winds of 120. expected to weakan to a cat 20 tomorrow morning and then a one as we move into sunday morning. it is going to be a slow moving soaker. for days they are expecting rain. catastrophic flooding through wednesday. 15 to 30 inches of rain in most of the areas that will get the brunt this storm. going to be a major problem about storm surge, the strong winds, and the heavy rain. >> thank sandhya. stay with abc7 news. at 11:06 we will take you live to texas for an update on what's happening on the ground. >> there has been a sudden cancellation of a controversial rally in san francisco. >> organizers announced they are cancelling their event citing safety concerns. attention is turning to alamo square park where the group plans on holding a news conference tomorrow. >> abc7 news reporter lenny
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rivera is in the city tonight. a lot of uncertainty? >> reporter: definitely, dan. social media is getting the word out the counter-protest is already planned for tomorrow here. people who live here near the park are not happying this happening in their neighborhood. give what happened in chfl, the city says it's doing everything it can to enforce the law. it's been a busy few weeks for the city of san francisco as it planned security ahead of a right-wing rally wauld called patriot prayer. in less than 24 hours before the planned event at chrissy field organize ergs called it off, citing safety concerns. instead, they will attend a brkeley rally on sunday. >> berkeley is a better situation because we don't feel like we are walking into a trap. it is wide open, it is an open field. >> reporter: however, patriot prayer is taking their message to alamo square for a press conference. >> they are going to come up here in this park two blocks from my house and call it a news
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conference. we never had a news conference up here. you know what that's about. that's just another smoke screen. it's easy to see through. >> not even overthinking it. it's just really like inappropriate, and not the place for it. >> reporter: the mayor, police chief, and other city leaders assured san franciscans that public safety is a top priority. >> no one is going home. no one is taking a vacation or thinking that this weekend is a free weekend. we are all going to be ready. >> reporter: they say contingency plans are in place to deal with changes but officials urge citizens to not engage with the right wing group. >> what i would tell people is don't feed into it. don't feed into it. you know, we have to be ready as a city. >> reporter: ready to stand up for what this city is all about, tolerance and acceptance. in san francisco, lonnie rivera, abc7 news. >> with the patriot prayer rally cancelled the attention turns to
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berke lee and the anti-marxist rally scheduled for sunday. >> but today a plea was made to the public. don't come. we have the story. >> reporter: in alma, counter-protesters are calling this move a bluff, this as the park has turned into a bit of a poker match with all the players trying to read each other's hand. >> we are not fooled by this. we are calling on everyone, mobilize, doubletime now. >> reporter: the group by any means necessary, known as ban say they are alln to protest sunday, this after the anti-marxism event organizer put out a note urging people not to attend. amber cummings says i stress do not attend this rally, please. this rally will take place but it will be me alone attending, no one else, please. the city has denied a permit about for the event saying the application was incomplete. >> berkeley is the one that is
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still going on. but amber cummings is the only one that's going to be at the rally, requests that nobody else come but her. >> reporter: the confusion doesn't alter the the city's hand says the mayor's office, they are operating as if there will be protesters in the park on sunday. bam's organizer makes no promises to remaining peaceful. >> we are committed to protecting this community in whatever ways are necessary. >> reporter: tonight berkeley police itemized a list of weapons and anything that could be used as a weapon as banned items. abc7 news. >> obviously, there are a lot of last-minute developments with the weekend rallies. you can stay on top of the situation by downloading the abc7 news app and enable the push alerts. you can find out what is happening as it's happening. back now to our breaking news on hurricane harvey. in the last few minutes harvey was downgraded to a category 3
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storm. it's promising to bring not inches but feet of rain to texas. let's get to lando, who is live in texas tonight. >> hi there dan and alma. ert that. now that hurricane harvey has made landfall in the lone star state we have seen a deterioration of conditions, the president has made it fishlg, a state of emergency has been declared. and more than 150,000 people in texas are without power. turn harvey is ripping into the gulf coast. making landfall early as residents of texas, mississippi, and louisiana are now riding out the worst of it. the monster storm visible from space, 10 million under watches and warnings, many urged to evacuate. >> went up to the exxon to get mill skpk they just were boarded up we were like all right that's it. >> reporter: residents of corpus christi under a voluntary evacuation order were offered buss to san antonio. others in rock port texas were
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told they had no choice they needed to go or else. >> those that are going to stay, it's unfortunate but they should make some type of preparation to mark their arm with a sharpie pen, put their social security number on it and their name. >> reporter: texas's governor has activated 1300 national guard troops opening shelters to house 141,000 evacuees. as storm surges are expected to reach up to 12 feet along with massive flooding and widespread power outages. >> this storm is not going to play out overnight. when the power goes off, you can expect it to be off three to seven days. >> reporter: and here in houston, we are bracing for the potential one-two punch. in addition to that we are doesn'tly under a turn warning. you heard that dire warning coming from the mayor of rock port. we have also learned that in
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that town several buildings have collapsed though they don't know yet how many people may have been impacted. reporting life from houston, lana zach, abc7 news. >> lana thanks so much. it's going to be alarming at day break when you see the extent of the damage. nightline will have special coverage of hurricane harvey. that's at 12:37 right after jimmy kimmel live. we have much more ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, in the mid microsoft of a hurricane, president trump issues a controversial pardon. and the new time line just set to ban transgender troops from the who are these people?
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the nation is focused on hurricane harvey. tonight president trump made a controversial move. >> pardoned former arizona sheriff joe arpaio. we have reaction from the sot bay. >> reporter: the chair of la raza round table in san jose said he was saddened that president trump pardoned former arizona sheriff joe arpaio. >> if it had been me i would have been behind bars a long time ago. >> reporter: he was convicted of disobeying a judge's order by continuing immigration patrols that included racial profiling. >> he is racist. and joe arpaio and a lot of congressmen they are as much as a racist as he. >> reporter: president trump tweeted i'm pleased to inform you that i have just granted a full pardon to 85-year-old joe arpaio. joe arpaio thanked the president in a radio interview.
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>> i appreciate president trump. very glad he did that. he loves law enforcement. i was with him two years ago in phoenix at the first rally. i always said pardon or no pardon, i will stick with him as long as he's the president. >> reporter: the pardon did not come as a surprise. president trump hinted at his decision in a speech in phoenix earlier in the week. >> i'll make a prediction. i think he is going to be just fine, okay. >> reporter: the san francisco district attorney, a former police chief in mesa, arizona said he fought arpaio's tactics in the latino community. he said in a statement, quote, by grands granting this pardon, the president of these united states has emboldened white nationalists and made a mockery of law. the white house is dealing with another high-profile departure. sebastian left his both. he said he resigned but an
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official only said he no longer works there. this comes a week after the chief strategist steve bannon left his post. president trump signed a memorandum today directing the military to stop recruiting transgender troops. it also bans the deputy of defense from using its resources to provide medical treatment to transgender individuals. the decision has outraged some california lawmakers. >> donald trump is a bigot. and he talked a good game during the election that he was going to support and protect the lgbt community. he was lying. >> there are many prns why you can be fired from the military. gender disforria has really high rights of suicide and the military is a very stressful job. >> the new guidance gives the pentagon six months to determine if there are circumstances in which openly transgender troops can continue to serve.
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>> the lgbtq community and its supporters say they are ready to celebrated diversity and inclusion at plaza decesar chavez where the parade and the two day event will take place. tech companies plan to take part in the festivity including netflix. >> more than ever it's worthwhile showing up and making sure people see us. >> festival tickets can only be purchased tomorrow and sunday at the entrance to plaza decesar chavez. what's the weather going to be like? obviously not as bad here as they are dealing with in texas. >> not at all. but sandhya patel keeping contraband of what is happening on the gulf coast and here over the week. >> hurricane harvey is now a category 3. we are keeping track of the heat here in the bay area. we are expecting triple digit, sizzle inland this upcoming weekend. heat related illness is possible. stay cool and hydrated.
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the temperatures are coming up quickly. we are looking at high fire danger. it is the middle of summer. with the dry brush, be vigilant in the coming days. i want to show you livermore. starting out 234 the low 60s. as we go through the day numbers will rise quickly and we will number the triple digits in the afternoon hours. stay hydrated. definitely stay cool. remember there is going to be limited fog tony morning but as you look at the time lapse from the suit troe tower camera, just a shorttime ago, the fog is low on the ground. it's less than 1,000 feet. because of this visibility is running low. be careful, especially along san francisco and along the coast tomorrow morning. life doppler 7 is tracking the fog. visibility inalf moon bay down to one mile. in the region, in the 50s and 60s unless you are out in brentwood. temperatures in lass gatt owes is in the 70s.
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thanking rick in transmission for this picture. this is the port of oakland and san francisco and the fog is slicing through the middle. nice view. temperature also soar inland this weekend. spare the air alert tomorrow and the heat continues into next week. excessive heat warn forth the north bay hills, east bay hills and the santa cruz mountains. heat related illness is possible. the warning starts until 11:00 and runs until 9:p.m. monday. heat advisories for the valleys. they begin sunday at 11 a.m. and continue through monday at 9:00 p.m. definitely take it easy out in the heat. temperatures first thing in the morning mild, 50s and 60s with patchy dense fog. in the rchia, 100 in gill real estate, 90 in san jose. 97 los gatos. on the peninsula, in the 80s. warmer than today. 68 in half moon day, nice and mild in downtown san francisco, 72 degrees. 67 in daly city. in the north bay, in the 90s
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around napa, santa rosa. 8 # 8 fremont. the sun will be shining. it's going to be baking inland. 100 in livermore. 101 in concord. the silicon valley pride parade on sunday the weather looks fantastic. it starts out nice and warm. 72 degrees when the parade gets underway at 10 a.m. 93 at 9:00. it will be a nice evening. if you are taking part download the accuweather app and keep track of the minute by minute temperatures. air quality detearior it's. spare the air on saturday. on sunday it will likely get issued. accuweather forecast features heat. saturday, 102, sunday, 106 degrees. temperatures do back off a bit monday. you have to wait until the middle of next week to get relief from the heat. mid 60s to mid 90s by wednesday.
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you want that break because hundreds come back in.
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the san francisco courthouse has a new mascot trained to bring comfort and support to children and families involved until stressful legal
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situations. >> affirm that you will perform the duties of a courthouse dog to the best of your ability? speak. >> how cute is that. a superior court today presided over the black lab's swearing in. them in them inno was sworn in to serve for casa. they want to raise money to have more of those dogs out there. >> speaking of money. >> big money. larry is here are sports. >> staggering. one thing connor mcgregor can do is hype up a fight. he was in rare form ranting in the face
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abc7 sports, brought to you by river rock casino. >> good evening. this is billed has player's weekend in major league baseball where the players get to put their nicknames on their uniforms. madison bumgarner, standard mad bum. giants and the diamondbacks, tie bloch, he is known as the preacher on the hill. let's see him preach in the third. a.j. polak, so roller to ird this. panik can't pic pick it up, they score. today at 1 167b89 i like gold member. bloch allows four runs in five innings, 4-1, d backs. swing and the mess, the giants threaten late but lose 4-3.
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a's and rangers, and crush davis, given name chris. oakland, no hitter until you are toth when crush crushthis, his 35th year of the year. solo blast off martinez. tied at 1-1. a's their second hit. 2k50u79 to guess who it came off the bat of? crush again. they had add another one in the seventh. matt chapman. chappie, too out knock to center. joyce scores. then gunned out at second. that ends the inning. the damage done. a quick game tonight in oakland. a's win it 3-1. nfl news. the niners cut ahmad brooks, the linebacker was battling for a starting spot with herald. niners going with the younger cheaper option. he had six sacks last year, he was solid. cutting him now gives him favor because it gives him time to get picked up by another season.
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watch this cut. julian edelman went down. none contact, clutching his knee. patriots fear it might be a torn acl. he will have an mri tomorrow. >> connor mcgregor was all but foaming a the mouth at the weigh in before the big bout with floyd mayweather. it was almost comical as the mixed martial arts star was dreaming inches away from mayweather's face. he was thinking, is this all you got? mayweather the heavy favorite. >> the two best in combat sports coming together and fighting. talking doesn't win fights, fighters win fights, last time i checked, 49-0. >> he is going to go like this, and then he is going to hit the floor at 100 miles an hour. like they all do. i tornado men into statues and then they crash on the t


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